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    Same here. I have like 12 cabs alone (not including combo amps) 6 heads and 5 guitars (had to bring it down to five because I was hoarding guitars for a while (over 25).
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    20% sounds underwhelming to me. I mean come on, it's your 20 th anniversary!
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    Thanks. Making a living doing what you would do for free means you never have to work a day in your life. And while there is plenty of time spent at it, practicing, hauling gear, booking gigs, it really doesn't seem work. It's what I do. Or rather, it's what I am.
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    It is clear i could acquire more gear without shame.
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    Back up and running now, not sure about the rest of the internet ๐Ÿ™‚
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    I was almost too embarrassed to post this (until I saw Chris Jones's post). ๐Ÿ˜€JB
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    Current setup: I need to redesign the whole top of part of my studio desk. I'll be removing the 2nd Mackie C4, and adding a Yamaha 01X and Alice 828... and I still need to find somewhere to put my GA Pre 73 & Joemeek preamps. And at some point I need a decent electronic kit, rather than my DIY one.
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    Here you go... (He he, thanks, Hans!)
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    I did say "noise." That should have been a small clue
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    Dude next time supply us some ear plugs ๐Ÿ˜
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    We were just talking about this and I stumbled on this cartoon. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Larry, Larry, how many UAD plugins have you already grabbed ?
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    That's a good set of presets for $5. Plus then you will have an upgrade path to the full version of SynthMaster for $59. http://www.synthmaster.com/synthmaster.aspx
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    I believe Q = "quiet" mode (low speed, independent of speed setting from bios or controller). P = "power" mode where speed is set to target (from bios or from a fan control). Sometimes it is just two fixed speeds (Q = lower speed, P = higher, depending on the fan)
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    Super mix on this song!! There is something about the melody of this song that is really attractive, and the vocal presentation fits perfectly. Nice One!!!
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    I enjoyed the watch. I like music that involves physicality, emotional pull, and intellectual challenge. If any of these parameters is pushed too far or not balanced it doesn't last long on my playlist. However, I've often found that I had to listen to unfamiliar styles many times. Once I grasped the overall structure I sometimes alter my initial evaluation and things I had disliked became listed among my favorites.
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    Nice song, nice mix. Personally I would choose another snare, but that's probably just me.
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    After extensive bug-squashing Reference 4.2 is ready for you to use! This time weโ€™ve finally addressed the age-old issue of having to remember to switch-off the plug-in when rendering. Here's what's new: A notification added in several DAWs that reminds users to turn off calibration when rendering is detected Output device changes for Systemwide handled more consistently, remembers the choice you make about which devices to calibrate and what volume is preferred Various visual UI improvements You can see the full list of changes HERE There is a number of DAWโ€™s which donโ€™t communicate that theyโ€™re rendering a project, which is why we canโ€™t cover everyone. Contact their developers and ask for this feature, weโ€™re pretty sure that other plug-in companies would be able to do interesting with it as well. As always download the latest version HERE
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    Please open a ticket as it should have automatically been placed in your account if you purchased and authorized SampleTank 3 SE after that date. Thank you.
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    Hi Chuck E Baby, Great - Am using Project - Tempo Series of Tempos i.e. start and end tempos and it makes a hell of a difference to work flow Thanks again, Best Ed
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    Might want to try uninstalling and updating and reinstalling the iLok software.
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    Check your system for older version of the Play .dll file. I've had it happen that there are older versions causing problems. Dan
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    T-RackS CS Deluxe is version 4. Four lovely classic processors (eq, comp, clip & multiband lim) plus 5 additional plugins - pulteq, fairchild, opto comp, brickwall limiter and linear phase eq, that are even more lovely. I already have all of them looong time No need for the Custom Shop CS version if you are installing Deluxe. If you have Custop Shop 5 already installed then I think you only need to click "Restore my gear" in the custom shop app. I'm not sure if Deluxe is installing with any additional presets though.
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    No, the Garritan libraries used to be Kontakt based some years ago but, in my understanding of some of the shortcomings of Kontakt, they decided to move to get their audio engine and sample player designed and implemented by Plogue. That's the ARIA engine. Their first commercial ARIA offering was, I believe, GPO4. This meant they were very much more in control of the GUI (controlled by XML) and also of other elements, such as tuning and temperament. It also meant that the sample player could be based on the open standard SFZ. It meant also that temperament could be user defined by simple creating a new Scala (text based) file. There are already hundreds of such files, some even with Wendy Carlos' tunings. For me that means I can rewrite the GUI should I need to, and I do sometimes want to add another controller, e.g. an ADSR envelope for a brass instrument, or modify the loop point in a sample. And it all works fine without a trace of Kontakt.
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    Douglas Kirby: Hi, Douglas, Thanks so much for checking out the video for me, and also for your very encouraging comments! I truly appreciate you taking time to listen and comment, greatly appreciated!๐Ÿ‘ On this song I used my PRS Paul Allender Signature Model, through my Line 6 Toneport UX2 and two POD Farm 2.59 bi-amped custom amp sim models that I heavily tweaked. One was based on a Diezel Herbert and the other was based on a Marshall J800. Because of time constraints, I usually only get a chance to record between 3 and 5 AM, so I very rarely mic up an amp anymore when I'm recording. I sure don't want to wake up the neighbors in the houses nearby!๐Ÿ˜ Thanks again for giving it a listen, Douglas, and have a Rockin' weekend! Bob
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    Hey, Allan, Great to see you over here on the new forum!๐Ÿ‘ This is a really cool song, well written and arranged, with excellent instrumental performances and fantastic vocals and harmonies. Bit of a grim subject matter, but it makes for a cool dark rocker with a matching vibe. Great stuff, Allan, have a good one!๐Ÿ˜€ Bob
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    Looks like you need to run chkdsk on the drive. It may be just a glitch, or it may be that your drive is damaged. Either way, run chkdsk. If the drive is damaged, backup what you can and transfer it to another drive.
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    I've haven't had this specific problem with Play but I have others that were cured by a reinstall of both Play and CW. But first: 1. Does this happen on all projects, or only on projects that already have instances of Play in them? 2. Does it happen if you insert play into a project with no other Play instruments in it? 3. Have you moved any folders around? 4. Does the Play stand-alone program work OK? I have found that EW support is pretty good and they will even do a remote diagnosis on your PC, at least they did for me a couple years ago. But they will probably want these questions answered too. Good luck, Bill
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    Guess it's back up? Cakewalk Forum
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    Some internal server glitch - we're trying to figure out what happened...
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    Glad you were able to carve out a niche and make a living in this crazy life of music.
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    An interesting watch. I remember when I first watched a Dream Theatre performance on DVD. A friend lent it to me. I wasn't familiar with Dream Theatre at all so this performance was my first encounter. I found it rather tiresome and boring and after a while I stopped watching. It quite literally gave me a headache... Just too much "virtuosity" for my liking.
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    Adam is awesome. It's also a great window into the mind of his generation. Younger musicians are so much better trained than they were decades ago. David Cola is also from Berklee and is an *influencer*. Really amazing musicians. The only deal with Adam that confuses me is that he's probably a better researcher and teacher than he is a performer (IMHO of course). Living the life of a working bassist is a lot harder than being a professor. I hope he gets picked up by someone.
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    I don't post often in this part of the world, but... that was pretty cool! Interesting stuff. I liked all of it, but the last section about compositions based on small intonation adjustments really stood out.
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    That shouldn't happen if you have set it up correctly. I suspect that your delay fx plugin is not set to 100% wet.
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    Here is my ever evolving studio. Made the desk in 1988 and have been carting it with me for some years. Finally reduced down to 1 full rack for processing sound and a half-rack for generating sound. Cakewalk since 2002
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    This one is a little out of date - I recently made the jump to Windows 10
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    Whoever said "I hate you guys" (above somewhere), I'm with you. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    I noticed this too. You can open the Markers view, highlight the marker then delete.
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    I stumbled upon this today. Worth a watch.
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