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  1. Yep. Jan left us many years ago now. BA-MIDI, Bill, Space Cowboy, all gone.
  2. I did get a smile out of the Danny Elfman question! I used to work with Danny's neighbor and best friend (who had to commute from Malibu down to Irvine!). When he told Danny that Oingo Boingo was my favorite band all through high-school, Danny gave him tickets to the vaunted Halloween gig (held in Irvine!) to give to me. I sat right up front next to his wife and kid and was able to take the hot girl I worked with that we all called Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) to the show. Fun time!!!
  3. As someone who plays in a trivia game at a local Kava bar every other week, I can tell you that very few people will be getting most of those questions! But, that's not a bad thing. However... Five seconds is WAAAAY too short to ponder an answer that's not obvious! In the games I play in they take a lot longer so you can discuss with your teammates (if you have any), then they give a 30 seconds left notice. That's not needed here, but I'd try 20 seconds which should give people time to try and figure out the answer. Otherwise, they're just waiting to be told the answer. Oh, and as for the answer part... Same issue! Since most people will have gotten the answer wrong they'll be interested in learning something new. On a couple, I didn't even finish reading the full answer before it was gone. Although extending those areas would give us more time to listen to your background music (which I really liked by the way), I'd suggest maybe going with 10 or 15 questions to keep the overall video length down. Once you have a steady group of subscribers they WILL enjoy longer videos, but you need to work up to it. One thing about YouBoob is that you will get FAR more exposure with ten, one-minute videos than with a single ten minute video. It's very stupid, but so is YouTube! One way you could work the algorithm would be to create shorts of your longer video. These are one minute max and could feature one sample question with a call to action to watch the full video. Fewer questions will allow you to make more videos from the ones you've prepared and will leave your viewers wanting more. Overall, I think it's very well produced! That's my feedback! 😎
  4. Plus, abusing Am can get you arrested! 😁
  5. Bapu has a posting fetish! 😁
  6. That was pretty good, but I could only make it through the first five minutes... 😁
  7. AC/DC - Shot Down In Flames (Pink Floyd was the obvious choice; next time!)
  8. Well, there's the river Styx... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Styx And that band that used that name! I find it hard to believe you haven't heard of a band as popular as Styx was. Here's one of their albums.
  9. Um, my friend, August, plays the part of Tommy Shaw in his band? Among other cover bands he was in (like Smokin' the only Boston tribute band at the time; Brad Delp was a fan), he was in Grand Illusion which was a Styx tribute band. He and his bandmates were VERY good! (And August was a graduate of GIT, or Guitar Institute Tech, kind of like a Juliard school for guitarists.) One of the guitars that can be seen in some of the videos (a Music Man) used to belong to me and he's got some other gear of mine too! THAT'S how I know about this! 😁
  10. I'm a bit of the opposite. Instead of using pharmaceuticals to make my ADHD tolerable to everyone around me (while causing me to be zoned out) I was introduced to computers when I was 7 by a very wise school principal. This has helped me be able to do several things at once productively and it's actually far more difficult for me to get into "the zone" unless multiple things are going on around me. I don't miss much either! Besides making me very good in games (especially video games), this is part of what had me approved to go to the Naval Academy in Annapolis to fly F-14's. Fortunately, I grew too tall (6' 2" is the maximum, but someone really short, like Tom Cruise size, is the best). I'm 6' 4". Ironically, I ended up working for a defense contractor right across the street from the Miramar Naval Air Base where and when they were filming Top Gun. That said, indiscriminately killing people from thousands of feet in the air would definitely be against my current life views! Heck, I've got cups and cards stationed around the house to capture bugs and release them outdoors (mosquitos do NOT get this favor! 🤬).
  11. What's weird is that this thread had to be "approved" by a moderator before it would show! Um, why??? 🤔 Posting ends need intervention supervision?
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