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  1. The original. The rather weak studio cover. The absolutely kick-butt live cover!
  2. Sounds like a good suggestion! My psychologist is cute and likes to do the same thing as your picture. 😜
  3. Is that a question Bob? 😮
  4. Those were my favorites. 🙂
  5. And, as a finale (for now anyway), one of my favorites!
  6. My 40" 4k TV has worked flawlessly even using the on-board video output (HDMI).
  7. Ah! Didn't want to waste my time reading that since I already know I won't be upgrading for a few years. That said, when I have to use a smaller screen (like a laptop), I always put the bar on the right to save up and down screen real estate, so yet another reason not to "go to 11" this time!
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