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  1. I'm never going back to a "normal" mouse. I've been programming for almost 50 years and have never had carpal tunnel. I've been using either a Kensington Expert Mouse (a trackball) or the Logitech shown above for decades.
  2. This is exactly why I use loop recording!
  3. Their name comes from "a quarter flash, and three quarters foolish" or what they said you needed to be to have a successful band. 🙂
  4. I ain't tellin'! *Burp!* 😁 As a side-note, some mushrooms are excellent at helping you avoid getting ANY type of virus! Reishi, Turkey-Tail and, especially, Agarikon. 🙂
  5. I've seen what Christian is saying work too. However, around here, we donate most things to Free Geek. You might see if there's one in your area.
  6. Wow, one I've never heard of! (But me likey! 😀) Although a completely different vibe, I was reminded of this song:
  7. Feel free to envision the 20 "Are we there yet?" images I have (took an entire page of the "old" FSF!).
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