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  1. Ex-Prince Harry is #8 now, ya? 😁
  2. Good job Larry!!! Only about 34 more years left to make music though... (If the genetic cap of 120 is to be believed!) 🙂👍
  3. Ooo... A double entendre! The album is Diesel & Dust, plus the first song is what you get from too much of that whacky dust.
  4. "MIDI??? Like that will catch on!" ~ Someone in the 80's probably
  5. Larry, that's the beauty of making your own stuff! If you want to put the piano in New York and the Cello in New Jersey, that is completely your right to do so! 😁
  6. Looks like 20 reasons why I haven't had time to make music! 😆 (Last night not included, my roommate and I worked on three songs - all covers though... 🙂)
  7. No, THIS is the book of Becan! 😁
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