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  1. It's mostly a Southern California thing. I had mine on three vehicles (a sports car, a 4-Runner, then the one below). Now that I'm out of that state, I wouldn't think of getting one again. Oh well.
  2. I think this could be more accurate. 😆
  3. Aw, c'mon Bill! Don't fear the Reaper! 😁
  4. But is that worse than this? 😆
  5. Poor Steve... Must be drowning in debt...
  6. Now I understand what the musical terms "scales" and "hooks" mean. (And here I always thought "500 Pound Test" was in regards to what the drum riser could hold! 😁 )
  7. "Another cardinal error has been made!" ~ Wibbles probably 😁
  8. Oh definitely! Totally against Latinos obviously! I mean, isn't "El bow" Spanish for something? 😆 (For the mentally dull, yes, I'm only kidding!)
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