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  1. TBH, if that was my full name, I'd rock the whole dang thing! 😉👍
  2. LMAO! Kind of like the "impression" a hammer makes on your face, right? 😆
  3. Couldn't help but be reminded of this! 😂
  4. Ooo... This should be a fun one for someone to come up with an association to! 😆
  5. In the old days "flipping a bit" was far more important! For those of you that don't program, computers have things called registers which hold temporary values in memory. Back in the day, these were very tiny. I started when they were only one byte, or eight bits (two nibbles?) in size! A TB (a terabyte), which is a common number thrown out there nowadays (usually for disk space), is an absolutely huge number in comparison that holds 8,000,000,000,000 bits! My current home/work computer has an 1/8th of a TB just for memory (128 GB, or one TRILLION bits!). We had to know all sorts of creative ways to use those registers that involved moving them all left and right, flipping all of them to their opposite value, etc. Assembler would have commands like MOV(), PUSH() and POP(). The push and pop commands are the ones that put things onto the stack of registers (push) or took them off (pop). I've coded on two really old computers that only had 1k of memory (i.e., 1,024 bits!). These were the Timex Sinclair and the Pet computers. You literally couldn't put some of Bapu's thread titles into that much memory since they could only hold 128 characters! Another term I always liked was "bitbanging." Oh, and here's some news in my world! It looks like I've FINALLY found some work! I'm going to be joining another long-time programmer (who's 66) and doing Filemaker projects. Although Filemaker has been around since the late 1980's (1987 I believe), it's one of the few languages I had never used since it primarily targets at Apple computers (the only Apple I've ever coded for was the Apple II way back in 1977!). It's been upgraded over the years and I can now use it with Windows (though they still give Android devices the finger). It took me exactly four days to get up to speed on Filemaker and I've already created a fully functional app that is going to a client. Sure, it's not too extensive, but it's got all the GUI polish and correct best practices behind the scenes of a marketable app. I'm very surprised at how easy it is! Of course, that said, if you want to go outside of what it provides easily, you can spend a good bit of time creating custom scripts! I'm just very happy that it looks like I'll have some income coming in again! I'm also loving the fact that I'm back to getting paid for doing something I enjoy. I actually got so into my zone that I worked all night Thursday to Friday without even realizing it! In fact, as soon as I finish checking out other new posts here, I'm off to watch some more tutorials (at 1.75x speed) just to absorb more of what Filemaker can do. 🤓
  6. I can see why things have worked for you for so long! You don't have to deal with a drummer or bass player! 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Yep. The only TV I watch is when I join my roommate when he wants someone to watch a football or college basketball game with. Left to myself, the only videos I watch are on my computer (but I have a 40" 4k monitor, so they look good!). I never go out to the TV room by myself.
  8. Usually, it was every other version that sucked big-time. This was mostly due to Microsquish trying to adhere to a release schedule whether the product was ready or not. Windows 3 stunk, but Windows 3.1 was MUCH better. We were told that Windows 10 would be the last iteration, but when have we ever believed what they say anyway? In the old days, we would always upgrade because there were features we've always wanted (packed with hundreds of additional features that we didn't need). Now, I can't think of anything Windows 11 would give me that I don't already have except more headaches trying to get it to do what I want and/or waiting for the inevitable bug fixes. When I was doing the IT consulting, we had to make several clients unhappy by telling them they HAD to upgrade all their Windows 7 machines (which were all working just fine) to Windows 10 because MS had declared Windows 7 to be at End of Life. They weren't happy and that was only a couple of years ago back when they still had clients. Now that most have lost the bulk of their customers thanks to the global BS going on, I can't imagine any of them wanting to waste money on an upgrade that appears to have nothing new and improved. For me, I always move the taskbar on all smaller screens, like my laptops, to the side so I can have more vertical screen real estate.
  9. Wait... Do you mean we're allowed to leave our houses again and go see things again??? Cool! 😁
  10. Wait... I thought Rain usually arrives as drops though? 🤔 😜
  11. Interesting. My friend saw that cover and thought it was a turd!
  12. Wait... What??! Off-topic???! Here?? In the Coffee House??!!! Tell me it isn't so!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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