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  1. That will help! Because, after awhile, you won't be able to afford to run the A/C anyway. 🀣
  2. Here's the video I was thinking about. When I used to see Walter there were always fish jokes going on long before Samantha!
  3. Just saw that the hidden posts were deleted again instead of shown. Um, why? πŸ€”
  4. Almost posted one with Walter Trout and Samantha Fish, but it had some others in it (including Joe B. shown above) so that would have watered down the joke... πŸ™‚
  5. Here's what I wrote. Remove the dashes: "B-ob, sea-rch f-or a ph-one num-ber t-o tr-y!" Not sure what is the problem there!
  6. Holy WTF??!!! I just put a shortened version (eight words) and it was hidden as well! What is wrong with this forum software???
  7. Wow... I just had another post hidden! But there's nothing in it that should warrant hiding it... WTF?
  8. AI can't improve on my album of John Cage 4' 33" covers! I play every instrument too!!! 😜
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