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  1. Sad news indeed... However, the usual must be added!
  2. *Reads topic title and thinks "Who the heck has a reel to reel Bapu???"* 🤔
  3. The entire Kanye West discography? 🤔
  4. "The only chord you need to know." ~ Bapu probably. 😁
  5. I'm guessing James would appreciate your hedging efforts though! 😉👍
  6. That would be Troutdale (where I used to own the largest residential property - or so I was told) which is exactly 17 miles from downtown Portland! Three days... Wow, the Pony Express was lightning compared to that!
  7. Parts Excluded: Not In Shipment
  8. Probably more enjoyable than whatever Shane's watching! 😁
  9. A wheel is only as good as the axel using it. 😉
  10. My eyes were drawn to just the part that said "Ground Up."
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