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  1. FYI - BMD is down today, can you fix that Ed? 😜
  2. C'mon S.L.I.P.! (If he hasn't been banned yet...) Make Ed an offer on his forum!!! 😁
  3. This thread needs more cowbell. (Just sayin'...😁)
  4. That's sooooo pre-Larry! 🤣 (Besides, all I have are a bunch of $90 bills that I got at a 10% discount! 😁 )
  5. Aren't you and your wife children, Bob? 🤔 (If not, then where in the heck DID you come from??! 😲 )
  6. Maybe we should all change our names to Norm...
  7. Hehe, thought you were in a different thread Gswitz? 😏
  8. Personally, I wouldn't want to have to stare at that while I'm PhotoShopping... I wonder if they'll do one of the eventual loser too?
  9. That Wagakki guitarist is awesome! Kenny started a thread about them and got me into their stuff. (I will ignore the fact that I also have a thing for Japanese ladies. 😁)
  10. Coincidentally, I'm playing my roommate's nice Martin while I'm reading this! 🙂
  11. Portland is weird. I actually almost ended this guy when I was exiting a car garage downtown and he sped right in front of my car. Of course, this was back when we still had clients downtown and were willing to go down there! There are a few blocks that are practically destroyed now...
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