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  1. Sometimes you just gotta let it B!
  2. *Phew!* I was worried this thread would have a picture of Betty Ford topless! 😁 (Not sure what that will say about you if you actually get that! 🤣)
  3. All these left-handed people! It's just not right... 😜
  4. I predict this thread could go, um, nuclear? 😁
  5. How to make your snare sound like Metalica's on St. Anger! 😁
  6. Exactly. That's why I specifically said "canned" in my comment. One of the only good things about living in this area (possibly the only one) is that it has a lot of excellent micro-brews all created locally. The late owner of the dart bar I played out of (pictured below) created the following winning beer with his brother - awesome stuff!
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