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  1. Larry Jones

    Unable to watching youtube tutorials with WDM

    I disabled all onboard audio drivers permanently, and switched to asio. I use it both for recording and playback as well as YouTube and other windows sounds. You have to make sure you set the sample rate and bit depth in Windows to the same as you're using in Cakewalk.
  2. The fact that you're concerned about this issue indicates you don't want to release your work with this amount of distortion on the CP-30. Nothing suggested so far in the thread will actually eliminate the distortion. I'd say it's time to fire up whatever synth you still have, play the part again, and consider this a lesson for the future.
  3. Larry Jones

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    I've been trying to do this for the past couple of weeks. I wouldn't say there's no way, but so far I haven't found a good way. I insert Addictive Drums, arm the MIDI track, record kick drum for, let's say, eight bars, RTZ, record snare or hat or something (in sound on sound mode). My goal is to create a 2- or 4-bar pattern and save it as an Acid loop. But, maybe due to my ineptitude at thinking like a drummer (I am not one), so far no love. On edit: But to your original post, @Craig Anderton, I think you might be on the wrong track suggesting Reason as an accessory to CbB (objections appearing elsewhere in this thread), but an article that simply describes how to rewire anything to CbB, with some examples of useful techniques would be interesting to me.
  4. Larry Jones

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    Good to know my vast ignorance might finally come in handy for somebody. @Craig Anderton, feel free to PM me if you'd like to know what else I don't know, about ReWire or... anything.
  5. Larry Jones

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    I have been doing digital recording since before the current millennium, and I have never rewired anything, and don't know how to do it or why I would want to. So I'd be interested in an entry-level explanation of it. Capabilities, gotchas, advantages, reasons for doing it at all. I'm sure I could google this, but I guess my question would be "Why would I want to know?"
  6. Larry Jones

    totaly new to this / help needed

    I can't read what it says in your images, but if you've got the Focusrite set up correctly, maybe you have not activated input echo ("J" in the image) on the guitar track you are trying to record. If not, you won't hear anything until you start to record.
  7. Larry Jones

    Start Screen Location

    Is there any way for the user to specify where the Start Screen appears? I use two monitors side-by-side, with the Cakewalk GUI spread across both. When the Start Screen pops up in the middle of the dual display, the two bezels form a block right down the middle of the SS and I have to move it before I can use it. Outside of CbB, Windows remembers where things are and puts them back there even after a restart, so it seems as if there might be a way for this same thing to happen inside of CbB. Thanx!
  8. Larry Jones

    Creating Vocal Harmonies with Melodyne

    Some time in the next year or two there will be a plugin that is an order of magnitude more "realistic" than what we have now. It's a matter of processing power and "smart" modeling. This stuff just keeps getting more accurate and simple all the time. We'd have one now, probably, if there were a serious demand for it, but -- this is just my guess -- artists still want to sing their own stuff, and in the long run that's cheaper and better.
  9. Larry Jones

    The magic of making your own music is awesome...

    What's the point of the Trump video? Just trying to show how obnoxious he is? On edit: The link in your post goes to a video montage by conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck, of Donald Trump being rude to people. I find nothing amusing about this racist demagogue. If your post is found acceptable under this forum's terms of service I will consider that I have permission to post political videos of my own.
  10. Larry Jones

    Creating Vocal Harmonies with Melodyne

    I've gotten as far as thinking about it. Then I saw myself creating a duplicate vocal track, breaking all the blobs down into individual notes/syllables, and moving them around to the correct harmony notes. It started to seem like too much work, so at that point I set up a microphone and sang the part. 🙃
  11. Larry Jones

    Open- or closed-back cans for mixing?

    I guess I've been out of the loop too long. I kept looking for the post that said "NO, YOU CAN'T MIX ON HEADPHONES!!!" This was my training in the 70s and I had no reason to reconsider during the subsequent decades when I worked in studios. I realize that most music these days comes out of earbuds or computer "multimedia" speakers, and so I guess the thinking might be Why waste money on studio monitors when the sound will eventually be coming out of one-inch speakers (or earbuds!)? Everything does sound better on headphones, of course, which is the exact reason I don't use them for mixing. You have to check your work on as many different playback systems as you can, including cans, but in my opinion you shouldn't be doing the primary work in the hyped aural environment of headphones. It's music. It's meant to flow out into a room and envelope the listeners. Or to put it another way, when was the last time you went to a concert and listened on headphones?
  12. Larry Jones

    Where's Cakewalk by Bandlab headed?

    I think they're (Bandlab) headed for more and smoother integration between CbB and their online "social music" project. It would be great if they could make it so we could collaborate with others more or less in real time using a set of online tools designed to work seamlessly with CbB. But that's just my guess, and given the current state of technology, who knows how long it would take? FYI, forum users have been grousing at each other and The Man since forever, regarding the direction we are all headed. Toes are sometimes stepped on. Feathers are ruffled. But it's not real -- it's just an online forum. No real harm, right? Don't be so touchy.
  13. Larry Jones

    Audio dropout. SOLVED

    Might want to list the hardware you're using and which MIDI devices or soft synths -- and how many -- you are recording and playing back.
  14. Larry Jones

    Anyone Have to Put Limits on Track Numbers?

    As an unreconstructed rock'n'roller I don't generally use more than a handful of tracks. NOTE: Back when I was recording on tape I never had the luxury of using a separate track for every piece of the drum kit, so I do that now, which bumps up the track count. I wouldn't set any kind of artificial limit on tracks, but I believe the song and the performance counts more than the engineering or the production, so if I can't get it done with a couple of guitars and a piano I feel like I need to go back and write a different song.
  15. I would just add that Melodyne is not always 100% accurate in its assessment of your tempo, so be prepared to do a little manual editing of the generated tempo map, and don't get discouraged. I kind of like @michheld's idea above, especially if your piano track is not a rockin' four-on-the-floor beat.