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  1. @Chris Ward I've been following this thread since the start. Sorry I don't have the solution, but I'd like to suggest that if your problem is fixed, you should show the answer right here, so that future readers will have ready access to all the context of the previous three (or more?) pages. On that glorious day you can edit your original post and add the word "solved" to the title. Also, if you want to alert another forum user that you're saying something to them, type the @ symbol and then start typing the user name. A menu of names will drop down. Find the user you're trying to alert and select that name from the list. Good luck!
  2. @John Vere Are you one of The Knights Who Say Ni? Asking for a friend.
  3. @Johnny Penk Those who think Reaper can stretch audio "flawlessly" might want to have a look at these posts. No matter which DAW you're using there can be problems. You may not notice them, or you may not notice them right away, but suggestions (above) to get the tempo right before you get too far into the recording are good ones. On the other hand, it sounds as if Reaper is a good choice for your workflow, so maybe you should just use Reaper.
  4. Is there anyone here @scook hasn't helped? I know he's pulled me out of various techno rabbit holes. He seems to know everything there is to know about CbB (and earlier versions), and shares the knowledge tirelessly. Count me as hoping he is healthy and happy somewhere, and that he'll join us again here.
  5. Yeah, if Bandlab doesn't release the new product -- or at least some definite information -- soon, the money I've set aside to buy New Sonar will have to be spent on another DAW. There must be a way to do these things somewhere between Gibson's pulling the rug out without warning and Bandlab's (so far) 5-month tease.
  6. After a few hours of seeing this error when I tried to access the forum, I thought maybe the Big Day had arrived, and the next thing I would see here is the announcement that Sonar & Next are now available. But I guess it really was a bad gateway. Bad gateway!
  7. Pretty good! I think something along these lines should be posted as a sticky at the top of all these sub forums, to derail more long threads on the general topic of "OMG WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!?!!" (And the way things are (not) going since the big announcement in June of this year, maybe it will be there permanently.) 🙃
  8. I rebuilt my system a couple of months ago and had a similar problem when trying to open some older projects. The offending plugin turned out to be the Cakewalk-bundled Breverb from back in the SONAR days. I stopped it from loading using Safe Mode, and the project opened and worked. But it turned out that I could re-insert Breverb in the same project and the project would load and function. Apparently at some point over the years there was an update to Breverb, and my older projects were looking for the pre-update version, and crashing the program when it tried to load the newer version instead. Maybe this answers your curiosity, although I think if it's fixed, you don't have to know what caused it.🙃
  9. This link works better: http://forum.cakewalk.com/SONAR-f70.aspx The old forum apparently does not have an SSL cert (no "s" in the http prefix).
  10. Peter - I don't have much to say about those days, and I never have been a technical guy anyway. I was learning by doing in the 70s and 80s, from building the studio to aligning tape machines to running sessions to marketing the operation to customer, um, relations. I sold the place right around the time digital recording became viable for schmoes like me, and I haven't looked back.
  11. I don't think the current CbB (free version) can do Atmos, and I believe if it were in the works for the new Sonar they would be hyping it now, or at least hinting at it. Meanwhile, Studio One 6.5 includes Atmos natively, and they assure us you can create a headphone mix that sort of sounds (on headphones) like surround. BTW, I have no inside information about the upcoming Sonar release, and I'm starting to think neither do the "insiders." Edited to add: Dolby is selling Atmos VST3 plugins, but they don't seem willing to say the price. https://customer.dolby.com/content-creation-and-delivery
  12. I'd love to hear about that studio! I was Kitchen Sync on Sunset at Western. We had a 3M 16-track, but it ran at normal speeds (15 and 30). We did a few projects for folks who thought the 2-inch 16-track format was the ultimate. Who was I to argue?
  13. Probably not. Most likely just some amateurish dialog design. Up to that point "we" weren't talking about opening an account (at least I wasn't). Also, I was joking.
  14. I guess I'm not Next material. None of the thumbnails in the Captcha challenge were clickable, so I switched to the text challenge. I made it past "Is a camel an air-breathing invertebrate," but then it wanted my email address and password. So I withdrew.
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