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  1. I can't figure out what you're doing. You draw a melody in the PRV, apply an arpeggiator to it, bounce it to a clip with the arpeggiator disabled, and edit the bounced clip in the PRV to sound like it did with the arpeggiator enabled? Not sure, but what I've noticed about using the arpeggiator in CbB is that it doesn't sound the same every time, probably because it depends on the exact beat or note it It starts on. If this method worked for you before, maybe it was just luck. Wish I could be more helpful.
  2. If you drag your freely played audio track up to the timeline, a tempo map will be created and should display in the tempo view. Then the drums should follow the tempo changes. I believe you have to have Melodyne installed for this to work, but I think any version of Melodyne is acceptable, even the trial of Essential. Good luck!
  3. You're right! My bad. Not reading carefully. Thanks for the correction.
  4. Don't hold your breath. Cakewalk never owned the code, and the person who does (the developer) is in prison for some very bad crimes.
  5. In my early days of playing covers I had no way of looking up lyrics. I just had to get the words off the radio, like everyone else. I'm sure I "misheard" a lot of words and phrases, so I sang whatever sounded right to me, and in decades of doing that I was never called out for it, leading me to believe that very few of us actually know what we're hearing.🙃
  6. Yes, no point debating in a case like that. It's like trying to convince folks with certain completely unsupportable political beliefs by citing facts. I am a virtual million miles from everything, but one never knows: Where is your area?
  7. Haha! I enjoyed watching your relentless politeness to the snotty gearhead who felt that you didn't know what you were doing and ANY difference one could hear MUST be measurable. Apparently, he is unaware of the fact that the entire audio industry is based on the belief that some people can hear things that are not measurable and that other people cannot hear. The whole thread is over my head, but I sensed some geeky passive/aggressiveness there. UPDATE: In his latest post he describes the horrible inconvenience of not knowing exactly when the mail carrier drops the newspaper in his mailbox. He has rigged an alarm system that buzzes in the house when the mailbox door is opened. Who wants to bet he also has a home weather station, and periodically challenges the forecasts he sees on the nightly news?
  8. It took the OP three posts to actually ask a question about how to accomplish something in CbB. The next day, @David Baay gave an explanation of why CbB acts the way it does, and three ways to "fix" the issue. I suspect the OP has gone off now to make music with Cakewalk to add to his videos (made with super-complex video software), and doesn't need this forum any more.
  9. Or you could describe your setup and how it's all connected and what you are doing when the difficulty appears, and someone can probably tell you how to get up and running.
  10. You should contact support if you haven't already. Or @Noel Borthwickmight be interested in your techno odyssey.
  11. Clearly you should get another Apple computer. But if you must stay with Windows, ASIO4ALL is never a good idea. Get the MOTU-approved ASIO driver from their website. It should work better, and it may solve all your problems.
  12. I use impulse responses to change the sound of my acoustic guitar into a MUCH better-sounding acoustic guitar. It will probably work with an electric as well: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/5064-favorite-freeware-fx-thread/&do=findComment&comment=247156
  13. This is the workaround I use: Switch to sound on sound mode, and don't bother "punching in" at all. Just roll back a few bars and hit Record. Your existing content won't be erased and the new recording will be in a new clip on the same track. Once you get a good take you can select it along with the existing stuff on that track and bounce to clips. As @Billy86 notes, you may have to do a little PRV editing, but that's normal for me, due to my clumsy keyboard playing.
  14. @msmcleod - I hope this link works. It goes to a comment I added to the Favorite Freeware Thread, and it's my totally free method of souping up my bad-sounding acoustic guitar. It's light on step-by-step instructions, because I was just learning about using IRs. But smart people will figure it out, and it includes links to a huge free library of acoustic guitar IRs, as well as a useful (and free!) IR loader. By the way, I think I like your "before" guitar sound better than the "after." https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/5064-favorite-freeware-fx-thread/&do=findComment&comment=247156
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