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  1. Earlier in this thread @Michael Vogel made an oblique reference to a post by @Craig Anderton of a couple years ago in which he hinted a that he knew some of those real world statistics but couldn't divulge them because, IIRC, they were compiled by a company that made its living selling such stats to marketers, so the info was proprietary and privileged. Maybe Craig will jump in here and clarify. But to me, the numbers didn't matter then and they don't matter now. Cakewalk is a massive, powerful recording studio-in-a-box that does everything I need it to do and is capable of making recordings that would be competitive in any setting. It might matter if I were a freelance producer for hire, but I work in my own project studio and I don't need my software to get any particular recognition from others. I'm guessing the majority of us use Cakewalk in much the same way. Who cares what non-users think?
  2. That was quite the rabbit hole.🙃
  3. Cakewalk and the Bandlab app are two completely different animals, with different goals and different users. The overlap between the two groups of users is so minimal that I would not recommend adding a Bandlab app forum here. Very few Cakewalk users would have the experience or knowledge to help out the Bandlab app users, and from what I've seen there is not much chance that technical help would go the other direction, either. Adding a Bandlab app forum here would just bring in thousands (?) of users who are (for example) making beats on their phones and are not the least bit interested in producing 40 orchestral tracks or putting together music with traditional rhythm sections. Since we were required to set up Bandlab accounts, I have gone to the site and poked around, and it was like an alien planet, where the natives did not know R&B from Folk, and didn't care. Just my opinion: Bandlab the app should have its own seperate user forum. (For the record: I have always thought that Bandlab (the corporation) expected the phone users one day to migrate to Cakewalk and Cakewalk users to start collaborating with each other through the Bandlab app, but during the pandemic I started making music with friends around the country and I told them they could get the app and make their tracks that way, but they all downloaded Cakewalk instead, and we share tracks with Dropbox. I don't know what incentive would get mainstream musicians and singers to switch to Bandlab when Cakewalk is so full-featured and flexible.)
  4. Arthur, You can find the "Snap" controls on the Control Bar at the top of the Cakewalk screen. (If you don't see the Control Bar, press "C" on your keyboard.) The default location (on my system) is near the left end, just to the right of the "Export" module. There is a little "waffle" or "grid" icon. Click that to turn Snap on or off. Make sure the switch to the right of the icon is set to "Snap to," NOT "Snap by." Beneath the on-off icon is a button with a drop-down that lets you select what value you want to snap to. From your post I think you'll want to right-click that button and select 1/1 (Whole). Now when you put your pointer on the timeline and click, the cursor will snap to the beginning of the nearest measure. If you have downloaded the Cakewalk Reference Guide from this website, you can read all about Snap starting on page 410. Good luck!
  5. Thank you. Yes, I saw that readme. It just says "If you're using already one of the named interfaces without any trouble, there is no need to install this driver." Since the OP was setting up a new computer, I assume he did not have any driver installed, so the logical one to use would be the newest one, right? Note to @Tom Ham: Did the 4.59 driver work for you?
  6. This really should be done. I never know how CbB will react when I put a video on the timeline. I now transcode to plain AVI (huge files), create the soundtrack, and then revert back to whatever is the desired video format.
  7. I use Vegas Pro for video editing. I'm satisfied with CbB being maintained by the bakers as a really good and stable audio program. Video editing is a whole other world, best handled by a dedicated video application, IMO.
  8. CbB is not a good choice to use as a video editor. VSDC Video Editor is free and fully functional, although I admit I can't get the hang of the workflow. For simple assembly of clips you can use Video Editor (formerly Microsoft Story Remix) which is built in with Microsoft Photos on Windows 10. - very basic, but also free. Good luck!
  9. I don't own any Behringer stuff, and I'm not a coder, but I suspect good drivers are harder to make than good hardware.
  10. The only documentation I found on the Behringer website is a PDF "Quick Start" guide, and in there I can't find where the manufacturer makes this recommendation. May I ask where you found it?
  11. Build 155 appears to be Da Bomb. It fixed a crashing issue I was having, and a few problems I've had for a long time. I recommend the OP update to the latest production version and then follow John Vere's link above to the Early Access Update 1.
  12. @Heinz Hupfer I don't know what AZ Controller is, and I don't have programming skills, but I'd be game to try anything that would restore the function of my Nektar LX-61+.
  13. My LX-61+ has lost most of its DAW-control function. I didn't use all of it, but the transport controls were helpful to me...until they stopped working. I've found no new driver available, so I reinstalled the original driver and set up the controller again, but no love. I assume changes to Windows and/or Cakewalk have broken the connection, and I'm lucky to have the MIDI controller so at least I can trigger soft synths.
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