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  1. I sure do appreciate that Terrence ❤️
  2. I remember this thread. Only place I've ever been banned was from a Kmart when I was 13 for stealing a machete. Kvr ban is weak. Do better.
  3. For anyone that was curious about the Bb3 to B3 thing I was talking about earlier in this thread regarding the OTS Famous E, here's what OTS had to say about it. He's right about that Al Jarreau song as heard below. As for the hiss issue, he says that's been fixed, and of course that has also already been reported by both Virtuoso (the guy who initially reported it) and Greg from OTS, as I mentioned previously. "The Bb3/B3 transitions to different hammers, which is why you hear that change when it gets to the "bell range". You can hear this in the first few notes of the intro in the Al Jarreau song, "Not Like This", for example, when the Rhodes hits the C above middle C. That being said, if you prefer a smoother range instead, you can turn off the bell range in the advanced section of the interface. I know that was Jay Graydon's preference, which is why all his presets have the bell range disabled." Here's the link where this was initially reported, with audio example https://vi-control.net/community/threads/orange-tree-model-e-rhodes.94529/post-4596993 The Al Jarreau song
  4. Larry's not coming back. I'm in charge now.
  5. I'm probably gonna do the Scarbee as well for $50. In the YouTuber demos it had a fuller sound than others it was being compared to. Plus there's any number of amp sims and effects I'll run it through. FWIW I emailed Greg at OTS today to ask about the Bb3 - B3 issue on the Famous E and I'll report back what he says. I'll probably not be getting the Famous E myself though, mainly cuz I don't think it's the sound I'm after. Oh but the history! 🤣
  6. Hey man, can you (or anyone else) tell me more about Canterbury? Mainly I just want to know how adjustable the sound is.. I mean, I've checked it out on YouTube, but it seems kind of a dark sounding instrument.. is that adjustable? Like, can you make Canterbury sparkle and chime too or is it mostly just a dark-ish gritty sound? Cuz I've changed my mind a bit about what I said in another thread the other day about how most EPs seemed to be the same to me more or less, quality-wise (not sound per se). Now that I've revisited the EPs I've got in Komplete, I'd like to pick up something else, and I like dark and gritty but I want brilliance and sparkle too when I want it and I'd like to get all that from just one EP. I do have the OTS Famous E in my cart from the group buy and have till the end of July to buy it at $71 something if I want. Then there's the Scarbee Classic EP-88S on sale for $50. But I'd be down to wait till end of the year for something closer to 50% off of Canterbury.
  7. Idk, $30 off $149 for Canterbury suitcase I don't think is enough. Does anyone remember Soniccouture's last sale? It wasn't too long ago and in that sale I scored Vibraphone for around $80 something I think but I don't recall exactly, but that library is usually $129. I'm just wondering if Soniccouture themselves won't have a better sale than this of their own later this year. I think I scored the Vibes around holiday season
  8. Yeah I've read up on the history of the Famous E, but I was more asking if sound-wise it (the OTS version) really is that much better than the Scarbee. I mean while I definitely dig history and all that I don't care about it at the end of the day when we're talking about the quality of sound of the actual sample library, which is all that really matters to me.
  9. So you own a different, older version of the Scarbee Classic EP-88S? Yeah I have Komplete 12 and the Vintage Keys in it have a Scarbee 200 I think. You're saying this Classic EP-88S should be better?
  10. Is that a matter of your taste or is the Famous E well known to be head and shoulders better than that Scarbee? (I haven't researched that specifically)
  11. @Fleer are you seeing this problem that this guy Virtuoso reported where there's a sudden change between Bb3 and B3? You can see his post and audio example here https://vi-control.net/community/threads/orange-tree-model-e-rhodes.94529/post-4596993 He also reported excessive hiss that made the OTS Famous E unusable to him, but if you look at this thread here starting w/ this post https://vi-control.net/community/threads/the-famous-e-electric-piano-available-now-from-orange-tree-samples.95739/post-4597156 , on page 2 Greg from OTS responded and commented on the hiss issue, and towards the end of that second page both Virtuoso and Greg confirm that to his issue has been fixed... but nothing about a fix for the sudden change in velocity from Bb3 to B3 as reported in that first link up there. Are you or anyone else finding this velocity issue w/ the two Bs?
  12. I think you just need a pedicure brother
  13. Lol why don't you guys just marry Larry.. that's probably why he *really* took that sabbatical.. y'all are too clingy
  14. From the email: "Hello everyone, Just to let you know that there is a sale on at Loot audio for the Castle-Instruments products that I made in collaboration with Divergent/Loot audio. https://www.lootaudio.com/category/kontakt-instruments/castle-instruments " -------------------------------------- Steve (dev at Synth Magic) makes some of the best synths I own and he's about the most talented preset creator I've come across. Here's his store btw. No real sales there at the moment but his stuff isn't super pricey to begin with. (Btw, if you want a synth that sounds like an old movie get the Logan) http://synthmagic.com/store.html
  15. Until 'recent' times, no one ever even heard of "too many pianos." Look at it along these lines: life was better and cooler, richer, and had more soul and vibe when we didn't have smartphones. Unfortunately, I have great difficulty getting through life now without my smartphone. But before it came along, things were just fine.. better even. Like how I used to spend hours hanging out and browsing in record stores and now.. where is a record store?! Everything is downloaded now, quick and easy and immediate and all while on the go.. and with no soul or vibe. When I came up in the late 80's/early 90's in Seattle, even the guitar players in Soundgarden and Pearl Jam--even in the studio--didn't have a hundred different guitar amps at their disposal like dad does now, digitally. There's too much now, and while I don't want it all I'm also mad that I can't have it all and my peace and enjoyment of how great things used to be when we had little is ruined in that regard. Yes; too many pianos indeed. Now let me have a look at his video as I'm still in the market for one
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