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  1. Lol I hated that pedal when I had it in the late 90's. It didn't track well on single notes and many years later I thought it was crazy that some people actually liked that wobbly "searching" artifact that this pedal does kind of like that wobbly auto-tune effect which I also hate. I mean, since you asked 🤣
  2. Yep, I just got a PA response to the same query I emailed them about and they said yeah it can be kind of confusing to tell which plugins need updating and which don't so the guy said best thing to do is just select all of your products in the installation manager and just let them all just do a blanket install/reinstall/update and of course scan your newest vsts after that
  3. But remember how long it took for soundtoys 5 to come around? Remember how they kept saying it's almost here it's almost here just about ready but then it would get pushed out another month or two or three. They're like a gourmet food that you can't have any old time you want it but when it is available people are lined up around the block
  4. Has anyone thought to just email them and ask them what they've been up to lately? Lol seriously, I almost *have* to know. I think I will. Soundtoys must not be the main gig of whoever is behind their stuff
  5. If you think about it they have a lot of plugins in that soundtoys 5 bundle so I think they probably figure if they made one or two or three or new plug-ins.. do they just include them free with an update or do they charge for an upgrade to get two or three new plug-ins? I feel like unless they're gonna make a whole slew of new plug-ins--not just a couple--you won't hear from them. I'd like a vintage octave-chorus plug-in from them but right now they're only really making money from new customers
  6. So you have to have a Focusrite product to be able to download the cassette?
  7. Are those yours? They could be better
  8. So you don't like this plugin?
  9. You bought one? Which color? I was tempted but I'm building a Warmoth Strat tele hybrid baritone so I got to put my money into that as just *one* of the two pickups is nearly $200 all by itself lol (Fralin)
  10. My friend who needed a guitar real quick just ordered the red one for 80 bucks.. thanks for the tip!
  11. These can be cool for kicking around the house.. literally kicking around the house. I have an old Carvin I use for that
  12. Could be a fun inexpensive guitar to p!mp out though and I've always liked G&L's headstock over Fender's
  13. Yeah no surprise there, I've never come across even a high-end guitar that couldn't benefit from at least the fret ends being dressed and personally I like them like butter.
  14. No interface but I just got this https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/B173MK2--black-lion-audio-b173mk2-microphone-preamp-and-induction-eq
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