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  1. Not just deals. We expect updates too.
  2. Someone further back said they spoke to Larry and he told them he's just taking a break. I don't buy it though I think Izotope's got him.
  3. I was thinking the other day, as I was looking at my guitar amp and looking at its Master knob which stands for master volume, that it'd be cool if that knob said Massa as it does incidentally have another amp slaving to it And a squirt of super glue
  4. On behalf of my people.. who gives a s#!t
  5. I was gonna say you only have that many days won because of your post count in just 1.5 years - almost 4,000 posts - but then I looked at Bapu's post count, also in 1.5 years, of over 87,000 posts.. that's approx 4,800 posts a month compared to Craig's 200 posts a month. 87,000 posts in 1.5 years and only 5 days won out of all that? Shameful. And those post counts have to have been carried over from the old forum. Right? What am I missing?
  6. A mod.. you know what I mean lol
  7. Lol yeah it says a moderatelor has to approve it
  8. This? http://www.sysexdb.com/synth_detail.aspx?dv=39
  9. It's like showing up to a potluck with nothing and saying "What's to eat?"
  10. Looks like there may be a small issue with it though he'll likely fix it soon if it's true https://www.kvraudio.com/product/nils-k1v-by-nils-schneider
  11. And when King does return do you think he'll be proud of what transpired here in his absence? Like, were we a good steward of his deal thread and did we do him proud? And by "we" I mean all you other cats who posted a deal as I didn't post a d@mn thing 😔
  12. Well dig this Lemar.. if it comes to it I'll arrange for you to step in full time. That cool? Cool. Oh you didn't ask for this? It asked for you bro
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