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  1. Christian Jones

    Reaktor Ensembles - do they work in the free version?

    Under the "requirements" section for each individual ensemble it will tell you whether or not it will.
  2. Man I *know* they won't work, I can tell just by looking at the vanilla gui.
  3. Lol yeah but w/ a piano library at least you're still playing it on keys and I guess as a guitar/bass player I'm too set in my ways to play an electric bass or guitar on keys when I can just play the instruments themselves for that extra credibility. And yet I use amp sims, but I *am* playing a real instrument through them and of course no one has to know..😕 Yeah the upright bass will be a prominent part of any song I use it in as for me that's the point of using it so thanks for that tip, I'll probably pass on corebass pear then. I thought Trilian was around $500 but I see it's $279. Idk, maybe. I'm spending too much money lately though in my defence I'm done buying vst instruments - after I get this upright bass and the baritone sax from Vienna. Then I'm done. Actually I'm still gonna buy Mecurrial Spark and the Cerberus and Vermilion from Kuassa and that one Vox ir from Ownhammer and THEN I'm done.
  4. Christian Jones

    Understand (New Lyrics)

    Sup John, cool tune! And thanks for turning me onto Michael Frank's lol. My first thought was that he (John) sounded like the guy from Love from The Red Telephone song, but hearing Michael Franks, yeah muxh closer to that. Whatever happened w/ that Quietly She Sings song?
  5. Thanks dude I'll score that anyway, that's a cool utility
  6. Thanks RBH, though I was actually talking about the Straight Ahead Bass upright sample library that's problematic. I don't have corebass pear but that was a typo up there - I meant to say I'll check out corebass pear. I'm abandoning SA Bass, as the momentary clicks/pops alone that occur after using a key switch makes it unusable even if I could successfully remap it. I need a solid upright bass library that I can tune down to Eb and slide the mapping down to reflect that so I'm not playing an Eb tuned instrument in E on the keyboard. That was easy enough to do w/ the main tune knob in Kontakt, but the developer did something to the Eb0 key so that when I slide the notes down a half step in the mapping area so that the instrument would then start on the Eb0 key to reflect the Eb tuning, the Eb0 key only works every third time you press it. There's no key switch assigned to that Eb0 key; it's just all whacked out like that and that's the only reason I was trying to move the keys an octave up, hoping that the Eb1 key would be functional for this but this library isn't worth further thought from me. Thanks all for trying to help me w/ it.
  7. Right on. Yeah a friend has Trilian and it's pretty dope for what it is, but as a bass player I won't let myself have such a library and I'm void of guitar libraries for the same reason lol. Upright bass is the one exception since I don't have or play one so that's all I need and though I heard the uprights in Trilian are pretty awesome it'd be a bit overkill for all I need. Despite researching I guess I chose wrong the first time around w/ this library.
  8. Christian Jones

    Bias FX Pro

    May want to consider BIAS w/ caution as Noel et al have confirmed a pretty serious bug w/ BIAS in CbB and it's up to BIAS to fix, no idea if they have or not in this version.
  9. Thanks bitflipper, I just check out corebass pear. Michael A.D. - thanks that's a cool program to have anyway. But this transpose issue is not the only problem with the Straight Ahead Bass (upright) library. There's also clicks/pops heard in the first few notes played immediately after using any of the key switches, after those first few notes it plays fine. If it were a buffer issue the clicks would be constant. I'm thinking it's just a poorly-written library in general, at least the version I have which is presumably the newest but anyway I'll just move on to something else.
  10. Christian Jones

    Another bad music joke for Notes

    Psshhh, finally he can laugh. Thanks Robert for clearing that up for me *cough* I mean Notes_Norton
  11. Thanks yeah it's weird because when I set the transpose to -12 it causes Kontakt to trigger E1 when playing E0 like you said, but the key switches get all messed up in the transpose, but in a way that doesn't make sense - like, the key switches are alternating themselves between C1, C#1 and D1 to C2, C#2 and D2 each time I press one of the key switches - immediately after I press one then next time that key switch will have moved itself either an octave up or down. Like say the key switch on C1 will perform it's function when I press it, but when I go to press C#1 it's not there and it has moved it's self to C#2 - and when I press it then the other key switches move themselves either up or back an octave and if I happen press one of the key switches that has moved itself so that there is no function there then doing so silences ALL the notes until I find where it put itself lol. I think this program is wonky somehow this doesn't seem right. Vender is non-responsive too, but I bet they'd respond if I contacted them through paypal lol. This is the Straight Head Bass library from Straight Ahead Samples. Really, all I wanted to do was detune this E-tuned instrument to Eb and then move the mapping down one half step to reflect that, but they've got the Eb0 key blacked out so when I move the mapping down that half step that key is not functional - it plays every third time you hit it lol. dang
  12. I have the Straight Ahead Bass upright bass sample library and they've got the notes mapped from E0 to G3, and all the keys after G3 on the Kontakt keyboard are blacked out, and the four keys below E0 are key switches. I'd like this instrument to be mapped an octave up at E1 to G4 instead, but when I highlight all the samples in the mapping editor and manually drag them up to that location the sounds don't actually move and the blacked out keys never become activated or what have you (never turn blue). I just want to move the samples further up the keyboard (not transpose). This is easily done w/ your own sample wav files, but is there just no way to do this for a 3rd party sample library that came pre-mapped? Is the fact that key switches are involved complicating things? I feel like w/ Kontakt as powerful as it is there has top be a way to do this.
  13. Christian Jones

    Projects opening with *asterisk as if edits were made?

    Yeah this is a brand new project with Absynth as the only plugin, so I did a test version of that project and removed Absynth and the asterisk was then gone. When I put Absynth back the asterisk comes back. After reading that link from HIBI though it's probably no big deal and the asterisk ain't going away anyway.
  14. Christian Jones

    What kind of music would you call this?

    Word, my Korg Z1 has one called "Film Score"
  15. Christian Jones

    A song or band like... [This Song]

    Well, actually, the *very first* song that popped into my head after listening to the OP's song was this one, at least for the intro, but probably not the rest of it heh