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  1. Are those yours? They could be better
  2. So you don't like this plugin?
  3. You bought one? Which color? I was tempted but I'm building a Warmoth Strat tele hybrid baritone so I got to put my money into that as just *one* of the two pickups is nearly $200 all by itself lol (Fralin)
  4. My friend who needed a guitar real quick just ordered the red one for 80 bucks.. thanks for the tip!
  5. These can be cool for kicking around the house.. literally kicking around the house. I have an old Carvin I use for that
  6. Could be a fun inexpensive guitar to p!mp out though and I've always liked G&L's headstock over Fender's
  7. Yeah no surprise there, I've never come across even a high-end guitar that couldn't benefit from at least the fret ends being dressed and personally I like them like butter.
  8. No interface but I just got this https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/B173MK2--black-lion-audio-b173mk2-microphone-preamp-and-induction-eq
  9. Would this be worth bothering with if you have Nectar 3 Plus?
  10. I got the Chris Hein harmonica as the free gift few days ago when I got this deal.
  11. .. but by the time he got her out he was winded 😔
  12. What's the most you've spent on a duplicate plugin? Make me laugh
  13. This time I did get Sandman Pro for free lol. Now let me look Sandman Pro up on YouTube so I can see what it even is
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