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  1. Just another synth, right? Convince me otherwise 🤨
  2. Actually it cost you $3 😞
  3. Who's doing it better?
  4. Yeah the intro price sale goes till 8/22 so I'm also waiting to see if a place like Everyplugin will have it cheaper before then.
  5. $21.55. It's kinda cool. I know there's lots of these out there but I don't really have one.
  6. Christian Jones

    WD 1 TB SSD

    Whereas I keep having dreams that a 4TB SSD will go down ☠️
  7. That spaghetti library is still $200.. on sale.. isn't that the price it's always been? Come down on that s#!t man
  8. I sure do appreciate that Terrence ❤️
  9. I remember this thread. Only place I've ever been banned was from a Kmart when I was 13 for stealing a machete. Kvr ban is weak. Do better.
  10. For anyone that was curious about the Bb3 to B3 thing I was talking about earlier in this thread regarding the OTS Famous E, here's what OTS had to say about it. He's right about that Al Jarreau song as heard below. As for the hiss issue, he says that's been fixed, and of course that has also already been reported by both Virtuoso (the guy who initially reported it) and Greg from OTS, as I mentioned previously. "The Bb3/B3 transitions to different hammers, which is why you hear that change when it gets to the "bell range". You can hear this in the first few notes of the intro in the Al Jarreau song, "Not Like This", for example, when the Rhodes hits the C above middle C. That being said, if you prefer a smoother range instead, you can turn off the bell range in the advanced section of the interface. I know that was Jay Graydon's preference, which is why all his presets have the bell range disabled." Here's the link where this was initially reported, with audio example https://vi-control.net/community/threads/orange-tree-model-e-rhodes.94529/post-4596993 The Al Jarreau song
  11. Larry's not coming back. I'm in charge now.
  12. I'm probably gonna do the Scarbee as well for $50. In the YouTuber demos it had a fuller sound than others it was being compared to. Plus there's any number of amp sims and effects I'll run it through. FWIW I emailed Greg at OTS today to ask about the Bb3 - B3 issue on the Famous E and I'll report back what he says. I'll probably not be getting the Famous E myself though, mainly cuz I don't think it's the sound I'm after. Oh but the history! 🤣
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