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  1. You can resize it. Drag the bottom right corner where you can see a little tab. Or are you talking about the actual graphic layout on the MRH810?
  2. I'm in Seattle, sale ended 2:30pm my time - 11:30pm his time. I let it skate by and bought some other s#!t
  3. The Nembrini MRH810 is good for metal, but I'd say old school metal, not the super saturated modern high gain stuff. This amp is good for that Alice In Chains type of grunge metal sound. I play a style I call "Doombilly" which is basically a melodic stoner doom metal w/ some swing and twang. Sometimes the "twang" is more in the attitude but often I've got a legit twang metal guitar tone going. I play a Warmoth baritone strat w/ 14-62 strings tuned to A# standard. This is a sample of a grimy sludge doom riff I wrote earlier tonight. Here my signal is split and I'm running two instances of the MRH810 and playing through them simultaneously: The first MRH810 has the gain around 4 o'clock and the bx_yellowdrive in front of it giving it a tiny boost but no additional distortion. Second MRH810 is on the clean channel w/ the Kazrog Ram Fuzz big muff in front of it. Both amps are using the stock IRs. I haven't had a chance to try my OwnHammer IRs on this amp yet. This is a real grimy @ss doom metal sound, I'm still dialing it in and this isn't mixed this is just how I'm hearing it when playing. This is all ITB, but tonight I also ran a hardware big muff pedal into the MRH810 and it took it really well. Tomorrow I'll try the swollen pickle into it, but it's cool this Nembrini amp takes hardware pedals as well as software pedals really well.
  4. Anyone considering getting something from this sale keep track of this clock - sale ends at 11:30pm *his time* Sunday. If I get anything at all it'll be at the last minute because that's how I do things https://24timezones.com/time-zone/utc+2
  5. One guy was complaining about using it on synthesizers and the other guys that were having problem with it didn't really specify the source material. But most were complaining about how the level and output knobs do the exact same thing or something. Idk, is the psa1000 still worth getting?
  6. Wait a second.. are you *not* the owner? Your initial post comes off as if you are.. I guess that post was quote then sans quotations
  7. Lol why would the owner put a sad face on this comment as if this were out of his control..
  8. Hey Zo (or anyone else), I've been reading what people are saying about the Nembrini PSA1000/PSA1000jr on this thread here https://www.gearslutz.com/board/product-alerts-older-than-2-months/1260271-nembrini-audio-new-psa1000-analog-saturation-bundle.html - and many are saying how the wet/dry knob is unusable. A Nembrini developer chimed in and basically disagrees w/ them and he explains why, but then they in turn disagree with his explanation and continue to insist that the wet/dry knob is for the most part unusable due to the phase cancellation that's involved when using it etc. They want him to update it, but he doesn't seem on board. It sounds like you've been using the PSA1000, or at least I could have sworn I read here somewhere that you were so I'm wondering what your thoughts are on it regarding the use the of the wet/dry knob and the phase cancelation it supposedly brings. And as the developer suggested in that thread, you could always do a true parallel using an aux track, and that's probably the best option anyway, but still the wet/dry knob is essentially supposed to be for on board parallel processing yet many users on that thread are saying this knob is currently unusable as is. What do you think?
  9. Yeah, I've been buying a lot of s#!t lately. I was supposed to be saving for a Novation SL MkIII @ $700, but that'll have to wait a couple more months as I can't stop dipping into the savings and buying s#!t. I'm not not buying junk or superfluous stuff, just my priorities got changed around and I needed a second octave pedal. Yes, a second one lol.
  10. Carlos, when you can, download and demo the Brainworx Diezel VH4 and tell me what you think. Igor made that amp too.
  11. Damn that reminds me, his 80% off sale ends on Sunday... I was gonna let that skate by as I forgot since I've buying other s#!t too like the ehx micro pog I just got. I'll probably get Nembrini's PSA-1 emu. Have you tried a hardware PSA-1 before? I own one, and I wonder how close the software version is to it
  12. Are there any "pristine" Tron samples? Maybe relatively pristine 😛 lol but yeah I have this and the Tron samples here are especially grimy = cool. I've got just about ever Kontakt Tron including this below which is also free: http://www.leisureland.us/audio/MellotronSamples/MellotronSamples.htm
  13. Thanks man I'll try this in a bit. Sounds like I haven't been using the right command for this
  14. French brotha in da house, right on. I'll peep those videos, I see a lot of cool stuff there. Carlos implied that you had a video of you playing guitar through Amplitube..
  15. And.. where they at? Where that link at?
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