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  1. Lol well at least paying for the lifetime updates--like I did like 2 months before Cakewalk went under--gave you a few plugins to go w/ your CbB that don't come w/ CbB.
  2. I did the $99 upgrade to k12 a month ago too but I don't care. All I care about out of komplete anyway is Kontakt 6 and Reaktor 6 and the standard massive and FM8 et al. I elected not to even install most of what came w/ k12, so. I'd only be pissed if this was a free upgrade to ultimate cuz then I woulda got NOIRE for free but it wasn't that so who cares
  3. Don't go paying more than $14.99 for it, as it went for that not long ago 🤙
  4. I tried to stack a survey voucher on that but it wouldn't allow it as the survey voucher required a $39 purchase, but I was totally ready to make off w/ that Rockergain for $4
  5. I guess I bought the Orange Rockergain amp for $29. I guess that's what happened.
  6. Sknote has a good univibe called the UV Vibe. Anyway.
  7. Yeah I'm good w/ the Nembrini stuff. I prefer making my own amp chains w/ pedals and cabs than having the baked in stuff that can't completely get removed. To me the Neural stuff sounds amazing but it's the same sound everyone currently has.
  8. Do you think nolly or plini is better than the Nembrini stuff? The Nembrini Marshall is great for a grimy doom metal sound. I passed on Nolly way back because I thought the distortion was very "samey" - it just sounded like every other dude with the same metal djent sound. But Nolly had an amazing strong and punchy clean tone, like it had baked in compression or something. Yeah I don't like Peavy 5150 of any kind really thus far. I like old school metal tones. I'm trying to talk myself out of buying this.
  9. Plini or Nolly? I think you said you'd choose Nolly if you could only have one. I can't test any of them right now as my studio is torn down at the moment. I'm wondering what Plini has over Nolly..
  10. Christian Jones

    XLN Sale

    So like I said, no RC-20 lol
  11. No. I know exactly what will happen. I will order this and for a soon to come Fall sale it'll be $26 at everyplugin. You think I don't know?
  12. Is this like Neutron? First I've heard of it
  13. Has this been posted? I don't see it. A harp guitar. $29.99 for one more day, normally $159.99 https://audioplugin.deals/aviram-harp-guitar-by-aviram-dayan-production/
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