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  1. http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/ That vibraphone--one of the best available--I've been wanting is usually $129, now 50% off @ $64.50. Sale lasts throughout December.
  2. Yeah I'm feeling that actually. I almost feel like I have to buy it at that price. Would you ever use any of the sounds in the final production?
  3. So what are we doing King Lar.. Are we buying that Mars bundle? I'm done deciding things on my own and am just doing what other people are doing at this point. Seriously, I I remember when that Kirk Hunter ensemble library was like $69 last year and now it's $29. Idk, I just don't like the idea of buying a library that's only good enough for sketching purposes but idk, I'll check it out on YouTube but the consensus last year on VI control et al was that it's only good enough for writing with and not for using in the final product, though not everyone felt that way.
  4. My score thus far: XLN RC-20 - $41 Melodyne Assistant - $43.99 Embertone Solo Violin - $49.95 Waves Ovox - $41 Arizer Solo 2 - $139
  5. Hmm anyone liking that baritone sax? I've got the Vienna Baritone sax and was looking at this one some time ago. $29 anyway
  6. I have an actual Tech 21 PSA-1 (the original) and Nembrini's version is pretty darn close man. I was surprised. I recommend the PSA1000
  7. Lol yeah "groupbuyauto" code actually takes off even more but that code didn't work for RC 20
  8. Do you know what's the cheapest Da Capo ever got?
  9. It's still $43.99 on there
  10. Pretty dope deal, I never paid for anything Melodyne as M Essential came w/ Cakewalk Lifetime Updates lol. So I go straight to Assistant for $44. Thanks for the heads up on that King Lar
  11. Hmm. Well they already sent me the serial. I also tried every coupon code to bring the price down even further but none would work so I just had to settle for $43.99 lol
  12. Says who? You don't think JRR did that on purpose?
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