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  1. I play a Warmoth baritone strat almost exclusively. Sometimes play a heavily modded American Deluxe w/ the standard 25.5 scale. The baritone is a 28 5/8" scale w/ a Wilkinson trem and I string it w/ light baritone strings so it feels closer to a standard 25.5 scale strat, and I tune to Bb (technically A#) just like my 5 string bass, which is also a long scale @ 35". (I also tune my standard 25.5 scale strat to Eb, so it's "in tune" w/ my baritone and 5-string bass). I've always liked tuning low as I grew up listening to Alice in Chains and Dream Theater. Jerry Cantrell just used really heavy gauge strings on a regular scale guitar to tune down to C, but John Petrucci later played a seven string Ibanez w/ that low B. I don't really like seven string guitars; I like the feel of the six string and the extra snap and twang I get from the longer scale. I get a kick out of people who look at my baritone strat, which at first glance looks just like a regular strat, except there's something about it they can't quite put their finger on.. lol it's that the neck is extra long. Robert Smith (Cure) plays a Bass 6, which is that fender Jazzmaster thingy with something like a 30" scale neck iirc, and like the Dan Electro baritones they have pretty thick baritone strings, so he kind of does a tic-tac bass thing with it, and of course some country and cowboy western players like the baritone for that deep twang. But I treat and play my baritone as if it were a regular strat that just happens to be tuned down to B flat, and because I use light baritone strings it plays more like a standard scale strat too, so I'm able to bend and do all that. Still there is a bit more tension there even w/ the light baritone strings and your fingers get strong playing like that. You have to remember Stevie Ray Vaughan played a regular scale strat with 12's and I heard sometimes 13's. I tried 12s on my regular strat and it was much stiffer than the light baritone strings on my baritone. There goes a picture of the first (white) Warmoth baritone I built close to 20 years ago. And a picture of a new baritone I'm currently building. The seafoam green body is from Warmoth and the baritone tele neck is from Musiccraft.
  2. That ain't cool. I guess that's the cost of having someone build for you. Not eveyone has time or desire to build their own but I wouldn't be able to get my mind around such an upcharge
  3. Lol probably cuz I emailed them earlier, though someone else may have emailed them too. I actually watched the sale turn off in realtime at approx 4:34pm PT as I was looking at my cart for TVBO and WG2 MkII and about to buy but then the prices went up. I couldn't have that so I emailed bro lol
  4. What do you think of having a 4tb ssd just for the OS, a 2nd 4tb ssd for audio files, a 3rd 4tb ssd for libraries and a 4th 4tb for more sample libraries? That's what a guy in a beard and glasses said to get on YouTube
  5. You mean the non-mkii one is the Tom Waits one? If so, what's the mkii version then? I thought it was mk1 w/ just some updates
  6. Yeah I was and may still gonna buy the Samsung 4tb ssd from Amazon for $299. they say it's a sale price, but I've read that ssd prices could drop possibly by half by mid 2023.
  7. So it's a warm sounding piano, WGII. I was watching this on it The sale ends today. Is WGII worth two sandwiches from Subway? I'm not sure if I'm gonna skip TVBO or not. I did pick up Rain Piano and INIL
  8. Would you buy tvbo at full price or even half price? I mean $24 isn't a ton of money but just how worth having is that piano for 15gb?
  9. Speaking of uprights, I think Fluffy Audio has an upright you might be interested in. 😜 Too soon?
  10. How bout that.. I've been waiting on a sale price for that Tom Waits Rain Piano that character upright and now it's under $8 for mkii. No brain for me anyway
  11. I'm waiting for the John Petrucci one to hit 60% off, as I hear that one's even better than Nolly. That's all subjective but I'd go for the Petrucci, plus it has a transpose feature which could be cool. Unfortunately I can't demo any of these at the moment. I know I bought Gojira just for the whammy feature alone
  12. I'm gonna grab this deal as I've found that while I like accordions it's really the harmonium sound I'm after. Unless you know of a better deal than https://www.xperimentaproject.com/book-1-indian-organs/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_source=XPERIMENTA+Project&utm_campaign=09d49b4f7a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2022_09_14_06_07_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_262889762e-09d49b4f7a-448394252&mc_cid=09d49b4f7a&mc_eid=2a63a8c69e
  13. Gotta pay your dues abacab. That includes getting slapped on the wrist each time you mess up, no matter how old you are. Btw, can anyone tell me what kind of electric piano the Scarbee EP-88s is? I can't seem find what category it falls into. Like is it a Rhoads or? I don't think it's a wurli
  14. What's the deal with someone claiming to be related to Mr. Wurlitzer? What's the scam there and what does he have to gain from it?
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