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  1. Does that happen often and/or during any specific season?
  2. I'll probably get this. I need a cool saloon piano to go with that spaghetti Western library I got a while back.
  3. How would you (or anyone else reading) compare this to that ujam upright that was on flash sale for something like $39 a while ago? Do you know if the Ample upright can be tuned down to, say, Eb? I've got Orange Tree Bass Pear, and the Ujam Upright, both of which I haven't seen able to use yet as I don't have access to my studio right now, but do I still need this Ample Upright? And how bad do I need it?
  4. Is this similar to Antares Duo? Which I just got free w/ a $10 purchase at PB, though maybe that one's mainly for vocals. How many doublers do I currently have installed on my system anyway? Anyone know?
  5. Lol I've been planning on picking up Fluid for $29. Splice had it and I had read something good about that chorus somewhere and I kept intending to pick it up and would sometime almost bite but then I'd get distracted lol.
  6. I bought it (the $69 deal). I'll figure out what I bought later.
  7. Can someone think for me and tell me, for someone just getting started with video who plans to use DaVinci Resolve, is this worth getting even if I don't fully understand what it is right now?
  8. I don't believe this $#!t
  9. I got a bet going w/ myself on the Bengals; if they lose I'll wup all my Waves plugs, which is ~40
  10. Anyone using and liking the Cmusic stuff?
  11. You know it's hard out here for a p!mp
  12. Another smart play is to do like you said in one of your videos; for folks to first make sure you don't already have these sounds. Like, I dig the Arturia V lab for example but I'm already covered in that regard w/ all my Synth Magic stuff. So instead I dropped $175 yesterday on a laundry hamper. That's right, a $175 laundry hamper.. I didn't already have one of those.
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