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  1. I just can't get my mind using a trackball to edit audio which I do a ton of, I just don't think I would like one at all though I've never used one that I recall.
  2. My mouse is done. Usually I use the Logitech M100/B100, just a simple little mouse w/ two buttons and a scroll wheel. I don't game so I don't really like the idea of a bunch of buttons all over the mouse and prefer simplicity. But I don't know, maybe there's a cool mouse that works well for a daw I should look at. I like those mice that conform to the shape of your hand but usually those have buttons all over them and I don't know that they're worth the money for daw use. Are you guys using the same type of stripped-down mouse that I've been using are can you recommend something else?
  3. Someone else maybe give a better answer here but honestly I'd suck it up and re-record the audio. Sometimes you just have to break down and re-record the audio for any number of reasons and for me this would be one of them. If you can live with the tempo change you can change the tempo of the midi drums to match the audio where needed. Short of that you're looking at stretching audio and dealing with whatever negative artifacts come that and I would just seek to re-record the audio before time-stretching but that's just me
  4. Yeah the problem w/ CL right now though is the social distancing issue. I sell a lot of music gear and CL in Seattle anyway is really good here for moving music and computer gear quickly as opposed to CL in a small town so I don't use eBay anymore where you get raped for fees both by eBay and PayPal and then of course shipping fees. But with this outbreak nobody wants to come and meet in person with anybody right now so I've got gear that's gonna linger for who knows how long
  5. Before the outbreak thingy what's a good amount you could expect to make a night and how long is a night and how many nights per week? I suspect you have no health insurance or are self-insured. Just curious what a working musician makes these days whose sole income is music
  6. Like I was saying on the other thread one of the coolest things you can do with plucked instruments like this is put them through an octaver, especially getting that low octave on these things is super cool and then throw on a vibrato modulator like a small clone chorus type of thing
  7. Man it's just spend money spend money spend money around here isn't it. Grabbed it *sigh*
  8. And that reminds me of this (for the longest time I didn't know there was a Quarterflash.. I had always thought those were Pat Benatar songs until I saw the Find Another Fool video one day)
  9. Heh. What we have here is like a wolf pack where Larry is the alpha and where every now and again he gets challenged for dominance and is forced to hold his position or.. And one of these days I'm gonna be the leader
  10. Short of donating it I'd put it up on eBay. I did that with some old computer gear that I had thinking no one would want it but to my surprise it all sold pretty quickly using Buy It Now. Just calculate a nominal shipping price or whatever into the Buy It Now price and offer free shipping and I bet that stuff will sell. Before you do that check current pricing on eBay for your items and price them competitively/comparatively.
  11. Well the Baker Street song is from '78 so the most legit 80's sax would obviously be
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