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  1. Would you say getting the free version of DaVinci Resolve and buying this bundle would give you the rough equivalent of the paid version of DaVinci Resolve since these plugins show up in DR? Would there still be a good reason to ever buy the paid version of DR if one got this bundle?
  2. That all looks pretty cool. What if you just want to make some cool music videos for YouTube and maybe some weird vintage movies? I guess some of you are essentially saying this is some superfluous stuff despite the great deal when compared to even the free version of DaVinci Resolve. I've intentionally let some good deals go by. Trying hard not to collect and only buy what I'll actually use. I'm actually just getting into video editing.
  3. Hmm.. I was thinking of getting DaVinci Resolve but would I even need that if I got this?
  4. Christian Jones

    IK Black 76

    I have the IK Classic Compressors bundle that I'm selling and this is one of four in the bundle.. so until I sell that bundle is it possible to get this freebi now and just hold onto it dormant on my hd and register/activate it once I no longer have my current copy?
  5. LOL guys.. bros.. that "goodbye horses" line was a joke.. I take it you guys haven't seen Silence of the Lambs or the Jay and Silent Bob parody of the "goodbye horses" scene. I'd post a link here but I better not lol YouTube it. Yeah @synthmeister you didn't offend me bro. I mean I posted a pic here recently with *panty hose* over my head c'mon bro lol (it was a Halloween pic of me as H.I. McDonough). And one Halloween a while back, when I supervised the call center at the Starbucks corp office in Seattle I showed up dressed as Oprah compete with, yep, dress, fur coat.. everythang lol. So you don't have to worry about me man lol 😎🤙
  6. Shopping for my "goodbye horses" get up, what of it..
  7. Yeah, looks like they're from China, and if they send you anything at all it'll probably be counterfeit like this one here http://www.voodoolab.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6562
  8. https://www.morclothes.com/pedal-2-lab-isolated-supply-voodoo-power-plus-power?zenid=9eohfp28bugmd0n6epdcopp1f1 It should be about $100 more than that, and it doesn't say if it's used or not - even then.. Not much info on this seller so no real negative marks yet. Didn't check out far enough to see if they take PayPal or not, but if they do and it turns out to be a scam then I can just simply file a PayPal dispute and get my money back no big deal, done that before I don't know how many times.. I mean it may take a couple of weeks but yeah lol. What y'all think? Scam? Has to be, right? Also kind of a random item for that type of place to have.
  9. I believe he asked for a free library - and in that regard I can't help, sorry; I'm only posting the show a much cheaper price for Straight Ahead Bass for $35.10 rather than Big Fish's $89 here https://www.straightaheadsamples.com/sa-bass But if you think you'll ever want to transpose those bass notes and/or move the key switches you'll not be able to do that w/ SA Bass; you are bound to the pre-mapping as laid out by the developer. Try to transpose w/ that library and everything goes haywire, and as such I can't even personally recommend that library. Yeah, not much help.
  10. That was actually pretty dope man, I liked the off notes. Had a Rentals vibe.
  11. Lol nah, I did engage though.. went right down the d@mn drain with them.. for old time sake. Even got me my first and only infraction which I'd be proud of if it meant something.. psshhh even the mods there get infractions lol
  12. The Sknote UV Vibe ($29), while it's pretty rad, it only does the chorus/vibrato univibe thing and that's all. As you said Tube Modulator can do that (just as good) and more. Tonight I was able to get the TM to sound like my Small Clone using the wow/flutter feature for that detuney chorusy thing which the Sknote does not have, so I don't believe you're missing anything if you have TM.
  13. I like this forum cuz the people are smart and don't hate each other. Last time I was at gearslutz some seasoned dude came along and crucified my s#!t for asking about chickin pickin from an amp sim and compressor vst. He said I couldn't download talent and called me and my ideas stupid and broke my feelings and he and his sycophantic buddy proceeded derail my thread into something about Thunderbird. It took me back.. last time I got caned like that was in '98 on GS when I asked how to get "killer tracks." Admittedly that was my fault. These days I know how to get killer tracks, and as soon as I can afford that one plugin I'll have them.
  14. Word, I can highly recommend the Edstortion pedal. It's actually a fuzz, and one of the better ones I've tried.. real grimy on my baritone.. like Fu Manchu grime w/ some definition. You've got like 30 minutes left to get it for under $10
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