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  1. Make & route 2 subs to master. Bongo out to sub1, other tracks out to sub2. Use fader automation on sub2.
  2. I wouldn't expect this (or any software) to turn one mic into another. I tried it briefly & can see it being useful for tone shaping. I'll wait a few weeks for any bugs to be worked out then try it on a full mix.
  3. updated- Auto Gain added- run Aquarius
  4. Apple Silicon Native Support (AU & VST3) Fixed loading issues in Ableton Live Can now hide gain changes in AUTO mode (to leave DAW history unchanged) Collective "listen before/listen to delta” - toggle all instances in project or those linked into collection Support inserting on multiple tracks at once (selecting the same mode but different groups for each) Slightly larger "Listen before" button Text hint when listening to "before" Animated icon showing measuring time Quick menu to display/hide status-bar items Slightly increased contrast in Light theme During the promo sale GainMatch is available for $9 (instead of $19) until October 9th. There is a 14 days fully functional trial. https://letimix.com/gainmatch
  5. Just received my activation, installed & ready to test.
  6. Just received the free upgrade email, authorized & all is well!
  7. Lava is a VST/VST3/AAX/AU Acqua plugin that accurately recreates the tone of classic microphones including the microphones’ response, harmonic content and proximity effect. It is an out-of-the-box plug-in that can make your own microphones sound just like the microphones you have always wanted to own, with a few simple clicks. Introductory price €129 (€209) - Save 38% until October 11, 2022 ( +personal coupons) https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/lava
  8. Should be soon then, noticed my OZ 9 ADV has disappeared from the Portal.
  9. Not yet, I contacted support in the meantime just in case.
  10. Right answer: CLIP 1 expect an email for the free bus comp if you picked it.
  11. No golden ears here but I preferred the sound of Clip 1.
  12. AA is having a promo/ contest to coincide with their upcoming LAVA release. This is not a prize competition. Fire The Bus is not commercially available, it is free and limited-edition one. more info, check it out here- https://contest.acustica-audio.com/
  13. CHANGELOG: - Fully compatible with ARM M1 - Output volume increased back to +24dB - Improved input LED VU meter - Improved VU meters reaction - Fixed NOISE REDUCTION circuitry - Fixed random volume fluctuations on ATR tape - Oversampling - Improved sound - Improved CPU usage Price (MSRP): €115.00 [now with the introductory price of €58 (50% off) until the 22th of September (11:59pm UTC+2] The trial version is fully functional for a duration of four weeks. Trial license allows the activation of two computers per license. The trial version is available in your Aquarius account. Taipei Studio Tape Recorder Rev.B is a bundle consisting of: • TAIPEI – The full version • TAIPEI LITE – A cutting down version that uses around the 50% of the full version CPU resources Taipei Studio Tape Recorder Rev.B features: • 30, 15, 7½ IPS speeds. • Tape saturation and distortion: 2 different brands by the choice of 2 kinds of tape formulas. • Low and High response fine-tuning controls. • BIAS calibration control. • Unique saturation-character and bass-quality calibration controls. • IN/OUT peak VU meter leds and +6/-30dB level VU meter https://www.londonacoustics.com/product/taipei-studio-tape-recorder/
  14. Update available in Aquarius Tan2 (rel A018). - Added a new compressor! (Hyper Algorithmic Attack Tan). - Controls (ratio, attack, release) are continuous now (no longer stepped).
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