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  1. BF-CM still going on, up to 70% off & they're sending out more customer discount coupons.
  2. A first beta version Rig Manager 3 is available, the new version contains a visual editor among other new features. Please note that the purpose of a public beta version is to iron our remaining and unfound issues. By downloading and installing Rig Manager 3 you will potentially put the content you create at risk. Therefore we advise against using this version in a production critical environment. And if you do, please make a backup first. Rig Manager 3 is available for macOS 10.12 and higher as well as Windows 8 and higher. You also need Profiler OS 7.1.6 or higher to make things work. https://www.kemper-amps.com/downloads
  3. Hidden Symmetry

    waves updates

    I never got it either, emailed support then got the code 10 minutes later.
  4. Call It A Day by HS, although I used Orange Tree's freebie...
  5. They work on left handed guitars too- nice find.
  6. Right, the other voucher makes it $25.00, still I'm not sure if I need it. Not in the shopping mood I guess. My coffee maker broke the other day, so far that's the only BF item I've purchased, but that's a necessity! Maybe I'll give the demo a shot...thanks
  7. Check your emails, (I just got another regular) coupon. This one expires Dec. 16..They must be doing mass emails every few days..
  8. My $75.00 voucher works & brings the Shadow Hills to $55.00. Haven't demoed it & not sure I'm going to. I don't need any more plugins, question is Is it something no-other comp does or yet just another comp flavor?
  9. Didn't watch the video but enjoyed the music, very nice track.
  10. I found some info on what's going on with this plugin. Someone asked over at G.S.- 'So basically you took the idea from Waves manny maroquin eq and translated it to dynamic impulse responses instead of a waves stock eq.' Giancarlo (owner) answered- "The concept is similar, but Dave has gone further. 1) Every single frequency is executed by the hardware, software, or combined machine that Dave would have used for that purpose: so let's no longer talk about a whole band 2) the final result had to be harmonic with the other frequencies, so we calibrated the gain (also intermediate) or the roll-off, or the characteristics of proportional Q Let's take an example: Dave likes the M equalizer to play 2.5kHz, we tried it. But sometimes he prefers C for the same purpose, so we tried it. After many attempts, we found that M was fine, but part of the curve was unpredictable and annoying because C did it better. So we edited M making it a little closer to C. Then we found out that M was introducing a low-frequency roll-off and we edited it. At this point, when we put the frequency together with the others, we found that the dB range was too wide, because perhaps the other frequencies had a range of 12dB, and in this case, the range was 15dB. So we uniformed, also editing the intermediate values. You can understand that it was a crazy process, which took literally months to complete. Creating a Frankenstein eq is simple, the difficult thing is to edit a Frankenstein eq at a single frequency level and build a coherent product, with a sense. For us all this has been enlightening because we have dwelt on the positive or negative characteristics of each equalizer to perform a given task, we have learned a lot. Is this the final "boring" result? Of course not. Almost all Pensado eq comes from hardware machines, with a very specific phase and absolutely unpredictable behaviors for each frequency, the phase behavior varies heavily for each range of intervention, and not all go in the same direction. It's a very rich result, as you can see from the graphs in the manual, and difficult to reproduce in any other way. How could we call all this? WORKFLOW The plugin is not only very fast and light, but it is built to give the maximum speed of execution to achieve a pleasant result, where a normal FFT equalizer would quickly achieve a certain purpose in amplitude but not in phase. It's all frighteningly fast. The concept of the plugin you are talking about was present in our Versatile eq, where we mixed, for example, an AMBER and a Green to have a perfect equalizer according to the workflow of an Italian engineer who owned both machines. " I'm still demoing at this point, finding it useful for several things; bass, kick & sounding really good the 2 bus . A few more days before I decide if I need yet another eq...
  11. I bought it to use Tim Petherick's 37J Tape properly, works well & Cubase hasn't blacklisted it.
  12. Great news, glad it worked out.
  13. 2019/11/19: v1.0.9 mainly OSX Catalina compatibility changes
  14. 2019/11/25: v1.3.1 removed an error from the hardware analysis thread
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