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  1. AlexB Audio Summer Promotion 2021 -3rd party programs for use in AA Nebula N3/N4 20% Discount for all Customers 25% Discount for Silver Customers (place an order and get extra discount when processed) promotion ends 31th August 2021 @ 23:59 gmt not applicable at Bundle, Upgrade, Expansion Pack. Coupon Code: SM2021 also New Golden Edition Releases available for these Steam/BUS Vintage eQualizers: - T95 - W295A - W295B - WSW free of charge upgrade for the old releases (check your email for download link by DPD-Service) http://www.alessandroboschi.eu/html/alexb/nebula_programs.htm
  2. I enjoyed it Tom. The tune, video & production are all excellent. - great job!
  3. Sorry Tom, I missed this... actually it's a bit of both I suppose.
  4. Enjoyed the track, reminds me of Paul+Wings a bit.
  5. Tomorrow never knows...he'd might've used it as an fx as the Beatles did using loops, backward tape, ADT...Rev. #9 comes to mind.
  6. Just curious, in your Spitfire Audio - LABS folder, do you see these sub folders listed? -Documents -Patches -Presets -Samples If so do you see your separate LABS libraries listed in their respective folders? (except in the Documents folder)
  7. Thanks Mark, appreciate that!
  8. From what I hear the new EPI LP Standards are excellent. Like the Gibson the 50's has the chunkier neck while the 60's is slimmer. Never played one myself but watching the many YT vids it seems the only major differences might be the finish & pickups. Otherwise it appears to be a solid build; sound, play ability, quality.. & of course the price difference between the two makes it temping. Being a lefty myself I know what a pain it can be; limited selection, availability, hard to demo etc. & if the neck ain't right.....
  9. Nice, I have SINE for Metropolis Ark but use the Kontakt version. Let us know how you like your new saxes sometime if you get a chance!
  10. I'd probably go for the Red Tenor . The Barry might be cool though, would like to try that on some Tower Of Power!
  11. Don't know about the Henry era but my '74 Left-Handed LPC pictured in the front is a Beauty (no pun) Original I owner paid a whopping $500.00. Still sounds & plays great. There's nothing like a good Strat, Tele or Paul.
  12. I listened to the demos, the legatos sounded good, better than most that's for sure. Some of it I didn't care for. I would need to demo to actually know how it performs under real circumstances. Still it's pretty cool.
  13. Don't know about that but their guitars have greatly improved since Curleigh has taken over. I just picked up a 2020 LP Standard 50's Gold Top Lefty. It sounds & feels close to my older LP's.
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