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  1. For use on DMI's Diamond - Transient coming shortly
  2. Here's a new demo version with a real flugelhorn player-
  3. It all works for me, enjoyed it & great job.
  4. Not interested but I'm seeing a $50.00 promo code in my account that makes it $99.00.
  5. Thanks Wookiee, Lots of $ involved for those scrap parts too.
  6. @Douglas Kirby @Bajan Blue Thanks guys, appreciate it.
  7. Does it happen if you restore a backup, rolling back to the last working version before it failed?
  8. It's a nice tune, enjoyed it. I could imagine it being performed with an autoharp or pedal steel too.
  9. Thanks Bjorn, I threw together the backing vid quickly, it was first file I picked & felt it fit with the somber mood of the tune. I might do another when I get the other version together. Thanks for listening.
  10. I had that update issue too. I upgraded to Pro a few months ago & it fixed the problem. It's been working normally since.
  11. Hidden Symmetry

    Track 12

    A demo version of this instrumental album cut from a batch of symphonic-esque tracks I'm working on. Simplistic melody & plan on replacing the faux trumpet with an actual player when time permits... enjoy & Be Safe..
  12. Enjoyed this track, those older Korg VI's still sound good.
  13. Hidden Symmetry


    Nice tune Freddy, almost a Doors vibe happening in the instrumental section, enjoyed it.
  14. Good tune, your tele & S-Gear made for some nice tones.
  15. Enjoyed this, thought if flowed nicely. Has a George Winston vibe, love that little section at 0:38, reminded me of John McLaughlin. -great job.
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