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  1. Sure you can, you paid for them. A few years back I bought about a dozen singles for $1.00 each during one of their flash sales along with a promo code. Still have a few left to use, they don't expire.
  2. Easter Promotion 2020 starts today until April 19th 23:59GMT. Promotion code: HE2020 Silver Customers place and order and get extra discount *Promotion is not applicable at bundle and upgrade P.S. he's developing the Golden Edition library upgrade for Modern Flagship series! https://www.alessandroboschi.eu/html/alexb/alexb.htm
  3. Just use one of these coupons at checkout: Standard Album: USECDBABY ($29 $23.20) Pro Album: USECDBABYPRO ($69 $55.20) Expires 04/24/2020 https://cdbaby.com/
  4. Thanks Tom, Yeah, track 8 turned into track 7! This project is pretty much wrapped up, just checking others ears. Sometimes I overlook the obvious. Several months out of the year I make a conscious effort to develop an idea or write a tune each day. These are 10 out of around 60 from 2019 & have plenty from previous years as well. After working on these for a while now I'm ready to get onto the next batch. Cheers & be safe...
  5. Good suggestions. The melodies are in unison but are panned a bit off each other. I will check it out again, maybe give them a bit more space.. This was an internet collab, drums are sub-mixed so can't do much, just a hint of room verb . I'll check the beater though. Thanks for the help!
  6. Getting close to final mix & masters, need to know if this mix is in the ballpark..Is the gtr, solo at 1:30 too loud? thanks & be safe...
  7. Had a chance to work on it today. Here's a new mix & edited version. All points considered, thanks again to all for the advice.
  8. Thanks again Barry, glad you enjoyed the tune.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Barry!
  10. Thanks Tom, appreciate that.
  11. I'm listening on Laptop but it I can't hear anything way out of whack.. good tune, vocals & guitar. Enjoyed it.
  12. Lousy interface but an excellent deal..get it..
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