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  1. I haven't purchased a WUP in about 5 years. They all still work but I only use a handful of them anymore, plus they haven't released any new ones I'm interested in. I used to go through Waves Universe, around $165.00 for the bunch; Mercury, AB, SSL.. Unfortunately Waves Universe is no more.
  2. I use mainly 3rd party programs myself however some like the stock ones n4 comes with. Tim Petherick, CDS ( good but hasn't been updated in years), Alex B, Cupwise, AITB are a few . There's some good programs in this older freebie from Henry Olonga- AYCE The above are the unofficial 3rd party devs, you'll find the official ones on AA's site.. There's some good programs there too. Edit- here's the link to the free downloads- AYCE Free Notice the Waves Q Clone link too...
  3. May 16th: Minor improvements updated Fircomp 2 to version 2.0.7 (16th May build). In this version: - GUI drawing has been made slightly more efficient, especially if you are using a theme with a background image. - There is now a new "Coupled peak mode" option. This is quite similar to the standard peak mode that fircomp 2 uses by default. However, the attack and release stages are now "coupled" to each other, meaning that the release time does not have the attack time added to it. This means that for non-zero attack times, the release time may feel faster. When the attack time is zero, this mode is identical to the default mode. https://jonvaudio.com/fircomp2/
  4. Thanks Tom, I had fun testing the Acustica software on this batch of Cakewalk projects.
  5. Waves never had many sales years ago so people paid the full retail price. As more devs came along the market changed, with their sales they're very affordable now. Like anything else if you don't shop around for a better price that's on the buyer, not the seller.
  6. Hidden Symmetry

    kissin up

    nice one jack, I'm starting to get a handle on your writing style.
  7. enjoyed the track; writing, production & vid all top notch- great job
  8. Good tune Bob, I enjoyed it.
  9. VSL has some in their perc libs., never heard IK's so can't compare.
  10. Same here. I've heard some don't care for it but that's always going to be the case. I used it on my last 4 album releases during the past year. Easy to use, sounds good, low latency. I liking that new ReactiveEQ module too.
  11. CHANGES: 1. NEW GRAPHICAL ENGINE: improvement overall smoothness 2. NEW GRAPHICAL ENGINE: reduced CPU drain 3. Optimised loading times of GUI (MAC & PC 4. Changed factory preset's name from "Drum Kick Bus" to "Kick Drum Bus" 5. Added new factory preset: "Andi's Init Preset", BUG FIXES: 1. Minor bugs fixed. TO BE DONE: 1. Improving stability between VST3 version of the plugin and Ableton Live host application. 2. Improving loading times for AU version of the plugin in Digital Performer host application The newest version you find at your account (My plug-ins) section https://www.pspaudioware.net/UserArea/identify
  12. For all you iLok fans. I know there's many of you out there. 😁 April 27th 2021, San Jose, California. PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc. have today announced the USB-C version of the third generation iLok USB. In addition to the iLok USB-A, PACE is now offering the iLok USB-C which uses the USB Type- C connector. Both iLok devices hold up to 1,500 authorizations—3x more than before—and deliver twice the transfer speed of the second generation iLok USB. Plus, it’s sleeker, smaller, and more secure, with a full metal jacket (made from durable aluminum) that won’t split or crack from normal use. The iLok USB is fully backward compatible with previous versions – so all software developed for use with a 2nd generation iLok will continue to work with a 3rd generation iLok USB-A or USB-C. And with the addition of Zero Downtime (ZDT) protection, you will always have access to your licenses if your iLok USB is lost, damaged, or stolen. FAQs How many licenses can the iLok USB-A and USB-C hold? The 3rd generation iLok USB-A and iLok USB-C can hold up to 1500 licenses depending on the license type. By comparison, the 2nd generation iLok can hold up to 500 licenses. Can I have original iLoks and the iLok USB-A and iLok USB-C in my account at the same time? Yes, you can have any combination of older iLoks and new iLoks in your account at the same time. Does the new version of the iLok USB work just like the original iLok? The 3rd generation iLok works the same as the 2nd generation iLok. It is also fully backward compatible. Can I get Zero Downtime protection on a new iLok USB? Zero Downtime (ZDT) is immediately available for 3rd generation iLok USB-A and iLok USB-C. Theft & Loss Coverage (TLC) may be enabled within the iLok License Manager application on ZDT-covered 2nd & 3rd generation iLoks. Do I have to buy the new version of the iLok USB? You do not need to purchase a new iLok USB to continue working. Note that software publishers may set some of their products to require 2nd generation or above iLoks. Will you still be selling the USB-A third generation iLok? Yes, 3rd generation iLoks are now available in both USB-A and USB-C versions. Why should I buy the new version of the iLok USB-C? If your computer only has USB Type-C ports, you can use the new iLok USB-C without the need for a USB Type-A to USB Type-C adapter connector. Can I move licenses from an old iLok to a new iLok? Yes, both the new and original iLok USB function the same.
  13. Nice track Mark, enjoyed it.
  14. $99.00 HERE , 6-pack drum midi too.
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