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  1. Hidden Symmetry

    Vegas has jumped the shark

    I lived & worked there in the 80's then moved to Cali in 1990. I went back 10 years later, stayed at the Bellagio which was nice but the whole scene changed & wasn't the same. It went Disneyland & lost all it's charm, glad I left when I did. Still I've got fond memories of working the strip, hanging with celebs, 50c drinks at the Horseshoe & 49c breakfast at 6am after the gigs.
  2. Hidden Symmetry

    DDMF MagicDeathEye compressor

    It's a new release that doesn't have an intro sale price..
  3. Hidden Symmetry

    Gilmour's Guitar auction

    Great story, must've been nice seeing it from those different perspectives especially at those performances. I was a huge Floyd fan starting around Meddle, one my favorite concerts was from the DSOTM tour at Olympia Stadium in '73. It was in quad, the stage show amazing & they performed one of the greatest albums of all time. It sounded fantastic although Olympia Stadium wasn't very good acoustically. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/pink-floyd/1973/olympia-stadium-detroit-mi-73d702e9.html
  4. Hidden Symmetry

    Gilmour's Guitar auction

    Curious how your friend made out with the bidding! https://www.christies.com/features/David-Gilmour-Collection-auction-results-9974-3.aspx
  5. Hidden Symmetry

    DDMF MagicDeathEye compressor

    updated to 1.03- 2019/06/11: v1.0.2 fixed possible cause for occasional high CPU load in some hosts 2019/06/03: v1.0.1 graphic optimizations, update info screen, settings reload on iOS 2019/06/02: v1.0.0 initial release I wasn't planning on getting any new plugins but bought this, it replaces so many I already have & does a fantastic job. A great year so far for new plugins; This, new IK Tape Collection & Vertigo Sound's VSC-3
  6. Hidden Symmetry

    ADPTR Audio Metric AB. Version 1.1

    I'm guessing they forgot to change it, it's been 1.1 Beta 4 since they updated it a few weeks ago.
  7. Brighton Opto Tube Comp is an official third-party plugin for N4 Player Brighton Opto Tube Compressor is a custom-built, versatile compressor with strong character. It can be slow and smooth like a classic RMS opto with normal settings, or push it to extremes and it is very capable of some very snappy ‘pumping’. It is based both on a classic Vactrol VTL5 optical photocell detector and a custom-built one, prototyped on a breadboard with a new-concept, custom-circuit tube preamp designed by V. Realacci of Sound & Light (in Formia, Italy). Brighton Opto Tube Compressor Features Vactrol VTL5 optical photocell detector and a second one with ultra fast last generation LED light bulb. Ratios: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 20 (limiter) Attack (ms): 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, 7, 10, 30, 75 Recovery (s): 0.03, 0.07, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.20, 3.50 Peak reduction range (dB): from 0 to -64 Makeup gain range (dB): from 0 to +24 Hi pass filter sidechain (Hz): from 0 (sidechain off) to 250 VU Meters IN/OUT -42/+5dB; REDUCTION 0/-30dB Compatibility Available in VST, AU, AAX – 32, 64 bit formats. retail-€85.00 intro sale €68.00 http://www.londonacoustics.com/product/brighton-opto-tube-comp/
  8. Hidden Symmetry

    Presonus Users Get Waves Trueverb FREE

    This reverb is/ was shunned by many because it's by 'Waves'. I think I've had it for almost 20 years now. Back then it was used to mimic front to back stage placement of an orchestra by using different instances of the ER only for the lengths all followed by a single tail. This & Renn. reverb were on all my early Cake projects. Haven't used it in a long time though; wonder if the code was updated?
  9. Hidden Symmetry

    ADPTR Audio Metric AB. Version 1.1

    This has been out for a few weeks, here's the official announcement- Added 'Solo In Place' to Stereo/L/R/Sides channel mode Master fader for B stream+Workspace dividers Drag and drop now swaps files when dragging a file onto an occupied b-trace Fixed some memory leaks Fixed no track selected in mini view after loading a preset Fixed a crash when loading unsupported file formats and multi channel files Fixed cue marker moving when cue point recalled Fixed track sync value mouse scrolling glitches Fixed incorrect frequency zoom when filter zoom lock enabled Added B stream master fader Added 36dB and 48dB filter slopes Added drag and drop track re-ordered in the playlist Added 'Organise Tracks' menu option Added 'Apply Current Playback Mode Globally' menu option+Added infinite average mode Added current playhead position time readout Added cue and loop marker position time readouts Added 'Import Folder...' to load entire folder of audio tracks at once Added frequency marker readout and cross hairs for mouse position on analysis graphs Added selecting B track toggles A/B button state Added large dynamics target PSR meter readout panel Filter parameters now exposed to host for automation purposes Cue points can now be clicked on the waveform overview Latch mode playback now starts from the active cue point after a preset or session has been loaded Analysis metrics are now computed with loudness match gain applied Analysis meter hold times now settable down to .1 second Expanded settings and default preferences page https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/adptr_metricab.html?
  10. Hidden Symmetry

    Acustica Audio ACQUA - Honey3

    It should be better, it was released 4 years ago. Owners get the upgrade free plus the newly added modules.
  11. Hidden Symmetry

    Acustica Audio ACQUA - Honey3

    "Honey3 packs all the power and musicality of a world-class American console, highly regarded by many industry professionals for its musicality and logical layout. Since 1975, numerous top-selling records have been crafted on this marvellous piece of audio engineering, including gems like Michael Jackson's "Thriller", Paul Simon's "Graceland", as well as many hits by AC/DC, ABBA, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, and many more. We managed to find one of these consoles in stunning condition so we called up our collaborator SoundDrops to meticulously sample the console in its entirety, replicating its full sonic DNA inside our plugin suite, which you can now use to sweet up your tracks. The original console design doesn't feature a compressor though. And we REALLY wanted to include one. So we built it. We built a superb-sounding VCA unit and transformed into an home-brew processor, whose character is a natural extension of the original designs. Honey3 includes 4 separate plugins. A home-brew version of a famous EQ (CLASSIC), a faithful VINTAGE version of the same unit, the above-mentioned VCA compressor, and a channel strip that includes select modules, wisely chosen by the Acustica team." Early access* pricing - €169 €89 - Save 47% OFF http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/honey
  12. Hidden Symmetry

    VSL- Bye Bye Special Edition Sections

    Only available through June 30, 2019! We’d like to let you know that we’ll discontinue the Special Edition Sections on June 30, 2019. To celebrate this successful series one last time, we’ve lowered the prices so you can take advantage of our super-low entry-level prices, starting at just €37! Please note that all VI Special Edition Volumes and the VI Special Edition Bundle remain available. After June 30, you’ll always be able to complete your Special Edition Sections to VI Special Edition Volumes at reduced Complementary Prices, but you won’t get the Sections separately. If you’d like to crossgrade to the new SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions, please complete your VI Special Edition Volumes first to be able to take advantage of our low cross-grade prices. Find the sections HERE
  13. Hidden Symmetry

    IK tape machine finally !!

    That's probably because it's uses convolution tech like Acustica Audio. My AA plugin folder is 30GB plus the 3rd party folder for N4 is 20GB. I also put them on one of my internal SSD's. I'd would put these convo Tapes there as well.
  14. Hidden Symmetry

    midi Hi-Hat patterns and Drum Fills??

    If you use SD3 it has a filter in the Grooves section where you can isolate parts. You can play or add them into your midi track & only those parts will appear. IIRC I have some HH grooves & 2 bar drum fills that came with AD2 midi paks, can't remember specifics. I think Odd Grooves has 2 bar fills if those will work.
  15. Hidden Symmetry

    Sonarworks Reference 4.3+ Summer Sale

    4.3 Release notes: https://www.sonarworks.com/blog/product-news/reference-4-release-notes/