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  1. Enjoyed this Steve, the writing, pace & arrangement. -great job.
  2. Hey Rik, I enjoyed the doodling as well.
  3. Enjoyed the track Paul, great job.
  4. Thank you freddy, again I appreciate your kind words. Hi Paul, thanks for listening & glad you enjoyed the track.
  5. Thank you Daryl, I appreciate the feedback.
  6. Not sure if this is a known issue or reported, if not; When i duplicate a ( locked) screenset to another open slot, the new screenset ( which is also now locked) isn't even close to the original. It would be also be nice to re-order screensets w/o having to do the unlock/ duplicate process & also a duplicate / replace feature w/o having to unlock each time. (unless there is & I'm not aware it/ using current version CbB) using current version CbB- thanks
  7. Thanks Nigel, appreciate your ears!
  8. Today we’re releasing free updates for all our plugins: Unisum Mastering Compressor, Kelvin Tone Shaper, Basslane Pro, and the free Basslane. The big news is that all plugins now offer native Apple Silicon support for AAX and macOS Ventura compatibility. However, you’ll also get other improvements so updating is recommended for everyone. Unisum Mastering Compressor V1.1.4 AAX Native Apple Silicon support MacOS Ventura compatibility New presets Minor fixes and improvements Kelvin Tone Shaper V1.5.1 AAX Native Apple Silicon support MacOS Ventura compatibility "Render at Pristine" option now available for VST3 in Ableton Live 11 New presets Minor fixes and improvements Basslane Pro V1.0.3 AAX Native Apple Silicon support MacOS Ventura compatibility Smoother preset switching Fix: Limiter could cause dc offset with Stereo Harmonics enabled Fix: Input/Output occasionally stopped working after loading preset Minor fixes and improvements Basslane Free V1.0.1 AAX Native Apple Silicon support MacOS Ventura compatibility Minor fixes and improvements Login to update
  9. +1 I agree with Andy, cool track & love the mix on this; the exposed vocals & balance. - great job.
  10. Hi Gary, the major problem with this are the guitars.they need to be trashed & completely re-recorded. I'm fine with the take but the sound is awful /poorly tracked..lipstick on a pig type situation!...maybe one day I'll start from scratch..thanks again for your help. Thanks Quick Math. This was an early collab ( 2001) slow dial-up IIRC the drum track was an mp3. I believe I gave him his guide with a midi bass,then bass gtr was added... sometimes it's the opposite..They both prefer having each others part to play off of so sometimes it goes back & forth a few times..most of the time it's one track..It is exciting when I get their tracks back & hear it from their perspective, it can change the tune entirely. Hope you get a chance to do it too.. thanks again for listening.
  11. thanks Gary, I appreciate the feedback & will check it out again.
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