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  1. ...and make sure to wear sunglasses when using so you don't burn out your rods & cones because of that red gui.
  2. FLASH SALE Use the code: r_edpassion and save 55% on Magenta. valid from July 10 to July 11 (11:59pm GMT+2) Combine this code with your personal Loyalty Coupon to save even more..And do not trash these codes even if you cannot make it in time, they could come in handy someday. https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/magenta
  3. Save 55% on Taupe. Use the code: g_tapeistop Promo valid from July 7 to July 9, 2020 (11:59pm GMT+2) You can apply your Loyal Customer discount. https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/taupe
  4. Correct, my music is already distributed elsewhere. I use the BL albums feature for additional promo.
  5. They listened: Button Linking now available Run Aquarius
  6. Thanks, I used the music that I uploaded to BandLab. Thanks Carlos. I write, produce, mix, master, play guitar, keys. The rest are collabs- piano, bass, drums, sax, certain gtr solos..
  7. BandLab doesn't do music distribution with online streaming services but you can set the tip jar. There's also the Bnd.link feature for promo - https://blog.bandlab.com/share-everything-with-a-single-link-with-bnd-link/
  8. Thanks! Thanks. This is the basic default with my simple header. I already had the tunes here so it literally took me about 3 minutes to create.
  9. Nice for promo & easy to set-up. https://www.bandlab.com/hiddensymmetry/albums/f73c61e3-cbbb-ea11-9b05-000d3a919c95
  10. SaturnLO initiates a new series of non-plus-ultra preamp reproductions based on DiBiQuadro proprietary technology and it is now ready for download. SaturnLO is a highly-accurate in the box reproduction – developed with DiBiQuadro proprietary technology – of the preamp section of a classic boutique Lead Overdrive guitar amplifier which defined the standard for modern high-gain amplification, with its unparalleled sound, beautiful design and high quality components. Introductory price is €57.85 (35%OFF). https://dibiquadroaudio.com/
  11. Tough tune, not for the faint of heart.. here's a unfinished collab jam I played on 15 years ago. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=1633313
  12. Aquarius is updated plus many plugins to Core 16, notice it says EXPERIMENTAL - BE CAREFUL so I would wait if unsure. run Aquarius
  13. Thank you freddy.
  14. Here's my setup; I have a 'Acustica_Aquarius_Stage' folder located on one of my internal drives that I use for downloads. The Main files (.dll, ENG., N2V) all get installed into a folder on one of my SSD's that I named 'acustica64' N4 & its files go on the same SSD but in their own separate 'nebulatemprepository' folder This keeps all the unwanted GB's off my main drive. ( I don't install AA VST3)
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