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  1. Chroma just released yesterday, I'll have to check into this as well. https://store.louderthanliftoff.com/products/chromaplus
  2. P.S. if you do ever get a bass/ drum rhythm section on one of your projects hit me up. If I have the time I'll contribute a guitar track or two.
  3. I would guess many hobbyists like yourself feel the same way. Keep in mind I started doing internet collabs around 1998 & the majority of the tracks were done gratis. In fact there's one guy I offer payment to but he absolutely refuses. These are talented musicians working on my tunes for little or nothing in return. I'm very grateful. It does take a certain amount of time & effort though. In that sense nothing is free I suppose.
  4. edit- It's more complicated. The cpu hit on Master Rebalance can be very high on certain projects but not on some. Plus sometimes disabling it (VST3) the cpu usage remains, even when it's not processing audio. I'll have to investigate further.
  5. Good tune & mix. Interesting take on today's dating scene & culture. -great job
  6. Good tune, ready for the next level.. I could imagine this being worked up using real musicians. (bass, drums, keys, keeping the strings & midi various parts.) You might consider trying it sometime, you might be surprised how it could turn out.
  7. Softube Tape & IK Tape Machine Collection are both excellent, Taupe is yet another flavour plus the strip model incorporates a comp & eq. All are useful, personally I like IK TMC the best for 2 bus or mastering , in fact it's the only IK product I've kept installed on my system. YMMV
  8. I wasn't logged in, mine came to €29.50
  9. Get Taupe now and save over 170€! And while spreading the love for Taupe, you can get it at a fraction of the price. Act fast though as the offer ends October 25, 2019, at 23:59 Italian time. The promo is automatically applied at checkout. No code required. http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/taupe Vote for Taupe and help us win the SOS Award for 'Best plug-in of the year' https://soundonsound.com/sos-awards Personal Loyalty Coupon will add additional discount. Taupe suite consists of 4 different plugins: TAUPE Channel-strip (massive dreamware 6U rack unit channel-strip) TAUPE TAPE (3U tape rack unit) TAUPE EQ (3U rack juicy EQ section) TAUPE COMP (Single rack unit compressor/limiter) http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/taupe
  10. Light bulb moment, I can book time with AccessAnalog & try it out myself.
  11. Dripples is a good title for this , liked that transition around 3:20.
  12. Thanks guys, appreciate it.
  13. I would just think in terms of breathing, phrasing & dynamics. Try sliding notes of different instruments or tracks, or lines a few ticks +/-. Same with velocities or using expression wheel. Weave lines together until they blend naturally. This can help stop that synthy sound when notes are played together all at once, at the same time & at the same velocities.
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