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  1. Nice one Mark, on laptop so can't comment on the mix but it sounded fine..I liked the groove & natural feel on this. Sometimes one can over produce & the track gets too homogenized. - great job
  2. Keep in mind you could also crash any daw doing this & it could corrupt the project file.
  3. Glad to hear you're on the mend. It can be difficult dealing with health issues but I hope at least the experience will inspire some new ideas for your upcoming works.
  4. The eq curve is what gives it that nice warm sound. Many wanted it as an option but Greg insisted it stay as it replicated his h/w.. If the eq curve is not desired you can eq it flat just like you can do with any other plugin. Just put a basic bell EQ @ 54Hz, dip - 2dB and you'll have close to flat response. From my notes: There's a high shelf starting around 6kHz up to 13 -14kHz , then dips down slightly towards Nyquist. Also remember their meters are poor, they're trying to improve but the rule of thumb is compression starts before any meter or needle movement.
  5. Hidden Symmetry


    Very nice, enjoyed it.
  6. -As a SoundBetter client, you can release your next song to the world through CD Baby for only $4.97. No annual fees and no delivery fees: Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Tik Tok, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and 150+ more. use code SOUNDBETTER at checkout by February 15th. https://cdbaby.com/
  7. If you're looking for that emu get Fuse's VCL-25A (it was on sale, all his plugins are excellent) or if you have N4 get Tim Petherick's ra6 which is stellar.
  8. Yes, I meant you Tom, sorry! again enjoyed the tune, it's working fine now..
  9. Moved some sliders from general settings to individual tabs (linear level, harmonic level + frequency) https://ddmf.eu/
  10. Great job on this Steve. I'd let the end ring out a few more seconds is all.
  11. Enjoyed the tune, very tasty guitar playing!
  12. Nice one Gary, lots of interesting intersections, the mix sounds fine here. Enjoyed it. Strange, I went to listen to it again & it's gone now..Maybe you just removed it?
  13. Again I like when you give the synth treatment to your projects. Switched on Bach came along when I was younger so to me it's a very familiar & pleasant soundscape to my ears. I have visions of carpal tunnel with all that note entry. -great job!
  14. Another well crafted composition. I like when you use synth sounds in combo with traditional. To me it sounds more organic & realistic than using just your orchestral library - enjoyed it.
  15. I left a ticket with support a few days ago just got this- "Your existing collections will be added to your OT Account at a later date. We will send out an email when it is time to import your collections into your account." Wish it was handled better, don't like loose ends like this, esp. on higher ticket libraries.
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