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  1. 2020/11/20: v1.1.5 CPU optimizations https://ddmf.eu/product/
  2. 2020/11/12: v1.5.2 Fundamental and THD display were switched in sweep mode in Harmonic Analysis tab, plus sweep mode did not work for 2nd plugin https://ddmf.eu/
  3. For use in AA's N3/4, v2 of his excellent (& my fav) ssl comp. -Improved Release character -Improved attack character -Improved auto -two units original and gold (Gold Vca) -All sample rates compression instance -All in one stereo/mono, two pre, hot control -Jpn skins now step with the preset -Possible Lower cpu on some systems £25.00 20% site wide sale still available on , use Code: 20PERCENT in the discount codes section https://www.timpetherick.co.uk/downloads/l-bus-comp/
  4. Thanks Marc, it's one of the stock sets, simple master mix out with a bit of comp & eq. Thanks David, glad you made it through it! Thanks Paul, appreciate the listen & kind words.
  5. Hidden Symmetry

    Izotope R4

    My go-to verb for the last several years. Excellent deal.
  6. 20% Discount for all Customers 25% Discount for Silver Customers by placing an order promotion ends Monday November 2, 2020 23:59GMT Coupon Code: HP2020 promotion is not applicable at Bundle, Upgrade, Expansion Pack. Please visit the website. New Compressors Generation N09GE The original often called "Metal Knob” N09 was a rack mounted adaptation of the Class A/B compressor/limiter console modules, which were a later incarnation of the fully Class A N54. All use what's called a "diode-bridge" topology to achieve gain reduction. It is a stereo compressor with an independent limiter section, this is the most desirable version with the original transformers which sounds incredibly musical. Please visit the website to listen how the N09GE sounds on the Audio Demo. Modern Flagship Upgrade to Golden Edition The Modern Flagship Series has been upgraded to GOLDEN EDITION. Free Upgrade for MFC and MFeQ users, MFD - with new compressor, expander and gate - can be upgraded for 8,00EUR. http://www.alessandroboschi.eu/html/alexb/nebula_programs.htm
  7. Thanks Kurt, appreciate the kind words.
  8. Good solid tune & production- enjoyed the listen.
  9. Enjoyed this, has that early fusion feel & vibe, reminded me of RTF.
  10. Another cool track from you, I always enjoy the listen. -great job
  11. Enjoyed this as well, drums, guitars, pads. The vocals had a Black Star vibe going on in spots.
  12. Final mix; enjoy & stay safe.
  13. Thanks Bapu, wrapped it up with this final mix & master.
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