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  1. Piotr

    Sonible Smart Comp Pre-Order

    The last info we are missing is Zo's video review I am very curious what our compressor master would say
  2. Piotr

    DDMF MagicDeathEye compressor

    Yup, true... There are more and more great plugins available and also more and more great VST instruments and also prices are much more affordable than ever... But still those old ones are not less good as they were. The are the same as they were, fortunately virtual gears don't change their sound even a bit So our mission is buy them all Joking (?) You are right it would be hard to sell but actually it is not my intention. In fact collectors decease has a strong advantage... From time to time (ok, maybe more frequently I forget to get ilok with me, or move Wave licenses to cloud or there is an issue with something or just feel need a change (I am not pro so no obligation to be consistent Having such redundancy I always have legions plugins to use for any strange and sudden idea
  3. Piotr

    DDMF MagicDeathEye compressor

    Yeah, Zo is infecting us GASpressors
  4. Piotr

    DDMF MagicDeathEye compressor

    But...but... but... but... Zo... How many favorite compressors do you have?
  5. Piotr

    DDMF MagicDeathEye compressor

    Seems like Zo falls in love with compress girl
  6. Piotr

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Thank you for understanding point of potential customer who would like to see this plugin at best possible state About noises you mentioned it was not I was referencing to in my post So thank you for noticing it by yourself I bounced MIDI track played by instrument without any additions so pure DI I guess. I was writing about about clicks whenever you change preset or amp etc... I checked it also under Studio One to see if it was not Cakewalk specific one. But also there. It is easy to check. Just run any midi loop and during playing click next preset few times.. Or click amp sim at 'level' section. It is common way to checking presets and setting using loop as imaging you set preset, play something, stop playing to change presets or any settings and play again etc. It would be terrible workflow with checking whole day Of course I am aware I can suppress using lowest string and I like this feature in the plugin to choose range in such easy way. But... Actually I would like in that loop to use those notes from lowest string Overall there is something wrong with sounds of the lowest string. Please check this: turn off anything possible to have just pure sound of samples, velocity & string range to max (volume to max) and just try sounds on the same position (for instance 5) on all strings. The lowest one sounds completely different with different sustain than the others. Or is excellent bass player and for sure has top instruments and string so I guess something happened during recording (or processing) samples? I guess it is not plugin bug because probably it is playing every sample the same way? About sharing MIDI I am probably not allowed as it is part of GrooveMonkey commercial library (I am not a bass player so wanted to use loop which was generated by real bass player with real human velocities instead of my programing to be fair Bonus: try to play lowest E on the lowest string setting manual position to 5 and see which sound (which string) plugin will play About tuning issues I will try to figure out a more 'science' way to provide a prove. I have tried different tuner plugins but results hard to record (maybe it would require recording video what I would prefer to avoid). Anyway difference is very noticeable, for instance try to play long notes on the low E string: A and B. Or others Maybe the thing is related to library was tuned to sounds sustain instead of sounds attacks for some of them? It is quite a big difference between attack and sustain of sound and also for many big fluctuation. Long notes illustrate it perfectly. Of course I am ware bass is not synthesizer and it is normal there is the difference but I feel it is too big and this is making kind of anxiety when hearing it Sorry for my broken English and probably a pain with understanding my bla-bla language. I did my best, google translator still is not very good dealing with my native language so I trusted myself
  7. Piotr

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Hi, Eyal Thank you for visiting us and caring about our opinion I played a little bit with plugin and have some first impressions if you are curious but please do not hate me for some notes. I understand how much work requires creating of plugin and its lib but it requires some polishing. I run a bass loop and checked different settings. I used Cakewalk by Bandlab of course And first boomer is when changing presets or most of settings to check sounds during playing a loop there are some glitches/clicks. It would be nice if switching were smooth without unpleasant sound artifacts. After some presets/settings checks I turned off all FX/amps/tone etc to check pure sound and also test some external amps. Secondly I think the lib needs a little bit tuning. I seems to be a little above standard 440Hz. I used tune option to down it a bit (about -16 ) but still some intervals were a little not nice. Probably some batch run over samples with basic sounds would do the trick. And the third thing which bothered me was kind of death sounds on lowest string on some notes. Please take a look at pictures below and wav file. Velocities of notes were not spread very wide. Played by plugin on the 5th position, all amps/fx/etc turned off. Record 11 (290).wav But overall I would be interested the plugin especially with current no-brainer price. Just hoping its improvements are still in plans
  8. Piotr

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Oh, yeah... And it pushed me to schedule download of the lib
  9. Piotr

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Hmm, why you feel it is hate? I like zylion of their plugins. And also have a huge amount of them. But does it means I should love everything they made? Some of us were just not impressed by bass sound in demo. I believe we have just heard better sounds (including real bass I didn't notice any hate to Waves itself here I absolutely love Waves. Thanks to them 29$ revolution started. And not only all their plugins are since then very affordable but also from their competitors
  10. Piotr

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    I am afraid there is no such linear relationship. Not always much more space used for samples mean better quality about overall instrument sound. For instance they could have sampled at much higher sample rates but done using worse instrument, less compressed or less detailed about articulation, etc... Also sometimes demos could be overcooked (like presets) and instrument can sound decently by itself. Well, anyway as always there is possibility to test any Waves plugin to check by oneself. I am struggling with myself if test it or not. But little afraid. GAS syndrome often tell me buy something actually I don't need, have better alternative etc. Just because there is a great deal... But well, the best deal one can ever do is to save money and not to buy anything what will not be used anyway... 😕
  11. Piotr

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Take a look here: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=506796
  12. Piotr

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Almost about year ago on 21.06 OTS started group buy for 2018 Maybe we are close to group buy for 2019?
  13. Piotr

    Slate everything upgraded free to Slate All Pass

    Yep, exactly. And they are adding more and more to the bundle. Those plugins from kilohertz are kind of opposite direction than primary Slate's. Not emulating any specific gear or using gear-like gui but versatile and you can multibandly build what you need. They complement perfectly each other And what's worth to mention you are not bound by big investment, you can just break or suspend at any time and return whenever you want.
  14. Piotr

    NoiseAsh Need 31102

    Of course, Sergio This one is special And remember not to skip # 31111 as it will be absolutely unique
  15. Piotr

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    I was afraid I am alone here not really impressed with sounds in demo