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  1. Yup, but still you can change character of the tone. For instance crunching it, it is not sound the actual amp anymore but it doesn't mean it could not be interesting. Am I wrong?
  2. It is not free. To own plugin you need to own at least 1 cab (8,2 EUR)
  3. Zo, you can always use my phone number 6666666666666
  4. aaa... I thought you were referring to older thread about it...
  5. No worry, now you can download newer version if you like
  6. The thing is in their demos they mix RIGs with other THU features and adding effects from THU as well, so probably flanger is from THU
  7. You can have also great tones on TH3. Take a look at Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound. It is very advanced 'impulse' loader. In fact something more as they have something like in BIAS. Their own format which give you opportunity to play with mics and cabinets by gui visually not going through directories load impulses, mix, check next etc... In fact you can demo it by 30days and simplest version (3 cabs) costs 8.20 EUR. To be owner of this plugin you need to buy at least 1 cabinet (which costs 8.2) https://www.two-notes.com/wall-of-sound
  8. Yep, you described it nicely
  9. Unfortunately rigs cannot be demoed so no way to check by yourself Anyway it is good for you You do not have desire to have it. To be honest I dig it as I am not fan of tweaking etc. Like to connect guitar put something I believe sounds good and done So rarely tweaking any rig (few times just for fun and curiosity ). It is faster just go to next and check if it is what I want at the moment. There are so many of them in packs. For instance choptones boogie has 149 rigs!
  10. Yep, kind of, but most(many? - in fact I was not able to go over all there are so many especially in choptones things) are great sounding instantly But still... If you like you can tweak them. However worth to notice is some knobs when changed their value stay with it even after preset change which could lead to confusion. As for instance for some rigs less bass sound great for others terrible... Etc...
  11. Great rig Also picked it
  12. Nope. It is kind of kemper-like stuff. Preset which is loaded into virtual 'kemper'. You have also similar knobs to adjust tone like you could for instance from clean go to crunch playing with gain, bias etc... You can turn off amp or cab and use external as well.
  13. Those rigs which 'catalog' price was $29 are offered for $19, those which were $49 (more cabinets in pack) are $29. But of course you can get them in JRR Shop at lower prices.
  14. Piotr

    Slate All Access

    I did it. They answered it was promo for customers with no active AA so this is why I didn't get an email with this promo from them... I will not complain as by occasion I discovered AA is less pricey than EB so I will be charged for next year period 149$ instead of 179$ Nice :) I didn't confirmed payment at the last stage sending to them email instead so in fact it is good for me to keep money for something else.
  15. Piotr

    Slate All Access

    Unfortunately it seems they used just sweet words about loyalty while this deal is destined only for customers without active All Access. Tried to use it to extend my subs and it just would be started from now.
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