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  1. Piotr

    JRR Shop

    I am afraid in such case we will have the same situation as in past years during BF at JRR... It is a pity... I don't remember a single buy at JRR during any BF since I have started to buy plugin but do remember JRR site crashed at those days... I wish it would be differently this time... Well, anyway fingers crossed and we will see
  2. No only the Force but also our wallets 😛
  3. Generate deals with ratio 100 per second... But Larry understand our need and desires Plugin would be able only spam us with huge amount things nobody would be able to follow and feel a real dark side of GAS force Larry is priest of GAS order but also regular member himself so he understands both sides of the force
  4. Piotr

    Slate VSX Announced

    I believe the main question here is how good their headphones are. Retail for Sennheiser HD650 is $500. They are offering for $479.99 theirs plus modelling software... So waiting for honest review for software.... Their concept to provide transparent hardware (to keep consistency of results ) plus modelling software is briliant. And software can be improved without forcing owner to invest again in new product.
  5. They are trying to do plugin which could replace Larry... But well... They will fail....
  6. Grats, @Peter - IK Multimedia. It is great idea to encourage people. Usual way of marketing/advertising videos always sounds great from almost any manufacturers but leaves the question how it translates to exact real sound. But often some experience is required to get good tone and tone depends on few things, signal level including... In fact showing every single detail how to setup, what exactly is used would be nice way to confirm value of a new product. Especially for people who want to demo it but can do it in not best way and getting results which can discourage them against buy. I can remember when I was testing one of PA amp sim after its release I got terrible impression but discovered later on I was driving it too much with signal level. With lower level of input actually it sounded very nice at clean tone. Etc...
  7. Piotr

    XLN updates

    grrr.. another mindless plugin manager forcing installation of 32bit and aax regardless if needed or not .. Just let's install everything everywhere possible not to work to much with improvement or thinking and not to be bothered by users... Is it really 2020 for developers or still in XX century' ? 😞
  8. Great plugin but afaik it is doing only metering
  9. In O9 you have only MP3 and AAC (but nice feature is solo artifacts) and no advance metering (you would need use Insight2), This plugin is providing ready to use profiles for streaming services. Everything seems to be focused on purpose of publishing/comparing While I didn't test it yet, I believe it is must have for anyone who wants to publish music to streaming services.
  10. Unfortunately one cannot use this sale voucher and loyalty one at the same time what means price is exactly the same for loyal customers and others... Another fancy loyalty program... Well...
  11. Simeon, you cannot be so cruel I am not a pianist in any means but buying more and more pianos after your videos... Frightened to miss an opportunity. Please do a list for non piano guys looking for VSTi only for production , kind of rating in regards to application, please
  12. and on top of that you can apply your month voucher... so this time there is good use for $50 voucher decreasing to $49
  13. Piotr

    JRR Shop

    Yep, true, he deserved by his kindness our support and second chance when problems are solved... But on the other side I understand people who started to distrust the site. The harsh true is such long problems with site being down (not the first place) show some serious problems. Maybe to be able to provide low prices for us they decided so save and not to hire skilled IT guy? but do everything by themselves and it turned to it is too complicated things? I have seen in my IT work history some bad migration or service rescues. But never like that. Where backup plan, where recovery plan? But anyway, they must feel terrible about it so I don't want to shoot to them now. Crossing fingers for happy end and for learning their lesson at last. Site can break, but they should be prepared for such opportunities, backup restore cannot be longer than few hours (for huge DB and many obstacles) and if they are trying to mess around code they should do it in professional fashion. Cannot connect to DB error message should never be seen by anybody shopping... Etc... But I had in the past good experience with them so I give them another chance... Of course if I am putting myself into a risk...
  14. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/guitar/guitar-rig-6-pro/
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