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  1. If only they shared samples for slate trigger and ssd not forcing to pay twice for the same price per set ๐Ÿ˜”
  2. True. It is always nice if a person is a man keeping his promises
  3. I have an impression they see their market in different place than homerecording. Probably they are trying to reach cinema music producers. So they setup their prices differently. Probably from economic point of view their loss... But well... maybe there will be available a great deal for Damage I on BF. Still excellent package... Owners of D1 must be pretty disappointed though...
  4. Thanks. Really bad news And they did it again... They didn't preserve promised deal end date... I lost previously possibility for a deal for interesting MIDI tool relying on promised deal date... For me it was important to wait as long as possible to properly balance my expenses considering also currency changes
  5. To be honest very strange explanation from JRR... I would like to avoid to name it suspicious... ๐Ÿ˜• It is not true all is restored, I still cannot login by my email I changed few months ago in JRR... And also I did successful buys on 2 and 4 July which required they manual action with providing serials... How those all things described by them could case such unrecoverable crash in such form? Recovering over month... Hmm... Well, anyway it is good news they are at last to be moving to new site. We just need JRR working fine at any time And secure... Maybe this year at BF they will be not killed as usual on big and popular deals days...
  6. Piotr

    PA Black Box HG-2

    $300 during last year. But it is very useful and powerful voucher it makes you immediately stop buying more PA plugins despite of GAS desire PA wants to be fair and let also other manufacturers sell something
  7. Piotr


    I can also offer my voucher, one of the worst, unfortunately , $50, this year mostly useless... Maybe anybody could combine anything he/she is after... The good thing for me is they have been able successfully to stop me buying PA plugins so often. So I am grateful to them and waiting patiently till I will be again in 25$ voucher zone or cured from GAS
  8. Hm, should I assume then they don't follow normal business processes? Not analyzing (very saturated) market, trying to find their target buyers and reach them by prepared advertisement with pointing out anything they believe let them sell more efficiently? So should I assume they are doing everything without any plan and random? I am not trying to make anybody evil seller or manufacturer It is normal thing and I fully accept to be targeted by many plugin manufactures as a guy who is GAS affected so can buy another compressor even having zylion already... But it also doesn't mean I cannot think and try to adjust my own decision beeing aware of marketing and ads trying to make me think I need more and more or anything specific... As a buyer I need first of all to define what I really need or consider interesting before I am sold by an advertisement. And this is sometimes very hard for me I have even worse problem than GAS itself I am a collector so rarely if at all selling anything Brian, did I really try to fault anybody because of that? Should I provide enthusiasm and uncritically approach to anybody who wants to sell plugins? How do you think why I am not buying every single plugin? Just because of some thoughts - as I expressed those were just my thought, my private point of view... If it could help anybody who is at the stage I was few years ago and limit expenses for plugins and do it in more considered way it is great. Especially for people who are collectors as well My losses didn't go completely in vain then. But if anybody wants to buy it and believe I am wrong, I am fine with it too... After all which point of view should I express if not mine ? Yep, I hear you. If I believe something is really improving workflow and is affordable I am considering a buy. I can always earn money but not time. So maybe again I wrote those were my thoughts so it was obviously related to situation people who could have similar one. And as mentioned GAS we can assume somebody who has no plugins or very few is not affected yet, right? I don't see anything wrong with it. But I guess making decision about plugins you also have different thoughts. Some of them are making you to buy. The others don't. To be honest I sometimes even bought plugins just after demo video. Not to be proud of it. Not always it was awarded. But it was part of learning process. So after a few years buying plugins I have some second thoughts about everything related to buying, selling, manufacturing plugins etc, Is anything wrong with me because of that?
  9. I partially agree. I appreciate all plugins which come with mix knob as well. But it was also reflection about market trying to get advantage from our GAS and pointing out something what was not really so unique (as lots did it before). Another thing having parallel FX on separate bus has some edges... I don't need to launch plugin window to do blending and changing proportions as I have all faders available at once. Also it is more flexible as I can have on a bus more than just 1 compressor/saturator/other thing. I could also create FX chain or use last Waves excellent plugin for that to provide such functions. Buying more and more compressors and saturators I am thinking more and more if I am sometimes just trying to justify my laziness. And it fires against me also with less and less creativity... Instead of trying to different possible combinations and master in using what I already have (so zylion of plugins ) I am just waiting for ready-to-use 1 button miracle plugin, maybe even thinking for me or at least waiting for voice command I know sometimes workflow improvement is worth of additional costs but in such cases where I could just do more work than pressing buy button to have a plugin what do such thing and use it later (like mentioned FX chains etc). Or maybe I am not motivated enough to do it as in fact I would take an advantage from it? Just such thoughts in my head fighting each against other But maybe I am alone? Or maybe I have too many plugins not used at all so doubts about my previous buy decisions strike me more?
  10. This plugin is good illustration for a dilemma related to GAS syndrome... Probably this is good compressor/saturator but is it any exceptional comparing to already owned ones? It claims it can give easiness of parallel compression bu we can do it easily with additional bus (or split stream in SO) so is it price just to let use 1 plugin instead of DAW feature... No mentioning many of compressors also have it... So is it only pure marketing?
  11. Piotr

    JST Flash Sale

    Well, after my experience with this manufacturer I can add also to what you get list : limited amount of downloads lack of any possibilities to download after 1 year lack of support and amp sim I am practically never using...
  12. Yes, they have old data so far... I changed my email some months ago and couldn't access account by it. But my older one worked... Probably it is the best wait until they done as it is very likely presented deals are obsolete...
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