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  1. Wow.... What extreme amount of emu freebies... It is a pity there is a choice between kind of subscription ($5/month) or free. I believe additional choice with one time donation could give developer some additional and significant money. Now need to put myself into insane mode with anti-anything checking and then test something to feed my curiosity... EDIT: hm, insane checking mode failed, multiple alerts. What is strange (and suspicious?) I cannot see any contact info to developer on web pages... Well, I will not take any risk, full armed with many plugins, will check in a few months again the web...
  2. Piotr

    Piano for All Course

    Thank you. Excellent, this is what I am after... Not really interested in learning classical pieces it would have no use in production and always better to hire real pianists (or midi ) if trying to use classical elements
  3. ok, not to complain again and again about the same about voucher and getting so boring I would dye of it I just have created post to PA and send to them. Included below. If any of $50/$75 voucher owner would like to join and send to them also her/his thought is very welcome of course. Anyway I feel now quite calm and relaxed... I did everything I could. Now it is not up to me... Nothing I can do... Anything but wait till my cursed $50 voucher disappear and case solved... If the surprised me this time in pleasant way it would be great. If not never mind... The will be more and more deals to feed the GAS on many great manufacturers ------ here is content if anybody cares -- Dear PA, I was so excited when I earned $50 voucher hoping it will give me even better possibilities to buy what I want... But instead I got terrible disappointment... $50 voucher is useless... The ways better is to have $25 voucher! Starting this year no single deal as good as for $25 voucher owners... I wanted MC77 on January so much but unfortunately was restricted by limit to use voucher and I ended with wasted voucher... Also no combined deals with anything what I was interested This month the same situation bx_console Focusrite was what I really wanted but was not able to buy it as I could having still $25 voucher... Of course to cross the $50 voucher limit I could add any random $29 plugin but: 1/ It would cost still more than if I had $25 voucher - maybe $4 more seems not much but is is psychologically completely disappointing and disgusting for people who bought more to be forced now payed more for things Sounds like 'buy more and you will be not appreciated but discriminated' 2/ I don't want to pay for any random or already owned plugin So if it is not kind of oversight but conscious policy maybe you would provide for us $50 and $75 owners possibility to use our vouchers just like voucher with lower value (even if 1 time only 'losing' 'value')? Well, of course, I can just wait till my last year spent money value again will be below $300 so I will get $25 voucher again the only one which is really usable... Or maybe you could give more plugins on deals to combine them? Isn't the idea of limits on higher vouchers? Anyway probably the more desired plugins by me were already on deals so maybe just never mind and whatever ? Or maybe I can use all those months with such sale politics to get rid of GAS syndrome and instead constant looking for colors I should stop buying and focus on music... And I would be grateful for your help with saving my money and helping me focus on music instead of constant looking for deals, counting, waiting, hoping, whole month checking, trying to guess what to do etc... You can consider again what you would really like from people who are investing more in your plugins or you can just do nothing... More and more people are getting aware $50/$75 vouchers are not any price but rather penalty... Regards, Piotr --------------------
  4. oops, not this post commented , sorry At this one to be consistent I can just write something like this: nice to be able to use this deal without any limits to buy for example total should be more than $75 etc
  5. Piotr

    Piano for All Course

    @ZincT Thank you
  6. Piotr

    Piano for All Course

    Is this course worth of time needed to invest? Is it having a good approach, clarity, tricks to learn faster something innovative or special? Or just bunch of boring exercises needed to practice like at ordinary school?
  7. Nice EQ, but lacking of dynamic behavior makes it little behind of competitors like Melda or FabFilter. I hope they will improve it a little. While I get it free having Slate subs I still have more powerful choices to use. But if somebody has no better option will be happy, very easy to use, fully re-sizable, M/S, workflow is excellent
  8. You can use both codes (personal if logged in) but you are right price was much better during BF for it (and also you could add personal voucher to it to further decrease). But I am not sure if AA will decide to make such deal before BF2020. Always hard to predict plans for deals (probably depends on their stats and month condition). For instance during BF19 El Rey price was ways higher than at latest El Rey deal... So if you are patient and can wait it could better skip this sale. But no warranty they will do again at BF20. As always balance between luck, wallet, patience, desire
  9. Piotr

    MB Audio Digiverb

    Install not asking where to install... Another mess creator... Ehhh...
  10. Yep, you are right but I still believe there are people who are not GAS (or ownership) syndrome affected as many of us (me including of course) and they don't need to have plugins available at any moment whole year but just for a period of time to complete their work and move on. For instance they have gigs 3/4 of a year and in they rest they are doing different things... For instance somebody who is session musician and living mostly from it and need mix or produce only when he get an order for it and do not need have plugins whole time but on the contrary several days during a year and printing stems, send, be paid and forget. Instead of buying any bundles one could just subscribe for a month to do a work. Or a non-pro guy who has not music related work very absorbing and have only 1 month or less during year to do anything other... Etc... There are lots of people in different situation. But anyway everybody is able to count and see if subscription is giving him benefits or not... I similarly to Larry has one and only one subscription currently and in plans which is Slate and absolutely no regrets... And feel no point to buy anything to own from them. Too many too good stuff but however very pricey...
  11. I would disagree, Matthew If I am not wrong their subscription offers before was completely unreasonable. Now on the contrary, they could be interesting for some people. I mean people who wants them just to use few times for a project and don't care about having them. I am aware of course deals for gold much below $99
  12. Yep, I hear you. But first thing there is no such option to get as good deal as like having $25 voucher... The only closest possibility is to combine focusrite with $29 plugin what in total will give $28.99 against $24.99 so you need to pay $4 more comparing if you have $25V. It is not a lot you could say but still psychologically makes me very uncomfortable and frustrated. Yep I did it in the past, many times, have several licenses of tuner which is in fact not used by me (so many better alternatives) But hey, we (I mean mostly you are publishing deals here which are differing sometimes several cents (EP against JRR or AD or something else), right? And Larry, you underestimate me, I am at next level of GAS and not getting 'freebie' which cost more than $0 Maybe another explanation is I am tired of that approach... Tricking, sneaking, trash collecting, etc... I would like just to buy, fast, quick and be appreciated by manufacturer if I buy more... Not discriminated but appreciated
  13. Thanks Simon, the thing is I have already got most of PA plugins and don't want pay even $1 for that redundancy I don't need, or random plugin I just don't want it is still wasting money and what's is more important and so frustrating worse deal comparing to those having $25 (I could just not to buy anything in December and still have $25 voucher). I had harder fight on January because I wanted purple77 very strongly and had impression (but maybe wrong) at a moment I could combine it with something I didn't have yet but realized I didn't want to pay for any plugin what I didn't really like ... EDIT: most of those I wanted to have at any moment
  14. Thanks, Larry, but I don't want to spend even $1 more than I would need if I have $25 voucher... But anyway I would need to add something with price at least $25 1 of penalties for spending more than $300 last year is $75 limit... So PA limit concept sounds just like 'the more you spent per year the more you are forced to spend to have usable voucher.' I would add 'but don't be afraid you will not be provided with such good deals as for $25 voucher owners anyway...' I am also really tired with looking for tricks to be able to buy something in prices like I have spent much less at their shop... And buying random plugins or those I have already bought...
  15. Hm, I just need to stop buying PA things till October to get rid off that useless $50 voucher... 🙄
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