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  1. Piotr

    Melda BF Sale

    I understand there are some not experienced users and it's completely ok. Nobody ever blame them or developers wanting to help them. But there is the simplest under the sun solution just provide choices somewhere while keeping default install with everything everywhere. There are many examples in software world for that. With an info like 'if you are unsure just keep on defaults'. There is no valid explanation for approach like 'because some of users don't know what they have and what they want let's install everything everywhere without asking and choices for ALL users' Please let me name this approach - it is pure lame... Something they should be shamed of... I ma really tired of lame install after which I must clean my disks again and again... I tried just to forbid access to some places like Steinberg, Avid etc dirs... but guess what... The latest, newest technology from Waves, Wave Central. was unable to work properly and install plugins... So probably I would need to create a script running once per a week or so to clean all those dirs 🤔
  2. Piotr

    Melda BF Sale

    Yup, McDSP, the same story... Install not asking about anything and sending different versions of plugins everywhere... You don't have Protools or Cubase? Doesn't matter you will get still AAX installed, trashed Steinberg dir and get 32 bit versions... Installer matches year 1980... It is kind of mindless and developer's laziness... Installer is the easiest part and should be selective, customizable in user choices. And able to perfectly clean if needed any changes (like decision to move from VST3 to VST2 in case of troubles with VST3 versions (what is need for PA plugs as their VST3 works badly in VST3 container - no presets issue probably still not fixed).
  4. Call me naive but still hoping that extended support could be helpful one day. However, indeed the are extremely rare improving their plugins already released. Do you have Win 8.1? To be honest I never had that version but there are many people on forum so who knows at which version they freezed their configurations. However lack of official support for V11 on Win8.1 means in case of troubles you cannot count on Waves support. But it could be challenge especially for you to skip so many saturator things at such low cost available from Waves I know you like distort things
  5. My oldest things are in v.9 so cannot experiment but I guess you could just deactivate all, physically delete their shells and Wave 'secret' places and just select plugins which you need to install. But it will push you into troubles if you would like to use that v.8 thing in future.
  6. Nope, this is a way for those who do not care about free too much but having AR bundle and interested in completing it with new plugin and free WUP for next year with minimal expenses.
  7. This is the plugin I was waiting for Now I have such bad weather so I will just turn knob right and it will fix problem At last no cold and rains
  8. It just depends on what you already have and what are you after Amount of plugins grabbed, least money used, what do you need. the most. For sure - I agree with you - about the first criterion is the best grab the double saturators deal + free plugin of your choice (from 29$ deals) But just FYI not familiar with Waves strategies - if you want to buy lacking AR plugin better is not to use single deals but just upgrade AR bundle. It also relates to many other almost complete bundle owned
  9. But if you have full AR except the newest one you can get upgrade for ~21$ with additional 1-year WUP for all AR plugins. It could be hard to beat it waiting for 29$ deal
  10. Piotr

    Drumcore 4 CM Sale

    I hoped for further plugin development and even sent to some of suggestions (like operating on slices level to be able to generate different variants of provided loops (and make more usable some loops which are excellent but very specific so hardly usable in broader list of projects), providing some aims for accents - with ARA plugin could read for instance bass track and 'generate' from slices proper accents for drums). Also reported some inconsistency between sounds of MIDI one shots and related loops... But so far no improvements It is a pity as developing plugin could go later on to direction of beeing able to import external loops so even be good value to sell (for29$ without their property loops (which are now the strongest point).
  11. Piotr

    Drumcore 4 CM Sale

    True. Also not working in Studio One. I reported it to them and they promised to fix it but it was quite a long ago so probably plugin development is a weak point unless they are preparing something huge in secret...
  12. uuu... they didn't expand 'Overloud TH-U Evergreen Bundle' by 'Vintage Collection 2' so it has only Vintage Coll 1...
  13. Probably the best strategy is as always for Waves to go with upgrade of AR and get additionally WUP for year also for rest of items.
  14. Piotr

    Drumcore 4 CM Sale

    Great loops and decent plugin.
  15. I bought 1 midi pack from them once from curiosity. And it was pretty useful.
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