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  1. Did you try to verify with this tool? https://www.resplendence.com/latencymon
  2. I have just did the same as you with 1 only exception... I logged in first and...
  3. Marc, call me naive but I am not trying to listen to comments too much. Prefer to listen how it sounds and if I like it or not To be honest I don't really care if it is 100 knobs plugin monster with zylion options or kind of presetish driven plugin as long as its sound is what I like. And as Alisa has mentioned it is no problem to turn RIG cab simulation off and use external one. Also if you have full THU you can use Cabinet IR or any free external plugin in chain after it.
  4. Yep, an I am still hoping they will understand having so limited market they need to do it anyway... Unless they plan to post free RIG player...
  5. Piotr

    Surprise PA Vouchers!

    Well, I am no so surprised by this surprise voucher... One could expect something like this... These are hard time about music industry but also for people from other jobs having music as hobby so I guess shopping decreased significantly... And it could be even worse so there are also hard times for plugin companies... So probably best chances to grab some money now than later... I personally postponed some planned bigger expenses as I cannot be sure how incoming crisis will affect my job...
  6. The only hope is there are different developers for web and plugins what in most cases is true. Anyway it is kind of shame for the brand...
  7. Absolutely Cart is automatically filled and emptied by something random
  8. I was referring to CbB about VST3. To be honest I cannot recall how it was going on S1. CbB is usually my first choice when I want to do anything but also usually after few crashes or hanging I am moving to S1 to have peace of mind as it is ways stable. But still believing in devels they will remove crashy nature of CbB so keeping trying I reported issue about VST3 to PA but after many months waiting for fix I gave up and just skipping VST3.
  9. Yep, I am pretty sure. I ma avoid VST3 versions of PA like a plague as they have problems with presets in and I like working things just after they are installed... Anyway I also checked before applying what S1 was showing in status bar of plugin browser for a case. But I just created very small mini project from scratch with 3 tracks and few bars. Maybe issue you have got is showing with additional circumstances ?
  10. If you mean plugin settings keeping after saving it, exiting and loading than yes. If anything else pls let me know
  11. Piotr

    Waves MultiMod Rack

    Very nice gestures from Waves in these hard times when so many people are insecure about their gigs/jobs...
  12. Piotr

    Overloud Question

    Sorry, my bad, probably that .ol2 extension mentioned tricked me out I just checked content of my *.ol2 , also their names which are exact as my serials Generally Overloud seems to keep their stuff (win10 pro) at C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Roaming\Overloud Plugins have their subdir which contain files like: presets.db, preferences.xml etc
  13. Hm, strange, I have 148 cabs from them and if I exclude IRs (for instance pointing to empty dir) it is loading licenses in about 1-3 seconds. Few seconds more it needs to load info about online content not owned to update menu (overall 326 items currently). After initial load it works without any noticeable delays for me. Of course if I picked any not owned cab it would connect to server to load and insert demo sound. But I tend to turn off online checkbox as I need them only if I am interesting in testing sound of cabs before I decide if I like it to buy (if any decent promo available I am aware of). What is annoying me - besides of not keeping my checkbox settings for next session - is using position number for mics when changing cab instead of mic name, mess about presets, no possibility to check which bundles belongs picked cabs, etc... There are plenty of workflow things which definitely should be improved. And not really happy with my contact with support when I tried to replace cabs which I got from ARC... But well... Many supports seems very similar. Super helpful in easy, typical cases but when anything more complicated then many of them show user is alone... Happily there are exceptions... But overall I like it very much. Using plain IRs is very tedious hard work. For instance I had a bundle from Celection IR cabs. They were great but there so inconvenient to look through them checking dirs/IRs and mix different mics and try and again... So I bought their bundle for exact the same IRs (Celestion licensed) so now I can just use GUI to move mics etc... But if you are experiences any serious problems I understand you... I was totally discouraged by BIAS AMP2 and their stupid login dialog which makes me stopped to use it... Support experience was also awful... If you are saying a support guy you have exactly the same issue on different computers and OSes and he keeps telling you to reinstall... Well... Everybody has her/his limits... But anyway... We have currently more serious problems to think of than plugins with their issues...
  14. Piotr

    Overloud Question

    Yup, it seems so, could be thing which bound free license in our account to specific machine (or part of that auth scheme).
  15. To be honest I didn't notice that number of bought licenses lowered down performance significantly however if you have lots of IRs it would take some time whenever plugin started as it needed to reindex them and generated user menu with many levels if many dirs. I have overall 23k IRs to reindex so it takes every time few-several seconds to wait till it completed to build menu (SSD disk of course). There is 'user' check-mark which tells plugin not to use (and not to index) user IRs however it seems its state do not persists till another instance or session as far I can see. Well for sure there is at least few annoying thing which should be improved here. 😕 However, from my point of view this fresh indexing -> generate menu is big advantage As if you have IRs in nice dir structures user menu will reflect it with many levels. On the opposite to mess you can find in bx amp sims with linear never-ending scrolling to go to specific IR (worst ever idea to select IRs and turn on using IR?). And in the plugin you can easily mix user IRs with provided from 2N what is another plus considering TWoS can mix really huge amount of cabs...
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