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  1. Have an excellent New Year for you and your families with great health, prosperity, lots of music and love
  2. Sorry, no insulting intended, btw I didn't say lazy developers but picking lazy way. Kind of difference. And it was kind of general referral . I am not aware about details of designing decision fot ATR5 project and picked libraries and test for user experience... Of course I am very appreciating the best deal ever here as all other guys. The question is should I because of that just be dishonest and say only expected sweet things? If nobody says something is wrong (because they love devels and scare to insult them with saying anything other than expected thanks and love u) what would be motivation to fix anything? If nobody complains about ultra long load time so maybe devels consider it is great. This is making me pretty sad... So now maybe I should be waiting for hate and ban... But even if you kill me for that it will not resolve the issue which is in code... Ok, I will not say any word anymore... Stay in peace...
  3. Yep and pretty sad... Developers so often pick an easy and lazy way (and cheaper) and instead mastering performance to let their app run nicely on as many computers as possible they are finding very fast ones to have a prove it is working fast so why you are complaining... :lol This side of AT5 really sucks comparing to other competitors, unfortunately or to AT4 from our beloved devels TH-U loading time ~5sek AT5 ~20sek on my computer (i5, 16GG, SSDs)
  4. There are lots of free rats but nobody wants them
  5. There are no losers here 😛 People will get more IK stuff for free, IK will get more instant money for grow and extend customer range and advertise greatly on plugin market, there are only winners in this GP
  6. Yep, I was not precise. They not extended yet. However they give a chance to extend which I believe will be used. Old news? Hm, I had to miss it then...
  7. True. But my machines are not good enough for their tools 😪 I have only i5 cpus and adding reverb is causing heart attack to DAW
  8. In fact normally to have fully working WoS you would have to buy at least 1 cab (~8 EUR with VAT). But as they are giving away a pack of cabs so you have all free. It was how it always worked before because - you are right - the current info page is pretty confusing. Here is their explanation about it https://support.two-notes.com/knowledgebase.php?article=280
  9. Nope, app is free for download. They charge only for cabs. It is similar thing to Amplitube CS, you have app and you can try and buy individual cabs or via their web including packages
  10. you can go with: https://www.adsrsounds.com/?src=Noiseash and click software tab
  11. Piotr

    PA Suhr PT100

    Nope, it's not definitely you Unfortunately I have bad feeling about possibilities to fix it. It looks like design mistake so not easy thing to fix. But maybe I am pessimist.
  12. Piotr

    PA Suhr PT100

    This is showing how much depends on our personal taste I kind of a liked Vermilion and Creme but felt still not what I was after. After releasing matchlock I tested it and didn't like. It chopped sounds and I felt as if the amp sim was sick with whooping cough. Probably I could spend more time to adjust settings but my first impression was so strongly unpleasant I just didn't want to use it. Looking something what would impress me from the first touch. Nembrini things tested all and while bought SLO emulation (v1,v2) I didn't use it in fact as I didn't like those harshness in their all amp sims, Again, using externals cab sims I could probably be closer sound I like but having so many alternatives (and being lazy ) I prefer something what instantly can make me happy over things requiring extra time to look for something usable. Having such huge difference between opinion about sound we see clearly how important is company is delivering a possibility to test before buy to us I was gladly surprised by Overloud some time ago discovering they finally gave option to test their RIGs before buy. Unbelievable we were waiting for it so long but at last they got it that people rarely liked buying in blind just after watching their demo video.
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