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  1. Hey, Tom, This is a really cool Blues Rocker with the perfect classic rock 'n roll mix!😀 Great lyrics, excellent instrumental performances, dynamite vocals and a clean, wide, punchy rock mix. The honky-tonk piano and that super tasty blues harp really put the icing on cake! This sort of gave me a cool Georgia Satellites vibe, and it sure sounds like you had fun working on this one.😀 Fantastic work, Tom, really good stuff!👍 Have a good one, Bob
  2. Hey, Absolutely killer job on this beautiful, soothing guitar instrumental!😀 That creamy lead guitar tone is spectacular, and the excellent playing and well crafted melody lines are fully top notch. I love the smooth fluidity of the guitar parts as they weave their way throughout the different sections, and the mix sounds perfect for the genre.👍 Really nice work, great stuff!😀 Have a good one! Bob
  3. Hi, Gary, This is a fantastic Classic Blues Jam!😀 Great musicianship and vocals and the live recording and mixing are simply outstanding! Excellent work by all involved, that's how the blues were meant to be performed and captured.👍😀 Thanks for sharing, have a good one, my friend! Bob
  4. Hey, Kevin, This is a dynamite song!😀 Really well written and performed, with great vocals and a wide, clean sounding mix. I really like how the crystal clear guitar tone works so well against the crunch guitars, and you've got great instrument separation throughout the mix. The guys made some great suggestions above, and I also agree about the hats and kick coming up a bit. I also agree with Mark about the early Tom Petty and the Heartbreaks vibe. Nice work, Kevin, really good stuff!👍😀 Have a good one! Bob
  5. HarryC: Hey, Harry, How's it going, my friend? Hope you're gearing up for a rocking weekend!🤘 Big thanks for giving this song a listen and also for your very kind comments! I truly appreciate it, and it's always great to hear from another hard rocker like you. You always do a dynamite job on your song posts!😀 Thanks again, Harry, I'm very grateful for your input, support and friendship here on the forum!😀 Have a good one, buddy! Bob
  6. Rik: Hello, Rik It's really fantastic to see you over here at the new forum! I hope your health issues are improving and that you're feeling much better and doing great!👍 Thank you so much for giving this a listen for me, and also for your very kind words!😀 On this one I used my PRS Paul Allender Signature Model for all of the rhythm and lead guitar parts. I find it to be very versatile with the multi EMG coil-splitting configuration, so it provides a lot of variable tone options for different types of tunings. Thank you again for taking time to check this out and commenting, greatly appreciated, Rik! I'm looking forward to hearing some great new song posts from you here on the forum!😀 Have a Rockin' weekend, brother! Bob
  7. thegaltieribrothers: Hey, Paul, How are you, my friend? Hope you're doing well!😀 Thank you so much for checking this song out for me, and for your very kind, encouraging comments! I always really look forward to and greatly appreciate your input on my posts, because you've always been a true gentleman, and the quality of your songs is always excellent! Thanks again, Paul, I'm very grateful for your friendship and support here on the forum!😀 Best Wishes, Bob
  8. NOTE: Once again, extremely sorry for the late replies due to reasons mentioned above in the first post! Hoping to be able to be around here much more very soon!😀 Thanks again!😀 Bob
  9. Hey, Tim, Dynamite job on this killer rocker, as always from you guys!👍 Monster, molten-hot song with amazing musicianship and fantastic vocal work, and you did a great job synching up the fan video with the studio track. Excellent work, brother, spectacular stuff!🤘 Have a good one! Bob
  10. Grem: Hey, Grem, How's it going, buddy? Hope your gearing up for a great weekend!👍 Thanks so much for lending your very good ears to this one for me, and also for your input, good observations and encouraging comments!😀 I know what you mean about the drum fills. Not really being a drummer, the drums are always the hardest part for me, and LOL, 😀 believe it or not, my wife is always on me about the drum fills being awkward and way overdone! For the main parts of the song I usually just try to play what I'm hearing in my head, keeping a fairly simple, steady beat on either my Yamaha drum pads or my M-Audio KeyRig, and track just the kick, snare and hi-hats first, and then I add the fills and crashes, etc later. Sometimes this can lead to some pretty awkward drum tracks! 😀 Thankfully, the guys here on the forum (and on the old forum) usually point out where I went too crazy and I try to fix things up. I'm still on the fence about that semi awkward fill right before the bridge on this one, and might end up simplifying and smoothing it out a bit. Thanks again, Grem, I truly appreciate you taking time to listen to my stuff and provide excellent input, observations and suggestions, and I'm very grateful for your friendship and support!👍 Have a Rockin' weekend, buddy! Bob
  11. emeraldsoul: Hey, Tom, How are you, brother? Hope you're doing great! Big thanks for giving this a listen, and also for your great input, good observations, and very kind words!😀 For this new mix, I took good suggestions from you, Lynn and Doug, and tried "massaging" the EQ a little bit on the Kick Drum and Bass, and also a couple other tweaks I mentioned above. I'm hoping the touch ups and minor changes are an improvement. I you get a chance to check out the new mix, please let me know what you think. Thanks again for all your help in the past, and your support and friendship, greatly appreciated, buddy!👍😀 Bob
  12. bjornpdx: Hey, Bjorn, Thank you so much for checking this out for me, and also for your very kind words!👍 I truly appreciate your always good input, observations and suggestions, and also your friendship and support here on the forum! Thanks again, greatly appreciated, Bjorn, and have a fantastic weekend!😀 Bob
  13. Douglas Kirby: Hey, Doug, Thank you so much, buddy! I really appreciate your detailed input, observations and good suggestions on my stuff, and also your very kind words of encouragement! Especially, because your song posts are always really well written and performed, and top notch productions!👍 I'm grateful for the Halford reference, I did a lot of Judas Priest in my cover bands over the years!😀 Also thanks for the input on the bass clarity situation that you, Lynn and Tom picked up on. As I mentioned above, that all important EQ balance between the bass guitar and kick drum is always one of my toughest challenges to try to dial in to the point where both are clear and present in the mix. I'm definitely going to make a few EQ adjustments for the remix later this week. Thanks again, Douglas, I appreciate your time, input and friendship!😊 Have a Rockin' week! Bob
  14. Joad: Hey, Joad, Thank you very much, I really appreciate you checking this new one out for me and also your observations and very kind words!😊 I always end up with a couple songs on each of my albums that are a little different from the rest and don't seem to fit exactly into my usual Hard Rock/Metal genre. For some reason this one sort of reminded me a little of 70's Southern Rock, so I think I may have channeled a touch of early Allman Brothers into the little dual lead fills. Thanks for noticing and commenting, greatly appreciated!😀 Thanks again, and have a Rockin' week, buddy! Bob
  15. daryl1968: Hey, Daryl, How are you, buddy? Hope you're doing great!😉 Thank you, Sir, I really appreciate you checking this new one out for me, and also your encouraging comments! I always look forward to your input, observations and suggestions because the quality of your posts is always top-notch.👍 I'm hoping to be able have some time to do a few minor EQ touchups on the bass and drums for just a bit more bass definition and put the new mix up later this week. Thanks again, Daryl, I'm always grateful for your support and friendship!😀 Have a good one! Bob
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