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  1. Bob Oister

    Cool Water

    Hey, Lynn, Wow! This is a killer song and an absolutely stellar mix!😀 Really well written and arranged, excellent instrumental performances, and fantastic vocals and harmonies! The production and effects on this were outstanding and really cool. I know I always say this, but this song makes me think of a modernized Steve Miller vibe that could have fit nicely on the "Fly Like an Eagle" album. And, I mean that as a very high compliment!😀 Fantastic stuff, Lynn, everything you post just keeps getting better and better!👍😀 Have a rockin' weekend, buddy! Bob
  2. Hey, Douglas, Nice work on this tasty pop rocker!👍 Cool guitar fills, excellent vocals and harmonies, as always from you, and a nice, clean, fresh sounding mix!😀 "Baby Blue Lies" that came on right after it on Soundcloud was also really great, definitely a cool Roy Orbison vibe and I really loved the keyboards. Great stuff, buddy, have a good weekend!😀 Bob
  3. Woo-Hoo! That's some funky music, Tom, old buddy!👍😀 You've got a monster groove, a nice, clean, punchy mix, and a butt-kickin' bass hitting like a proverbial ton of bricks! Kind of makes me think of Parliament Funkadelic if they had Stanley Clark playing bass. And, I mean that in a good way!😀 Really cool stuff, Tom, nice work! Have a great weekend, buddy! Bob
  4. Lynn: Hey, Lynn, Thank you so much for having a look at the video, and also for your always good input, observations and ideas on my stuff!😀 I always look forward to your thoughts on my stuff because the performances and production on your song posts are always top notch! I thought your latest song, "Don't Take Candy From a Stranger" was really cool, great stuff, buddy!👍 Thanks again for your friendship and support, and have a great Thanksgiving!😀 Bob
  5. kakku: Hi, Kakku, It's really great to see you back on the forum!👍 Thank you very much, my friend, I truly appreciate you checking out the video for me, and also your very kind words!😀 Thanks again, and have a fantastic week! Bob
  6. ABull: Hi, Allan, Thank you so much, buddy, I really appreciate you checking it out and your very kind comments!😀 I'm very grateful for your input, friendship and support here on the forum!😀 Have a great week, Allan! Bob
  7. freddy j: Hey, Freddy, How are you, buddy? Hope you're doing great!👍😀 Thanks so much for revisiting my annual post of "The Dark"! I really appreciate your always good input and encouragement on my stuff, and value your friendship and support here on the forum highly! Thanks again, Freddy, and have a great week, buddy!😀 Bob
  8. thegaltieribrothers: Hi, Paul, Thank you very much, I truly appreciate you checking out the video for me, and also your very kind words of encouragement!😀 I'm very grateful for your input and support, my friend!👍 Have a great week, Paul! Bob
  9. Hey, Lynn, How's it going, brother? Hope you're having a great weekend!😀 This is a really cool and very haunting rocker! Outstanding composition, fantastic vocals and harmonies, and personally, I absolutely love the arrangement. I think that great sounding, somber piano and the other background keyboards provide the perfect laid back, eerie vibe that works perfectly with the powerful yet restrained vocals, and also let's the cool, tasty guitar work and fills shine through along with the vocals. The mix sounds great and for some reason, this song reminds me of a cool combination of early Steely Dan and The Atlanta Rhythm Section, which I mean as a compliment!👍😀 I think this might be my new favorite from you, fantastic work, Lynn!👍 Have a good one, buddy! Bob
  10. Hey, Tom, How are you, buddy? Hope you're doing great!👍😀 This is one absolutely beautiful and very emotional piece of tasty, heartfelt classical piano! Excellent composition, beautiful playing and a great recording that perfectly captures the dripping melancholic emotion of the piece. Outstanding job, Tom, it's always great to hear something new from you!😀 Have a good one! Bob
  11. Hey, Wow, this is really a fantastic progressive instrumental rocker!👍😀 I love the acoustic intro, and then when everything kicks in, the guitar tone, tasty melodies and playing are phenomenal. I also really liked the keyboards and great bass lines in the backing track, they really lay down a warm, well textured bed for the great guitar work.😀 Outstanding work, brother, this is an absolute pleasure to listen to!👍 Have a good one! Bob
  12. Hey, Douglas, You've got a really cool, punchy classic rocker here!😀 Well written, performed and sung, the layered vocals are pure dynamite, and I really loved the guitar parts, especially the solo. The guitar tone was absolutely perfect for the style of the song, and the playing was super!👍 As the guys mentioned above, this definitely has the classic Stones vibe, and the mix is right on the money for the genre. Dynamite stuff, Douglas, keep 'em coming, buddy!😀 Have a good one! Bob
  13. Hey, Wookster, Well, it sure seems like you're healing up well, thank goodness!👍 This is a super cool bit of ambient electronica with tons of cool textures and melodies woven throughout the fresh, rich sounding mix!😀 What I love about it is how it's both relaxing and refreshing at the same time, but always holding the listener's interest right up to the end. Excellent stuff, my friend, and keep healing and cranking out great stuff like this!😀 Have a great weekend, Wook! Bob
  14. Hey, Tim, How are you, buddy? It's really great to see you posting a new one!👍 This is a very cool, cinematic and dramatic sounding piece of music with lots of tasty twists and turns!😀 The composition and orchestration is absolutely top-notch, and the mix sounds clean, wide and well textured. I could easily imagine this being part of a movie soundtrack or backing for a classy documentary. Outstanding work, Tim, this is really great!👍 Have a good weekend! Bob
  15. daryl1968: Hey, Daryl, How are you, brother? Hope you're having a great weekend!😀 Thanks so much for having another listen to this one for me, and for the very kind comments! You and the "Current Mrs." did a bang-up job on your new pop rocker, "Online", really cool song!👍😀 Thanks again, Daryl, I really appreciate you checking out the video! Have a good one! Bob
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