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  1. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    Douglas Kirby: Hey, Doug, Thank you so much, buddy! I really appreciate your detailed input, observations and good suggestions on my stuff, and also your very kind words of encouragement! Especially, because your song posts are always really well written and performed, and top notch productions!πŸ‘ I'm grateful for the Halford reference, I did a lot of Judas Priest in my cover bands over the years!πŸ˜€ Also thanks for the input on the bass clarity situation that you, Lynn and Tom picked up on. As I mentioned above, that all important EQ balance between the bass guitar and kick drum is always one of my toughest challenges to try to dial in to the point where both are clear and present in the mix. I'm definitely going to make a few EQ adjustments for the remix later this week. Thanks again, Douglas, I appreciate your time, input and friendship!😊 Have a Rockin' week! Bob
  2. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    Joad: Hey, Joad, Thank you very much, I really appreciate you checking this new one out for me and also your observations and very kind words!😊 I always end up with a couple songs on each of my albums that are a little different from the rest and don't seem to fit exactly into my usual Hard Rock/Metal genre. For some reason this one sort of reminded me a little of 70's Southern Rock, so I think I may have channeled a touch of early Allman Brothers into the little dual lead fills. Thanks for noticing and commenting, greatly appreciated!πŸ˜€ Thanks again, and have a Rockin' week, buddy! Bob
  3. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    daryl1968: Hey, Daryl, How are you, buddy? Hope you're doing great!πŸ˜‰ Thank you, Sir, I really appreciate you checking this new one out for me, and also your encouraging comments! I always look forward to your input, observations and suggestions because the quality of your posts is always top-notch.πŸ‘ I'm hoping to be able have some time to do a few minor EQ touchups on the bass and drums for just a bit more bass definition and put the new mix up later this week. Thanks again, Daryl, I'm always grateful for your support and friendship!πŸ˜€ Have a good one! Bob
  4. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    Freddy J: Hey, Freddy, How are you, buddy? Hope you're doing great!πŸ˜€ Thanks so much, Freddy, I'm really grateful that you liked the song, and also that you, Jesse and Lynn caught on to my subtle attempt at mimicking gear shifting with drum fills and slight tempo changes. I sincerely appreciate your input and kind words of encouragement! Thanks again for your friendship and support, Freddy, greatly appreciated!πŸ‘πŸ˜€ Have a good one! Bob
  5. Bob Oister

    One more Day - Collaboration with Grem-Simeon

    Hi, Gary, Grem and Simeon, Wow, this is an absolutely fantastic and very beautiful piece of music!πŸ˜€ Excellent songwriting and arrangement, Simeon's piano performance is powerful and very moving, the instrumental performances and orchestration are outstanding, and Gary's vocals are deep with emotion and really phenomenal! The mix is top notch, perfect for the genre, and radio-ready sounding to me. Wonderful collaboration, guys, and Grem, I'm sure that your friend, Dina is very happy somewhere and smiling about this amazingly beautiful tribute!πŸ˜€ Best Wishes, Bob
  6. Bob Oister


    Hi, Paul, It's always good to hear a new song from you! Nice work on this pleasant sounding, very catchy pop rocker!πŸ˜€ Excellent vocals and musical performances, great song message, and the mix sounds clean and wide with nice instrument separation and a fresh sounding overall vibe!πŸ‘ Wonderful job, my friend, have a great week! Bob
  7. Bob Oister

    On Second Thought

    Hey, Dynamite job on this absolutely fantastic guitar instrumental!πŸ‘ Spectacular guitar tone, excellent emotive playing, perfect melody lines and a crystal clear, wide, fresh sounding mix! All of the other instrumentation was also top notch, providing the perfect bed to showcase the amazing guitar work. Outstanding work, this is really excellent!πŸ˜€ Have a good one, Bob
  8. Bob Oister

    Antisocial Media- Scandalous Grace

    Hey, Michael, I guess I'm late to the party and missed the first few versions of this one, but I'm really glad I was able to catch this cool high energy rocker!πŸ˜€ Great topic and songwriting, as always from you guys, excellent musicianship and performances by all, and a nice, full, punchy modern sounding mix! I agree with Douglas, as soon as Sean's killer vocals started, Dennis DeYoung, whose vocals with Styx I always loved, immediately came directly to mind. All the instrumentation was great, tasty guitar work, rock solid bass and keys, and I really like the synth stuff on the choruses. Excellent job, guys, definitely another winner for the Scandalous Grace repertoire! Great stuff!πŸ‘πŸ˜€ Have a good one, boys! Bob
  9. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    Lynn: Hey, Lynn, Thank you so much, brother! I always look forward to and appreciate your input, observations and also your encouraging comments on my stuff, especially because your song posts are always so well written, performed and produced, and always pro sounding!😊 I'm glad you and Jesse picked up on the "shifting gears" motif, I wasn't sure if it would actually come across or not.πŸ‘ Thanks for the helpful advice on the kick drum and bass guitar not playing well together. I'm glad you, Douglas and Tom mentioned that, because it's always something I struggle with, and the opinions on the forum always help me better adjust the EQ carving for the next remix. I think a lot of my problems with the bass/kick situation comes from mainly using my 5-string bass, and that low B always seems to get in the way of the type of kick that I prefer. 😁LOL, coming from multiple decades of playing live in huge clubs and outdoor venues with very large sound systems, I'm used to a "shotgun" snare and a "cannon" kick drum! That always seems to cause a bit of a dilemma when trying to get the bass and kick to coexist in the mix and translate on multiple devices. As for the songwriting question, I never actually sit down with the intent to write a song. I get what I jokingly refer to as "brain bolts"⚑. I could be reading a book or news article, watching a TV show or movie, working or relaxing, and it's like an involuntary lightning bolt hits my brain with a chorus or verse melody, some basic lyrics, harmonies, guitar riffs, rhythm tracks and even a music video all at once! Then comes the crazy rush to capture the main melody and idea on my smart phone or pen and paper before it disappears. Then, usually weeks or months later I end up cranking up Sonar and trying to recreate what I was hearing in my head at the time, and that becomes the real challenge!😊 For this one, I was watching the local tv news and they mentioned something that happened three hours away in Corning, NY, and BANG!, I got an instant flash of when my band was on the road playing throughout upstate New York back in the 80's and cruising on our motorcycles never knowing what the next city, town or venue would be like. Every day and night was always an adrenaline pumping, exciting adventure and full of surprises! Good times! So this song actually started with the title, first verse lyrics, chorus melody and lyrics, and basic chords already in my head. Then the fun started, trying to capture what was in my head and translating it into Sonar and trying my best to mix it.😲 😊LOL, Anyway, sorry for the long, boring story, but that's pretty much my process. Thanks so much again, Lynn, I really appreciate your insights, suggestions, friendship and support here on the forum. All the input, observations, suggestions and comments from all the forum users here are what makes this place such a great resource!πŸ‘ Have a good one! Bob
  10. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    amiller: Hey, how are you, my friend? Hope you're having a great week!😊 Thank you very much for taking time to check this out for me, and also for your input, observations and very kind words! I'm truly grateful for your input and support on my stuff, greatly appreciated!πŸ˜€ Have a Rockin' weekend!πŸ‘ Bob
  11. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    Wookieee: Hey, Wook, Thanks, buddy, I really appreciate the quick listen and look forward to what details the famously furry ears pick up when you get a another chance to check it out!😊 I always look forward to your input and trust your furry ears implicitly!πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Thanks again and have a good one, Wookster! Bob
  12. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    Jesse Screed: Hey, Jesse, How are you, buddy? Hope you're having a great week! Big thanks for taking time to check this out, and also for your good observations, input, and very kind words!☺️ I'm so happy that you picked up on and noticed the slight tempo changes and "clutch shifting" drum fills. You totally get what I was going for as the theme of the song! I was actually afraid that I might have overdone the drum fills and disrupted things too much, but I'm hoping it's getting the point across without distracting too much. By the way, dynamite job on your recent collab, "Gun" with Freddy, great stuff, you guys make a really cool team!πŸ‘ Thanks again, Jesse, greatly appreciated! Have a good one! Bob
  13. Bob Oister

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    Hi, guys! I just uploaded a Test Mix for a new song called "Destination Unknown". If you can spare a few minutes to check it out, as always, any and all helpful comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, input and ideas are very welcome, and also greatly appreciated!πŸ‘ Big thanks in advance for any observations, suggestions, comments and ideas!πŸ˜€ Bob ==================================== "Destination Unknown" https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13899168
  14. Bob Oister

    Night Beach

    Hey, Wook, You've got a very nice ambient piece with beautiful composition and playing, lovely melodies and a crystal clear, wide, well textured mix!πŸ‘ I love the choice of synths on this one, and the arrangement is also really well done holding the listener's interest throughout the entire pleasant ride. Great work, John, excellent stuff!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Have a good one! Bob
  15. Bob Oister

    "Love Song of the Reptilian Overlord" - with audiovisualizer vid

    Wow, Tom! This is like a very cool and very wild ride to Roswell, New Mexico!🀩 Great instrumental with lots of fun elements and effects popping in and out and making a cool statement. The bass, percussion and clean jazzy guitar that kicks in around the 2:19 mark was spectacular, and the mix is clean, punchy and fresh sounding.πŸ‘ Very cool stuff, brother Tom! I never know what to expect from your eclectic song posts, and I'm always amazed just how talented you are and the high level of musicianship and production skills you possess!πŸ˜€ Fantastic ride, buddy, have a good one! Bob