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  1. Just trying to be a nice guy and helpful. Forget I said anything. Next time I'm feeling helpful I'll do something else. JB😀
  2. Maybe this has been discussed before but to all the people who were ripped off by Gibson when they sold out in 2017 and screwed some of you out of the $500.00 you paid for "Lifetime" upgrades/dates or whatever. Did you ever consider a class action lawsuit against Gibson? They were the ones who "took your money and ran". I'm not a attorney but I know that many product issues like this were settled in class action suits. Maybe some of you can find a lawyer you can at least ask. I'm not involved so I really don't care. Just a suggestion for those who were. If you haven't considered it yet maybe something to think about. Gibson must have made a considerable amount of money from that scam. 🙂John B
  3. Oh! OK. Thanks alot! 😀John B
  4. Not a music question but a forum one. What do the stars and bullets at the titles of the threads mean? Just wondering. 🙂John B
  5. I forgot to mention thanks to @KSband for the heart like. 😀John B
  6. I hope everybody on this forum can forgive me for the way I started my earlier thread on how we will be informed about the new products. I was wrong to gravitate to that level. Peace to all 😀John B
  7. Yeah. I'm willing. Let's keep it friendly. I shouldn't have made it the way I did. I apologize to all. I shouldn't have stooped to "their level". 😀John B
  8. I'm sure they will. Just wanted know HOW. 😀JB
  9. I wish I could feel that is wasn't either. AsI said, I was protecting myself. See how much trouble one rude person can cause? And no, that 2019 issue wasn't resolved because John never apologized to me like a man would. If he would care to apologize to me for misunderstanding my question that day I could be quite forgiving. I would be glad to give the link as the thread is still there. JB
  10. As I said, I really don't enjoy being hostle to anybody, but apparently not all of us feel that way. I was merely trying to protect myself from a response like "This was addressed in the thread. Can't you read?" by a certain troublemaker. If we wouldn't have such rude people on this forum we could all get along better. But, sadly the moderators seem to allow it. With the exception of the aforementioned Mr. D, I apologize to anyone I've offended here. 🙂John B Edit: Still considering Cakewalk. I just wish I could feel free to ask a question without feeling like I have to proactively protect myself from the rude responses from certain kinds of "helpful" people. 😃
  11. It doesn't matter to me anymore. I've just decided that I've had enough of Cakewalk. The product is fine but there are just too many people on this forum that I've gotten tired of over the years. Byron Dickens gets away with making trouble on almost every forum he posts on and seems to get away with it. I'm just reacting to mainly his type of hostility. In 2019 I posted a question that a (now) moderator misunderstood and raked me over the coals over it. The product' great and so are the creators but I can't stand this forum anymore. I'll be buying FL Studio.
  12. Who said anything about you? I wasn't talking about you. I had nothing against you until now. You're not the one I was complaining about. How did you come to that conclusion?
  13. Simple question. No need to start a major war by any ignorant people. Forgive me that I just gleaned through the now closed 35 + page thread about the upcoming new products so I may have missed it, but how will we be informed when Cakewalk Next and Cakewalk Sonar will become available? Will it be through the Bandlab Assistant, or an email or some other way? Again, simple question. Would greatly appreciate a simple answer. I don't mean to sound so blunt, but lately on this forum some questions are met with such caustic ignorance by a small handful of people here (claiming to be "helpful"). Frankly, it's gotten to the point where I'm almost afraid to ask anything. Thanks 😀John B
  14. Thanks @bjornpdxBjorn. The last verse switch to lo fi "radio" sound on the vocal is intentional. Remember Lennon's voice on the last verse of "Tomorrow Never Knows"? I wanted that effect here. 😃John B
  15. Johnbee58

    Free Fall

    Beautiful, Bjorn. I could see this used as background for a vid about skydiving. 🙂John B
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