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  1. I bought it in 2010 for about $10.00. I've had various problems with it over the years. The interface all of a sudden stopped working and I was forced to switch to the Sampletank, which has some kind of stupid remnant noise associated with it. What finally put the kibosh on it for me was when I bought a new PC last year and IK Multimedia asked me to pay a $9.00 fee to allow me to re license it (and my ARC 2.5) or something like that. I declined. Session Strings Pro2 and UVI Orchestral Suite are much better anyway IMHO. 😀John B
  2. I just took notice to something on an automation curve. On the picture I've uploaded the automation curve to the left is at an angle and the curve to the right is straight vertical. How is that controlled? I just came upon this by accident but would like to be able to manipulate it like this to my liking. I know how to add nodes but I don't know how to make them straight vertical like on the right side. Thanks 🙂John B
  3. Thanks Reg. Everything works OK for me. I am sending the entire content of the channel to the Buss. Thanks!🙂
  4. I have a virtual horn section on a recent project. After I balanced the volumes of each channel I send the outputs of each horn into a stereo buss to make easier to control the mix volume of the whole "section". This works great but I'm finding that the insert effects I put on each horn doesn't carry over to the buss, so I must apply them to the buss if I want them to be heard. This works OK, but I'm wondering if the effects from the individual channels can also be sent to the buss as well, or might I just as well cancel the insert effects on the individual channels and just apply them to the buss? Thanks 😀John B PS-Scratch the above. I just found out that the effects are indeed going into the buss. I just didn't have the proper buttons pushed. So sorry.😀 JB
  5. I also want to thank @Riff Richards, @Lynn Wilson, @The DuoBros, @Dream Art Scientists, & @DeeringAmps for their "heart". Thanks for taking the time to listen. 😀John B
  6. Thanks, @markno999 You're right about those drums. It does sound like something is, as you say, "pulling" them off. It is an Eighties Pop pattern run at half speed and I was taking notice that some spots didn't seem to want to "fall into place" very easy.. I have the Toontrack Shuffle kit for keyboard but not the drums but I will take your suggestion and look into the Custom and Vintage kit. Is that an EZX kit or a MIDI pack? Thanks again! 😃JB
  7. @DeeringAmpsThanks, Tom. How could I have improved the meter? @Bajan BlueThanks Nigel. As I said, I don't understand myself how it got so long. It's first verse, pre chorus, chorus, 2nd verse, pre chorus, chorus, bridge, the final chorus. 🙂John B
  8. Johnbee58


    I like your 70s vibe on this. 🙂John B
  9. I can imagine a lyric line and vocals but it sounds good as it is too. 🙂John B
  10. Peaceful and relaxing, 🙂John B
  11. Don't understand how this turned out 5 minutes. Made with the usual thingies. Enjoy! https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14494873 🙂John B.
  12. Talented young man. Obviously gets it from his old man. Very intense piece. Would make excellent sound track material. 🙂John B
  13. It's so sad that not too many people make music like this anymore. 😢 One has to look very deep to find it. Freddy, you constantly remind me of how great 12 bar blues is. You would be a great one to lead a revival. 😀John B
  14. Johnbee58

    Mourning Lilly

    My sympathy for the loss of your beautiful friend. 😢 Anybody who writes a song for their beloved puppy deserves to be heard. It's my opinion that dogs help make life tolerable. Very simplistic melody which helps to make it memorable. What breed of dog was Lilly? 🙂John B
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