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  1. Thanks Bill & Lynn for your suggestions. 🙂JB
  2. Hello; I use the Waves SSL E Channel in almost every channel in a project. I'd like to know if there's a way to load this (or any plugin, for that matter) into every channel with one operation instead of going into each channel separately. Thanks 🙂 John B
  3. Kinda what I thought, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks! 🙂 JB
  4. Hi! I've never really delved too deep "under the hood" of the program to learn what a "Wave Picture Cache"is. Could someone please explain it to me? I'd appreciate it. 🙂 John B
  5. I figured it out. John V's post gave me a clue. The other night I was working on the project on a different computer with a different controller. Then, today I put that project on a flash drive and opened it on a different computer with a different keyboard controller. The INPUTs were messed up. I checked the dropdown for the controller and "virtual controller" was ticked but there was no tick for my controller on my main music computer, which uses a Nektar Impact LX 61. I went into the input for the instrument and ticked "INPUT LX61" and now it works. Mystery solved. Thanks! 🙂
  6. I do, as a habit, use Auto Punch, but it's not enabled when I'm trying to add this data. I've also double checked the Record/MIDI "Zero Controllers" to make sure that was unticked and it is. Still no joy. 🙂 JB
  7. No. That's not it. Was on Overwrite since the beginning of the project. Maybe it happened because I started it on one computer and switched to another and something got corrupted. 🙂
  8. I started a new project and wrote some MIDI on an instrument track. Today I went into the project to add to it, but when I record new notes they disappear after I stop the recording process. What's happening here? I don't recall changing anything. Thanks in advance John B🙂
  9. @bitflipper Your suggestion on using the Task Manager worked. Halfway down the list I saw "Cakewalk Application". I ended the task and CbB restarted with no more issues. Thanks so much! Thanks all for your suggestions. 😊JB
  10. I'll try these. Thanks 😊JB
  11. I'm finding that if I exit Cakewalk by Bandlab and later have to relaunch it, it will not relaunch without a computer reboot. I tried launching other programs in between but that seldom works. There are times when I have to exit the DAW and return to it later in the same session. Is there a reason for this and/or a solution? Thanks John B 😊
  12. To admin-I know this is not a song, but it is addressed to many on this sub forum so I would greatly appreciate if you could hold it here for at least a few days, then move it where you wish. It is also faith based. I'm not trying to proselytize or convert . I respect that there are many here who have different faiths. I know I've lost many friends here over the past year or so. I take 100% blame for this. I've acted horribly to some of you and I sincerely apologize. I'm a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I've been praying to Him for guidance and He has placed in my heart that my music has become too important to me and I must back off. Not necessarily stop making it, but re evaluating it's role and priority in my life. I've been acting like a heretical fool over it (especially here) to the point where it has distorted my views on everything else in my life. In light of this, I will no longer be participating in this forum. I will no longer post my music for review nor will I be listening to or review anybody else's No doubt many will find this a relief as I've been a PITA to many here. I know most will understand. There are probably a few ignorant "trolls" who will probably throw this in my face and comment negatively. Have at it. You're not going to make me feel worse. This is between me and my Maker, so it doesn't matter anymore. I know it's no excuse but lately I've been worse because of the added stress that the coronavirus has caused with the uncertainty and sheer boredom of having to "stay put". I know we're all under extra strain over this all over the world, so, as I said, it's no excuse for my actions, only a partial reason. It is my sincerest prayer and hope that all of you and yours, no matter what you think of me, will stay safe and well in this time. Continue to make music (it helps to take one's mind off of the issues), and take whatever actions you have to to protect yourselves and help those around you in your personal lives. Maybe I can get back to this later when I get my life's issues in order. I will be a better person then, for sure. Thank you so much for being here and your understanding. 😀John B
  13. Very nice! The intro almost put me to sleep. Great ambient. John B 😀
  14. Absolutely FANTASTIC!! Love this!!! 😀JB
  15. Very nice arrangement. The horns sound great as does the guitars. Nicely balanced. Am I hearing just a tiny bit of humm from an amp (or something)? It might be in my playback gear too. I'm listening on small speakers. I'll listen on cans later. Either way, very nice. 😀John B
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