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  1. Thanks so much, Lynn. I don't know why but sometimes when I'm recording the vocals in a project I get all tensed up. I even find myself closing my eyes real tight. It's become a habit and I don't understand it. It's not like I'm in a recording studio where "time is money". I'm in my own home on my own time. For some reason, on this project I gave that the boot and just let it whale out of me and it shows, especially in the choruses. I'm going to remember that next project. I'm not quitting. I just feel as if I need to take a short little break from it. But I've said that before to myself countless times and it didn't last long. Inspiration is a fleeting thing. If a good idea presents itself, you can bet I'll be on it real quick. 😉 🙂JB
  2. Johnbee58


    I think out of all you've posted this is my favorite. The harmony on the backgrounds are exceptionally nice. 🙂John B
  3. Thanks. This all works, but why can't a WAV file be encoded? 🙂JB
  4. @macceThanks so much for listening and your feedback. 😀John B
  5. Is there any way in CbB to add ID3 tag information to a finished song when you render to WAV or MP3? I've been doing this by opening the finished file in Audacity and adding the info there but just wondering if it can be done in Cakewalk before you render to the final file. Thanks 🙂John B
  6. Johnbee58

    Dance Shower

    I'd put a bit more reverb on the lead synth in the middle part. Other than that, it's really nice. 🙂John B
  7. Yes. #2 is going in the right direction. Keep doing what you're doing. It's getting there.🙂 John B😉
  8. Glad you like it, Freddy. Thanks so much! 🙂JB
  9. So true. Most of my dreams are of work. I dream I'm back at the old "salt mines" even though I retired from the place more than 4 years ago (but that wouldn't inspire a song 😉). Thanks! 🙂JB
  10. @David SprouseThanks, Dave. Actually, I learned a lot from Scaler. 😁
  11. Very pretty and well played. Happy holidays to you too! ❤️🙂John B
  12. Mix sounds pretty good here. Can't really think of anything else it might need (except a bit more cowbell) 😁 🙂John B
  13. Johnbee58

    Tamiami Trail

    This is really neat, Freddy! Gary's right. Couldn't stop my toe from tapping from the beginning to the end of this tune. 🙂John B.
  14. Is somebody trolling my words? (See my comment above) John B
  15. Thanks for listening and commenting, Mr. Miller. I really appreciate it. 😀JB
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