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  1. I also want to thank @Riff Richards, @Lynn Wilson, @The DuoBros, @Dream Art Scientists, & @DeeringAmps for their "heart". Thanks for taking the time to listen. 😀John B
  2. Thanks, @markno999 You're right about those drums. It does sound like something is, as you say, "pulling" them off. It is an Eighties Pop pattern run at half speed and I was taking notice that some spots didn't seem to want to "fall into place" very easy.. I have the Toontrack Shuffle kit for keyboard but not the drums but I will take your suggestion and look into the Custom and Vintage kit. Is that an EZX kit or a MIDI pack? Thanks again! 😃JB
  3. @DeeringAmpsThanks, Tom. How could I have improved the meter? @Bajan BlueThanks Nigel. As I said, I don't understand myself how it got so long. It's first verse, pre chorus, chorus, 2nd verse, pre chorus, chorus, bridge, the final chorus. 🙂John B
  4. I like your 70s vibe on this. 🙂John B
  5. I can imagine a lyric line and vocals but it sounds good as it is too. 🙂John B
  6. Peaceful and relaxing, 🙂John B
  7. Don't understand how this turned out 5 minutes. Made with the usual thingies. Enjoy! https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14494873 🙂John B.
  8. Talented young man. Obviously gets it from his old man. Very intense piece. Would make excellent sound track material. 🙂John B
  9. It's so sad that not too many people make music like this anymore. 😢 One has to look very deep to find it. Freddy, you constantly remind me of how great 12 bar blues is. You would be a great one to lead a revival. 😀John B
  10. Johnbee58

    Mourning Lilly

    My sympathy for the loss of your beautiful friend. 😢 Anybody who writes a song for their beloved puppy deserves to be heard. It's my opinion that dogs help make life tolerable. Very simplistic melody which helps to make it memorable. What breed of dog was Lilly? 🙂John B
  11. Tom; @DeeringAmpsThanks again for your kind words and adding this to your SC playlist. 😃JB
  12. I've just taken notice of it today. Must be a change from a recent update?! EZ Keys, Drummer, Trilan etc ALWAYS self routed before. Actually, I think they still self route but something is changing that as the process goes on. 🤨 😡JB
  13. I'm having a new issue. I made a chord progression using Scaler 2. Then, I wanted to create a melody so I put an EZ Keys track in. As I was playing a melody I took notice that CHORDS were being written in the EZ Keys track instead of a melody. Upon investigation I saw that the input for the EZ Keys somehow got changed from OMNI to All External Inputs. Even when I changed the input to my Impact keyboard I still see chords being written initially in the MIDI editor but change to single notes after I exit record. Does anybody have an explanation? Thanks 😀John B
  14. Changes made 9/13/2022: Lyrics changed to "We have lost count of the pains we've endured. Nobody remembers. We lie to make it right" as per @bjornpdx @DeeringAmpssuggestion: "we've made so long ago" to "we made so long ago". @noynekkersuggestion: the line "the long run" panning was removed and volume was adjusted. Hard pans to about 4o'clock right. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I hope it makes better sense now. 😀John B
  15. Thanks so much, Freddy! 😀John B
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