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  1. Johnbee58

    "Ginger's Song"-Original Instrumental

    Thanks Lynn. The dissonance is planned. There's tension there that I wanted. 🙂 How EZ Keys fits into the arrangement is how the piano articulates the chords. I'm not much of a pianist either. EZ Keys comes with a certain amount of "style articulation" presets. You can buy more in the form of what they call "MIDI Packs". You can use the presets straight as they come or you can customize them with your own chord progressions, chop up the bars one by one and kind of "mix n' match" everything until you have your own unique piano part. These, of course, are all fully editable so if your chord progression doesn't follow what the player who programmed the articulation did as far as intervals and such, you can edit the MIDI in the DAWs MIDI editor to whatever your liking is. It's a great program and I recommend it highly. BTW-I'm not an employee of Toontrack, so I'm not paid by them to sing it's praises. I just love the program so much, as well as EZ Drummer. Thanks again, Lynn. I was getting a bit worried about you being gone for so long.😉 🙂JB
  2. Johnbee58

    Scaler by PluginBoutique update problems

    Hi! The workaround I use is back up the chord sets and save to an outside file. Then, when you install the update you can load them into the new version. If you have MIDI written on the old (broken) Scaler, you can create a MIDI track and move your MIDI temporarily from the old Scaler version to the MIDI track. Then update to the new Scaler version and move your MIDI from the (temporary) MIDI track onto the new Scaler. I know it's a bit of a PITA. Hopefully they will resolve the problem soon. 🙂John B
  3. I got an email notification yesterday about a PM somebody sent me. We're moving in the right direction. 😀John B
  4. Johnbee58

    Scaler updated to v1.8.0

    OK. I figured it out. It does back up the chord progression, but not in the chord builder below where you originally created it. The backed up chord progression shows up AT THE TOP area where the Artist, Song, etc field is. I was looking for the saved progression to reload into the chord builder again when recalled. All is good here, but is there a way to easily reload the saved progression back into the builder for, say, if you want to close out of the program having not completed a desired progression but you want to continue building the progression at a later time? To do this now, I have to reload these chords one by one back into the builder. Is there an easier way to do something like this? 🙂John B.
  5. Johnbee58

    "Ginger's Song"-Original Instrumental

    Allan, Arlen & Bob- Thanks so much for your time to listen and comment. 🙂JB
  6. Johnbee58

    My wife passed away

    By all means DON'T let your loss hold back your creativity in music or anything else you create. The memory of her and the love you had together will more than likely guide you to create something very beautiful in her memory. 😀John B
  7. Johnbee58

    Scaler updated to v1.8.0

    Yeah, this is an issue. When you update to the next version it kinda knocks the entire previous version out of the running, so you get that "plugin missing" message. What you have to do is go into your plug in menu after you update and re load it as a new version. Be forewarned: Back up any custom chord sets you created BEFORE you update to the newest version so you can reload them into the new version. If you don't have your custom chord sets backed up you may lose them when you update. If anybody needs help with backing up the chord sets, PM me. 😀John B
  8. Johnbee58

    Scaler updated to v1.8.0

    I ran up to 1.6 in CbB and Win 10 with no problems. I have 1.8 on my dedicated music PC but have yet to update on my Win 10. I'm not real impressed with the sounds but I got it for chord voicing/progression ideas and for that, it's great! 😀John B.
  9. Johnbee58

    "Ginger's Song"-Original Instrumental

    Thanks so much for listening, Steve. I love Golden Retrievers. Such pretty puppies. I must have been so sad to lose them. 😢 😀JB
  10. Johnbee58

    "Ginger's Song"-Original Instrumental

    Thank you very much, Doug! 🙂JB
  11. Johnbee58


    Really enjoyed this. Words are so true. Imagery conveys the idea beautifully. 🙂John B
  12. Johnbee58

    My Babe Is So Slinky (with even more changes)

    The beat is kinda different from your style. Nice change. Not knocking your other stuff though. This is just different. Harmonica and vocal harmonies are a nice touch. 🙂John B.
  13. Johnbee58


    Pretty title and tune. Nice Latin percussion going on in there too! 🙂John B
  14. Johnbee58

    "Ginger's Song"-Original Instrumental

    Thanks Gary, but I'm completely happy with the Yamaha CS 80 electronic piano sample (Toontrack EZ Keys) here. It probably doesn't have the depth of yours because you obviously use top of the line programs, but I'm happy with what I have. The flute is a Chinese dizi flute plugin which is free from an outfit called Chinese Winds. I've used it quite a bit on many of my tunes. It makes a nice lead. I don't know if you've ever heard of a group called Shadowfax, but about 15-20 years ago they had a guy named Chuck Greenburg (sadly passed away some years back). He was a woodwind player who, along with saxophone, played an electronic wind instrument called the Lyricon. His tone that he used the most sound quite a bit like the flute here. The one I use is supposed to emulate a Chinese flute. Again, thanks for the kind words! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYP1WUDJhCQ 🙂JB Correction-The Yamaha e piano is a CP 80. Not a CS 80.
  15. Johnbee58

    "Ginger's Song"-Original Instrumental

    Thanks to all who were kind enough to reply to this song. 🙂JB