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  1. It's just my opinion. What I would do if it were my music is not meant to diminish the work you have done here. 😊John B
  2. I wasn't very impressed by anything here. Kind of boring. Sorry 😐John B
  3. @bjornpdx@SPAK@daryl1968 Thanks so much, guys! 😀JB
  4. @Douglas KirbyThanks so much, Doug! @DeeringAmpsWorking on the "radio mix" at this very moment. 😊JB
  5. Very important message. People need to hear more of this kind of music. 😀John B
  6. @thegaltieribrothersThanks so much, Paul😀 @SPAKThank you. I guess I made a mistake putting this version up first. It's like putting the cart before the horse and I know many people here don't like long songs. Good news is I found the project folder for the short version this morning in my Cakewalk Projects folder. I was worried that I never would find it. I mislabled it 4 years ago. Now it's just a question of reprocessing WAVs from MIDIS and re sequencing and remixing. Hopefully in the next few days. I just hope that you and others will have a listen to it when it's done. I'm a bit worried that the people who do check this out may not want to revisit a shorter version of a song they've already heard. 😀JB
  7. Good tune. Sad lyrics. Your "stops" in the second verse add a unique touch. Reminds me a lot of some of the 60s pop bands like Chad & Jeremy and The Association. 😀John B
  8. Good rock tune. The octave vocal work is very effective and a nice touch. 😀John B
  9. Johnbee58

    High Road

    Very majestic and lively. Makes me want to go out and take a nice long hike in the mountains. 😀John B
  10. I had this up earlier in the week but asked admin to take it down because I thought I might've posted a few years back on the old forum, but looking back, I couldn't find it. Anyway, if I did, I apologize but this is a new mix and is much cleaner than I had it in 2016. I originally created this in 2010 as a shorter version in Samplitude Music Studio and in 2016 I expanded it in Cakewalk, kind of like in the old Disco days when they put out a 45 RPM "hit mix" but for the discotheques they released an extended remix. This would be the extended remix. I don't know if this could be considered a dance song, but the original drum beat is called "Baiao" which is a form of Calypso. I just know I fell in love with it and wrote the song around it. 7 minute version and new 5 minute "Radio Mix" below. You can listen to either (or both if you want to). Oh, and I can't forget. The wah-wha guitar work is by a friend-Mr. Marc Hailkas. Please enjoy "Yes You Are" EDIT-The shorter "Radio Mix" is now available for those who don't like long songs. It's down to 5:00 but gets to the point quicker without the filler percussion breaks. Short Radio Edit Version https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13994145 Extended Disco Version here https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13990940 😀John B
  11. Since I made the mistake of updating my Scarlet 6i6 drivers about a month ago (the first since I bought it 4 years ago) I've been having numerous issues. I wish I would've just let it alone. It was working fine up till then. The other day I got a BSOD when I switched on the interface (I usually boot the computer first, then flip the switch on the back of the Scarlett). This one said to google "Bad Pool Header" which I did and it said that that particular error usually means a device driver problem and as it happened right after switching the unit on I took it that the rogue driver was the Scarlett driver. I emailed Focusrite tech support and they told me to DL and try the recently revised driver from their beta page-http://beta.focusrite.com/ . I didn't try it yet. I'm afraid to. I also don't appreciate the fact that they take 5 or 6 days to reply to a tech support issue. They emailed me as survey form before I even got the answer and I responded negatively. I'm considering trying another interface, 😊John B
  12. Johnbee58

    The Restitution

    This is very pretty. I take it this is all virtual instruments. My only nit is there seems to be a bit too much high end on the flute (Recorder?). I'd roll off a bit on that. Very beautiful composition. 😀John B
  13. Johnbee58


    Your music is so clean and well produced. Love your voice and your harmonies. The mix is perfect to my ears. So relaxing. 😀John B
  14. Wonder if that's why I got a Bad Pool Header BSOD when I went to fire up my Scarlett this morning. Seriously, it's been nothing but a PITA since I updated that stupid driver. Like the saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". 😀JB
  15. You made it your own, and did a very fine job. 😊John B
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