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  1. Thanks for the explanation, John. 😀John B
  2. I've always wondered something. In the plugin menu there are 3 color letter designations. Blue, yellow and white. What do the colors signify? They all work on mine but I'm curious as I want to get around to customizing the instruments I have in the "uncategorized" folder. Thanks so much! John B🙂
  3. @mark skinnerThanks for listening, Mark.😃 @Wookiee & @noynekker Thanks for your input. "Broadway Meets Bowen". Cool! Wook, you're right about that synth so I brought it down and panned it from 4 o'clock to 2 o' clock to spread it out a bit. I also put a buss compressor on the Master. Seems to hold everything together better. 🙂John B
  4. No singing robots here. Just me. 🙂 Like it, love it or hate it. ☺️ https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14397716 😀John B
  5. Thanks, Nigel. Yes, much better than Vocaloid and less expensive. 🙂John B
  6. Johnbee58

    Rain - video

    Almost every Saturday around my area since the beginning of the year.😔 This pretty well captures the depressed feelings that sometimes come with a dark rainy day. Nice work on the vid too. 🙂John B
  7. @David SprouseThanks so much for listening and commenting. @Douglas Kirby, Thanks again. I think you're right. I never did like the drum intro myself. It kinda drags a little. 😀John B
  8. Johnbee58

    My Song To My Self

    Very nice. The mix is top notch. 🙂John B
  9. I really like "Question 360". Your music has a smooth jazz quality that I've always enjoyed. Very laid back and relaxing. 🙂John B
  10. Thanks for listening, @Douglas Kirby. Do you find it a poorly matched groove, or do you find its out of time? EZD3s Bandmate feature suggested it. To be honest, I don't what kind of groove it is. I just kinda threw the keyboard MIDI in there and that's what it kicked out. Seemed OK to me, though I was thinking it would give me a slower ballad at the time. 😀John B
  11. Johnbee58

    Easy Listener

    Very pretty. Relaxing. 😀John B
  12. Johnbee58

    Time Can't Deny

    Great Country tune. Love everything about it, especially your vocal work. Gotta play this for the wife. She's a CW lover. 😀John B
  13. Have you demoed the Jazz EZX yet? That snare's a little "ringy" too but it has a unique quality especially with the thick rim. BOTS was just a little experiment because I was re learning Reason (12 up from 7) and at the same time I was also learning the Emvoice thing. I got this little synth groove from a default setting in a synth called the Europa Shapeshifting Synth doing an E, F, E, B-E,F, E,D,C etc and I thought it sounded kinda creepy so I developed it further. I never meant it to be a serious song, just a learning/practice thing. But I could imagine it as a "death metal" thing with a grinding guitar playing that synth line. If anybody wants to give it a go with that, have at it. The Reason Talk forum guys were griping about the "guitar" lead playing on the piano-strings-bridge. I like it cos it sounds majestic, but I never really liked the release on it. There's a lot about Reason I need to learn yet. I love the program. It's a virtual toybox of music stuff. 😀John B
  14. Last fall I bought a Waves plugin called CLA-NX. It's supposed to re create the studio environment of Chris Lord Alge in your headphones. It was on sale marked down to $40.00 USD from $199.00 (IIRC), so I thought I'd give it a go. Then, I bought the Waves Headtracker Bluetooth thingy to go on top of the phones (drains the crap out of the battery 😲). My mixes do sound different using it and I'm fortunate to own a pair of Audio Technica ATX-M50x phones (love those) which are on the preferred menu. I was wondering if anybody else here uses something similar and what you think. "Snake Oil" or something actually useful? 😀John B
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