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  1. Johnbee58

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    Too lazy to do the testing on this. Maybe John can do it for me.🤣 Just kidding. 😉John B
  2. Johnbee58

    New song "I will love you forever".

    Gave the new mix a listen. Absolutely much better, especially the drums. One thing, do you have a doubling plugin? Listening to your lead vocal, it might really sound cool with a bit of doubling on it. Your vocal sounds great as is, but a doubler would thicken it a bit. Worth a try if you have it. 🙂JB
  3. Johnbee58

    An Easier Way to Let Me Down

    Daryl, Leadfoot, Douglas & Allan- Thank you all so very much for taking the time to listen and comment. I'm flattered by the Steely Dan comparison. I've been a fan of theirs for years and they are most definitely a top influence of mine. 🙂John B
  4. Johnbee58


    Neat little tune. Clever words and the music grooves along nicely. Nice vocal work too. Agree with the humm issue. I don't envy you electric guitarists having to deal with that problem. 🙂John B
  5. Johnbee58

    New song "I will love you forever".

    I think your "forte" is metal, correct? Nonetheless, you have a workable "power ballad" here. One of my favorite power ballads is "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago from about 1985. This reminds me a bit of that song. Your vocal is OK but could use a bit of a boost and a bit more reverb (just a touch). Love the little synth fills. The kick drum you're using IMHO doesn't lend itself well to a ballad (even a power one). I don't really like that snap it has. I use EZ Drummer 2 (I see you use Superior 3). The kit I use mostly in EZD 2 is the Modern but I always swap the default kick out for a more moderate felt beater. I think that suits a ballad better. The hard snappy type of beater you're using works well for metal, but personally, I like my kick a bit more quiet for the ballads I do. I think you have something there. Sounds like she mellowed you out a bit.😉 😃John B.
  6. Johnbee58


    Fellow CbB'ers: I saw an ad by an organization called distrokid.com and I'm pretty impressed with it. It says for only $20.00 per year they would handle my distribution for streaming sites like Spotify or music MP3 sites like ITunes. I never considered selling my music and have all of it up for free on Bandcamp & Soundclick, Reason being is that I don't feel as if my music is worthy of making money on, especially in the mixing/mastering area so I don't feel as if I have the right to ask for a fee. I've been making music just for fun, but some have suggested I should charge a fee of some kind for it. I'd do streaming for free but I don't want to pay to stream for the same reason as above. My question to you is, do you think my music is worthy of asking for money for? If you have a few minutes I would appreciate if you would listen to a few samples from my Bandcamp below. https://johnbowen.bandcamp.com/ Do you think the material is professional enough (in general) to ask a fee for? Also, do any of you use Distrokid and if so, what do you think of it. Thanks John B.
  7. Johnbee58

    Song - Interlude

    John Fahey is also an excellent finger style player: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrMuPhqRzZg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB7dhOpR_Hk and if you like it a bit weird, the late great Michael Hedges is worth a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZimv-KYr8M
  8. Johnbee58

    Song - Interlude

    Did you ever listen to a guy named Will Ackerman? This kinda sounds like his style. 😀
  9. Johnbee58

    Dad's Song

    Wow! Brilliant tribute to your Dad. Sounds like a cross between AC/DC and Foreigner.😃 Sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad February of last year. 😢John B
  10. Johnbee58

    Song - Interlude

    Pretty and relaxing. There's a special place in my heart for acoustic guitar music. 🙂John B
  11. Johnbee58

    Plan 9

    but you probably hadn't graduated from toy piano yet. (You can't be that much older than me). 😉 😀JB
  12. Johnbee58

    An Easier Way to Let Me Down

    Wow! I do appreciate that assessment, but Don and Walter did a pretty good job without my help. My stuff is garbage compared to theirs, but they are a big inspiration and influence for me. I agree with the dry piano comment. The other day I tried adding some little bit of verb to it, but I couldn't find a room in any of the reverbs I have to suit it. but................ I sent some of the raw tracks to another member of this forum and he's working on a remix/remaster. Last week he sent me a PM with a link to my current mix through Altiverb's Memphis recording studio room. Knocked me on my *****! I asked him if he could do the whole song and he said he would take it on. I can't wait to hear his work. 😀JB
  13. Johnbee58

    An Easier Way to Let Me Down

    Paul, Kenny, ramscapri and kakku- Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and comment. 🙂JB
  14. Johnbee58

    That's Alright (Stripped Down Blues)

    Hey Freddy-I don't know how I almost missed this! Sorry for the delayed response. This is really cool. I especially like the harp. Could benefit with some drums, but works this way too. 😀John B.
  15. Johnbee58

    Plan 9

    This would be great background for the original movie, if you (and the music) would've been around in that period of time. 😀John B.