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  1. Excellent work on an interesting topic, Lynn. The tune and the video are both very well produced. Around my area (southeastern Pennsylvania) we've been seeing more and more Cicada Killers which are hornets about 3 to 4 times the size of regular hornets. They're very intimidating in appearance. A yard about a block away from me has an infestation. Not only are they flying all over the yard but are burrowing large holes all over the guy's grass. But there is a noticeable shortage of honeybees all over the USA. A trend I hope doesn't continue. Many people do not realize just how important to humanity these little guys are. 🙂John B
  2. Thanks, scook. 😀 I downloaded the Command Center but it would not take my username and password from either the old or new accounts so I'm just going to pass on it for now. I didn't use them much anyway and it's not worth the trouble right now. 🙂JB
  3. I bought a new PC for my music. I reinstalled CbB to the new system and upon opening some projects from a few years back I found that the Bluetubes were missing? Did I just miss downloading them from another location in Bandlab or were they discontinued? John B.🙂
  4. Never mind. Forgot to plug in the PC end. Senior moment. 😁
  5. Hi; I would be forever grateful to anybody who can tell me where (what folder) Focusrite interface drivers need to be installed to on a Windows 10 PC. They are not going to where they need to go on my new PC Thanks John B😀
  6. I wasn't running CbB at the time, just a WAV file through Media Player. The HDMI connection was from the PCs video card into the video monitor HDMI input. I don't understand why the video connection is affecting the audio. Thanks for your input, Glenn. 🙂JB
  7. Today I disconnected my SVGA connection from my PC to my monitor and tried the HDMI to see what would happen. Both PC and monitor have both. On the HDMI the PC booted up fine and everything seemed to load, including my Scarlet 6i6. All seemed fine until I played a sound file. The sound file looked like it was playing as the seek bar was moving but there was no sound. I went into Control Panel and the drivers appear loaded but there was no sound produced on either speakers or headphones. When I switched back to the SVGA everything went back to normal and the sound file played fine. I tried this several times with the same results. Then, I swapped the Scarlet with my old UX2 Pod Studio with the HDMI and everything worked OK, so it must be a Focusrite driver issue. Why would a video card connection cause audio not to work? I'm getting a new PC and I'm not sure, but I think it's going to lack an SVGA out to monitor, but I know it will have an HDMI. I'm hoping this anomaly won't show up on the new PC. Any thoughts? 🙂John B
  8. Not in Cakewalk, but Audacity. Why?
  9. Thank you, Noel. 🙂 John B
  10. Hi; I started a post several weeks ago about an IRQL error. This happens from time to time and the higher the bottom number (Memory) on the Cakewalk Performance Meter goes, the closer it gets to a crash. The error isn't always IRQL. Sometimes it's something like "System Exception" or something like that. I googled some of them and they are all related to memory. But when I check my Resource Monitor it stays the same in regards to memory. After the error resolves and they system reboots & the performance number goes down to about 8% and works its way back up. My question this time is, what does the bottom line of the Performance meter tell us? On my system it seems to be directly connected to how long it will be until a memory crash (BSOD) happens. It seems to be a warning system. Another interesting aspect is my Scarlet interface is a 6i6 which has AC power and I boot the PC up first before I switch on the Scarlet. The error never happens before I switch on the Scarlet. This indicates bad drivers but it also happens when I swap out the Scarlet for my old UX2 (which I've been told by Line 6 is also defective). Focusrite has had me try different drivers to no avail. Might I benefit from a new interface? My system specs are all on my sig. I'm running Windows 8.1. I will NOT upgrade to Windows 10 on this PC. This wasn't a problem before about a year ago so I doubt a new OS will be the answer. Wondering if anybody has any thoughts on this. Thanks 🙂John B
  11. Thanks Miguel. Glad you like it. Keep listening. 🙂 John B
  12. Johnbee58


    Wish I could understand the words, but the song is way cool! Especially enjoy the chorus. 🙂John B
  13. Thanks, @antler, and @bitflipper. I thought that would be the best way to do that. Just wanted to confirm. 🙂 John B
  14. Thanks, Bjorn. 😀JB
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