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  1. Never mind. I figured it out. It comes down to labeling. In Cakewalk, C-2 is the equivalent to C0, which I can get to easy. Thanks very much anyway, Colin and marled. 🙂JB
  2. Is it possible to view the piano view editor below C0? I need to get down to C-2 for keyswitches in Session Strings Pro 2. Thanks 🙂John B
  3. Does anybody here subscribe to the Groove 3 video tutorial site? Is it worth it? I'm considering buying a tutorial set on Session Strings Pro 2 but I'd like some opinions here first. Thanks 🙂John B.
  4. Mark is a good guy. Very helpful and always there to answer the toughest issues. Congrats! ❤️😀John B.
  5. I really like the singer's voice. Good tune. Catchy. 🙂John B
  6. Yeah, this is NEAT!! Are these all samples (like the harmonica and the horns)? If these are samples you have your MIDI programming DOWN and I'd love to take lessons from you. That guitar work is TOPS! ❤️🙂
  7. Mark and Francois-Very valuable info. Thanks!! 🙂❤️JB
  8. HS-No worries. I appreciate your feedback.🙂 amiller-Thank you so much!🙂 JB🙂
  9. I wasn't going to post this because it's about my faith, but I've taken notice that there are a few here who do post songs of the religious nature, so I figured why not. I'm not trying to proselytize. Believe in what you want to believe in (or not). It's just that this is the faith that allows me to sleep at night when I see all the turmoil in the world at present. YMMV. My main concern in the mix is the dynamics in the choruses (....Streets of blood......). Do you find the drums & cymbals (or anything else) too loud at spots? I've been chopping volume levels in these areas all over the place and they still cut too much depending on what listening environment I'm using (ie sounds fine on Walkman but too piercing on ear buds etc). For this reason, I really felt extra compelled to use the Waves SSL Master Buss Compressor. https://johnbowen.bandcamp.com/track/somewhere-theres-an-answer Thanks! Hope you enjoy it, but don't be afraid to flame if you don't. ❤️🙂John B
  10. All great suggestions. Thanks! I was playing around with Iris 2 the other day and I found a couple of presets that might be usable. The problem is I'm really not a synth person but I'd like to learn more about programming. My singing voice is failing me more with every project but I still need to create music. Last year I paid $200.00 usd to buy Arturia's DX7 V and wanted to learn FM programming. There was a really good site on that, but the guy stopped posting new vids. 😀JB
  11. Johnbee58

    A New Day

    Not bad at all for an old recording. The song is stellar material. As far as the production and performances, I go with the others who say to re record it because now you could probably bring out much more of the luster that the song deserves. 😀JB
  12. I got it solved, guys. I downloaded Stamp ID3. Works great. Thanks! 🙂JB
  13. I'd like to display a photo of my choosing while the music is playing. IOW-have a photo associated with a particular song. I'm wondering if that's possible. Can't find it in the manual. 🙂JB
  14. Never got one! Thanks! 😉JB
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