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  1. daryl1968

    Beyond Part 1

    sorry I seem to have missed this one. Really enjoyed it - I had it on while I was working and it was a relaxing listen. Great choice of sounds Wookster
  2. daryl1968


    Great song mate - LOVED the up-pitched vocals (I think that's what they are).
  3. Thanks Bjorn - glad you enjoyed it mate
  4. Thanks Nigel - glad you enjoyed it mate
  5. so, it manages to keep your modesty intact then?
  6. Thanks Rich. This is Bapu, James1213 my other half and me
  7. Yeah, all of the forum monkeys stuff are Bapu/Daryl compositions and productions. My bad - I should have said.
  8. Thanks so much Paul. Very kind of you
  9. ^^^what he said^^^ Great stuff
  10. nice song Doug - vocals sound great. Mix/master is a little hot - it's losing some definition in the top end and the bass is distorting
  11. bloody lovely Kenny - hope things are ok with you my friend
  12. very cool tune Kevin - love the atmosphere that you've created and all of the rhythmic elements. I'm not sure if I'm hearing things but there may be some slight timing issues (bass/vocals) when it goes into the Gone Baby Gone (chorus) part that makes that part go a little flat energy-wise?
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