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  1. ☝️ This - I want to try it as a polka
  2. Great dark song chaps. Mix is spot on
  3. Daryl + Lynn = Dazlyn The Dazlyn Duo I'm game if you are lol
  4. Thanks so much Bjorn. Hope you are well mate Thanks HS Thanks a lot Nigel Thanks so much Ross
  5. Thanks Rik - much appreciated. Yeah, the intro is a tad random
  6. Great version mate. The chorus drums are brilliant. The way it builds is perfect You've made it your own with your trademark layered vocal.
  7. daryl1968

    In Time

    Omnisphere fan here too. Treated myself a few years back. This is really nice Ross. It develops at just the right pace. Great choice of synth sounds.
  8. Thanks Lynn. We must be overdue a Collab mate
  9. Thanks so much Beags. Hope you're fine and dandy me old mucker
  10. First of all, love the play on words. This reminded me of something the great Gilbert O'Sullivan would have written in his heyday. Good stuff Keith
  11. Good mix Subvibe. Everything comes across well
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