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  1. Thanks a lot Keith. Very kind of you
  2. You need to get that looked at Thanks Dan. Hope you are well mate
  3. thanks a lot Steve. I recently became vegan (true story) so I may not be quite as cheesy in future Thanks Max - I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks a lot ZincT - I also love the solo. Merry Christmas You're the best Kenny. Thanks mate and Merry Christmas The other half loved your comment Jesse - really appreciated. Merry Christmas mate Indeed
  5. Absolutely re the Mrs! Thanks Congalocke - Merry Christmas Thanks so much Bob. I'll pass your regards onto James. Merry Christmas mate
  6. Thanks so much Paul - Happy Christmas to you and yours
  7. Ha. Thanks Lynn my mate. Thanks so much Old Joad
  8. great stuff Bob - small nits already mentioned aside, I don't think you've lost those mix ears at all - sounds great mate. Merry Christmas
  9. daryl1968

    "Say Goodbye"

    lovely Tom - really innocent feeling to vocal/arrangement etc. Is the song yours and is the playing you? The main post is a little unclear.
  10. Brilliant Lasse - beautiful all round but the violin is the real star
  11. Thanks so much - Merry Christmas Cheers Andy - very nice of you Thanks Doug - I'll tell the other half. Merry Christmas mate
  12. daryl1968

    Take it All

    another cracker Nigel - great video too
  13. daryl1968


    I like it Kakku. The style is a little different to what you normally post but it suits you.
  14. nicely done Congalocke - cool fusion of the rock undertones and dreamy vocals and synths.
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