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  1. Thanks Paul - yes @Leizer did a great job on the violin. Unfortunately portrayed by a little pig in my video but we have made up since
  2. daryl1968

    Space Time Warped

    cool - it does have a scientific feel about it. Clever, it was different the second time I listened - modern technology = marvellous
  3. Thanks Nigel - not much of a Duran Duran fan myself either - only 'cause all the girls fancied them Thanks Lynn - glad you enjoyed it my mate
  4. I really like this one Doug. Nice guitar tones, vocal is quirky and believable and the backing vocals are great - simple but effective. The hook has stayed in my head too.
  5. just come back to listen to this after a while - sounds great mate
  6. this is great Bjorn. Love the effect on your voice - perfect. Good for you learning a new instrument
  7. Thanks a lot Bjorn - I will pass on your compliment Thanks a lot Robert - I agree wow thanks a lot Kloon Thanks so much mate Cheers Wookster me old mucker
  8. daryl1968

    Irish tune

    lovely David - I like this
  9. cool, catchy hook Paul - I agree with Mark re tempo
  10. Great tight band Peter and the recording came out really well
  11. Hi folks Here's a cover of Hungry Like the Wolf done by our band Fizzy Pickle a little while back - now with video. Fizzy Pickle are the current Mrs Daryl1968 on vocals, James 'jamesg1213' Griffiths on guitar, @Bapu on bass, @Leizer on violin and me on keyboards, backing vocals and general fiddling with dials and stuff.
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