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  1. a song for our times for sure. Brilliant mate
  2. very nice Bjorn - I really like the passage that start around 56 secs
  3. maybe both are a tad but really liking the lower vocal - very cool. Not sure my voice would be right for it but I'd have a go at some backing vocals in the chorus if no-one else pipes up.
  4. I'll take that - thanks Gary wow 64 years - fantastic. Thanks for the listen David I thought we agreed that I was the one with the nice organ and you were the one with an impressive bottom end...
  5. Thanks so much Sabby. You're very kind mate. They are. Thanks so much Bjorn Thanks Tom my mate - I'll take Squeeze.
  6. Thanks so much Rob cool - good to know - thanks Tom Thanks Freddy - I got the better end of the deal I prefer top-less
  7. Thanks so much. We enjoyed it to
  8. Thanks Mesh my bro from another mo
  9. daryl1968

    What Storm

    it's going down a storm here.... Needs vocals - I thought you did that now Wookster?
  10. Thanks a lot Sabby - please don't retire - we love your stuff!
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