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  1. daryl1968

    Remember My Name - new original

    Hi folks Sorry I've been a bit absent recently. Here's a new song that I've recorded - the subject is close to my heart - crits and nits welcome. Remember My Name Written and performed by Staypress You've changed - you're not the person you used to be It's strange but you were a kind of hero to me It's a shame to feel so damned emotionally The blame lies squarely with no-one intentionally Chorus It hurts to see you this way Although I've learned to live for today You may not remember my name But one thing's for sure, I'm going to love you all the same Verse 2 Your fame will continue no matter what I do Your friends have a pretty high opinion of you You live and I'm sure you're legend will grow But I'm telling you that you're not the person I know Chorus
  2. daryl1968

    I Smell Fish

    I tried to dance to this and now I have done my back in - where do I send the medical bill? You are a funky monkey Mr Q and I like monkeys
  3. daryl1968

    Mervyn's Magic Moustache

    Cool. I'll check it out. Thanks Kev - very nice of you to say. I like moustaches
  4. daryl1968

    Mervyn's Magic Moustache

    I remember Kev! How do you get your music on Amazon?
  5. daryl1968

    "Demented Circus"

    Tom - sorry for the prolonged absence - this is brilliant - definitely a keeper.
  6. daryl1968


    Have you taken this one down John? I went to listen and got Gingers Song.
  7. daryl1968

    peanut butter toast (freddy and the kid) get the catsup

    I respectfully disagree mate. Personally, I find it so easy to be drawn into the standard verse, chorus, verse, chorus, mid 8 etc etc but I love the random nature of this. I'm not saying you'll ever hear this on mainstream radio but, in a world full of band in a box, there is definitely a place for a freeform song like this. Don't ever stop my friend.
  8. daryl1968

    peanut butter toast (freddy and the kid) get the catsup

    You do this so well Jesse - it sounds effortless but you make some great choices. Love the reversed drum 'rolls'
  9. daryl1968

    Unanswered Prayer

    good performance Gary. Reverb sounds good. Vocal needs some bottom end rolled off and brought down in the mix a tad for my taste.
  10. daryl1968

    Take to the Sky - sorta colab

    Thanks Steve - I also wondered about the acoustic. Tom can certainly play and sing - his band plays out three times a week EVERY week
  11. daryl1968

    Take to the Sky - sorta colab

    Thanks Freddy
  12. daryl1968

    Take to the Sky - sorta colab

    Hey Jesse - thanks mate. Only a teeny bit of Mel o'dyne on this one - not like my own vocals that require a truck load. The bass has some slight distortion on it and compressed. The guitar was mic'd through a little vox speaker (old school) and then a unicorn cast a mixing spell on me so I don't remember the rest.
  13. daryl1968

    Silver Lining

    Great song and performances Lynn. Drums/Percussion could use some work imho - I think there's a couple of kick drums that needn't be there and they're muddying the water
  14. daryl1968

    Take to the Sky - sorta colab

    Thanks Lynn - you're the best