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  1. beautiful playing and tasteful tones Kenny. Why is there a picture of my weekend cottage on this track?
  2. Thanks a lot Nigel Very kind of you Tom. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thank you very kindly Thanks John - yes, he is cute isn't he?
  4. daryl1968

    Hey There

    nail on the head - Travelling Wilburys - a great thing in my book. I really like this one Freddy
  5. you must have struggled for space in that nutshell. It hasn't stopped you making a lovely piece of music here Tim my mate. Really emotive Was it a coconut shell at least?
  6. daryl1968

    Blind Boy Blues

    lovely stuff Rik - phrasing is impeccable and your tone is superb.
  7. Nice atmospheric tune - definitely would suit the role playing game genre
  8. wow - those guitars sound immense. Basslines are also nicely played and inventive. Another +1 for the drums coming up in the mix. Excellent, creative work.
  9. So sorry mate - Dogs are just the best
  10. Thank you very much Thanks Bjorn. I think I agree with you.
  11. Love the rhythm track and space in the mix - really tasteful and tasty synth sounds. Very nice indeed sir.
  12. Great stuff. Love the vocal - reminds me of Dr and the Medics or Dave Vanian from The Damned.
  13. Great stuff - you've captured the energy superbly. Vocal sounds the shizzle.
  14. Hey Doug - wow that guitar intro hits - nice. I like this a lot - especially the chorus - it is my cup of tea (sorry couldn't resist)
  15. daryl1968


    Very nice David. I agree with all of the above - I would add that the reverb is also spot on.
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