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  1. lovely stuff Fred - the interlude in the middle section is especially pretty
  2. Very nice of you Tom. Thanks
  3. Thanks Bert - I agree on the bassline - I love Bap's throbbing bottom Thanks a lot Makke
  4. Thanks so much mate - I'll take Squeeze
  5. Your voice is the bizniss on this mate. Sounds great Lynn.
  6. daryl1968


    Cool stuff Bert. Snare is a tad sharp but I really like this arrangement
  7. Triple albums - those were the days. Thanks so much Nigel - you're very kind Thanks so much Paul - I really appreciate the listen
  8. a bit like yerself Thanks a lot Makke
  9. daryl1968


    Trump's in a movie? This is really cool David - really gets the vibe across
  10. daryl1968

    Under Your Umbrella

    Heard this on Amazon this afternoon. Very nice again.
  11. daryl1968

    S P A N

    It's everywhere. I use the scattergun approach
  12. daryl1968

    S P A N

    I just followed you on Amazon Music - I'll try and crank up some streams for you mate
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