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  1. daryl1968

    Cool Water

    Great stuff Lynn. Really nice vocals and use of synths. Guitar is great but that's a given. Mix sounds good to me - plenty of room for everything.
  2. sorry mate, I missed the updated version - much better. I'll say it again, great vocal
  3. wowzer Gary - you should be proud - lovely voice and playing. I agree with Tom, the piano is too hot (listening to dry mix). The mids are actually painful to listen to and completely eat up all the eq space. Try a big eq scoop and automating the volume on the louder sections
  4. Beautiful David - my only crit is that it's too short. I vote to extend....
  5. Great fun and well done - nice one Congalocke
  6. Thanks Freddy - I'd love to have seen them. James did a great job on the guitars on this one.
  7. Thanks Tom - you made MrsDaryl's day
  8. Really hypnotic this one Wookster - fab sounds. Enjoyed the section from 3.19.
  9. Thank you very much Chuckebaby - very kind of you
  10. We're glad you like a bit of pickle John.
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