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  1. Great stuff mate. Would work perfectly for a recurring theme in a Horror flick.
  2. What Chandler says on the velocity - definitely. This is a beautiful composition
  3. wow - definitely worth a head phone listen. Some ear candy here mate
  4. bloody lovely Eric - great playing and the mix is spot on
  5. thanks gorgeous awww thanks so much Lynn - you're too kind mate Thanks a lot Eric - very kind of you Thanks Jeff - ha - I know exactly what you mean sir
  6. Well I really enjoyed your cover. I'm glad you continue to do your thing mate 🙂
  7. Yes, it's working now. Enjoyed it a lot - it stands very well as your cover.
  8. Lovely Mark and Warren - I really like the bird (?) sounds and atmospherics. It has a Rascals vibe.
  9. Wow, that's so nice of you - thanks so much. I tried to listen to Hey Joe yesterday but the lik wouldn't work. I'll try again from my pc later. Thanks again mate. This made my day
  10. Thanks John. I did have someone in mind when I started writing but I soon realised that it was autobiographical. Cheers
  11. daryl1968


    Lovely stuff!
  12. Thanks so much Paul. Hope you are well mate Thank you Bjorn my friend Thanks so much Freddy. Ha. Thanks Tom
  13. Thanks a lot Larry - love a bit of early EBTG Very kind of you mate - much appreciated Thanks Mark - you're very kind
  14. Hi John I hope you've been well mate. This is really cool - you're stuff always reminds me of Donald Fagen.
  15. Hi Freddy I hope you are well my mate. Love the guitar refrain in this one. I agree that the vocal effect is a little heavy and could be diallied back. Great fun.
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