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  1. Thanks Lynn - really appreciate it mate
  2. Thanks Tom. Yes they heard it and loved it. My daughter is still a bit pissed off with him but they should be back together in around a week. I like a happy ending keep safe and healthy my mate. We must be due another colab......
  3. Thanks Tim. It is a very strange and sad time mate
  4. Thanks for the listen and great ideas Tom
  5. Thanks mate - you got the slave bit right.......
  6. really liking this one Doug - great backing vocals (as usual) and guitar work. I would also add more kick - the drums lack a bit of drive. Just listening to that guitar solo again - really good work
  7. Hi fine forum folk I sincerely hope that everyone is keeping safe and healthy. I wrote this song about my daughter and her boyfriend who found themselves stranded 200 miles apart when the UK government locked everything down on March 23rd . Lyrics are below the link. Lockdown Love (a true love story for our times) Written, performed and recorded by Staypress Backing vocals Elizabeth Greenway V1 You and I were inseparable The like you've not seen before The damage was irreparable So they laid down the law V2 You travelled to your parents house I didn't want you to go The government locked it down Not saying I told you so Prech You were not into waiting Now we're self isolating Ch It's a love lockdown Not sure when you'll be around It's a love lockdown Cos you're in a different town V3 If they'd pulled the plug a day before The day you left me behind We'd have been behind this door I wish that we could rewind Pch 2 My god you should have seen us Before they made a distance between us Ch X2 Middle bit I can't help but think it would be different If we'd washed our hands and kept our distance I can't help but think it would be better If we'd stayed indoors obeyed the law to the letter Now we're many miles apart Wish we'd listened from the start Living in a Lockdown Ch to end
  8. daryl1968

    A Small Collage

    Great song and performances Tim - I really like your voice! I agree with Doug that the vocal is a little too loud in the mix
  9. I remember the track and this video is great - really quirky. I think I once dated that sheep
  10. lovely Tom - really nice chord changes - beautiful piano playing Mix-wise the 'acoustic guitar' is too loud when it comes in for my ears and I'd like to hear more kick and less snare
  11. This was great work on your part Lynn. I only gave you bare bones - you put flesh on em
  12. Thanks Beags my mate - you're the best You are very kind Paulo - thanks a million Cheers Lasse - hope you're well. James did a great job on the guitar Thanks Lynn - very kind mate. You and I need to do something again
  13. Ha. Thanks David Thanks a lot Paul.
  14. This really messes with my internal groove but in a good way. Just when I thought I'd got it, I hadn't. Brilliant
  15. Thanks Mate - very kind of you. I intended something different at the end but I ran of tape
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