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  1. Bapu remixed this and it has been updated on Soundcloud
  2. Thanks so much Rik You're the best Tom. Thanks mate
  3. Thanks KS. It's a misspent youth. There is a ton of distortion and nastiness everywhere on this one but I don't believe there's any clipping.
  4. Hi folks This one is out and out punk pop fun - Ed and me threw it together in a couple of days all told. Had a lot of fun with this one The current Mrs Daryl1968 makes a brief appearance on this one Lyrics below link Nits and crits welcome No Imagination Written and performed by Ed Kocol and Daryl Greenway With backing vocals by Liz Greenway Verse 1: Always been a simple man Doing right, the best I can Eat, sleep, work. Well, that's the plan Never gone beyond a white work van Prech Fancy cars are not my style I'll never walk the miracle mile I've aways been a simple guy and I guess that's why that I've stopped tryin Chorus: No imagination Happy with my station All I wanna do Is share my love with you It's been my foundation no imagination All I wanna do Is share my love with you Verse 2 Always been a simple soul, Day by day I play my role. From dawn to dusk, I toil and strive, In that white van I come alive. Prech Chorus Bridge: I don't have to think at all Never been against the wall My world changed because of you I'm gonna see this through with you, with you Chorus
  5. Thanks so much Nigel - this has been fixed (a bit like my dog) Gracias Senor Tom
  6. Lovely tone Rik. Super relaxing
  7. Lol. Hope you are well mate Cheers mate You did a great job on this Lynn
  8. This is lovely Barry. Well recorded and performed
  9. SoundCloud link updated with a new, drummyer mix. (Drummyer? Drumly? Drumful?)
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