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  1. Great stuff chaps. The mix is spot on Baps
  2. Great stuff folks. Ken definitely the star on this one. Great vocal
  3. Thanks for asking me to join you on this one Lasse. Thoroughly enjoyed it
  4. This is really enjoyable - love me some quirky synth sounds (as you know)
  5. Thanks so much Supareels - I preferred your pre-edited comment but this is also great. Very kind of you
  6. Wow, this is real ear candy. The effect on the guitar is beautiful. Nice one Wookster
  7. Thanks Antler - much appreciated Hi Doug - thanks so much mate - glad you enjoyed long time The The fan John - great work and This is the Day ranks among my all time top ten - it never fails to pick me up Thanks Makke - I hope you are well mate Thanks Lasse - very much appreciate your kind words mate Thanks Lynn - it's about time for us wouldn't you say?..... I told my son - he was very pleased you liked that one Fred Thanks so much Tom - you're very kind sir
  8. daryl1968


    Very trippy video. I've heard to music before right? V nice
  9. Thanks Jack - appreciate the heads up
  10. Definitely cut to the vocal earlier cos wants it gets going, it's a great groove and melody.
  11. lovely subtle mix and great playing! V nice Mark
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