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  1. I'd forgotten this one mate. Great fun
  2. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy new year x
  3. Hi folks Merry Christmas! Here's a song that my ape mate @Bapu and I covered a few year's back. Stay well lovely people
  4. Bloody marvelous chaps.
  5. Great stuff mate. Would work perfectly for a recurring theme in a Horror flick.
  6. What Chandler says on the velocity - definitely. This is a beautiful composition
  7. wow - definitely worth a head phone listen. Some ear candy here mate
  8. bloody lovely Eric - great playing and the mix is spot on
  9. thanks gorgeous awww thanks so much Lynn - you're too kind mate Thanks a lot Eric - very kind of you Thanks Jeff - ha - I know exactly what you mean sir
  10. Well I really enjoyed your cover. I'm glad you continue to do your thing mate 🙂
  11. Yes, it's working now. Enjoyed it a lot - it stands very well as your cover.
  12. Lovely Mark and Warren - I really like the bird (?) sounds and atmospherics. It has a Rascals vibe.
  13. Wow, that's so nice of you - thanks so much. I tried to listen to Hey Joe yesterday but the lik wouldn't work. I'll try again from my pc later. Thanks again mate. This made my day
  14. Thanks John. I did have someone in mind when I started writing but I soon realised that it was autobiographical. Cheers
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