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  1. I see, and I wouldn't be able to confirm it either way, as my computers are already "infected" with DRM. You will obviously need a fresh "victim" to be your guinea pig! That is a curious "Redeem on DRM-free, Other Platform" note on the product listing. Almost wonder if that is a typo? https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/articles/204277138-How-to-Download-DRM-Free-Content
  2. Well then, there's probably a whole lot of questionable acquisitions on the "Deals" forum! GAS! 🤣
  3. Speaking of value, the cost of buying Painter 2023 directly from Corel is $339 for full, or $179 for an upgrade. https://www.painterartist.com/en/product/painter/ So I would say that getting the full version of Painter 2022 for $31 is a steal!!! Even if it is not the latest, greatest version. In most Humble Bundles that I have bought, many of the bundled items are of no interest to me, and I only install what I want. Still always an excellent value!
  4. In my experience Corel installs license protection. I believe it is called Protexis Licensing Service [PsiService_2.exe].
  5. I have been a user of CorelDraw for years. If you are into graphics and digital painting, then Painter is also a good deal. Never have really been a fan of PaintShop Pro. Adobe Photoshop Elements and Affinity Photo meet my needs well for photo editing. I bought a Humble Bundle a while back that included Painter, Aftershot, VideoStudio, and CorelCad. I think I'm set OK for things as a graphics hobbyist!
  6. Has been deleted from my computer.
  7. Kontakt has a Factory Library? I just thought Kontakt was for all of those "requires full Kontakt" libraries... 😂
  8. I think software gets accounted for in something more like in a "dog years" equivalent, than hardware does in actual years. Some software ages well, some does not. The Surge XT project really shows what can happen if a retired soft synth is open-sourced by it's owner, and then picked up by a loving, dedicated team of developers!
  9. Better than wasting thousands on hardware!
  10. Well at least now you won't need the Roland Cloud version of that!
  11. Yep, haha! I pick my poison very selectively. Pace iLok gets a pass. But just barely... 😂
  12. I've got one of those JV-1080's, and always thought the internal GM sound set was way better than any soundfont or Sound Blaster!
  13. Thinking about this again, just realized that the original z3ta+ is now 20 years old! 😲 Almost as old as Absynth that was just retired by NI after 22 years. If you are looking for an oldie subtractive-hybrid synth with some interesting waveshaping chops, take a look at the Surge XT synth. Based on the original Vember Audio Surge that sold for $180 back in 2007. https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/tech/vember-audio-surge-22113 Now an open-source project team is currently maintaining and updating this oldie as a free and open source synth. An FX plugin version is also included. For Win/Mac/Linux: https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/ Surge is back, XTended and open source! Thanks to the generosity of @Kurasu (owner of Vember Audio), Surge has been open sourced and lives on GitHub. This page you're reading right now. Yup! This one right here. It's a part of the surge-synthesizer GitHub project.
  14. Correct! The paid version of RiffStation was discontinued, and was replaced by the no-longer-supported free version, v1.6.3. The free version still works, with no registration required. The original site for the free download is offline now, but a Google search for "RiffStation discontinued" will turn up alternative download sources such as the Wayback Machine, Filehorse, etc.
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