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  1. I post images at Imgur.com and then post direct link here. But I agree that it would be nice if you could drop screen captures at full size directly into the forum!
  2. I think the only limitation to the old account is that you need to have created a Cakewalk single sign on account in 2014. The really old Cakewalk store accounts prior to that were migrated to the Cakewalk single sign on system. That is when the Cakewalk store, the Cakewalk Command Center, and the forum began using a single userid and password.
  3. abacab

    NI Restructure

    I hope they are not going 100% subscription like Adobe did. I will never give another penny to any company that refuses to offer me a perpetual license to the version of their product that I have paid for! If you stop paying for an Adobe subscription, your product reverts to demo mode.
  4. Once you have purchased Fathom Pro, all upgrades to that edition are free, with an optional purchase (donation) to support the project. The developer, Everett, has indicated that he has plans to release premium editions other than Pro, which may require purchase, but upgrades to Pro will always be free to existing owners.
  5. I think that the example posted above by Canopus clearly shows the Cakewalk MIDI track and Kontakt channel assignments needed to make the two instruments respond on separate channels.
  6. I tried a demo of FL Studio. Not the same at all.
  7. I picked up Waveform 8 for the new MIDI pattern generator, which was a clever feature, and a quick and easy way to generate chords, arpeggios, and basslines from a chord progression. Then they added a project level chord track for the MIDI pattern generator in Waveform 9, so I had to have that. But I'm holding off on upgrades for now, because they haven't added any new MIDI tools this time around. That's pretty much all I intended to use Waveform for, to generate MIDI patterns and export them. It is a fun tool for that!
  8. Try copying the image link from the Imgur multiple choice list that is called "direct link", & post that here using the url selector in this forum. That direct link typically ends with a ".png", "jpg", etc.
  9. Actually, AIR and SONiVOX are each owned separately by the parent company that bought them both, InMusic Brands. InMusic Brands also owns Akai, Alesis, M-Audio, and others. https://www.inmusicbrands.com/ I like their plugins, but they really need to show a bit more love to their virtual instruments, instead of just continuing to recycle the same old thing. They had been promising a UI update for the AIR instruments with a new scalable interface for several years. That was according to their marketing rep Simon over at the KVR forum, but nothing has materialized yet. AIR even issued the newer Loom II with the same small UI. I began to lose hope at at that point that updates to the existing instruments were in the works.
  10. See Meng's replies to a similar question last year: http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3745236
  11. Perpetual license plans for the bundles will still be available for $400 to $700. Yeah, right!!! Glad I already got mine for $70.
  12. The latest PDF is the best option for offline use. No context help (F1) is the only drawback, but if you use a decent PDF reader with a powerful search function, is almost as good!
  13. In addition to the setting, the plugin developer needs to have set the appropriate flags in the plugin for that feature to work. Some older plugins are not in compliance with that standard and will need to be manually hidden.
  14. As far as I can tell, Computer Music/Music Radar is not affiliated with Music Tech/BandLab.
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