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  1. The Hammond B-3X was a major upgrade for me from the AIR DB-33. What can I say? It was included in the IK group buy last year. Winning!
  2. You are only as old as you feel!!!
  3. Please excuse any over simplification here, or repeated info from earlier posts. I am trying to make this statement as complete and brief as possible. There are two different things related to recording virtual instruments that need to be understood, since a virtual instrument uses two tracks, one for MIDI input, and one for audio output. You can record either or both, and the setup will vary depending on what you need to accomplish. 1. MIDI input. Record the MIDI data that you perform via a MIDI controller set to the track input. MIDI has no sound, it is essentially only note and controller data. Note: if you are playing back a MIDI file or MIDI loop pattern (often included in drum instruments), you already have the MIDI data. So there is no need to be concerned with recording any more MIDI for this instrument. However, if you are performing the MIDI part in real-time from an external keyboard controller or MIDI drum pads, you may wish to capture the MIDI from that performance, for further editing, etc. This here excellent video covers the MIDI recording for a drum virtual instrument. It is queued up to begin at 6:45 in the video (Adding Instruments), but you may want to view from the beginning. Mike is a great tutor! 2. Audio output. To capture the audio output of a virtual instrument, if that is what you are trying to do, is a bit different. Scroll down to "To record Audio Only". You will need to insert an additional audio track for this purpose, as it will be explained here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=SoftSynths.27.html
  4. Good advice. I was comparing it to TS3, which I do not need at this point, as I have all of that content that I want. Someday Comprexxor will be $20. I can wait (said with hands and wallet shaking).
  5. So straight up, this new T-RackS module is $69 with the $30 IK discount auto applied in my cart. The TS3 upgrade is still $299 in my cart, so if I just want the new module, $69 is not a bad price!
  6. abacab

    AIR Updates

    The times that I have experienced this not working correctly were always due to bugs in the plugin. But often the actual most recent parameters were saved, but the preset name might be missing from the plugin GUI. This would be frustrating if it had been a while since I opened the project and couldn't remember the name of the sound. It would play the saved sound correctly, but any tweaks I had made to it would disappear as soon as I reloaded the preset to get the name back. A workaround for this might be to open the project, then immediately "save as" the preset in the plugin as a new patch name, in order to preserve your tweaks.
  7. abacab

    AIR Updates

    Yes, very common, but it's not the soft synth doing the remembering... The plugin host (DAW) should remember all current plugin states any time the project file is saved. In fact I often "bank" (no pun intended) on this feature instead of actually saving a preset in the plugin.
  8. abacab

    AIR Updates

    So, overall I'm not into AIR bashing. I still think that I got a great deal for the collection. But overall, I'm just disappointed that they don't do more with their existing portfolio of virtual instruments. So much potential... 😢
  9. I don't have P5 currently installed. Maybe this weekend I can try it again. Currently running ASIO, with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 G3 on Windows 10 20H2.
  10. abacab

    AIR Updates

    AIR has been a great value (bang) for the buck! However, I continue to be conflicted about their customer and technical support practices. It would be nice to see them re-establish a respectable presence in that regard.
  11. abacab

    AIR Updates

    I guess that the latest fixes are for OS updates only. So much for progress with promised improvements to user interfaces...
  12. abacab

    AIR Updates

    If you load up the AIR instruments in Akai VIP 3, you can leverage the VIP preset browser with extensive tagging, and their unified environment. The AIR instruments also have factory patch maps included so that they are plug and play ready with VIP 3. Note: VIP 3 supports VST2 plugins only, but the AIR collection meets that requirement. There have been a few deep sales for VIP recently, so don't pay full asking price. Because development seems to have halted on VIP... still no VST3 plugin support.
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