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  1. https://www.tx16wx.com/shop/ Starting at 39 Euros ...
  2. I would say TX if you just want to craft your own sample libraries. It's a good sampler engine. But as far as I know there is not really a marketplace for pre-made TX sample libraries. Kontakt has many NI, commercial, and free 3rd party pre-made libraries.
  3. That appears to be correct! This version is one of the full versions that NI have had for sale, with 100 presets! They are typically retail priced at $49 each. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/catalog/komplete/play-series/
  4. Komplete Start included instruments: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/komplete-start/included-products/
  5. If you do, it should show up in Kontakt 6 in your list of libraries as the Play Series Selection with the instruments ( Analog Dreams, Ethereal Earth, and Hybrid Keys). If not get Komplete Start (free) here: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/komplete-start/
  6. My bad. Technically I should have said "real-time" audio recording. The mic input is designed for a mic (cheap), not an instrument. No decent preamp included. I also realize the OP was attempting to use the East/West Composer Cloud for playback, so I was attempting to guide them to a better solution for their sound. Anybody expecting quality results from that probably should have a professional audio interface, rather than RealTek. I use ASIO4ALL/Realtek on my laptop, so I am familiar with that, and I adjust my expectations accordingly. But would I recommend it to a serious user. No. (my main DAW is a desktop with pro interface. Also game audio is not real-time. Unless you are talking player to player coms. The game audio is pre-recorded and buffered as needed for playback, so it should not have any interruptions.
  7. abacab

    SampleTank 4 CS

    For Max it does... within each instrument category there is a section for 2 & 3.
  8. This is part of Komplete Play, which has been free for a while. It's a component of the free Play Series Selection. So if you have that already installed, you probably already got this! I do, and I don't see a newer version of Play Series Selection in my Native Access.
  9. SETTING UP MIDI MODE 1. Create a MIDI track and an audio track. 2. Ensure audio data exists on the audio track. If you are using a pre-recorded audio clip, the transport needs to be playing back. If using a live audio input, you need have monitoring enabled on that track. 3. Insert VocalSynth as a plug-in on the audio track. 4. In the Output section of the MIDI track: set it to point to the VocalSynth plugin. 5. Enable MIDI input in the Cakewalk plugin header for the VocalSynth plugin (the little drop-down menu next to the VST tag) so that it can receive MIDI data from your controller. Note: You won't hear any audio track output until the plugin receives MIDI data.
  10. abacab

    SampleTank 4 CS

    I believe ST4 Max also includes the ST3 libraries. But you don't need to download and install the ST3 stuff again if you already have ST3 installed. Just point ST4 to that path and you are good to go. No import required in that case. I still have ST3 and ST4 running side by side, but I only really need to open ST4 at this point to access everything! If you have older IK libraries (pre ST3), you can import them into ST3, which will make them available to ST4 as part of your ST3 content.
  11. abacab

    SampleTank 4 CS

    I started from an existing ST4 Max 4.09. I had previously used an instrument content path for all of my ST3 stuff, that included Syntronik and Miro 2. Then I added a separate path for all of my ST4 Max instrument installers. So before I added CS, I had two discrete paths for content, ST3 & ST4. Then I did the following to add the ST4 CS instruments: Upgraded to ST4 Max 4.10. Authorized the ST4 CS serial in the Authorization Manager. Downloaded and installed the ST4 CS instruments to my ST4 content path. I did not install the ST4 CS application, as I already had Max. Ensured both content paths were still showing correctly in ST4 settings UI for both ST3 and ST4 content. Re-scanned.
  12. abacab

    SampleTank 4 CS

    I can see that too. I haven't bothered with the "folder view" lately, so news to me! Not sure when that started...but looks like a nested folder path that is a duplicate of the top level. After checking further, it looks like a software bug to me, as I don't see a duplication of the folders in the actual ST4 content path on disk.
  13. abacab

    SampleTank 4 CS

    I'm an existing ST4 Max user. Also be sure to re-check your content paths in ST4. After I ran the CS sounds installer, it had replaced my ST3 content path with another ST4 path. So I deleted all paths and re-added the correct paths and re-scanned. All good and working now!
  14. abacab

    SampleTank 4 CS

    Launch the authorization manager (separate app) and enter your serial #.
  15. abacab

    SampleTank 4 CS

    First you will need to run the IK Authorization Manager and put any new serial numbers in there to unlock the products. Then SampleTank 4 allows multiple paths to content. I use two separate folder paths, one for my SampleTank 3 related content (ST3, Miroslav 2, Syntronik), and a second for any ST4 content. Put both paths in the SampleTank Sound Content in ST4 Settings. and click Rescan All. Then you should see everything available and unlocked. I will add that the ST3 related products can be used directly in ST4 without importing them. Just by adding the content path will do it, as the ST3 sample player engine is included within ST4.
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