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  1. What other synths have you tried with VIP that didn't work? It's hit or miss, but most synths that I've tried will at least import patches manually. Before Akai shut down their user groups, I managed to grab a few VIP user created plugin maps for Dim Pro, Rapture, and Z3TA+2. They don't have all the expansions, but cover the factory presets. Not all plugins will import presets to VIP, because some plugins refuse to share preset info with their host. It's problem with the plugin. Akai never tried to put restrictions on 3rd party plugins like Native Instruments does with Komplete Kontrol and their NKS ecosystem.
  2. I'll say this again because I have all of the old Cakewalk Sonar plugins. I love some of the old instruments too! They are cool for nostalgia's sake, and many of them even still sound great! But I have a hard time justifying the hard drive space to keep them around. Time has marched on, and there are much better VST instruments available, even for free now! If you want more, just go out and download the free plugins that are available, or buy professional plugins if you can afford them. Cakewalk as a core DAW is the best free DAW available anywhere. A lot of the previous purchase price for Sonar was tied up in premium instrument and effects add-ons. So just roll your own bundle now, and you are all set!
  3. The Roland Sound Canvas VA plugin is probably the closest GM plugin to TTS-1. You can buy a lifetime license for the Roland Sound Canvas VA (GS/GM) plugin for USD $69 through the Roland Cloud (free version, no subscription required).
  4. But you said earlier that TTS-1 no longer works correctly with your workflow. And since it is no longer maintained by Roland, you will need a replacement, correct?
  5. Yep, grabbed the free Layers orchestral library first thing...
  6. I agree! That is why in addition to Cakewalk (user since Cakewalk Pro Audio 9), I also have the full versions of Studio One 5, Ableton Live 11, and Tracktion Waveform 11.
  7. Yet another player! This SINE Player seems to be a new breed of sample library player, with a few new tricks! I was not aware of this one. Watch the videos on the website. The majestic horn is well worth 2 euro! Nice legato.
  8. Studio One offers a lot more than Cakewalk. But Cakewalk is most likely enough for most DAW user needs.
  9. Probably means X2 up through Sonar Platinum. The PIB site says:
  10. You know that you secretly want to WUP. All the denial is a sure sign, LOL! 🤣
  11. With all due respect, it's not a WUP scare tactic. If you can do without support and product updates after a year, WUP is totally optional. I have only WUPped once, and that was a good deal IMHO to get the resizable plugin UI's and the modern preset browsers. But I will probably forgo WUP in the future...
  12. Mac owners can probably afford WUP! 🤣
  13. abacab

    Computer shuts down?

    Follow the link to Tenforums and ensure that your PC is NOT setup to restart after a "blue screen". You want it to halt so that you can note the error code... If you are not getting a blue screen (aka: typically a driver failure), then you more than likely have serious hardware issues with your power supply or motherboard.
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