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  1. Every user needs to decide where they want to store VST2 files. VST3 has fixed directories you shouldn't change (it was one of the design changes they made) but for VST2 you have to pick something. And then you have to make sure it's added to the list of directories your DAW and other VST using apps scan. I'm using c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2 for 64-bit plugins and c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST2 for 32-bit plugins This echos the two directories that VST3 always uses. I don't recommend users install VST into the Cakewalk VST plugin dir. Leave that for Cakewalk stuff. I also recommend you keep 32 and 64 bit separate. There isn't a single one good answer though and no matter what you pick you will have to deal with managing it yourself.
  2. AudioModern products will go on sale again. Many, many times. Let them add MIDI out and then reconsider it. I know I am.
  3. In Native Access you have to setup where to download files to and where to install them. Click the account icon in the upper right and choose preferences. Then give it a valid Download Location, Application location, Content location, VST 64 location and VST 32 location. Hoover over the grey ? next to each one for a description of what that path is. I suspect the path it defualted to for your download location isn't a valid directory which will cause that error. Here's what mine looks like, though my paths are custom so it doesn't download everything to my normal download folder and my NI content is stored on a large content drive. Your setup may be a lot simpler.
  4. The old IK instruments (Sampletank 2.5 generation) do not work correctly in Cakewalk. I seem to remember their being 32-bit was a big factor but it also was some issues with just old Win XP style things as well. If you ran Cakewalk (or SONAR, it applied to both) as admin you could get them to work but it wasn't very reliable, which sounds like what your seeing. You might have more luck using them under jBridge, but I think most people just moved on. Newer versions of Sampletank will load those old libraries if you do some conversions (though you lose the Miroslav GUI features) and do work correctly.
  5. So if you change your track filter to show All on a Simple Instrument track and make it tall enough it shows the output MIDI channel and you can change it. Makes sense now that I looked it up. Yours was set to NONE which means it uses what ever is in the MIDI clip for Channel. If you change it to 1 that'll also fix the problem. On split instruments those settings are all in the track mixer panel and don't depend on how large your track is.
  6. OK first off, never use a simple instrument track with Kontakt. That always leads to a ton of issues because you can't easily control things. In this case if you open the event viewer on your MIDI you'll notice all the notes are set to MIDI channel 3. And since it is a simple instrument track you can't easily redirect it to MIDI channel 1 like you can with a split track setup. In fact I'm not even sure how you set the MIDI channel on a simple instrument track (I'd hope there is some way but I have no clue what it is). In order to hear that MIDI you either need to change the MIDI to channel 1 or change the Kontakt Instrument to channel 3.
  7. Sample rate issues aren't uncommon with a lot of VST plugins. I'm running at 48khz and it worked, but I bet you were running something higher like 96khz?
  8. Put the CWP file on a file share (Dropbox/Google Drive/etc) and let us take a look at it. I have Shreddage 3 Jupiter. Strip the project down to just the problem would be best.
  9. I have all the 8dio libraries in that bundle except for Clocks. They aren't all that bad but Aizerk does seem to have a more powerful UI. But it really is vastly overpriced. For $199 they should have included all 4 titles, not just these two. I have way too many trailer sound effect libraries now to add another one at this price. But if I had to pick between the two I think I'd go for the Aizerk package. 8dio's is really just a bunch of loops and their nice but not as powerful as Keep Forest's loop engine. I should also point out that you do need the full version of Kontakt for either choice.
  10. This sounds like the MIDI clip in question has control messages that are perhaps causing the Kontakt instrument to silence itself. Open the Event Viewer in CbB and see if there are things other than notes (delete them and then remove and reload the Kontakt instrument to reset it). You may also want to turn off the option in CbB for Zero Controllers When Play Stops (which is a project level option under Project->MIDI) sometimes when this is on CbB will send 0 controller messages for a lot of controls to the Kontakt instrument settings volumes and filters to 0, which kills the sounds.
  11. Not that it means much but I just uninstalled UVI Workstation 3.0.5 and installed 3.0.4 (I still had the installer). It works fine with BA2 in Cakewalk! I don't have any way to easily roll Cakewalk back to test 3.0.5 with previous Cakewalk. No clue who should really fix this, but clearly something in UVI changed, breaking these newer fancy instruments. Perhaps something in Cakewalk changed as well.
  12. Beatbox Anthology 2 seems to do this for me as well in Cakewalk but not in Cubase 10, reaper, Rapid Composer, and VSTHost. Does seem to be more of a Cakewalk problem at this point. I'm pretty sure this used to work though since when I got BA2 I used it in Cakewalk and certainly don't remember any problems. But that was several zillion updates to Cakewalk and UVI workstation ago.
  13. They also didn't let me stack the two codes on the same order. So I used my $50 but I haven't tried that $25 code. I believe your personal voucher comes in an email that subject is "Your XX Loyalty Voucher is Here!" and the $25 everyone gets it because we screwed up is in email that subject is "New $25 Loyalty Voucher for you!" with this text:
  14. I got a $50 Loyalty Voucher (with a different code) on 10/2. Then on 10/3 they sent a "New $25 Loyalty Voucher" that one has the code you have above, I think they sent it to everyone.
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