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  1. Note that if you are both a Red Room customer and own Cinemorphx/Morphestra you will get two different coupons, but can only use one of them -- yes, I tried. It also requires the full version of Kontakt. Which seems to be SampleLogic's new thing. The sale price is $249.99 and if you get the discount coupon you get $50 off. The coupons look custom (they aren't generic) but if anyone want's to try here's the one I didn't use: RRA-4gh4-4OfR-omd2-SAI
  2. BOOM Library is celebrating 10 years and have marked their Cinematic Metal bundle (includes both the designed and full construction kit) to $10 https://www.boomlibrary.com/sound-effects/cinematic-metal/ Not sure I need 4000+ metal impact sound effects, but I couldn't pass up the discount. Their site also seems to indicate their will be other celebration deals.
  3. Given the state of the world I think it's fair to say that past sales patterns are unlikely to hold this fall/winter/Christmas. Which certainly may help get a reasonable deal out of EastWest, but I wouldn't hold my breath. They seem to be focused on selling the subscription (and overpricing everything to make that more valuable).
  4. So few EastWest sales include upgrades, you really shouldn't be all that surprised. I can only think of two in the last 4 years.
  5. I'm sure there is some lag in order to do the English translation. I don't think they are making actual separate editions, they are just translating the content. Even with perfect translation software they would have to deal with layout issues. And I don't think any translation system is close to perfect, so figure a good bit of editor work. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a 2-3 week lag between the German and English editions. I hope they at least give it a try for a year.
  6. So I take it the Cabal 8: Cinematic isn't part of this bundle. The other two elements are included with this flagship but not the Cinematic since it appears to be a different instrument (soft semi-acoustic guitar). I'm not sure I really need another heavy metalish string guitar. What is the included MIDI like? I really like Heavier 7 Strings not just because of the tone/instrument but the included MIDI library of guitar riffs.
  7. I don't think the English version of this new issue is out yet. Zinio doesn't show it and it's not on Readly either.
  8. I do think I've seen some new LABS instruments show up in the Spitfire Audio app that I don't think I added to my account on the website -- which you did have to do. But I'll admit after a while all the LABS stuff starts to blend together and I might have added something and just forgot to install it. I've not seen anything formal about it.
  9. Gear of the year for 2020 won't be published until Dec. No mention of them/this in the last four issues of Music Tech (I have a sub).
  10. Inside Cubase when you drag audio from a track it doesn't drag a .wav file (like CbB or most DAWs) instead it drags a text file with a VST-XML record inside it. That XML file has all the details of what exactly you dragged, including the path to the .WAV file, tempo, start and end times, a bunch of stuff. The EzBass didn't support this as a valid drop source before this 1.0.5 update. If S1 works the same way and drags audio clips from tracks like Cubase then I'd assume this new version of EzBass would work with it. It's pretty easy to check though. Inside the DAW have an audio track and drag the audio into the Windows Explorer. From Cubase you get a text file (named something like DroppedText-20200628.txt) and if you open that text file you'll see something like If S1 drag&drops audio like that, it will now work with EzBass. If it does something else though, all bets are off. When I did the Toontrack update that started this thread I only had updates to Latin Percussion EZX and the two parts of EzBass. I try to run the manager at least once a week to make sure I catch things.
  11. It's in the list above "Added support for dragging audio from Cubase." and it seems to work for me.
  12. Looks like there is an EzBass update (to version 1.0.5) long release notes:
  13. Years owned Stutter Edit: 5 years, 4 months, Number of times I've used Stutter Edit in an actual musical piece: 0 I'm waiting for them to fix BreakTweaker's awful performance (and make the UI resizeable). That I actually might be willing to pay $79 for. But Stutter Edit, while cool, is not worth more than $29 in today's market.
  14. The VST 64 binary inside the Windows Hybrid2020_Setup.zip is identical to what I already had (the bytes themselves, not just the reported version number). There is no update here.
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