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  1. Nope. There are no change notes yet, but after installing the updates the pro channel modules still crash for me.
  2. I think what really matters is how much credit having this gets you for getting the full Soundtoys 5 bundle. In the past they were very generous with their "Little" plugins as stepping stones to the full bundle. If having this helps you there, it is a no-brainer.
  3. The automation parameters in the effect rack are supported but in Cakewalk they don't have names, they are all just "unnamed" Then when you pick it, the actual parameter does show up in the automation lane, but it's so small you can't really read it. The individual plugins are much easier to automate in Cakewalk.
  4. I have the full bundle (so it might be different) but in the effects rack if you add one of the plugins and click the gear icon a preset drop down shows up that shows just that module's presets.
  5. Hate to say it but comparing the tone/audio from this to MODO Bass and even the Kontakt Scarbee Pre-Bass I'd take MODO any day over this. It's just kind of blah. Usable and functional but not much more than that. Maybe I'm missing it? Perhaps using the DI version and feeding it into Amplitude would help. The MIDI phrases are pretty nice though and I love the whole grid editor/etc. But soundwise this doesn't seem to fix EzBass's shortcomings. I might just not be the right guy to evaluate the tone and playablity, but as a casual user I don't think I'll be using the sound part of this very much at all.
  6. Looks like 133 new MIDI loops in the expansion (vs 1256 in the base product).
  7. So will all the EzBass expansions be based on 5 string basses? That doesn't seem very "classic rock" to me.
  8. I really don't understand the currency conversion on this one. Where did Best get $49 from? It includes new MIDI as well as the sound (unlike the EzKey sound expansions). $40 off a $89 product at release is a crazy good deal.
  9. This might be of interest to Cakewalk users: What's New Version: v1.0.5 Changes in this version: SINE Player 1.0.5 resolves an issue leading to freezes and crashes in some sequencers, and brings some other fixes and tweaks. New Features: The Mic Remote will now show sound levels for all mic positions. UI Improvements: The Library will now no longer refresh automatically and reset open folders while downloads are running. If no instrument is loaded in the Articulation List, the Performance View will show a message to that effect. Performance and Reliability Improvements: SINE wrongly assumed that all audio production would run on a sequencer's audio thread(s). Turned out some do their own thing, and now SINE is ready for it. This fix solves the Logic Pro crashes and freezes reported, as well as stopping SINE from freezing when using Cubase's "Freeze" feature. It also makes SINE work in Cakewalk again. Fixed a crash when unloading a plugin instance while preloading was still running. Fixed an issue where the host would freeze if started without an audio driver selected. When overlapping notes while keyswitching, in some cases notes could hang. Now they will correctly stop. When you had single articulations of an instrument loaded, and afterwards installed additional mic positions of that instrument, existing projects would wrongly load all articulations of the instrument. Now they only load what was loaded previously. When you dragged an instrument on top of an existing instrument, it would lose its MIDI channel assignment. When importing existing content, in some cases a duplicate Series entry was created. When two instruments were set to "Omni" MIDI channel and you adjusted the playable range of the 2nd instrument, it would not react to MIDI anymore. If you try to delete a mic position that was already removed from your hard drive for whatever reason, SINE won't crash anymore.
  10. Here's a bit more on it from @Noel Borthwick he might be able to explain it more https://sdk.steinberg.net/viewtopic.php?t=665&start=10
  11. Seems that way for me too, you can toggle the enable on the plugin in the track but the plugin window's Host Bypass toggle button is disabled. All the Native Instrument effect plugins seem that way in the most recent CbB. It's not just NI plugins either, the Host Bypass button is disabled on lots of plugins (though not all of them). I think it must be some sort of feature that plugins have to support and not all of them do. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Host-bypass-Not-active-m3524917.aspx
  12. There is yet another update to World Suite 2. 1.0.2 ------ - [FIX] Loops loading in Travelers - Minor fixes
  13. Ah, your right. It's been awhile since I looked at a Cakewalk crash dump. I think I confused it with the Roland GrooveSynth DXi. Anything loading out of the Shared DXI directory scares me.
  14. So your crash shows the following as a module loaded by SONAR Platinum: *a:\program files (x86)\Cakewalk\shared dxi\AAS\M1\M1.dll Which is all kinds of weird. I'm not sure why it's a DirectX plugin? And why the crash says it's loading off of drive a: (which is also the path for asio4all) (crash paths can be wrong/broken though but it's very odd) I also see GroovePlayer.dll loaded (it's buggy, don't use it) and two ASIO drivers (ASIO4ALL which is never a good idea) and a DigiTech GNX3000 ASIO driver. I don't think you are loading anything close to the current Korg M1 VST plugin or if you are I can't understand why it's installed in the shared dxi directory? I suspect you need to correctly configure SONAR/CbB (ideally you really need to let Platinum go) to load plugins from the correct directories. You also may need to clean out a bunch of Cakewalk shared directories. I don't recommend installing 3rd party plugins into the same directories as Cakewalk's internal plugins. Most likely what your running in Studio One isn't the same thing your running inside SONAR/Cakewalk which is why it works for Studio One and not for Cakewalk. I'm willing to bet your crash is almost certainly software installation/configuration based. Uninstall things. Delete directories Reinstall in a clean an organized manner. Reset SONAR/Cakewalk configurations and paths and set them to the correct ones. For example I recommend picking simple directories to install plugins to. Here's what I'm using: 32-bit plugins install to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST2 64-bit plugins install to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2 VST3 plugins are always supposed to be installed in these directories, even if some vendors will let you change this, doing so is never a good idea: 32-bit VST3 install to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3 64-bit VST3 install to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 You may also need to reinstall various Microsoft C++ runtime DLLs and/or update Windows. Which can sometimes help these kinds of crashes.
  15. When you pick the version you also have to toggle the Windows box, it resets you to Mac.
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