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  1. The modules I think are just Synthedit things. The "engine" was more a hand/manual conversion of Synthedit into a full C++ plugin. Maybe. Not sure it really matters, with Synthedit I prefer a total quarantine. It's the only way to be sure.
  2. I found a demo version of some of their stuff on vst4free.com Looking at the binary it claims to be using something called the CK Engine Which I'm guessing is this: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=460229&start=45 So not Synthedit anymore. I'd still avoid though.
  3. This old review of Blue Grand by the same guys on KvR says it's Synthedit https://www.kvraudio.com/product/blue-grand-by-sound-magic Not sure what this is, but it sure looks like Synth Edit.
  4. Nothing to go on in the crash dump. The thread that crashes is all Cakewalk (so only someone at Cakewalk could tell what it was doing). It does look like your using behringer_xuf_1394_asio_x64.dll for an Audio driver. I'm guessing this is the Firewire version of Behringer's XUF?. Not sure how well a driver last updated in 2013 using a Firewire is going to work in modern Win 10. Your Win 10 is behind, crash dump says you are running 10.0.18362 which is the May 2019 build of Windows. There is a newer version 1909, November 2019 release. But honestly there really isn't anything in the crash dump to help narrow it down. A Cakewalk developer with the PDB symbols for Cakewalk might be able to tell more. About the only thing I'd recommend is updating everything you can.
  5. What were the settings on the problem project? I tried the Brian May presets at 48khz/16 (my defaults) and didn't have any problems, but would like to know what to avoid.
  6. Falcon too. But no updated release notes yet for either.
  7. It really depends on the developer. For example Fabfilter's Pro-Q 3 on Windows doesn't allow free resizing in the VST2 version. Only the VST3 version can be sized to any size you want. The VST2 version just has a menu of pre-set sizes. It was a choice they made when they did the development. If you didn't install the VST3 version you would be missing out. And it's not the only one (sizing features are very often the difference between VST2 and VST3 plugins). VST3 also does a few side-chaining things better than VST2. On the other hand VST2 handles MIDI pass through/generation slightly better than VST3. An example of this is Blue Cat's Plug'n Script's VST3 version which doesn't work very well processing MIDI events but the VST2 version works great (I learned this the hard way). I'd say choice of VST2 vs VST3 shouldn't be automatic, it depends on the product/plugin.
  8. Spark 2 was in V Collection 4 and then dropped for Collection 5+. They did release some bug fixes for Spark 2 not too long ago (a surprise because every one thought it was dead). It's the only thing from Collection 4 I still have installed. It's actually pretty cool, if you have any interest in drum machines/beats/dance music.
  9. Your PC motherboard must have support for Thunderbolt built in. There is no way to add a card to a generic motherboard that doesn't have support to get Thunderbolt on a PC. But if you own the "right" motherboard and buy the motherboard's Thunderbolt card (or it could come with it for some "deluxe" packages or be actually built on the board for some recent motherboards) you can get Thunderbolt on a PC. Your audio interface manufacturer also has to provide a Windows driver. I think most are these days, but older Thunderbolt audio interfaces could be Mac only. You can't just add Thunderbolt to any PC. I don't think many(any?) AMD motherboards have Thunderbolt support (yet), so you'd have to an Intel motherboard.
  10. The ST4 UI and preset loading system is a bit weird at first. Groove3 has a SampleTank 4 Explained video (with Eli Krantzberg) that isn't that bad (if you happen to have a sub). Though I don't think it goes into the included multis all that much, since that section actually was expanded after the initial software release. But if you want to learn the interface and some of the more complex features it is maybe the best video guide I've seen. ST4 is better than ST3 by a good ways. I'm not sure I've ever used the drum kits that much, they don't seem as good as Superior Drummer 3/EZDrummer/Addictive Drums 2/etc. But they are certainly usable. The big thing I wish they might address is that ST4 lost the visible keyswitch guide that ST3 instruments had. This was very nice with the Miroslav instruments. In ST3 you could see the keyswitch guide but in ST4 it's just some red colored keys. You can see what articulation is active in the main parts view (shows up under the instrument name) but that's it. Sampletank has never been home of the deeply sampled super-realistic scripted instruments you can find in Kontakt. But for a rompler its sounds aren't all that bad. I know there are still some outstanding issues with 4.0.9 (check KvR for the thread). But at least for me 4.0.9 and the sounds update that went with it, addressed most of the problems. I still don't trust the VST3 version though and stick with the VST2. For Sampletank 3 this was pretty much required, for Sampletank 4 I believe the VST3 should be stable, but the long history of it crashing (when the VST2 wouldn't) kind of makes me avoid it.
  11. You may need to download each of the Sampletank sound installers, unzip them and run them and point them to the same directory. Trying to get around the installer by "hand unzipping" may result in more problems. There are a lot of downloads and installers for Sampletank content (even more if you are doing the full MAX version) and it takes forever to fully unzip and run all of them. When you are finally done, start the stand alone version and it will rebuild the database. Which takes forever also. When it's all done though you should have a ton of presets even for the SE version.
  12. I wouldn't put too much into Windows icons. The whole system for how that works is kind of broken. Software can be installed and work 100% and still not have the right Windows icons. If you Google around you'll find tons of people with issues and advice on rebuilding the icon cache etc. But it can be a sign something is wrong too. I'm not sure what's in the SE library (I have MAX plus a huge collection of Sampletank 3 libraries that Sampletank 4 loads/uses). You may need to download some installers though. Here's the sound list: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/include/st4/soundlist/SampleTank_4_SE_Instruments.pdf That's a pretty big list of instruments (30gigs). Sampletank 4.0.9 has definitely been better than a few of the earlier releases. You might want to search your computer to make sure you don't accidentally have older versions of the plugins in other directories. If your Sampletank 4 content dir isn't near 30gigs I'd say you're missing something.
  13. Sampletank 4 (and all IK instruments) all use OpenGL for their UI. OpenGL isn't provided by Windows, it's actually provided by your video card driver. Video card drivers almost always need to be updated/maintained by hand. Windows won't do it right. You may want to update your video card drivers. If Sampletank crashes when you first insert it, that would be the most likely cause. If Sampletank doesn't crash when you first insert it, but rather when you try to open a project you saved using it. That's a completely different kind of issue. Your description of the problem is very unclear. Problems with Sampletank once it's open and the other things in your first message about instruments and arpeggios, sounds more like an installation problem, which could very well be your crashing issue as well. Installing Sampletank and all the sound libraries can involve a bit of pain (especially the larger MAX package). You really need to read and install it exactly how IK describes. You should have a Sampletank 4 content directory. You tell Sampletank where this is in the Sampletank Settings dialog, Sound Content panel. It should have the path to your Sampletank 4 content. Which is where you should have installed all the content by downloading and running all the content installers, one at a time. Your Sampletank 4 content library should be stored in a directory you have write privileges on. This can often mess people up, since the installer runs as admin and they stick the content someplace they can't actually write as a user. There are other ways to make this fail also, sadly. If you really have installed everything correctly and you have updated your video card drivers and it still crashes, I hate to tell you this but there is zero chance IK support will be able to help you in the slightest. I have YEARS of history trying to get them to fix bugs where I've given them exact steps to reproduce the problem, which they confirmed would crash for them to only to have it not be fixed. The good news is that it's not crashing like this for most people (me for example) so odds are it's something about your config and installation. But again only you know how you installed it and configured it.
  14. Sampletank 4 does come in VST2 and VST3. But depending on your settings Cakewalk may be hiding your VST2 version.
  15. I could understand the price if it was like 5-10 world class studios, but just one studio?
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