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  1. I got mine on Sept 8th. The subject of the email is "Important / Liquid Notes: Claim Your Copy of CHORDS Pro + NOTES Now" from "W. A. Production" <news@waproduction-email.com> Just redeemed it. Note the 100% off coupon expires September 30th 2022
  2. They make you register at another site https://getmylicense.ca/bundle/register/ who then sends you an email with another link that you then use the serial number Best gives you. Which then gives you the actual serial numbers (9 of them) for use at iZotope/etc. Here are the instructions:
  3. This upgrade from RX 6 Post Production Suite from Best Service comes as a handful of licenses (after you jump through this bizarre extra hoop). But it's not exactly individual licenses. Here's what I got: Stutter Edit 2 (serial) Brainworx - Creative Mixing Set (serial) Melodyne Essential Trash 2 w/Expansion Packs Iris 2 (serial) Music Production Suite 5 UE (serial) RX Post Production Suite 7 BreakTweaker Expanded (serial) Status 3D and Symphony 3D The two big ones (PPS 7 and MPS 5) are single serials and register everything included. So you might be able to peel off Stutter Edit/Trash/IrisBreakTweaker but not parts from any of the big bundles. For the price it wasn't too bad. RX Advanced has always been good, not sure what's new though. The other bits I almost had all of already.
  4. I have all the Ark's in Kontakt version and got the "free" upgrades to SINE (not sure you get that now though). The Kontakt versions are better. A lot better. I tried the SINE versions and uninstalled them. Don't need to waste twice the disk space.
  5. So I installed this (and picked up the sampler). I pointed it at my giant ACID music loop library directory. Let it scan overnight. This morning it showed something like 23,000 samples (so it must have found something). But oddly enough my ACID Loop folder had a count of 0 samples and it wouldn't show anything? A simple file search says it should have found about 400,000 wav files. I don't think Cosmos is up to handling a real sample library.
  6. If you already own any of the products in the bundle they reduce the bundle price by the value of those products. Using crazy math. See this web page: https://spitfireaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007710458-How-do-Collections-work-Price-example-
  7. I have to admit the Spitfire Solo Strings are really good. I got them with some bundle or something a year or so ago. Didn't think I'd be amazed, but more often than not these days they end up as my solo strings of choice. With credit for what I already had, getting the Chamber strings and Stratus (the two in the bundle I'm missing) seemed reasonable. Will have to hope I can find some time to actually use them. Neo is pretty nice too, but the rest I'd not say are must haves. I've yet to really find much use for either London Contemporary Orchestra Textures or Spitfire Symphonic Motions. They are fun to play with though and could spark something.
  8. Musician's Friend/Guitar Center do 15% off coupons a few times a year that have usually included Omnisphere. But it's a physical copy -- they have to mail it to you. It's about the best deal on Spectrasonics products you can get.
  9. Limited Time Offer Owners of Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Symphonic Motions, Symphonic Evolutions or Chamber Strings save 35% on RRP during the introductory pricing period. Ensure you are logged in to view your special price. Sadly that's 35% off full price (not the intro price), which comes to $161.85
  10. It's a company/unit license so if they had one for version 2 of their plugin, they should be covered for version 3, etc. I would also think a company could hire/subcontract a company with a license to subcontract the publishing, maybe. But that kind of legal jumping is way over my pay grade. Not clear if you can pass the license on (if a company is bought/etc). Would have to read the fine print. The license was free though (which is how free plugins can be made) but since it is not open source you can't really do "true" open source VST plugins or even mix GPL code with VST code. I'm sure I've seen a few open source apps that didn't support VST because of the license mess. And there is a lot of gray area stuff, that may or may not live up to the license. You end up with things like "This is open source, except for this small part of it, which is licensed differently." No clue if that kind of thing is really legal. You see this kind of legal gymnastics in Wordpress plugins too. And of course they no longer make the SDK and development files available anymore and there is no support. Which just makes things harder. They really are trying pretty hard to kill VST2.
  11. VST is very much not open source. It requires a license to support/use in a DAW or a plugin. You have to send Steinberg paperwork (digital but still with a signature) and you get back a license. And if you didn't do this for VST2 before they closed the window, you cannot ship any VST2 plugins at all. (yes I registered my company with a VST2 license before the window closed). VST2 and VST3 are separate license also. It's a mess. This is just the next phase of killing VST2. Though I don't think they have sued or shut down anyone who didn't get a VST2 license, they always could. It's one of the reasons some new companies aren't including VST2 versions of plugins, they may not be able to legally get a license to do it. I don't think they can stop anyone that did get the license before they shut that down from supporting VST2 though. But they can stop supporting it in their products. The world would be much better off if VST was an open standard. But Steinberg won't give it up and no efforts to make a new standard have ever made much headway.
  12. Guess I found a use for my Jan $25 voucher after all. $75 still seems high -- I'd bet with some more time a better offer might come up, but it's close enough for now. 😁
  13. I have these (and added the new ones) but Cubase/Nuendo export of MusicXML is at best poor. It is driven through the Score Editor and to be honest I don't think it offers any of the details the Cubase project have. What you get from the Cubase project is some organization (folders) as well as all the EQ settings (he uses the built in Cubase EQ, kind of like Pro Channel) and the constant use of EastWest Spaces 1 (which is no longer available for sale). And settings for the instrument patches themselves (assuming you own the instruments he's using, lots of issues with that depending on what the instrument is hosted in). None of that really comes out in a MusicXML export. I tried exporting one of the projects as MusicXML (which did work) but Studio One doesn't seem to have an import for it? Are you using Notation for that? Looking at the MusicXML file Cubase made, it's really just the score. No instrument setups, no EQ, no effects plugins, tracks, etc. And I couldnt' even get anything reasonable importing it into MuseScore. Looked like garbage. I think these projects are very educational (you can't use them for anything else) and even the plain MIDI export is very useful. But I don't think I'd put much faith in being able to export from Cubase (with a trial version or the real thing) and import them into any other DAW. The MIDI files are very importable. But none of the Cubase project "extras" seem to come out in a MusicXML export.
  14. Readly doesn't have Feb 2022's issue up yet, only the Jan issue.
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