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  1. Humble Bundle is legit. They are also very cool and easy to work with. It's now a very well run machine. Create an account, buy the bundle at the $30 level, get all the serial keys and activate them. They have web pages that explain how to redeem each of the many products in this bundle. The steps involved can be complicated but they do have pretty good documentation which you should read. Mostly it involves making accounts at the various businesses and installing the software and then using the serial number to register the software. Ignite Pro's ton of plugins shows up in Resolve, Adobe Premiere and After Effects for me with no problems. That alone is a pretty good deal for $30.
  2. I have VC7 so it was $49 crossgrade from that. I got the Paypal to finally go through but getting their software center to sync has proven impossible. I think I may have finally got it to authorize (after a number of failed attempts). I can't remember an online portal/installer behaving this poorly.
  3. Well I finally got logged in and it offered me a crossgrade to Pigments 2 for $49. So I guess it turns out I do need this synth. 🙂 Sadly that's as far as I was able to get, that cart/login/checkout sequence doesn't seem to be possible with the current website's load/whatever.
  4. They updated all the synths. It took me an hour to install them since it runs the manual installer for each and every one of the zillion synths included in collection. That was so much wasted time and effort. Don't have Pigments though, so this is kind of interesting. Do I need another synth? Or more importantly do I need this synth?
  5. Most people don't really need the pro/dongle version of DaVinci Resolve. Though I personally wouldn't give up my dongle. 🙂 Hitfilm has never really been in the same class as Fusion. But I may be slightly biased since I've paid well more than $1k for Fusion licenses (before Blackmagic). Lucky for me my last Fusion support contract got me a free Blackmagic Fusion dongle. And now they have made it so the Fusion dongle will authorize Resolve. I saw that bit about After Effect plugin support coming to HitFilm. I've seen this in the past (before Adobe cloud) there were several apps that supported AE plugins. But none of them could keep up with the changes in AE for very long. Or they were so completely buggy as to be unusable. I don't think I'd ever get my hopes up on plugin compatibility. Even OFX plugins rarely work right on all platforms/hosts and they were meant to.
  6. Maybe it was just the offer on the Modal Runs. It's page seems to say it's good for 26 days which would be Jan 6th.
  7. I thought (but can't find the KvR post so take with grain of salt) they said all the deal prices will stay in effect till after the new year. It's not like 8dio where they are only good for 48 hours. The free offers are limited quantities though.
  8. You can only use the 10% offer once per account, even though they keep offering it to you.
  9. I think the tide on this one is slowly turning. Early on VST3 plugins had more issues, they were newer and things were unfinished. VST2 was old school and stable. But now that VST2 isn't supported by Steinberg (if you want to sell a VST2 plugin you had to have gotten a license before last year I think) more developers are focusing on VST3 and as a result the VST2 plugins are seeing more specific to them issues.
  10. Missed the free one, but got it cheap with points.
  11. Are you using Mellodyne? I think it saves data into your project file. Might be the reason it's saving so slowly. Almost always going to be a random plugin though, they can save whatever they want. Something that processes all the audio data might have a large save footprint.
  12. I think the brass high end is more limited because there are no trumpets. I have been wanting to get this for a while to use with the phrase libraries but it never was a great enough deal to warrant picking it up. But this plus the new loyalty points tipped me over. Though I doubt I'll use it all that much (if at all).
  13. The Play plugin can take input from the computer keyboard, which is what you are having a problem with since Cakewalk wants the input to drive it's UI. But it can also take input from your MIDI keyboard and will still play chords. Makes it a one button chord plugin (you press one key and get a full chord). Plugins that use keyboard input often have issues with the DAW. Which is why there is that switch to focus the keyboard entry to the plugin. But even that has limits. Reaper isn't a magic bullet for this, it just is slightly different so perhaps it's working better for you. The truth is the Play plugin is the least useful (to me) of all the Captain plugins. In general the Captain plugins have seemed to work for me in CbB. But keyboard control over a plugin is always an issue, doesn't matter what plugin or what DAW. If your plugin wants to use the '1' key for a feature and your DAW wants to use a '1' key for a feature, someone is going to lose that fight.
  14. Turn on the send all keystrokes keyboard icon in the upper right corner of the CbB plugin UI to get the keystrokes to the Play plugin. It mostly seems to work for me if I do that, but I think you'd have more luck with it in MIDI mode.
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