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  1. That's not working, and yes your anti-virus most likely broke the driver install. Might want to try disabling it completely before doing the install.
  2. I'm running 5.0 on my UMC204HD and it's works fine. I don't remember any pain upgrading to it even. But I deal with stuff like that so much it kind of all blurs. Behringer's used ASIO4ALL only for the entry model in this line, all the rest had real audio drivers. And yes that was a bad call. Uninstall and/or disable every audio device on your computer (including the old Behringer drivers). So for me that means I turn off the Realtek in the BIOS and I disable the nVidia HDMI audio device (and always use the custom option when upgrading so I can deselect the audio driver). After uninstalling all of this (and especially any ASIO4ALL instalations) be sure to clean reboot (without the audio interface connected). Then install the Behringer driver. Reconnect the device. You may also want to remove any ASIO drivers you aren't planning to use. Instructions are here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206633450-How-to-delete-old-ASIO-device-entries
  3. Audio editors may be one of the few apps that lower latency ASIO isn't a huge win. But having it as a option can be really important depending on the quality and compatibility of your audio drivers. Otherwise you may not be able to run both the audio editor and your DAW at the same time. It would be really good for the world if Steinberg would change their licensing so that GPL software could work with it. It would also be nice if they could open VST2 and VST3 up. Never going to happen though.
  4. I was curious and I think it's Kontakt that is spewing this when I instert it: I may have authorized Kontakt to collect data though. Can't remember. I usually say no but I make exceptions for companies I want to help. Update: Nope, it's turned off in Kontakt but it's definitely spitting that to the debug output when I start it. And that is a Google Analytics tracking code.
  5. Because Audacity is GPL there is no way it can include ASIO support in the published binaries. In order to get that you have to download the source, have a compiler and build it. Kind of kills it's value. I have the tools and can do this self compile, but even I won't waste the time to do it. I've seen what looks like Google Analytics telemetry output when running Cakewalk in a debugger, coming from some plugin no doubt. Not sure it's that big a deal really but I think it's more common than most people think.
  6. Loops are in. It's the 2021 theme. Bunch of new video games is about looping/groundhog day/etc. I guess Tenet is kind of about looping. Loops, it's the theme of the year.
  7. I think I've managed to get 12 but stopped trying. I'd buy more if they would let me.
  8. It might make sense if they want to get into the selling loops/samples/sound fx business?
  9. They seem to have a sale pretty often these days. I think they are a tad over priced, with way too many pieces you need to buy. Which is a problem I have with VSL too.
  10. I picked it up too. Only had 10 mins to play with it. I like it. Sounds great. Comes with some MIDI but clearly needs a lot more.
  11. Falcon plus the UVI libraries is pretty awesome, if you have the CPU to run it. I think they could do so much to make that better/multi-threaded.
  12. My question is doesn't some of the "magic" of fretless vanish when you sample it? MODO Bass in theory may do fretless better than any sample based bass (because of the simulation). Though perhaps with enough round robins it won't really matter that much. Seems kind of like the violin sampling problem. But bass lines tend to be the same note over and over and over a bit more.
  13. I will admit I had fun playing with the ACID loop products I got from the Humble Bundle vouchers plus the three they sent for the 10.5 update. I still love the loop work flow. Though I finally did switch the color scheme back to light. In dark mode you can't see the indent showing you the loop point very well unless the loop is selected. Kind of surprised they removed the stem maker feature (not that it worked that well to be honest).
  14. There was another Acid Pro update this weekend. It's still calling itself 10.0.5 but they updated something. Did install correctly for me, so some progress. The Store background exit still crashes on exit though. It also appears they have removed the Stem Maker feature. The button is in the toolbar list but it is gray. I think they have disabled it. And all mention of it from the website is gone. Their forum (which has no links to the website anymore that I can find) are referring people to open support tickets. Looks like they disabled it and are trying to act like it didn't exist.
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