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  1. The web pages changed and now it's offering me both RX9 Advanced and RX Post Production Suite 6 for $149 (I have RX Post Productions Suite 5 already). So I went ahead and got it. The Product Portal doesn't seem to support installing it directly. Had to download it from the website. The "Spectral Editor ARA Plug-in (only in Logic)" feature is very disappointing. Since Dialog Match is ProTools only (and is still ProTools only) and now this new feature is Mac and Logic only. I should have watched the videos and read the details and waited for an even better deal.
  2. So there is no price for RX Post Production Suite 6 and the "upgrade" section in my account shows no price and gives an error when I add it to the cart. It also appears the only difference is RX 9 Advanced (which I do have a upgrade offer on). Very odd.
  3. I combined the upgrade voucher with my $25 monthly voucher, got it down to $25, so not really that bad. Honestly I'm not sure there is a lot of meat on the bone for upgraders though. The new UI is actually cleaner and seems nice (don't judge it by the screenshots). The presets seem the same and the sound is about the same. I'd have to dig in to find what's new other than the GUI though, since couldn't find any guide on the website/ads/emails.
  4. The one thing I think is awesome about Acoustica 7 is the crazy fast startup time. It opens nearly instantly. Makes it a winner compared to Sound Forge (even with all the vst groveling turned off).
  5. Yep, does it for me too. And the same process play fine in Nuendo 11. The MIDI event list in Nuendo seems a bit odd though. I'd need to compare the event list in Cakewalk to the event list in Nuendo to figure out what's different. I suspect Cakewalk's import MIDI process has some issue with the MIDI that MODO Drums is generating.
  6. RX trial doesn't allow you to save. It's not a trial, it's a demo. See this page: https://s3.amazonaws.com/izotopedownloads/docs/rx8/en/authorization/index.html
  7. No it wasn't a false positive. They were really infected. Something had injected some code into their menu system loading something from a corrupt Wordpress site. This wasn't the software/downloads but rather the website itself.
  8. I only needed this to get to 10. So you all can stop now. Thanks. 😁
  9. Right now R-MIX is part of the Roland cloud but it claims to be 32-bit only https://www.roland.com/us/products/rc_r-mix/ And it doesn't look like you can buy it (only subscribe) (unlike some parts of the Roland cloud) they don't show a lifetime key price. https://www.rolandcloud.com/memberships I went with F-Rex as my replacement for the X2 version of R-Mix. It's not quite as good but pretty close featurewise.
  10. You have to or your old projects won't load. 😭
  11. 6 is pretty nice but the key question is will you buy any new libraries? Some of those may require 6. Worst time I had was the short window when I was waiting for Komplete with 6 and using my full Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 Player for a few libraries that needed it. But if you are happy with 5, there is nothing wrong with it. But it kind of takes you out of the whole library pool.
  12. The samples files in Majestica 2.0 are unchanged. The only thing different/new is the instruments and art files. They could have sold/shipped an upgrade that was only a few hundred megabytes instead of a complete 20gig download. But I guess they couldn't justify $20 for that.
  13. So it turns out I already had Century Ostinato Strings (I thought for sure I checked before I ordered, but may have just missed it) so no extra copy. So I only paid an extra $20 to upgrade by not waiting a day.
  14. Based on the VI thread I bought Majestica 1.0 yesterday before the 65% off coupon expired (it was supposed to expire yesterday). In theory that should have netted me the Century Ostinato Strings and Majestica 1.0 plus qualified me for the $20 upgrade to 2.0. The $20 upgrade coupon did show up today. But the Century Ostinato Strings are still missing in action. And it looks like the 65% off coupon is still good, so I'm basically out $20 more than if I hadn't believed them.
  15. Right now I'm using a UMC204HD plus a Mackie Big Knob and a custom Headphone switcher I built myself. I think this might replace that whole thing and give me more inputs/outputs to boot.
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