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  1. Limited Time Offer Owners of Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Symphonic Motions, Symphonic Evolutions or Chamber Strings save 35% on RRP during the introductory pricing period. Ensure you are logged in to view your special price. Sadly that's 35% off full price (not the intro price), which comes to $161.85
  2. It's a company/unit license so if they had one for version 2 of their plugin, they should be covered for version 3, etc. I would also think a company could hire/subcontract a company with a license to subcontract the publishing, maybe. But that kind of legal jumping is way over my pay grade. Not clear if you can pass the license on (if a company is bought/etc). Would have to read the fine print. The license was free though (which is how free plugins can be made) but since it is not open source you can't really do "true" open source VST plugins or even mix GPL code with VST code. I'm sure I've seen a few open source apps that didn't support VST because of the license mess. And there is a lot of gray area stuff, that may or may not live up to the license. You end up with things like "This is open source, except for this small part of it, which is licensed differently." No clue if that kind of thing is really legal. You see this kind of legal gymnastics in Wordpress plugins too. And of course they no longer make the SDK and development files available anymore and there is no support. Which just makes things harder. They really are trying pretty hard to kill VST2.
  3. VST is very much not open source. It requires a license to support/use in a DAW or a plugin. You have to send Steinberg paperwork (digital but still with a signature) and you get back a license. And if you didn't do this for VST2 before they closed the window, you cannot ship any VST2 plugins at all. (yes I registered my company with a VST2 license before the window closed). VST2 and VST3 are separate license also. It's a mess. This is just the next phase of killing VST2. Though I don't think they have sued or shut down anyone who didn't get a VST2 license, they always could. It's one of the reasons some new companies aren't including VST2 versions of plugins, they may not be able to legally get a license to do it. I don't think they can stop anyone that did get the license before they shut that down from supporting VST2 though. But they can stop supporting it in their products. The world would be much better off if VST was an open standard. But Steinberg won't give it up and no efforts to make a new standard have ever made much headway.
  4. Guess I found a use for my Jan $25 voucher after all. $75 still seems high -- I'd bet with some more time a better offer might come up, but it's close enough for now. 😁
  5. I have these (and added the new ones) but Cubase/Nuendo export of MusicXML is at best poor. It is driven through the Score Editor and to be honest I don't think it offers any of the details the Cubase project have. What you get from the Cubase project is some organization (folders) as well as all the EQ settings (he uses the built in Cubase EQ, kind of like Pro Channel) and the constant use of EastWest Spaces 1 (which is no longer available for sale). And settings for the instrument patches themselves (assuming you own the instruments he's using, lots of issues with that depending on what the instrument is hosted in). None of that really comes out in a MusicXML export. I tried exporting one of the projects as MusicXML (which did work) but Studio One doesn't seem to have an import for it? Are you using Notation for that? Looking at the MusicXML file Cubase made, it's really just the score. No instrument setups, no EQ, no effects plugins, tracks, etc. And I couldnt' even get anything reasonable importing it into MuseScore. Looked like garbage. I think these projects are very educational (you can't use them for anything else) and even the plain MIDI export is very useful. But I don't think I'd put much faith in being able to export from Cubase (with a trial version or the real thing) and import them into any other DAW. The MIDI files are very importable. But none of the Cubase project "extras" seem to come out in a MusicXML export.
  6. Readly doesn't have Feb 2022's issue up yet, only the Jan issue.
  7. Yep. This was the only place I could find my bundle serial numbers, which is what OT's website wants. Use the same serial number for every product in the bundle. You do also need to wait when you paste the serial number in for it to "verify" it before you can press the import button. I copied it from the NI site and pasted it into OT's form.
  8. Ark 5 finally finished downloading (it was very slow to download). Initial impressions are it's a lot like Ark 1. The strings and brass are both very nice. The Analog Synths seem like a waste of disk space (also seems like it's just one synth, not plural). Without an effects engine I'd say any "synth" sounds are pretty useless in a sample player. IK's Syntronik shows how powerful a good effect engine can be with samples from a synth. Everything i hated about Sine is still true with this update. Doesn't appear they really addressed much at all. The Shepard tone articulations are kind of interesting (and new), I can see using that. Some of the combo patches are really nice, great sound right out of the box. But then with Sine you don't have a lot of options or controls, so if it's not good when you load it, it won't get better. I do think the video's on their site are pretty honest about what it does. If any of that looks good for you, it might be useful. Just remember it has no percussion, so discount that when watching/listening.
  9. They did get back to me. If you bought one of the bundles of Ark from NI you cannot use the serial number that Native Access shows you. You need to find the bundle serial number to use when registering with Orchestral Tools. (Which of course is completely different than their instructions). You also have to pick each product in the Sine Cross Registration and use the single serial number. So in my case I had to use the Ark 3 & 4 bundle serial number on Ark 3 and again on Ark 4. I was only able to find the bundle serial number by logging into my Native Instruments account and looking for it there (it isn't in Native Access at all). Trying to use the serial numbers in Native Access will just get you locked out for entering wrong serial numbers. So now I have Ark 3 & 4 available in Sine. And qualified for the discount for Ark 5 (166.40 Euros). Since I'm insane (and a completest) I went ahead and bought it. Though it was funny, after I paid for it their website showed a page saying I needed to make sure I had the most recent Sine player and had a link. That link downloaded the older version of Sine. So I had to go back and get the real new version. lol. I've only had CSS for a little while, so I'm basing not liking it on a very short time frame. But it's timing games with MIDI track alignment has really caused me a lot of headaches. I mostly use MIDI loops or generated MIDI or MIDI written in a staff or Piano Roll, 100% quantized. That kind of "by the numbers" MIDI seems to have issues with alignment with CSS. I have other libraries with delays and or other timing issues too, but this one seems far harder to tame. I'm sure some of it is me just not having read the manual and watched videos. I think the way I use MIDI and libraries may be slightly more sensitive to on the grid issues than say someone that plays parts live. It also didn't help that right after I got it, all these new string libraries shipped, making me think the grass is much greener over there and I wasted my money. Of course the real truth is I really didn't need another string library. And I don't really need any of these other new string libraries either. But my brain may not be wired that way. I still have hope for CSS but my first impression is not very favorable.
  10. So I've been trying to enter my Ark 3 & 4 serial numbers (I bought them at NI during one of the few sales on OT instruments). But their website decides you have entered the serial number before you finish typing and now has "locked" me out and won't let me try again (it says try again in 1 minute but that's a lie). They have managed to achieve IK levels of anger and hate in just a few minutes of time. Epic! I've sent them a note with the serial numbers their broken website won't accept or even let me enter, but at this point I doubt they will do anything. They didn't fix the Choir in Ark 4 either see this post on VI: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/any-guesses-as-to-when-ark-4-will-show-up-on-sine.118605/post-5006128 Guess I'm going to buy something from someone else. I did pick up Cinematic Studio Strings on black Friday as my "big" instrument purchase for the season, but honestly I hate it. I think this season is going to be a bit of a downer if I can't find something else interesting (and on sale).
  11. I thought they had something they give away for free for it, so you can try it out. I may also be somewhat critical because I do have the Kontakt versions. Without those to compare with the Sine versions might be seen as awesome. As for what I don't like about Sine there are a few issues. How it manages library storage is a big deal for me (I have a lot of libraries and a lot of disk space to manage) and I really don't like how it works with that (keeps wanting to stick directories in the root of my hard drives which drives me crazy). Though Kontakt has issues too, it I've gotten used to how it works. How it's UI looks/works isn't as comfortable for me as Kontakt. And I don't like the effects engine (I'm not even sure there is one? Certainly not like Kontakt) and whole sample playback system. It just doesn't sound like the Kontakt version. There are also crashes and bugs as well as overall library memory and CPU performance issues. I think they are 2 or 3 versions away from equaling Kontakt. On the plus side they do let you buy individual instruments which seems like a good idea. But their pricing is anything but a good idea. The whole download/library management stuff seem crappy though. And buying single instruments doesn't really help me unless they are priced fairly (and they aren't).
  12. To be fair, Sine is better than Spitfire's player. But both of them have yet to pull even with Kontakt (which is also not as good as it could be, to be honest). I'd be a lot happier if they started by at least matching Kontakt. It was good of them to give the Sine versions to Kontakt users for free, but all that did was use up a bunch of disk space for a version of a product I'm not likely to use. Maybe this one, since it was designed for Sine, will be better. These "ports" from one library engine to another are never as good as something designed for an engine from the get go.
  13. I have the Kontakt 1-4 but I hate the Sine versions. They ruined a great product.
  14. The EZX (which is on sale) comes with MIDI. That MIDI is also sold completely by itself (if you want the drum patterns but not the drum sounds). If you buy the EZX you get the MIDI package. There are a few Toontrack drum EZX and SDX that include MIDI that is also sold separately. So you have to be careful when buying the MIDI packs least you buy the same thing twice. Here's my list of those overlaps (but this is a few months old):
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