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  1. Matthew Sorrels

    Superior Drummer 3 Upgrade

    Didn't they stop selling this completely? The only option Toontrack has is a crossgrade from EzDrummer, no more upgrades from SD2. Unless there are some physical copies at shops of the upgrade serial numbers these are going to be pretty hard to get. I bet it showing up was a mistake and JRRShop never had any copies.
  2. Matthew Sorrels

    Ntdll.dll causing cakewalk crash(with minidump file)

    I only looked at a few of your crashes. At least one was the faderport_sonar.dll another was RealStringsSteelGuitar and a 3rd was Kontakt 5. With that wide a variety of crashes you aren't going to have a lot of luck pinning this down. Your last two crashes had so many active threads Visual Studio 2017 complained that the number of threads was too high to debug and recommended changing settings. You had a zillion threads of Omnisphere, both Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 (lots of threads of each) and a couple of 32-bit bitbridged plugins. Not to mention a ton of effects. The only chance you have of really narrowing this down in to get the crash to be repeatable with a minimum number of plugins/instruments/etc. Otherwise it's just a giant burst of vomit. From the file names I'm guessing your also running a non-US/English version of Windows, which may also be a factor.
  3. Matthew Sorrels

    Cakewalk shuts down when clicking play button

    Plugins crash the app. Sometimes the crash handler can catch that and offer to submit it. But not all crashes are recoverable, especially since they can involve all sorts of memory overwrites/etc. Plus audio drivers (for your sound card as well as your MIDI controllers/keyboards) can also crash. Device driver crashes can be very difficult for application crash handlers to catch (sometimes). When things go really wrong the app will just vanish. Or hang. Or hang and then vanish. That's just how computers work. Sounds like a bug in sforzando though, does it depend on what patch you load into it or does it crash with just a plain piano patch? Have you updated it to the most recent version?
  4. Matthew Sorrels

    Softube Central

    It has issues, doesn't seem to talk with your iLok account correctly all the time (on Windows). So far it's been a giant pain in the ***** for me. The Softube guys have been helpful (resetting my account's connection with iLok) but I'm still getting unable to verify a linked iLok account messages when I try to use it, it was fixed for maybe a day (or a reboot, can't remember which). It's definitely better than Gobbler though which I've now uninstalled, but it's not really ready for prime time.
  5. Matthew Sorrels

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    20gigs has to be more than just samples for the cymbals. Maybe it's a hybrid modeler/sampler for everything.
  6. Matthew Sorrels

    Sample Logic Xosphere

    This type of instrument (a bunch of loops played in some sort of engine) always has these kinds of problems. Sample Logic have done a pretty good job of trying to break out of the box, but there is always a gap between the loop engine insturment and a real instrument. I like Xosphere 1/2 and they make amazing soundscapes but it's not all that musical really. Maybe I just don't have the talent to get the most out of something like this, but I think it's pretty fair to be kind of critical about this entire type of software instrument library. They are vastly overpriced and have much less real use for the bucks. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop buying them, but I think you have to be honest about how much you can really use some of these products.
  7. Matthew Sorrels

    Weird phantom sounds.

    What were the three plugins you were using? Might be interesting to know since they together seemed to be making sounds out of nothing.
  8. Matthew Sorrels

    Amazing AAS deal at StackSocial

    I didn't redeem the second code since they do overlap. I think it's like that because the low price version and the full price version. I think they were supposed to leave those 4 packs out of the big full key but I guess they didn't. Not sure what value I'd get out of having 3 copies of Angelicals. As for not being about to make adjustments, if you own the full versions of the AAS instruments you can tweak everything in the sound packs. In the AAS player they are limited but in the full versions of the instruments all the settings are there for you to adjust and save as your own/etc. I don't think anything is locked down, they are just presets.
  9. Matthew Sorrels

    Amazing AAS deal at StackSocial

    I bought the lot, I had a few of them already but most were new. It is one registration serial for the lot. And now my account shows two copies of the duplicates. Not sure how that works. Still a pretty good deal for < $11.
  10. Matthew Sorrels

    Weird phantom sounds.

    Sounds like your latency is too low, that's the kind of popping and clicking you can get. Does that track have a reverb on it or other high latency effects? Set your audio buffer to a much bigger number, as big as you can. edit: Come to think of it a latency hit wouldn't move the track's meters (at least I don't think it would). Is it a live mic? Is the sound the same every time?
  11. Matthew Sorrels

    Sample Logic Xosphere

    No it's not in the library tab and there is no NI serial number. They appear to have switch both Xosphere 1 and Xosphere 2 to being normal Kontakt libraries, requiring the full version of Kontakt. When I bought Xosphere 1 it was part of some bundle and was a full Kontakt Library version. They don't seem to be selling that anymore. And Xosphere 2 I don't think ever was available in a library version.
  12. Matthew Sorrels

    When a plugin doesn't remember or save settings ?

    Kontakt instruments have control over their own setting's saving and loading. I doubt this is a Cakewalk issue, you could try another DAW (Reaper perhaps) and test it out.
  13. Matthew Sorrels

    Sample Logic Xosphere

    Yeah no upgrade price. Users on KvR/VI forums report they have been able to use the coupon along with a $50 gift certificate bought from Audio Plugin Deals site for $30 (using reward bucks to lower the price) so their final price (assuming they had reward dollars) was even less. In theory you aren't supposed to be able to stack discounts with the gift certificates though, so I'm not sure how long that will work. I sadly didn't even try this, thinking it wouldn't work. Xosphere 2 is pretty nice though, I have Xosphere 1 (the Kontakt player version) this is definitely even better. Wish it were a Kontakt player library though.
  14. Matthew Sorrels

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Modo Bass sounds great but uses way too much CPU.
  15. Matthew Sorrels

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    So what's the story behind Inspire instrument collection? I had been thinking about getting the Pianos & Keys collection, didn't even realize there was another instrument bundle. Will they continue to add things to Inspire or are they likely to create yet another instrument bundle? Or even worse add things to Pianos & Keys and not to Inspire. Inspire isn't that badly priced with the half coupon at EP.