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  1. Nothing hacked 🙂 it was a setting we were testing on another site of ours that unexpectedly applied itself on all sites hosted with that infrastructure.
  2. Sorry about that everyone, we were doing some Ad Tech work on our other media sites and for some reason this proliferated across Discuss! Should be fully resolved now.
  3. Guys, this is not intentional, we'll figure this out ASAP - I'm getting it as well.
  4. Back up and running now, not sure about the rest of the internet 🙂
  5. Some internal server glitch - we're trying to figure out what happened...
  6. Meng

    Band lab querstion

    New revisions/uploads are private by default, there are two ways - you can either: a) Publish your revision - (Public or Unlisted) b) Share a Private Link If you're on the web, you can just hit the "Publish" button, or you can hit the "Share" button and you'll get the "Share Private Link" option. What platform are you on?
  7. Meng

    CW Support thinks my email is spam??!?

    Hey guys, we're experiencing a really strange spam filter issue that has cropped up across a few google suite email addresses, we're looking into this as we speak. @Skyline_UK please feel free to p.m if something went wrong with that Help Centre link. @Chris Jones - 3 weeks to respond to you is absurd and not acceptable, thanks for mentioning it - we are making some improvements internally in the way the support team is set up to improve technical support as we get 1000s of tickets a week right now, so I apologise and hopefully this won't happen again.
  8. @chamlin - nothing other than to say thank you for stopping by and glad you liked it! Hope to get a chance to meet you personally next year if you stop by again. 🙂 But sharing some additional videos to check out too in case you guys are interested to learn more about the goings on around the group (as well as a cameo from Mike!):
  9. @yapweiliang - you can drop a note to support@bandlab.com - that will be the quickest way to get a technical support answer as they'll cross-check against known issues specific to your device. 🙂
  10. 😂😂😂😂😂- sad to say it's not...
  11. Meng

    Why is there an edit limit on post.?

    Found it! It was hidden in group settings. It actually wasn't a number of edits limit, it was a time limit within which you could have poster's regret. This has been changed now.
  12. Meng

    Why is there an edit limit on post.?

    I don't know. It's not intentional. Let me figure out later whether it can be changed, I'm sure it can be lifted.
  13. @Kurre That's a great idea. Perhaps we should use the system of tagging instead of relying on more than one topic - I.e if there is no tag it's assumed to be a new user feature/idea - if there is a tag of "veteran" or something we think of that sounds better then it will be clearly visible. What do you think.
  14. Meng

    Where in the sam hill is my post count?

    I found it...