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  1. Update. I tried the demo, and yup--it sounds like a spring reverb from my old Crate combo amps. I think it sounded better on my guitar amp than in studio with other instruments - IMO. I'm not seeing a need, personally. Definitely very configurable though.
  2. Hello Group-- Counting down a few minutes before I get to leave work for the weekend, and was mentally reminiscing about how I felt when MIDI first came out. I thought, what an amazing innovation! To be able to connect instruments, sound modules, and outboard FX regardless of who the manufacturer was!! WOW! I could never keep a band together, as at least one of the members ended up being a flake. So, I ended up being pretty much the whole show! I sang and played guitar and had a real drummer. The bass, keyboards and any accent instruments were all MIDI via an outboard sequencer! Funny how things have progressed. The introduction of MIDI (circa 1983) might as well be 100 years ago!! Oh, look at the time. I need to go home now! 😉
  3. Hello-- Eventide is selling their spring reverb plugin for $29 USD until the end of February. There's a 30-day demo. Click here
  4. Hey @abacab z3ta allowed itself to be used as a track fx. Have you tried that with Vember Audio Surge?
  5. Coincidentally, I just read this article before seeing your post. Pay close attention to the heading 'What You Need to Get NVMe'
  6. I have it and the earlier version - so to speak. Unfortunately, I can't get CW to recognize it. I've re-registered the DLL's in Windows, rescanned the vst folder it's in and nothing works. 😞 I want to use the zeta+ version as an fx, but again, no workie.
  7. Hey @Christian Jones Have you tried setting the record mode to comping? That mutes your previously recorded takes automagically. There are also settings where CW just keeps arming a new take lane--so you just play your riff over and over, one after another until you think you're done.
  8. I recommend the WD Black gaming NVMe SSD drives -- if your system mobo is compatible. (Transfer speeds up to 3400 MB/s) Not sure this is the best price, but I see you've already been looking at Amazon.
  9. As a quick fix - don't save your project while your synths are unfrozen. Just close out the project and don't save when prompted. At least then your project can be reopened with the synths still frozen with the patches, etc. set.
  10. Let me check that and post back. I know it didn't used to happen on the same project I'm working on now, but I have added vst's so that's a good question. EDIT: I'm in studio now, and yes, it is just this current project that asks me to save after the project is saved--so I'm going to go with your suggestion that there's a vst I'm using that is making CW think something has changed since the latest save.
  11. Well, there is a problem with the vst plug-ins in the folder. I'm guessing since there are no usable plug-ins in the folder, CW knows not to show the folder. Dang z3ta+ and z3ta2 fail to load! >:-/
  12. I have NI's Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2. I've just messed with it on the surface, but there are a lot of granular controls to customize the strumming patterns and humanize it the way you want. NI sells the picked version too, though I don't have that one. There are demos! 🙂
  13. Hello--- I started seeing some odd little weirdness ever since the last CW update. I already complained about having to save a project before closing it, even if I just saved it. But there is a new oddity that is sort of messing with my creative flow, and I'm not sure if it's related to the new update or not. I have a custom plug-in list I created. I just tried to add a new folder with a couple of plug-ins in it last night and I saved it--everything worked as expected. The issue is when I try to add a plug-in to a track or bus from that new folder. The folder doesn't show. The new folder happens to be at the bottom of the list, so I'm not sure if it's just getting cut off because CW has a maximum character limit or something like that. I doubt it. I could just move the folder up the list to see if that's the issue, but again, I don't recall seeing this issue prior to the last CW update and I doubt the culprit is because I have too many plug-in folders. Any ideas?
  14. Back to the OP: It's interesting because back when I had a D70, I could split the keyboard and treat each section completely separately. I guess it worked because it was all handled on the synth and then I just recorded the analog output into CW. I guess it leads me to wonder why you can't split a midi controller the same way and have each section assigned to its own soft synth?
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