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  1. Hello-- I got Equivocate at a bargain price, but when I tried to add it to a bus, it froze up CW and I had to do a dirty shutdown. No data was lost. Anyone use this app and can you tell me if it uses a ton of computer resources? Thanks, Stephen
  2. Dang it!! (Sorry) Seems like an easy add for CW. I'm guessing some of the underlying code is probably similar. Did you add the suggestion to the Feedback Loop forum?
  3. This is great. For the app you mention, does it continue to allow those side buttons to control your browser while you're not in CW? EDIT: Got my answer. Yes!
  4. I thought you could. I'm pretty sure I've copied envelopes before. EDIT: Yeah, you can https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Automation.11.html#1154570
  5. Or record each synth to its own track and then bounce them all down to one track.
  6. Hello Group I installed CW by BL over having SPLAT installed. I still have my plug-ins and instruments from SPLAT in CW, but occasionally I get a fail or crash when trying to launch them - like Dimension Pro or V- Vocal. Is there a way to just reinstall those plug-ins that are crashing? If so, how? Thanks! Stephen
  7. Hello All I'll delete this post if it's a duplicate. NI is offering Analog Dreams for free until the end of the month. Here. Demo here
  8. -UPDATE- Now the melodic algo is working normally. So it works and stops working randomly. Between the melodic and the universal algos, I'm able to get my work done. Just kind of strange as it used to work flawlessly with earlier versions of CW.
  9. Hello-- I heard back from Steinberg support and they indicated I can add as much artwork as I want to an MP3 file and it can be viewed from players, like iTunes. I tested having a front and back cover of two different images in an MP3 file, and in iTunes I could see all the artwork under Artwork, and then just scroll to the right. I only tested the front and back, but I could have added more. Very cool to know. If you want to give a little extra something to you fans that actually download your music, this is a good way.
  10. Hello Group-- I haven't used Melodyne since my last project. In the meantime, there have been one or maybe two CW updates. I just tried to create a region from a mono vocal audio clip and the tab with Melodyne opens. Everything performs as it always does, but there is no content in the Melodyne window. Scrolled around. Tried a different clip. Opened Melodyne stand-alone to see if there were any updates. Nope. Nothing. I've got Melodyne 4 Editor 64-bit. ( My default algorithm is 'melodic' for vocals. I just changed my algorithm to 'Universal' and it created content in the Melodyne window - thank goodness. The blobs it creates are all the same pitch, where the actual pitch isn't. I can then manually change the algorithm to Melodic, and that works. Any ideas why melodic isn't capturing any content any longer? Thanks! Stephen
  11. I tried that product at work for some data recovery. Unless something's changed, they say it's most successful if that part of your HDD that the "lost" data was written to isn't written to with new data before you try the restore. Basically, once the data is lost, step away from the computer and try the restore.
  12. Thanks everyone. Sounds like kind of a mystery at the moment. Not sure why Steinberg would offer an option that is of no use. I'm beginning to think that maybe the artwork metadata options in WL are for CD's and the printer grabs the stuff out of the file. Anyway, I still have support for my version of the WL product, so I reached out to their support. If I get a usable response, I'll post it here.
  13. There must not be a lot written on the subject, or you and I used identical search terms, because I read that article too. Sadly, doesn't answer my question. I do see that you said they can view cover art in the player software, so that's great, provided the answer to #1 is yes. Sorry about the becan, US currency only. 🤪
  14. Hello Group-- Please allow me to clarify my question. I got zero replies from the post I made in the Wavelab (Steinberg) forum since Feb 26th, so I'm coming here for the expert helpful pros to answer my question for them. Let me put my question in context. When I add artwork to my MP3's, I do it in Wavelab. I add the cover art there under Cover art (front). Within WL, there are also options for other locations for the artwork, namely Cover art (back), etc. I've never used anything but the front cover art feature, so here's my question in two parts: 1) Can I add front cover art AND back cover art to the same MP3 file? 2) If yes, how does a consumer go about viewing the front and back cover art from an MP3 file? First person to answer gets a cookie! (It will be deposited into your browser cache) Thanks!!
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