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  1. Same here. My assistant is the current version, but keeps saying a new version is available at the bottom. My experience has been that the BL assistant updates have never been consistently stable, so I just go to the website to download the new version. I ignore the message a new version is available because it's not.
  2. Ah, good to know. Not sure Santa will be giving me v5 at this point!
  3. Well, I looked over all my clips and I don't see any unprocessed Melodyne regions, so I don't know why Cakewalk would show Melodyne loading in the project load window.
  4. Thanks. I'm pretty sure I'll know it when I see it, but it's going to take a long time to find it that way.
  5. Hello Group-- I noticed while I was loading my current project, that Melodyne was loading as an fx. I bounce to clip and render all my Melodyne regions, so I must have missed one. The problem is, I'm near the end of a project and there are many, many tracks and audio clips. Does anyone have a nifty trick for locating where the unprocessed Melodyne region is? Thanks,
  6. You should have seen the stack of music software and hardware manuals I tossed. Many on products and companies that aren't around anymore. I had an old Sound Forge by Sonic Foundry. NI kontakt version 1. Emu Proteus sound module, Amt8 midi engine...on and on. Hard to part with, but with the onset of the digital age, I realized it was for sentimentality that I was keeping them. Not their content or usefulness.
  7. I used to think the large boxes and heavy manuals were so people thought they were getting more for all that money they were spending on the software! 😆
  8. Nope, these aren't my first or the oldest versions of Sonar I've had, but these are the manuals I'd kept. It was throw old stuff away day, and alas (snif, snif) I've thrown them away now, but wanted to share!
  9. Doesn't everything music have an Italian root! 😳
  10. That was my OP, but I guess they are compatible with Cubase so you can just import those.
  11. I've watched multiple tutorials from @Creative Sauce and they're all awesome. This one is no exception. I like and subscribe and ring the bell. I do have one problem with the video, and that is how to correctly pronounce capo. I thought I was correct in pronouncing it "capo" but after the video, now I'm not sure if I should be pronouncing it "capo". If anyone can articulate the correct pronunciation, I can regain my will to live!
  12. Really? That's awesome! I actually thought about that but thought I would sound dumb for asking.
  13. Hey Group I'm not sure if this has been started, but it would be cool if there was a forum/room/whatever where people can share articulation maps. I'll start by asking if anyone is creating a map for NI's Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic 2? Thanks!!
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