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  1. razor7music

    Melodyne Expired? Download fix.

    Did a new DL of the hotfix today. It unzipped and installed without issues. Stand alone and CW plugin opened without issue too. About ready to start mastering a track, so a big "phew!" that it's fixed!
  2. razor7music

    Melodyne Expired? Download fix.

    I did try twice in a row, so I'll try again now that I've waited and hope it works now. Just double-click the zip file is what it says on the Celemony site, right? No iLok interaction needed for the patch? Thanks
  3. razor7music

    Melodyne Expired? Download fix.

    I got the email from Melodyne--so I was prepared to see the error when I did. Unfortunately, for some reason, when I double click the downloaded zip file there is a momentary flash, and then nothing. Trying to manually unzip the file produces no uncompressed installer either. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. razor7music

    Native Gain FX Removes Audio

    No one seen this?
  5. razor7music

    who asked these changes? SOLVED

    Other than hot fixes, aren't all of updates based on user requests?
  6. razor7music

    Mastering in BandLab? Did you know?

    Anyone tried this yet? Is it good/good enough?
  7. razor7music

    Native Gain FX Removes Audio

    Hello Folks-- The gain control in CW hasn't been playing nice. I tried multiple times to reduce an audio clip by a little .05 or 1 db. The result was silence. The section of the audio was gone (audio and wave form graphic = straight line at zero). A simple undo fixed it, but I use this feature constantly. As a workaround I had to insert a volume automation envelope--but I really need to use the gain fx going forward. What else can I tell you in order to diagnose? My rig, etc. are in my signature. Thanks in advance!
  8. razor7music

    Eventide Flash Sale - Saturate $29 US

    Spectral Clipper and Psychoacoustic Overdrive I've got several Eventide plugins and they are top notch. This is Newfangled Audio - Here for details
  9. Oh, the state? Yes, it is the finest place on the planet. Great weather, ocean, lakes, mountains, skiing. It has it all! That's for certain! 🙂
  10. I'm from California and the whole state is run by clowns. It is very scary! (Is that too political for this forum? If so, just say so. It was (true) meant for fun (true))
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    How the...
  12. razor7music

    Song Association Game :D

    - The Grateful Dead , Truckin'
  13. razor7music

    My Sincere Speedy Apology

  14. razor7music


    Hah! Either is fine. You can get an opposite, equally firm opinion from industry pros on both approaches.
  15. razor7music

    Song Association Game :D

    I've been away from this thread for a while and I think I've lost my place. Where are we and why does everyone post YouTube videos?