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  1. Hey All-- No, this post isn't on anything broken, for once!! 😉 I've got a guitar part that I'd like to have quick and short little echos cascading after each note. Should I be using an echo effect or delay? I know echo is a form of delay, but with the plethora of fx I have, how would it be categorized? I'm drawing a blank and the fx I've tried with delay sounds more like reverb than what I'm looking for. I'd like that effect that's so prevalent in many U2 songs. Thanks!
  2. Hello-- For some reason I can't increase my PRV gridline resolution above 8th notes. The follow snap resolution is turned off. When I click on the different resolution options, nothing happens to the gridlines. Not sure what I can do there.
  3. If you haven't already, or haven't recently... BACK UP YOUR MUSIC FILES NOW!!!
  4. I guess ranting here beats kicking the dog!
  5. I'm not sure how that applies where the same PCI card and mobo are in place and everything worked great with W7, then the issues started when the OS was upgraded to W10, but maybe your only referring to LasRul?
  6. I'll do a test and post back. I always thought it was by design, but with so many questions, I need to check my math. -EDIT- Well, I stand corrected. Deleting the instrument and MIDI tracks will delete the synth and drum sampler from the Synth Rack. I've been having a lot of issues since my W10 upgrade, so I'm hardly the baseline to compare to. Although, this might be the one thing that W10 did make better/fix with CbB. I have been deleting the synths from the synth rack since the OS upgrade, so it's possible that I had the anomaly with W7. I'll never know, and I'm glad it's working as designed now.
  7. This is not my experience. I noticed that synths or AD Drums 2 specifically, were loading when my project loaded even after I deleted the only instrument and midi tracks associated with it. When I went into synth rack, there it was. It might be a different setting, but I'm certain of this behavior. Would like to hear from someone else if they have this same behavior.
  8. One thing I noticed is that unless I remove a synth from the synth rack, it continues to load while the project is loading. It seems that you can delete the midi and instrument track but the synth will remain in the synth rack. If you don't want a synth in your project any longer, if you remove it from the synth rack, you will be prompted if you want to also remove the associated tracks. That's how I remove them now so my projects load faster.
  9. This happens a lot in gaming too. The game is free but if you want the fancy weapons or uniforms, you have to buy them. I would imagine that companies like MOTU and Steinberg are not too happy that a $400 program like CbB is free when it's right up there with their products - some might argue, even better. Sometimes I wonder if their employees are the ones starting these threads!!
  10. I have to add that installing CbB I didn't have any issues with my previous version of SPLAT. I wondered about CbB when it first came out, so my finger was on the mouse button to go back to SPLAT if I needed to, and I never did. So, the issues you're having are not inherent to installing CbB over SPLAT. Having said all that, I am also a huge proponent of not upgrading or making big changes to my software or computer while I'm in the middle of a project. I have paid the price too many times to do that again.
  11. I appreciate the help whenever you can!!
  12. Correct. I don't have any 1/8" jacks to plug in.
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