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  1. Hello-- I'm referring to the high range key you hear playing a lead melody right when the song starts. I also know enough about music video production to know you can't rely on what instrument's being "played" in the video to actually be the instrument in the recording. I just thought a fan or someone with the actual synth might know. I like the sound. I had something similar with a Korg Poly 800 II back in the day.
  2. I almost bought me something like this before BL took over. The thing is, as new functions are introduced into the software, your keyboard shortcut labels become obsolete. Logitech = https://logickeyboard.com/shop/cakewalk-sonar-editing-pc-keyboards-992c1.html
  3. ?? of course. Start/stop the play head.
  4. Hello-- Cage the Elephant has a track out now that I'd like to ID the New Wave sounding keyboard patch that's used throughout the track. The song is here. = Ideas? Thanks!
  5. I printed out the shortcuts and have a laminated copy at my workstation. These days I rarely refer to it, but it's a nice reference if I'm looking for something I don't typically use.
  6. @Noel Borthwick Yes, it always has done that in the past, but now it doesn't disappear. Any thoughts?
  7. I followed these instructions and added the new messages--and they work great. Now I have an issue that just started appearing. After the project loads, the inspiration message pop-up never disappears like it used to. I have to x out of it. Does anyone else see this?
  8. Really? Ok, that makes sense. I'll try it again. Have to say I prefer seeing the line. Thanks
  9. Nope. I mentioned it's not the current line draw tool.
  10. @Noel Borthwick Do you know what tool/option I'm referring to?
  11. Nope. It was an option in PRV when you had a split view of the midi events with the velocity in the bottom view.
  12. I'm back in the studio, and I don't think I was clear on my explanation of what I am looking for. There used to be a line tool where one side was "anchored" on the left so as to make drawing a perfectly straight horizontal line across multiple MIDI note velocities was easy. I've seen the current line drawing tool, but the one I'm trying to refer to is the one I described above. If you can imagine you had a string that had one end pinned down with a tack. Pulling the opposite end tight would make it easy to create a straight line. That's how the line tool used to work as an option. Anyone remember that?
  13. Hello Group-- Many CW versions ago, in PRV, there was an edit tool where you could use a straight line to edit velocity. Either the activation of that tool is somewhere I can no longer find it (probably not), or the tool was removed in past versions. It's hard to explain, but if you used to use it, you know what I mean (I hope). Is it still an option? If not, would anyone like to see that come back? Thanks,
  14. Awful! Sorry for all that. I've had stuff stolen, but nothing like that.
  15. Hey @Noel Borthwick I wasn't using fast mode because I wasn't sure the plugins in the project would support it.
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