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  1. That makes sense. I am working with completed, mastered audio tracks and the only edits I do are to video, so that supports your answer too. Appreciate it! Hope you're well.
  2. Hello Group-- I just started producing my own music videos, and I've been using Vegas Pro. I know CW has the ability to import video for editing audio, but I've never used it before or if I even need to use it now. My guess is you would use it for adding or editing audio to a video in sync, but I wasn't sure what other uses someone might have for using the video feature in CW? Thanks!
  3. Cool! A poll where you don't have to register for spam, ah, I mean, register.
  4. I've got my eye on this offer. I've been very happy with my other Eventide plug-ins. I just signed up for the 30-day demo and it's loaded on my iLok. I'll post back my opinion after I mess with it, but I am mainly looking for a good delay--not an audio play toy. EDIT: Seemed to be more of a play-toy to me. Reminded me of the Antares Filter plug-in. Can be fun, even creative, but not what I was looking for and certainly not for $50 = pass.
  5. Izotope RX "can" do it based on frequencies. Of course the best method would be to see if the client can send you the stems or remix the audio and send you a new file. Here's a vid on RX7.
  6. I read recently if you have a track with 1 million streams on Spotify, you would earn about $6,000 (provided you own the publishing too). Now I would be doing back-flips in the air if I had 1 million streams, but I could hardly live on $6,000 to get there. If it was easy, everyone would do it, right!? Congrats on the streams though. That's cool.
  7. The only thing missing from that picture to make it really authentic looking, are a bunch of cigarette burns! 😛
  8. Personally, I like the dry signal from the track, with the wet signal from the send/bus (with reverb plug set at 100% wet). I can dial it in or out to taste, but with reverb, I have to watch that I don't lose the definition by making it sound too far back in the mix. This is why I like the mix of signals. Just a matter of preference.
  9. I browsed the responses, so if I missed that someone already mentioned this, my apologies. You can set what the meter is reporting on. Audio Processing/System Performance/Overall App Performance. The details are here. Maybe you changed your meter preference and that's why you're seeing a different level. Just a thought.
  10. Hey All-- This might have fit better under the Coffee House forum, but there isn't a punch line so... It's interesting: I have a catalog of music where the oldest track is about 5 years old, and it goes on up to just about a month ago. I'm currently releasing my own tracks and so I have a chance to preview *one more time before I upload them to the distributor. I've only released two tracks so far, but in each case, I felt like I wanted to tweak the mix before uploading them. Only one tweak I would consider a correction, and the rest were all taste. I wanted more, bass. Or I wanted more backing vocals, etc. I just find it interesting with as much as I put into getting my mixes (and masters) balanced - listening on multiple sources - leaving and coming back later, etc--that over time, I feel as though I "like" certain things differently than when I was doing the original mix. It's almost as if I've matured, or my skill has improved, and I can hear more of what would improve the track than I did when I mixed it the first time. Does this happen to you? Thoughts? *Can't say over time I won't want to remix them again 😉
  11. I'm not sure about your reference to Android, but in Cakewalk, you can use the 'ripple edit' feature to slide everything over and insert the missing part.
  12. Actually, the Microsoft tech area (servers, networking, etc) forum was fairly responsive. I don't know about desktop stuff--but I get it. I also love when someone can't take the 30 seconds to open a new post to ask their question, and hijacks your's! I mean, if a thread has run its course and the issue has been sufficiently comment on, I may ask a related question starting with an "OT" but some people's kids! 😕
  13. I find this so funny, I don't know why. You post a question or need for help on some forum, and then hopefully with the input from the group, your question is answered, issue resolved. Then....months and sometimes years later, you get an email that someone has replied to your thread. Looking at the OP topic, you think, "whoa! what?" Then you go to the post you made 5 years ago! Wait what? Yeah, I posted a question to a Microsoft technical forum 5 years earlier, only to have someone suggest a solution to my issue. I was polite, and didn't reply. I now know I should update my OP topics with {SOLVED/ANSWERED} to try to close the thread. This Cakewalk forum is the most actively engaged forum I have ever been on--and being in tech and music, hobbies, etc. I've been on a lot of forums--that's saying a lot! But on other forums, the moral to the story is, take a look at the date of the OP. If it's reeeeaal old, chances are your reply isn't needed any longer. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Cheers
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