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  1. @Bernard Rasson Glad you found a solution. You'll find this forum to be one of the biggest hidden treasures of using Cakewalk. Also, it's always a good idea to mark your post as solved once you get your answer. Welcome!
  2. Thanks. The doppler effect happens anytime I retune a sample. I tried clean samples too. Also, we're not talking about a large pitch change. It does it with a half step. I can make it work. I'm glad I have Sound Forge.
  3. Yeah, if I didn't think their samples were any good I wouldn't use them, and I definitely wouldn't go through all the hastle to convert them for my project. Just too much trouble for me to purchase any more of their stuff.
  4. Yeah, I'm not so happy with Ueberschall. When I used a retune feature to change the pitch of a sample, you can still hear the original pitch playing as well. I reached out to their support, and long story short, that just happens with some of their samples. Not acceptable to me, so I just change the pitch with Sound Forge, but that means I have to convert the tempo of the sample in CW, export the sample from Ueberschall, open the sample in Sound Forge and convert the pitch, then import the sample back into my CW project. Pretty lame, but I already spent $50 on the samples 👎 Ueberschall also doesn't have a sync playback with the host, so you can't run through a bunch of samples to listen how they sound in your project as easily as the other samplers I own. Not worth the money IMO.
  5. This seems less like someone who just wants to rant than someone who is frustrated and really wants to see improvement. Ranters typically don't take the time to include video of their issues with detailed explanations. It's a foregone conclusion that CW works well for most people, but what if you had so many challenges using it that it stopped your creative workflow? What would you do? Sure, some comments were overly general, but I read that as frustration. That's my .02c
  6. @sergedaigno Just curious if you have ueberschall? I'm having a little bit of trouble with the retune feature playing the original pitch along with the retuned pitch and wondered if you figured out a workaround. I reached out to their support and they said I have to twirl the sensitivity and pitch dials to try to remove the doppler effect, but I'm not having any luck. I've got other tools, like Sound Forge if I need to change the pitch of a sample, but I can't imagine that someone would have to do that. Any advice?
  7. I've never used CW audio snap. Would that work better for slight timing issues with distorted guitar chords?
  8. Hello Group Just curious which algorithm you use on distorted guitar chords? I've tried melodic and polyphonic. I just seem to be getting way too much data with polyphonic. Thanks!
  9. Ueberschall player has quite a learning curve...
  10. I bought ueberschall shred guitar. I don't know if it's because they're in Germany, but the DL speed is slooooowww!
  11. Hello So I'm watching a Creative Sauce video on Matrix view and he pulls out SI bass. I have strings and piano, but where did bass come from? I did my CbB install over old versions, but I didn't upgrade every version when it came out, so maybe I missed the one that Included SI bass. Ideas?
  12. I have both of those sample libraries. They come with some good midi grooves you can just drop into your project and manipulate them as desired.
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