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    I've taken a college course learning how to ...

    I see what you did there...
  2. razor7music

    Friends Remind Friends to Back Up! - My Cautionary Tale

    Great point. That is one of the most missed steps in the process. CHECK YOUR BACKUPS! No use backing up corrupted data, or storing them in a place that is not conducive to keeping them from getting corrupted. Maybe once a <year?> go back and try to restore your backups to make sure it's still usable.
  3. razor7music

    Friends Remind Friends to Back Up! - My Cautionary Tale

    The 3-2-1 Backup Rule The 3-2-1 backup rule is an easy-to-remember acronym for a common approach to keeping your data safe in almost any failure scenario. The rule is: keep at least three (3) copies of your data, and store two (2) backup copies on different storage media, with one (1) of them located offsite.
  4. razor7music

    Kontakt's File Browser error.

    What version of kontakt 6? Player or full?
  5. razor7music

    The Big Question !

  6. Hello-- Just in case someone is interested -- go here. I was tempted, but I had one of their hardware harmonizers and it was like brain surgery to use it--so I'm a little sour. They are definitely great HW pieces--just not user friendly to those not familiar with the way they organize things - IMO.
  7. razor7music

    Music Tech Magazine Feature!

    Great looking studio! (I'm really exerting a lot of will-power not to comment on the lack of a lava lamp). Interesting theme on the first pic at the top. It almost looked like you had a UAD Dream Verb plug on both monitors because of the color. OK, the real reason I'm replying is because that is one awesome axe collection! Tell me they are Gibson's and Fender's please!! 😉
  8. LOL - Noel wants to know what's hanging!!
  9. razor7music

    Good news for V-Vocal users

    I'm coming late to the party, but just had to say, that ever since I went with the full version of Melodyne, I have not used V-Vocal once. When V-Vocal was what I had, I was glad because I found it much better/easier to use than AutoTune. When AutoTune was all I had, I was glad I had that because it was much better than being out of pitch.
  10. razor7music

    Reverb(s) on Guitar

    I've been using Guitar Rig 5 a lot lately, and I really like it. I held off due to a traditionalist recording engineer/producer saying he can tell the difference between a DI guitar with amp sim or other guitar plug-ins and an actual mic'd amp. Since I've been having issues with my amp lately, I decided to forgo that advice, and now I have decided to ignore that advice altogether since it still sounds good. Also, try Breverb. I like it.
  11. I looked, and couldn't find.
  12. razor7music

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    Melodyne is fixed! Woo hoo! Other items are very cool too!
  13. Nicely done. Congrats! (Also, have to say I'm glad it didn't go to a noob). Sorry--had to share. I'm glad Michael is an accomplished musician, longtime Cakewalk user, and of course a Davis!!
  14. razor7music

    Strange Random Frequency or Phase Issue (AD)

    I have an update. I tried using Replika as a delay instead and I had the same issue. As I was listening to the track without any delay--it happened again--which means it wasn't the delay to begin with. I just hadn't tested it enough times without the delay to have it randomly occur again. Something is going on with AD and sending to a bus with compression and then combining the two bus' outputs. I froze the drum track for now and it doesn't seem to happen--even though the frozen track is still routing a send to the same bus that has a bus compressor on it. It's puzzling for sure. More tests to single out the cause, because ultimately it will be unusable if I can't get the crisp EQ I need 100% of the time--certainly during the final mixing.