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  1. Make sure the receptacle has a tight fitting plug. Loose receptacles can cause unexpected problems.
  2. Update smooth.........nice job!
  3. I have been with Cakewalk for many years Thinking I needed another DAW after the ownership change, a new DAW was purchased. After the learning process began, frustration would set in when trying to be creative. Having many years with the prior DAW, I would do things automatically, and the creativity would flow. Cakewalk will be my DAW of choice till the creative well dries up. Thanks to all the Bakers
  4. Thanks for the updated PDF. Cakewalk keeps getting better and better!
  5. I was wondering if anyone had success with Melodya? Seems to work fine in S1, but not in BandLab Cakewalk. Seems like a good tool for melody experiments. Have tried the usual I/O configs, but no output.
  6. These continuous improvements keep this platform current and inspiring. Thanks, Bakers!
  7. SOS is anexcellent magazine! I have every issue from 2002 on a shelf! Also every issue of Electronic Musician from 1987! I get a lot of enjoyment picking a random issue to read for the evening.
  8. NorthCoast of Ohio, USA Between Lake Erie and The Grand River! Great place to compose!
  9. Everything fine here! Windows 10 build 17134.885 Thanks Bakers!
  10. I also had an Amiga, running Bars and Pipes, Music Mouse, Doctor T's KCS, and "M". Those were fun days! Creativity at it's best. Today, I have BandLab Cakewalk( since Pro 9 also) and Studio One with more equipment and experience! Different times, different software, different music! All in a life!
  11. Works well with CBb. Mackie control for the first 8 channels and Mackie control XT for the second 8.
  12. Thanks Panup! Glad to see you are still involved!
  13. Thanks scook and panup! Working well now!
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