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  1. Thx for the great feedback douglas.
  2. Gen z is ok, it's the millenials . * I really wanted to be an anarchist, but I didn't know where to register*.
  3. You have such a fertile imagination in the service of the music. Have you tried jazz improv? your phrasing is spot on.
  4. Bjorn, this has brilliant lyrics. Could be a poem. Elephants get a bad rap, methinks.
  5. Well done. Only thing I noticed out of the ordinary were some plosives (I'm listening on consumer stereo). Love your voice.
  6. background vocals are a nice touch. Again, I like the bluesy guitars. good one!
  7. Lynn, it means alot to me to hear your praise. Thanks for listening and commenting. Old Joad, where have you been!?
  8. symmetry? Ancient aliens told us but we forgot.
  9. Gary, this is a great recording! I listened on consumer stereo and it sounded fantastic. Your daughter's voice has presence and warmth. And of course the performance is outstanding.
  10. Ruralrocker, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to watch this. Ya, the timing is kind of nasty in places. They were supposed to be hemi-ola's but i didn't make up the time.
  11. Thank you paul. Thank you HS
  12. This, your shows must be wildly entertaining. Good tune to boot. I always thought *the man* was something to do with authority, not coolness (per se). If you play in portland let me know.
  13. David Sprouse


    what is the background picture? At my age, slow ambient pieces have enormous appeal. I believe you have done a great recording here!
  14. OM goodness steve, thanks for the praise. We can collaborate if you want. Not sure where you live. Nigel, thank you for watching and listening. Mark, thanks so much for listening and watching. I want to do more stuff with banjo. Freddy, thank you for watching and listening. The little story in the video reminded me of when I lived in the south and some friends down there.
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