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  1. Steve, Thank you for lending your ears to this. I always welcome feedback from you. I follow the japanese idea of wabi-sabi , usually timing issues. :D:D (j/k)
  2. Esp enjoyed the choral writing. Nice one Jerry.
  3. David Sprouse

    A WORD

    Loved the lyrics and presentation.
  4. This is brilliant. I liked the song form, it's not derivative like most. And a classic guitar solo integrates everything nicely.
  5. Max thank you so much for your feedback, it's greatly appreciated. Lynn, I just need to find some strings. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my music. Thanks for the thumbs up!
  6. First part was excellent up to the crack in the earth, you punctuated that but I felt you needed a contrasting section after that. The first half is riveting though.
  7. I had similar christian angst when I was that age. Nice to know I wasn't alone. But where is the music? You should sequence it.
  8. HAHA! loved the video. Your song has a roy orbison vibe. Good job.
  9. This is some seriously good guitar playing. Liked the song. Contrails for Q anon.
  10. David Sprouse

    Moving On

    Justin Timberlake. You did everything great. You get a Q for quality.
  11. Your stuff must be fun to perform live. Another great song from *the westerly sessions* The drums sound a little different in this one.
  12. Where's pia? About 2'12" needs cash register sounds. 3'25" aliens land and vaporize us all.
  13. Jack, I didn't use any extra plugins. That's how synchron sounds out of the box. I'm kind of a neophyte at mastering.
  14. Noy, thanks for listening. I appreciate your feedback. I was thinking dramatically, going from something familiar to something strange. BTW did you hear Garth Brooks at the inauguration? Sounded really good. Not sure about J LO haha.
  15. This is great! Needs vocals to stand out. I'm thinking Enrique Inglesis to sing it.
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