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  1. wow, this is incredible fred. Enjoyed it.
  2. This. Your music is difficult to peg down. it's at the *intersection* (intersectionality haha) of nausea and bliss. I mean that in a good way. The feeling of anticipation, or telos to where? we're not sure but it's fun getting there.
  3. It's recorded at too low of a level, I had to crank it up to hear it. Really magnificent music, lyrical and contemplative. I know what jack meant about a=440 haha. Keep it up!
  4. Nice words and sentiment. At first, i was going to say *the knack* but really you're sui generis. Left me wanting more.
  5. My ear has never gotten used to the sound of male sopranos and consequently, it's nice to hear it parsed out to different instruments. The rhythms of the counterpoint are beautifully interwoven.
  6. David Sprouse

    This is PISCES

    Lovely, I've always liked water signs.
  7. David Sprouse


    Just the right amount of frivolity listening on headphones in a dark room. Your talent runs deep.
  8. The solo lead sounded too perfect to me. Was it quantized?
  9. Antler, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my music.
  10. I could feel the electricity in the air Man those storms are so beautiful, except when they cause mayhem like this. Glad you walked away from that one.
  11. Bravo! The guitar was a little too perfect I think, needs some swing and humanization.
  12. David Sprouse

    Fiddle Tune

    Especially liked the counterpoint about midway through. I found wanting more sides versus mids., more room ambience.
  13. David Sprouse


    I added the pregnant pause, thanks for the tip. (See video)
  14. Antler love the anthropomorphic insects in the background. Reminds me of my grandma's farm.
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