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  1. David played guitar Good to see you Lynn, thanks for seeking me out. Portland is in a dark period these days. It's very unfortunate.
  2. This is one of your more serious works. I realize that I'll say something stupid, so I'll just shuttup.
  3. Enjoyed your take on this genre. The piano part was played slightly stiff (viz improvisatory), the sax was looser. The harmonies dripped like honey. Good one!
  4. Thank you for taking the time to listen and watch. The tune in ORYGUN was one of the first songs I wrote. Thanks for listening and watching, Bapu!
  5. How beautiful, Bjorn. Reminds me of yodeling.
  6. Michael John, thank you for taking the time to view both. (And,)thanks for the excellent review!
  7. Thank you all for listening and watching. Here's a new on called *hey dawg!*:
  8. Hi Bruce, so true. Music is so subjectivoso I know, fire the drummer! Good to see u2 steve. Oregon is a very strange place. Nigel, thank you for listening! Glad you enjoyed it!
  9. David Sprouse


    I'm sure there's an inner logic with this, just not sure what.
  10. Esp loved the *chorus*. I didn't find it as ominous as others, more suspenseful? Great writing.
  11. Thank you so much , Nigel! Thank you bjorn. It IS kind of eclectic... photo is of the heatmiser from *the year without santa*. Glad you liked, daryl. Hi, Mark. It definitely could use some more rhythmic elements. thanks for listening!
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