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  1. Hilarious. You have a gift for words.
  2. Hey Larry, do you have any versions over 11 for sound forge pro that you can sell?
  3. Paul and Noynekker thank you for listening. It means alot to have one's songs heard. Noynekker it's interesting that you think it's mahler-ish the 5th and adagio from 10th are two of my faves. Paul I try to create a piece that takes the listener from here to there. Doesn't always work, but glad it worked for you.
  4. David Sprouse


    You're getting so good at this Bjorn. reminded me a wookie's genre a little.
  5. Are y'all math teachers?! :D:D Great performances. Who's singing though?
  6. David Sprouse

    Elysium Angel

    Love your work Rex. You have a unique style...
  7. Douglas: thanks for your ears and eyes. Lynn: It is a little *out* in the harmonic sense. The piano definitely more dynamic range. With wider dynamic range, I can't get the loudness up. I normalise to -12 lufs but sometimes it's just too quiet.
  8. I like! great melody and heartfelt lyrics.
  9. I wont stand in line for anything but maybe food, but this is really a great piece. So *in-the-pocket* for being recorded over the internet(s). How did y'all meet eachother?
  10. Thanks for the compliment Nigel. I'm a big fan.
  11. Good one! Personally, I'm in an eternal state of indifference, anhedonia. Is that pic of you douglas, or Tom?
  12. Happy, happy music. :D:D
  13. Thanks Makke. I aim to please. :D:D
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