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  1. beautiful spacious audio. I felt i was on the autobahn.
  2. 3'22" is an auspicious number. Good one Bjorn. I have nothing negative to say at all.
  3. You could copyright that scale you use. I love the tone from the guitar. Your songs are so unique, yet the same time they are genre-defining. Great stuff.
  4. I know a perfect way to make the gulls go crazy
  5. David Sprouse

    My Better Days

    Hey Michael, didn't I sell you my rme interface awhile ago? Loved the tune and your voice. I can relate to the feelings expressed, at our age the days can seem bittersweet There's great beauty to the world God created. You-know-who is bent on destroying it. We do not inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children.
  6. yes the gulls are part of the ambient recording. Most people like the non ambient better according to bandcamp statistics.
  7. Max, I need to spend time monkeying with the balance on this. As it is, it's just where the samples were.Itt does sound too wide. Thanks for the advice and close listen.
  8. I liked how you used dune as a rhythmic element. Was that what sounded like a bug zapper? you use synths effectively in these contexts. BTWthanks for including the score!
  9. It's always a winter for me, as I suffer from anhedonia. Jesse, where ya been? Your tunes are getting more tonal. please don't sell out!
  10. Bjorn, your creativity is so Deep and Divers (that's british spelling...divers). Do you do any other of the arts? Loved this, some of the best I've heard around here. Great for a sunny morning in Portland.
  11. this sounds like a Denny Laine classic. Really enjoyed the song. Who is mr. balint?
  12. Freddy, great topic and tune. for the french ah'p*n*s is a huge topic. Really liked the bluesy presentation. I came close to happiness when I lived down there. It's one of those elusive things, like love.
  13. Daryl, I find it hard to believe your songs are from experience :D:D Do you and mrs. greenway really go through all this? another expertly crafted song. I esp like the minimal pop-synthy feel.
  14. Sax is just right for the song. Glad to see someone is collaborating. Liked the mix. the bass was supportive of everything else and the drums had a nice bite to them.
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