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  1. frothy coffee too wet? It's a quartet. You can't un-hear this.
  2. David Sprouse

    A Soft Parade

    I'm thinking putting on the Ritz by taco. This is great wookie, you make synths so expressive.
  3. David Sprouse

    You & Me

    This reminds me of a sun y winter morning in the berkshires. Great driving music. Makes me a little sad because I can't go back and do it all over. Good luck with finishing it.s definitely worth the effort.
  4. Bapu, good to see you! Where have you been?
  5. Mark, I'm glad you picked up on that, because that's what my initial goals were, (viz massive room, organ). Thank so much for taking the time to listen to my music. Thank you Lynn.
  6. Steve, virtually all my math teachers...highschool through college were musicians. I made this piece for you hopefully someday we'll have some frothy coffee together. :D:D
  7. Douglas, this is more optimistic than I've heard you before Good pop song! Love your lead guitar work.
  8. Wookie, I'm honored that you took the time out of your day to listen to my music. Thanks for the bump!
  9. Tom, Yes this is one you've heard before. I remixed it, and it's a little more forceful. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my music. Stay well!
  10. David Sprouse

    Minor twist

    You make it so effortless. Like the Jeff Lynne look today.
  11. Vocals have conviction and it carries the song through. I like the song alot. I had a little trouble understanding the words. Maybe you can tell us lyrics?
  12. Thank you Makke! I hope people don't think *kiss of god* is click bait. :D:D
  13. I like the romantic lyrics, you sound like you really love this person. you're truly prolific. Each song is so unique. What's the significance of *westerly* ; that volume of songs must be getting pretty full by now?
  14. So tom, you must be from the NE, no? haha. Lyrics are clever, it'd be cool to get a chick to kind of sing-say them ala blondie. Glad to see you can draw from different creative milieu's.
  15. Thanks for listening douglas. I managed to make it slightly louder. I think it is more forceful. jack, thanks for the great review! Hi Nigel, thanks for listening. It's all VSL. I was hoping for antiphon with the opening chords, but it didn't quite make it.
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