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  1. So many beautiful layers in this. How on earth do you come up with all the details? Really great.
  2. Do what you feels best. With reverb one doesn't have to be as precise.
  3. Villancico de Navidad by Barrios. You can hear how slow my hands are now. But have a great Holiday season y'all.
  4. Nice chord progression, haven't heard that before. The words are very au courant viz me as I spend a lot of sleepless nights lately. The way the song builds in its orchestration is very professional; I'll bet I could learn alot about songwriting from you.
  5. +1 to loggins and messina. It sounded incredible streaming to my woofdales.
  6. wow, no prs birds! That picture looks familiar btw. Enjoyed the tune.
  7. This is proof that time is both a wave and a particle. Nice one wookie!
  8. What does Bajan Blue mean? Loved this. I liked the chick in the video, she looks fun.
  9. Really enjoyed this retro song douglas. Good one!
  10. David Sprouse


    Jerry--thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to listen. Daryl, glad you like things waggish. I do too.
  11. David Sprouse


    When I was teaching beginning guitar players the first song I taught them was yellow submarine. So, I may have some attachment to that movie. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my music OJ. I added a minute of music at the end. You're the first one to hear it. Must not have been too offensive. Everyone said it needed to be longer. :D:D
  12. Thanks John, I took a lot of liberty with the melody. If it were honest to the pattern of the lyrics it'd sound different. Thanks for the interesting aside on this. This I did not know
  13. David Sprouse


    Oh dear....thank you Bapu.
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