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  1. Thank you so much , Nigel! Thank you bjorn. It IS kind of eclectic... photo is of the heatmiser from *the year without santa*. Glad you liked, daryl. Hi, Mark. It definitely could use some more rhythmic elements. thanks for listening!
  2. David Sprouse


    Jealous of your lyrical chops. Great song!
  3. Daryl, great to see you! Like your song. It's catchy.
  4. Hi Bruce! This was conceived as a ringtone, but turned into a song. au courant....:D:D
  5. Thanks for listening and commenting Jesse. Great ears Steve, that is NI East asia. Paul Young, love him!
  6. Good one jesse, if a bit macabre.
  7. Psy-trance ringtone.
  8. For those into the stock market.....
  9. David Sprouse


    Thanks Bruce. I'm more into this type of stuff lately. OTOH, I'm not much of a film buff, so don't really do film mock-ups. It's nice having the freedom to write anything and everything one wants.
  10. David Sprouse


    Thanks Tom!
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