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  1. Craig, what's going on with crispr research for cancer?
  2. Agree again. Look at the new plugin by clearmountain. All of the effects are those signature sounds from songs that he produced. They really were essential to the process of creating the songs.
  3. Your songs are so well constructed and sound beautiful.
  4. David Sprouse

    More Brouwer

    This might inspire you! https://davidsprouse.bandcamp.com/track/etudes-simples-3-brouwer
  5. Love the whistles and the belly dancer bells.
  6. I had flashbacks of doobie brothers, not sure why. fun to listen to.
  7. Right, the angry inch of snow. Well, I've given up on anybody around here's ability to predict the future.
  8. ok. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to respond to my post!
  9. Is it a product if there's no commerce? See that's the deal...money....It'll never happen here though you can bank on that. FAO
  10. HI Craig! What happened to Jaymes? I imagine you're upset about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
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