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  1. David Sprouse


    Thanks for listening Tom. Not sure if you meant the ending (sounding like a kaliope, which it did) or tutti sections. I rejiggered it a little to make it sound more like a real orchestra.
  2. Good soundtrack for space flight. Liked the ping pong echo . Thanks for sharing.
  3. David Sprouse


    Hi Douglas, thanks so much for listening! Hi Wookie, I agree this should be longer. Thanks for listening!
  4. This is brilliant! There are some more conventional things here. The difference between you and us mere mortals is repetition. Your music constantly evolves.
  5. I agree with douglas this represents your style very well. I enjoyed it. The synth-voice sounded good!
  6. David Sprouse


    spanish guitar song. With ornette coleman harmony. What do you think of the ending?
  7. Ya this is very chill. did you go direct or was it a mic on an amp for the guitar. Just curious.
  8. Nigel, I listend to the velvet underground's *the gift* . I only wish I could wite such nuanced lyrics. Thank you for finding the time to listen to my ditty.
  9. Where have you been douglas? Hope you are well. Esp liked the drums on this. This is one of your best.
  10. sounded good on headphones. Needs to be played live. There's so much invention in all of your songs.
  11. I love background vocals on your songs, always first rate. these are some of your best lyrics. Needs to be played live!
  12. David Sprouse

    Modal Mini's

    Is this a sonata? Esp liked the development section. Moog's have a unique timbre that I love. like jesse said, one of your best.
  13. Thanks wookie. The plucked strings are actually an instrument called a wassolou balafon. I drenched it in reverb because of the video, in the cavern.
  14. Thank you Douglas! I made it short in order to give the listener back his time. The shorter the piece, the better reviews I get. :D:D
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