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  1. I understand you are frustrated but you seem quite aggressive toward me and/or IK. Just trying to help. I didn't know that pointing someone to the right place to report an issue to get fixed was a bad thing. Learn something new every day. You are welcome to post wherever you want, but the only thing that might get fixed with that is your frustration and likely only temporarily. I'm also confused by this apparent connection/obsession with IK "making bank" with this promotion. That does not and has never had anything to do with supporting our customers. We always have and always will. We also have indeed "made bank" on a regular basis or we wouldn't be celebrating 25 years in business but again I don't know that has anything to do with an issue you are having with one of our products or the effectiveness of any resolution to that problem. If you open a ticket you can likely get to experience AmpliTube 5 like others here whose experience is a much faster opening and overall smooth experience. Others may have noticed some irregular/high CPU usage and of course that can and should be reported too. The support team takes their jobs seriously and will gather data from multiple people who report an issue, try to recreate it and (most important) assess any similarity/common threads (pun intended) of a problem and get it resolved for those who are having it. A trackable support system that allows a company's support staff to gather and share data is much more effective a means to resolving issues than finding posts and making guesses based on scattered information. Either way, I'm sure any issue can be resolved and if anybody has opened a ticket and they are not satisfied with how it is going or needs me to bump someone for some clarification I can and surely will. I'm willing to help and I do understand that frustration can result in aggression so just let me know if and when you do need/want my assistance if you haven't had luck with the support system. Thanks!
  2. That's also something to report to the team as that is clearly an indication of an issue and AmpliTube 5 takes far less time to load for others so it is likely something the team can identify and help with.
  3. As long as anybody experiencing this reports it. This is not the expected behavior, and should only appear when you are demoing gear. I am not experiencing this even when I'm not logged in or am logged in with an account that is missing gear, on both Windows and macOS. So I'm sure the team can get this resolved for anybody experiencing it.
  4. You received your ARC and MEMS mic if I recall so you could just keep remeasuring your room. That sounds like a fun time
  5. Find someone from here for your 25th freebie https://www.freehugscampaign.org/
  6. I never got to see them with Roger Waters but I went to five shows across two weeks in NJ and NY during the Momentary Lapse of Reason tour.
  7. I just hope for a tiny bit of rest though somehow during this time of year I do realize that's not likely. All good, though, I have to try to get in some time with the new stuff (like the TASCAM tape plugins) too!
  8. Nothing on November 1st thankfully as that is a Monday and we'll be closing down this big group buy shebang. But not too long after that there should be some things revealed
  9. Coming up November 1, 2021 is.... not the next group buy, sadly
  10. Since you ordered from us during the group buy promotion period you'll be taken care of. You may have to have support do it, but I assure you that you'll be taken care of.
  11. We released the TASCAM machines and have more in the pipeline The dimensions are on the Specs page for our hardware, like https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigkeysio/index.php?p=specs
  12. Here's your freebie, a compliment: You were very helpful spreading the word about this promotion and I appreciate it.
  13. They are mentioned near the top, the page was getting a bit unwieldy at this point:
  14. We've provided all of the appropriate information multiple times to all dealers and explained clearly how they could do REALLY well pushing this. Apparently it is not getting filtered down to all store associates apparently. I will bump our dealer reps here again. Yes, I'm on board with this as being 100% legit VAT is added when you purchase the Gear Credits, not to the price of the gear in Gear Credits when you use them. We'd rather not collection government tax from you the first time, let alone twice. Not going to happen. No TASCAM in this group buy. There are no plans to add any more items. We're in the final lap here, it has been extended twice already, and we will not be extending it again. 149.99 each. No. Absolutely. This is it, folks.
  15. I didn't hit anything yet, because I don't celebrate until we are there. To be 100% serious we should have been there by now. This is an insane deal and 25,000 people isn't really that huge a number to be honest. I'm not mad, just disappointed OK that last part wasn't 100% serious. Just about 75% serious.
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