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  1. That would be funny. T-RackS presets are not available in AmplITube directly but I'll run that up the line. That video posted, for those that didn't click, is about the speakers, rooms, mics, rack effects in AmpliTube 5 and here it is with a preview and embedded to watch here:
  2. I might upgrade in honor of Bruce Swedien. Can't touch his sound overall myself (though I'm sometimes in the same "grumpy old guy" category regardless!) but the 32C would be that console where he did his amazing work. Not to bring the thread down but RIP Bruce.
  3. Sorry to hear Cubase is giving you workflow problems. I really like Cubase and it remains my main, but I do like Mixbus for some things, mainly that it is a very console-like workflow and I am a big fan of the sound of Harrison consoles. But, I've been using it less and less and not sure I'll upgrade this time. Cubase is powerful enough and I'm able to craft the workflow I need with it for almost everything and I only use a couple other DAWs if I really have to.
  4. We also posted a great "making of" video where the people who brought AmpliTube 5 to life talk about it and some great concepts around how it came to be and how some of the more nuanced features affect the sound: https://youtu.be/Y2pg0ST1m-s
  5. Yes. You can unlock everything in CS so it is the same size.
  6. I don't know, plenty have had great things to say and have achieved realistic drum sounds etc. 1. There's a demo so you can get your own idea about how powerful MODO DRUM really is. 2. Ryan did a great live stream and showed off a lot of what MODO DRUM can do, which would pair nicely (like a nice wine or proper beer with your dinner, whatever you enjoy) with demoing it for yourself:
  7. No sweating. AmpliTube 5 will be similar to AmpliTube 4's installation. And other software. You install AmplITube 5 with all it offers, unlocking what you have registered from within. 3GB isn't that big a footprint and you can control where that is installed.
  8. It isn't split data/main program files but as with any IK installation you can choose the main installation path so you can choose your secondary drive for that. Then, as usual, you can specify your plugin paths after that too. The requirements on the Specs page state 3GB just for the basic info.
  9. 1. I suppose with the transfers done via the system that's in place (license transfer credits) it would be, and both would need to have the transfer field next to it in your respective IK User Areas if so. However... 2. The version included with your hardware is NFR per the EULA at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/legal/index.php?R=license-agreement under "Software Transfer"
  10. Oops I also meant to share the new video here:
  11. If I wouldn't get fired for it, I'd be in there adding "December 31, 2020 23:59 PST" But that would be evil. And wrong. Well yes it would be wrong in many ways including being the aforementioned evil but I meant incorrect.
  12. I'M IN THE US AND I'M ON EDGE TOOOOOO!!! Couldn't resist. But I am and I am, but that's just how these things go lately. 2020, I'm happy to be healthy (relatively, trying not to expand exponentially during this time stuck at home though), and we'll all get through it somehow. The US is a relatively young country, we're going to have to go through some stuff to keep evolving. To your first point, honestly the vast majority would be upgrades at this point. I think when people realize what they do get for the price, and via the version they need (the "Which AmplITube 5 is right for you?" message that went out was a bit of a help as well) they've been jumping in. Thanks for the filtering love, I know a bunch of us are chomping at the bit to look more closely at that (right now what some of us are using would have things unlocked or some of us are using accounts that already have everything) as the builds progress and finalize. The only cabs damaged were from AmpliTube Metal from what I'm seeing. As far as routing, the chart covers some of it but it might not be immediately apparent - check out the simultaneous cabs (and amps) columns where you'll only have routing options for 2 in CS for those vs 3 in SE/5/MAX. So you can't, for example, have the Wet/Dry/Wet routing options which is probably the best example because I know that's the option I'd personally miss most.
  13. No problem and I edited my post(s) to correct that typo
  14. Sorry to quote myself but I don't know if I made this prominent enough. It's a huge quality of life improvement and I was pushy about it in this morning's software meeting so I want to shout it from the rooftops so forgive my indulgence and boldface Edit - and the testing team agreed they'd test the F out of this as it is a huge request that's finally coming and they're excited too
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