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  1. We have made improvements to the CDN used as well as the installation process overall (including server-side updates) so it does make sense that everything shows correctly now and is smoother in general. We've seen people who have reinstalled some very large libraries with only a few clicks and zero issues since this change and will continue to monitor and make sure the changes provide a better experience and continue to move forward.
  2. Based on your profile picture I just have to say I didn't do ******* ****! Edit, though, to clarify I did have a bit to do with this so I did do ******* ****. That would be something for the support team to look into by looking directly at your account. IK Product Manager did not have offline authorization from the go. However a bug that was requiring you to be logged in to IK Product Manager to use your products has been fixed. It was only meant for the new Pianoverse subscriptions (log in every 72 hours) but it affected other products and has been fixed, if that's what you meant. Yes!
  3. Did they comment on whether it is a family/friend relationship destroyer like the Overcooked titles? Asking for a friend...
  4. Took a bit long to get to "why do I need this if I haven't finished the Overcooked series and/or still have the 50 Cooking Mama etc at my disposal" twist than I'd like but looks like an interesting twist on the genre. Free is free and even without that difference I'd have downloaded it though. I do hope they start giving away some smaller titles that feature Unreal Engine 5 so we can get a better idea about how it benefits the people playing the games while we wait (likely to see Godot arrive first) for titles like Rocket League to update to UE5...
  5. It lists what is specifically new in v2. From that document: New in SampleTank 4 MAX v2: 64 SampleTank 4 libraries and SampleTank-powered virtual instruments. 361 GB of new sound content. Alternate Keys Beat Machines Bionic Drums Cinekinetik – Fractured Piano Cinekinetik – Malletopia Cinekinetik – Malletension Cinekinetik – Shipwreck Piano Clavitube Electromagnetik – Electric Grand C70P Electromagnetik – Electric Piano Bass Electromagnetik – Stage 73 Mark V Electromagnetik – Wurly Model 120 Extraterrestrial Saxophone Hitmaker – EDM Hitmaker – Reggaeton Hitmaker – Synthwave Hitmaker – Trap L.A. Confidential Mojo Synthesis – Alien Harbours Mojo Synthesis – Circuit Damage Mojo Synthesis – Ring of Doom Mojo Synthesis – Swarm Mojo Synthesis – Vector Vision Salsa Percussion Loops Spaceport ’77 The Code Volume 1 – Urban DNA Kits The Code Volume 2 – Urban R&B Edition The Resonator Miroslav Philharmonik 2 SampleTron 2 Syntronik 2 99 Syntronik 2 Blau Syntronik 2 Bully Syntronik 2 CATO Syntronik 2 DCO-X Syntronik 2 Galaxy Syntronik 2 GS-V Syntronik 2 Harpy 260 Syntronik 2 J-8 Syntronik 2 J-60 Syntronik 2 KW-8000 Syntronik 2 M-12 Syntronik 2 M-Poly Syntronik 2 Megawave Syntronik 2 Memory-V Syntronik 2 Minimod Syntronik 2 Modulum Syntronik 2 Noir Syntronik 2 Obie One Syntronik 2 OSC-V Syntronik 2 OXa Syntronik 2 Polymorph Syntronik 2 Pro-V Syntronik 2 Pro-VS Syntronik 2 SAM Syntronik 2 SH-V Syntronik 2 Sorcerer Syntronik 2 String Box Syntronik 2 Syner-V Syntronik 2 Synth-X Syntronik 2 T-03 Syntronik 2 Triptych Syntronik 2 V-80 Syntronik 2 VCF3
  6. Yes, added emphasis to this post from above:
  7. Also, the best way to get the most out of this and tee up for Total Studio 4 MAX down the road would be to get SampleTank 4 MAX v2 in this deal because it contains all the other VIs that are in this promo anyway so for 69.99 you get the Pokemon catch em all for a much better price. And yes, you would then still qualify for MAXgrade pricing on Total Studio 4 MAX.
  8. Yes JamPoints can be used to take off an additional up to 30% off these prices. We still have MAXgrade pricing for Total Studio 4 MAX and don't plan on removing that at this time, I can't guarantee forever but I see nothing on the horizon to change that. Looking at what's on the plate for the rest of this year I don't see much confusion in the promotions.
  9. The next one is this Friday. I don't think they changed anything at all after Epic bought them so I hope this current shuffling doesn't change much either. @PavlovsCat The Bandcamp Fridays are popular with indie musicians and someone I believe we both know pretty well seems to use Bandcamp extensively: https://sonicelements.bandcamp.com/ (though I have the CDs - yes I still buy CDs - of New World and Static, I also have purchased them through Bandcamp and on Bandcamp Fridays of days gone by since Dave tends to remind people about Bandcamp Fridays especially when he has a current release he's promoting).
  10. Yes, a previous version had a false positive (submitted and verified as a non-threat) and the new one shouldn't trigger anything at all. What a scandal!
  11. Nice That looks VERY Ensoniq-y, I'll have to fire up the VFX-SD later today and tickle the plastic-keys a bit in its honor. There are so many Italian synths and quirky things we should grab, I'm going to have to go out there and nudge them to grab some more interesting gear.
  12. False positive for the previous, was submitted and cleared and the 1.0.8 should not trigger any AV. Edit - from what I'm hearing, since I have only updated on macOS so far today.
  13. Sometimes bigger is better, though. We took a no-compromise approach to our Tape Machine Collection, for example, where they do use resources for sure but also sound incredible so there is a payoff. We are also known for some groundbreaking physical modeling as well as component modeling so if we felt that was the direction to take for Pianoverse rest assured that we would have. For these beautiful instruments we were able to exceed the very high standards we set out to achieve in the best possible way with our robotic-assisted sampling coupled with making sure the instruments were as well-maintained and prepared by someone who took even those "maintenance" tasks to the level of an art form. We knew people would ask "do I need another piano virtual instrument?" and frankly the answer is "Of course not, you need one - you don't need them any more you'll only need one and that's Pianoverse". Check out Simeon and others who have demonstrated Pianoverse or take the subscription for a month-long stroll for less than a cheap meal since all cheekiness aside it really is for you to decide. I hope you love it.
  14. That functionality was suggested, it's not part of IK PM now but if you for whatever reason cannot unauthorize because you no longer have access to a computer and run out the team will assist you (as they did with 10 when it happened more frequently when there was no unauth functionality). But yes, I and others have relayed and also agreed with allowing to unauthorize without having access to the computer. And it was bumped again due to this.
  15. The file was submitted, it usually doesn't take long to get processed as a false positive. You would unauthorize on the computer on which you're running the product. If you for some reason no longer have access and the extra 2 authorizations don't cover you (noting that the EULA has always stated 3 installed devices) see the end where it states you can contact us as you would have if you ran out with the 10.
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