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  1. Thanks for the kind words. For the next AmpliTube the chains (whole chain plus stomp/rack/etc) will be different than AmpliTube 4 but not quite like MixBox either. As for what's included, that's a great question - there's a lot I'd have to check out the current list but... Can't tell much more at this time
  2. Wow, I see why I've thought that maybe you all might be better without me around here. Though most people aren't 100% sarcastic and insulting just because a product isn't for them. Even heated, folks like Lars, Fleer, etc give constructive criticism.
  3. Thanks! I love it too. Sounds REALLY good and is a different beast than T-RackS and other products. Plus some new stuff and things that aren't in T-RackS (see below). This, plus there are processors not in T-RackS at all (lots of modulation), the brand new reverbs, great features, the mentioned presets (a ton of them), and more. It is not just some repackaging, I think people are making assumptions here. Should probably demo it and find out what MixBox is about. I've used T-RackS since way before I worked for IK and I still use it daily - MixBox is different and I think it is one of the best products we've made and would think so if I didn't work for IK. Thanks for the compliments. Note that this isn't a virtual instrument so it wouldn't be added for that reason not because it is too new. Most here should qualify for the lowest special $/€99.99 pricing.
  4. It has been three hours since our last PM exchange so I do hope he's all right! Seriously, though, ol' Lars seems good unless he vanished within the last few hours. In that case he has not called any of us to get the Liam Neeson "Taken" speech, right? I suppose he'd GIVE that speech more likely... "I have a very particular set of deals"
  5. And you thought it was just bloating from GAS the whole time.
  6. If FL Studio was still Fruity Loops I'd want that for free. I guess I'd still have a license for it if it was kept up in that fashion, since I did buy it back in the day and loved that it did one thing and did it well.
  7. For us old folks who remember these cereal commercials... Follow your nose, it always knows!
  8. I will definitely pass along those big thanks and take a few for myself too because I'm directly involved in these. But the real heroes are people like my social media manager who really makes sure these get up and running in a timely fashion so I'll pass along 99.9% of the thanks to her and others.
  9. Worldwide link for those outside the US https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?id=freetracksclassicclipper
  10. Fairly close. Pretty close to the previous office (which was not nearly as nice, love the newer office) too. It happens sometimes Some say "twice a day" but I'll still take it as a compliment.
  11. The US office in southern Florida. I work remotely but I'm close enough and (will, after things settle down and it is safe) visit frequently so I will. Though for jamming we already have a big "jam room" where we can host a ton of people and have a quasi-stage etc. It's no Sweetwater campus but it is still pretty sweet.
  12. It's my favorite time of the year! Just enough craziness due to the group buy and not quite the craziness of the end of the year and then NAMM time. There will still be craziness for the latter as the show must go on in some way and we should have some great live and recorded events going on at that time. Including some from the new IK US recording studio since we had to sit here jealous of the Italian IK recording studio for far too long.
  13. That's a SKU from the Exchange system dealers use, but yes it is included and is a valid SKU. Our internal SKUs (which I use for any prices or listings on promos since I'm not dealing directly with dealers in my role usually) are different. Don't get me started on the "SKUs" and similar used in the iOS App Store, those can be a PITA.
  14. There was a quick Krazy Deal on Clavitube, and it really is a cool library. Yes, we've extended the VI Group Buy and added a tier! It may look aggressive but once we get to higher numbers of free products available people seem to go for the "sure thing" of 4x1 or 5x1 and it can really accelerate toward the top tier so we figured we'd get ahead of that. Hopefully that's the last update, though if you all crush that tier early we'd have to consider another, I suppose. But that's a big tier already and would be amazing, but it is doable.
  15. I feel like I'm dealt with quite well around here, you beat me with your wallets - both when you open them and when you decide to keep them closed and why. That's in all sincerity that I say that, and the community vibe here is much appreciated.
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