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  1. That's the opposite of what I was saying. Flagships are things like AmpliTube, T-RacKS, SampleTank. MODO BASS 2 is not going to trigger TS4 coming out.
  2. We'd likely need one more flagship full version update in there before v4 drops.
  3. Oh snap, I don't think I can delete my own thread but mods can? Sorry about that I ran down the page and must have seen something shiny or a squirrel. Maybe a shiny squirrel?
  4. We have released SampleTank 4.2.0 which adds drag-and-drop sample import functionality to the app along with extended sample import control plus a few maintenance updates. What’s New in SampleTank 4.2.0 • Added drag-and-drop sample import functionality • Expanded options for user sample import • Updated user manual with new sample import information • Fixed a bug on the Layer Panel where notes could get stuck while scrolling • General reliability improvements Log in to IK Product Manager to update or get SampleTank 4 on the IK site
  5. The group buy page https://www.ikmultimedia.com/syntronik2gb has links to all 33 Syntronik 2 synth choices for entry.
  6. That has been stated from the beginning, there will be MODO BASS 2 CS. So they're either not reading, that's not what they really want (I think someone expects both upgrades for free), or something else. Purchasing the new basses individually will definitely be more costly than the special upgrade price.
  7. But I thought this lyric was about you: "But @InstrEd never wears a mac in the pouring rain, very strange"
  8. At first I thought that was for me/IK and I was like "I know, I know! MODO BASS 2 will drop soon, I promise!". Glad I was wrong, but gives me another opportunity to thank you for your patience (even if you didn't really have any, trust me I know the feeling and would not throw stones). And @InstrEd, make sure you tuck that free MIDI controller under your coat if it is raining!
  9. You shouldn't have to wait. The Syner-V installation in IK Product Manager was fixed shortly after issues were reported. IK Support can iron out anything beyond that. I don't know of other issues with the synths, they should be like they are for many a quick few clicks inside IK Product Manager and done.
  10. Thanks, I think so too. The drag and drop (and importing back into MODO BASS 2) was important to me as I don't think I'd use any pattern exactly as written especially for any part that repeats since there are always going to be variations. Now if Ralph could do the bass equivalent of Jamstix (which also supports MODO DRUM by the way for those that didn't know) it would be amazing.
  11. This again. Do I need to answer about how nobody is "re-billed" at all for this (or for MODO DRUM 1.5) or have my multiple replies to the same incorrect information been seen widely enough to save everybody some time? The special upgrade price is less than $19 per bass (and that doesn't even factor in the 1,500 patterns - pennies for those!) which follows the same principle as MODO DRUM 1.5 which gives you three drum kits for less than almost all other known players in the market charge for one single kit. And with MODO BASS 2 every bass is actually two basses as they can go fretless if fretted and vice versa. Along with the updates to the algorithms, and more. So I'm pretty sure "paying twice" or "re-billing" doesn't apply to completely new and vastly upgraded models/features/sound. I guess I did explain it yet again. I hope that helps some folks either way, at least.
  12. I know the only thing you want to hear is that it is out but I promise we're very close. In the mean time, check out the patterns section video which I believe answers some questions I've been seeing around:
  13. It is listed under "Dynamics" there. Let me know if you still have trouble. Thanks!
  14. Those were just examples used by the video creator for the sake of the video. The included presets for that gear in AmpliTube 5 should provide a solid representation of what you can do with the new gear though, as I will have to relay your request in the mean time.
  15. The parallel processing is really where Joe's influence shows, sounds really great even on things other than vocals (our product lead has already been using it for drums for a while for example).
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