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  1. We also have a video if anybody prefers a video presentation of redeeming and authorizing/installing:
  2. YES I am breathing a sigh of relief. The official announcement is still coming but the Mac/PC version was ready to go and we control the "review" process and all that so we thought it best to let everybody on Mac/PC have at it. The full official announcement should be next week but thanks for your patience and hope finally getting it makes folks happy. Certainly makes me happy
  3. I've never had to go crazy, even on modest machines. The solid set of standard advice here will get most people most if not all the way there: https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/pc-optimization-guide-for-windows-10/
  4. It really is. My wife and I just watched it, I know we're way behind on trendy movies but we also just moved and with a new house comes many projects eating away at the free time! I was hoping to get an SSD for my sample drive when I get to yet another project™which is to upgrade my studio computer (well, replace it). I just upgraded the cooling in my gaming PC which is a lot cheaper than building a new studio machine but I've been trying to spec a reasonable SSD for the sample drive during the early stages of planning. Seems the market is a bit janky right now for some parts, though, so those who aren't careful (present company of bargain seeking experts have no worries there though!) could possibly end up taking a bit of a bath on a build from what I'm seeing. Most recently I noticed power supplies spiked in price but I believe that's settled down. I'm not flush with cash due to my move anyway so I can play the waiting game
  5. Yes, it will be a product management tool including authorization, installation, and download of our products. I have no information about any grace period.
  6. Yes, that's how I prefer things. Just like Mr Bond but I'm now confused because I just watched him solving a murder whilst using a southern accent so he must be in deep cover.
  7. That's going to be a bummer when the new manager comes out soon. There's a massive point to requests being forwarded, a ton of requests are implemented. I'm sorry the particular one you had and/or were interested in has not yet been implemented. Edit - and I understand that the idea may be simple to many but the implementation is not. I don't think you were trying to trivialize the effort for something like that, but it could definitely be interpreted that way.
  8. It was just well-timed, I can neither confirm nor deny that the "There are no accidents" meme did or did not apply to said timing
  9. We don't put it in all caps and K works with... IK The oscillators are sampled but the filters are modeled. We also have the DRIFT™ technology to make the samples not feel static at all. Well there may have been other reasons too
  10. Sorry to hear that there is a showstopper for you. I will relay your concern to the team.
  11. Bias aside this is really a cool library. Erik Norlander really worked his tail off making this one a super solid clav and I know he's super proud of this. Probably not that we're nearly giving it away, but hey.
  12. Correct, it doesn't matter. I hovered over the "Posted x hours ago" and it gave what looked like the exact time for each. Anyway, it's a good deal, I hope some are interested in that. Edit - and better in your thread because this one has the topic title with the previous percentage That's the real win on your topic, it doesn't say 35% when we're not up to 50%. It's not quite the blowout like the TS2 MAX sale but still...
  13. They both say 10:44AM. And yours wasn't there when I clicked into this one to reply. Sorry.
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