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  1. Note that is an article based off of a short social post by Joe. So you never know!
  2. My colleague sent this to me yesterday:
  3. We're not Sonic Reality and The Farm Stone Room Studio Reverb is new technology based on our successful captures of Sunset Sound and FAME studios. The Hugh Padgham kits were sampled there, but those sessions have zero to do with the new plugin, nothing was used from the drums for the Stone Room plugin. Oh and nothing new coming out right away either. We'd have included it in this release if so.
  4. Note this one was free in June too, in case you have a moment like I did wondering why it was already in my Epic library.
  5. It is always recommended to update to the latest version to make sure everything is running and optimized fully. If you don't have any issues or support acknowledges there isn't a fix to a specific issue you are having (or there aren't new features you are interested in) then I understand keeping your system at the version that is running smoothly in your current projects. Especially critical/production systems.
  6. The newer purchases from November 3 get TONEX SE and previous purchases before that get the 20 bonus Tone Models.
  7. This is a "mono-priced" deal, part of our Black Friday MAX deal that has been running and all versions of Syntronik MAX are 99.99 (as are the other MAX versions like T-RackS 5 MAX, AmpliTube 5 MAX, and SampleTank 4 MAX).
  8. Not true. First, though, to be clearTONEX CS is free. Everybody can get it. But users of iRig HD 2 get these 20 bonus Tone Models if registered before November 3, 2022. After that, new purchases from November 3, 2022 get TONEX SE.
  9. We list the major fixes. If there is a one-off or something that only affects a few customers it may be communicated directly to those customers, but major fixes are listed. I said "every little fix" meaning the tiny things are not going to be listed. That's all.
  10. There's not going to be a laundry list of every little fix, so if you've reported an issue the support team will always be happy to provide deeper information about your specific issue in a particular update.
  11. Seems on the Windows installer it does not register that you have the newer version. This will throw that message but won't affect the update otherwise (sound, functionality, etc). The updated installer for Windows will be available soon.
  12. For those interested in the iOS version: AmpliTube TONEX 1.0.1 (for iOS) has been updated
  13. Oh and as far as Total Studio 4 MAX is concerned I can at least say that it is not on the calendar for 2022.
  14. Recent group buys and "group buy like" promotions have specified new purchases (and serials of course have a generated date associated with them) so someone in the HQ must have caught on to that sorry
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