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  1. You should be able to load a picture, have you reached out to other users on the SampleTank 4 Editor subforum on the IK Forum? The manual should give the specs from what I recall but I don't have it in front of me right now. We do have third parties creating full detailed libraries with the editor so it should be fully operational for all.
  2. There's a new video from the very talented Luca Zabbini with SampleTank 4 CS and SampleTank libraries, hope everybody is enjoying using the new tool and/or 4GB+ new free sounds: Luca is a beast, very talented and he's playing his own compositions so he's a talented player and writer for sure.
  3. New video from the very talented Luca Zabbini with SampleTank 4 CS and SampleTank libraries:
  4. Wow thanks for that! I love these plates too and the pre-delay comment is spot on. Joe Chiccarelli mentions using pre-delay with the T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb plates in his video too.
  5. Thanks for the AmpliTube shoutouts. Many collections including the Fender collections mentioned above happen to be on sale in our Spring Strings promotion currently too
  6. We gave 30 JamPoints if anybody was making purchases anyway, to defray cost for those folks. Otherwise, we realized we had just released 4GB+ of free sound content (not a demo) and have free versions of our flagship software products for guitar/bass, mixing/mastering, etc that have gear to be able to make music completely free during this time. Having our headquarters in Italy made this hit home really hard and fast and we're definitely not taking it lightly nor trying to profit off of a crisis by any means. We give a realistic status via this news item on our site as well as what free software people can use while they are stuck inside. We also live stream daily and we field questions about how to live stream for those who are trying to stay making their living with music whilst their gigs, lessons, recording at a studio, etc are cancelled. We do have a surge of interest in our iRig Stream and such because tools like iRig Stream do help people give lessons and stream their music online but that surge was organic and not having to do with anything we would ever do to exploit such a situation that has hit us very hard (and I know it has hit everybody hard - just imagine the worry we had when Italy's cases and deaths grew multiple times over one weekend, worry for our friends and families... and then it just continued to get worse across the world - that's not the kind of "we are not alone" that we want to see we want to see things get better). Honestly, the streams are also a nice diversion and it is nice to see some of the artist guests talk to fans while they can't do so directly on tours etc. Of course my colleagues and I want to stay in business and that will be challenging for just about everybody on our planet at this point, we enjoy what we do and want to keep doing it but also want everybody including our friends, family, IK users, any human beings and creatures of all sorts to pull through this with their health and livelihood intact.
  7. These are daily streams, please check out the news at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?id=iklive Here are the topics and guests for each this week:
  8. I believe it was captured so we can repost later. We will also be using different streaming methods including YouTube live for upcoming sessions. Ryan will be doing one soon, more of a "Tech Tips" stream and that may be on YouTube or another medium.
  9. Today at 4PM EST we have Dave "Squids" Kerzner live on the IK Multimedia Instagram channel and you could win T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb
  10. We'll be doing regular live streams while we are all stuck inside, not just Mark and Ryan but guest artists and other great IK folks like Dave "Squids" Kerzner - I may even do some but I'll likely do more guerrilla streams* on Reddit's RPAN or something like that They'll also give away stuff on these and this time it is AmpliTube for iOS. I won't be picking the winner so unfortunately I cannot favor anybody from here. Anyway, these are informal and if you don't know Mark Menghi he's with the band Metal Allegiance (with Alex Skolnick, Mike Portnoy, and a bevy of guitar and regular guitarists and drummers) and certainly has been impacted by the shutdown. He and many of his metal peers have had to scramble since they make their living making music so feel free to ask about that and anything else Mark (and don't forget Ryan who's obviously quite knowledgeable though probably with a bit less edge than I have ). Not sure either has the magic bullet for this situation but they're both cool guys who can talk about guitar-related (or any music-related) topics or just shoot the breeze. They'll take questions, for sure. https://www.instagram.com/ikmultimedia/ *Dibs on the band name "Guerrilla Streams"
  11. My father told me he was taking one of the other free courses last night. Since he helped me pay to go there (when online college courses didn't exist!) I suppose he should feel good about getting something for free from them.
  12. Gear Credits are for Custom Shop. Lurssen Mastering Console is not a Custom Shop product like T-RackS is. We expanded their use from a la carte gear to include some collections that were for Custom Shop products, though, which may have confused some (some folks even said we shouldn't offer those for Gear Credits but offering more things for them should be better, no?).
  13. 59.99 technically, but yes. Oh and today is the last day for this Krazy Deal!
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