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  1. Yes, that promotion is supposed to be done but I let it go for a bit longer. You can thank Dr Brian May since he posted this today: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLt5W0Kh_01/ Figured people would enjoy the discount today if they just heard about his collection from his post.
  2. They are being released later. From the link: "We've hooked up with iconic guitar legends Joe Satriani, Gus G, Marty Friedman and Slash to roll out brand-new artist presets for AmpliTube 5 over the coming weeks." The Soldano SLO-100 was included in AmpliTube 4 MAX so yes you already had it from there.
  3. With my keyboard skills compared to some, I would even need to "practice, practice, practice" to get the Uber/taxi to my door
  4. I was kidding, of course. I'm sure you can get to Carnegie Hall via that method from the old quip I'm not a keyboard player but do OK and then I watch someone like a certain artist that went to Juilliard when he was NINE years old and want to cry a little bit.
  5. You can make the sounds, yes. Play like? I don't know you that well but if I were a betting man...
  6. Yes, he did our NAMM presentation as well as the interview with the incredible folks from SSI (whose chip is used for one of the UNO Synth Pro's filters). Erik's presentation for NAMM 2021: His interview with SSI founders Dave Rossum and Dan Parks:
  7. We aren't making clones, you're off on that sorry. UNO Synth is acclaimed for what it is not what it emulates while UNO Synth Pro can sound like many synths it absolutely has a sound of its own. Check out this video for more of how it sounds, and I'm sorry that my comment may have hit a bit too close to home for you - do you work at the camp or for the U-man? Or just a fan of clones and companies that are in the headlines for human rights violations and such?
  8. Erik Norlander just demonstrated UNO Synth Pro. Can catch the replay on our YouTube channel and info on upcoming events/etc on our NAMM 2021 page. Edit - might as well post the link to Erik's here since I know at least Mr Fleer will be interested:
  9. The larger version has a Fatar bed with full size semi-weighted keys, metal housing, and is capable of creating sounds like a ton of sought-after analog synths while also having its own personality. This isn't some one-hit clone made by boot camp workers in China, it's a quality analog synth with a ton of value made in Italy and we're still working with Soundmachines which is a huge deal too. Check out the Made in Italy video for more on that front (below) and there's a Luca Zabbini performance that really shows what UNO Synth Pro can achieve
  10. Note that you can still save up to 75% off Total Studio 2 MAX through January 4th, 2021 (extended so people have a little more leeway to deal with the new year/holidays/etc).
  11. Syntronik is sampled oscillators, modeled filters.
  12. Z840 workstation. Well that's at least how I get inspiration Thank you for the kind words, and happy new year and here's to another good year for you and everybody here.
  13. Forgive me as I didn't see this posted yet, please remove if I'm blind! 77% off IK's legendary synth powerhouse! We all know that analog synth sounds can add some real depth and warmth to your music. We all also know that vintage analog synths can be expensive and finicky, requiring meticulous maintenance to stay in top form. Why not get those classic analog synth sounds without all of the hassle and expense? Now through January 4th, 2021, get Syntronik analog synth virtual instrument for only $/€69.99. That's 77% off! Buy Syntronik now for only $/€69.99 Syntronik is a cutting-edge virtual synthesizer that raises the bar in sound quality and flexibility thanks to the most advanced sampling techniques combined with a new hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine. Syntronik includes 17 amazing instruments, available as a collection or separately, with over 2,000 preset sounds covering a wide selection from 38 of the most iconic to ultra-rare and painstakingly multi-sampled vintage synthesizers. Syntronik’s synthesis engine goes well beyond traditional sampling thanks to a brand new analog modeled filter section created with the utmost expertise from IK, the pioneer in virtual circuit modeling. This is coupled with exclusive DRIFT™ technology to accurately reproduce the behavior of oscillators from real hardware synths. All of this combined with an effects section that is unrivaled in the world of virtual instruments along with advanced features like 4-part Multis, splits and arpeggiators make Syntronik the ultimate source of inspiration with the widest palette of synthesizer sounds ranging from exact reproductions of the originals to sounds never heard before that will stand out from the crowd in productions covering any genre and style. Buy Syntronik now for only $/€69.99 Digital download versions only. All purchases from the IK online store are subject to VAT in the EU and may vary by country. Although IK strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, unintentional pricing or typographical errors may occur. IK reserves the right to correct, change or update information such as pricing, availability and product descriptions, at any time without notice. Sale through January 4, 2021.
  14. I'm open to it but really lean toward the tactile feel. I do use an iPad app to control Cubase (the Steinberg official app) from time to time but it isn't my preferred method for anything more complex than recording myself from another room/area of the studio. Interesting. I put motorized faders near the top of the list of requirements but I've heard good things about that unit so I'll keep an open mind.
  15. I'm starting to hate my old MCU so they had an opportunity here. I guess if any reps are watching, I'd be fine with some "industry consideration" LOL. Actually, I know I'll hem and haw over which surface to choose anyway so probably better they didn't have a deal here. So many choices, I'll likely choose one that takes up too much space and is overkill if the price and feature set are right, I know myself too well...
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