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  1. They have wrapped up the library with their own proprietary vst plugin, which itself seems like an upgrade for me.
  2. chris.r

    Goodbye Riffstation - gone after March 15th...

    Is downloading the app enough "to future-proof", or do I have to install/register/anything sort of thing? I will be buying new PC but doubt it will happen before 15 March.
  3. chris.r

    How to Email Cakewalk Tracks to a ProTools User

    I've read somewhere that we've been given only the cloud option for saving 3 projects in the free PT version. Maybe I missed some details about saving projects to disk.
  4. chris.r

    How to Email Cakewalk Tracks to a ProTools User

    I use WeTransfer. It's free, doesn't need for any sign up and u can send really huuuge files. Cheers
  5. chris.r

    Boston Flowers Theme [version 1.1 update]::.

    Thanks @Matthew White. Well then, it's really great to have the choice between tiny and big skins as the selection grows nicely. My old laptop is outrageously low in RAM, and now I can go try to figure out if the skin size matters here on my system. Cheers!
  6. chris.r

    Demo mode. Why?

    Valid points @Kurre, also any info in BandLab accound and especially simple email notification (that will give you resonable time to re-authorize) could much help.
  7. chris.r

    Boston Flowers Theme [version 1.1 update]::.

    I downloaded only 655KB is that fine? I mean, all other skins are more than 2MB, some much above 10MB, didn't expect such differences are possible but I'll take any reason .
  8. chris.r

    Beware importing midi - a warning!

    Or/and select a few MIDI tracks and drag VSTi onto them, then a dialog box would appear (optionally) for setting outputs etc, where you can select if you want to assign them all to the mains or to multi-outs subsequentially?
  9. chris.r

    Why is Cakewalk by Bandlab free?

    Interesting reading about Mac-vs-PC and the users response to pro solutions, or lack of them https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/home-page/2019/2/7/pro-tools-users-abandoning-apple-mac-for-microsoft-windows-new-poll-shows-alarming-results Edit: I realize I should have posted it in the other thread about low latency interfaces but oh well .
  10. chris.r

    Changed from 16/44.1k to 24/48k then back. What a mess.

    True, looks like I was too quick with my response. Next time I'll make a coffee before answering and actually drink it first . Just checked again, the situation I was talking about is when the wave file has same length but different name so... absolute opposite 🙃. I have then tried to expand the clip in project and save, but after changing length of the wave file in wavelab, Sonar imported it with previously saved length regardless the longer clip, you were right. In my test, using wav files with the same sample and bit rate, if you change the length of a wav file outside cakewalk, then on re-opening the project, if the wav file is longer than previously, then it gets truncated, if it's shorter then cakewalk will fill gap with a silence. After changing the sample rate cakewalk truncated the length. Shame. So looks like Cakewalk doesn't allow to simply change the sample rate of waves files, you have to create new project and import newly converted files into it. At least it only worked that way here.
  11. chris.r

    Changed from 16/44.1k to 24/48k then back. What a mess.

    If the wave file have exactly same name, Cakewalk should show a dialog box saying that the file has a different lenght now, and then you can accept the change or deny importing it. It's crucial to know exactly what you're doing in that situation or one can cause a mess in his project.
  12. chris.r

    Beware importing midi - a warning!

    That is my typical approach too - open MIDI file first, then load new vst instrument, that will create an instrument track, then either drag MIDI data onto the instrument track (and make sure it didn't change it's position while doing it) lastly delete empty MIDI track, or if there are more than one MIDI tracks that I want to assign to the same synth - simply assign their outputs to this synth. Right, I didn't count exactly how many clicks was that, but you know the way really old highlanders do count: "one, two, three, many..." . And yes, I'm a loooong time Cakewalk user too, so I'm simply used to do things that way and tbh never before wondered about it, still I can see a big potential in doing same thing with "just two" clicks. Workflows...
  13. chris.r

    Stem files: How do I use these?

    so... if you export stems from Cakewalk to BandLab, do you, precisely, upload from tracks, from busses, or is it user selectable?
  14. chris.r

    Causes of Vocal Distortion

    If your preamp's gain/input level was too hot and then you compensated this by taking the output level down, then the signal could be low but distorted.