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  1. For that, to quickly find out, I use sandboxie as well.
  2. Zips are great, except for people who are either lazy, compute tech resistant or can't tell the difference between vst2 and vst3 and could possibly extract to the wrong folder anyway. I'm fine with it but now more and more 'simple' plugins do install banks of presets somewhere else on the disk along with the plugin, then I'm finding installation process more handy because manual instructions are then often someway unclear for me. It still takes some labour to keep an eye on what the installer is doing to my system. One corner case I remember was when it put the plugin where the resources should go (ProgramData) and the resource files into plugin folder 😂 but these particular guys probably didn't have access to a PC at all and did just some guess work. I'm using sandboxie to isolate cases like that.
  3. All valid points. What I find even more disturbing is when the updates introduce bugs, like for example at some point the AAS installer has changed path for their plugins by moving into a different folder but without clearing out the previous location and you've been left with two sets of the same plugins all inside the global plugin folder. The most recent example is from yesterday, I was updating some AudioThing plugins and at some point I've noticed that the overall count of plugins in my global folder has increased. It turned out there were previous plugins with '_x64' suffix already installed and the new versions were all the same names but without suffix. I mean, man you can't do this. There should be process of cleaning during installation or at least some exclamation, but I don't recon anything.
  4. I heard he's partner of one of the Francisco Partners.
  5. Guys, have some of you noticed how our kids grown up?
  6. Exactly! I'm looking for one EZdrums for half off and one EZX for half off. Is that too much asking for? Oh I can wait another year...
  7. I this a deal or bummer? Cause I'm kind of lost. Where's the "Massive savings", as per the website?
  8. I ate my nails ...for a change.
  9. For some of us, this must have been the most horrible moment of the year!
  10. Libre Wave Hello, For the last couple of months I've been working on a jazz age inspired sample library for Rhapsody. Bell & Bone includes a trumpet and trombone. Both instruments feature a selection of idiomatic articulations and a range of mutes. It's available now for you, completely free! To get it you just need to install the latest version of Rhapsody, log in, and click to download/install it. Download Now A Joe-Blog Composer has made a great video overview which you can view by clicking the image below. Other News All Rhapsody instruments have had an upgrade so you'll need update both Rhapsody and the instruments you have installed. Most of the changes are cosmetic but there are a few functional ones: - The interface can now be resized by dragging from the bottom right corner. - The velocity curve is now per articulation, just like the AHDSR. - For instruments with a "Performance" articulation it's now possible to set the maximum attack and release time for that articulation. The actual value that will be used will still be determined by the instrument's scripting as it responds to your playing. - Support for mouse wheel to adjust velocity table curve - Fixed a few edge case crashes If you're interested in seeing me talk a bit about this update as well as upcoming projects I'm working on you can watch the video below. Black Friday It's that time of year again. Here's a coupon code that will give you a 40% discount across everything. The code is bf23 and you can use it at both Libre Wave and Xtant Audio. This code is valid from now until December 1st. Thanks as always for your kind support and feedback. If you have any questions, need assistance, or want to discuss anything please reply to this email and I'll get back to you. - David Healey
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