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  1. Apparently Focusrite's not for me. I just received email saying that they've cancelled my order due to "stock discrepancy". I wasn't sure I really need to enter the "Focusrite way" and now since they've make it even harder I think I'll just stay away. Hopefully I'm the only one with bad luck and not you.
  2. Groove clip looping here too. For what it's great, you can make splits and drag-slip edit the edges anytime, anywhere. Great for adjusting the arrangement.
  3. chris.r

    IK Axe I/O

    Guys, just a quick question. If you're making a purchase in the IK online store from an EU country, do they charge you the VAT amount according to your country or Italian VAT? Thx
  4. Is it any good if I have tons of other synths like synthmaster, korgs, AIR bundle etc?
  5. For me the soundbanks with stalled GUI are Acousticsamples GD-6 and Strategy. No idea how old are they.
  6. 160 was enough, no idea how did I collect them over time .
  7. And there's also this https://vstbuzz.com/the-vault/shimmer-shake/ and with my reward points I can have it for less than half it's price! Maybe not as awesome as the SSS but if you cannot stress out hundreds for a shaker, there is an alternative .
  8. I can confirm too. When I load a soundbank the GUI stalls. The workaround for me was clicking on either EFFECTS or ARP tab up in the UVI window and then back to EDIT, then the GUI starts to work as normal. Not sure whether it's a Cakewalk fault, though.
  9. A voice from heaven ... Thanks Alexey, apparently AzController is much more than I thought and that's a good thing. I'll take a close look once I buy the iCon. For the moment I have just one quick question. Without going into detail, since Platform M+ doesn't have a dedicated button for it - is it possible to assign one of the available buttons and create a custom function for it that will let icon enter a plugin control mode where I can use it's faders, knobs and buttons to control fx bin and prochannel plugins? (Synths in synth rack no possible from what I've learned already.) Guess that's all I need beside basic mixing functions. Presumably the answer is yes (perhaps even possible with Mark's mackie control plugin, idk). I've tried to download the manual for AzControl from the website but the link didn't work. Feedback you mean the display with channel names and control values etc? Like this https://iconproaudio.com/ic_product/platform-d2/
  10. Had a look on it right now but I see it's an alternative for ACT. FWIK ACT doesn't support high resolution for the faders (10-bit i.e. 1024 setps vs 128 for MIDI). Other than that looks pretty interesting.
  11. ChukE Baby, thanks but I think I'm going with small factor. It's a home studio, no serious recording at least by now, more of a producing/mixing ITB. And as for new gear, you know, warranty may be handy etc. Looking mostly for something that may give a bit of feeling of working with hardware mostly when mixing or fooling with plugins.
  12. Alright, now you made me understand Marco's previous post (about instruments), thx . they released recently this https://iconproaudio.com/ic_product/platform-b/ and this https://iconproaudio.com/ic_product/platform-nano/ so there's a hope! Unfortunately I have 0 (ZERO) experience with control surfaces as by now so there are very simple questions from me, Thanks for patience.
  13. Mark, thanks for your clarification but my question was if you can control 3rd party plugins from the MCU/HUI devices? I'm interested in buying iCon Platform M+, it looks like very basic console but it has few function buttons, I wonder if I'll be able to control plugins from it.
  14. I'd love to have the option to jump to marker I point to but have Cakewalk do it once it reaches the end of current measure or marker or maybe other landmarks.
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