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  1. chris.r

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    additional space (often twice as much as the target amount) is sometimes used for unpacking, then at the end of installation redundant files are deleted
  2. chris.r

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    @ZincT cymbals are samples
  3. chris.r

    New Izotope Neutron 3 SALE

    Was wondering if I'd have any use of the Relay plugin if I have only Elements, but then realized it does a job for the Visual Mixer also. Do you think it's worth getting the Visual Mixer alone (without any higher iZotope's suite)? From what I read it could be handy when mixing background vocals, maybe even the whole band, but it does nothing more than what you can do in every DAW, so wondering if it really does speed up work or is just a fancy gadget?
  4. chris.r

    New Izotope Neutron 3 SALE

    Think I found it: "Visual Mixer includes the Relay plug-in, allowing you to adjust level, pan, and stereo width from within Visual Mixer or directly from the tracks themselves. Integrated compatibilty with Neutron 3, VocalSynth 2, and Insight 2 enables your iZotope plug-ins to communicate across your entire session, so you can now easily bring large numbers of tracks into perfect balance." Doesn't integrate with Neutron Elements though.
  5. chris.r

    New Izotope Neutron 3 SALE

    What is this Relay used for? I see it comes only with Neutron versions higher that the Elements. Couldn't find any description. Thx
  6. chris.r

    Clip gain vs waveform ala pro-tools

    yes, we have it covered in feedback loop... perhaps one day... hopefully
  7. chris.r

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    Are upgrades like AD1>AD2 or AD2>AD3 paid at XLN?
  8. chris.r

    RX Elements

    Of that bunch I would be only interested in Mobius Filter, so this would be basically $49 for a Mobius Filter ($49 value) for me. Not much of a deal.
  9. chris.r

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Obviously I would need to go with the small library version... we shall see. I'm at the point of deciding which plugins should I get for my new upcoming PC. The price range of Waves is a strong point.
  10. chris.r

    Amazing AAS deal at StackSocial

    Couldn't find it on Stacksocial. The link is broken. EDIT: Correction! https://stacksocial.com/sales/pay-what-you-want-music-production-bundle-synths-sound-packs-for-logic-pro-ableton-pro-tools-more
  11. chris.r

    RX Elements

    Keep us informed Fleer! I don't do much KVR recently. Thx
  12. chris.r

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    To make a convincing results you're pushed to think the same way a bass player is thinking, interesting. I enjoyed the other slap bass lesson very much . Just these 15GB if my HD is only 128, eh...
  13. chris.r

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Great, thx! I had a quick look. One thing I didn't quite get it, only the libraries mentioned there were available? What if I'm looking for something particular that's not "featured" (I mean on the kvr forum thread)? EDIT: nvm, found it! "The sale applies to all our sample libraries, including bundles and bundle upgrades."
  14. chris.r

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Based on previous OTS group buys, what to expect from the eventual next one? Price range? How many libraries possibly? Rules etc? Thx
  15. chris.r

    Zo's Video on IK Tape

    from the IK tape website: "True Stereo: Even a perfectly aligned tape machine will have slight level, EQ and distortion differences between the left and right channels. This is good and part of the analog recording mojo! The T-RackS Tape Machine Collection perfectly recreates these subtle differences to deliver the real experience. If perfectly identical left and right channel processing is a must, simply disable this feature."