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  1. I did, and not once! and for that particular reason (Comprexxor). All the others in T-Racks I already had. But this LMC+ is instant 80-ties, that's sugar for my ears.
  2. Agree, I have the Collection without some of the latest additions, and they are very useful. I think, in a long run, I would shell out for one or two Roland perpetual licenses if there was just online activation without the rest of annoyance.
  3. Yep, from once a week to once a month, after collecting too much fuss about it. Still a bummer, if you're not online it will lock you right there where you are.
  4. You are right! Take me for example, I never knew I needed so many plugins before I came here! 😉🤣 I can't help but just relate! Misery likes company...? 😂
  5. I don't think I can get Arousor for that price anytime soon, can I?
  6. I'm considering ordering this just for that sweet box the mic comes with! Not suggesting that the mic is unusable.
  7. You should be able to change all selected notes at once with the Smart Tool. There was probably just an user error there. In addition if you hold Shift while changing velocity of any of the selected notes, it will scale their velocity by percentage. You can grab either in the velocity pane or at the top of any of the selected notes.
  8. I was curious because I use some of their plugins. So I dig in their FAQ and found this:
  9. chris.r

    XLN OLI Updated

    Thanks for heads up @Syphus !
  10. I'm still on AT 5.0.3, that's the more CPU friendly version btw. The moment I've read about implementing custom shop features into the recent version of AT gave me more consternation than anything else. How come that implementing some online shopping functions into, what seems to be, an already CPU hog software intended to be used as a fx plugin on many tracks in our DAWs could guarantee smooth and bug free experience? Scratching head right now...
  11. Waiting for a sale on this. I missed out the intro price.
  12. I liked the demos but there seems to be nothing I couldn't already do with my Addictive Dr... oops 🙊
  13. To Have or not to Have.... BTW, Larry how it's possible that the vstbuzz guys have beaten you to posting this Apparently it takes some time to get back to your pace, a day or two (max)
  14. chris.r

    XLN OLI Updated

    They have added it already so don't hold your breath.
  15. Give me the Reason not to crossgrade.
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