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  1. I think I was aware of Metic Halo (what I tried was dramactially overpriced and not great) Xils - I have the computer music version of the modular synth and it thankfully doesnt' have that limitaiton. Zynapitq I'll just stay clear of. 😂 All 3 companies pricing structures suggest they are no "in tune" with the current music production environment. All overpriced and limited liscencing. (My opinion) I have Hollywood Strings and Brass silver editions and they are also only 1 authorization allowed (ilok local machine in my case, makes it even less versatile) which I find very lame unfortunately because I have a laptop and now another new desktop pc. Now this PhoenixVerb... mixed feelings.
  2. Anyone has got an idea how long is this sale? I couldn't find anything on PB. Thx
  3. Ugh, it's so relieving I'm broken for the moment otherwise I'd had quickly got broken with these offers.
  4. chris.r

    CbB Updated

    I'm getting so used to the faulty assistant that if they manage to fix it I'm affraid I will longer know how to operate it.
  5. Would you mind sharing the info or location (preferably a web page as I'd rather avoid traveling)? Thx
  6. Oooo upgrades. Thanks for the details Matthew! I hope you'll let us know again the next time they include upgrades and when I'll have the money on hand .
  7. If I need to split stereo file to two mono, or combine 2 mono into single stereo file, I can do it very easily in Wavelab. But, sure I'd wish to have one-click split/combine in Cakewalk, it's just such a fundamental task in audio editing.
  8. Price is not meh with the voucher, but I already have so many great compressors that I'd rather save my $14,99. Tempted, but still not enough to get me in 😎.
  9. Cannot make the link to work . Is this the same synth as here?:
  10. Right! and BTW when is the IK Sunset reverb review coming, Zo?
  11. Shoot! I missed the previous one, the mastering course. Was it any good, people?
  12. Absolutely this! I have over 10 plugins from Waves and just one instrument from Spitfire. This tells me that I spent more on Waves over the years than on Spitfire, and I still may consider to buy some more from Waves in the future but don't plan buying from Spitfire because of high prices (well unless they decide to sell BBC Strings alone for affordable price then maybe yes ). I started buying slowly into waves right after they dropped prices to $29, do have have to say more? for $1 I will buy without even thinking about it and without any feelings, don't even have to care if it will come out great or useless later on
  13. I don't mix my herbs with my spices... might get too far 😄
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