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  1. I'm not in hurry with buying any of the addons. Is it worth waiting for even bigger discount? Are they having any better sales during the year? Thx
  2. Wish they could issue another $25 voucher like they did last year.
  3. @Matthew Sorrels really appreciate your feedback. I didn't pick up any of the sale items but I have Ibrido Favola and just started wondering whether it will have same problems but didn't have time to check. I did upgrade Kontakt to 6.6.0 just recently but I'm still using the VST2 version for any major project. Was just not enough time to validate the VST3 version yet, in my opinion.
  4. Point taken. Although it is really hard to live a life without a grain of said snarkiness .
  5. WUP takers can probably afford Mac.
  6. I've got Rbass as a freebie many years ago. I think that's the only one I wouldn't be able to replace if I ever decided to jump the Waves ship.
  7. Guess they have just two floors in the building and and one of the elevator's button is broken so they're used to taking the stairs.
  8. Check in the Cakewalk preferences if you're running the ASIO driver actually and not WASABI.
  9. LOL yeah I started with T-racks v1 - the rack - something like 20 years ago. I had no idea what was what, just picked the first preset and it already gave me the sound close to what I was looking for. Had to tweak it a little more for the next couple weeks (the classics have not so obvious controls at least to me) and I was there. That way I got bought effectively into the whole T-rackS ecosystem. And that was in times when I had no idea about mixing. But it was just the rack so the 'problem' was fairly low, now I've got almost the whole collection more like 50 of them
  10. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=11237 According to this website I already have it in my Sampletank Max bundle. How about using?
  11. Big thanks for your efforts! Trying to understand what you're saying here. By saying "only strum patterns" are you referring to articulations? So is there no musical content in them? Say I'd want buy a latin, reggae or this jazz pack, I hear some melodies or chord progressions there. Where would they be placed then? If they are in the MIDI files, just playing all in C key only, then that's fine for me.
  12. Doug, are you sure the soundpack installs MIDI files there? That was exactly my concern because I was thinking that everything comes inside the GS-2 soundpack bank file and you have to drag&drop the MIDI sequences from the plugin GUI. If you're right though, then that's exactly what I was looking for.
  13. That's two different paths. Not sure how much it would be useful with GS-2 dedicated soundpaks.
  14. Oh right, the AAS Player, Will have to check if it's sending MIDI Out or not, that could be one more way.
  15. If I have only Strum Session, is there still any way to utilize the AAS soundpacks (for GS-2)? Like for example do they come with MIDI files included or it's just proprietary GS-2 bank and I can do nothing with it? I would me mostly interested in getting the MIDI out of the styles to be able to play them with another guitar VIs.
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