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  1. Thanks guys, you both were helpful!
  2. Are we both talking about Kontakt Player version, not Kontakt full, right?
  3. Re-posting my question again. Can someone, who is using Kontakt Player, confirm that 7.6.1 is the latest version? TIA
  4. I recon a few years ago I remembered about it in the summer and it was still available for me so I guess you are safe.
  5. I used to be working on integrated Realtek for over a decade and I'm fine. The only side effect is that now I'm always 50ms ahead of any live band on the gigs.
  6. https://www.jrrshop.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?dir=asc&limit=36&order=price&q=JRR+Sound+Kits Thanks, hereby I completed the collection. Don't know why
  7. So we've got Christmas Gifts number 2,3 and 4. And what was number 1??
  8. How i wish they could port their Orchestral String Runs into Sine.
  9. I only have Kontakt 6 full, so I'm using Player for libraries that require 7. I see that full Kontakt 7 is at 7.7.3, question for those who use Player version, what is the latest Player, same as full? Cause I see only 7.6.1 here in my NA.
  10. Totally agree. I wonder if there's indeed any chance that they would add some missing pieces in future, I'd expect that would require some extensive re-working of the huge patterns library.
  11. I just realized it didn't come with a timbale! 😱😱 it does even more cowbell though..
  12. I love the sound but I had a couple of remote deauthorizations already due to ongoing licensing changes and software development so I'm very careful now. Sound is definitely there.
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