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  1. chris.r


    Just a note of caution, after filling the form you will get a link to download a small download manager which will try to fool you and install some additional toolbars along with the Audiograil. This is typical cheat on all those softpedia-type sites, hate those tricks. Make any clicks with caution and read carefully before installing. Didn't try the actual Audiograil software yet.
  2. IIRC noiiz or loopmasters is giving away some free samples weekly or monthly...?
  3. Is this something like the ones from noiiz or loopmasters? or better?
  4. I may be missing something but afaik $50 voucher has the $75 minimum in cart and the fee for transfer 2nd hand plugins is capped at $50...?
  5. And what's wrong with Udu from Acousticsamples freebie collection? https://www.acousticsamples.net/as-free-collection
  6. Too bad, I won't be buying anything pre 14th Jan. Too short time for recover
  7. Mm as in tasty... or Mm as in I'll wait before passing judgement? I'd guess it stands more for... "Mever mind"
  8. Still way more than $9 a piece 🙈🙉 la la la 🙊
  9. Patience, I emailed them around xmas as well and they replied just now. They must have been busy or perhaps on holiday? Awesome customer support nevertheless!
  10. chris.r

    PA Pick A Code

    Kalimba and kazoo!
  11. They might be right, I'm affraid
  12. Where is it stated Event List is an advanced tool? LOL... I started with MIDI editing in the '90-s
  13. My midi clips rarely span the whole measure and almost never start at the beginning of the measure, so I'm typically using Snap By. Now I see why Paint tool never worked for me (always snapped to the beginning of measure braking the flow) and Duplicate wouldn't work as well in that case.
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