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  1. chris.r

    $500 worth of IK plugins at Recording Revolution

    Just saw ST4 SE in my user area. Thanks IK Multimedia. 👍
  2. chris.r

    $500 worth of IK plugins at Recording Revolution

    T-RackS CS Deluxe is version 4. Four lovely classic processors (eq, comp, clip & multiband lim) plus 5 additional plugins - pulteq, fairchild, opto comp, brickwall limiter and linear phase eq, that are even more lovely. I already have all of them looong time No need for the Custom Shop CS version if you are installing Deluxe. If you have Custop Shop 5 already installed then I think you only need to click "Restore my gear" in the custom shop app. I'm not sure if Deluxe is installing with any additional presets though.
  3. chris.r

    $500 worth of IK plugins at Recording Revolution

    The T-Racks bundle registered finally in my account as version 4. The sad news is that there's no direct upgrade path from T-Racks CS Deluxe to 5 Deluxe, unfortunately.
  4. chris.r

    $500 worth of IK plugins at Recording Revolution

    @Peter - IK Multimedia on this site https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/index.php?id=sampletank4 i read: "Any customer who purchases or receives any version of SampleTank 3 as part of a hardware or software bundle on or after November 13, 2018, will receive SampleTank 4 SE for free at release." and "Any customer who purchases SampleTank 3 SE, SampleTank 3 or SampleTank MAX on or after November 13, 2018, will receive the equivalent version of SampleTank 4 for free at release." I registered my Sampletank 3 SE in my account but I don't see the ST4 SE version added. Should I open a ticket at support to sort it out, or is this "version of SampleTank 3" received/purchased "as a part of a (...) software bundle" deliberately excluded from those rules? Cheers.
  5. chris.r

    $500 worth of IK plugins at Recording Revolution

    What you mean "defunct"? Usually previous libraries work in newer Sampletank player, so I assumed ST3 SE library should work in the new ST4 free version, or am I wrong this time? Cheers.
  6. chris.r

    $500 worth of IK plugins at Recording Revolution

    Any idea how much is the upgrade price from TRack-S 3 Deluxe to Deluxe v.4 or v.5? Are the upgrades going on sales for cheaper? Cheers.
  7. They have wrapped up the library with their own proprietary vst plugin, which itself seems like an upgrade for me.
  8. chris.r

    Goodbye Riffstation - gone after March 15th...

    Is downloading the app enough "to future-proof", or do I have to install/register/anything sort of thing? I will be buying new PC but doubt it will happen before 15 March.
  9. I've read somewhere that we've been given only the cloud option for saving 3 projects in the free PT version. Maybe I missed some details about saving projects to disk.
  10. I use WeTransfer. It's free, doesn't need for any sign up and u can send really huuuge files. Cheers
  11. chris.r

    Boston Flowers Theme 1.2 [3-29-2019 update]::.

    Thanks @Matthew White. Well then, it's really great to have the choice between tiny and big skins as the selection grows nicely. My old laptop is outrageously low in RAM, and now I can go try to figure out if the skin size matters here on my system. Cheers!
  12. chris.r

    Demo mode. Why?

    Valid points @Kurre, also any info in BandLab accound and especially simple email notification (that will give you resonable time to re-authorize) could much help.
  13. chris.r

    Boston Flowers Theme 1.2 [3-29-2019 update]::.

    I downloaded only 655KB is that fine? I mean, all other skins are more than 2MB, some much above 10MB, didn't expect such differences are possible but I'll take any reason .
  14. chris.r

    Beware importing midi - a warning!

    Or/and select a few MIDI tracks and drag VSTi onto them, then a dialog box would appear (optionally) for setting outputs etc, where you can select if you want to assign them all to the mains or to multi-outs subsequentially?