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  1. Don't have any suggestion for you, unfortunately. Just wanted to say that I have similar GUI issues in UVI Workstation and some of the uJam drummers.
  2. Ah, here's what you mean! I get you now. I'm still thinking it's doable, to an acceptable level, if you have the skills and know what you want to achieve. But I forgot to say that typically it would require outrageous amount of work. Yeah, I get you now. That's actually very simple to do with pitch bender, I can do it when simulating a guitar solo as well when playing a solo on a synth. Quite common trick .
  3. It would require more editing afterwards for bringing out more articulation nuances that are impossible to play live, I believe it's doable.
  4. Couldn't agree more. But I'm not one of these youtube influencers, these guys should be more responsible for what they're saying. As to our $50, spending once on a software surely will give you overhead over any lesson, but in the long run it's the playing skills where you win. Artificial music will always be, well, artificial 🤪. Scaler in the hands of a skilled musician, that's another story I see on that we both agree.
  5. I think I had a better example but could not find it right when it's needed , so there's just that (maybe except a few notes here and there)
  6. I get it that the software may be worth spending money, the math is on your side I'm only trying to say that I don't think it's a good idea when the kids are being told that they should invest in the software instead of playing skills. Eventually some of them could become the new Hendrix or Zawinul in the future. And most of all, they'll miss that joy and fun you get when playing a real instrument and end up only clicking a mouse, that won't take them much further.
  7. A year or two ago I saw this guy on youtube reviewing a chord progression pack for Cthulthu or Scaler (don't remember) and saying something along: for the same price I would prefer these chords packs over music lessons. He was a kind of an influencer, this all made me sad.
  8. There's additional $0.52 discount on these on Audiodeluxe.com.
  9. This. The famous M. Jackson's Thriller sound. For $1500 I wish they shipped it with the hardware .
  10. On my system I only have a dialog box saying "Failed to execute script WavesLocalServer" during scan the first time I run Cakewalk after updating Waves Central, but then it's all working ok and the dialog box never comes back, weird. In Task Manager I can see two WavesLocalServer processes loaded during the first scan.
  11. That's what I would expect as well, thanks for sharing your thoughts Larry. So I'll be skipping the update in accordance with the saying "don't fix it if it's not broken"
  12. Out of curiosity, what would be the benefit from updating waves central? Does it make any influence on how the waves plugins work, or it's just about the waves central alone and I can just skip it until I'll need to install/uninstall some of the plugins? Thx
  13. Select your MIDI clips, then menu Process > Length, by 50% make sure to check Durations if some of the drums are note-length dependent, like for example a reverse cymbal on some drum machines EDIT: Emmm... to halve the tempo of these clips, choose 200% instead of 50 (guess I need another coffee by now)
  14. I'm right now working on a project with Modo Drums, except the useless preset up/down buttons no issues here as well.
  15. I slightly prefer Pianoteq over Lounge Lizard, when playing with live band and doing some recordings, it did mix very well with the rest. I only had Lounge Lizard 3.4 and Lounge Lizard Cakewalk but the bark was always just a bit too artificial to me, maybe that's got changed in v4 full version...?
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