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  1. For me it's Radius Mix closely followed by Elastique Pro. For solo tracks you may check if the other Radius algos perform better but I was happy with just Radius Mix.
  2. even better... take the red pill
  3. Just quickly came back to report that the issue has been finally resolved!
  4. Softube plugins were the only ones in my life that required updating iLok Manager for them to work at all here! Hate it when developers are pushing us to always update all dependencies to the latest, more often then not something else gets broken by it.
  5. Oh, looks like asking too much. Well then, I should be ok with my Gig performer unlocked for now.
  6. Give me a shout when Unify will be on 50% off sale.
  7. Does A-800 need to set it up in the settings somewhere? I roughly remember years ago pluggin expression pedal into RD-300 didn't work out of the box, had to surf through the menus to make it work.
  8. But does it do flautando instead? 😝
  9. Cheapest I've found was on KVR Marketplace $45 with some kvr points I had there. Yes there is 10% off voucher on vstbuzz making the price €44 but due to currency conversion it was still more profitable to buy in $$.
  10. That's track's Volume automation for me (yellow), not clip gain (red). And the focus doesn't switch with the click here so maybe there's another setting hiding in the menus 😄
  11. If you have 'Maximize Waveform Height' checked in Track View menu under View > Display, then it will work only when clicking in the bottom half of a clip. After setting Edit Filter to clip gain, hover mouse somewhere close to the top of clip until cursor changes to up and down arrows then you can change the whole envelope with just a mouse click (without Ctrl).
  12. Clearly that's almost exactly what I am doing here for years 😂 and I'm not going to rethink my audio software purchasing. But in this one case I'll buy them all separately just in order to multiply the pleasure of buying audio software.
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