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  1. That would probably screw up some other software properly authorized on such systems.
  2. Redeem it, just for the sake of keeping up with the forum spirit! I paid for it 20 quid the other day..
  3. I remember when MS released their next Windows version, and I had the previous (don't remember was it XP or Win7), that in their last patch they released that annoying pop-up nagging to upgrade. Do you guys think there is risk in updating Kontakt v6 to it's latest version and seeing something similar? Or is there a way to go back to older versions if necessary? Thx EDIT: I see on one of my PCs I have Kontakt updated to the latest 6.7.1 and all is fine Hopefully there will be no surprises upcoming, I'd like to stay as long as I want🤞.
  4. Cool, looks like the wrong plugin version bug has been fixed for 2016 stereo room
  5. I need to start looking up for a second shift to save for all these pianos here now 🦄🌈💩
  6. If you already have any of the Addictive Keys pianos from XLN check out their factory presets, they have got tons of character. I particularly like the Electric Grand.
  7. Thanks, got the wurli! How many times one can use the same referral? Guess it's once per person... Edit: yeah it's for the newcomers only (first purchase)
  8. Wondering how it stacks up against the soundpaint wurli...
  9. Look out for audio plugin deals/vstbuzz deals on Gospel Musicians, I got a great deal on a bunch of good stuff and then there are quite fair upgrade offers and deals on GM own website. It helps a lot to login to see the offers. For Wurli there's one more library worth checking out: Session Keys Electric W from e-instruments.com Also there's Broken Wurli from Soniccouture but that one, I think, was already mentioned in the other thread.
  10. Did you come up with your Wurli library of choice yet? It's ridiculous that there are so many excellent Rhodes pianos of all marks long on the market but there's still a great Wurli to be made! I have a nice one from Gospel Musicians, I think it came with my Neo Soul Keys Studio as an addition whereas the whole library is hugely dedicated to Rhodes stage and suitcase pianos.
  11. It's a difficult question to answer as I'm mostly not familiar with their whole offerings, just some singles. From Xperimenta I have La Fisharmonica and it sounds delicious. GG Audio makes an excellent alternative to IKM Hammond organ that takes almost no CPU but still sounds brilliantly well. I've got nothing from Premier, yet, but his Wind Chime is looong past due on my list, I've compared audio demos to a few other options and it just sounds best to my ears so I'm buying it soon. I also have the KeyTone from Channel Robot, quite unique sound. All of them mentioned are mostly one man businesses and seem very dedicated to their works.
  12. Was just going to post about Xperimenta. A few other worth mentioning: Channel Robot, GG Audio, IK Multime... wait wrong thread, Premier Sound Factory, maybe also Audio Ollie, SampleHero and tons of small devs at Loot Audio. Pretty sure there are still many missing!
  13. I can recommend Kiive Audio. Small dev, probably one person. Choose from a great sounding, very little CPU tape plugin, a channel strip or some guitar stuff.
  14. Crumbs.. I'll stick to my, not even installed, version 1. Cheers!
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