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  1. chris.r

    PA Forever $29

    @ALC bummer, sorry to hear that. They must've change it, previously they used to say like "anything at the store, anything". This time I was lucky it seems.
  2. Last day! Thought it's worth a mention.
  3. Finally got the reply, as they say "the sale is set to run through May currently..." so still plenty of time
  4. I repeated old password just in case it's hackers new trick to collect new updated passwords
  5. I'll try and contact them, cheers.
  6. Any idea how long the Spring Sale, Larry? (assuming it's not going over the whole spring fwiw)
  7. If you report them both specs maybe it could point them to some solution... just a thought.
  8. That's a bummer. I also tried not so long ago and still had crashes. FWIW my systems are of different age, architecture and brands but mostly have typical components like integrated intel GPUs and so on. Shame as I liked the de-esser much.
  9. I would be glad to see a simple solution but my problems started yet on my old, more than 15 years old 32-bit laptop and Sonar, then I upgraded to a more current Dell laptop 64-bit and Win10, and even more capable HP desktop and CbB. All having crashes with AVA Deesser, sometimes other AVA plugins as well. Gives me impression it doesn't have to be all the same bug causing it. Or I'm just extremely unlucky about the AVA series
  10. chris.r

    PA Forever $29

    Just try, in the FAQ is says anything. I tried last month and it worked with Gig Performer unlocked.
  11. I acknowledge there's OpenGL Should I try to disable/update it in Windows, Cakewalk or in the plugin? And how. I'm on Win10 (painfully) updated and CbB to be updated soon (some 2021 version). Softube loads fine here although some bit slower than most plugins.
  12. I have long history with AVA Deesser crashing Cakewalk since Sonar days and my 32-bit old laptop, even though most people here are running it just fine. I have contacted the guys at Harrison and gave my feedback, then got their response that it will be fixed soon but it's never been fixed for me. Eventually I dropped it. Typically the crash happened when opening or closing the plugin GUI.
  13. Sadly no, it's only $25... but minimum $675 in cart is less too 🥳🥳🥂🌈🦄
  14. Anyone up for my monthly voucher...?
  15. chris.r

    FREE Vocal Remover

    Nah....we can't have that! Who would say "installed" if there was no Bapu? We'd miss the coat floating around.
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