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  1. Really noble idea but I would be thankful even for something so simple like clicking on a sample in the browser to be able to play it across the keyboard and then just click on another sample while playing back the track to change the sound on the fly. Simple attack/release, sample start/end point and tune. Also stack samples as velocity layers to build a simple drum instrument. Plus audition acidized loops synchronized to project tempo when on a search for 'that one' loop.
  2. And a nice Dimension D which is on my to-buy list. I forgot about sknote because it's sometimes tricky to make his plugins work in Cakewalk. But the one on the movie sounds like a real analog hardware to me. I believe you can fake it in the software but one needs to know what software to use, like I said I know about u-he synths but that's out of my price range and I'm not planning on buying them anytime nearby.
  3. I would have thought so too. I have Synthmaster and I like it but I feel it's giving me a more static sound than what I hear in this video.
  4. Thanks, I'm about the synth bass pulse sound and not about carbon sounds. Like here:
  5. I have a question to you guys. I was listening to this ujam carbon video and there is a pulsating synth sound in the beginning. What instruments are best for making this sound? I've heard about one and it's the Zebra but it's way out of my price range because it's never on a big discount, but maybe something else? I mean, one could use an arpeggiated synth bass sound but there's some liveness to it in this vid that I'm liking.
  6. and I'm actually a keys player used to in-the-box emulation of guitar toys ha ha ha ha
  7. There is one cheap from Plug & Mix bundle, those plugins seem generic but they are all made by different developers and that makes them solid in terms of sound. https://www.plugandmix.com/products/p880-Cool-vibe/
  8. That one seems interesting. Anyone have any experience with it? Can it bridge 32-bit plugins?
  9. chris.r

    IK VI Group Buy

    You may have to login to your account on ik website to see the crossgrades again.
  10. chris.r

    IK VI Group Buy

    Was Clavitube offered as a freebie? If so than I missed it! But I think it was only discounted with an intro price not so long ago.
  11. chris.r

    Where’s Lars

    Took me a while to realize that Larry is back🤡! Glad to see you mate.
  12. I think it's a side effect of creating their own way of installation and authorization method. The whole process apparently had been received as convoluted and in consequence they had to go through a mass support work, that's why now they try to cover as much cases as possible with one installation. For us of course no good. Why not go the proven path as the others do and save themself extra hassle.
  13. I like that, it's a brilliant model and could easily make our standard small/large buffer switching obsolete. Should be a standard.
  14. I see similarity in issues with IK product manager and problem with Bandlab Assistant where it fails with starting the installation process... I think Microsoft showed off again with the latest forced update.
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