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  1. LOL... it is probably making it more difficult to chase the squirrel for them since the crash is not consistent across users, I guess I should report it anyway, I bought this plugin because I liked everything about it, but I didn't get to using it after the first crashes.. while it's working it sounds great though
  2. Ok I checked too now because long time already and something changed since, most probably I updated Cakewalk in the meantime. Now the steps to the crash are: open new project insert ava deesser on audio track delete it from fx bin <-everything is ok(!) insert deesser again on the same track delete it from fx bin again and Cakewalk disappear 😱🤔 I still need to update both, Cake and the plugin, but if you don't have the crash then it's a bit strange because I was getting same crash on my desktop and it's different brand and year. Will have to check the desktop again later. Thx
  3. Plz post the version# of your de-esser when you have a bit of free time I'll try to update and see again.. cheers
  4. Aren't you getting a crash in Cakewalk when closing the AVA De-esser GUI (or deleting it from fx rack)? I was about to report it some time ago but then I got busy with other things. Maybe it's just my laptop here.
  5. We already hacked in this thread what will the mystery plugin be, didn't we hope nobody is surprised by anything but the quality of it. So, another CLA's favorite hardware ported into the digital world, I think maybe he should just put them all into one Virtual studio plugin and call it... CLAV
  6. I agree buses are the first thing to reach for if I want to solo some drums, vocals, instruments etc. I would prefer to have a list of all tracks on the left that we could just quickly scroll and click on/off (to show/hide in the console view), like they do in pro tools. That way we could keep the console view much more tidy while mixing. We can't do it now in cakewalk quickly, can we? To show/hide tracks we first have to bring up the Track Manager (H) and then click each track that we want to show or hide, separately. We can't swipe over quickly or shift+select a bunch, or is there any other way in cakewalk to speed up the process? I also would like to have the ability to assign a track folder to a bus. Then we could only show the ones we'd want to work with, for example drums, and have only those tracks visible in console view (or track view). Now the OP could just click SOLO on the drums track folder and have the same he's asking for .
  7. Snap By takes care of order in my projects by keeping clips in their relative position on the grid while copying/moving. The way I'm used to keep clips organized in my projects makes them almost never perfectly aligned to bars. Unless it's electronic kick or snare, most of my clips will be slightly off the grid or anywhere in between bars. That's because if I do record live audio, I cut somewhere between the breath and voice or guitar notes, if I do MIDI acoustic drums then I tend to play it live on keys or pads and I never quantize 100%. And so on. That way most of the notes, say kick, fall somewhere around the beats but never exactly on the beat, clips can start a couple ticks before or after the beat. If I used Snap To instead, then it would happen exactly what Mark says to the clips, and their relative position would have got screwed.
  8. I, otoh, can't live without Snap By, so I will better waiting for confirmation if it's working fine, before I upgrade. Thanks
  9. How's $34.95 @Fleer? I would go for it if it was RC-35
  10. I clicked on this topic for a $1 upgrade.... what a bummer
  11. iirc I could help myself by changing the unresponsive note's length in the event list
  12. It's already getting there, think cthulthu chord packs and progressions or some melody packs, drum grooves, vocal chops, all the ez-stuff etc. Music can be made with a mouse, pads or midi keys used to trigger a sequence of chords and not the melody... more of a programming rather than playing music.
  13. Sounds great and could be very useful.. if I could have it for a 'normal' price /moving on
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