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  1. It's strings and wooodwind sections runs... I love it!
  2. Good price, unfortunately I'm on same wagon as Patrick, if I wasn't focused on certain things this year end I would buy it but having only as much money I have to pass on it this time, sadly as I like things that are giving quick results.
  3. I read that they have extended the top ranges for instruments in version 2.0 but couldn't find more details.
  4. Does require Kontakt 5.6.8 Full version.
  5. no kontakt... platonic only
  6. Alternatively you can get this: https://store.sonarworks.com/products/reference-4-studio-edition-with-mic
  7. It is not Komplete clear whether he has any Reason for taking more care about the hair or not but just in case if the hair is Massive he could use some sort of Machine for being more flexible and if not then just Recycle it. 😎
  8. my hair? Or, if you're German "Mein Herr" And... you don't need full Kontakt to keep the Herr shiny!
  9. What about these vouchers they are giving each year for xmas, same useless?
  10. Alright, latency here 128 samples = 6,8 msec RTL, PDC button lit (in the MIX module, right?) Throwing TrackS LPEq with delay compensation enabled (in plugin properties, right?) on one of the tracks makes no audible issue until... I press bypass button on the plugin (vst3) because then I can clearly hear that track shifted against the others, just like Neil said only the difference is the track is playing ahead of the rest, not behind Switching PDC button on/off seems making no difference Am I missing any other place beside plugin properties where I can set the delay compensation on/off? Cakewalk version 2019.07
  11. That was my first thought as well after reading all the feedback here. You need to make use of all that articulations to make it sound convincing and not artificial. Won't work well by simply triggering notes.
  12. Regarding Breverb, most Overloud plugins do have dependencies, files installed somewhere else on the disk. If that gets broken there might be issues.
  13. Hi @Noel Borthwick I was only replying in reference to @Neil Cummins's issue. I didn't update to 2019.11 yet but I use T-RackS plugins and that made me feel involved with the issue. But since I'm still on the previous release I can check T-Racks' Linear Phase EQ now and after updating Cakewalk and give back the results. Stay tuned. Just waiting for all fixes to get backed in... my presonal awkward approach that saved me lot's of trouble over the years .
  14. I saw that too and was wondering if any vouchers are working on it as I might have not enough $$$ by the 9th.
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