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  1. This is a tough one There was an amazing hardware chorus with a distinctive sound, ruled in the studios in 80-ties - Dyno My Piano TSC-618 Tri Stereo Chorus: https://retrogearshop.com/products/dyno-my-piano-tsc-618-tri-stereo-chorus Later it also had a few successors like Dytronics CS-5, Songbird TSC 1380 or the T.E.R.C. from Fulltone. I assume they all sound great. I actually have that one from Fulltone with my Amplitube Fulltone collection from IKM and it sounds just as beautiful as some my favorite tunes from the 80-ties but there is a problem with it: it does collapse stereo signal to mono on the input, just as the original hardware did it's a rack effect tied to a huge resource heavy chunk of a software Maybe it's a good idea to make a slick reliable plugin that could take the stereo output from our software pianos or stereo recordings as is and still sound just as good if not better. Or maybe it's not popular enough to justify the efforts, IDK Told you it's a tough one... (or a fun challenge)
  2. just to clarify my self-created confusion : I repeated the same above with just the notes without the envelope and can see now how the whole clip gets shifted (both the start and the end of clip) because when I select manually all notes at once with lasso, Cakewalk treats it as if it's the whole clip being selected, and the selection (unexpectedly) starts from beginning, not just where the notes are (can see on video). Then we see what happens next to the clip along with the envelope after the notes are being moved. But, if I would leave just one note out of selection and drag the rest the same way then clip will stay unchanged and thus the envelope as well - and that's the expected result ( - maybe a hint for keeping the clip unchanged because envelope nodes are there still unselected?). Still not getting why the envelope alone is being stretched and why Undo works the way as on video, apart from seeing what I would describe a two-stage undo... One can clearly see that I'm having not much experience with the envelopes, but I'm long time accustomed to how the clip boundaries behave and have learned my ways around it even taking it to an advantage when (very often) dragging notes between clips and re-arranging them my way. And it doesn't bother me the way it is maybe except that it always require a lot of caution when editing. But I would expect the envelope being connected more to the grid than to unstable clip ends when editing clip's content (even if it's a clip envelope). I can't say if this behavior had been introduced with the recent updates to the envelopes or everyone is long time used to it that way already - if that's the case then please ignore my whole post.
  3. For me, when using Clear All or Reset Tempo Map, it adds the last node at the end correctly, not past the end. All I really wanted to point out was that when designing a DAW feature and having to choose between evil and evil, that is letting Cakewalk create an extra event at the far end of the project (for some: an inadvertent change to the project) or leaving user without the shelf tool for that part until he decides to create the node intentionally, I would suggest to choose the latter every day of the week - that would be definitely lesser evil. Creating the node 'automatically' with some users not even noticing it can potentially lead to confusion at best, in this case if he decides to shorten the arrangement not knowing there's a node much later at the end then one can wonder why is the Export Audio taking ages, for example. Alternatively you may let the shelf tool work on the dotted envelope by just allowing to change just the existing node's value without having to automatically create the extra node. Here's an example of a ghost node being created when I first use the shelf tool then click ESC while still dragging. I can't see that there's extra node appearing on the tempo list in inspector but I can definitely drag it out from under the existing one and I can delete it without deleting the existing one. To me it's confusing, or I'm totally wrong and would need some explication to understand :
  4. Next please Harrison Ford
  5. More of those quirks also with the regular envelopes. I guess it's still a work in progress overall. The only thing is that I'm afraid it is all going the more convoluted direction and not the most simple regarding expected versus received results, at least that's how it looks like by now. If so, in future it may result in many traps here and there when quick editing, even for the more experienced users not only beginners, where you will edit for example a note event and something different somewhere else, like an envelope at the other end of clip, will get 'corrupted' as an result without you even noticing it.
  6. I've noticed that since the new Tempo Track a tempo node is added at the end of the project every time I right click>'Reset Tempo Map' or 'Clear All' in the Tempo Track assuming there's none already. It's a little bit puzzling.
  7. That actually looks like interface driver conflict as opposed to what seems happening in my case or the topic starter. In my case Cakewalk Application stays in Background Processes occupying around 685MB of memory. @ADUS do you use any particular plugins/soft synths when this is happening?
  8. what I mean is that the tempo track curve has influence on the shape of MIDI envelope when dragging the nodes alone but not when the envelope is moved with the clip, but the MIDI notes stay intact when dragging either way - I'm only trying to understand the behaviour here, as for now I'm used to control synths exclusively with MIDI events because envelopes always played unpredictable games for me and now I'm checking if/what has changed by the way please watch how the envelope get burst when I move just the notes, first it will get shifted slightly by one beat when I move notes to the left to 1:02:000 then it falls totally sideways if I attempt to bring the notes back either manually or with ctrl+Z or Edit>Undo menu (as on video)... there are more quirks as well... thx
  9. Thanks, actually that could make sense if set to Absolute but for me switching to Absolute<>Musical here doesn't change anything. EDIT: ok I see it now, the audio envelopes behave accordingly to MIDI envelopes (time base set to musical). Still seeing some minor quirkiness here and there regarding envelopes but didn't want to spam the thread with flocks of gifs.
  10. I just had a quick play with the new update - is this expected behavior?
  11. I just recently wrote in another thread about this same exactly problem that I have: For me it's more a combination of these plugins is the problem rather than driver. How can I check it?
  12. I'm getting this recently, when closing Cakewalk I can watch in Task Manager how it's moved from Apps to Background Processes and staying there until I right click on it and kill the process. The combination of plugins is Amplitube 4, Waves Echosphere and UVI Workstation. When I close Cakewalk with any of the mentioned plugin alone it's moved quickly to Background Processes and then vanishing from there quickly so it seems fine but if I create a track from Track Template containing the combination of these plugins Cakewalk will dwell in Background Processes on closing and I won't be able to run it again until I kill the process first. I was going to create a new topic on this but this title simply matches perfectly.
  13. https://www.applied-acoustics.com/dl/ paste your serial to get in then click 'Show all Windows installers'
  14. For the record, there's always a way to download previous installers from the AAS website, in case all other solutions fail.
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