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    Synth freezing and audio tracks

    By default, freeze applies and disables the FX rack/PC. One could change the defaults or re-enable the FX rack/PC after freezing. Copying the audio to a new track is a way which preserves the original frozen track. Alternately one could select the instrument/audio track associated with the synth bounce to tracks(s) to create the audio on a new track, set source to tracks verify the synth source track click OK archive the original track and disconnect the synth. These three steps effectively reproduce the freeze+archive+copy audio to new track process.
  3. Ehh, that's how I do it if I want to work on frozen tracks just like audio tracks and it works fine, although I Archive the originals rather than Muting them to make sure they're entirely taken offline rather than just muted. Another way you could do it is selecting your synth (both MIDI and Softsynth out tracks) and use Bounce to Tracks and then archive the originals, which more or less achieves the same thing, but honestly it's not a real lot faster than the Freeze / move you're already doing.
  4. Grem, no I can not see it in my list of plugins, I pointed the plug in manager at the dreamtronics folder assuming that is where the VST would be. but nothing found as far as I can tell. I sent email into dreamtronics support but have not heard back yet. ( may because its the weekend). Perhaps I am pointing at the wrong folder.
  5. I hope for your sake that you're not because along with people who are cynical, "experts" have said that makes you more likely to die.
  6. Good job on this style of music. Agree the female vocal is way low in the beginning.
  7. Cool song! Some great guitar work on there.
  8. Did you ever hear the story about a famous indie band who sent out their latest release to John Peel and he put it on the record player at the wrong speed....and simply loved it? So the band re-released the single sped up and had a hit on their hands.
  9. Hi friends, I wonder if you can help me get to grips with something... I've been using CbB for well over a year now, and in many regards I feel I've learned a lot about it. However, there is one area that I don't really understand, which is freezing synths. I use a mixture of external synths and internal. As I don't want to have excessive CPU load, by the time I'm ready to mix I freeze the internal synths. I want to be able to work on these tracks just like audio tracks, but because they're frozen if I add plugins they wont work; so what I've been doing is copying the audio clips onto new tracks and muting the originals. I'm pretty sure that's not the best way to do it! I thought there was maybe a way to bounce (render) the synth tracks so that they behave exactly the same as the other audio tracks, but I can't seem to work out how. If there is (as I suspect) a more elegant solution than my workaround, please will you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Dave
  10. Personally, I just cannot get enough of watching kids on TwikTwok in their bedrooms tapping pads like Tourette patients playing a demented game of Hasbro Simon I'll leave it up to you guys to decide whether I'm being sarcastic or not.
  11. I do not disagree at all - and as you may have suspected, my reply was actually meant to sound a little pedantic, and to poke a little fun at people who tend to be a little stiff - myself first. I imagined it as something you might hear Frasier say (if you're familiar with the tv show of that name). FWIW, the vast majority of my own music features absolutely no "real" instrument, neither live performance. I usually refer to my main project as EBM (Embalmed Body Music in this case). Everything is programmed, sequenced, and whatever is played on the keyboard is ususally quantized becaue I am an awful keyboard player. Most of my creative output of the last 20 years or so simply wouldn't exist without a DAW - I wouldn't have written that stuff on a guitar. I've always been quite ambivalent. Yes, it irks me to no end when kids call themselves "producer" - pretty much like it does when a girl taking selfies called herself a "model" because she posts pictures of hersef on instagram. But I am old, and I get that. Likewsie, I can b*tch about hip hop one second and be digging out an old Beastie Boys record the next. I am a huge fan of dark electro/industrial music - and I am very much aware that a lot of those guys don't play any instrument and can't hold a tune to save their life. But at the end of the day, if the song is good... I think that as long as you don't actually take yourself too seriously, it's ok to contradict yourself and be ambivalent. Not to be too rigid. Maybe that's why I feel that those self-proclaimed producers could also benefit from a little self-mockery.
  12. I’ve built more than one song around a pattern that came with Break Tweaker. Same thing, I guess. It’s just my own ignorance about how things are done these days. I didn’t know that buying just the patterns was that big a thing. Now I have a lot of questions that are probably best answered by just going to Airbit. I have no disrespect for any method used to create music. It’s the end product that counts most to me. We’ve probably all known that guy who practiced 10 hours a day and could run scales at lightning speed whose music sounded horrible and that nobody wanted to play with. I often think that if I could let go of the need to come up with every little aspect of the music myself and use more loops and sampled material that my music would be better. I mean, if I am trying to produce modern music, I might want to learn some more modern techniques, right? The people I most want to emulate don’t write or play every single note. I’m continually stunned when I see breakdowns of what samples were used in songs I love, like from Daft Punk or LCD Soundsystem or Air. I went to see Air live and they played everything live. I guess they learned to play what was in the samples. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to, BTW. I guess what remains most important to me is how to create a given sound. If that’s via hunting for loops and beats, that’s what I have to do.
  13. Today
  14. Yep. Capitalism. It drives innovation like nothing this world has ever seen!
  15. Problem is that most other players are even more buggy
  16. Here's an old internet collab Cake project I'm trying to salvage (might have been here previously.) The audio tracks have issues but keeping as is, here's a new 0 fader remix (my sub died so hopefully it translates...no real video, just a little lava lamp action background for use YT release) Once again CbB worked well on this 16b project made pre Sonar 6? ...props to the bakers..hope you enjoy
  17. He sure does. Many more numbers before the decimal point of his bank balance for starters....
  18. Elton John. Saw him in Baton Rouge several years ago. Right before covid hit. Excellent show. He put on a rocking performance. It was his original guitar player and drummer along with him. Saw Stevie Nicks (Christmas present to my wife) at the Woodlands, north of Houston. Ole girl can rock. I'll give her that. Waddy's playing wasn't impressive at all. But Carlos Rios was very impressive. Clean, clear, nice licks. Great guitarist. Bass player was really good too. But I couldn't find any info on him. Benmont Tench was great too!! Actually her whole band was excellent except Waddy. Side note: if you've never seen a Stevie Nicks concert you have no idea how much her fans REALLY LOVE her!!! LOL! It's just unbelievable!! Saw Fleetwood Mac when Mike Campbell was with them. He really did well. He held true to the spirit of the songs, but definitely had his style on them. I did not miss Lindsey. So glad I was able to see Christina perform. Her voice I love!! Saw Coheed and Cambria with my son a few years back. Man they f'n rocked!! Whole crowd was totally into it. Singing every word to every song!! And I was singing right along with 'em! Felt like I was 18 again!!
  19. You say that like a man who is merely using an abbreviation of his actual name, but it is my understanding that there has long been speculation in these parts as to whether craigb is your real name.
  20. I get what you’re saying, and much respect. I wish I knew more. The more theory I’ve learned, the easier it’s made things. I still sometimes forget whether Every Good Boy Does Fine is bottom to top or the other way round and I never have figured out exactly what the word “harmony” means (I’m sure that I know it but not by name) except the thing with people singing at the same time. I think it’s the part of theory that has to do with how multiple simultaneous notes go together? There’s probably a Rick Beato video about it. There’s so much baggage around the term “musician,” I kind of squirm when it gets applied to me. It sounds like a title rather than a description. I make music. I play drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and sing. I’ve led rock bands where I wrote most of the songs. I’ve created orchestral pieces that I would like to have played by a small ensemble. But I’d still rather not be called a “musician” unless there is an attractive woman nearby whom I would like to get to know better. Don’t want to be any kind of “ist.” Guitar player will do fine. Doesn’t work for drums, though. (I think I was exposed to snobbery around those terms in my early youth and decided to leave them for others. My early youth occurred during the heyday of fusion and I don’t believe I’ve ever fully recovered. My later youth occurred during the heyday of punk, which was healing, but perhaps not completely.) Fortunately, Kids These Days who make music on their laptops found a clever way to dodge bullets from people who see “musician” as a title rather than a description: they call themselves “producers.” Which baffles and angers enough older folks to make the younger folks happy and is maybe a more accurate use of the word than when it applied to Phil Spector and Tony Visconti. I know many people who can play guitar, sing, even write songs who know diddly about music theory (except of course they do, they just don’t know they do) and are completely helpless in front of a DAW. They look at it like you’re showing them the C++ IDE. Actually, being a musician (squirm) of a certain age, I know more people who can play traditional instruments and sing than I do people who can operate DAW software on even the most basic level. It gives me and their kids a shared interest to bond over, but believe me, I’d love to know more musicians over the age of 45 (my cutoff for “now that you’ve stopped pretending that you’re going to become a rock star we can talk”) who are into working with music software. It’s the reason this forum is important to me. I see “the DAW” as another instrument unto itself. Your skills can be as rudimentary as arming tracks, hitting Record, then hitting Play, or as advanced as creating entire soundtracks and albums from start to finish that never leave “the box,” that use processing and editing techniques that don’t exist in the physical world. Its definitely something that takes plenty of time and effort to get good at. To the point that it’s considered difficult to switch to another main piece of software after you’ve been using one for a while. And there’s always more you can learn. I tell my friends that just like guitar, almost anyone can learn it, but it will take some time and effort, and getting really good takes years. It’s fairly easy to get to the point where you can record voice and guitar, but from there the adventure expands, and it can expand to the point where the software becomes your main instrument. But there’s no term for “DAWist,” unless that’s “producer” (curr rather than arch).
  21. I think I will look into this, I hope it will be useful sketching out vocal parts as guide for a singer. One singer I work with just needs a lead sheet to pretty much nail the vocal but the other needs a lot more guidance.
  22. I dunno, after reading the newsletter my first thought was maybe they are getting ready to get rid of wup?? I agree with boxed how is that even legal to render your purchased serial useless but if their going to make a reasonable change in the licensing system then that would be a positive, no?
  23. Hidden Symmetry

    Sad Day

    Sorry to hear about your situation, it's reflected in the music & heartfelt.
  24. I agree. Having a virtual singer sing exactly what you type in is really quite incredible. I wonder how that's going to work. Right now, we associate a voice with a certain artist. When different artists start sound the same (because they use the same SynthV [or alternative technology] voice), it's going to be quite strange; I suppose it's no different from artist, featuring vocal artist though. I also get the feeling that it's going to lead to online debates about real vs. sampled/modelled, like the discussions that already exist about real vs sampled instruments.😒
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