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  2. Thanks, that seems to have done the trick. The New Issue (29.9.098) is that Sonar will not accept my changes to the Input for each Track. I set the input (bottom of the Track Channel), and it keeps reverting back to 16 In, no matter what I want. I can't make it obey me anymore. I'm drowning, here - I have a deadline. 😞
  3. I agree. Normally on ANY FORUM, their needs to be cursing, humiliating another user, etc, etc, etc.
  4. @Duncan Stitt and @Promidi Sorry for the delay (I've been away) and thanks for the tips. My friend's CbB was NOT set to the same tempo as my Studio One. He is doing another take at the correct tempo. After he sends it I'll see if I need to do more manipulation.
  5. @Jim Fogle . . . thanks so much ! Glad you liked it (and subscribed, now I have 2, last I looked:) . . . I've always used BFD3 for drums, and my drum programming is based on playing with, and listening to many great drummers, to find out exactly what it is they really do back there, and how they can support the song idea. This one certainly got tweaked a lot along the way ! Bruce
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  7. For the life of me I can’t find the FAQ. How about a link, please. t
  8. I re-read a lot of that post. I see no reason for locking it up. People have legitimate concerns and many unanswered questions.
  9. Congrats indeed. Was also coveting that Zen Tour and its siblings myself. Decided to get the Apogee Duet 3 in the end. Happy camper.
  10. Congrats! There's nothing like using quality gear Bill
  11. Just think of it as "that one screw driver"! You almost never use it, but if and when you need it, THERE IT IS!
  12. I'll try to keep this brief! Most novices hate these interfaces because their usage is not "simple", but require some work and proficiency to get up and running, but IMO it's well worth the effort! I recently came across an Antelope Audio Zen Tour for $419. It lists for over $2,000! It is a high end, 8 input, A-DAT, SPDIF expandable unit. I bought it...and when it came it had no power cord, so I had to order a power cord for it which cost $53. I complained to Guitar Center that the description of the product didn't say that it didn't have a power cord, so because I had to order one they gave me another 10% off to compensate for it. Once I got the PC it worked fine and I even got all the plugins when I registered it, but I found out that the Zen Tour doesn't support their proprietary AFX2DAW plugin over USB2, which allows you to use the hardware DSP resident plugins (they reside in the interface) within your DAW. After further research I discovered that AFX2DAW is only supported by Thunderbolt or by USB-C. The Zen Tour was both Thunderbolt and USB2, but I don't have Thunderbolt, so it was pointless to keep it and I returned it, as not being able to use the plugins in my DAW would defeat the purpose. I could track with them, but not mix with them! (mind you that just an 8 input interface of this quality would cost you even more, even without DSP!) So I found a Zen Q USB-C ( 1 step down from the Tour) for $200 (4 inputs 2 Neutrik and 2 Hi-Z) and bought that (normally $899 in store and $1000 list). That arrived and it was in the original box, and like new, and everything was fine, but the software that came with it wasn't paired to the interface so I couldn't use the plugins. I tried everything that I could think of, but finally relented and emailed support. Within 24 hrs they had responded and had all the software that came with the interface paired, and even gave me the current promo software on top (except Bitwig Essentials). It was supposed to come with 37 Effects, but I ended up with over 90! The AFX2DAW is a SEPERATE piece of software that costs $199, and I had found a coupon to get 10% off of that making it $180, but when I scrolled farther down on the AFX2DAW page there was an offer to get it and 5 plugins for $189! 10% off of that made it $170, so I was able to dwindle the price down a bit more! Once that was installed I was now able to use the plugins within the DAW of my choosing! How it works is that AFX2DAW is a VST3 - AAX plugin that you insert in the FX rack. When you open that it allows you to chain up to 8 AFX (think VMR, Mixbox, Soundtoys FX rack, etc...). I'm still in the learning stage but I have to say that I can certainly see why these interfaces are priced so high! WOW! These things are OUTSTANDING! While it is quite the curve to wrap your head around it and get up and running, I haven't heard any plugins that come close to these You can even use the plugins as a "Hardware Insert" by routing! The Pre-amps have Class-leading, Studio Quality, AD/DA conversion with up to 127dB of headroom, Recording, mixing and playback at up to 24-bit/192kHz and near zero (imperceptible) latency! And the Zen Q doesn't require a power cord! I'm ECSTATIC for what I paid! https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/zen-q-synergy-core-key-features/
  13. Wait, I guess you guys can't answer any questions because of the "Agreement" you made with Bandlab. Who can we ask, Bandlab? I know Noel is usually out here after a release. Should we wait for him? Kind regards, tecknot P.S. Did you guys (beta testers) have to sign an agreement with Bandlab?
  14. Or ever using them if you're like me 🤣
  15. Wow! Did Putin buy Bandlab? Hmmmm!
  16. Next question... Do you have to be online to use SONAR? Kind regards, tecknot
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  18. I am considering a dive into the new SONAR just for keeping up to date. However, I have a question for the beta testers: Is there a significant feature(s) or update (other than fixes) that make SONAR standout from CbB? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, tecknot
  19. Can't find anything directly from Acoustica but Mixcraft Pro supports integrated Melodyne and the Celemony site says that Mixcraft is one of the DAWs that support ARA. https://www.celemony.com/en/10-years-of-ara
  20. There is a guy in one big country that locks people up for speaking out. Dear Jonathan Sasor, why would you want to be like that guy? Nothing except for some opinions related to current situation and humor was offered in the popular thread that you just locked. This is not the first time I witness you do that. Instead, perhaps a better use of your energy would be to try to convince your superiors to shed some light and calm loyal user base. Jesse's revelation today said nothing new that people wanted to hear. You are killing the symptoms, not the cause.
  21. to copy me you must be intelligently artificial for every way out there is another way out too https://www.bandlab.com/post/f2dc8506-a22a-ef11-86c3-000d3a9eef58
  22. I have it installed, but can't get it activated thru Bandlab.
  23. Okay guys, i think people have had the chance to speak their minds, and we've moved beyond useful discourse. Thanks!
  24. Welcome to the new 2d realm where everything is flat
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