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  2. Hey David, very majestic piece! Rich and interesting, a variety of sounds and movements, enjoyed it !
  3. This is a good one David - nicely done. Personally, I liked the verb - so no crits from me.
  4. Wookiee

    A Soft Parade

    @Lynn Wilson nice to hear you enjoyed this, I really have no idea where they all come from.
  5. Douglas Kirby

    A Soft Parade

    I think Boris and Keir would like this oneπŸ˜€ But seriously, it's always fun listening to your creations. I really liked that section that kicked in around the 2:00 minute mark.
  6. @Steevthere are no changes in the 06 release related to prochannel modules. Now that you know how to rollback can you install the latest early access build that was posted and check if there are still problems?
  7. What is left to buy from IK-Multimedia that you don't have already or have several copies of already
  8. Wait Ik is going to be making a line of smart phones? Hey they could do it.
  9. Yeah. I too do regularly every week. You didn't perhaps find yourself logged out of a few accounts to that computer right after the update? I'm trying to find out whats causing my issue. Here's a hand of members that complaint about plugins that don't work. I ran twice into that problem and can't seem to point out how or whats causing it. So maybe it's a Windows update? Are you on 10 or 11?
  10. This has a very modern feel to it. Love it. so clean!
  11. Right, I'm noo much of a newbie for this maybe.
  12. Dance = Loco Motion. Grand Funk The Loco Motion:
  13. Yes I did save before deleting the take, but I then saved afterwards again. In the past Cakewalk would delete this file as it is no longer used by anything in the project. It seems like that logic in the programming has been lost somewhere along the way if I am not mistaken.
  14. There's also Sonivox Orchestral Companion Brass, which has solo brass instruments, including a french horn. It goes on sale quite often ( I think I paid about Β£5 for mine), but I can't see any decent deals ATM.
  15. I don't like it. I found this thread searching for how the heck I could turn off these weird neon things that ate all my waveforms. (Solved -- thanks, guys.) I totally understand if some folks dig it, but Noel, if possible, please keep this as an option that can be turned off. Arrrrrgh! It burns me eyes!
  16. and that's the crux of the matter... so some experimentation might be needed. for example, if you "master" your song @ -10 LUFS, and you upload it to Spotify, what happens to it? does it really get cut -6 LU? (50%?)... this is where an experienced master engineer is worth their weight because they can a) spot issues with the mix that will be problematic in just about any situation, b) any negative impacts from online platform normalization schemes, c) do the work to ensure best competitive levels on your material to work across platforms...
  17. This sounds great, but i hink the bass and drums should knock a little harder for this type of song. remember, this is dance music. If that thump isn't there, it won't flow wit hthe rest of the songs people are dancing to in the club. You have a great base. just tweak that mix to give a bit more thump. It's making me relax, which is good, but a few tweaks to mix and i will be dancing instead.
  18. Maybe it's he fact that i was brought up on old school reggae, but I don't mind the slightly off notes. it adds a bit of human passion to the song that makes it feel very heartfelt. great job
  19. I see man thanks but I have the free version where you cannot select Spotify settings. In any case I can see it in the meter. The problem with my track is that if I set the true peak at -1 and set the Limiter Threshold so that the track won't exceed -14 LUFS integrated (as suggested on Spotify website) , it will sound too freaking QUIET!!! I made a low version then when I upload on Loudnesspenalty.com it shows me thet Spotify won't decrease my volume, so fine right? no indeed cause it's too quiet comparing to those artists song on spotify! Then I did another one higher in volume, and on Loudnesspenalty.com it shows me thet Spotify will decrease the volume of -6 db! So too loud right? But when I listen to the other tracks on spotify (different songs) comparing them with this version it sounds like the same volume!! SO How come?? This doesn't make any sense to me honestly.
  20. Today
  21. Well that solved ALL of my CbB problems! πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ†
  22. When I built my newest workstation I added a 2TB NVME disk ($210) dedicated to music content (kontakt, uvi, halion, soundpools, etc) and load time has never been an issue afterwards. I understand it's not an option for everyone but if your motherboard supports nvme (or you have a pcie slot available for a nvme adapter) it does make life easier
  23. Same general idea, but they are Waves plugins. And you can use them anywhere, not just Cakewalk. Here's the whole OneKnob Series (8 plugins) bundle for $65.99, or $24.99 each. So far I have collected 5 of 8 for free... https://www.waves.com/bundles/oneknob-series#dial-in-mix-sounds-fast-oneknob-series
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