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  2. cclarry

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Account Login is under the MySteinberg Tab on the Steinberg Site... https://www.steinberg.net/en/mysteinberg/my_products.html When I purchased Cubase 7 directly from Steinberg my product was automatically registered in my account. Maybe they changed something, but I'd never chance it. I'd buy 3rd party, which is cheaper and pin the email with the serial # until time to register. That's just a much safer way IMO...
  3. kitekrazy

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Halion SE seems like waste of space. Most sounds are not good.
  4. Grem

    Plugins introduce lots of hiss...

    Try and see if it does. I am not sure why it hisses though. Digital plugins usually don't hiss. Can't remember the plugin so I will have to wait to get home and see what I find out. I am curious for sure.
  5. emeraldsoul


    Any opportunity for a Jerry Reed reference must be seized upon . . . !
  6. https://www.pluginboutique.com/deals/show?sale_id=5226&utm_campaign=(L)+PB-Email-Friday-Newsletter-24-05-2019&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_content=&utm_medium=email&eid=AY894216550815100294413796322220
  7. cclarry

    Studio One Artist and Pro 35% off

    Plugin Boutique Exclusive offer. Coupon codes are S1Artist35 and S1Pro35 https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1465?utm_campaign=(L)+PB-Email-Friday-Newsletter-24-05-2019&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_content=&utm_medium=email&eid=AY894216550815100294413796322220
  8. How do I get around this? My favorite: Cakewalk FxEq, main culprit. If I bounced the track with the plugin effect will it still hiss?
  9. Sergio

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    I finally received the emails: the order confirmation, with the activation codes, and the invoice. But the Steinberg site still puzzles me. In the page I saved immediately after completing the purchase there's a button that links to a different login page in the shop than the normal: https://shop.steinberg.net/c/shop?mode=depot And after logging in I access a page with the activation codes and links to download the items I just bought (I also got the Padshop Pro upgrade). The problem is: I could not find a link to this login page anywhere in the site. Had I ignored that button I'd never know about it. OK... no big deal. I'd had access to this items by other means. But this just don't make sense IMO. Wouldn't be better to have a page in my account with my purchases (registered/activated or not) with the codes and download links like (almost) everyone else?
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  11. BassDaddy

    Boz Digital PB Exclusive Memorial Day Sale

    I'm glad you went for it. I can't see you regretting it. I was tempted by the Eventide too but but have been able to resist.
  12. Keni

    Still annoyed with zoom issues!

    Thanks Grem! I couldn't believe no one else is bothered by this. Thanks for the relief. Some people find it important to see the promoted clips. So to accomodate both preferences, I feel a simple option to disable the track image when lanes are exposed would be a huge help to me. I dislike the confusion of the virtual image simultaneous with the lane-clips. ...and the other factor of why should the track size be larger than the clips? Very counter intuitive to me and forces lots of extra fiddling. I know a while back the Bakers managed to increase maximum zoom of lanes, but it's been a long time and this is still not right. If I have 6, 8, 12 lanes and wish to zoom only a few bars of 2 lanes, that,s what I shoukd get. Right now when I try this I get a large track and all the lanes small including lanes I didn't include in the zoom selection. For me, most else is excellent and more stable than I can remember. This remains the biggest "sore spot"...
  13. kitekrazy

    Toontrack Weekend Deal - Electronic EXZ $29 UPDATED

    It's a large library but lacks enough demos.
  14. kitekrazy

    Boz Digital PB Exclusive Memorial Day Sale

    I've got too many and one is the Melda super duper one, TRacks, Izotope, plus I'm still compressor ***** no matter how many videos I watch.
  15. msmcleod


    Earlier this month we had a warning about adders around the Argyll & West Dumbartonshire area of Scotland. Obviously the cold doesn't bother them, although, to be honest, it's never really that cold here. They're protected though - so they can bite you, but you can't fight back
  16. kitekrazy


    BTW we want photos next time.
  17. kitekrazy


    In the desert we have lots of nasties but good extermination. Usually rattlers are not in most populated areas. I have yet to see a live scorpion.
  18. kitekrazy

    Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

    1809 was the only update I didn't have to revert. I have 3 machines on W10 and most of the time it screws up my network. Often the remove password protective sharing is broken but not this time.
  19. bitflipper


    Just one of many reasons I live in the far north. Granted, up here we're missing out on many of the South's distinctive charms. Hookworm, killer bees, black widows, wild pigs, hurricanes and backwater sheriff's deputies. Good thing you folks have the music thing going for ya.
  20. mibby

    Boz Digital PB Exclusive Memorial Day Sale

    Haha! Enjoy! I guess my job is done here then. I can't "help" you with the Eventide. I don't own it... 🙂
  21. bitflipper

    How to ruin a drum track...

    That would be a useful technique when playing with some tempo-challenged drummers. A buddy of mine plays solo with a drum machine, and has done so for decades. He's done it so long and has developed such a strict sense of rhythmic consistency that he now finds it frustrating to play with a live drummer. Fortunately, my band's drummer is rock-solid, tempo-wise. Unfortunately, once he decides on a particular tempo, there's no persuading him that it should be slower.
  22. S.L.I.P.

    I have a...

    I don't know what you are talking about. It is against forum rules to be political (or show a girl in a bikini). That is just a picture of a deranged lunatic eating Ice cream.
  23. It's so ironic that this topic should come up now. I've had a week of hardware failures: Last Sunday, my external 2TB backup drive died along killing around 3 months of backups of my website databases, source code & emails. Wednesday, my old laptop (which I use for automated instrument sampling) had the tell-tale ticking noises on it's internal drive And this morning, I woke up to the CPU on my net-top (which I use as a Subversion server, remote email client via VNC and for firing off website backups), grinding loudly which promptly fried the CPU just before leaving for work. Feels like I've been trying to hit a moving target with fixes this week: Monday, I put an old 120GB SSD in an external drive caddy to act as my database backup drive. Yesterday evening and this evening I replaced my old laptop drive with an SSD (thankfully the old drive hadn't quite died yet). And I've just replaced the net-top with one I got off ebay a month ago as a spare, and managed to transfer my emails, SVN repo and set up the database backup. Thankfully, I've not lost anything important, but it was a close call. Time to backup my backups... just in case. Now I'm left worrying what's gonna break next?
  24. Piotr

    IK $49.99 Krazy Deals (JamPoints valid) through May 31st

    Dear Peter, I had few attempts and still missing info so may I please ask you to resolve here finally some doubts related to upgrading path TR4->TR5? 1. I have full T-racks 4 MAX + all 4 new modules unique for TR5 (One, Master Match, Dyna-Mu, EQual). I am using it on TR5 CS platform 2. I would like to have equivalent full functional TR5 MAX (I am ok with module list I already have). 3. My current offer on my account page is €221.39 (yes I included VAT because I must pay it so doesn't really matter for home budget how it is named and where it goes). So best scenario (JamPoints) it would be 70% of that price, and still not tempting or reasonable price from my point of view for no-game-changing improvements. Sorry not my fault you did TR4 so great 😛 Do buying actually promoted TR5 give me anything in this direction ? Would it be any sneaky upgrade path? Or completely missed buy as I already have all new TR5 modules? If it is not a way for my goal marked in 2, do you, IK, find current approach to upgrade path for fixed or are you considering any options in future? While IK did some excellent and no-brainer deals still the more we have the less tempting is current upgrade path. I (and I believe many like me) can probably live with what I have for ever, however those few little improvements in tempting deal I would probably gladly grab it. Many thanks for your answer. Please forgive me bothering with this topic but only reason of this is lack of clear, final, unequivocal, without a shadow of any possible doubts answer. Having it you can send guy like me to URL But it must be clear as I got so many uncertain answers when asking after releasing TR5 so were pretty confused.
  25. Grem

    Still annoyed with zoom issues!

    You know Keni, when this happens to me I always think, there is somebody else that complains about this too, but I can never remember who!! Just last night I was working and wishing that the takes lanes could be bigger than the trk lane, which was HUGE!!! How about this, when you expand the Take Lanes the Parent trk collapses and stays like that till you close the take lanes. I'm with ya on this one. But I love my take lanes!!
  26. InstrEd

    I've taken a college course learning how to ...

    But he forgot to capitalize 😐
  27. Conversely, light fever is nothing to take too highly.
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