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  2. Here's a new demo version with a real flugelhorn player-
  3. $40 off https://www.leapwingaudio.com/stageone/
  4. Indeed! I think it's a one man development "team" so I'm grateful that he's still developing it. I was kinda hoping for a VST version but it's still very useful as a standalone program and a mini sidekick to BIAB.
  5. Thanks Chandler! Can't wait to check this out.
  6. Jamstix is a complicated program so it could be any number of things. Thing I could think of would be that jamstix was put into midi only mode, your routing from jamstix to your audio channel got messed up?
  7. Thanks for checking @twelvetone I have been out for a while and only just got back. I guess I will just leave that project as is for now and carry on working my way through all of the other projects. I suspect it is corrupted in some way and I need to check through some backups to see if I have an earlier version of it that still retains the MIDI but not the odd behaviour with saving audio.
  8. Long time - no upgrade. Whoopee! The prior update was September 6, 2017. This is a great little program.
  9. Loop that one and with a big bag of weed medication, I'd be aware for hours.
  10. I owned a 1983 Mazda RX 7, black with maroon interior. Also, owned it for about 8 years and then passed it on to family member.
  11. Says both drummers who played it. I own a Mapex set of drums with a Mapex snare. WHen COVID is truly under control (Am I looking at 2022?) I should get a few good snares (Ludwig, DW, Tama, Gretch etc.)
  12. I know it's very early days and we've only gotten a vid that hints at articulation maps and how they will work. Hopefully developers will be able to provide a means of importing data into the template editor. And exporting to share with other users. This is a link to one approach to community supported creation of articulation maps. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/universal-daw-articulation-manager.95959/#post-4621970 Having a means of leap frogging off the work of others could make it easier for Cakewalk users to get started with maps.
  13. I had a really nice RX 7 for over eight years. Looked just like this one below (the last year of this body style, my friend went for the RX 8 which we used to call the "poor man's Porsche"). (I hope I'm being on-topic, but it's still early and I haven't had my first coffee yet...)
  14. Waiting for this one, thanks and also @lawajava for the heads-up! 👍
  15. okay, next one, not drone this time... Took me since this morning to dream this one up... More details in the video description:-
  16. After dropping nearly 100 lbs I bagged up all my fat pants and gave 'em to Goodwill. A chapter closed, I thought. Then quarantine happened. I've had to buy new pants. Haven't tossed the now-too-small ones, though. One has to at least pretend to retain a little optimism in these trying times.
  17. Is there any easy way to swap left and right on an interleaved wave in cakewalk? I used to use channel tools which was removed for whatever reason. Thanks
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  19. Grem

    IK Mixbox

    Also the free Studio Rack has Macro controls. You can assign them to any of the controls on any of the fx in the rack. Oh and the Multiband split is not only one split of your choice, it's 5 splits of your choice!! Really nice rack for free!
  20. 🤣 I'm very lucky to have gotten the surgery the doctors did for me . I couldn't play the guitar for almost a year unless I only played in one fretting zone / area of the neck . That happened in 2009 and it was my introduction to sleeping on a Lazy Boy ... I would love to be a light weight again as far as my actual weight go's ...I kid you not , every time I hop on my scale I sing these words in my best atonal voice Tell me lies Tell me sweet little lies (Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies) Remember Steven Seagal when he was a skinny and a tough looking bad ***** ? I used to be thin and in shape like him ....Now that he is all Porked Out and looking the way he does , I'm catching up to him there too. I may have to take the 25 pairs of jeans in assorted sizes I can no longer fit into anymore and just donate them to Good Will .. Kenny
  21. I like how they say for the "non-bundle" version of Spire INCLUDE 900+ FACTORY SOUNDS ONLY 😂
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