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  2. And today would have been BB's 94th birthday...
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  4. I have also attempted to view the metronome bus, but it won't show up and I apologize for me being a noob here but I can't figure out how to create one. Any help is appreciated!
  5. I see these "Someone just bought/added to cart this and that" on a few plugin sites... Might be legit, it's a global thing after all. The plugin IS good. Just take a look at the "Snake Oil" video embedded on the True Iron page; that Wytse guy very rarely likes anything, but even he had to admit there's something there. This plugin is quite subtle, but it makes a difference. And, I don't work for Kazrog, I'm just a music hobbyist from Finland. The plugin itself doesn't seem to use iLok or other licensing mechanism. I recall just buying the thing, downloading it with the link and installing it. I don't remember entering any serial either. Maybe someone with a better memory can help? πŸ˜€ I just searched through my mails and didn't even see any serials being sent to me, only receipts and order confirmations. Quite relaxed, actually...
  6. So, i've browsed around for a fix and nothing has done the job. My metronome will simply not work. I set the outputs to my speakers, checked everything I needed to and yet I can't hear it. If ANYONE can please help me out you'd be a life saver. (i am still a noob to this software)
  7. No. But you really do need to abandon Splat and get up to speed. There's soooo much that has been improved and one of those improvements is way better integration with W10. Put your DAW on line, update to CbB and go back off line when done. You just need to go on line from time to time to update.
  8. "Someone from Knt Washington just purchased TrueIron" Yeah, I downloaded the demo, but you do that by "purchasing" the demo for $0.00; no money changes hands. I misspelled Kent, Knt, that's how I know that the "purchase" was my download. So they aren't getting filthy rich. I was researching how to authorize the plug, as I too am curious how the licensing works. But, the question remains; what is the authorization and licensing system? Tom
  9. Wanted to try this one, but I detest the pop ups on the web site. If this guy really is selling at the rate implied, he is filthy rich. What is the authorization and licencing system like?
  10. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ric-ocasek-dead-lead-singer-cars-was-75-1239832 He was 75. Wow, I never knew Benjamin Orr had died way back in 2000! I also didn't know that Paulina is only 54 (younger than me!). So there's still hope for me to find someone 20+ years younger, ya?
  11. This picture is fake! I can tell because, if it had been real, those dogs would have been turned the other way around. 😁
  12. Aaaand, we're under 1K... finally!
  13. Another loss. The Cars were a fav. of mine, great tunes & sound. ( Elliot Easton a very underrated guitarist)
  14. I think Bill has fallen asleepπŸ˜†
  15. Hey Billy! Don't you wish you were here with us ? 😎 Kenny
  16. Zo

    Vox AV60 Amplifier

    PA Amp + AT cab PA + AT cab(2).mp3
  17. Bill, I fergit to say .... .... your OP was quite BRILLYANT 😁 .
  18. Actually, speaking of "other songs," if you guys are interested, here's a link to the Spotify playlist of the album: (Minus the bonus tracks, however - they're still exclusive to our online store version)
  19. Thanks Gswitz, im really appreciating your help ! Ill update as soon as I get back my cool
  20. Yeah, this is our "cliche" song with all of our favourite metal bits in it - gotta have the relentless double kicks in there somewhere! Haha! Our stuff tends to wander between well placed singles / accents and crazy fast 16ths on the kicks, much like we might have one song where it's all melodic based playing or another where we're going for the world notes-per-second speed record! Haha! I think I'd end up pretty bored if we had to choose one or the other.
  21. Don't sweat it Bill. You're getting to that age where every time you see her will seem like the first time anyway! πŸ˜†
  22. Yesterday
  23. Keep your head. I'm sure we can get it working for you. I love mine.
  24. Length is more important than price. Shorter is better. I like cables that have some difference between them so I can keep them straight. Some variance in colors or ends helps there. I wouldn't want 16 identical cables b/c I'd have to mark them myself. I've acquired my cables over decades so they look different. It has been decades since I've had one that went bad. They do sometimes go bad, but not that often if you treat them lovingly. Don't walk on your cables. Definitely don't bounce on them as you jump to the beat. I was running sound for some band in the Boulder band shell when some guy did this. haha. Nothing I could do to help that! I got a 25 ft snake this year and it has been handy. A nice thing to be able to have the DAW a nice distance from the amps. Previously, I've linked two mic cables when necessary. Guitar output is actually kinda strong (electrics). I didn't know that when I started. Phantom Powered mics do ok with distances up to 100 ft too. Be cautious with the ribbons. They have a very faint signal. Jerry Garcia said once that the longer your cable the more it's like turning down your tone nob on your guitar. When he first found himself on enormous stages, he got really really long cables for fun and was like, 'What happened?' πŸ™‚ At 12:31 he says get cables that won't break. I totally agree with that. If you ever have a bad experience with a cable, mark it like a bad climbing rope.
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