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  2. That problem has been solved!!
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  4. That's great! I'm happy for you. It's not an easy thing to do to lose that much and keep it off. πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. I recently tried Cashew milk too. It's a lot heavier than Almond milk. It was good but the Almond seemed sweeter. It also has fewer calories and carbs than Almond milk. Real milk has a lot of cholesterol and carbs and that's bad. Plus the jury is out on calcium intake at a certain age. Some studies find it actually makes bones more brittle after 50. Whole unfortified non-homogenized milk is actually the only truly healthy milk for you and it's more the fat content in it that's good for you than anything else. I don't think you can buy it at the store anymore. But you can still get it at farms directly if you tell them you want it for your kitties. nudge nudge wink wink. I know quite a few people who do just that back home. Everything I've read said diabetics should avoid milk except for whole because studies show there are certain fats in whole that protects against it, obesity, and heart disease but who knows. I can find studies that show it's good and bad. My nephew and one of my uncles died from diabetes and it runs in my family. I'm an anomaly. I was big as a horse and healthy as one too. That is not the norm and I imagine I will pay for letting myself go some day.
  6. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance:
  7. Almond milk is only good for weight loss and fart free. I went back to low fat milk for smoothies because it has protein, Almond milk only has a gram of protein and one carb so it's not so great for a diabetic.
  8. I'm down to 182lbs. !0 years ago I was 280. 7 months later I' still trying to get back upper body strength and my abs are still weak. I have caffeine free diet Coke which taste good but I hardly touch it. I drink more flavored waters and decaf tea. Plus I drink a glass of red wine every other day. Most of my snacks are unsalted almonds and walnuts.
  9. I picked up all the Unfiltered Audio products I wanted in last year's holiday sales, so I'll put in a plug (heh) for their BYOME, which encompasses most (or all) of their other FX, plus adds one of the sexiest UI's I've yet to see. It says something that Glitchmachines created a pile of the factory presets. I don't have Triad, which they describe as being similar to BYOME but with 3-band multiband processing added. If you do any work with glitch/experimental sounds, either of these is a must-have.
  10. wa7saka

    audio unable to playback

    Hello everyone, thank you. After switching to WASAPI shared instead of ASIO I can play audio now thanks. Sorry for the very late response I was busy with stuff.
  11. wa7saka

    audio unable to playback

    oh... so I should switch to WASAPI driver rather than ASIO? I'll try that. How do I check if master bus is set to my speakers and not digital output?
  12. wa7saka

    audio unable to playback

    Hello thanks my driver is on ASIO right now
  13. My wife's cousin came into town a couple years ago and I got her totally unflavored Almond milk. I finished the carton and now that is what I have most of the time. Can't have the sweetened milk as it is just to sweet!
  14. Hi Jane . . . this is simply a gorgeous and heartfelt song, straight from your core, and let me tell you when I listened it went straight to my core. Loving the lyrics and the honesty, so well played on that new guitar of yours . . . thank you for sharing here !
  15. The green homie , the green !!
  16. Mine's more of a darker shade of purple.
  17. Kilohearts is pretty, pretty good.
  18. Thanks! It was indeed the Realtek ASIO and the use of the internal sound chip. I don't have an audio interface. My sound equipment is geared toward live performance rather than recording and my PC is set up more for video processing. The WASAPI solution worked and I should be able to do what I need for this project. An interface may be in the cards if these kinds of projects start to increase.
  19. I pay just about $20/month for 2 select subscriptions, one of which gives me $100 at the end of each year so I can pick and choose what I want to own (Kilohearts, btw). The is not a true 'subscription' per se. It's my plugged in membership with Harrison. That monthly membership fee does get me anywhere from 1 to 3 free new plugins a year and goes toward supporting Harrison's dev effort (as well as purchasing major version upgrades at a reduced cost). I'll succumb to Slate's subscription when I get a project that uses his version of ANA or THU but only until I can convert the projects to my native versions of the products. As of right now I do own all of Slates plugins, so it's just that niggle that opening a project that uses Slate's ANA or THU will not recognize and load the actual native plug and populate his settings (stoopid, stoopid, stoopid even though I understand the reasoning).
  20. I know there are multiple threads on this topic with workarounds (bounce to clips etc) but I didn't see comments from Bandlab people about this . I had this issue on a small number of projects. The last few days I've dug a bit deeper and noticed a few things: In my case the clips (or are they called regions now?) that cause this issue always have multiple audio files behind them as shown below. Does this just mean the clip/region has been edited multiple times or is this unexpected behavior ? I have noticed lots of regions that I have edited do not have multiple audio files behind them. A region browser (ala Protools would be handy here). Another thing I notice is that once when I tried to open "Event View" for a track that had these multiple regions in clips - CW crashed with the crash dump error as show below. I have a suspicion that this could be related to projects with multiple bit depth files (eg 16 and 24 bit audio in the same project) but I don't have enough evidence to say for sure. It would be great to hear from Noel or someone from BL on this topic.
  21. I typically know which type of sound I’m looking for and often use sampled instruments very differently than I do synth sounds so one or the other is what’s needed but I often thought about the merger abilities.
  22. Empirical Labs only got as low as $169.15 😞 Still waiting for 50% off πŸ™‚
  23. Everyone thinks it, Bub sez it.
  24. Sorry seem to have got you and Craig Anderton mixed up. Thanks for your help and sorry about the misnomer.
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