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  2. This is actually pretty nice -- at least for what I do. I already have quite a few vocal libraries like this, but it never hurts to have some options and variations. I can think of whole lot of uses I could find for this library. A nice steal at $15
  3. Before you go to all that trouble did you know you can customize the SI Bass and dial in better sound than the default. I find the SI bass sonicly miles ahead of tts1
  4. I didn't say anything about Al........ just some flavored seltzer water
  5. InstrEd

    Pianoteq 7 released

    The thing about Pianoteq for me is not much HD space compared to sampled libraries. Plus it is nice to see the improvements in PTQ even if they are not earth shattering. Now it will only cost me $ if a instrument comes out that I like plus the few dollars for version 8 in a few years
  6. A better way for editing is highlight track and use the transpose found in process Otherwise you notes in PVR will be wrong
  7. Mute the master. If you still hear sound then your routing is wrong. You might have a hidden master bus. Check the Track Manager
  8. Have you seen this vibraphone at 8DIO ? It's also 55% off until 2/12. Thinking of getting this one myself. 8Dio Vibraphone for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Samples
  9. 1. Make sure you include the SONAR 8.5 's VST folder in CbB VST folder Preferences. Then do full re scan. 2. You probably want to pick another plugin layout, in case you use customized layout that hide plugins to appear when you right click FX bin.
  10. Try bypass all effects. Drop outs are caused by you system bogging down. Make sure you have optimized your computer google optimizing for audio. Set the Scarletts buffer for 256. That is a very safe setting look for a possible VST plug in that is crapping out
  11. The flexibility and convenience of Copy pasting things in Cakewalk have been one of the big reason I love Cakewalk. Try to play around with "Paste special" and ctrl + D, you will get an idea how they really help your copy pasting work flow.
  12. While most Cinematique Instruments libraries require the full version of KONTAKT, CI have a few libraries for HALion, including two free libraries that work with the free version of HALion (Sonic SE 3). They're available at the Steinberg site and worth downloading, IMO. One is a glockenspiel and the other is a guitar harmonics library. The glockenspiel library: https://new.steinberg.net/vst-instruments/alto-glockenspiel/?et_cid=15&et_lid=23&et_sub=Alto%2520Glockenspiel The guitar harmonics library: https://new.steinberg.net/vst-instruments/guitar-harmonics/
  13. http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/ That vibraphone--one of the best available--I've been wanting is usually $129, now 50% off @ $64.50. Sale lasts throughout December.
  14. AFAIK, there is no such "free download package". Overloud does offer demo version to download here. If you had either Sonar Artist, Professional, or Platinum, it includes special package of Overloud's TH3 Cakewalk, BREVERB Cakewalk and REmatrix Solo bundled.
  15. Mmmmmm........ I might pick up that... Yes I did!! Got the V76 Preamp for $51!!! Thanks again Larry!!
  16. From the ni site... i have had to do this disable in the instrument in addition to the cakewalk setting often.... KONTAKT's Volume Resets When I Press Play in my Host Sequencer Symptom KONTAKT's Instrument volume is reset when you press play or stop in your host sequencer. Cause Some host sequencers are configured to send MIDI commands CC7 and CC10 when you press play or stop. KONTAKT can be configured to respond to these standardized commands to reset the loaded Instrument's volume. Solution Follow these steps to prevent KONTAKT from reacting your host sequencer's play / stop commands: Load an instance of KONTAKT in your host sequencer. Load an Instrument to KONTAKT's Rack. Press the wrench button on the upper left side of your KONTAKT Instrument. Click Instruments Options. In the Controller tab, disable the option Accept Standard Controllers for Volume and Pan. You can alternatively configure your host sequencer not to send the standard MIDI commands CC7 and CC10 when pressing play or pause. To learn how to do so, please consult your host sequencer's documentation.
  17. At their website presumably? Or are you asking for a pirated version? As far as I know they have no free version, but you can try the demo.
  18. NP. As you, we've been involved in MIDI since 1984, first with the Commodore then hardware (Yamaha QX-1) then all the variances of PC based sequencing. Bought Logic 5 then a month later Apple bought them so I was hung out to dry. Played in a show band with Tom White who has been at the forefront of MIDI and is still the ED of the association. Anyways, hope you're not getting hit too hard with Covid in Canada. We're just outside of Boston. Tom
  19. One of my best "on the road" stories is playing with Eric on stage at the Mean Fiddler in London when I was monitor engineer for Robert Cray, and his bass player hadn't turned up for soundcheck. If I had known then what I do now, I would have nicked the guitar, left the tour and stayed in hiding for 30 years before becoming a millionaire!
  20. that's my freebie from my decimort crossgrade sorted
  21. https://www.noiseengineering.us/shop/roti-pola
  22. Grem

    IK Black Friday Deals

    I thought you.... Never mind!
  23. Dune 3 Legend Eventide Generate Maybe XLN XO
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