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  2. Intro bgvox a little light (should be more like after the verses). I'd shorten up the second intro section a bit. Is it a 4 bar pattern, I'd have to listen again, but its not "building" like the first section, hence I'd shorten it... That "call and response" in the second verse; guitar up a bit (bridge pickup might bring it forward, like the solo) But don't walk on the vocal. WARNING! This is your tune, so your vision. These are quick notes I made as the tune rolled. More Doug, and more than anything, I appreciate its your voice! t
  3. we players of the black standards have to stick together...
  4. I liken EZD and Superior Drummer to Brian Wilson walking into United Western Recorders and handing the charts to The Wrecking Crew. Hal Blaine is sitting at the kit, and away you go. The grooves and performances contained in the ToonTracks libraries are a "work made for hire". I paid for them... Now they are yours! If you require any more assistance just reach out via the PM on the forum. Glad to help... tom I find most of grooves require a little "massaging", but all were laid down by drummers, not guitar players. need I say more?
  5. Wish I had this guy’s toys
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  7. The Kontakt factory library under "World" has a few.
  8. Well.............plug in scanning and moving plugins around can cause issues such as not seeing a plug in if the manufacturer designated an installation path tied to the arrangement of folders. I have had this happen with Addictive Drums and a few others. Every time Windows updated I would need to re register the product. Did you do clean installs? Many of the same plugins are often installed in different variations. VST2 and VST 3 folders are often separated. Without bitbridge or similar Cakewalk won't pick up 32 bit plugins. Not sure specifically about Kontakt and how it's set up because I never messed with their folder configurations. I have both K5 and K 6 on my system. I can see both but they are in different locations. I think the main issue with Cakewalk is there are so many options to selct in the plug in scanner. You may select not to scan VST 2 . I suspect this might be your issue. Another potential problem is if a plug in was "sandboxed" you might need to rescan it.
  9. https://www.vir2.com/instruments/aeris-hybrid-choir-designer/?sou=vir2em041020 Free expansion https://www.vir2.com/instruments/aeris-hybrid-choir-designer/?sou=vir2em041020#expansions
  10. Updated OP to lower price at Best Service
  11. @bitflipper Your suggestion on using the Task Manager worked. Halfway down the list I saw "Cakewalk Application". I ended the task and CbB restarted with no more issues. Thanks so much! Thanks all for your suggestions. 😊JB
  12. I can't seem to find one in dimension Pro but does anybody use one that they like? Free? Cheap? Reasonable? WSS
  13. @Hidden Symmetry I was listing to Mix 1 but change to Mix 2 when I got to it. which did cause a momentary stutter on the furry paw tapping Overtones of Steely Dan, cool grooving, mix two sounds nice here on the Adam's, like Imu2002 I just enjoyed it sweet playing, nice tones, good airy balance, why would you ask for more
  14. Gain staging in cakewalk has an entry in Craig Anderton's big book of tips.
  15. Grabbed this one quick!!
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  17. Thanks Larry. Anyone using IOS note that Sugar Bytes IOS apps are also on sale and IAPs are also included! https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/sugar-bytes-gmbh/id614418826
  18. cclarry

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  19. Well I missed it. No longer there.
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  27. Thank you för your vision .I will go för the idea and use the sentence ' Luke,I am your father"from now on in every song . This will make the songwriting a lot easier.
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