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  2. Pretty sure it's a bug in 2021.04. Looks like the tempo view images used by other views were removed. Hopefully it will be addressed before the final release.
  3. Don't waste your time with original demo, try this one
  4. Enjoyable tune for sure. I like the chord progression and melody movement. Agree that the vocals could come up a tad at some spots. 🙂 John B
  5. The patterns play continuously when the button on the right side of the pattern transport in the plug-in UI is enabled.
  6. cclarry

    Softube Harmonics

    $49 log in to your Softube account in the next 48 hours to get Harmonics at an exclusive price of $49 (that’s 67% off the regular price of $149) with this checkout code: HARMONICS67 https://www.softube.com/harmonics
  7. Recently I got Addictive Drums 2. At first it worked fine. I put drums on a project with it. I save the project, next day I open the same project again and Cakewalk crashes. I try opening the project through the file system, and it works fine. Next time I open it, same problem, I get another crash. I get the same crash, an unhandled exception C0000005 which I have read can be a lot of things but is mainly related to memory access. I tried analyzing the dump file, but I don't really find the info helpful, it refers to TT1 for some reason. I also tried running Cakewalk as an admin. I tried starting a new project and adding addictive drums as new instrument, crashes right away. I also tried relocating the 32 bit and 64 bit because it might have an effect, still nothing. I tried reinstalling addictive drums I get a warning about compatibility mode if I move/remove the vst of addictive drums, but I don't use that I uploaded the dumpfile output from an analyzer, I would upload the file itself but it's too big for the forum https://pastebin.com/kpJY4CQF Any help appreciated :).
  8. Hmmm, okay, I guess that's a way to solve the immediate problem. I wasn't looking to necessarily unload the patterns, but since I don't really use them much I could, I was wondering why just "touching" them, without actually selecting them, would cause them to continue to play repeatedly, every time I hit play on my track... is that inherent in the plugin, is it supposed to work that way?
  9. Salvatore's. Last. Internet. Persona ?
  10. Regardless of how well your DAW is going, if you want a specific plugin that's written to be heavy on the resources because it needs to be (think amp modellers, sample libraries, physical modelling, etc.) then old hardware is going to be the bottleneck between you and your creative vision. Can you work with ancient hardware? Sure - I was using a laptop with 8GB of RAM on a dual core CPU for ages and doing huge productions on it. Did it suck? Yes. Yes it did. It involved a bunch of extra work that just isn't required from a more powerful machine that may not support an OS anymore. But I got the job done, albeit much more slowly. It's not a dark future, it's just how it is. Don't be surprised if one day Justin and co. turn around and go "look, this is stupid supporting a 20 year old OS that's been abandoned because we can't run X language to draw the UI efficiently on a modern interface" with REAPER. Every dev needs to make a decision as they go along for their own sanity and the ultimate stability of a product. If you're always looking behind you trying to maintain compatibility with some long dead OS, it's asking for legacy bugs, bloat and problems as it goes onward. Apple is probably the most brutal with this. "Right, here's our new OS, all of this old stuff doesn't work now. Good luck with the new versions if/when they arrive." Eventually people stopped supporting CP/M, DOS, Win 9x, etc. with their software. You're seeing 32 bit software start to disappear in favour of 64 bit. What I'm saying is you might have choices now, but as systems change, devs will need to keep up or their software will be left behind too, and those choices will diminish. Even if a host might be compatible, your choice of plugins will eventually start to shrink before you're forced to find a host and OS that supports them. If you're happy with doing basic stuff, with stock plugins, sure - have at it. You can certainly make good music with stock stuff in any current DAW, but if you require certain things to do your job in a professional situation, those limitations can mean the difference between doing it in a week as opposed to months with workarounds. I don't believe this. Win7 is an abandoned OS. If you want to use this for anything online, then the risk is only going to increase as the years go on, vs. a currently updated OS. If you rely on any plugin that uses a company that does online authorisation (and there's many) then you're stuck 'walking that path without a bodyguard" if you use Win7. The other thing is this is all kind of irrelevant to a point with CbB anyway. You download it and set it up online (like most software), sign up and into your Bandlab account, and you can choose to be online or not. So long as things are kept current to around 6 months - and there's offline auth too - then there's really not a lot of difference between this and SONAR X1, other than the devs wanting to be smart about what bugs they chase. Additionally, imagine having to write spaghetti code to work around something in a discontinued OS that was already fixed 10 years ago in the currently supported OS? Or finding some obscure bug that's only a thing that appears because of this old OS? Wouldn't you rather they focus their time on making the best CbB they can? And getting people to keep the app current takes the wild goose chases out of the process of tracking down new bugs. Something may have been fixed a year ago which people on an old version may be complaining about "this stupid buggy software has X issue and the devs suck!" whereas it actually may have been fixed since then. Keeping it all current mitigates that. Bottom line is this: I don't care what you use, ultimately. That's your choice - as it should be. (And I'm aware that's a lot of writing to say "I don't care" 🤨). All I'm saying is while you may have choices now, things change and if you're able to deal with those limitations that you're giving yourself by sticking with something old, have at it! You can definitely make great music on a Windows 95 machine if you really want to. Or tape machines for that matter. But speaking as someone who does need fairly powerful hardware to run the specific things I do for the work I'm being paid to do, I'd rather hop on board with the way things are heading and work out a path forward rather than watch the world inevitably shrink around me and have to come up with contingency plans and workarounds. It's just not a good way to run a business.
  11. chris.r

    Waves Tax Day Sale

    That's an interesting one, will check it out, thanks! I've been on a lookout for R-Bass alternative way too long now 🤤.
  12. What's so great about Scheps 73?
  13. Your screenshot is not available to me and I don't know what element you're referring to. Try using the Windows Clipping tool to paste an image directly into your forum post - it works great for small images
  14. I watched the video. Was there music playing?
  15. Today
  16. Current exclusive offer we've wangled for you is for 60% off 2B Shaped and/or 2B Distorted from 2B Played Music with the code: APGDEAL This one is valid until May 21st. https://2bplayed.com/
  17. marled

    Waves Tax Day Sale

    I like DynaRide of TBProAudio. It is very similar to Vocal Rider, but it has more options. It can also be used for riding bass, thus you do not need an extra BassRider!
  18. I upgraded Reason every year from version 3 to 6, but after they came out with the Rack Extensions they lost me. It was the new stuff in each version that hooked me. And after I stopped using it for years... But $80 (with code) for Reason 12 sounds pretty good. There's some decent stuff in the Rack. I like Europa. And who knows what 12 might bring. Anybody know how long this sale is on?
  19. Muting clips and enabling 'hide muted clips' is only necessary when you want to hide notes in different lanes of the same track. To show only the notes of one track, you just need to open the Track Pane at the right side of the PRV (View Show/Hide Track Pane. This gives multiple options for filtering what you can see and edit. Normally it will default to just showing the track you double-clicked as you expect: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=EditingMIDI.10.html
  20. Yeah, for those who were all in, it's more a case of getting what you already paid for from someone else, but long may it continue.
  21. There is one important thing missing in your comparison: The Company W10 leads you on a more dangerous route (you often have to be online and most people do other online stuff on W10), whereas the Company W7 takes a route outside that is almost hazard-free (usually offline). IMO this is a more realistic view of a W7 DAW system, because most of the people still using it for music keep it mostly offline!
  22. msmcleod

    Waves Tax Day Sale

    For those of you asking what my alternatives to Waves are: Vocal Rider: HorNet AutoGain / Melda MAutoVolume R-Bass: Melda MBassador Scheps 73: Analog Obsession BritChannel L2: Melda MUltraMaximizer MV2: Melda MDynamicsMB
  23. On the other hand there are not so many developers that force you to the newest OS versions, i.e. if you avoid those ones you still have a lot of choice for music software!
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