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  2. How long is a Coffee House? No it isn’t.
  3. Thank you Paulo! I know now EXACTLY what to get certain friends for Christmas! 🤣
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  5. Was does optimizing the various libraries actually do?
  6. Thank you for tracking this one down. I am loving this release so far... Thumbs up on the Workspaces. I don't know why but now it just works for me, unlike Lenses for which there must have been just enough "friction" to make them something I avoided. Now... it's like, this is how it is supposed to work. I've defined my own Workspace and it feels great. I'm definitely noticing ASIO changes. There's been a couple of times today when I experienced a stuttering in mid playback but I'm convinced this would normally have been an Audio Dropout Toast situation. I suspect this is the auto-audio-engine-restart because it has never happened before this EA release. (Yes, it's the Layla, Noel, so I don't count this as something to investigate :-)) Otherwise, smooth as silk. Nice. On the downside, one thing I have noticed is that the Start Screen seems to take much longer to populate with recent projects. Any reason why this might be so?
  7. You lucky bass tart! Edith: Fleer!!!!
  8. lol this is why i said it ahahah if it was true , some would have said "wtf Larry Wife doing with zo ...." lol .....
  9. I have an older version of Midi Quest that no longer operates on modern Windows computers. But since I rarely use external MIDI hardware any longer, I could not see paying the upgrade fee for the latest version. But if I was a serious external hardware power user, it would probably still be my first choice. It offers a feature set that would eliminate the need to develop StudioWare Panels. Big time saver! https://squest.com/Products/MidiQuest12/ That said, I have not used it in many years, so have no idea how well it integrates with the recent versions of Sonar Platinum or Cakewalk by BandLab. Demos available.
  10. np, they made their products lines in a sense confusingly similar Amps sounds great but they completely screw up workflow. And so slow... But some bugs are funny (but not letting to recover) like this below: Probably this is so slow loading also because they encapsulated browsers engines into plugin to help them in showing content from URLs (like advertisements, offers, infos etc ) at start. Well, maybe easier for them but what about user experience... Next step plugin written in java ? 🤣
  11. Price is sweet, but is there any signs of a legato scripting in these epic strings? Not holding breath...
  12. Yeah, that doesn't work either. Tried everything. "Paste into existing clips" is always greyed out. even between single lane separate midi tracks. Not sure how you got that to work. Anyhow.. too bad
  13. If I had a wife...that might be true...LOL
  14. You're wife is holding a gun on my head .....
  15. keep your money you don t need one or another Larry !!
  16. Same here...it came up as SampleTank 3...not 4, but I redirected it to 4
  17. This appears to be true in my case also! But I always check the content path before I click 'next' on the installer, and by default it had selected my "Sampletank 3" content path. So I politely re-directed it to my "SampleTank 4" content path. All good here. But this behavior could catch an unwary user by surprise.
  18. Zo

    Your BF Strategy

    I hated glossy screens also , i went from the elitebook to the xps , and the 4 K display is a piece of art , adn until you get direct sunlight , it's more than ok !!! i usually face the sun
  19. This one just seems like you could duplicate this on your own.
  20. Sorry about that, I got Amp and FX confused.
  21. I don't think upgrades can be bought via 3rd party.
  22. The only thing that I'm interested in is the Kontakt 6 update for $49... But I have a $55 budget, and I'm torn between that and getting the upgrade to Bias Studio Platinum (even though it's $8.00 more) and also afraid that something even more enticing will pop up after I have spent the last of my BF money...😥
  23. Not worth it for me since I dislike their player.
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