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    Your Man - Remix

    is that a real steel guitar or what vst plugin..boy what a voice.Merle Ronald Haggard.total beauty.jack c.
  3. 1) Because this site. or anything done by a computer. will NEVER come close to replacing what Larry does. It is just a supplement, like my Tiger the Frog post was every November. It's not going to be as comprehensive or accurate or timely. Larry doesn't scrape twice a day--he posts instantly. Anybody who has ever tried to post something before him knows what I'm talking about. 😀 There's never been anything wrong with having other sites out there, like @Batwaffel at Reddit, KVR, Sample Library Review, etc. Who cares? Use them if you want. Or don't. 2) Getting things organized in categories and alphabetized is useful, as my TTF posts prove. Getting a ticker-tape of deals as they happen, has its advantages, but its disadvantages too. A list that sticks is simply different. 3) Having a history of prices would be very nice. It's the one reason why people go back to my TTF posts all year round--to find out what the Black Friday prices were. Imagine what a true history over many years would be like as you are contemplating whether a sales price is a good one. That would have been so helpful for me when I was starting out. 4) Larry doesn't really want to be paid. I have repeatedly sent him notes offering help showing him how to monetize this. Aside from asking for some "coffees" for the first time last year, he has a passion to do this free for the community. He sees all of us as family. That's who he is. And that's why he's irreplaceable. It's ridiculous to think that a bot can offer anything like that. We know him and we care about what he says. I ask you, "Can a bot be pissed off at IK?" 🤣I think not.
  4. jack c.


    thank you mates.jack c.
  5. I have the same problem for over many many years . For me it works when I play the project for a short while and then save. I guess that for me the cause is that my hard disk where the project resides is in sleep modus.
  6. Gary , Great cover! Sure was nice hearing your deep "silky" vocals again. Sounded like a pro studio mix. I really enjoyed your take on this .. mark
  7. Thanks Larry , this one took on a life of its own so i didnt try and write to the normal verse, chorus , verse etc i just let it take its course and let it ramble on, I didnt want to make a typical 3:30 pop tune this time ..I endulged myself on this one cheers P
  8. Sound Yeti's DV8 takes the intricacies of modular synths and creates a simple yet elaborate instrument capable of imaginative sound design at the touch of a dial. With plenty of presets, wavetables, and sound sculpting options, this Kontakt Instrument is limited only by your imagination. If you want to add affordable modular synth sounds into your productions, DV8 with certainly do that with ease! Contributor Pete Checkley reviews DV8 by Sound Yet Demos, videos and more info : https://bit.ly/35jPIpL DV8 normally sells for $129 from Sound Yeti - https://bit.ly/3qBeaeq
  9. There is a standalone software synthesizer that uses soundfonts: https://coolsoft.altervista.org/en/virtualmidisynth
  10. I really love this piece...I am not a fan of electronic drums, so tired of that sound (who am I kidding I hated them the 1st time I heard a 808), but these electronic drums feel great. Great programing and mix. This is inspiring to me in that I feel maybe i could find a way to use them in my own work now. Great mix, Great Job, I love the images. Especially how everything seems so still, yet the snow is motion all around.
  11. I actually don't know any teenager that owns a Mac, to be honest. It's not quite the ***** measurement appliance down here that it is in some other parts of the world.
  12. seems a bit mean I'm a big fan of Gforce but I think they'd make more profit if they cut existing owners a deal or were slightly more realistic on price (I refer you to Larry's 2nd Law of Plugin Pricing: 1000x$29.99 > 100x@$249.99)
  13. Thanks, Christian! This was the first time I've found a way to use Blue in an actual finished piece. ( I've used Realitone's Ladies.)To be honest, my main use up until this piece was to have Blue sing rude things to amuse me and my wife. Blue is so off my normal workflow that it was a sudden inspiration that came in late: "Why don't I see what Realitone Blue" can do for this?" She is not designed to sing any lyrics you want like a Vocaloid or Synthesizer V or Emvoice or anything like that. She can only make limited sounds. But Blue can sing "Beh" and Blue can sing "Tee" Those sounds are on the short list of what she is able to do. The issue is whether people hear that--some apparently do, some apparently don't. For me the issue is that she doesn't sound like a real singer. Close. As you say, I can get away with it because the video is about a Bettie. Or is realism an issue? Some "real singers" are so autotuned nowadays that they sound more machine-like than Blue does.
  14. I contacted GForce to confirm there is no discount for present M-Tron Pro owners. Their justification is that the MKII is not an upgrade to Pro, but a separate product within the M-Tron family. While that may be true, M-Tron Pro owners have no additional incentive to purchase MKII if they are expected to pay as much as everyone else. I love me some tron, but this is seriously too much money for one instrument, regardless of how rare it is.
  15. Sample Sound REVIEW? Looks more like a press release than a review. I urge everyone to try the demo before purchasing. I think it's WAY overpriced. For slightly more $ you can get Scaler which is far superior in every way.
  16. That's something I have experienced as well. A drum loop kicks it all off. I have the Phil Gould drum loops that often get an impeccable groove going. As for the reverb idea, a lot of reverbs have a post verb eq where you can dial out any reverb returns below a certain frequency, so you can only hear verb effects above say 500hz, leaving the kick essentially unverbed I'm betting you prolly knew that, but it took me a while to grok how useful that feature was. Great tune.
  17. Today
  18. Or so Mac fanboys would have you believe.
  19. Too bad we can’t use a $75 voucher.
  20. Lewking gewd. Already have Audiofier’s Veevum and Riffendium bundles. Both good.
  21. SupaReels


    Liked it, but those drums need to be changed, some 8th hi hat and phrase changes on the snare and bass maybe? the guitar playing is excellent 👍 Steve
  22. SupaReels


    Hello mate, I liked it at the beginning and the atmospheric feeling of the pads but felt it became a bit repetitious, so perhaps some variation could be added ? Danno it might just be my feeling here as I did listen to it twice ! ... still felt the same though 😏 .. Steve
  23. The links to the installers are documented here
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