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  2. Acoustic guitar masterclass - the sound really dances out of my headphones - I'm reminded of some of Ant Phillips' finest solo work. All round excellent. Andy
  3. Can someone please help me with this. I hear noise in all of the audios.
  4. The good news for you is that the cpu usage, although high, is relatively constant across versions. This means that you can stick with the latest. One thing that would be nice is to have settings for performance items. For example, have a few CPU hungry features of AT5 having the possibility to be disabled. One example would be disabling VIR. Since the CS version works without it, it wouldn't be that hard to do I am sure. There may be other areas that could be switched off so that it runs smoother, albeit at the cost of some audio fidelity. Just a thought.
  5. AndyB01


    Absolutely nailed the theme you were going for - all sounds pretty good to my ears and the guitar definitely works. Andy
  6. Guitars are panned pretty hard (especially the rhythm track) - it's matter of taste but I'd centre those a little more. Very nice vocal - agree that some keys or even a blues harp would definitely fill the space here and there and add some variety. Put me in mind of some of Chris Rea's excellent blues work so a really nice job. 👍👍 from me. Andy
  7. Hence my demo ...at 199 it wasn't even worth tryting lol
  8. Exact , RC is pretty solid as it is ... i don't know enougth the brand to know if they're known to improve stuff with time , specially code optimisation (it is prgrammed by Line 6 guyz if i recall well)
  9. It's not on the list...even though it should be...so no freebies... They could have allowed you to BUY The Resonator as a "get in" product and left it off of the "Freebies" list...
  10. I will not say no to a 50$ and + vaucher lol
  11. 27,748! 😉 We may wish IK an happy 30th... 5 years in advance!
  12. cclarry

    Flux Syrah 50% off

    The secret brew for masterful compression! Since it was released, Syrah, based on the legendary algorithms behind the Alchemist and Solera processors, has been kind of a secret brew for many engineers. Syrah is designed to react in real-time to the nature of the input signal, making it an extremely versatile compressor with the ability to adapt to anything from individual sources to a complete mix. Time Limited Offer $49 / 42€ https://shop.flux.audio/en_US/products/syrah
  13. My Roland Octa capture has midi input and output. I have never used them. What is a typical use for those?
  14. I been doing demo tracks using MODO drums + MODO Bass and AT 5. No issues Mind you , I am only using 1 or 2 instances of AT 5 and nothing fancy. Just a one amp custom preset. I am on an older Xeon CPU.
  15. Did IKM add Resonator? I think if it's not on the list, you don't get the freebies. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/25gb/
  16. Just want to make sure you know: you can do this on a per-clip basis using Inspector.
  17. What is this "sleep" you speak of?
  18. Log into Cakewalk Command Center, or your account at the old Cakewalk website, and your download will be waiting for you. If you need to reset your password contact support@bandlab.com BTW, the Dimension Pro installer is 2.9GB...
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  20. Except that the Resonator UI for Kontakt is much better than SampleTank. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing SampleTank here, but this instrument begs for intuitive control, and the SampleTank UI is a bit meh for that.
  21. It still makes more sense to buy it at IK... $49.99 full price, and $34.99 with max Jampoints of 15..
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