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  2. On my set up red is Pan envelope. Or clip gain. And you can’t edit or move date in tracks unless you open the envelope lane or bounce to clip.
  3. Spotlight Collection: Ireland for $99 Enjoying Irish Harp? Now you can save on the sounds of 10 more traditional Irish instruments, including the fiddle, tenor banjo, and uillean pipes. Spotlight Collection: Ireland offers an array of scales and patterns for authentic performances. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/spotlight-collection/ireland/
  4. https://www.waves.com/plugins#sort:path~type~order=.default-order~number~asc|views:view=grid-view|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=18
  5. Don't any of you guys dare leave...
  6. I'm still searching for a pebble, and trying to dodge leopard seals (and ToonTrack sales)!
  7. It takes 4 nodes. 2 to hold the ends you don’t want to move, and 2 nodes to move ctrl key (you don’t have to hold it down) the the sections move easier then. The highlighting works great like jonesey said.
  8. https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/classical/sotto/
  9. Day 1, Monday 12/11, Arena Rock drum MIDI, $10 @ TT, $9.24 @ BestService
  10. Yep. Jan left us many years ago now. BA-MIDI, Bill, Space Cowboy, all gone.
  11. Thanks, I also noticed my Mark Studio needed an update.
  12. Today
  13. some help in how to set up so one controller works tracks and the other does busses please
  14. That was seriously awesome of you to give those notes!!! Exactly what I'm needing at this point. The timing issue is probably the most critical for the viewer, and I know I can slide things around a skosh. But sadly, its also true there will never be a Q - A timing that works perfectly for all viewers. I did survey a lot of other quiz-type channels and, as you recommend, most of them are offering 20 or 30 seconds inside a question! I guess I'm picking another lane here, we're in, we're out, you know it or you don't, and we're moving on to the next one. We'll see what affect that has on video viewer retention 🤪 Super idea about the shorts ! All of your comments are much appreciated!!!
  15. I was thinking of getting their rack modules back in the day, but then IK and PSP launched similar offerings. And I already got Slate VMR which I dearly love. I guess three racks should suffice.
  16. Good old beat with a Xmas message ... all good mate .. and who cares about the mix 🤗 SR
  17. Still very alpha though. No presets yet even. But it's nice to see that it's progressing. There's finally a light at the end of the tunnel.
  18. Nice! And I have the Everything Bundle! SM3 come to mama.
  19. I did get the original instruments bundle (the then called Creative Edition) and added the Electra 88 as well as the Manley VoxBox. Guess I’m okay until I get the rest for $99 too.
  20. Hoping Melda start their year-end/Christmas sale soon. It's already a touch later than years past. I'm ready for BF-redux.
  21. Jan is gone?!! And no one told me... Ouch... It's amazing how people you never even met matter. Remember Ba-MIDI? Sharky went out of his way to find him, only to learn that he was gone. You guys better be around until I croak... All of you's.
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