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  1. K mutes clips. I would have suggested checking to see if you muted a clip. Glad you got it fixed.
  2. Is it racist or subversive? They knew the history when they choose the name. Cakewalk was always subversive to counterculture and benign to those in power.
  3. i'm not sure if this image is the latest, but you can see that interleave comes prior to FX, so if you have stereo FX, they will be processed after the interleave. You can you the Channel Tools to return to mono at any point, but watch for gain related to combining the two channels (should be 3dB so predictable).
  4. The aren't flat wounds exactly. There is no winding at all. They are just thick and straight. It's pretty different. No finger whistle. A good amount of resistance imho. It's neat. I'm glad for them.
  5. It's a tragedy that the average iq is 100.
  6. To get a set of faders to the same level, drag them all to the top or bottom, release, then drag where you like.
  7. Bacon and pancakes and bacon here in Virginia. Happy independence day!
  8. I'm trying some chrome daddario strings. Definitely different.
  9. Like bob dylan not realizing he could play the same song two nights in a row.
  10. https://www.livenationentertainment.com/crewnation/
  11. BTW, the purpose of external insert is to auto manage the delay related to sending audio out of your computer and then back in. You might do this in order to use a hardware compressor. The purpose of using the External Insert plugin is to detect the latency and sync everything together so that all the tracks play together. Depending on your interface settings, there can be some buffer delay sending to your hardware compressor and receiving the result back. This plug in helps you remove impacts related to using external hardware.
  12. I would just ask @Craig Anderton. Calling the mighty Craig Anderton! There are humble people asking after your wizard FX Chains. Is there any guidance for how they can obtain them?
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