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  1. I tend to do a first pass without a limiter b/c it helps me see where gain automation might be required on specific tracks. Once I'm happy with gain/volume automation, I'll add in the multiband limiter. I still might disable it at any point during the mix to back up a step.
  2. I think i must have missed the panipulator. I don't even remember it at all. Channel tools is what i would use. If you want to flip the clip, drag the channel tools plugin to the clip itself, make the required change and execute bounce to clips. That should 'print' the change so you can see it in the wave form drawing.
  3. Better is better, for sure. I have an Audient asp 880 for my expansion unit and i like it. With that said, most of the time i do not require it. I have used Focusrite tools in the past and found them excellent. I love their liquid pres.
  4. Any electrical device could cause a problem. My Roland gr20 shouldn't have been possible as a culprit imho. I guess my point was to take a moment and listen for it. Just because the noise is very quiet doesn't mean it it can be ignored. In my case, fixing issues has proved relatively easy once i got on the trail.
  5. Sometimes, I can sit with my headphones on and a project open. If there is a channel with THU (or any other amp sim) it really amplifies electrical whatever is on the channel. Turn up your headphones until you hear the hum of the amp clearly and listen for ticks or noise from a fan... Using this method I discovered that if I plug in my Roland GR20 backwards I get tiny ticks or from the electrical interference. The other day, with my Fender Amp (real one not an Amp Sim) plugged into the wall, I could hear interference from the fan. Turned it off and it was quieter. @Craig Anderton If this isn't in your tips and tricks, you might add it. It's subtle, and takes a while to stumble across it.
  6. Checking out bluebird memories on audible. Worth checking out. And there is a lyric... White folks be focused on DAWs and yoga. What's yoga? But I'm focused on the people!
  7. Honestly, any laptop that costs more than $500 usd will suffice for what you have described.
  8. Tape is never rolling when it really matters. Here's to the one that got away.
  9. If you spend any money at all, consider getting something like this.. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ADA8200--behringer-ada8200-microphone-preamp Some will say spend more... But this type of thing is heavily used for a reason.
  10. It totally clears the dust out of the air (and cobwebs out of my head).
  11. @kennywtelejazz Hey, Kenny! I found this on Craig's list. It's an ES-336 from the 90s some time. 7 9231 is the serial number. Seems in pretty good shape. It has some wear on the head stock from being hung. It was set-up badly but I fixed that in an hour. Coolest toy I've ever had.
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