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  1. Zo, I totally misunderstood that answer.
  2. I'm guessing it's a bad connection on the printed circuit board for your video card. This is basically not really fixable without replacement. Sometimes warming up the card will temporarily fix the issue because as the plastic expands the connection is restored. It is likely caused by overheating the card in the first place. First, the card heats and the silicon which doesn't soften with the plastic can buckle. When the card cools it separates the silicon path. So, replacing the card is really the fix. Also, you have to watch out for heat in your device. Overheating can ruin more than your video card. <Please recognize that this is supposition. Replacing the card is what I would do if it were mine. This is based on the evidence you provided that when you duplicated the screen you saw the same flaw in both.>
  3. Gotcha. Makes sense. I have nothing useful to say.
  4. Thanks! I misread it. No idea about that.
  5. I have been playing with mic positioning and use of high pass filters the time of recording. I have been using fewer mics. Riding without a helmet if you will.
  6. Offset mode might help as well.
  7. Plug in another screen and mirror them.
  8. A lot of z3ta presets drive hard into a limiter. You can back this off.
  9. I kinda want to know the name of the engineer who spun the tapes. 😄 And we're the settings on the altec actually used? Bass and treble nearly dimed...
  10. At the end of the boycott, while the buses weren't segregated, the bus stops still were.
  11. I learned that MLK was not permitted to give his speech at the close of the year long bus-boycott from the Alabama capital steps so he made it from a flatbed truck... https://kinginstitute.stanford.edu/king-papers/documents/address-conclusion-selma-montgomery-march ... Parked in front of the capital steps. It made me wonder if the dead knew of this when they did their flatbed show in sf.
  12. The lynching museum made coffins listing every county in the country with lynching history and the names of the lynched, where known. They have duplicates laid out that the counties can take back and display in their towns. To say it is overwhelming is an understatement.
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