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  1. For the amount of long term storage I need, I can't justify the cost.
  2. https://www.daddario.com/products/accessories/straps/guitar-and-bass-straps/auto-lock/auto-lock-swivel-locking-guitar-strap/?utm_source=epi_campaign&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=acc_autolockswivel&utm_content=autlockswivel&mobile=1 Thoughts?
  3. I cleaned an akg c414. I have not done others, but I'll bet some could use it. Some have been hard used. My oldest were new in the 90s. And yes, you really can't clean a ribbon. You can replace one. The royers come with one free replacement for original owner. I think it's good to know you can do this maintenance. I cannot tell a dirty mic by listening unless it is really bad.
  4. Something brushed up Against my foot while I swam. It Could have been a fish.
  5. First step to get midi working is to go into the preferences and check the inputs. Then maybe as a midi track twiddling the knobs and see the level bounce as proof it is working. You can record this track, move a fader, then study the midi events data. Next, try midi learn... does this work?
  6. If you create a new project, does it still happen?
  7. Delivered the bass last night. It was a wonderful time.
  8. No one would see you until you needed a sip of water.
  9. Buy the Supreme Court. I think they cost a calastoga wagon each. Same as it ever was.
  10. Thank you so much! That feels great coming from you. It is for the father of a friend from my middle school days. We are encouraging him to get the old band back together!
  11. This image shows the old beside the new. You can see the glue on the bass.
  12. The rings are threaded and make it adjustable. You can tip it left or right. Raise it up and down. It is only threaded in the wood so you must not adjust it with pressure on. The glue was on the bass from before. The owner broke the old bridge while tuning it. Then put a screw in it to make it function. The glue held the whole mess in place. I couldn't get all the glue off. I did my best.
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