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  1. Loved it. Heard no issues. Well... During the piano only section in the middle it seemed a little hot to me. Maybe a touch of distortion?
  2. I hate everyone... It makes interacting salty.
  3. Cool to be able to measure ebu loudness levels too, before setting clip gain.
  4. Dropout can cause it or hitting escape or clicking the x on the render bar... I think these things do it.
  5. Not all synths upsample by default in cakewalk. You have to specify in a list.
  6. Changing sample rate for a project is a bit of a pain/risk imho.
  7. I think Sven means 44.1 khz at 24 bit vs 48 khz at 24 bit. Sven, i can't tell a difference in cakewalk between any of these, including double and quad rates like 96 and 192 except for the size of the wave files and speeds of fast bounce. If you are freezing synths often (effectively a bounce) you may notice they take slightly longer at 48. Synths are one of the things that benefit the most from higher sample rates.
  8. +1 I use junctions heavily to good effect. I install everything to default locations and move things between drives as i like.
  9. Trash in the oceans that out-sizes all aquatic life?
  10. This prompts the question... What info on our gear do we need to store just in case? Do any of you scratch initials in? Id stickers? Photos of serial numbers?
  11. I have Stay and Wild Animals. I have absolutely no idea how to leave a comment/review.
  12. This is a strange one. Any chance that when you start you have a single take solo'd and somehow after you have all the takes playing? Can you repeat this with a single track solo'd at the track level?
  13. Disabling all fx and problem persists rules out fx in demo mode. Have you tried bypassing automation?
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