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  1. Mix on earbuds if you are good enough! Most of us benefit from listening to as many ways people might listen as we can get.
  2. I just search for them... type in the name of what I'm looking for in the search window. I really don't have a hard time finding plugins. It can be trickier to know what all the plugins do and how they work. To that end, I do have favorites I have used over time. I also focus on Melda Productions plugins generally. I learn how they work and practice working with them. I have never needed to build custom layouts or anything. I'm sure I'm not helping, but I'm trying. G
  3. Dotted half note represents the trinity ... you know ... because 3 beats. So the dot on the dotted half is called the ***** of perfection. I had no idea.
  4. With Melodyne you don't have to wonder. Smile
  5. If you break a bapu, do you get 2 Kenny's and a zo?
  6. I remember going to the movie in high school. It was super fantastic. I even remember an array of friends I was with. Great memory.
  7. While I have wanted a new interface, I'm glad I have stuck with my ucx. I really have never needed more.
  8. Sinister was another. I think it has a root in left in some other language.
  9. growing up, we were prevented from saying out in left field left out or any other left handed non-pc language. 🙂 You know... to be inclusive.
  10. Earthquaker pedals for me. I've loved so much stuff. My guitars first and foremost. An old seagull guitar I was playing this morning, for example. There are some things that never took. A tube mic for example. I never loved it. It crackled sometimes and I couldn't trust it.
  11. Some of my favorite recordings are if my daughter at her most joyful.
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