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  1. Musical time hold clips on their measure. So if a clip starts on beat one of measure 3, it will no matter what you do to tempo. If it starts at 2 minutes in, then you cut the temp to half time, it would start at 4 minutes in. Some purple use temp for tempo sync fx but not for recording or midi. This is a different thing. You may want to add tempo changes between your songs. You wouldn't want new tempos to move clips. Helpful?
  2. When clips move, it's usually due to tempo orwhether the track and clip are set to musical time or absolute time. Try making sure the track is on absolute time.
  3. Gswitz


    I'm just hooked on melda. Not sure how it happened but i use those things all the time.
  4. This is usually bc the microphone is sensitive enough to catch the sound coming from the headphones. If so, play louder or turn down your headphones.
  5. I use media monkey. I also tend to include a photo from the session. Nice and small, but good enough to look nice in a phone screen or car display. How cars display tags matters. Titles cannot be too long or car displays don't show them well. I bought media monkey gold a long time ago. It was money well spent. I use it on my phone too.
  6. Man! I'm sorry for your injuries, but glad you are recovering.
  7. @craigb I haven't read most of this thread, but if you are looking for how to use a laptop that you don't own to make recordings, I suggest Ubuntu Studio installed on a USB hard drive. Boot the computer to the USB drive and make your recording. If you have a Class Compliant USB Interface it should work fine. It isn't Cakewalk, but it's easy and portable.
  8. My greatest fear is that one day I'll die and my wife will sell my guitars for what i told her they cost.
  9. Hardware loopback is always a choice. Plug your output into your input.
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