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  1. Laws are strange things to try to squeeze justice from.
  2. My wife and i had dinner with some folks. Later we were talking about them and i kept describing one as the old guy. She pointed out that he is our age.
  3. I 7z the folders then drop them on cheap USB drives and leave a copy at a relatives house. I swap it out when I visit. This is enormously inexpensive.
  4. Might not be your problem. It's just the only thing I've had happen that causes the symptoms you describe. It isn't resolved be detaching the midi input and re-attaching. You have to figure out to remove the mapping here in preferences. It was a complicated thing I've talked to Noel about. I think he was trying to think of ways to make it work intuitively but also not hose you up.... I personally think a message at the time you map the midi input to a track that is also mapped to a controller that says 'this isn't going to do what you expect and here's why...'. Then users who want to fix it can just unmap the midi controller. Now if your case is some other thing I haven't bumped into ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... don't know how to help with that. Lots of us have midi controllers we sometimes use. Noel wants it so that when you plug it in, it just works and doesn't have to be remapped all the time. This makes sense, but you don't want the input to randomly take a midi input that doesn't go to the controller.
  5. you can record the midi input and look at the detail in the recording to see the events.
  6. If the input and outputs are set to your midi device then you will see the meter jump but not be able to trigger your synth. The data will only be used to drive your controller. It's kinda a confusing thing. I do this a lot and it confused me for a long time b/c I sometimes add and remove controllers then don't understand why midi ports don't work. I think setting the ports to none (as seen in the screenshot) make it so that you can use the inputs for synths or other things. Then if you plug in your device, you can map your inputs for your controller to this. It used to be (a while back) that it would auto default to your midi input and output to save you the trouble of setting it. This works fine unless sometimes that isn't the input for your controller. Cool?
  7. other daws create auto fades on clips ... One of the reasons windows doesn't is so you can split a clip and have it mated with the other and it flows smoothly from one to the other. So, I like it this way. I do have quick keys to auto add fades to clips. An example of when I need this is when I create clips around a drum track so the mic is 100% muted except when the drum is hit. After creating the clips I auto add fades to the clips. Anyway. 🙂 It's the type of thing that could be in the preferences where you set it to always auto fade clips.
  8. TH3 also had these popup things. You could route a midi controller to TH3 and automate any of the parameters in the bar at the bottom of the VST window.
  9. when this happens to me, it is usually b/c I have that midi input mapped to a controller. If you open preferences and delete your controllers, it may start working.
  10. Tpm.msc tells you if you have the tpm compatibility issue. I'm upgrading now.
  11. This talks About track height that might help.
  12. I think shift z turns on auto expand where you can set all tracks in focus to one size and all tracks not in focus to another size. The alternative allows you to set every track to a different size. The big benefit of this setting is you can double click any track to make it fill the screen. I don't ever lock track heights myself.
  13. Happy birthday DAVE!! Keep on rocking!
  14. I was never very good. I better know the truth of this now than when I was younger.
  15. @Glenn Stanton thanks!
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