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  1. That's the type of thing that indicates it isn't authorized for some reason. I don't have that problem but I purchased the full version of Breverb. Is it possible you downloaded the full version as a trial and never purchased it and just forgot?
  2. I think it's ok to play with your output eq. I do it when I'm listening to netflix too. You can her all kinds of interesting things that aren't obvious if you don't. It can give you a sense of the mixing too. I was pretty eq timid when I started way back when. I'm more laid back about it now. I let my mixes wander. They don't all have to be the same. It's ok to do things differently on different mixes. It's ok to listen at times to the highs pressed, or the lows or both. Or the mids. It can be an education.
  3. I wonder if our difference in process might explain some of the diffs in result. I usually fast bounce to a new track then export that clip with no processing. This makes the export go super fast and I can export to different bit-depths and sample rates where that will be the only difference. I don't know if this helps but it might help you isolate the difference to only the exports.
  4. For me, after the last windows update, I had to re-register some of my plugins (like AD2). I also had to zip through all the hardware and disable the selective suspend stuff. In other words, I had to kick off Latency Monitor and hunt down all the issues that come with a fresh install. HTH
  5. You do a null test by re-importing the file you just exported into a new track exactly lined up with the clip you exported. Do this by using ctrl+g to move to the beginning of the selected clip, set focus on the new track then import the file you exported. Now you have two copied of the same clip aligned. If you flip the polarity (phase) on the track you just imported and play the two together you should get silence. If you bounce the two clips together and normalize the new clip you should get flat silence.
  6. Interesting. I've never seen that. Any chance other audio is getting in? If you import and do a null test does it match? It should.
  7. Gswitz

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    Start run mmc File add remove snap in Double click computer management Local finish Ok Expand computer.. System tools.. Event viewer.. Windows logs.. This gives handy access yup device manager also. You don't have to understand ask the events. If you are watching latency monitor when it trips to red, that is the moment in the logs to look at. It may be obvious what caused it. If your video card is causing issues look in device manager for power settings on that card.
  8. Gswitz

    Forum members /home country ?

    Saw a show there once. Pretty place.
  9. Gswitz

    All exports are distorting and clipping

    I sometimes use the pre-fader sends to mix different amounts of tracks into the reverb bus. I realize you can do this post-fader too - pre-fader can be interestingly expressive. I've never used them for real-time monitoring. I do that through TotalMix. I think there are a bunch of us who don't do real-time monitoring through Cakewalk but might still use pre-fader sends at times and in those cases, I think the behavior isn't obvious. When you explained the real-time monitoring use-case, the behavior suddenly made sense.
  10. Gswitz

    All exports are distorting and clipping

    I'd hate for you to spend any time on this. The behavior is consistent. With a single solo'd track selected, I checked fast-bounce compared to regular bounce and in both cases the result doesn't include the sound from the non-selected track. When listening in real time, the non-solo'd track routes through the buses into the master and may ultimately merge at the output with a solo'd track routed direct to the interface outputs. With both tracks selected, this is the behavior in either a real-time bounce or a fast bounce. I didn't mean for this to be a bug discussion. I was trying to help the OP with something I thought might be related to his issue or might help him understand behavior so that he could see what behavior to expect and act accordingly.
  11. Gswitz

    All exports are distorting and clipping

    Yes, I didn't think it was a bug. It only caught me by surprise and when I saw this post I thought maybe this is what the OP was describing. I also think the pre-post fader difference in behavior might have led him to believe this is a new behavior and not long-time-existing. To me this behavior has been around forever, but not at first obvious why it differs as it does. When I was first noticing it, I double checked the export to make sure my exports were ok and they were, so it has not worried me.
  12. Gswitz

    All exports are distorting and clipping

    @Noel Borthwick This is what I was describing. Please remember you can listen at high-speed in you tube. I record in real-time and it's kinda boring and not orchestrated or planned in advance, but I hope it's still helpful.
  13. Gswitz

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    I think mostof the time, most computers can work fine if configured correctly. I expect in the right hands, your computer could be made good. So don't give up hope or break out your wallet yet. Answer the questions. Consider hiring Jim to take your phone call maybe. He can walk you through things you might be missing.
  14. Gswitz

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    At the moment that it goes bad, what do you see in your system and application event logs?