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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TkmMiMek6k This video is noisy and goofy, but man are analog delays cool. I messed with the delays in THU and couldn't get anything like these. The video includes the 2 boss delays and a moog MF and we tried an old DOD but the knobs weren't werking. Moog stuff is just so wild. I have no idea what makes them so cool but the sounds they make are wild.
  2. Last night, me and my friend Scott compared delays. The boss waza dm-2w delay compared favorably with the moog, but being able to use the foot pedal to increase the feedback on the moog set it apart. The moog has a dip switch inside to switch the expression pedal between rate and feedback. This means any held note could be held and swelled by moving the expression pedal. There is no doubt that the boss waza delay surpasses the boss dm3. So much fun!
  3. I'm doing everything backwards. I really enjoy playing through my amp with pedals. I'm all alone. I know. and I've got my FCB-1010 and my AmpSims... they're fun... but I really enjoy playing outloud.
  4. I traded a friend this old pedal... For this... I totally love this Delay... it's soooooo much fun. 🙂 I have an expression pedal and that gets all these crazy sounds as you change the rate. Trading pedals with friends is the best way to explore new sounds. https://www.boss.info/global/promos/waza_craft/
  5. After the we turned off the camera, Scott played this awesome guitar jam for like 1/2 hour. He used a looper. It was wild... totally awesome. Bummer I didn't catch it. Maybe next time.
  6. My friend has 3 champs with different speaks in them. I play on them all the time. They're great! I think he has one with a trem? There's a trem, idk if it's built into champ. These are a tons of fun. I do prefer my 4x10 with a Rock Crusher, but the champs are so great! I'm playing on it in this vid...
  7. @John How many have been banned?
  8. https://www.diyrecordingequipment.com/products/l2a I use this for reamping. I don't need a direct box. I'm not talented at soldering. I just read directions and watched some YouTube videos. If you are on a budget, this might help.
  9. I use expression pedals. My pedal board has a splitter built in so i can can record clean and the amp with fx concurrently. Sometimes, i record direct and send out from the interface to a reamp box and that lets me play with the fx all i want when my family are out. I record direct while they sleep. Real-time fx are expressive so real time play changes..
  10. Gave me a big smile, ty.
  11. I've been enjoying using my spare processor cycles to donate to things like Cancer and Covid related research through BOINC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkeley_Open_Infrastructure_for_Network_Computing Probably not interesting to most of you, but some have beefy computers that sometimes sit idle and maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't mine sharing the cycles. If you use this link to join, I get credit for you joining. There's no money involved. It's charity only. https://join.worldcommunitygrid.org?recruiterId=1121627&teamId=136RWX2QBN1 I did this ages back with an old laptop and spun the fans so much I wore out a bearing. Now, this may or may not happen to you, but a worn out bearing on a fan would make your PC get louder until you replace the fan. Other than that case, I haven't had any issues volunteering my pc when I'm not using it for something. I measured the electricity consumption and for me, it uses about 4x as much electricity as when otherwise on and idle. This means about 75% more in electricity costs. You can pick the projects you want to volunteer to work on.
  12. https://www.furmanpower.com/support/legacy-product-documents?div=01&id=SPB-8 This link has manuals. Whatever i have is exactly the spb8 with a hard case. It is awesome.i basically use it as a suitcase for pedals. I don't leave it configured. I plug in what i want when i open it. The splitting feature is cool but kinda complicated. Mostly, i use it for a pedal power supply and carrying case.
  13. I have this pedal board and love it. Mine says skb not furman. These have to be the same thing rebranded, right? Mine has a hard case that is a suitcase for pedals.
  14. Totally great article. I read every word.
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