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  1. InstrEd

    Banned from KVR

    You had to spoil the ending. I was enjoying the story ðŸĪŠ
  2. I thought our King floated in the air
  3. I brought some new knee pads so I will be able to submit to the King on his return Larry, isn't it nice to be missed!
  4. When is the French Fried version going to come out? I got my coat again. Which is a good thing as I'm out the door to see Black Widow
  5. InstrEd

    Banned from KVR

    I disagree it should of been "Gone and None" 😆
  6. InstrEd

    Banned from KVR

    No that is using too much common-sense. We shall not allow that on internet forums
  7. I have Mixcraft 9, Studio One 4,and of Course CbB. I stopped Tracktion and Samplitude upgrades for now. I liked both but Studio One has the chord track and I only have so many brain cells left 😆 Samplitude is a good DAW but CbB seems to do almost everything I need. Add the chord track wink wink and I don't know how much I would use Studio One. Now a new user that has funds I would recommend Studio One big time.
  8. I say you pick your poison and learn all about it to help safe yourself in the event of a DAW meltdown ðŸĪĢ
  9. My wife has relatives that live in rural Indiana and the internet was iffy at best several years ago. So I can see how Larry's internet service might be hard to come by. Plus he has more important matters then us right now. I'm just letting him know he is missed. Peace 😃
  10. On a serious note I do hope our King got the shot, considering where his travels were taking him. We need our Deal finder to come back and feed our addiction 😆 Really Lar these relatives of yours need to move to a town that has some decent internet service
  11. Just as long a that new keyboard they have the working up and down . I'm been telling IK to make but don't make because they will tempt me too much. Ik look what you have done to me. Okay this time you don't get Sampletank 4 Max with Keyboard purchase you will get the whole T-Max or Amplitude bundle. Heck why don't you just toss both of them in it while you're at it. wink, wink, nudge nudge
  12. IK does have nice stuff, so I always check them out. Maybe if they came up with a new controller keyboard that I could use for group buy ðŸĪ” never mind IK don't tempt me 😉
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