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  1. Always gotta be the English Professor 🙄 😏
  2. So with this logic, a convolution reverb is a prison riot?
  3. I rather be in the front of that processing
  4. Just think of all the ladies you can impress with a 16tb-er........😜
  5. Do you even have time to take this lady? Priorities Larry. I thought we came first
  6. I would prefer Agent 99 myself
  7. I don't think he/she was a troll either. Once you start to use CbB or another similar full featured DAW for a time you can switch pretty easily. It is just the beginning learning is not that easy. But if you do stick with it the rewards are Yes it is amazing at what you can do with most modern DAW's. What my daughters do with video editors blows my mind. I never got into any deep video yet. Photography? Yep and that took a good amount of time to learn IMHO!
  8. You can check out but you can never leave
  9. How many time do we have to go over this, the company is Italian and they do things the way they want. Even the Pope can't have them conform
  10. When my aches and pains got really bad I started to do a mini fast and that really help me with inflammation. Science or not it helped me. My wife's GI doctor said it could as lots of food cause inflammation.
  11. "Hammer Time" which make a sound-wave upon striking its object, so it fits on this MUSIC FORUM 🤣
  12. @Matt Ramona If you are Windows platform I would suggest trying Mixcraft https://acoustica.com/mixcraft When it is on sale it is a great deal and might be what you are looking for. Also John is right about reading the manual. Cakewalk is a very powerful DAW but it is not an entry level DAW. You really need to dive in and spend time to learn the program to get the most out of it. As an example I just brought Affinity Photo and it is a extremely deep program that is taking time to learn but I'm glad I purchased it for a great price. Cakewalk DAW can't be learned overnight but if you spend time with it you will find out how great it is. My "3 cents" today because of inflation
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