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  1. Is that included in a FX 🙄
  2. InstrEd

    Staff View

    Not even on my pizza🙄
  3. I thought JRR had the group discount code to make it ~$125 instead of $150 direct from Presonus Shop.
  4. InstrEd

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    Thanks Ed. One of the missing pieces in my mind Studio One now has. Really should help them in the educational market going forward. Nice job Presonus!
  5. Don't despair Bill. Remember you're a Bassist and that shall tide you over till you can join Studio One 5 Land 😉
  6. I hope the Devil didn't get his soul.
  7. What type of % lean ground meat do you use Bill?
  8. Yum! I must be a Yankee as I like Mustard on my burgers.
  9. Quick hide me I mean I need to inspect the bunker ! Yep he sure is fearless🤣 And I have no problem making jokes at the other side of the aisle too. But with this pandemic and Mr. Oranges denial I'm quite a bit upset with my wife having a chronic health issue and he is sprouting downright lies! Sad truth of it is then he says Fake News if the facts don't agree with him 😒 Anyway I will bow out before I get my self in trouble here.
  10. Are you talking about Mr. Orange? 😆
  11. Hope everyone here is having a safe 4th of July.
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