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  1. I mis-read that as Tardigrade... 😆 Time for a eye ✔️ up 😉
  2. A man gotta know his limitations! I shall go back in my Tardis and disappear sorta like Larry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Maybe it is Styx fault. Project 5 heard the calling Come Sail Away 🤔
  4. I just found Project 5 matrix view easy to use. I got Mixcraft Pro and like their matrix view.
  5. I used Project 5 matrix view and sort of miss it to this day. Anyone remember Project 5 radio?
  6. I think my cats would go crazy if the cables all lit up 🤣
  7. At your age having another child is.......
  8. InstrEd

    Absynth is Over?

    That button was removed from the emoji official list
  9. I thought those straps were for the Misses 😆 I got my coat again
  10. I think you need to go to a " Bass Support Group"
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