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  1. I didn't say anything about Al........ just some flavored seltzer water
  2. InstrEd

    Pianoteq 7 released

    The thing about Pianoteq for me is not much HD space compared to sampled libraries. Plus it is nice to see the improvements in PTQ even if they are not earth shattering. Now it will only cost me $ if a instrument comes out that I like plus the few dollars for version 8 in a few years
  3. Master you have failed us 😆
  4. InstrEd

    Pianoteq 7 released

    Okay I found the extra and upgraded to Pro from standard. I thought I was only going to get to pick one more instrument. They gave me two instruments to choose. With the JRRshop extra discount it was a really good deal. Don't know if I will ever use the extra editing in the pro version but if I do want to tinker I have them available.
  5. I think it happened in LV Bapu so it has to stay in LV
  6. Are there special rates for ARRP members? You know the old Fart rate? Asking for a..... who am I kidding I'm asking for myself
  7. Me think Milo wants his own chair next to you Kenny.
  8. Can we change it to Salt instead of sand. This way I can add a lime and have it with my......nevermind
  9. Hey I got an idea. Learn how to play the piano (jk) Of course you all could say that to me about learning to play the guitar. 😆
  10. Unless you go the RME route. Wish I had the money to go the RME route with how they update drivers for interfaces that are over 10 years old! @John Vere How do you like your new MOTU unit?
  11. and just think platinum albums were made with real musicians
  12. That is fine but don't expect us around these neck of the woods to say that out-loud. 😜
  13. Natural or not how can we survive with out our caffeine. First Covid and now this 😆
  14. I have been meaning to upgrade my license of Jamstix. I guess now would be a good time
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