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  1. Go watch video tutorials on acoustica website. https://acoustica.com/videos Seriously worth your time if you want to learn how to use a DAW. Peace and don't give up as it is worth the effort 😎
  2. Where I work has the same numbered address as across the street. One business is entered by back street/side street. So constantly we have food delivery services dropping off to us. Sad and funny at the same time 😁 The Door Dash and Grunhub delivery people don't believe us when we tell them wrong place. We started telling them for $5 we will tell you where the right place is. Then they get all upset at us. How about learning how to do your job so we don't have to!
  3. Actually the boxes were probably removed because they were broken into and mail stolen. My local Post-office had them taken down last year so you had to walk into the building and deposit mail inside the drop-box. The long time employee told me they will have new boxes installed sometime in the future. It took over 8 months for this to happen. Also the bank down the street from my work has a box but I was advised not to use it by our postman/postlady
  4. On my wish list to visit.
  5. Enjoy your trip.
  6. oh that's why I keep falling asleep reading your posts 😁
  7. Anti-virus software sometimes causes fits with VST scans.
  8. Actually you need Mixcraft Pro Studio version for $119.00 for the stem separation. Still fair price IMHO
  9. Ed you beat me to it 🤣
  10. Justin Frankel made quite a haul from selling of WinAmp to AOL. Just the interest alone he could run his Cockos Business model
  11. As I said before, I panicked when Gibson pulled the plug. This time I shall wait till the dust settles and then determine which way I go as far as a DAW. I 'm just a hobbyist so most of the DAW's I have now would be fine for the little I do anymore.
  12. So that is where my Brain Cells went 😆
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