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  1. But if you're a knight you alternate😏 whoops what are we talking about😀
  2. InstrEd


    Maybe they like your cooking Bill.
  3. InstrEd

    Why do I...

  4. InstrEd

    Z3TA 2+ and Rapture Pro

    I'm surprised that Cakewalk hasn't re-released them myself. So far they have been mum on them. Would be nice if Meng, Jesse or Noel could give us a bone
  5. InstrEd

    1st Meal Since I Moved Back Inn

    A Seiko or Rolex? Either way I hope they are water-proof 😂
  6. InstrEd

    Why do I...

    Hey you captured my puppy. For she acts that way when I play the piano
  7. InstrEd

    Display of up to 128th notes in the Staff View. Please?

    Time to get a bigger phone Cakewalk really does need to update the staff view. Pretty Please Bandlab
  8. InstrEd

    For'um I got band

    + jeden
  9. InstrEd

    I don't need a license

    The truth is we don't have the money for therapy to understand Bapu's random thoughts.....
  10. For a second I thought you wrote coroner.......................😮
  11. InstrEd

    I've taken a college course learning how to ...

    Roll Over Beethoven Strummy has the stage
  12. InstrEd

    I've taken a college course learning how to ...

    You Really Got a Hold on Me bringing up the old days