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  1. Larry you're so right on this one. That would really be a good one for IK to add in the future.
  2. @Peter - IK Multimedia Well done on the promotion! Took longer then you hoped but all in all hopefully you gained new customers with this fantastic Group Buy!
  3. You don't have to get personal 😆 Okay, Okay I'm getting my coat again
  4. With the Pandemic going on Peter. I'll take a pass But you always could ship out that Free MIDI Keyboard for me
  5. We make 25,000 and this thread becomes a ghost town. I guess with Halloween 🎃 coming up it is fitting.
  6. Only 1 finger. If that is like stars 🌟 it wouldn't be a great endorsement 🤔
  7. You don't buy them to resell. You go to your products page and keep scrolling and scrolling at how much you have!
  8. You forgot the wink, wink, nudge, nudge
  9. I'm so glad this OP decided to come back
  10. Is it me or having these two in the same sentence seems....... nevermind 🤭
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