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  1. @Brian Walton You might be right, but in school for band and orchestra, notation is the way the kids learn to read and play music. I still think it is the way to teach the kids. Now if you are taking a music production class you do have a point.
  2. I have been saying this for years Yet when it is brought up, the argument against it is a DAW not a notation program We don't want Cakewalk to become a full fledged notation program all we have been asking for is some fixes and refinement. Have to agree if CbB gave it some attention it would be great for schools that are on Windows 10 and not chromebooks. Side note: My daughters are doing remote learning now for High School and have chromebooks issued to them. Both of my girls use their Windows 10 2n1 laptops and do the writing/annotating right on the screen. I know some chromebooks have active pens to, but the school doesn't have the budget for those. Anyway several teachers asked my kids how they did the work so fast? Both took screenshots and pictures from there phones to demonstrate how they did the work. I think one of the teachers thought my kids were cheating somehow. The other teacher was impressed and wished all the kids got chromebooks with active pens. My daughter loves the active pen for AP chemistry.
  3. Thanks Jerry you gave me something to listen to tonight
  4. Just watched the video. Great job Jesse. The new articulation feature in development has really peaked my interest.
  5. Don't tell me this. I have to get my special pills from Canada as they cost to much in USA 😏 😜
  6. I got an email yesterday from a business in Talent, OR. First showing their building still standing and a view from the front door out. Across the street was all wiped out. The business survived but the letter said quite a few employees had their houses burn down to the ground. Really sad to see.
  7. InstrEd

    IK VI Group Buy

    Hope you didn't break it πŸ˜†
  8. InstrEd

    IK VI Group Buy

    I actually only put the SE version on so far. In the process of getting a solid state USB-C drive and will load all the content on that. Life just keeps getting in the way
  9. InstrEd

    I miss Larry Shelby

    Better him then Kaye- What the election will be rigged😏 We won't let that happen to Larry our "King or Deals"
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