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  1. Really good free guitar VSTi's: Acoustic Guitar: https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=7 Electric Guitar: https://impactsoundworks.com/product/shreddage-3-stratus-free/ In both cases, the paid versions offer more articulation options, but the sound quality of both free versions are top notch.
  2. msmcleod

    mp3 loop tempo change

    Yes, by making it into a groove clip:
  3. If you use SI-Bass, remember to transpose +12.
  4. Anyone who has been on tour in a band starting out will know that this contains SO many truths....
  5. msmcleod

    Is Sonar abandonware now?

    I guess it depends what you define as a product. As far as I'm concerned, CbB is the same product as Sonar - it's just a newer version that has been re-branded. It's really not that different from when Pro Audio 9 was followed by Sonar 1. I'll bet that over 90% of the code was the same. The only difference with CbB is that it's now published by a new company. When CbB came out, I suspect that over 99% of the code was the same as Sonar. After all, the only real changes were a few splash screens and the bug fixes that were meant to go into Sonar 2017.11. It's fairly common for companies not to support older versions of their products. Is Excel 95 abandonware, even though Excel 365 is available? I'd say no. Excel 365 is just a newer version, and the company doesn't support the old version... and why would they? They're not going to backport every bug-fix to every previous version.
  6. msmcleod

    Do You Use Drum Maps?

    It's worth mentioning, I don't actually use drum maps myself. I've got a bunch of CAL scripts to do it for me from back when drum maps didn't exist!
  7. msmcleod

    Do You Use Drum Maps?

    The main benefit for drum maps is to be able to easily switch from one drums VSTi to another, where both have completely different note mappings (e.g. the snare is D1 on one VSTi, but it's G3 on another). Having each drum part on a different MIDI track doesn't really solve this problem (you'd still need to transpose the note to trigger the correct drum), however what it does do is allow you to mix and match different drum VSTi's if, for example, you prefer an AD2 snare and a EZDrummer kick. However even if you do stick to all your drums on just one MIDI track/VSTi, most good drum VSTi's support separate audio outs for each drum (or drum group, like cymbals or toms). If you freeze the VSTi, you'll end up with separate audio tracks just like you've recorded real drums.
  8. msmcleod

    How To Emulate Keith Emerson's Synth

    Synthmaster has a bunch of Keith Emerson/ELP patches in their "Nori Ubukata Historical Synth Giants Vol. 2" set. [Edit]: Here's a link to a demo of the sounds:
  9. msmcleod

    audio to midi? (melodyne)

    The last two Melodyne updates (4.2.0 and 4.2.1) have broken this functionality. Basically Melodyne now forgets its default detection algorithm, so when you try the drag/drop it causes Cakewalk to crash. The 4.1.x version that ships with Cakewalk works fine. A workaround for the newer Melodyne updates is to create a Melodyne region fx first, re-select the detection algorithm in Melodyne, and then drag the audio clip to the MIDI track.
  10. msmcleod

    Channels Off By Default

    Perhaps he means the ProChannel ? I don't get the red/green thing though, unless it's some custom theme thing.
  11. msmcleod

    Sample Preview Enhancement - Browser

    I was just thinking this myself last night. I export all my unfinished projects as .mp3 into a preview directory so I can easily go through them to see if any of my ideas will fit into anything I'm currently working on. There's a few of them I wished I could fast forward through to get to the various sections.
  12. msmcleod

    A lot of clicks in the audio

    The Focusrite 2i2 should run fine at a buffer size of 256. I run mine at 64 with no issues, and my machine is a much lower spec (although it's an Intel not a ryzen) Is Windows using the Focusrite as it's sound device? It may be worth setting Windows to use the internal sound device so that only CbB is using the 2i2. It may also be worth deleting AUD.INI from %APPDATA%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core (whilst CbB isn't running). Sometimes this can get corrupted, so deleting it will force CbB to create a fresh version.
  13. msmcleod

    Track counter

    Sounds like you've got a lense enabled. If you select "none" from the lenses dropdown (in the menu bar, over on the far right) can you see the tracks again?
  14. msmcleod

    Guitar Looping

    For your solo recording, what I'd recommend is: Setting the record mode to "Sound on Sound", checking "Mute Previous Takes" Enabling Auto Punch (set the punch-in & punch-out to be the same as you've set for your loop) e.g.: When you expand the take lanes, you should see each solo as a separate take. Just solo the one you want to keep.
  15. msmcleod

    Track counter

    New tracks are always added at the bottom. You can either scroll down to see them, or you can re-order the tracks by dragging the track closer to the top of the list of tracks.