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  1. Unless you've got a Komplete Kontrol hardware controller, I personally find very little use for Komplete Kontrol at all. IMO you're much better off just inserting Kontakt 6 directly as either a Simple Instrument Track, Per-Output Instrument Track (my personal preference), or a Split Instrument Track. The settings wrench @treesha is referring to is here (it's actually a gear icon, which may be the source of the confusion): You may also see it here: Disabling "Zero Controllers When Play Stops" is important however when using certain Kontakt libraries, as they've broken the MIDI rules and assigned the mod wheel to things like cut-off filter.
  2. @Junichi Aoki - the latest 2021.04 Update 1 EA build (170) should solve all of your issues: While this isn't officially the final Update 1 build, unless we hear of any major issues over this weekend, it'll probably end up being released as the official release early next week.
  3. It's strange that the Music Industry seems to be the only industry that has this bias against Windows. I've worked in a LOT of industries over the years - health, defence, hospitality, travel, retail, recruitment, law enforcement & security... I could go on... but in the vast majority of cases, it's Windows that is taken seriously, and the Mac is seen as being largely irrelevant and at most an afterthought. I've not worked in finance, but have plenty of friends who do, and it's the same there. The general consensus for most industries is Linux for servers, Windows for desktop, although Windows has a significant footprint in the server market too. Even a lot of parts of the media / design industries (e.g. video production, web design, architecture ), where the Mac has dominance, they at least put Windows and Mac on an even keel.
  4. I don't see any issues with this. It sounds like a sensible approach to me for anything that isn't recorded to a click. Although this is true, It might be wise to set all the audio clips to absolute first... just in case there are custom settings under the groove clip setting for one of the clips. FYI - the way I'd go about changing everything to absolute: 1. Press "H" to bring up the track manager, and hide everything apart from audio tracks. 2. Select all your audio tracks 3. Go to the Clip Properties in the inspector, and set Time Base to "Absolute" 4. Press "H" again and unhide all the tracks I'd hidden in step 1.
  5. @Colin Nicholls - I was hoping that putting a final check that the ctrl key is down just before it adds the note to the selection would solve this.... but the code is already doing this. So I don't know what to suggest. I can't repro this. Maybe a sticky CTRL key?
  6. Groove3 has a SONAR Platinum course. It's very good, and covers at least 90% of Cakewalk. SWA Complete SONAR X2 is also pretty good, albeit a bit older: There's also a follow up which includes the Pro Channel:
  7. Out of interest, does this setting make any difference? I suspect it might have to be unchecked when using VEP.
  8. I've started to use Vegas Movie Studio, which I got in one of the Humble Bundle deals. I find it very easy to use and the keyboard shortcuts / mouse gestures are close enough to Cakewalk to make me feel at home. For actually recording video, I use OBS Studio. @Milton Sica - it's unlikely we'll expand on the video capabilities of Cakewalk, short of perhaps improving format compatibility at some point. The video view is there for one purpose - to facilitate writing music to video. Video editing itself is out of scope for a DAW.
  9. Thanks @Hopital - both of those issues have been fixed for the main release.
  10. This series by @Creative Sauce is probably exactly what you're looking for. IIRC he uses Cakewalk for the whole process:
  11. I used to use TouchDAW quite a bit... and in fact I used the HUI mode on it to develop the HUI beta support in the CbB's Mackie Control control surface DLL. It's pretty amazing to be honest - full MCU and HUI emulation for £4 and a cheap £40 android tablet. The only reason I don't use it now as I prefer real tactile faders. But its perfectly useable.
  12. @chris.r / @Skyline_UK / @Terry Kelley - thanks for your feedback on the "end of project" tempo nodes. The official 2021.04 Update 1 release will no longer create tempo nodes at the end of the project when importing an older project or using the "Clear All" context menu command. It shouldn't be much longer before this is released.
  13. ^^^ This is the best method IMO. Use Bounce to clip(s) on the groove clip to make it a regular clip, then slip edit back an 1/8th note. Once it's a regular clip, you can use duplicate clips ( CTRL + D ) to make extra copies of the clip.
  14. @Alvaro Diez - this was indeed a bug in the tempo track. It was adding a tempo node at the uncropped end of the project, rather than at the cropped end. The official 2021.04 Update 1 release (soon to be released) will fix that. Tempo nodes will no longer be added at the end of the project.
  15. @Terry Kelley / @Skyline_UK - have you got specific steps that can make this happen ? Or if possible, can you zip up an example project and send it to @Jonathan Sasor. We'll take a look at what is going on. FYI - what normally happens when loading older projects, is a tempo envelope is created from the old tempo map. A node is put at the end so you can use the shelf tool. It would appear that it thinks that the end of the project is later than it is. It could be something like an automation envelope later in the project ?
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