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  1. Personally, I'd recommend sticking them on ebay - its surprising how many people use/rely on legacy gear, and when something breaks, ebay is the only real source of a replacement. For example, I saw a YouTube video recently by Lewitt (the microphone guys), who were filming at a mastering studio in London. The studio had a range of PC's/Mac's dating back to the early 90's - just in case they needed to work on a session they worked on 25 years ago for a client. No doubt these machines get very little use, but if one of them breaks its a big deal. So not only might you be doing someone a huge favour in allowing them to keep their old gear working, you'll make a bit of money out of it too.
  2. If you're scan settings are set to manual, you'll need to re-scan to pick them up. 1. Go to Preferences->VST Settings 2. Make sure the location of the Waves plugins is in the VST path list 3. Click the Scan button.
  3. Are you using a workspace? Try setting it to None.
  4. I find by far the easiest method is to type in part of the name into the browser, then drag it on to my track:
  5. msmcleod

    Tascam US2400 issue

    The main difference between the previous version of the MackieControl.dll and the latest one is the auto config, which is based on the order in which the control surfaces are added. So all you should need to do is add the control surfaces in the following order: Mackie Control - US2400 port 1 Mackie Control XT - US2400 port 2 Mackie Control XT - US2400 port 3 However pressing the reconfigure button will override the auto config - and any preset you've previously saved will also override this in any case. There's thread here that describes a similar issue you're having:
  6. ALT + Z get's you back. I'm always forgetting it too!
  7. Running the nanoKONTROL 2 in Mackie/SONAR mode will emulate the Mackie MCU, which is pretty much limited to how Korg have programmed it and also by the limitations of the MCU. I did add some enhancements back in the 2019.12 release to give access to the effects & synth racks, but it still basically behaves like an MCU does. The MCU was never meant to be a generic controller (the Mackie C4 was meant to be that, but never really took off). If you want generic control, run the nanoKONTROL 2 in CC mode and use either Cakewalk's Generic Surface Controller or AZ Controller.
  8. Mike - I've been in this place too... and had similar thoughts only a few weeks ago, as I seem to be spending all my time writing code (which I do enjoy), and really not getting much music done. The thing that snapped me out of it was spending the day with my daughter recording a song - just a cover, but it got me actually using my gear again. So that would be my advice - just record a cover of something. During the process you'll no doubt find a use for a lot of the stuff you've acquired over the years.
  9. AD2 is still my go to for drums, and like @Michael A.D. I also quite often use it with Jamstix.
  10. All of your Sonar X1 effects should be available in Cakewalk. Check any of the VST paths you've got set up in X1 are also set up in Cakewalk.
  11. CbB continues to work on WIndows 7 - we just don't officially support it any more, hence the warning when you install it. There's nothing new that has been added ( AFAIK ) that wont work on Windows 7, however this is likely to change at some point in the future.
  12. msmcleod

    Melodyne expiration

    @scook is correct - this is where it's stored. The values look like this for the various default modes: Universal: <string>com.celemony.analyzerParameterSet.polyphonicUnpitched</string> Percussive: <string>com.celemony.analyzerParameterSet.percussive</string> Melodic: <string>com.celemony.analyzerParameterSet.melodic</string> Polyphonic Sustain: <string>com.celemony.analyzerParameterSet.polyphonic</string> Polyphonic Decay: <string>com.celemony.analyzerParameterSet.polyphonicWithDistinctAttacks</string> I've found best results for Audio->MIDI are from Melodic (or Polyphonic Sustain if you have Editor or Studio). Be VERY careful when editing this file though. If you get one of them wrong, it'll crash Cakewalk.
  13. A couple of things: 1. WASAPI Exclusive isn't supported by all sound devices. 2. In WASAPI Exclusive mode, Cakewalk takes exclusive control of the sound device... which means it won't share it with Windows. You've two choices: 1. Use WASAPI Shared; or 2. Continue to use WASAPI Exclusive, but check "Suspend Audio Engine When Cakewalk is not in Focus"
  14. msmcleod

    Melodyne expiration

    When I last spoke to Noel about this, he said it used whatever one Melodyne was set to... so I guess that would be the last one you set it to within Melodyne's UI. Now this has got me wondering... if you were using the trial, and it was previously set it to one of the polyphonic modes... that might explain it not working.
  15. I bought one of these a long time ago... actually I traded in my YAS-32 sax for it (still regret that ) - but it's great for both saving/restoring patches & also playing sequences. It also worked great in the studio. I could sequence all my keys at home, "bounce" it to the data-disk then sync it up to the BRC in an ADAT system. Random access to anywhere in the song on the ADAT worked a treat. The only downside was manually entering tempo maps into the BRC. For live, I'd store each song as a combination of sysex/patch changes so that my whole rig was set up exactly how I wanted in around 2-3 secs.
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