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  1. Thanks, Tom. I've never done soundtrack work before so you could certainly be on-point! Something to keep in mind for sure...
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a few years since I've finished anything new, actually pre-CbB era. How time flies. Anyhow, I decided to throw my hat into Spitfire Audio's Westworld scoring competition: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/westworld/ The video clip includes actor dialog, along with weapon and vehicle sounds. Otherwise I've added everything else - synths, percussion, orchestral, and the little diddy at the end. Thanks for your time!
  3. Just poppin' in to say... that was freakin' awesome. Steely Dan horns over a groovin' rhythm section with some really tasty and well played guitar.
  4. What's the connection between Cakewalk and web browsers?
  5. What if you copy the clips to a new MIDI track?
  6. FWIW, to fix the existing track heights you can select them all, then Shift+drag down to set them all to that same height.
  7. Just to be sure - since they're independent, Snap To is set in both the Control Bar Snap module and in PRV itself? If so, I'd change both to Snap By, then change them back to Snap To, then Save.
  8. Looks good, Colin! Thanks for keeping it alive. 😊
  9. Hehehehe... excellent. Funny, clever song, with your trademark mix + polish. As always your ability to get clean separation is fantastic.
  10. That worked for me too. Just waiting for the email now.
  11. Is that track a plain MIDI track or an existing instrument? If it's the latter you can use Replace Synth from the Track View - just right-click over the instrument track strip to open the pop-up menu. Any existing MIDI clips on the track will now be associated with the new instrument. If it is a plain MIDI track you should be able to change its Output to any existing Instrument track.
  12. I can't get this to work using Duplicate, but did using Copy > Paste. First, open Edit > Paste Special and change the What To Paste option from "Paste as New Clips" to "Paste into Existing Clips". Next, open Preferences and from the Editing section check "Use Paste Special Options on Paste" at the bottom. If you then copy and paste notes within the PRV they should remain in the active clip.
  13. Have you tried moving the tempo change a few ticks before measure 50? If a tempo change is inserted at a measure boundary and then new measures inserted at the same point, the process should grab everything, including the tempo change, and shift it forward. I would think that a tempo change that close to the bar line (but not on it) shouldn't noticeably affect anything.
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