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  1. Ctrl+Drag on a clip will both create a clip gain envelope and allow you to drag it in one gesture. If you need to get back to it later, just Shift+Click on the existing envelope - that's the same as choosing Clip Gain from the track's Edit Filter. To go back to the clip Shift+Click on it instead.
  2. I don't have any Rewire apps to test, but if you can route the incoming audio to an Aux track and record enable it during playback that does it work?
  3. I don't think that's the number of plugins but an error code related to loading that SSL plugin.
  4. I thought there was a way to adjust the saturation level for non-focused tracks in the PRV, but if so, I sure can't find it.
  5. Just to add - even if you don't actually need them, using the Note Names option can help delineate where back-to-back notes start (green in the image).
  6. I think that's accurate. But it sounds like you just want to bounce a section, not freeze the entire track? You can bounce a section/region of a soft synth, but that requires a split instrument track so that you can record the soft synth's audio track while playing back that section (in real time). Or, you can route a single instrument to an Aux track, then record the Aux track while playing back that section.
  7. There's some plans in the works for some of this, obviously I can't give any details at this time. Interesting...
  8. Huh... last month I opened a few old *.wrk files in CbB. Talk about forward compatibility! 🙂
  9. If it's a plain MIDI track simply point its output to the virtual instrument (it should be in the list).
  10. I'd check track lanes to be sure there isn't something in there that's not visible at the parent track level.
  11. Why yes, yes I do. Big fan from way back and Kerry Livgren was always an influence. Thanks!!
  12. Try trimming the (copied) clip before looping it.
  13. Hmmm... kinda sounds like acoustic jazz techno to me. 😉 That was just... cool. Layers coming in and out but never busy. Ya got something here.
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