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  1. FWIW, when I originally did the Polar Blue theme a few years back I also exported a matching *.clr file to cover the things I couldn't get the way I wanted using the Theme Editor. Just throwing it out there...
  2. Are they the same shade but a little lighter?
  3. Nothing specific really, just something brighter that still goes with your overall scheme. That is just personal preference though.
  4. I like to see multiple meters clearly at a glance, so I'm not a big fan off the off-white on grey in the Track View. But the light blue CV color stands out nicely.
  5. FWIW, I am seeing solid light blue meters in Console View/Track Inspector, and segmented white meters in Track View.
  6. Ditto. I tend to "arrange" a bit more than I comp, so the ability to freely select and edit away is fantastic. It just feels better.
  7. They seem to be OK here using both the original and your updated 2019 version. Any chance they're being overidden at the Colors level? Selecting anything other than the Normal preset can darken those, even using Bright... as counter-intuitive as that seems.
  8. What are your VST scan paths in Preferences set to right now? Whatever they, browse to those folders using Windows File Explorer and see which .dll files exist - those are the files that the VST scanner will attempt to scan. The one above is under a /Dell folder so it's unclear why that would be included as a folder to scan. Like scook mentioned previously, start with limited paths and get those working properly, then build up from there.
  9. FWIW, I'm seeing the same thing. I exported what I think is the right item to a *.png, and according to GIMP the color's RGB and hex code do match up to a pink variation. FWIW, the hex code is FF7F7F
  10. So sorry to hear that, Ken. Your Cakewalk family is thinking about you.
  11. Loving the new Smart Tool options! It's so much easier to fly around when arranging without needing to specifically hit on the upper/lower halves of clips. And that's just the beginning...
  12. Thanks, Colin! I look forward to giving it a go in CbB.
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