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  1. Why yes, yes I do. Big fan from way back and Kerry Livgren was always an influence. Thanks!!
  2. Try trimming the (copied) clip before looping it.
  3. SteveC

    Cajon and Cello

    Hmmm... kinda sounds like acoustic jazz techno to me. 😉 That was just... cool. Layers coming in and out but never busy. Ya got something here.
  4. Thanks, Makke! Melody is so important so I really appreciate that.
  5. Thanks, Tom! Yep, overall vocals bumped up a bit and the response vocals up a bit more too. The piano runs were just having fun, though that fun did need a little clean-up here and there. And the bassist says... thanks! Fortunately I knew the changes so could keep up. I may not be a "real" bassist but I'm still heavily influenced by Chris Squire none the less. Appreciate it. I often have a somewhat short attention span with my own songs so like to constantly mix it up.
  6. Thanks, Jack! I just uploaded a revised version with a slight bump in the vocals. Appreciate it.
  7. SteveC


    That was really cool... Solid groove with a catchy melody/lyrics and some quality playing. And yeah, the instrumental section was awesome. Loved the visuals too, they kept up nicely.
  8. OK, that was really enjoyable. Funky, futuristic, retro, cyber - yeah, it's all there. Y'all got a great sense of humour and it comes through in both sound and video. You could almost say it's in your DNA... 🙃
  9. SteveC


    Nice... the sparseness really worked well to help convey the overall feel of the piece. Very effective.
  10. SteveC


    I like it! Spacey, yet the furry paws are groovin'. 👍
  11. FWIW, I've used Sennheiser HD280 for years, but they're falling apart so bought these Status 'phones during that last sale. Personally (isn't it always?) I found them to be a very suitable replacement at a great price. And they're comfortable, with a detachable straight cable that I find more convenient.
  12. I don't visit here much, but for whatever reason felt the need... thanks for posting Bapu, and RIP Bill of the Bayou. Long time poster and great sense of humor.
  13. Thanks, Kurt! Yes, it did take some time to get everything down. And yes, there are a few notes in there too.
  14. Thanks, your Wookiee-ness. Yep, same for "progressive" here, or at least that's what I shoot for. I'm glad you liked it.
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