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  1. Just curious... does the playback quality change any if you solo track 2? If not, do you have any Sends enabled? Also, when you bypassed FX did you use the FX button in the Control Bar's Mix module? That's the surefire way to do it.
  2. Yep... VVocal was part of the main install even though under the hood it's a VST. Sort of like Pro Channel modules.
  3. My personal preference is to insert a parametric EQ of choice, increase the gain on a mid/hi band with a narrow Q, then sweep it back and forth in order to increase the fizz. Once you find the right frequency, then start lowering the gain below 0 until it starts to improve. Repeat that process one or more times to cover the range of the fizz since it often isn't a single frequency. It takes some time but it should help. And once you've done it a few times it will get easier to find the right balance between reducing the fizz without dulling the guitar.
  4. I'm very impressed that those big @#$ furry paws can play like this. Really enjoyed this one. Dark Lord, Creator, either way it was creative with a nice touch of humour.
  5. Loved it. Super clean as per usual... and between those little "doyings" and the title, well, it's a classic.
  6. Huh.. I'm torn between the thicker line and the "C"
  7. I completely understand - personal preference is, well, a personal thing. 😉 Looks great either way!
  8. Nice! I'm really liking the new knob design and fader widget depth. One suggestion - add the heavier/brighter centered line weight to the Pan knobs so they match the Gain knobs. Nit-picking at this point, which is a positive. 😊
  9. Wow, you may have outdone your cover-ness with this one. And talk about picking the perfect video... ah-woooooooooooo!
  10. Huh... first to reply. Sounds great here! Really well done radio-friendly rock and the mixes are punchy and clean, suits them to a tee.
  11. Just downloaded 4.75 - looks good! The only thing I'll probably change are the performance meters so they better fit with the color scheme (not orange 😉).
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