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  1. Cool! Sounds like you're making good progress.
  2. Are you playing the same part using the same (or very similar) tone? If so it is possible that certain parts are close enough to "duplicate" to have that effect. Try EQ-ing the two sides radically different or maybe slightly sliding one along the timeline - does that change the results in Ozone?
  3. Hey... It's been a few years since I've posted a new original here, pre-Bandlab days in fact. The result of life, work, COVID, the end of SONAR, etc.. I actually completed the song last April, didn't get around to uploading until November, and posting here just now in March. Did I mention life, work, COVID and SONAR? 🙃 Anyhow, it's very much as 70's prog inspired piece but somewhat straightforward too (at least time signature-wise). SoundCloud version is here: I've also taken my first dip into the waters of creating a matching video with Vegas Pro, using random free snippets found on the web. Be gentle, it is my first time after all. 😉 Thanks!
  4. Did you try creating a new bus and assigning only one track to that new bus to check the results? If it no longer happens then it's likely a bus issue. If it does, then it's probably something in the track itself. And if that's the case, try a new track pointing to that new bus and drop an audio clip into it.
  5. It does look like MIDI groove clips are 1/4 note based. I created a single 7/8 MIDI clip in a 7/8 time signature, and groove clipping caused the clip length to auto-snap to a quarter note value. So like Colin said you need to work in 1/4 increments; i.e., in 7/4 instead of 7/8. Or... instead of groove clipping use the Duplicate command. If you do that be sure to disable the Current Snap Settings option under Preferences > Editing.
  6. I've never tried this before, but it seems to be working OK here. This is what you mean, correct? Audio Inputs to Synth Output.mp4
  7. Or try Cakewalk, SONAR's successor? It's free and will open your projects.
  8. Right, that's what I meant. Right-clicking requires that you hover over the section graphic first, but you're not left-clicking to actually select it.
  9. If you click on the section first, that seems to enable the "Select Events with Sections" option (now a button in the Control Bar). But if you hover over the section instead and delete, then the clip is not selected, so its contents are unchanged. But the Event Overlap Threshold does affect the results even if the clip is selected. Try a small value like 1/256 and see if that helps avoid removing those notes, instead trimming the start of the clip (and the overlapping notes) to the end of the deleted section/bar line. If all that makes sense, maybe that's the same behavior you're seeing when moving the section - if not explicitly selected first, then the clip isn't selected either.
  10. Just curious... does the playback quality change any if you solo track 2? If not, do you have any Sends enabled? Also, when you bypassed FX did you use the FX button in the Control Bar's Mix module? That's the surefire way to do it.
  11. Yep... VVocal was part of the main install even though under the hood it's a VST. Sort of like Pro Channel modules.
  12. My personal preference is to insert a parametric EQ of choice, increase the gain on a mid/hi band with a narrow Q, then sweep it back and forth in order to increase the fizz. Once you find the right frequency, then start lowering the gain below 0 until it starts to improve. Repeat that process one or more times to cover the range of the fizz since it often isn't a single frequency. It takes some time but it should help. And once you've done it a few times it will get easier to find the right balance between reducing the fizz without dulling the guitar.
  13. I'm very impressed that those big @#$ furry paws can play like this. Really enjoyed this one. Dark Lord, Creator, either way it was creative with a nice touch of humour.
  14. Loved it. Super clean as per usual... and between those little "doyings" and the title, well, it's a classic.
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