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  1. I've never actually had to do that before, but FWIW I sorta agree that 2/4 is probably what I'd want as well. If I delete the first bar I would expect it's time signature to be deleted as well, though bar 1 may be a special case as you said since there's nothing preceding it. Pre-roll?
  2. Wow - Jesse, doing straight-ahead rock? Who woulda thunk it! Nice job with this one, it feels very... "honest".
  3. Mix sounds good here, very clear, even with the layers of instrumentation. Really loved the vocal harmonies.... There's a sense of humor in the song that reminds just a bit of They Might Be Giants.
  4. SteveC

    An Artist - video

    Nicely done, Bjorn. Great tribute. My daughter is in her sophemore year of art school in Hartford, CT, so I can certainly appreciate Aunt Betty's talent!
  5. Yeah... loved it! You really did straddle the line between duplication and tribute quite nicely. And ironically, I was reading the lines above while listening to "ten years have got behind you"... 😉
  6. Nice one, Lynn... Loved the lyrics on this one, good stuff. And I agree with Tom - that guitar solo needs to come up a notch so that it's more front & center. About the only nit I'd have is that the drums seem a bit "static".
  7. A little late for a Halloween listen, but no matter... 😊 Yeah, it's what I would expect - ya just never disappoint. I liked that multi-track scream before the breakdown section. And the outro - that's some nasty stuff.
  8. SteveC

    Light Up the Dark

    Not a huge country fan, but that was really well done, songwriting to mix. And your voice just suits it perfectly... nice falsetto too.
  9. Very nice, Tim. It's a nicely complete piece. You certainly have a lot of orchestration happening... sounds like it took some time to arrange!
  10. Hey, it's a good question. Time to lawyer up.
  11. Oh yeah, nice early Genesis vibe all over this one. 😊 Just an enjoyable listen from start to finish. Lots of nice melodies throughout linked together into a complete piece. Edit: fake ending! 😁
  12. Being a big dog fan, well, how could I not like this? 👍😊 Sounds great, John. Loved the vocal harmonies - big yet distinct. Everything just sounds really good. Question... Are Troop and Cammo asking for royalties yet? 😉
  13. Not really my genre either, but I kinda liked it - the title is fairly on point. 😊
  14. Good point... Linear Phase plugins in particular are known to introduce significant latency.
  15. Only one tune I started early in the year and still haven't finished... Sometime soon, maybe. Thanks for asking.
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