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  1. I've been using the C variation too. 👍
  2. Huh.. I'm torn between the thicker line and the "C"
  3. I completely understand - personal preference is, well, a personal thing. 😉 Looks great either way!
  4. Nice! I'm really liking the new knob design and fader widget depth. One suggestion - add the heavier/brighter centered line weight to the Pan knobs so they match the Gain knobs. Nit-picking at this point, which is a positive. 😊
  5. Wow, you may have outdone your cover-ness with this one. And talk about picking the perfect video... ah-woooooooooooo!
  6. Huh... first to reply. Sounds great here! Really well done radio-friendly rock and the mixes are punchy and clean, suits them to a tee.
  7. Just downloaded 4.75 - looks good! The only thing I'll probably change are the performance meters so they better fit with the color scheme (not orange 😉).
  8. Sounds good! I knew you already working on other changes so didn't want to do too much, rather focusing on some of the larger/global items instead. I will be very curious to see the end result!
  9. SteveC

    One More Day Remix

    Nothing much to add to the comments above - just a great combination of songwriting, artists and production. Y'all did some fine work and certainly made the right call to let the emotion shine through.
  10. I liked it... it's ambient/new age-y, yet still has forward movement throughout. The way you brought subtle textures and lines in and out was effective.
  11. SteveC


    I liked that... A Celtic foundation with distorted guitars and synth leads? Sure, why not! 😊
  12. That was really cool... the song has a great slightly dark and hazy vibe, while the playing is clear and locked in. And the video was trippy, never knowing what was going to come next. The part with the male and female gods (?) had a great visual effect.
  13. Hi Adam, I hope you don't mind but I was inspired to make a few changes to expand on the aqua elements... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t69oJ4jkaNl34r23eiTAkLTiaHWK0-QQ/view?usp=sharing
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