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  1. At first glance... love it. The Control Bar in particular really provides a lot of clarity.
  2. Make sure you press Ctrl first, and when dragging it does have to be below the clip header bar. Ctrl-Drag Clip Envelope.mp4
  3. FWIW, you can also Ctrl+Drag downward on a clip to temporarily activate the clip envelope. When you're done it should revert to the clip (Clips in the edit filter).
  4. I wonder if you have some weird MIDI channel assignment issue happening... What happens if you record MIDI using one of those other synths and then copy the resulting MIDI clip to the drum synth's MIDI track?
  5. Yes, he did handle it well. While I may still not care for it I have a much better understanding where he was coming from.
  6. Huh... nah, I wasn't too crazy about the winning entry. The orchestral aspects were very nice, but the 16bit Nintendo stuff.. for me, it just didn't vibe with the futuristic feel of the video. Even the humor bits I didn't quite "get" while watching against the action in the video. But what I do I know, I've never done this before! Some of the runner up snippets sounded really good though - very realistic and traditional sounding orchestra pieces.
  7. Thanks @Philip G Hunt! This was my first "real" attempt at scoring so I know there's a lot to learn. Gotta start somewhere! I liked your piece - it was very moody, and a bit dark like the video. 🙂
  8. Thanks @Makke! I appreciate it. Thanks @treesha! I did try to mix up the synth and orchestra elements a bit, and to get at least a little movement. Thanks @freddy j! It was really odd watching the clip with just dialog and production sounds, no music or effects. Music really does make the difference!
  9. When you say down-sampling, do you mean a bit reduced type harshness? If so I honestly don't know what could cause that outside of a plugin specifically for that purpose, or some type of weird driver interaction getting triggered by something at that point in the project. Hopefully trying the existing clip in a new project will help determine if the clip itself includes that anomaly or if it's in the original project. Until then... If you copy that clip further down the timeline does the glitch occur at the same spot? What if you move that copied clip to a new track in the same project? What happens if you split the clip around the location where the glitch occurs, and then slip-edit each split clip to exclude the glitch region? I'm just throwing out ideas to maybe help narrow down the specifics.
  10. I think it was suggested earlier, but, if you import that wave file into a brand new empty project using one of the delivered templates, does it glitch in the same place? If so, then yes, it was recorded that way and there's no fixing that after the fact (outside of something like RX or similar). What I would also try though is recording the same thing you did the first time around in that new project, using the original version as a guide, and see whether the newly recorded clip in the new project does the same thing. Worth a try, I think.
  11. Nice playing! Really nailed that surf meets folk style.
  12. I think I remember this song from a little while ago? If so, then the video made it all that much cooler! Y'all can play. Really love this genre.
  13. SteveC

    Moon Over Gotham

    That was freakin' awesome. Wow.
  14. Loved it! Really well done all around. The music was tight and dynamic, and the vocal distortion fit perfectly. Speaking of fitting perfectly - were some of the video clips your own?
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