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  1. I never use the faders or console view ( I just draw my automation) so I don't know if it is normal behavior for them to not respond to the envelope automation.
  2. This suggestion is a simple fix and excuse me if you have already tried it. See if the automation envelopes are still there. If not, go back to your last saved version before the problem and copy just the envelopes you are missing (set Now to 1:01.01, select/highlight the whole track or bus then "Copy Special" from the Edit Menu, selecting only "Track/Bus automation" with the check boxes). Then "Paste Special" into the version you have the problem on, again using the check boxes to select only "Track/Bus automation". But when pasting, make sure you also select the correct track, "blend old and new" and "Paste into existing clips." Also make sure you paste at the beginning of the track/bus - 1:01.01. If the envelopes are still there but the track/bus is not responding to them, make sure to enable read automation - highlight the R.
  3. Got it. Thanks. When I saw that I just got frustrated and manually named the track - never bothering to actually try the export until recently.
  4. I figured it out. I thought the name to be given to the exported track would show up under the tag window (see below). It actually exports correctly even though it doesn't show the actual correct track name beforehand. Thanks, Bill
  5. I believe you can do it in Audacity, which is free. I tag waves with it before burning CDs. https://www.audacityteam.org/
  6. Thanks, guys. I am already patched up to 2021.11 Update 1. I've tried the presets before but not since the update so I'll give it a go.
  7. Hi Folks, Whenever I try to export a mix using the tag “{trackname},” I always get the name of the first track in the project, never the track I am exporting (which is always the last track). If I try to export it using the tag “{clipname},” I always get the name “. wav” In both instances, the track and clip names are the same. I’m attaching a couple of screenshots that show this. I only want track 42 and it is the only one selected and solo'd, with all others being unselected and muted. Is anybody else having the same problem? What am I missing here? Thanks, Bill Saunders
  8. I have had this happen often with Kontakt instruments. I have solved it by being sure no controllers are mapped to "expression" in the instrument's settings. If MIDI CC controller 11 is mapped to expression and I don't have any CC 11 events in the track, the instrument goes silent because it needs that input. If you do want to use expression, then keep it mapped and be sure to input the controller value(s) you want. Another thing that is helpful is to look at your event list for the MIDI track and see if there are any MIDI modulators showing up that might be affecting volume - not just #7. Again, it depends how those modulators are mapped in the instrument's interface. A track that plays fine with one cello VST may be silent if you use another cello that is a differently mapped. Good luck.
  9. Paying attention to your post's responses and answering the learned forum member's questions right here is the best way to get your Cakewalking.
  10. Yeah, I love having that Korg collection and easily loading up the M1 VST with my old Programs and Combis using sysex data stored in Cakewalk. Works flawlessly and sounds great.
  11. Funny, I just today reinstalled a slimmed 32-bit Ver. 8.5 from my OG CD's - only to use that DSP FX stereo chorus. I copied my bass track to and fro for processing from CWBL - WITH BOTH OPEN AT THE SAME TIME. Like the Cactus Flower says, it's super simple and CWBL is so solid and immunized. It will seamlessly open any and all of my Cakewalk *.bun, *.wrk and *.cwp files back to 1996, including all of these in the screenshot below. But I always keep the original versions (don't save over) to harvest organs from. And never save a CWBL project with an older version. I truly believe there is a warp in the fundamental digital universe that allows us to keep using this constantly evolving and updating WunderMuzikMaker for FRICKIN' FREE. I mean, I bought my 'lifetime version' well before the last Sonar Platinum, but I never expected those old 12-Toners to last as long as I have. Thanks Meng, BandLab, Morten and the rest of youze guys. Truly an immaculate reincarnation. Aloha
  12. I only normalize a final mix (to -1 dB) before exporting, and then send it out through my mastering software in the FX bin. I started doing this after reading a post or article by Craig Anderton which (as best as I can recall) suggested doing this. I've found that normalizing tracks before mixing is counterproductive.
  13. Thanks, Colin, I'll check that out I have played with clip colors before but haven't found a way to adjust the colors for the automation views. I'll give it another look.
  14. Hi Theme-Heads, I find that is hard to see the waveforms in an audio clip when I select an automation lane to view. The duck-poop foreground color and the similarly-valued grey background are hard to distinguish. I'd like to have more contrast between clip background and foreground in those situations, but I can't find a way to edit them in the Theme Editor or in Preferences>Colors. Does anyone know where to find and how to change those color defaults? Thanks, Bill
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