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  1. I've got a $50 voucher. Anybody with a $75 they'd be willing to trade or gift?
  2. Just a thought.... I like the added Subforums which in reality should have been done (and was lobbied for) from the beginning. However, wouldn't it have also made sense to move the Deals forum up with the Subforum big boys? Deals include both Hardware & Software and is one the most trafficked on the website IMHO. ....just a thought.
  3. You can always tell when a man is on the level if his bubble's in the middle!
  4. I went for this using a larger voucher a while back but was initially disappointed/frustrated as it would seem to latch on to the Windows driver (which is disabled) and crash when switching to my MOTU ASIO driver. I have not been able to spend a lot of time with it nor have I reached out to customer support so take this with a grain of salt (or mustard seed). I like PA plugs and I also have Cantabile Solo but wanted to see if I could simplify things even further for live performance using MIDI, click & backing tracks, live keys, layering, etc. I still have hopes and do look forward to getting around to a more thorough less-than-newbie experience with it.
  5. Yep, won't be long and $29.99 will be the new $10! (I think that point for me was a while ago!!)
  6. Fwrend

    ChowDSP KLON Centaur

    It will if you use Monster cables!
  7. You need to drop them an email! If you already own HG-2 and you're "logged in," you should've seen the discounted price of $69.99 automatically. I would think they will make it right.
  8. $35.19 - already had HG-2 and a $50 voucher ($75 min purchase) $69.99 HG-2MS + $19 infamous Tuner - $50 Voucher - $3.80 Dynamic Discount (20% of $19)
  9. I've purchased from ProAudioStar before without issue. I kicked myself for not getting Cubase following the Gibson debacle choosing Samplitude instead. There's a lot I really like about Samplitude but regret it now as I find MAGIX upgrade/improvement/price ratio pitiful - risk/reward without the reward. Anyone remember what the Cakewalk to Cubase deal cost back then? This seems about as good as it gets. I've asked Steinberg a couple of times about a crossgrade from WaveLab but they never responded.
  10. I used my $50 voucher to pick this up along with Mono Upmix - both for $38 wasn't too bad. (I had a crossgrade price of $49 for Upmix because of my other plugs)
  11. Fwrend


    OK, I was proud of you for just a wee bit!... ...nah, I'm still proud!
  12. More of a payment plan. ca. $90 when done. Be Flexible. Pay Monthly. £5.99 per month. Pay as you go with 15 monthly payments, with unlimited access thereafter.
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