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  1. Fwrend

    Cassette Guitar $3

    Just got this email from PastToFutureReverbs The haunting sound of the old tape guitar sound is back! We recommend No Round Robin instruments for chordal works and the RR instruments for single line works You will get 2 instruments in this pack - CASSETTE GUITAR FOR KONTAKT 5.5.2 (24bit/48kHz) - easy to use interface - „Round-Robin behavior“ and „physical modeling velocity technique“ for more playing realism - mixable binaural reverb - the samples are dry - mix-ready sound Here is the CASSETTE GUITAR in action (played with MIDI) https://youtu.be/Z91c9vnBnLE
  2. Shows $36.81 for me after applying 20% coupon. Actually, price changed from $49 to $46.01 in the cart. Not sure why - maybe for having the full version of ReMatrix?
  3. My thoughts too after this mega sale. Though, I may know someone living under a rock!
  4. So, again with the repeated questions RE: Transfers of IK software, the only way to tell is on our My Products page and by clicking on the Serials/License button and IF a Transfer option shows, we CAN transfer. Is that correct?? I ask for a friend who wants to use there unusable freebie choices
  5. Yep, I've got 5 $79 choices I can't use. Oh well, 1st world yadayada.
  6. ....then again, instead of RTFM we would be telling people to RTFFAQ! 😄
  7. Thanks, I am out of the ^$99 tier freebies and left with only $79 picks which is why I asked. GB Suggestions next time? 1. There should be an updated FAQ for these types of threads as I know many of the same questions get asked. It would also be a good place for manufacturer rep's AKA Peter to correct and clarify. 2. I would say to keep the OP updated but that tends to always be Larry and that would be too much to ask of the man that never sleeps!
  8. Thanks for the insight Russ. However (and sorry if this has been covered), the only A5 products I lack are the ones in the Satriani collection. While they are available as singles in the Custom Shop, they are not available as singles in the GB Freebies (only the collection - is that why)? Or, are they simply not named the same? @Peter - IK Multimedia??
  9. I had already upgraded my Kontakt drive to a 2TB but the IK GB forced me into upgrading my non-Kontakt drive to 2TB already. Viscous circle!!
  10. Can't answer specifically but found this recent thread. You might search there. Differences between Legato & Legato (Extended)
  11. Snagged BBCO Core, thanks to Afterpay - nice!
  12. Yep, this is one of IK's confusing ways of gigging ya (no pun intended except as it applies to frogs) IMO. It is in Custom Shop but NOT as a collection as offered on the website. The reasoning is that it is already discounted $50 (GB purchase of $149). In Custom Shop, you have to purchase the four products individually at $49/ea. Which could work out better in the end. e.g. if you buy one at a time, you would have four GB Buy-ins but only at $50/ea. Depending on what you need, could be 100 products of $49 and less (if there is that many available).
  13. Yep, my bad. Not sure what I was looking at. Perhaps I thought my second buy-in was at $99 but it wasn't, only $79 so Space Delay wasn't showing up as a freebie. Thanks!
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