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  1. Interesting, didn't know that, thanks! Info on these file extensions HERE.
  2. Original email from February 2
  3. Update: I heard back from an email to NI who mentioned being concerned about there being two .nicnt files as in the pic above. I checked with other library instrument folders and noticed which file was the correct one then deleted the extra from the Kirk Hunter folder. Voila'! It now works. Thanks all for the sounding board and input!
  4. @antler possible, but I don’t think so. Problem is it doesn’t site the path it is expecting. That does make me think of another possibility though. I’ll try later this evening. Thanks!
  5. Wasn't it for ProTools (for a while)? While there are far more developers of plugins than DAWs, I would think the same concern would apply. Maybe apples & oranges but certainly the speed at which tech evolves as well as its saturation in the market creates unique opportunities for the young and demands new strategies for the old.
  6. ..and if they do, what will happen to WUP? Will there be a deadline to WUP to the latest version before it goes away and your left with only a subscription option for updates?
  7. NA version 3.20 Kontakt version 5.8.1 Trying the Locate function gives me this: The NI fix is to make sure the aforementioned file is present which it is: Clicking on the three dots in the upper right only shows Release Notes and Installation Paths which when clicked shows no path where other NI & third party libs do:
  8. FYI, I was toying with the upgrade again this morning. Left it in my cart and exited. A while later I received an email with another 5% off to purchase at $189.05. EDIT: I just recently upgraded to MPS5
  9. Thanks! Sorry for the thread highjack, but I was intrigued to know if new Hunter libraries still offered Library activation or not per Kirk's remarks. I've emailed (in a very convoluted process!) Native Instruments. Since this is a new PC, there is nothing to delete in the registry per some of the videos I've seen on removing Kontakt Libraries. But that doesn't keep Native Access from showing the library and won't let me "Locate" the library as normal nor remove it.
  10. I like Kirk’s libraries but this last reply leaves me wondering? i emailed him because after loading up a new PC, the most recent Kontakt would not authorize Virtuoso Ensembles telling me the .ncti file couldn’t be found. On my phone so the extension is off the top of my head. However the file is there but won’t activate the Library and the file tab won’t load it because it has an associated Library. Here is Kirk’s response: ”As far as the activation, I would love to help you, but this looks to be an issue with Native Instruments…. Which is why we no longer create libraries needing their authorization.” Huh? Anybody have similar issue?
  11. I just reloaded a brand new PC (thanks @Jim Roseberry!) Surprisingly, Waves mercury installed without one issue (activated to USB stick) - including versions 12-14. I would like to WUP at least one more time but not for $240 ($440 if I include the v14 ones). Awaiting one of the rare WUP discounts via the extra discount hopefully from everyplugin.com!
  12. Happy & Blessed Birthday Larry - you deserve it! https://youtu.be/Vg5HIMnPx7k
  13. $132.61 (JRR w/forum) for MPS 5.1 from MPS 4 will probably be as good as I can do, no? May have to pull the trigger (tho I'd like RX10 Advanced).
  14. Maybe not, but competitive crossgrade, yes. $186.50
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