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  1. Well, I gave my monthly voucher away early in the month. Mibby was kind enough to share his but I get this: A voucher code associated with this promotion has already been used. Only one redemption per account is allowed. Maybe since my code was used, I can't use another account-associated voucher?? I've never seen this error and have stacked codes many times. Oh well, there will be another opportunity down the road and as kite... says, "I've collected enough EQs and compressors." If someone is needing a Sept code, you might hit up @mibby
  2. Still active. Anyone not using their September voucher?
  3. Fwrend

    IK VI Group Buy

    Sorry if these have been answered - I haven't read the entire thread. Been avoiding it mostly since I have most of the offerings. But now realize I can get ST4 Max, PH2, Syntronik Deluxe, MODO Drum, & Hammond B3 for around $242 or $48.40/ea. 1. So if I buy ST4 Max for $299 and use Jam points to bring it down to $242, do I get credit for the $299 or only allowed free options of $242 or less? a. If $299 and I choose the USB stick for ST4 Max, does that allow me to choose for my free option Philharmonik 2 on USB stick also or just download?
  4. These are my settings and Cake only scans new and/or updated plugs.
  5. ...and where is the Bap-rev-u? Worth it for us non-PIM's?
  6. Fwrend

    IK VI Group Buy

    So @Peter - IK Multimedia are you saying that if your initial purchase is a "Crossgrade" you can only pick "Crossgrade" products for your free picks and not full/first-time purchased products?
  7. FYI, currently only $31.20 @ JRRShop with code "newpasword" - must be logged in and only item in your cart. EDIT: corrected price
  8. Fwrend

    PA Black Box HG-2

    I like this plug as well used judiciously. I know it's early in the month but I will not be using my August $25 voucher (I gotta stop!). PM me if interested, EDIT: Gone
  9. Fwrend


    I won't use my July voucher either. If anyone is interested, PM me.
  10. I can't remember the last time I got a Samplitude related email from Magix. I get plenty on the video side. Were you given a link to Magix or was it a link/coupon for use at the Roli site?
  11. To further cclarry-fy, this is the Padstation Bundle which includes both 1 & 2. - good value and product!
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