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  1. I was looking for the same....
  2. Yes, I would do due diligence before purchasing. While I like and had no issues with X3 & X4, I was not going to upgrade to X5 especially for $199! I then realized I could upgrade to X5 Suite Educational for $99 which I thought reasonable. However, I have not been able to even try X5 because I now get a Copyprotection error - "cannot write unlock code to HD." I've been working with support for 6 weeks trying to rectify the issue to no avail. I am currently trying to get a refund. I am just weary from dealing with Magix and cannot justify the effort any longer. I'll continue to use Vegas Pro & X4 when needed but will NOT be upgrading either save the occasional Humble Bundle deals but even then, I have my doubts. YMMV
  3. ...and now Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK2 HT MAH Electric Guitar Natural MR MF deals OSMR!!
  4. Full Bundle Educational upgrade price at Fabfilter: $53.90 - login for the offer.
  5. I tried to skim this thread well but hey? Just my two cents to clarify already suggested things. 1. I didn't see that you had tried to swap out your USB cable to your interface as John suggested above. This has literally happened to me twice this past year - once on my system and once with my son trying to set up his system. Cables I had used for years , all of a sudden bad - the culprit! 2. I do see you have tried adjusting volumes BUT, have you lowered the volume at the source i.e. the VSTi itself? It drives me nuts when certain instruments are overdriven in there default settings - even presets.
  6. I agree, $69 would be great but I will not buy if it's tied to a perpetual subscription just to use it or even the phone home weekly requirement (if it is).
  7. Thanks. my first card was the SCC-1 which was the bees knees at the time to have GM synth in-the-box. I later had an SC-88 and at one point the XV-3080. Might sign up for the heck of it. Do you have to be online and logged in to run the free stuff?
  8. Aha, thought that might be the case as I haven't signed up.
  9. Where did you see that ZT? The content store now shows this.... Found here: https://www.rolandcloud.com/catalog/legendary/sound-canvas-va
  10. Can you have enough reverbs? For $19, $20, okay $22.20 (inc. $1.79 tax) but still, what's not to like?!
  11. Oh, you mean like the sub-heading states? The Coffee House v2.0 Discussion of off-topic music related subjects. No politics. No religion. All love. Enjoy! Maybe we can join the two thanks to my good friend DonE (covers all the bases :))
  12. Hey, it's The Coffee House right and the one downtown is still closed!? BTW, the link didn't work for me but perhaps this...
  13. Fwrend

    Acoustica Pianissimo

    Agreed, I wouldn't want the hassle though. Then again, I have plenty of pianos
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