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  1. Same here. It initially zeroed out the Total but as soon as I went to check out, I got the same response and they wanted $10.95. Oh well, I'm with Larry lol. EDIT: emailed APD and BO. BO promptly responded with an apology and another coupon.
  2. I was fortunate as well. Ordered it at 9:04pm Monday night and had the serials at 9:31pm. Registered it and just now downloaded it. Installation was a bit different but finally figured it out. The Output Hub downloaded it and said it was installed but could not find the VST nor did any of my DAWs pick it up. Finally found the .ZIP file on my desktop and ran the install from there. All good - quite a plugin!
  3. Free to owners of version 5. Download Page Changes introduced in v5.3 New Features: -Harrison XT-SP Stunning Phaser plugin (DEMO, requires a separate license for unlimited use of the control-panel) -x42 Instrument Tuner plugin (Included free!) -All of Harrison's LV2-format plugins have been updated with new XT-style GUIs, a new license mechanism, and lots of smaller fixes. -It is now possible to purchase the individual plugins that were previously bundled together in the Essentials or Character bundles. Improvements: - New Licensing mechanism: use license 'text' instead of the .txt file URL (no more license-file timeouts) - Security Fixes for MacOS 10.15 "Catalina" which prevented Mixbus from accessing the audio input (microphone) and file folders. - Select a Range, then switch to the Draw tool to draw automation/region-gain: this now works when you select a range across multiple audio regions. - Much better handling for multi-channel instruments: * Show (# outs) in instrument-selector menu when the instrument is multi-out. (Some plugins like Kontakt don't have the #of outputs in the plugin name, so you couldn't tell them apart in the menu) * When a multichannel instrument is added, the "configuration" dialog will default to "multichannel" and "Fan Out", rather than requiring the user to engage those. * "Fan Out" creates a stereo track for each pair of outputs from the plugin instrument. Using a track allows you to record/bounce the output of the instrument to audio. * When fanning-out an instrument plugin to separate tracks, we now assume that each pair of outputs is stereo, as this matches the majority of VSTi's that we tested. * Automatically disable the "MSTR" button on the main MIDI track; this was causing the sound from the first stereo bus to be doubled. - Improved UI of some dropdown menus: When you open a pulldown menu in the editor window, Mixbus tries harder to indicate the current selection, and keep the currently-selected item under your mouse cursor. - Locations (and Ranges) now have a timestamp, assigned when they were created, and this is sortable in export timespan selector and in the editor. This makes it easier to find the Range that you just created, regardless of its name or location on the timeline. - Import Dialog: * "One track per file" is now the default import option for more operations * Mixbus should always copy imported files, even if they are drag&dropped in. - Strip Silence dialog: will now remember its settings when you close/re-open Mixbus. - Stem-export: If you have some tracks selected in the editor, they will be pre-selected for stem export. - Updated Fluidsynth (General MIDI synth) to newest version - When muting MIDI, silence all playing notes - Lua Scripting: * Increase available Lua action script slots * Add a notch-bank filter example DSP script * Add a "slow fade in/out" example DSP script - Plugins->Generic UI->Plugin Analysis could cause undue cpu usage; this has been improved - Use Icons for plugin preset buttons. (small plugin windows will no longer be stretched to fit all the plugin-preset button text) - LV2 extension to override strict-i/o per plugin * In the future this will make it easier to use LV2 plugins that convert stereo to mono (auto-panners, etc) without having to manually adjust the pin-connections. *x42 "Whirl" uses this extension. Adding "whirl" to a mono track will automatically give the track a stereo output & panner. - Mixbus32C; concentric "pan" knobs were not triggering automation "touch" correctly. This has been fixed. - Remember MIDI-track note-range between restarts - Prevent adding a 2nd MIDI input/output port to a track; instrument plugins can only use one (16-channel) midi port anyway. - Control Surfaces: * Add a device profile for X-touch + two X-touch compact devices. * Add a device profile for X-Touch + X-Touch Compact * Fadeport: User button state save and restore - Add midinam patchfile for Yamaha NP-V80 -- thanks to Rob v.d. Berg - Add midinam patchfile for Moog Slim Phatty - Do not set MIDI CC values on locate if control/parameter is set to "Off" - Clarify MIDI CC menu ambiguity - the menu lists the available controllers, not the CC# - Add option to show/hide region names - Add preference to hide LADSPA plugin if the replacement LV2 exists - Allow analysis window to plot live pre/post signal analysis - Don't allow to cut/copy inserts via Drag/Drop - Headless * Added --template command-line option *Added session-util to create a new session from the command line Fixed - Dragging a stereo "EQ" or "Comp" plugin from a mono to stereo channel will no longer mute the right side - Do not force a "shared playlist" when Duplicating a track - Update Plugin-Tag policy (don't overwrite plugin tags) - Keyboard-entry on some VST plugins did not work; this has been improved - Fix shortcuts to some actions that moved from Common to Editor category - Time-stretching MIDI regions should now work more sensibly - When the channel MUTE was automated, it might be impossible to use the shortcut to toggle mute; this has been resolved by implementing a "touch" when the mute action is activated - When a selected automation-lane is removed, this could cause a crash. This has been fixed. - Fixed some MIDI-note selection shortcuts: * middle-click on a note should select all instances of that note (so you can transpose them all up/down) * MIDI-note selection invert - Fixed a crash when deleting selected region-view in ripple mode - Use pretty-port-names in latency measurement dialog
  4. Yes, he'll need your Waves username/email. But for the WUP, he will request that you get a code directly from WAVES. There is an option to generate a code for 3rd Party Dealers. Send that code to Kobe and request a quote. Just be sure to check which plugs you are wanting to WUP.
  5. Mine looks very similar. However, this includes WUPing plugs that are currently covered. If you de-select these and choose only those expired , it will cap at $240. I'll wait patiently for the WUP sale (if and when...)
  6. @simon Thanks for the input! I was very tempted at first because I've been wanting to pick up a multi-pattern mic at some point and yes the reviews look good - even SoS was pretty positive comparing it against the AKG C12VR. Glad I didn't pull the trigger 'cause I don't have $299 to waste.
  7. et al thanks for all the info here! I'm at V10 with everything and would pay the full $240 to WUP it all. I have realized through this that I have an extra version of TrueVerb, PRS Supermodels, and Infected Mushroom currently on sale at WAVES for $39, $79, & 49 respectively. If anyone is interested in further discounts on these, PM me. Unless I sell the extra plugs, I'll wait through the holidays.
  8. et al - my thoughts exactly. I think I got everything to V.10 finally (I think) although there still seems to be remnants and multiple files scanned - and now this! I will wait till the dust settles, fix some popcorn, and watch this closely.
  9. Does this mean one must WUP everything?
  10. Yep, I was thinking they just took themselves out of the hobbyist/semipro market with that price lol!
  11. Fwrend

    Zynatiq Intensity

    Well, I certainly don't need to spend $149 - I can do that on my own!! 😀 @Marshall thanks for the sound reasoning.
  12. Not sure why it isn't working for you all but the sale still seems available. Add to your cart and then enter group into the "Discount Code" box at checkout. This jus a moment ago:
  13. Fwrend

    Spitfire Solo Violin

    ....did I do that?
  14. Fwrend

    Spitfire Solo Violin

    Actually, he mentions score at 3:15 ...am I the only one that listened from the beginning? 😁
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