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  1. Same and feel the same way about their system!
  2. Link takes me to the Songwriting Contest. Is the "freebie" over? EDIT: Found it: Art Deco Piano
  3. Thanks Larry! Got it for free as well and noticed these other Mirage instruments. I had Terracotta and Phoenix for Kontakt which I assume is why they were only $5/ea. Maybe I missed when they were offered free to those who owned the Kontakt versions? No worries - I like FrozenPlain. Mirage Libraries (VST/AU) Archives - FrozenPlain
  4. Free plug?? Hot Dog!
  5. https://www.applied-acoustics.com/ $69 for me as well. Yes, I have the complete collection.
  6. Fwrend

    Toontrack EZBass May

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fret Among other things: *Frets make it much easier for a player to achieve an acceptable standard of intonation since the frets determine the positions for the correct notes. Furthermore, a fretted fingerboard makes it easier to play chords accurately.
  7. Fwrend

    Toontrack EZBass May

    I think so. The raised frets cause a slight but definite attack similar to a brass/woodwind player tonguing individual notes as opposed to slurring (no tongue [awaiting obvious innuendos] 😉 or a string player playing legato or more closely playing notes without changing bow direction. Can you play a glissando (slide) on a fretted bass? Sure. But it is much more smooth and effortless on a fretless and likewise more pronounced when playing individual notes. While a gifted player such as Pastorius can probably mimic a fretless with ease, a fretless bass would free one of having to try. Not to mention tuning flexibility as has been alluded to. IMHO of course.
  8. (not a deal) I deg to biffer. Valhalla is straight forward - you know what you get and how much you pay. No mincing words or confusing promotions. That's the deal! Still have yet to pick up the delay but do enjoy the verbs.
  9. Yes, on my system that is the case. It did not update the existing version (3.3.1 Build 33) but installed in it's own directory. However, it's early on and I have a lot of investigating still to do (as time allows). FWIW - My process was downloading the 5 new expansions and loading them to my Drums drive (not system C:). I then downloaded and installed the new version of BFD 3. Then I downloaded the "Content" of the new version. I ran the new version and "migrated" - there seemed to be one snafu but don't remember what. It ran and loaded kits fine and of course would not recognize and pull in earlier kits. I closed it and ran the earlier version and everything was still there and played fine.
  10. I've got a $50 voucher. Anybody with a $75 they'd be willing to trade or gift?
  11. Just a thought.... I like the added Subforums which in reality should have been done (and was lobbied for) from the beginning. However, wouldn't it have also made sense to move the Deals forum up with the Subforum big boys? Deals include both Hardware & Software and is one the most trafficked on the website IMHO. ....just a thought.
  12. You can always tell when a man is on the level if his bubble's in the middle!
  13. I went for this using a larger voucher a while back but was initially disappointed/frustrated as it would seem to latch on to the Windows driver (which is disabled) and crash when switching to my MOTU ASIO driver. I have not been able to spend a lot of time with it nor have I reached out to customer support so take this with a grain of salt (or mustard seed). I like PA plugs and I also have Cantabile Solo but wanted to see if I could simplify things even further for live performance using MIDI, click & backing tracks, live keys, layering, etc. I still have hopes and do look forward to getting around to a more thorough less-than-newbie experience with it.
  14. Yep, won't be long and $29.99 will be the new $10! (I think that point for me was a while ago!!)
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