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  1. Fwrend

    Valhalla Delay & VintageVerb updates

    Love me some Valhalla - thanks for the notice!
  2. Fwrend

    Massive X

    Lol, I feel your pain but...(and i know you know this), it doesn't change the location - it just makes it's own ala Steinberg 😏. Waves is the worse though by far! https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/211577305-How-to-Change-the-Install-Locations-in-Native-Access
  3. Fwrend

    Kontakt 6 Update from 1 - 5

    Yes, that caught my eye .
  4. Fwrend

    Kontakt 6 Update from 1 - 5

    Yep, tempting. I'll probably snag it later this month. Noticed on the NI site my update from Komplete 9 to 12 is $99 which I will probably do instead? Seems like a reasonable update.
  5. Fwrend

    Back from the Dead. Again.

    ….there was a dog??
  6. Fwrend

    Back from the Dead. Again.

    Haha, I didn't even notice the picks!!! @bitflipper Prayers for many more days of good health, comfort, & peace!
  7. Fwrend

    Magix Ultimate Toolbox

    Jim et. al, I've had very good communication and service through their US sales Dept. Bring it up (civilly I might add :)) with them and I believe they will sort it out. You may have to be a registered user and logged in to get to the correct place but you might try sales@magix.net and/or prosupport@magix.net If these fail to produce what you need, PM me and I can give you another email directly to one of the sales people I've dealt with. IMHO, it is a great deal.
  8. Fwrend

    Jamstix Sale

    Thanks for the info guys - didn't want to double up but likewise didn't want to pass up a good deal if it added a niche of it's own in the production process.
  9. Fwrend

    Jamstix Sale

    Even if you have EZD & SD3?
  10. Fwrend

    Focusrite Plugin Collective

    Yes, I have ARC2 as well and had been tempted to try Sonarworks but haven't pulled the trigger. I have a license for Reference 3 on my Surface Pro. I a single license is only for a single computer correct? I don't use headphones except for tracking on my main DAW but it would be nice to have . I'll have to check for an upgrade to 4 for the SP.
  11. Fwrend

    Reaper updated today

    v5.972 - March 7 2019 - Changelog + ARA: add FX menu action to align media to detected grid + ARA: improve interaction of FX menu items to import notes, tempo, and time signatures + ARA: remove menu actions to export tempo and notes and MIDI (instead, import to the project and then export if needed) + ARA: set minimal undo state saving by default for Melodyne + ARA: support linear tempo transitions + Actions: fix action to create measure from time selection when there is an existing tempo marker at the end of the selection [t=52400] + Free item positioning: create a blank lane if there are no existing overlapping media items when enabling free item positioning + Free item positioning: more parsimonious vertical spacing with multiple overlapping items + Media explorer: fix measure-aligned tempo sync dropouts + Notation editor: fix PDF export when using percussion clef [t=217753] + ReaScript: add get_config_var_string() + Render: support rendering only selected regions in an existing region render matrix [t=193405] + Routing/grouping/render matrix: hide children of compacted folder tracks + Routing/grouping/render matrix: show track and region colors + Theming: add [track|mcp]_recarm_[auto_]norec images + Theming: add color blend/alpha for grid lines, MIDI editor grid lines + Theming: add color configuration for CC lane add/remove buttons + Theming: add color configuration item for MIDI piano pane background + Theming: add theme items for MIDI editor CC horizontal lines + Theming: improve text contrast colors + Theming: support complex rules for mcp.size and mcp.master.size + Theming: obey meter text colors alpha field (0-255) if theme version is 6 or higher + Transport: auto-arrange rate label/field if less than 2:1 aspect ratio
  12. Fwrend

    PA DSM V2 Flash Sale

    I haven't received vouchers for a while now - guess I'll email them!
  13. Guess it's back up? Cakewalk Forum
  14. Fwrend

    Many things you have but can't find

    In other words, common sense isn't very common? I'm usually good at remembering where I saw what I need when I need it . The exception to that is the screwdriver!! Why is it that every time I need a Phillip's head driver I can only find a Flat head one and every time I need a flat head screwdriver I can only find the Phillip's one!?!? Yes, I actually own two of the multi-tip ones but of course those I can't find in the aforementioned times!