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  1. Yep, easy peasy! Just install product portal and load what you want. I've got all of my iZotope stuff on DAW and Surface Pro4 and have never had issues.
  2. Fwrend

    PA Voucher Problem

    I think the email may be a typo as the normal voucher values as Larry alluded to are $25/$49, $50/$99, and $75/$149 (voucher/spend). You might try the voucher with a $149 plug and see if it applies.
  3. Thanks! Upgrade for registered users of VocAlign Project is also cheaper - $169 as opposed to $175. https://www.bestservice.com/vocalign_ultra_upgrade.html
  4. Nice, I've been looking at Streamliner. My $50 voucher helps but certainly would be a no-brainer with the $75!
  5. I stand corrected, it is $75. The plug I'm looking at is $99
  6. I got both $25 & $50 voucher emails but only the $50 had a code included ($75 minimum). EDIT: correction thanks to Frank
  7. ...and just when have you ever left anything in a cart???? 🤣
  8. Works for me too. I've been tempted to get ADPTR AUDIO Streamliner but hate spending more than $50 on a plugin anymore. May pick up the NEOLD V76U73 or Purple Audio MC77.
  9. I signed up on an earlier sale. They are legit and from what I've done so far, it's been good information. The nice thing is that they do personal assessments of submitted audio. HOWEVER, I just received notice that they will stop doing that in 2022. So, if you want the personal feedback on assignments, now is the time. Because of work and lack of internet here, my progress has been slow and I will probably renew mine (ends April) to extend it six months so I can finish. EDIT: I might also add that this is NOT a video course. They do provide audio examples for the material as well as quizzes to complete at the end of each section so you can review the sections you scored low in allowing you to retake the quizzes as needed.
  10. Be aware of the footnote: Note: These Xtra Styles require Band-in-a-Box® version 2020 or higher and use RealTracks from the UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, or Audiophile Edition.
  11. Had to run product manager to make sure I didn't already have it haha!
  12. For those who purchased the Samplitude Pro Xx Suite that comes with the full 70GB, the major benefit of purchasing this, is that it gives you the ability to use it Stand-alone and in any DAW. NOTE though, I don't think that you can buy a lesser version and use all 70GB from the Samp version. You would have to buy the Pro Premium Suite which kind of sucks but is what it is. AFA the library goes, yes the GUI is dated but I like the instruments and the sounds are STILL very usable.
  13. Be aware, full Kontakt required. Also: FLASH SALE!! Now Through December 15th Add SA! Bass to your order for FREE (Reg. $59.99) with purchase of SA! Jazz Drums, SA! Brushes & Mallets OR Birth of the Trumpet MUST ADD SA! BASS TO YOUR CART AT CHECKOUT EDIT: There are also a couple of freebies: Free Jazz Drums and Freeky Free Clav
  14. I always have to download the assistant manually at work. Hopefully, my home internet will improve drastically soon as they lay fiber optic around our little lake! Download Page
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