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  1. ...meaning I only have ten years left?? Not sure if that's good or bad LOL
  2. Yep, a bit disappointed that I didn't have a download waiting this morning - oh well, something to look forward to this evening! 😃
  3. Wait till you download GS-V - comes in at 31GB? Ugh. Same as others, I'm in for the 11 synths. EDIT: a total of 111 GBs
  4. If, like me, you're not familiar, check out this tutorial.
  5. Just as an aside: I was curious as to where the sounds were stored and the setting for downloads wasn't clear on that fact. However, it really works rather well. Just change the download location under Settings and all the work is done for you - it's automatically moved and set. Nice!
  6. While that is one way, you can also either logout or just quit the Portal which removes it from the task manager. EDIT: then again, I just realized the point was the Portal running automatically when using Capsule but the same happens when you run the Portal unless you.... :))
  7. Maybe I'm missing the intent, but I rarely use the "Installation Manager." I have before but only when there is a mass update. All I do is go to my products and download the plugin installer for the plug I need/want, unzip it and run the executable. I usually open up Reaper (because it's the quickest DAW to open), instantiate the new plug, it requests activation, I click Online ('cause I'm still online at that point), it activates and works from there on out. AFAIK, the manager is not required.
  8. I can't recommend Jim Rosebury at StudioCat.com highly enough. He builds three models that you can customize. Maybe a bit pricey but the support is PRICELESS
  9. Thanks Bit, good reminder! I only had a little over 100MB in the folder you alluded to. However, I did find a couple of GB in Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins. Steinberg is another irritant, but I usually stay aware to the suggested paths when installing plugs but as mentioned, Avid and sometimes Steinberg ignores those preferences.
  10. Wish it was clearer! My upgrade offer is $249 and I already have Analog 4 & V as well as sundry bits & packs. The V Collection site shows 28 included instruments:
  11. Yeah, because they are digital cameras - what's an "f-stop?"
  12. Haha, while the OP (of the nipple thread) was factual, I figured someone would sensor. One's jocularity is another's offense! And BTW, I am a Spam eater. Mom used to take it and grate it with cheddar cheese, mix with mayo & seasoning, spread it on hamburger buns and put it in the broiler. When you're feeding seven kids on a limited budget and all, you get creative! My grandkids thinks it's great - they love spiced ham sliders!!
  13. Same here. Actually with owned plugins hid, NX - Virtual Mix Room is the only available plug that shows. However, I do need the AR RS124Vintage Tube Comp to complete my AR collection because it came out after I purchased the collection. It is still available for $29.99.
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