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  1. FYI, currently only $31.20 @ JRRShop with code "newpasword" - must be logged in and only item in your cart. EDIT: corrected price
  2. Fwrend

    PA Black Box HG-2

    I like this plug as well used judiciously. I know it's early in the month but I will not be using my August $25 voucher (I gotta stop!). PM me if interested, EDIT: Gone
  3. Fwrend


    I won't use my July voucher either. If anyone is interested, PM me.
  4. I can't remember the last time I got a Samplitude related email from Magix. I get plenty on the video side. Were you given a link to Magix or was it a link/coupon for use at the Roli site?
  5. To further cclarry-fy, this is the Padstation Bundle which includes both 1 & 2. - good value and product!
  6. FYI, many also allow religious institutions to qualify for the Educational versions. As a worship leader, I've taken advantage of this for years with Finale and Fabfilter. I have the normal version and upgraded to 5 myself but I have a teacher friend that will benefit from this and the xChange version 2 he recently aquired. Thanks @Dave Maffris!
  7. Yep, not going to admit what I've spent at these sites - on the bright side, JRR has saved me $125 on the S1-5 upgrade!! I am told patience is a virtue though I wouldn't know for sure
  8. Yep, same here - easy peasy - only to find out I already had D16 Haha!
  9. Great free info here from a musician - Glitch Free
  10. William Tell's family were avid league bowlers but no records were kept so to this day no one knows for whom the Tell's bowled!
  11. Shows unavailable? For me anyway.
  12. Fwrend

    UVI Synths Legacy

    Ordered mine on the 8th without issue. It was on my doorstep today.
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