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  1. ...and don't forget to check out Martin's videos on Youtube - short and concise. youtube.com/kraznet
  2. Sure it can be set to 44.1khz. OR, as Willsa shows, set your project settings first then let CbB do the conversion for you.
  3. You can also hold down Ctrl to select NON-adjacent tracks. Then hold down Ctrl as you select "Narrow Strips" as stated.
  4. Yep, I agree Z, you can see the square edge on the right side of the a
  5. I missed the discounted crossgrade to Cubase from Cakewalk back when opting to get Samplitude ProX of which there is a lot I like. But it hasn't caused me to dedicate myself to one DAW like I was hoping. I own WaveLab 10, SpectraLayers 6, & Absolute 3 so I emailed SB about expanding the crossgrade offer of $400 which might be tempting but I'm not sure it would push me over the edge even then. FYI, Nuendo/Cubase Comparison EDIT: my current options as a new user would be Cubase Competitive Crossgrade $367.98 Nuendo New (currently) $588 Nuendo Competitive Crossgrade $700 (without eLicenser) 😊
  6. FYI, if you don't have this video or Groove 3 subscription:
  7. Hi Chris, as Byron stated, the plugin relies on the license.txt file provided by Harrison when you purchase it. This file must be placed in your root folder like below. Alternately, the plugin allows you to just drop the file in when you first open it asks for the license which seems to be your problem. FYI, all of my AVA plugs load without issue though I'm just using VST3 versions. Do you have another DAW you can try it in? That would at least allow you to activate it and verify it's working. Other than re-installing CnB and the plug, I'm not sure what else to suggest.
  8. FYI, no crash here inserting Q3 to FX on empty project and to a track with a stereo file loaded with or without Ozone9 on Master Bus. Surface Pro 4 Win 10.0.18363 CnB 2019.12 Q3 3.11
  9. Thanks Jim! Another good resource is Glitch Free PDF by Brad at Canabile
  10. Thanks et al for the info on Affinity! I've got a small project this week for an event poster and tickets - will put Publisher through the paces. I agree, $49 seems very reasonable for a fine product - reminiscent of companies like Valhalla.
  11. More info from a conversation on the Samplitude Forum (must be logged in) for those still on the fence on this one. I did purchase it mainly for the additional stuff as I have Vegas Pro 14 (refuse to give Magix another $199) and dabbled in Resolve. I'm not a power user but this was interesting. Philw: I've installed Hitfilm Express (free) to discover, but there's no way to setup audio pref, that's insane, I have no sound (meters works, clip has audio in it). Trensharo: I would use HitFilm Pro over Free Resolve, unless I used formats only supported by Resolve (and not HitFilm). I would use Resolve Studio over HitFilm Pro, though, except for small[er] hobby projects where I just don't want to deal with the "extras," forced project setup/management, and don't have a lot of footage to manage. Ignite Pro can be used with practically any NLE, incl. Resolve, but what's supported depends on the particular host. Generally you won't get full support in anything that isn't a Compositing/VFX package (Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion, maybe [not] Blackmagic Fusion). For small projects, HitFilm is fine, though. I got the bundle, mostly for the Ignite Pro Plugins... but I also replaced my VEGAS Pro install with HitFilm Pro. FXhome supports the projects better ,and with VEGAS you're perpetually waiting on fixes and stuck with a broken product when a new one is released. Samplitude Pro X is fortunate to have a longer release cadence, IMHO. Also, anytime I have to reinstall VEGAS Pro (sometimes it would get broken to the point where I have to do this), I'd have to reinstall Sound Forge Pro and ACID Pro, since Uninstalling VEGAS Pro breaks all of the DIrectX plugins and often I have to do a full registry clean and then reinstall everything to fix it (or I'd get random error messages due to things not being registered properly). Only happens with VEGAS Pro 😞 Philw: I am not enough pro in video to go deep inside softs... your experience is interesting, thanks. Anyway, I have a reply from the Hitfilm forum and... it's a joke... you CAN'T setup the audio in this soft, period. It's a powerful soft, that can be used professionally, but you can't setup the audio...?!?! how it's possible, in 2019 ? Win Audio is deactivated here, I use only the soundcard, so it's dead. Impressive. Trensharo: HitFilm is a VFX/Compositing Application with necessary editing functionality tacked onto it. It is not a DAW turned into an NLE like VEGAS Pro. Some applications have holdover "issues" informed by history. For example, Resolve is an amazing NLE, but it has stupid high GPU requirements that result from its history as a color grading platform. So, even if you run it only for Audio Post (Fairlight), you still need a decent GPU or you're going to run into performance issues. Because HitFilm started off as a budget alternative to After Effects, this has informed its early development, and that's why it has this shortcoming today. For years, HitFilm Pro (which used to include the Ignite Plugins, as well) was bundled in the Vegas Pro Suites by Sony. So, many people would get VEGAS Pro Suite as a cheaper alternative to the Adobe Video Suite (Vegas, HitFilm, and Sound Forge Pro, DVD Architect, etc.). This is why HitFilm has shipped integration plugins for VEGAS Pro since many years ago. If you need an NLE with good Audio functionality, then HitFilm Pro is not the NLE for you. I don't even think it supports VST plugins. It's a VFX/Compositing Solution with the necessary editing functionality built into it. This would not be a problem, except it doesn't support common interchange formats like OMF and AAF... SO either get VEGAS Pro 16/17 + HitFilm Pro, or use a different NLE like Resolve Studio while saving money and gaining on functionality (but also system requirements), without the round tripping headache (Resolve does not support ASIO, though).
  12. I agree but since this was really about The Orchestra, I didn't want it missed. I missed the mishap on the Complete upgrade and then missed the KVR sale of Amadeus at $85 - took the 4 grandkids on a short trip and been on the road for 16 hours - HIGH priority and memories we'll all benefit from! For myself, I am still dragging my Gas! Which isn't a bad thing but I'm still considering my options on this product. 😀
  13. Just an update to this thread : $160 @ JRR blowout for The Orchestra (via Larry) $119 @ Best Service for The Orchestra Complete unpgrade including Strings of Winter
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