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  1. Another one (not free) is Amazing Slow Downer. It's been a long time since I've used it and don't remember much about it but might be worth trying. Sells for $39.95 E/US Amazing Slow Downer for Windows (available also for MAC, iPad, Android through respective stores) Change the speed of the music - from 20% (one fifth speed) to 200% (double speed) without changing the pitch. Wrong key? Change the pitch in semi-tones - at full or changed speed. Out of tune? Adjust the pitch in cents (100ths of a semi-tone) to suit our instrument. Real-time processing - all described above is done in real-time - just insert the CD and press the play button! Also slows down MP3, Wave, Windows Media Audio, Ogg, FLAC and AAC/M4A files on your computer in real-time. Great stereo sound quality! System requirements: Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 (including 64-bit versions of each OS). Note: DRM protected M4P files from the iTunes store is NOT supported. Spotify and Apple Music is also not supported.
  2. Can't agree more with the comments (save Mr. Ewing). You are not just paying for parts but time, knowledge, and service. Jim is the whole package and is not only willing, but absolutely does go above and beyond the extra mile! Business? Yes, but also a man of integrity, character, and patience. Case in point was the most recent purchase for a church in rural Kansas with an unhappy pastor. Jim shows up after online troubleshooting a few days later (drove himself) with parts in hand to rebuild if necessary. Turns out, the youth pastor had prematurely updated the projection software with the latest and greatest which was what was causing the problems. Jim politely, professionally, and without complaint set things right with the world, the computer, and the staff. Love you man, and you really don't need to bother explaining yourself. Thanks for all you do, wish I could afford to buy personally again! Not that I need it, you're build is still going strong.
  3. Sid, are you sure that wasn't from back in April? It still shows on the Current Promotions page. I'd prefer more Jam points too!
  4. Yep, $9.98 for a Sounds Download Reactivation Credit. You'll then see something like this on your Products page when you select Sounds Download on any product that has sound downloads:
  5. I'm still on Analog Lab V. I do like it well enough that hopefully I can afford to jump on the Collection train at some point. Thanks for the report Jim!
  6. FYI, in IK Product Manager under Manage Products/Software/MODO DRUM/Products, I have MODO DRUM (version 1) and MODO DRUM CS (which I obtained to update to 1.5). The full version 1.0 gave me 10 kits (I believe) which currently show Unlocked in MODO DRUM standalone. These include: Studio, Jazzy, Rock Custom, Grungy, Djentleman, Black Oyster, Bubinga, Plexi, Extreme, & Reference. EDIT: I meant to mention that in IK PRODUCT MANAGER under Sounds, only 9 kits show - missing is Studio as you guessed. However, it does show as a kit in the product itself so logic would follow that you are correct.
  7. Just to keep it clear Jerry, you mean SE (and not CS) as there is no CE correct? 😊
  8. Fwrend

    Larry, where you at!

    Absolutely agree!
  9. Thanks! Both for $19.98 is doable (or done)!
  10. Same case here. The updated APD sale page speaks volumes and at least clears up some things - thanks BTP! One good thing about this thread - it relieved some GAS on this old soul. I'll just wait for another group buy or holiday sale for the new kits - it's not like I don't already have enough drums to (or not) work with! 😇
  11. So, why aren't APD selling MODO DRUM 1.5 (13 kits) instead of MODO DRUM SE (5 kits)? Why can't IKM aka Pete just make a simple clarification or at least clear confirmation? Why would one have to rely on customer experiences regarding a confusing or at least mis-worded sale conflicting IKM's own site when IKM's own representative can't address it clearly? But thanks User 905133, your response does lend weight to the speculation and for that I am grateful!!
  12. LOL Pete, this is what is so frustrating, i.e. non-answers like yours - clarifying nothing. What exactly has been confirmed? Are we to assume that you are referring to Pollux's post or referrals to another thread in which other questions were never answered? EDIT: where is Larry when you need a good rant!!?? All seriousness bantering aside Pete, I do appreciate your participation and resilience here in the basement. 😊
  13. Right? I think the answer is yes: 1. it would give you (& me, having 1.5) the three kits we are missing bringing the total number of kits to thirteen. Since I got the CS version, it only provided the 1.5 update and not the new kits. 2. to those who have 1.0 (any version) it would upgrade to 1.5 and all thirteen kits. (still confused on this but seems to be). 3. it would give those without MODO Drums the full 1.5 version with all thirteen kits (still confused because page states SE but includes 13 kits). @Peter - IK Multimedia can you confirm or deny?
  14. Personally, I have MD 1.0 and purchased (or chose during the GB) CS to upgrade to 1.5. However, my point was the version confusion on this APD deal, i.e. showing the SE version while describing the full 1.5 version. The confusion may very well be on the IKM side which isn't surprising. Still wondering if someone without either version can purchase this APD item (MODO Drum SE) and indeed have all 13 kits? As SE contains only 5 kits and the regular 1.5 version contains 13 as stated above. Makes no difference, just curious. EDIT: corrected SE & CS versions as needed.
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