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  1. Hmm, code ExtraBlack didn't work either place for me.
  2. Lol, I just got the email this morning but found it mentioned in that thread. Thanks anyway Vernon - worth the mention.
  3. Fwrend

    BFD3 for $49

    Just a "check-in" every 90 days.
  4. I'm doing nothing Waves except for one last WUP if the weather is right. I've got some duplicates I need to dispose of as they alter my WUP strategy to get everything on the same schedule. Hoping for a holiday special. Unneeded Xtras: Berzerk Distortion CLA EchoSphere H-Comp Hybrid Compressor Infected Mushroom Pusher MetaFilter NLS Non-Linear Summer OneKnob Wetter PRS SuperModels Renaissance Reverb Sibilance TrueVerb
  5. https://www.wavesfactory.com/audio-plugins/
  6. No No logic, just light-hearted sarcasm (Sheldon) for which I have no desire to debate.
  7. That's got to be one heck of a profit margin!!!
  8. They're also offering the Epic Orchestra & Choir Bundle which includes Majestica Ultra and Lacrimosa for $148.
  9. Worked here a well. I also got an email for the free iLok version of the DeEsser.
  10. Fwrend

    Mixmeister Sale!

    Yep, heard from Koby that he got it sorted. That's what I love about Koby and EP, very responsive!
  11. Fwrend

    Mixmeister Sale!

    Seems to be cheaper direct from MixMeister. However, I do already have the BPM Analyzer, if that matters.
  12. Worked for me, not logged in, but it didn't show until I proceeded to checkout.
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