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  1. What I do (only if it helps with inspiration ) Main OS drive: NVME 500 GB Apps (DAWs, Office etc): another NVME 1tb - I use this PC for everything including music All samples/libraries: 2 HDDs of 2tb each in Raid 0 mode (to get to SSD speeds) - I have all installers available in case something fails anyway Project files: 1 separate 500GB SSD Backups (done externally on a 6tb USB 3 HDD) for the OS/APPS/Project drives using Acronis every 2 weeks, Backup for the libraries done only when I trigger it (it takes ages to backup zzzz....) I hope it helps, my 0.02 Nick
  2. An idea Use the output of the UA into a stereo input on the RME, disconnecting UA from CBB; you might be able to use both at the same time (not sure if this is feasible as I do not have a UA).
  3. Hi everyone, amazing job by the Bakers!! One bug (at least on my setup): Cannot resize the punch recording location on the timeline (using red flag on the line). I have to select a new area (green) and toggle the auto punch button for it to resize. I use the feature quite a bit, so it can be quite annoying. Looping and selection are working ok. Is anyone having the same problem?
  4. VMs will add a ton of latency to the DAW; It might work if you limit yourself to mixing/mastering, recording I see as a big limitation. There are ways to pass-thru PCI devices to the VM (making the VM have direct access to the device). This is quite common in servers but setting that up requires quite a bit of know-how. Also, you will need for sure a dual GPU as once you pass thru the GPU to the VM, you are effectively disconnecting it from the host OS. Some other devices like KB/Mouse may be on the same boat (I am not sure as I've never done it....). https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Pci_passthrough This is on my to-do list eventually.... I hope this helps
  5. You can insert a FX Chain module in Prochannel - There are even some templates available or you can create your own I hope it helps Nicolas
  6. Another alternative.... Click the Solo button along with the DIM button, so the complete mix is lowered in volume and you can track the bass louder
  7. Hello all I am not sure how many of you dislike the idea of having to check USB / network hubs power settings every time windows has an update or you connect and reconnect devices. I personally find it a PITA. I did some research and came over a powershell script to do exactly that; I readapted it to cover USB Hubs, USB Connectors and Network cards. Placed it somewhere in your computer (i.e. C:\). You need to be in the directory you placed the script for it to work... Then run powershell in admin mode (right click on the start button --> Windows Powershell (admin) --> go to the location you placed the script (i.e. cd c:\) --> type "& '.\Disable Power Schedule.ps1'" It works very well :), and saves a ton of time especially if you have many USB devices like I do. Fell free to use it Nicolas Disable Power Schedule.ps1
  8. Using a Samsung CRG9 (LC49RG90SSUXEN); I love the real estate https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Double-49-Inch-Monitor-LC49RG90SSNXZA/dp/B07L9HCJ2V/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=LC49RG90SSUXEN&qid=1615706539&sr=8-1
  9. Use symbolic links and move those big directories to a separate drive I have my c drive's vstpluggins and vst3 directories as symbolic links on a separate raid-0 drive.
  10. I have a friend that used these proper ASIO drivers from Behringer on his, with fantastic results https://www.simplegreenmedia.com/wp/step-by-step-behringer-um2-proper-driver-installation-windows-10/ ASIO4ALL is not really good when it comes down to latency. I hope it helps Nick
  11. Running a Saffire pro 24 here on W10 1909 with no issues. I guess it will eventually go the way of the doo doo, but for now still going on strong. Using a TI Chipset based FW interface.
  12. Thanks Noel!. It seems it gets stuck while "creating UI". The problem came back again even after I thought it was fixed... I did the same process, bounced some of the tracks and brought the wavs back into a new one. Not sure why it happened but at least now it is ok. Thanks! Nicolas
  13. New version is getting stuck at "Loading Region FX data"! If I try SPLAT is loads correctly, not sure what is going on... Any help? Nicolas Update: I copied the whole project into a different directory and now it loads.... weird. I may have a HDD problem it seems!
  14. I am using magnetic printable paper and works wonders (and you can remove it at will without any residues). One example below: https://www.supermagnete.ch/eng/magnetic-sheet/magnetic-paper-glossy-printable-a4-format_MIP-A4-01 I hope it helps! Nick
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