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  1. Hi Pragi - I just replied to your PM - as I mention I am not looking for anything for the Artist License. It looks to me like Presonus wants me to pay for the license transfer though, even though 3 has never been activated. I sent you a fully legit alternative though and if that works that should solve the issue. If not let me know and I can reach out to Presonus to see what they can do about the transfer charge (either do it at no cost, or if still acceptable to you, to allow you to pay for the cost). Anyway let me know. Fingers crossed that all works as it should. Let me know via PM if you need anything else Brando
  2. Hey Pragi I just checked my "My Presonus" account and it looks like I have an Artist 3 license that is unused (never used as part of an upgrade, etc). It has 9 associated bundled downloads (some may have expired at this point because 3 came out I think in 2016). PM me or send me your contact information via email if you're still interested and I'll transfer the license etc. Brando
  3. Check event viewer for the problem area of the clip in question. Sounds like maybe you've created some (many!-likely due to the high resolution of the mouse) events/automation which is creating the audio 'lag'.
  4. If the midimix supports a Mackie/MCU mode it should work that way. If it doesn't, Alexey's AZcontroller (see link below) may be your best option. Some reading and legwork will be required. Unfortunately Alexey moved on to Reaper some time ago I believe. http://www.azslow.com/
  5. (IMO) Be very wary of preorders (in the past - group buys). I always found his deals deliberately convoluted. In the past he was criticised by his customers who thought they were not getting what they paid for. That said I like Wusikstation. But there is very little change from one version to another. He promotes a lot of new sounds that seem to just be the old sounds with a facelift to the synth. I upgraded my old Wusikstation from I think 6 to 9 for compatibility with another DAW maybe a year ago. It's been great and I really don't use it much but I needed it for compatibility with an old project. It's actually a nice synth with some neat features. YMMV.
  6. (Unless they've removed the SONAR feature from CbB) (Not click and drag, but insert tempo change/tap tempo:) http://forum.cakewalk.com/TAP-button-m3525911.aspx
  7. Thanks for posting Michael. Awesome reverbs- will definitely try 2.00.
  8. Another thought, if the software is properly activated, and if you are sure the plugin is being scanned properly, maybe try it in another DAW - reaper is free to try and small enough it will give you a pretty good idea if the plugin problem is only with Cakewalk/Sonar. I still believe it's a plugin issue not your DAW.
  9. Further to Max's point about it sounding like an iLok issue here is Antares' instructions for activation. I don't think it's sufficient for Antares' support to say the DAW MIGHT not be supported and "you should have tried the demo". (While true, they need to help you ensure your software is properly activated). http://support.antarestech.com/support/solutions/articles/26000034572-how-to-activate-your-license-for-non-ilok-plugins-like-auto-tune-access-efx-and-auto-key-
  10. It seems to me the problem isn't the free DAW - it's the expensive plugin (with no refund as a bonus). Yay Antares! How familiar are you with 3rd party plugins in general? Have you searched for the plugin to be sure the install location is included in your scanned folders? Done a rescan of your plugs? Does the VST scan fail on scanning? Does the plugin show up in your excluded Plugins?
  11. https://github.com/rogeriodec/CAL His "unoverlap" cal script is pretty useful for this
  12. I was using Alchemy a week or so ago in Studio One 4. Worked fine. Will try it again and also in CbB when I am back at my DAW. Very disappointed if this doesn't work. "Camel" and Apple can both rot in Hell. Thinking of all the convolutions to download and keep installers and data files with no certainty that the program would re-install/authenticate etc. It's inevitable that it will go I suppose though still infuriating.
  13. Tough to assess 'attitude' from text. I reread the post and still see only eagerness to help out a fellow user.
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