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  1. After exporting video to AVI format (uncompressed), I use Handbrake (which is free) for subsequent conversions of the AVI file to other formats. Converting takes less time than exporting, i.e. seconds rather than minutes.
  2. Good idea. I usually use the drag and drop method and set the tempo manually.
  3. If you add TTS-1 to the project before importing the midi file, the resulting midi tracks will automatically route to different channels of TTS-1. You will be able to playback immediately and get good indication of what it will sound like. From there, you can add whatever softsynths you wish, and reroute each midi track accordingly, as Abacab suggests.
  4. I often click on blank spaces for the same reason, not necessarily that particular space, but yes I do this sometimes.
  5. Apparently the problem was due to a bug that has now been fixed in the 2020.09 update: All good now.
  6. There are 4 options: Non-linear Low Medium High I tried each of them and it didn't appear to make any difference. However if I bypass one of the plugins the GUI's behaviour reverts to normal.
  7. I've been experimenting with the LP-MB. It's an excellent plugin and works well. However, if I add a second instance of this plugin, I get the same problem as the OP. With 2 instances of LPhase Multiband in a project, the GUI becomes sluggish. It becomes impossible to stop playback once playback has been started and doesn't stop until the end of the project has been reached, after which it then responds to any key press or mouseclick that has taken place in the meantime. It's frustrating. [version]
  8. If Gswitz is correct, then my problem was due to my mistaken belief about interleave's position in the signal chain rather than anything specific to the project.
  9. Thanks. I have always assumed that the interleave was post-fx. It's strange that I have never run into this problem before.
  10. I'm finding that setting the interleave button to mono on a track doesn't make any difference. The output signal remains stereo regardless. The track contains mono clips and there are some stereo effects in the fx bin. Version 2020.05 (Build 039)
  11. Offline activation is apparently now possible in the latest version: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.03.html
  12. Stranger still, if I bounce a clip, the waveform becomes visible at all zoom settings in the bounced clip. The disappearing waveform phenomenon only applies to recorded and imported clips.
  13. I only replaced the computer, not the screens. I also transferred the old graphics cards to the new machine. There should really be no difference.
  14. "Display Clip Contents" is ticked. I've got the picture cache on a separate drive. PicCacheMB=12000 Size on disk is only 17.6MB.
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