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  1. Hi Again - thought it would be helpful to include a Screenshot Also - Thanks Noel - it did appear that it was Aux Tks that were causing some of the problems - but the current situation i.e. 15/20mins ago when I first posted CBB crashed my computer again before I could finish the Screenshot Anyway thanks again Best Ed
  2. Hi All - Hope you are all very well Q - Exporting Midi Drum Files From CBB While I'm still trying to get CBB/Splat etc working i.e. Crashing/Audio Dropouts and login problems - which I've noticed others are having - (anybody having any luck?) I need to finish some songs - I need or hope it's possible to be able to export Addictive Drums Midi Files and import them into Reaper which has ADD2 Drums on it The problem I can see is that I really liked the CBB/Splat Take Lanes and never really got round to "Bouncing" the Take Lanes - so even though I can open CBB and have a quick listen to the songs and Drum Programming I did before it crashes - I'm not sure what to do with respect to 1. Is it possible to export CBB Midi Files for ADD2 & other VST instruments e.g. Sonar Instrument Stings - and 2. Do I need to "Bounce" Take Lanes to a single instance and if so - how do I do that? I must admit the whole Take Lanes function in CBB is really excellent and I really miss it - I had a nice little workflow going - shame Anyway - any help most welcome and as I said above hope you are all doing very well Best Ed
  3. Hi Chuck E Thanks - see you around the block - I suspect when I can get a new Computer I'll make a clean install of Sonar X3 to CBB and then get back Very best See you soon Ed
  4. Hi Chuck E & Dr Steve - hope you are both well Thanks for all the tips - really appreciate the thought and time To be honest I am just going through songs on CBB & Splat etc that may have something and trying to run off Wave files as demos to hand over to a producer because unfortunately CBB & Splat have become so unstable on my Computer that I'm moving over to Reaper - so fortunately I can still see and copy the track/Fx settings on the original demos and then recreate in Reaper - it's not what I want but it's the best option I can see to keep on creating So really no problem - I just thought I'd ask - and thanks again to you Shame though because both of you and the rest of the Sonar community are a good bunch of really decent people which I know I'm going to miss - I'll probably be back every now and then but just wish Sonar/CBB was workable Anyway very best to you - Oh just a thought, if anyone is using both CBB & Reaper for different purposes just let me know which Reaper community your on and any tips about the change over- I am making progress on Reaper but it's not really the same - Ah well Very best Ed
  5. Hi Chuck E - sorry for the delay in replying - thanks again - yes the saving/format process is ringing a few bells i.e. I think it's a copy and save as a .txt file and then add - have done it before but will have to rebrief Hope you are well Thanks again Best Ed
  6. Hi All, Re: Audio Dropout at 2.08 on every CBB/Sonar Version Got a song I'm working on - just knocking it into shape - so did some copy/paste to just see how it was sitting and what could be added at each stage Anyway - after the copy/paste (I haven't figured out Ripple Edit yet) every time I play it back it stops at 2.08mins in CCB or Splat If you see the tracks I am using Add Drums2 and Session Drummer3 - if you need any other info just ask Any ideas what's going on? - I've attached a screenshot Anyway - thanks again Best Ed
  7. Hi Chuck E Baby - hope you are very well Excellent as always - also the Scoot Trash Videos you recommended really helped - was re watching earlier So will follow the link Thanks again for all the help - enjoy Very best Ed
  8. Hi All, Re: Session Drummer 3 Drum Map This is a follow up from an earlier Q - (thanks Chuck E Bay & Michael) Still trying to sort out Bandlab Assistant Login Problem with CBB Tech i.e. "Authentication Error" at login - so am still trying to set up Reaper as a back up Got SD3 in Reaper and was just wondering which Drum Map it uses? I hope its GM but if the associated DMap is in Splat/CBB I could copy it into Reaper. Sorry if this Q seems lazy but I'm exhausted - what with trying to sort out the CBB Tech issues and really get to grips with Reaper i.e. the Kenny Goia Vids Anyway - any advice/suggestions on the issues above most welcome Best Ed
  9. Hi Martsave - thanks very much - will follow up Also I forgot to thank all you Guy's like Chuck E & Michael for all the help Very best Ed
  10. Hi All, Re: Exporting Cakewalk Projects (.CWP) to Reaper As some of you know I’ve been having major problems with CBB etc – the Tech guy’s are being very helpful but in the interim time while working out solutions I came across a You Tube Video by Gerad Deuvall which mentions installing azslow into Reaper – which then allows Reaper to Accept the Sonar/CBB files Are any of you using this method/or aware of updates in Reaper that have incorporated the azslow install? Once again just trying to carry on till CBB is up and running and therefore just trying to set up a backup option/plan. I suppose it's the same scenario as providing CBB files to a collaborator using a different program e.g. Reaper or Pro Tool etc i.e. what do they need to do for their DAW to accept the Sonar/CBB Files Anyway any advice/opinions most welcome Best Ed
  11. Hi Chuck E Baby - "I'm really rough around the edges and socially difficult" - Well I'm in that club too but that's why we love music so much - gift or curse? The main thing is and on many occasions, what you've helped me out with previously and today will never be forgotten You take care Very best Ed
  12. Hi Chuck E Baby - brilliant can see the DLL in the Folder - just before I try to add the Folder/DLL to Reaper - which one would you choose? Anyway - Brilliant Thanks again Best Ed
  13. Hi Chuck E Baby - once again you've lifted the dark clouds over my head or is that in my head - can't thank you enough for the light at the end of the tunnel Very best Ed
  14. Hi All, Having major problems with CBB that I'll start dealing with next week (thanks Chuck E Baby) - So I'm trying to set up Reaper as a backup I've pretty much got access to all the X Splat and CBB Vst's & all FX- but can't seem to find Session Drummer 3 to add to Reaper - I want to use the Sample function in the Mixer Anyone any idea which file SD3 is in so I can add it to Reaper - Had a bloody awful day and just wish CBB etc were working - Anyway any help most welcome Best Ed
  15. Hi Chuck E Baby - really appreciate the advice and totally agree - will start sorting the problems out next week with CBB Tech I have started getting to grips with Reaper but I do miss the Splat/CBB UI - ah well Thanks again Best Ed
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