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  1. Hi Douglas. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words and thanks for listening. Hey Wookiee. I went back and gave it another listen. My intent was not to clutter up the rhythm such that it would interfere with the vocals. However, in listening again, I appreciate your suggestion. Perhaps a wee bit of modest cymbals work and discrete fills might help move it along a bit more. Thanks for taking the time to listen and thanks for the suggestion. Much appreciated! Hi Allan. My sinuses and allergies were in full bloom when I recorded this number. Perhaps that accounts for the Dylanesque feel - lol. Thank you very much for listening and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it! Hey tom. Murphy's Law Of Song Writing --- ah, the story of my life. Always on the outside looking in?!? You have a good ear my friend. I did use the triads that you mentioned on the high strings. I used the A and E chords sliding back and forth to try and create a rhythmic feel in those sections. In recording this I also tried the minor and 7th's and various combinations of each but to my ears the first triads used sounded best.. I was trying to not step on the vocals. However, It sounds as if my use of the major cords, did exactly the opposite of what I intended. I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have. Thanks very much for taking the time to point this out. I always appreciate your input! Hi Bjorn. I am glad that you liked the song. I was interested in your comment about the chorus. Did you mean a different arrangement or presentation of the chorus, lyrics, vocals, etc. I would really appreciate any thoughts that you may have. Thanks very much for listening and taking time to comment!
  2. This song starts out like Devo meets the Ventures (a complement) and branches out into a nice sounding pop song with a bit of a retro feel. The change-ups work well. Very nice indeed!
  3. freddy j

    Never new mix

    Cool song with a bit of an edge. The guitar riff panned center and vocals (well the soft parts) remind me a wee bit of Bowie. Good performance and the mix keeps every thing well separated!
  4. freddy j

    Modal Mini's

    This is definitely different from you galactic excursions but I enjoyed it just as much. As I have stated before -- your stuff tends to cause me to visualize and leave me with certain feeling resulting from you use of sounds. This one left me with a cheerful, happy feeling. Yes, creative and very nicely done!
  5. freddy j

    Easy Listener

    Yes, a very nice pleasant song indeed? The mix sounds great -- crystal clear and great separation of all instruments/sounds. You performance was great and I liked the ending as well. In particular, the bass sounds good and I always appreciate the sounds of a vibraphone. Nice one!
  6. Here is a bluesy number done up in the torch song style of the 1940's - 1950's (sort of). The fictitious subject of the song is bemoaning a lost love but does not want sympathy. Quite frankly, if I would dare to comment on an imaginary situation, he probably was lucky to get rid of her (I jest of course). It is a bit different from my usual Blues stuff and therefore, I would very much appreciate any crit.'s, comments, suggestions, etc. Thanks!! BLUES OF THE NIGHT https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  7. Hi Douglas. I very glad that you like it. Thanks very much for listening and taking time to comment. I really liked your recent post -- Lead Me On!
  8. freddy j

    Rain - video

    Absoflippinlutely Excellent. You just keep getting better every time that you post! Normally laid back music like this makes me nervous but this really captured me. The visuals that you put together were perfect. This was a treat to watch and to hear!!!
  9. freddy j

    Lead Me On

    Great upbeat, rocking pop-rocker. Cool indeed! Good luck with the album.
  10. Very cool funky-jazzy sounds with some "clever" lyrics. Great performance, mix, vox, etc. Great work!
  11. freddy j

    crise du jour

    A definite dark edge to this song. The vocal was particularly good in adding to this edge. After listening to this I felt as I do after watching the cable/broadcast news - uncomfortable. Then again I suppose that was your intent -- yes? If so mission accomplished. Cool piece -- kudos!!!
  12. freddy j

    My Song To My Self

    Indeed a very good track with some uplifting lyrics. The vocals and harmonies sound great. Good one!!!
  13. freddy j

    third rail

    Yup I agree --- the solo vocal really sets the stage for it all. A very nice honest approach. But I must admit --- in the back of my head I heard the Hallelujah Choir accompanying you. Nice one!!!
  14. freddy j

    That Thing

    Great song Kevin! Good lyrics, arrangement, instrumental performance, and mix. I don't understand your concern about the vocals? The sound absoflippinlutely great to me!! Excellent stuff!!!
  15. As a nut for instrumentals -especially if they feature guitars-- I really liked this number. I was captured by the intro guitar riff that came in on-and -off through out. The contrasting sounds of the guitars works well. As someone who has been listening to a lot of South American Latino influenced afrobeat music the length of the song did not bother me. Not after listening to 15 - 20 minute afrobeat songs. Nice one.
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