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  1. Hi KSband. Thanks very much for listening and taking the time to respond. Much appreciated!! Hey Jesse. Back to my favourite style -- the electric Blues with a "chunka chunka" rhythm. Thanks very much for the kind comments pal!! Hi FreeEarCandy. The Blues is the Blues and I love the live Blues best. That is why I like the old early electric style the best. Ya, production -wise some of recordings of live shows (even studio recordings) were awful and playing was -- hmmm, --- not always stellar but oh (!!) the feeling and humanity of the performance was outstanding. Thanks for listening and for the kind words.
  2. freddy j

    My Bad Your Bad

    Hey Jack! I love the way that you have been trying out all kinds of genre and style. Not that familiar with Crimson but I sure like this number. Cool!!
  3. freddy j

    Road To Valhalla

    Good lyrics, great melody (which changes nicely)! Overall -- very nice sound -- very nice song -- very nice work!!
  4. freddy j

    El Guerrero

    Beautiful song and some excellent playing. I must also echo the comments above -- you have given each instrument plenty of room to be heard. Very cool indeed!!!!
  5. Great work ! Definitely enough to get the fan base charged up. I am sure that the team office would like this one. Perhaps this could replace "We Are The Champions" in stadiums around the world!!
  6. One more perfect well written professional performance, production,lyrics, instrumentation, etc., etc. after the other. Love the ending! What a treat! How do you do it!!???
  7. Please take my comments as only suggestions. It is your song - you know what you were looking for and besides it is a good rock song as is. In agreement with some of the comments above, I had a wee bit of trouble hearing the bass guitar. Bringing this up a bit more would add more of a bottom to the song. The guitars (good playing BTW) might add to the edgy-ness, with a bit more of a driven bass sound. If that is not what you were looking for --- then I was wrong. I enjoyed the listen!!
  8. Hi Noynekker. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, it is a bit thick and "in your face." That probably resulted from working with the tracks from the old file. They were recorded a little bit hot! Thanks very much for the kind words. I appreciate it! Hi tom. I think that I posted the original in 2010 (?). It was pretty rough as I was very green about recording, mixing, DAWs, etc. It is probably better (so that I can avoid embarrassment) that the updated version stands on its own. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! Much appreciated! Hi Hidden Symmetry. Thanks for listening and for the kind comments. I always enjoy listening to your posts!
  9. Great story! I'm glad that you posted the lyrics. Great match between the music and lyrics. Love the guitar work.
  10. Nice playing, introspective and lovely song! Well done!
  11. The music and visuals are indeed very creative. Lyrics are poignant as well. This was fun and enjoyable! Well done!!
  12. Last month, during the time that my computer and other gear was in repair, I used my laptop to go to my SoundClick site and listen to songs that I had posted way back when. Looking through some files I actually found some notes that I took from comments to that post. The song was pretty raw and in general the suggestions were concerning things such as EQing, a bit of timing, panning and volume levels on some of the instruments. So --- once my gear was back in order I made some corrections to this song. My skills in the matters of mixing haven't improved much in the 10+ years since I first posted this song. Hopefully, this update is a bit better than the original post. I would very much appreciate any input on this revised version even though most will have not heard the original post to SoundClick. Thanks! BTW, the subject or narrator in this song is not a "masher." It is just a tale of a lonely guy who sees some one that might be in the same state that he is in and thinks that together they might be able to help each other. EXCUSE ME PRETTY LADY https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=10021701
  13. Aaah, my Jesse treat for the week! Cool! Frank Zappa-ish. Way back when I must have played FZ's Brain Police (I think that was the title) until the grooves in the vinyl wore out. Carry on the tradition, lad ...!
  14. Great start. You have some good lyrics and the timing of the vocals matches the instrumentation well. I have to agree with the comments above -- a driving bass and a bit more edge would really give this song a great edge to it. Nice one!!
  15. I don't know diddly about mixing and therefore won't comment about that. What I listen for in a song is the effect I get when I hear it! This is doggone excellent. Every thing to these geriatric ears sound great. The playing is excellent, the arrangement is also. All of the instrumentation can be identified and heard and it is very tight. The song itself is well composed, really commands attention and keeps one's attention focused. The feeling when I heard it --- well, it rang Freddy's bell.
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