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  1. Thanks Tom. I appreciate the suggestions. I was going for a gravelly overdrive sound on this number --- particularly with that guitar panned hard Left. I am not schooled or competent enough to know if or what a 60hz cycle buzz might be. I must rely on what it sounds like and unfortunately (as it is with reverb also) I tend to over-do. I'll go back an see about bumping up the drums. Thanks again!!!
  2. freddy j


    I agree with the above comments. A nice refreshing number -- a bit Brubeck-ish until it gets going with that cool lead guitar. I have always admired how Jazz players can manage such complex timing on songs like this. Well done!
  3. Being a lover of the surf sound I love this song's sound. It has that surf sound with a bit of the Shadows sound. Well performed and the mix sound good to me. Nice one!!
  4. Great story telling with that Kentucky - West Virginia banjo picking sound to add to its authenticity. Excellent vocals and harmonies!
  5. Great cover! It is the Beatles sound with your own signature. Well done.
  6. Sounds do make the video -- don't they? I would never even attempt anything such as this. Well done!!!
  7. freddy j

    Losing Hope

    Hi Harry C. -- good question! I guess for a number of reasons: the picture; lyrical subject; and to me it brought up images, not of the many varieties of today's metal, but what was called metal back in the olden days (late 1960's and early 1970's). To me that seemed to be a transition time from psychedelic to what was to be called metal. However, that is an opinion and you know the value of opinions. 😉 Anyway, I enjoyed it.
  8. Hi Nigel. Nope, there is nothing wrong with your ears or your system. There indeed is a lot of bass used in this song. This is particularly true in the guitar panned Left. It was intentional but perhaps misguided. This was intended to be swamp music and Mangrove Sally is a lady of the swamp. I was trying to bring in the feeling of tromping through a mangrove forest on a dreary day -- trying to step over the prop roots and pneumatafores of the mangrove trees or perhaps walking, at night, through a forest of live oak trees with Spanish moss tickling the top of your head. Perhaps this needs to be experienced and can't be communicated through music??? Anyway, I always appreciate your taking the time to listen and value your input!! Stay safe and healthy my friend. These are indeed trying times but it only takes one exposure to this nasty little virus to get knocked on your back. Thank you David! It is indeed that time of year where we "Children of the Storm" (Gulf of Mexico residents) always have to keep an eye on the weather. I can't imagine a hurricane in combo with the CoVid 19 virus. Perhaps it might be over cautious but I'm gathering up nonperishable foods, lots of water, gasoline and of course TP. Thank you for the kind words Wookiee. I very much enjoyed your recent post!!! Hey Leadfoot. Thank you very much. If it put you in a good mood, then that fact puts me in a good mood! Thanks for listening and for the encouraging words.
  9. Interesting piece indeed! I enjoyed the dissonant sounds throughout. Thanks for expanding my musical horizons!!!
  10. Welcome to the forum! Sorry, but I am old school. I like anything that has a driving rhythm --- having grown up on Blues, rockabilly, rock 'n roll, jump blues, early R & B and cool jazz. However, since participating on the forum I have been educated on many different genre and finding each interesting in their own right. I think that you will find some real talent on this forum and a variety of genre. If you will be submitting songs, I think that you will find some excellent input that can be very useful.
  11. You doing vocals again --- Cool! I agree with the comments above that request more volume on the vocals. However, it may have been your intent to keep them somewhat in the background creating a more dream like atmosphere. You have indeed done a good job in presenting a dream like ambiance. Great stuff Wookiee!!
  12. This is really a cool song Lynn. The lyrics are indeed "excellent" and well thought out. I love the pace or perhaps better defined, the timing between the lyrics, melody, and instruments. Excellent vocals BTW. Great lead guitar work and the bass adds a lot also. I grew up listening to Blues, early R & B, and 1960's garage band music. There were a number of records (remember them?) that came out that demonstrated some interesting panning during that time. (e.g., Long Grey Mare by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac --- guitar panned hard left, bass panned hard right, blues harp and vocals in the middle). So, given my history of listening, no your panning of the guitar doesn't bother me. My criteria is does it sound good or not and that of course is contingent on taste.
  13. I think that this my favourite of all the great songs-videos that you have posted. The intro reminds me a bit of the Gang of Four (one of my favourite 1970's new wave/punkish groups). That wonderful guitar riff panned Left grabbed me right from the begining and had me hooked. The guitar leads again reminded me of the Gang of Four -- love that style. The lyrics, arrangement, vocals (very good!), exceptional accent noises, video, and that complimentary interplay between bass and drums ---- the whole doggone thing was excellent! You and your entire group have a lot of talent and are putting out some excellent material!!!
  14. Hi tom. No shame my friend! I am retired and doing what we are requested to do . Staying at home -- a lot! However, some how, I am finding time racing past me and finding little time to do the things I would like to do. I have also heard that the characteristic of lost time comes with old age (who me?). Thanks very much for your kind words and encouragement. Oh ya, I almost forgot (forgetfulness another characteristic) here is the link for Mangrove Sally https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=9799162 That song was done quite a while ago and needs a bit of dressing up. I'll have to do that some day -- When time permits. 😉 Hi ya Lynn. Thanks very much for your kind words. Songs that tell stories have always been my favourites. Groups like the Coasters (formally the Robins) were among my most favourite. I have a very simple mic. It is an old Sure Prologue Dynamic. Normally It is plugged directly into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface. When I want reverb a a Boss Digital Delay DD-5 is used. However, given my penchant for abusing this I am reluctant to use it. The only other Fx that I may use is the Sonitus EQ concentrating on adjusting the levels around 200. It is probably due to my lack of musical and mixing knowledge but I shy away from a lot of production. I would probably end up over-producing. It is probably best for me to follow the keep it simple paradigm. Stay safe my friend. Hey Bjorn. Thanks for taking time to listening and for your comments. The vocals are a wee bit off aren't they. I must have slipped into my Jimmy Reed mode (noted for his unusual timing). I have been fortunate to have met some interesting people in my life. It is not too difficult to exaggerate some of these personalities and place them in different situations to come up with a story. Thanks again!! Hello Douglas. Yup that is one of my Marine Band harmonicas in A. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to go back and give it a look (better yet a listen). Thanks again for listening and commenting!!! Hi Bapu. I'm glad that you liked it. Thanks for listening and for your comments!!!
  15. freddy j

    Mortal Tears

    Brilliant!!! Another is a series of excellent productions.
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