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  1. freddy j


    Here is a simple, no-frills, rock 'n roll/rockabilly number done up in early 1960's style. I even tried to emulate the rather "exuberant" drum fills that were around at that time. The lyrics tell a simple story (with a wee bit of a talking section) and the point of the story is that sometimes when you lose you can also win. Hot Dog!!! I hope that it gives you a bit of a giggle! Comments, crit.'s, suggestions, etc. will be kindly appreciated. Thanks!! LOST THE RACE -- WON THE GAME https://www.soundclick.com/bands3/default.cfm?bandID=963481
  2. freddy j

    I Went to the Well (World Beat)

    Hi John B. Thanks for listening an thanks much for the suggestion. A wee bit more it will be.
  3. freddy j

    I Went to the Well (World Beat)

    Hi Rik. Thanks for your kind comments. It was indeed trying to come up with something using the Spam guitar. It was a bit challenging to play a one string instrument and just a bit more challenging to make a pitiful plunk sound like something more, but fun --- ya, it certainly was. Hi Tom. Thanks very much for your input! I certainly pay attention when you make suggestions and I value them. I am better on the creative side than I am on the technical side -- so, I hope you can forgive me if my response sound a bit lame. The mic I have been using is a Sure Prologue LO Z 14L Dynamic. It is an old one and I can't even remember how or where I got it. I believe that Sure discontinued that model in the mid-1990's. I hope that means some thing to you, as it falls into my level of ignorance. My guide in EQ'ing is a chart that I found in an article that I read called The EQ Primer. This chart listed what the author determined were the frequency ranges best used for various instruments and voice. In particular, for vocal he suggested 10 kHz, 5 kHz, and 200 Hz and to this he suggested boost and reduction rates. In my limited experience I found that the biggest influence for sound was in the 200 Hz range and I just fiddle with this range until it sounds right to me. The author suggested reducing to add clarity to low vocals and boosting to fill out high vocals. Depending on the type of song I am doing I bounce between boosting and reducing but I do tend to use mid to lower values in many songs (usually -3 to +2). In this particular song I believe that I was in the -0.5 dB range. I do tend to gravitate to artists that are in the baritone range (e.g., Muddy Waters, Daryl Higham, etc.). I sure would appreciate it if you might be able to provide me with any specific ideas or suggestions as to how I might improve. Thanks very much again Tom.
  4. freddy j

    I Smell Fish

    Absoflippinlutely cool! I like the bass on this number. To me the bass and guitar carry this number along while the "cacaphony" of the keyboard (?) - synth (?) provides the edge that keeps one's attention focused. To use beat jargon - you get the full "snaps" (that's a good thing) on this one. I now have a new favourite of yours.
  5. freddy j

    Understand (New Lyrics)

    Hi John. I think that I commented on your previous version -- which I liked. I think that you have done a wonderful job in this revision. I am glad that you kept the vocal drops in this on. I like that!!! Well done!
  6. freddy j

    Summer Dreaming - Song # 8

    This is an extremely nice song. It took me exactly to that place that you described in your intro above. "Lord I hate to get up in the morning." Very good guitar work and interplay between the guitars. Nice one!!
  7. freddy j

    I don't know

    Hi FMented. I think you have a great start on this number! It reminds me of something I heard on a show I was watching on TV. It was used as background music in scene with a bit of tension or anticipation. BTW, I think the guitar sound is rather cool. I like the wide panning that you have used. However, on my cans the instruments panned left were a bit low. The interplay between the edgy guitar parts and the softer piano part are a great contrast in defining the edgy nature of this song. Perhaps adding an intro and outro would add to the length of the song (as mentioned above). Also including other edgy parts using other instrumentation or other extended riffs (e.g., a distorted guitar lead ?) would help to extend the songs length and add an extra level of "edginess". Just a couple of thoughts. I look forward to hearing the final product.
  8. freddy j

    Alternative mix, Secrets (of the songs and dance)

    This one is a bit different from the usual and I must say that I really like it. The drums and bass add kind of sense of urgency that really carries the song along well. That is complemented well by some extremely good guitar work. As usual you lyrics and vocals are a class act (great timing, delivery and they fit the music) and your and playing is top notch. This is a very well thought out songs (e.g., the intro and outro using the didgerdoo -- very cool). Vocals too loud ---- nah, sounds good on my 'phones.
  9. freddy j

    All the Love I Need

    You have a great commercial pop sound in this song. The guitars provide a good rhythmic riff that carries the song along and the organ is definitely a cool touch. I must agree with the comments above that your vocals are really the star of song. Excellent on the lead vocals and BGV's. As some mentioned above, the spoken vocals might be better done in an emotional higher register. I like the spoken part and think you should keep them in the song. Excellent work and in a tweak or two you it will be time for your agent to get it on the airwaves and internet!!!
  10. freddy j

    I Went to the Well (World Beat)

    Hi Bjorn. Thank you very much and ya, it really is a spam guitar (see below). As you might imagine, the sound is not of the best quality but FX and a little bit of this and some more of that, it can sound a bit like some kind of instrument. With only one string it can be a bit of a bother to play. Hi Lynn. I really appreciate your kind words and your encouragement. Given that we are faced with empirically based facts concerning this subject ---- "if we don't do something, there'll be nothing left to do (if I may quote myself). Thanks again!!! Hey Joad. Thanks!!! I sincerely appreciate that you took the time to listen and for your kind comments. Hello Grem. Thanks very much. Yup that was the Spam guitar. I had to use a microphone to record it and then used the Blue Cat Free Amp, Sonitus Wahwa, and the Blue Cat Phaser 3 to make it sound like something. I had to do some work with the sync on the harmony and main vocals. I didn't use any Vocal Align or Vocal Synch but I did it the hard way ----- a lot of cut, move, and paste. Some of the harmony was so badly synch'ed that the most expeditious way was what I did. However, re-recording multiple attempt at harmony, until I got it, would probably been quicker 😉. Thanks very much again!!
  11. freddy j

    I have seen the Krystal Kreek Kairy

    With your productivity in putting out songs it is hard to keep up but I believe that this is my favourite to date. I love that deep bass sound (what is it?) and can it be just a bit of rhythm in this one (that keyboard riff). It is real gone (you know me -- rhythm rules). This song sounds just a wee bit like beatnik music for the 21st century. Anyway, I don't mean to be too apple butter-ish but this was the most, dad.
  12. freddy j

    Valse a deux,

    I have never been able to understand how Django was able to do what he did with such an injury. Very nice composition, excellent playing, and a nice complement/tribute to Mr. Reinhardt.
  13. freddy j

    I Went to the Well (World Beat)

    Hi cclarry. Now that you mention it --- I can detect a wee bit of the low rider sound. Thanks for listening. Hey Jesse. Thanks for the input pal. Ya, I was having fun so I got a bit carried away. BTW, you have been putting out some interesting and original stuff. Keep them coming. Hi kakku. I very much appreciate your listening and thanks for the kind comment!
  14. freddy j

    Pale Blue Dot - Video

    Absoflippinlutely wonderful, Bjorn! You not only have become an accomplished musician/composer but you have become a video artist as well. This really is an excellent marriage of sounds/music and video. Each compliments each other perfectly. You really have been posting some great music-videos. Excellent work my friend!
  15. freddy j

    Bangin and Poppin (metapop tune)

    As Grem noted above, I liked the change in the beginning. I was settled down for a pleasant number and then BANG. Everything sound good on this number to me. You indeed have a very pleasant composition, it is well executed, and the mix is very well done. I enjoyed this. Thanks for posting.