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  1. I went way "back in the alley" to pull off this song. My inspiration was a song done back in 1956 called "Ain't Got No Home" which was done by Clarence "Frogman" Henry. I think that this song does not sound anything like the Frogman's but I did borrow from the concept or idea. Besides -- unlike the Frogman --- I can not sing like a girl or like a frog. However, I hope that I captured some of the fun and mood of of his song. It is a simple song with two rhythm guitars (chords and notes), another guitar for accents and the lead break, bass guitar, drums and vocals. I used the Amplitude 1957 Fender guitar amp in hopes of getting some of the grit that seemed to be present in the R & B guitar sounds of that era. For you old guys maybe you might remember Mr. Henry's original song (when you were a wee bit of a rug rat like me). For you young guys maybe it might introduce you to an R & B song that became a crossover hit. I have learned a lot from the comments, suggestions, crit.'s, etc. that I have received from y'all and would appreciate your input for this one. Thanks! LONELY BOY https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  2. freddy j


    Hi Allan. How are you? It is a bit out of my range of styles but every once in a while one must try something different. Thanks very much for your kind words and encouragement. And Alice did indeed enjoy it. Thanks again.
  3. freddy j


    Hi Wookiee, Thank you my furry friend. I very much appreciate both comments!!
  4. freddy j

    Stratos 1977

    Hi Bjorn. This does have backing track for a cinema or TV video. I agree with Nigel above -- it sounds good just as it is. This number definitely sets a mood early on and maintains it throughout. Really good stuff pal.
  5. Hey Nigel! Another perfect song, video, performance, and production. Certainly it maintains your high standards and quality. Yes, your sound has changed a bit and this song seems to have a strong commercial pop appeal. Best of luck on the new album and new website!!
  6. HiYa pal! You really are on a roll with what you have been posting. It has been hard for me to keep up but when I do it is always a treat. So -- I just listened to 3 of your more recent song and loved them all. Keep 'em coming!
  7. What a wonderful song!! The lyrics sound very personal and the music is perfect for the lyrics. I love your use of delay/echo on the vocals and also love the harmonic guitars toward the end. This was great --- please do some more with vocals.
  8. freddy j


    Hi Marcus. Thank you very much Mark. They said it wouldn't last but boy did Alice an I show them!! Really glad that you and Warren are back on the forum, and I'm really enjoying your postings.
  9. freddy j


    Hey Bjorn. Thanks for your very kind comments. Ya, this one was stripped down, bare and minimalist! The point was the lyrics and I didn't want to crowd them out. Thanks again. Hi Mark. Thanks for listening and your suggestion. I do abuse verb but I am always pleased to use it. I am going to take a look at this song again and see how I might use verb without abusing It. Much appreciated! Hello Nigel. Thanks very much for the kind comments. They are very much appreciated. Thanks also for the congrat's. As I get older it seems the anniversaries are coming more frequently. Hi Lynn. It is great to see you back on the forum. I really enjoyed your recent post. Thanks for your comments and the congrat's. Hi John B. "A ballad from Freddy" --- I guess that there is a first time for everything. If only I could do "just about anything(lol). Thanks for the kind words and the congrat's.
  10. A very impressive production indeed! Well put together, entertaining, creative, and technically/musically impressive. Very cool!
  11. I always enjoy your stuff Jesse. Thank you!
  12. This song has your signature all over it and that is a very good thing. The mix sounds good to my tired old ears --- Well Done!
  13. freddy j

    In Security

    Nice one Anthony ! There is something to be said for spontaneity and sincerity! I too suffer from a lack of technical knowledge in mixing, etc. and can relate. This song tells a great story and your presentation delivered it very well.
  14. Welcome to the forum! I was not expecting that but I couldn't help be impressed with the sounds that you created with a guitar. Very cool. I look forward to your future posts!
  15. Excellent -- laid back, no urgency, mellow and some great playing. Love the sound of that lead guitar. Sometimes it is nice to hear just the guitar without massive amounts of Fx. Well done!
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