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  1. Here is a little story of Cool Cat Joe and his attempt at getting the most popular girl in the neighbourhood to go to the Christmas Hop with him. It doesn't work out with her but it all works out in the end. Driven by the fear that I would miss the Christmas season and not get a song posted, I did this one in a hurry. It is a bit rough. So I definitely would appreciate some feedback on how to improve it. Maybe I can get it cleaned up by next Christmas season. 😉 Anyway, such as it is -- here it is. Thanks in advance for listening. COOL CAT JOE's CHRISTMAS https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  2. freddy j

    Tamiami Trail

    Thank you Lynn. As one who enjoys going to small venue clubs and listening to live bands, I appreciate your sentiments. Although I appreciate well produced songs, I still like music that is a bit rough and has that live feel to it. Oh well, there is no accounting for taste but diversity is what makes life interesting (well - one of the things). That must be why there are so many flavours of ice cream. 😊 Thanks as always for listening and commenting, and for your encouragement.
  3. I listened to "Grab Ya Stuff" and YES, like it. It takes me back to a kind of what we used to call "raunchy rock" feel or better yet it reminds me of Link Wray. Good mix and good playing. I'll have to give the rest of the EP. Just a thought (but it is indeed a matter of taste) perhaps a rhythm guitar to carry the song along and fill some space. However, that might spoil the mood of the song -- so, take this thought with a grain of salt. Well done!
  4. freddy j

    guitar instrumental

    Excellent playing indeed! I love the classic lead and rhythm combo. Well done!
  5. Who-ray! The link worked. I'm very pleased that I got the chance to hear this song. Great mix but the best part of the song was that it was a very pleasant song to listen to. The melody was great as were the harmonies, but the part I appreciated most was the lyrics. Being an old guy and one who does music for fun and not profit, i could relate. Thanks for fixing the link and for posting the song. Well done!
  6. freddy j

    Tamiami Trail

    Hey Tom. As always I appreciate your insightful suggestions. Although the next few weeks will be too darn busy, I will be giving a listen to the song and making changes where applicable. I guess, being a guitar guy, I might have a tendency toward intruding on the vocals. Although perhaps the saxes might be toned down during the chorus as well. As far as the ending --- it was intentional. Jimmy Reed used to end some of his stuff that way and I loved his stuff especially Eddy Taylor's playing. Thanks again for your help and encouragement!! Hi Douglas. Thanks very much for listening and your kind words. I appreciate the encouragement! Hi Bjorn. Thanks very much. I appreciate it. As far as the pronunciation of "Tamiami", that's how it was pronounced when I was living in Charlotte County, FL. Who knows? ---- it may even be right. Thanks again for your comments. Hey Emeraldsoul. Thanks for listening and for your suggestions. You are probably right about the fill. Sometimes I sneak one in if there is the slightest pause. I'll have to go back and listen. If I did shame on me but the vocalist is not very good --- so, I might have been trying to cover up a mistake (lol). The ending was intentional. I was trying to emulate one or two of Jimmy Reeds endings on a video that I saw. Way back in time there was a blues group that used to play the Florida State Fair when it was held in downtown Tampa. They had a habit of just dropping off when they ended a song. I thought it was pretty cool (a style -- not proper musicianship) but then I am not known for my good taste. Thanks again! Hi Nigel. I grew up loving this older style of Blues. Thanks very much for listening and for your kind comments. BTW, I love the songs and videos that you have been posting. Hi amiller. I appreciate your taking time to listen. Thanks very much for the kind words and thumb up. Hi Daryl. Thanks very much for listening and for your comments. That Chunka-Chunka rhythm is indeed infectious. I was hooked the first time that I heard it (way back when).
  7. I saw the Pretenders (with the original line-up) at the Tampa Theater way back when. Excellent show! Y'all have done an outstanding job on this number. The Mrs.' vocals are great as are all the instrumentals. I particularly like the guitar lead on the outro. I can't access any thumb icons right now but consider this a proxy for a bunch of thumbs up.
  8. One of your best Jesseeeee!!! The drums on this are excellent. The vocals are nicely up front on this song and the mix is also one of your best. Time signatures - what's that ---- I was once told mine were 6.74/8.25. Keep 'em coming pal. Your in your niche and I'm loving it.
  9. I love this. The song is very creative and really set a mood that matches some great video. I don't know why but the song reminds me a bit of one of Devo's song (I just can't remember which one). I love the tempo changes in the song and I love the ending. Where in the world did you get such video or did you take it yourself? And are all the shots of various mustard plants. I thought that one or two of the clips in the beginning looked slightly like slime mold. Great stuff!
  10. Hi Paul. I was looking forward to listening but I couldn't get the link to work. I'll try again later.
  11. I also like it. I love the driving guitars. There is a lot of very nice instrumentation going on but as pointed out above a touch of work on the mix might separate the instruments a bit more. It strikes me that this song would be good background music for some adventure type of video or movie. Nice one!
  12. I agree this was a good marriage between video presentation and music. However, the song is very well done and can stand on it's own. I enjoyed the humor in the video. I know that there is supposed to be a relationship between dance and music but I am one of those very dense people that have never been able to figure it out. Perhaps because I am indeed very clumsy. I'm afraid that my dance moves would be more like that of the chimp. Thanks for posting -- it was very well done and enjoyable.
  13. Ah, Jesse. This brought a big smile to my face. I absoflippinlutely loved it when that second voice came in and you ended with it. Keep "em coming pal.
  14. freddy j

    Tamiami Trail

    Hi Gary. Thanks for listening and thanks especially for commenting, I do appreciate it. I'm glad it got you moving. Hi John B. Thanks John. I'm glad that you liked it and I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I think that the express purpose of the Chunka - Chunka rhythm being created (by whomever) is to cause toe's to start tapping --- perhaps? Hey Mark. Thank you very much. You do meet some interesting people on a bus trip! Back in the old days, the two lane trip through the Everglades was kind of an interesting trip in itself. Thanks for listening and commenting MACCE. I was going for kind of a loose but raw, driving, "raunchy" feel in this song. Hopefully, I got somewhere near that. Thanks again. Hi Allan. Thanks for listening and as always I really appreciate your suggestions. I believe that you are correct the drums need to come up a bit. You are right about the 'verb. I have gotten comments about too much 'verb on some of my other songs. I do suffer from a bad case of " 'verbitis" with which I struggle. It is indeed a problem of mine and I am trying to kick the habit. 🤔
  15. Hi MACCE. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and thanks very much for taking the time to comment. I very much appreciate it. Thanks very much Lynn. I did reach back a bit for this one but when you like a particular style of music it kind of sticks with you. Kind of like being bitten by the Blues Bug. Thanks for listening to "I Went To The Well" also. I had some thoughts to express in this one and since the concerns in this number are happening world wide, I thought that I would try a bit of a world beat_ish style. Thanks again my friend, and I"m glad you are finding a bit of time back on the forum. I look forward to your new postings on the forum.
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