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  1. Hi Bjorn. Ya, the summers can be exciting down here especially during hurricane season. I guess during that time we are "Children Hiding From The Storm".☺️ Thanks very much for listening and your kind comments. Hi Nigel. Your kind words are much appreciated. Thanks very much! Hey Makke. I am very glad that you liked it. Thanks for listening and commenting. Hey David. I can remember that this particular storm was rather awesome, impressive, and even strangely beautiful looking. However, once I got into it and spinning around my impressions of the storm changed. The impressive part stayed but in a different way. Thank you for listening and taking the time to comment. Hi Wookiee. I appreciate your suggestions. When I get back to this song I'll be bumping up both bass and drum. Thanks again! Hi jwnicholson78. Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.
  2. Really nice playing! You have combined boogie, Blues, and a bit of the W. C. Handy Blues-ragtime all into one song. Wow!
  3. Spot on indeed. I love the live feel to this song. Great vocals and guitar playing. You make that Squier sound doggone good. Well done!!!
  4. freddy j

    The Gas Giants 3

    Another great musical interpretation of the cosmos! Ya, that build-up toward the end and swirling - good stuff. Most definitely a cool ending!!
  5. Hi tom! Thank you my friend. I am very glad that you liked it and I appreciate the very kind words and encouragement!!! Hey Larry. Thanks very much for listening and for the kind comments. If you were in that southwest area of FL then you are certainly aware how quickly some of these strong storms can come up. I was driving in sunshine near Naples and "just south of Ft. Myers" ran into an incredible wall of rain. Hi CSW. I appreciate the kind words and thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! I'm glad that you like it. Hi Tom! Thanks very much for your feedback and observations! I very much appreciate it. Ah -- the English language -- it is so easy to mess up. It is, however, the only language that I fluently speak (or write) and yet still l find difficulty in using. Good call though and I will try and clarify my error. This event occurred a long time ago and I went to visit my girlfriend (Alice) in Miami. About 3 years later, this girlfriend became my one and only and current wife. I hope that I didn't confuse the situation even more with this response?? Thanks again!
  6. This song has a great commercial sound to it. There are some valid points above. However, as one who struggles with drums and timing, I can appreciate the difficulty of trying to get everything timed. I think that you have a good thing going here!
  7. freddy j

    Fiddle Tune

    Really nice composition and arrangement!. All sound good on my side!
  8. Thanks for listening and commenting Jack. I'll give the bass a wee bit of a tweak when I go back to work on it. Hey Jesse. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Actually, I have had a few more guitars added to what I had. Unfortunately, I lost a good friend a couple of years ago and he gave me his guitars before be passed. I had 3 tracks that used guitars (excluding bass). The guitar used for all of these tracks was one that I picked up at a Boy Scout yard sale for $15. The brand was worn off but I think that I have narrowed it down to a Norma from some where around the mid-1960's. It was in pretty bad shape but a bit of work (e.g., scraping the rust from the pickups) and it became somewhat usable. I kind of fell in love with its gritty sound. For the rhythm chords I used the Blue Cat's freebie VST amp set on the Classic Drive setting. It was panned left. For the rhythm notes (panned right) I plugged Norma straight into the computer with no Fx. The Lead (panned centre) the amp used was the AmpliTube 4 Fender collection. In particular it was the Pro Junior using the driven shuffle setting. I hope that this answers your questions. Thanks again.
  9. Jesse does the Blues! Hot dog --- I luv it!!! Are you singing through the harp into the mike -- if so, sounds cool! The guitar distortion sounds just like Hound Dog Taylor! You're the most man!!
  10. Excellent power rocker. Great instrumental playing, vocals, mix, arrangement, etc., etc. Really liked the changes and the background vocals.
  11. I don't know if you recall the Allman Joys (precursors to the Allman Brothers). In their early days they played the J-Ville, Daytona Beach and N E of Florida. This song just reminded me a bit of some of their early stuff. I agree with you on "not too far" north. Being on the west coast of FL I find that Brooksville is too far north in the winter. Anyway great song, I enjoyed it!
  12. freddy j

    September Nights

    This is a really nice number that you have come up with. It certainly brought back memories of the early 1960's soft sound surf music. For some reason (I guess the use of the whammy bar) reminded me of the softer side of the Eliminators. Very nice work indeed!
  13. Outstanding! That is the best voyage that I have been on for quite some time. I don't know that I have ever heard a funky style of space themed music but boy does it work in this creative work! Video and music were excellent! Well done!!
  14. freddy j

    Mysteries of Time

    Very nice and soothing indeed! It brought up a few images for me (e.g., at first Christmas bells, then new growth in spring, etc.). I don't know what Kontakt freebie that you were using but you made it sound good. A lovely piece and good work!
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