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  1. Hi tom! Thanks very much for the encouragement pal. Jimmy Reed -- I'll take that any day. In fact, when I was a young teeny-bopper I wore the grooves out of several Jimmy albums. I just loved that stuff and it provided a great escape from some of the commercial stuff being played on top 40 radio. Thanks again. Thank you very much David. I appreciate your comments. No --- I am not really a stock broker. Although, the first time in college I graduated in Business Administration. I worked in that for 2-3 years but it just was not for me. So, I went back to college to pick up the 2 years of undergraduate work that I needed to get into grad. school in the Biological Sciences. Now that is the place in which I belonged. Hi Douglas. Thanks very much for taking the time to listen and for the kind words. I am very pleased that you liked it. Thanks again. Y'all stay safe and healthy.
  2. freddy j

    Simple Sam

    Boy howdy -- this is one cool country sounding song. I like the story. The chorus and melody are infectious. Terrific job all the way around.
  3. For an easy listening Jazz song, I thought this was great. It all sounded good to me. You were concerned about the drums but to me they sounded fine. The brushes, bass pedal, fills all seemed to fit with the timing. This is not the type of music where you would want them too much up front (they were not) but they carried the song along as they should. BTW, I liked the wee bit of dissonance at the ending.
  4. Very cool song indeed!!! I liked the pulsating sounds (panned hard left and right) complementing each other in the beginning. Aaah, but when the guitars and hard bass came in --- COOL! I am also a sucker for that keyboard theme that ran throughout the song (even through the instrumental pause and right after the bass run) --- most COOL.
  5. Hi John B, I am sorry that you will be leaving this forum. I have always enjoyed listening to your songs. They always had a message and emotion. Let both your brain and heart guide you and I sincerely hope that you find the peace that you are looking for. During this time of crisis please be careful, stay safe, and be well.
  6. Not thing to add to the above comments --- except that this is a good and well done rocker. Nice one!!! Thanks for posting.
  7. freddy j

    Spirit Wind

    Excellent -- lyrics, composition, performance, mix, etc.!!! However, your vocals really stand out in this song. Well done.
  8. Another social observation song. I'll get over this phase soon --- I hope. This one is about a social climbing lad who is upset that his dreams of financial and social success are failing. Some how I have little sympathy for my fictional character. It is done up in bluesabilly style. As always, your comments, suggestions, etc. are and will be appreciated. Thanks! I hope that all of you are doing well in this period of crisis. Listen to the physicians, healthcare workers, and other experts and temper the comments by the politico types. Take care and stay safe. TO WHOM DO I TAKE THIS MATTER https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  9. A bit different from your usual postings John. However, it does have your signature style. Great production, a nice blend of sounds that for me created a cheery but melancholy mood - all at the same time. Nice one --- I very much enjoyed it!
  10. freddy j


    I may have said this before but you have been posting some great work. I agree with Mark above. The dialogue matched with your music does give this song a cool edge. Kind of Big Brother-ish.
  11. I did a cold start on my computer and now it works. I'm glad that I did because I love this song. To me it very much sounds like the Shadows (Cliff Richards' back-up group and a legitimate group on their own). The style of the lead playing sounds like Hank Marvin. Excellent work!!
  12. Oh dear, I couldn't get to play. I also tried on the YouTube and couldn't get it to play. I love surf music ----- so, I will be sure to try again later.
  13. A really bell clear mix and some doggone good playing on the guitar. Very cool over all jazz feel. Love the horns on this. What did you use?
  14. freddy j

    Dance Tryout

    Welcome back! Great song for the genre. The mix sounds terrific on my end --- very professional indeed!
  15. Thanks John B. I very much appreciate the kind comments.
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