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  1. Hi John. Thank you! Lynn had some great ideas and was easy to work with. I believe that you might be hearing at least one more in the not do distant future. Thanks again.
  2. Well the boys and girls in the band were good but the song is pure Jesse. Although pursuant to the conversations above, this song must be jazz (jelly) because funk (jam) don't shake like that. BTW, the drums - the drums - who played the drums? Nice one pal!
  3. freddy j


    I love that bass sound in this song. Great production on this! The guitar sounds are absoflippinlutely awesome - especially that wee bit of dissonance on that one chord. I must be sounding redundant but this is another wonderful production from y'all.
  4. I absoflippinlutely loved this!!! It was creative - the visuals were perfect and synced to the music- the music was excellent, - and the mix was also. The lyrics were also perfect for the theme. There was nothing not to like about this one (is this a double negative?).
  5. freddy j


    Wow -- excellent. The song, arrangement, performance and mix are wonderful. The visuals are equally good. This was entertaining and professionally done. BTW, luv that little whispering vocal like sound panned right.
  6. freddy j

    Warp 6

    Your whole Warp series of posts has been absolutely stellar. Warp 6 is no exception. Excellent stuff! BTW if one travels at 392 times faster than the speed of light does that mean that when you arrive at your destination you are younger than when you took off? Just wondering.
  7. freddy j

    Lucky Break

    Love this song Douglas! The rhythmic riff throughout "Lucky Break" is absolutely hypnotic and good. The sounds that you have gotten out of that Strat are excellent. Vocals and BGV's are also excellent! What-the-hey, the whole doggone thing is just terrific!
  8. freddy j


    Another captivating piece from my favourite alien musician!
  9. Great sounding mix John! This is a lovely song with some very heart felt lyrics carried along by a great melody! Oh ya -- "very creative ending" indeed.
  10. Most cool Indeed!!! Some interesting social observations in this song. Luv the pauses -- they give one a brief second or two to absorb the lyrics. Finger snap applause with both hands on this one!
  11. Hi Noyneker. This song was bothering me. I tried to trash it but it wouldn't let me go. I appreciate Lynn's help in getting it out of the mud and cleaning it up. It also was a lot of fun! Better get your castaway songs out of the trash bin before the trash truck comes. Thanks very much for listening and your kind words are very much appreciated. Hello Makke. Thank you -- I appreciate the kind comments. BTW, I very much liked listening to your recent post "Dark Eyes". Hi Hidden Symmetry. Thanks for listening and for your comments. I just had a feeling that Lynn might be the person that would pull this number out of its rut and boy did he ever! Thanks again. Hi Steve. Lynn took your and Tom's comments to heart and sent me a new mix which I have now posted. Thanks for your insight and for listening. I think that Lynn's changes have improved the song and should address your suggestions. Thanks again. Helloo Jesse. I personally have not been "... taken, over and over" but I have been over taken a few times. I'm glad that you liked it pal! Thanks for listening and the suggestion. Hi David. Cynicism can be useful at times. It can also be overwhelming at times. This song was a bit different from the usual bluesabilly stuff but it feels good to go in a different direction every once in a while. Thank you for listening and for the kind words David. Hey Nigel. I'm very glad that you liked this number. It was a treat in doing this song with Lynn. He certainly has some good ideas and talent! Thanks for your kind comments -- they are very much appreciated!
  12. Love the retro feel to this song. I really enjoyed the story being told by the lyrics. Well done Allan!!
  13. Absolutely cool stuff my furry friend. Could one get past the speed of light in a black hole or perhaps around the edge? As I have this rather contentious relationship with synths (they intimidate me), I am always amazed by your ability to create sounds and put them together in a musical package that creates mind images (at least for me). Well done -- I enjoyed this brief period of space travel.
  14. freddy j

    Dark eyes

    Aaah, this did indeed take me back. Great playing, arrangement and recording. Hank Marvin doesn't have anything over you!! Well done!!!
  15. freddy j


    This is a beautiful piece of music and indeed a lovely, relaxing. Gee, just looking at the picture and listen to your music, I already feel more relaxed. Very nice work!!!
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