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  1. Hi Bjorn. Thanks very much for listening and for the very kind comments. I first heard the Blues, and 1950's Rhythm and Blues when I was a wee bit of a pre-teen living up in the Great White North. If the weather was just right during the night time hours, I could pull in WLAC broadcast all the way from Nashville Tenn. That was it and I was hooked. I flirted with other styles but I always came back to the blues for a Blues Infusion. To misquote a John Lee Hooker lyric "... it's in him and its got to come out." Thanks again! Hi Steve. I very much appreciate your taking time to listen and for the kind words.
  2. I wasn't familiar with Roger Whittaker --- so, I went and listen to his song first then yours. Your post certainly gives the late Mr. Whittaker a run for the money. Actually, I liked your vocals better! Excellent!!
  3. Great instruments, vocals, lyrics, visuals, and production! Great story also, but a sad and not too uncommon story. There is always someone willing to exploit another person. For me it is similar to in message (not style) to the Jim Carroll song Friends of Mine Who Died. Good work Paul!!
  4. freddy j


    Very cool track indeed! The guitars (6 string and bass) are great and that sax is also.
  5. As always this is absoflipinlutely great work. Good luck with the album!
  6. Glad that you got the work and good luck!
  7. Hi Rikkie. Thanks very much for listening and I appreciate your taking the time to comment! Hi Lynn. Thanks very much for listening, the kind comments, and for the suggestions about the vocal. As soon as life slows down a bit and stops interfering with what I would rather be doing, I'll be making the changes. BTW, I really enjoyed and was impressed by your recent post with Dary1968l!! Hey tom. Thanks very much for listening , commenting, and for the help. I took a look at your My Reel link and what a great site! The music was great and I had no idea that you had so many other outside the forum interests. Thanks again and thanks for the encouragement! Hi Makke. Thanks very much for listening and for the kind words. Also --- I very much enjoyed your last post! Hey Nigel. I am very glad that you enjoyed this song. Given the quality of your work, I am humbled by your kind words. Your recent post is excellent but every thing you do is terrific.
  8. Great work guys!!! The forum is full of talent and you to are among the top. This is absoflippinlutely excellent. I don't know if it was intentional but this song has a bit of a Latin Afrobeat style to it. Particularly that guitar panned left and the percussion. That is one of my new favourite styles.
  9. What a fun and interesting song. I love songs that tell a story or offer some kind of social observation. This does both. The mix and arrangement sound good and the instrumentation and performance are great. Thanks for posting --- I enjoyed the listen!
  10. You never fail to impress with your posts. This one is most certainly not an exception. The topic is an important one and the song, video and entire production certainly gets the point across. Impressive work!
  11. This is a very nice pleasant, feel-good song. Love the wind-up in the intro. The "build up" of the song was very good through out. Oh yes, some nice guitar work at the end!
  12. Enjoy it --- I certainly did. It keeps right up with all that you have been posting. That is: excellent videos matched up with excellent music/arrangements, excellent performances, etc. Great stuff!!!
  13. You must have fixed it --- I did not hear a pop! This is indeed an impressive piece of music. The synopsis on the region was appreciated also. I did have to go back a couple of time and listen to the music as I got distracted by the music. It struck me as sad that for at least 6 millennium Europe and the mid-east have experienced wars. In many of these times it has been among different factions of those who all worship the God of Abraham. The unfortunate result of all these wars is that it is the average citizens, trying to make a living and survive, who are the ones that suffer the most. --Bless the peace makers-- Excellent music and historical summary.
  14. Very well done indeed! Interesting song and video seems to match perfectly. Cool indeed!
  15. Recently I have been having difficulty in categorizing genre for the stuff that I have been working on. This song is also giving me the same issue. This is a simple song using just guitars, bass and drums (old school). It is intended to be just a bit of fun with some observations and a wee bit of a message. As always comments, suggestions, crit.'s, etc. will be very much appreciated! Thanks!! IT'S NOT YOUR BUSINESS https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
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