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  1. freddy j

    Truth and Reality

    Hi Douglas. Thanks very much. I appreciate the kind words. BTW, I just posted a comment on your recent post (Lucky Me). What a treat, I really enjoyed it! Hi tom. "Love is never having to say your sorry ..." ----- It must be my Canadian upbringing, we used to use that word a lot way back then. 😉 "More great stuff, love the social commentary>" --- Just some ruminating about things. Thanks, for the encouragement. "We are entitled to our opinions, just not our own set of facts ..." ---- Amen to that my friend.!! Thanks again! Hi David. I appreciate the kind words. I also just commented on your recent post. Very creative and well done work!! Hey Bjorn. Thanks much. I very much appreciate your taking the time to listen and your comments. And yes indeed, one would think reality and truth would be the same thing. Hello Jesse. I have done testified! Now can I get a witness??? I'm running hard to keep up with your one a day songs. Luv-it! Hey Nigel. Thank you very much. Coming from a pro like you - your comments mean a lot. "... it's best not to watch too much news -..." I certainly can't disagree with that but being ever so slightly OCD, I try and get news from multiple disparate sources. Unfortunately, that often means system overload! ðŸĪŠ
  2. freddy j

    Lucky Me

    Wow, I loved this one! That rhythmic riff sets it all off for me. The lyrics were clever and the guitar work was perfect. I even liked the drums. Nice one!
  3. freddy j

    Track 12

    I guess I got here too late for the video but the new demo was beautiful. That f-horn perfectly accentuated the piece. Well done indeed!!
  4. Stripped down, raucous, and raw, is what normally attracts me in music. However, I really liked this piece of music. A lot of twists and turns, each instrument had an opportunity to present itself, and the touch of some dissonance kept my attention throughout. I always enjoy what you post and this is no exception.
  5. Absolute perfection again Nigel. Beautiful song, great performance and video that complements all of it. I share your apparent distrust of politicians. However, as frustrated as I am, I am staying at home following the advise of experts in the fields of public health, medicine, microbiology, pandemic research, etc. They have the academic training and experiential expertise to know what is best. In general politicians don't. I would not go to my mechanic if I were not feeling well. On the other hand, I would not take my car to my physician if I were having car trouble. Each is the expert in their field. Science is a discipline that demands to be questioned. I find that trait rather refreshing. I always enjoy your posts Nigel. Keep "em coming!
  6. Great story telling and country sound!
  7. I've been running hard Jesse in order to keep up with your productivity. Quirky, creative and most definitely cool with interesting observations in each. I was knocked out by Something in the Water --- kind of a soulful, funky, Bluesy sound. Luv that guitar panned hard left.
  8. freddy j

    Truth and Reality

    I apologize for posting another song so quickly, but it was in me and had to come out. Accepting the conclusions of medical, research, and public health experts, I am a "stay at home" guy. The problem is that I have been watching too much TV (especially news). This little number is what resulted from this affliction. It is done up in bluesabilly style and is intended to be a bit rough and raw but not too biting. As always, comments, crit.'s, suggestions, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! TRUTH AND REALITY https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  9. A beautiful, pleasant, calming song Bjorn. It almost has a Celtic lilt to it. BTW, your photography is very good.
  10. I agree with Gary above. Your music does indeed make me smile. I was captured by the BGV (and sounds) that were faded in the background. Cool stuff Jesse!!!
  11. freddy j


    Hey David. Thanks for taking time to listen to both songs. Time is indeed a conundrum. I very much appreciate your comments. Thank you. Hi Evan. You're right. Unfortunately, our time on this Earth is much too temporary for me. Thanks for listening and for your comments. You are not the first one to suggest that I put a bit more "energy" in my vocals on certain songs. Even my wife suggested that I have a Perry Como delivery on certain songs. I must admit that I always have liked Perry Como (please don't hold that against me). I would like to try different octaves or other keys but unfortunately I am limited by my geriatric baritone larynx. Thanks again.
  12. freddy j


    Ahhh, now that I have adjusted Night Storm on Sea --- I have had a chance to re-work Time. My apologies for the delay in responding Hi Garyburn. Thanks very much for the comments and suggestions. I have boosted up the vocals and hopefully this helps. Hi Douglas. I agree with you. Time is a hard critter to figure out. I think, from our average human perception, time is perceived a bit differently than the ideas of Einstein and quantum mechanics. Thanks very much for you input and kind words. Hey Nigel. Thanks for responding. I appreciate your suggestion and the vocal has been increased. Thanks again. Hi Wookie. I love the quotes and sayings that you provided. They're great! Thanks very much for listening and your response. Hey Bjorn. I take out trash twice a week --- that must be why time passes by twice as fast for me??? 😏 Thanks very much for listening and for the kind comments. Hey Lynn. Wow, thank you very much. I really appreciate the kind words, and for the help and encouragement that you have always provided. BTW, I was really impressed by your last song posted - excellent. Hi tom. Ya, stay at home doesn't help - but- we have to do what we should do and what is best! Thanks very much for the listen and for the kind input. Hi Allan. Thanks Allan - your words are very much appreciated. I just got done responding to your latest post -- very impressive indeed!!! Hi Hidden Symmetry. The Doors -cool- if only I could do a decent job in playing the organ. 🙂 Thanks very much for taking the time to listen and for the kind comments.
  13. Hi Billy. Thanks for the kind comments. I am very familiar with the Wise Guyz and love their sound. I particularly like their live street performance (not sure where it occurred) on YouTube. I understand you sentiment that finding decent quality video is hard unless you have a big bankroll. Thanks very much for your offer. Of course I would be interested (especially if it were free). I will be tied up for a few days but will give you a PM when I'm done. Thanks again! Hi Paul. I am very glad that it brought back your bounce! Thank you very much for the kind words. They are very much appreciated. Cheers!!!
  14. Really a beautiful song. The vocals are very well done indeed. This has a great commercial sound and sounds as if it should receive air play.
  15. I love the sound on this one. I liked the vibrato in the beginning. This song has a nice edge to it, and a big and full sound. Really good stuff -- kept my attention throughout.
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