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  1. Hi Douglas. I hope that it brought a bit of a smile to your face. Thanks very much for listening and your comments. Hey Kevin. My wife tells me that I can sometimes have a bit of an attitude but I think she means it differently (lol). Thanks for the bonus points but I must admit I cheated. 🤥 Sometimes rhymer.com can be a real friend when you are trying to write lyrics. Thanks for taking time to comment - I much appreciate it. Hello Hidden Symmetry. Thank you very much. BTW, I really enjoyed the song on your recent post -- excellent work! Hi Allan. BTW, does that professorship come as tenured and is it an assistant, associate, or full professor rank? Thank you very much for listening and for the encouragement!!! Hello tom! Does the "Procrastinators Unanimous" organization have a Tampa Bay area chapter (just asking)? Thanks for listening and the kind words pal! Hi Bjorn. Thanks very much for the kind comments. I admit that I used a bit of help from Rhymer. There were very few words that would rhyme with procrastination that were one syllable. However, there were lots more that were two or three and a few of those were relevant to the song. On the guitar -- I was going (again) for that gritty, gravelly,distorted early electric guitar sound. I hope it worked. Thanks again. Thanks Nigel! I was hoping that it might bring a bit of a smile to those that listened.
  2. Good song all the way around. Crystal clear mix, good lyrics, vocals, and some nice sounding guitars and playing. Nice one.
  3. freddy j


    I loved the flow of this song and I love instrumentals. Great guitar work. It reminds me a bit of the band Wolfpack ( a Six Nations band from Canada). I think that I'm going to give it a second listen - right now.
  4. Brilliant!!! The mix is outstanding but the introduction of each instrument really worked. How in the world did you get that muted trumpet sound? The guitar solo --- "amazing" indeed. I agree with the comments above, a list of details would be appreciated. The ending --- cooool, --- I'll end the kudos here.
  5. freddy j


    This is a really pleasant rock-pop song with commercial potental. Your vocals really stand out and the BGV's are well done as well. Great job by both of you!!
  6. Very creative piece Bjorn. Loved every minute of it. The music and your narrative were perfect. The countdown was an perfect addition.
  7. Here is a simple, uncomplicated, lighthearted, little number that suggests a possible plan for extending the time that we get to spend on this Earth. However, having said that, I am pretty sure that it won't work. Just wishing that something will work, seldom (read never) works. However, it might provide a good excuse for the "engagement of procrastination? I hope it might give you a bit of a giggle. As always comments, suggestions, crit.'s, donations (yes, I jest), etc. are welcome and appreciated! Thanks. LIFE: The Ultimate in Procrastination https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  8. I love this "little ditty"!!! I think that a lot of us can definitely relate. Lyrics, performance, instrumentation, mix, etc. all well done. Great job y'all!!!!
  9. freddy j

    Democracy Blues

    Thank you Jeff and thank you for listening. Thanks Wookiee. I appreciate your taking time to listen and comment. BTW, "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." -- wonderful quote!
  10. freddy j

    Democracy Blues

    Hi tom. Thanks for the kind words. Get out and vote indeed!!! BTW, thanks for the tip! Hey Lynn. Thanks for commenting -- much appreciated!! BTW, don't forget to vote. I have already turned my ballot in. Jesse - how are you! Hey, you reached 23 songs --- well done!!!! Thanks for listening and the comments. Hi Paul. I'm really glad that you liked it. For me it is a hard race between the Blues and rockabilly --- I guess that's why I like Bluesabilly. Thanks very much for listening and for commenting. Hi Tom. Thanks very much for the kind comments and the tips. They mean a lot coming from you! Hi Gary. Thank you very much and yes, I took your suggestion on the last song I posted and beefed up the vocals a bit. Thanks! Hey Nigel. Thank you! I am very glad that you liked this song --- especially given the excellent quality of your productions. "Is there such a thing as a free democracy?" Now that is a question worthy of discussion. It seems that everything has a price in one way another. Is there such a thing as a free democracy ---- hmmmmm, I might have to think awhile about that one. Is a free democracy free -- a good song title?. .!? Thanks again.
  11. I'm Alone -- that one was a bit different from your usual style. I enjoyed it. You have not produced an album but an entire collection of work! You have earned a break pal!
  12. The music (instrumentation) sounds great to me. However, the lyrics are absoflippinlutely wonderful. I love them. It reminds me of listening to a talk radio guy (Bob Lassiter - RIP) that used to host a talk show in the Tampa Bay area before moving up to the Chicago market. Clever work on all aspect of this song.!!!!
  13. An excellent constructed/composed piece! I love the "full orchestra" jazzy style of this one. Excellent work ------- again!!!
  14. A very pleasant test of patterns indeed. Your new toy definitely have a very clear and defined tone!!!
  15. What a pleasant melodic piece with some doggone poignant lyrics. Your vocals were perfect for delivering this message. Well done Bjorn.
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