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  1. freddy j

    Baby Boomer Blues

    Hi Paul. I'm sorry that you got the Blues. Apparently I should put you on the list of those who can relate also. I view the picture as being happy that I made it this far! So look at these as the happy Blues not the sad Blues. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! Thank you John! I will also add you to the membership list of those who can relate. Your comments about the Gen X'ers is spot on. Also it applies to the Millenials and for all who follow. It seems as if your are young and then blink and all of a sudden you got the Baby Boomer Blues. Thanks very much for listening and for the kind comments! Hey Kenny. Welcome to the club! Yup that is how I want to be when I'm 93. Thanks for taking the time to listen and for your comments. I will try and find the lyrics for this song and post them if I am successful in finding them. Thanks again. Hi Wookiee. Thanks for listening and I very much appreciate your comments. About the vocals --- you know me, I have a penchant for abusing reverb. Maybe some day I will kick the habit and get it right. Thanks again.
  2. freddy j

    Sweet Anne (version critique please)

    I might opt for the first version but both are pretty close (at least on my phones). I like the FX on the vocals it does have a Lennon sound to it (goo goo ka chu). It seems that you have gone on a slightly new path on this song (a 1960's feel) --- and ---- it works!!! Great fade! Oh ya - nice mix also. Good stuff Jesse!
  3. freddy j

    Money can't buy love

    What is this --- electronica meets reggae? However -- it really doesn't matter, because this is an absolutely wonderful song. Your vocals are great and to my ears the mix is perfect. Excellent stuff Steve!!!
  4. freddy j

    "I Need Some Socks"

    I absoflippinlutely love this. You have taken a everyday situation and turned it into a pleasant 4:54 minutes of listening. You do know your stuff -- composition, arrangement, performance, recording, mixing, etc. are all excellent! Terrific Job Tom!!!
  5. freddy j

    Head in a Basket - Constructive mix feedback welcome!

    I think you have a powerhouse rocker going on with this song. I listened to all mixes/masters and there is a slight difference in the lows. The newer mixes do have a "fatter bottom" (to use a Blues term) I kinda like the first mix -- for what that is worth. Cool vocals/harmonies. By any regards though you have a winner of a rocker in this song.
  6. freddy j

    C'mon C'mon

    I too was looking for a specific subject for the lyrics but then I listened again. I think I was wrong in my search for a specific subject. This song seems to stand as kind of a broad anthem for personal involvement/action/and decision making. At least that is what I get from it as a result of my second listening. The instrumentation complements the lyrics and its "pop" feel makes the song very appealing. I like your vocal delivery. I am not a big fan of over-selling a song as seems to be the trend with a lot of popular music today (60 second held notes at full volume, coming at a note from multiple sides (at full volume), inane repetitions, etc. -- --- Good heavens, I sound like my father). Your vocal presentation allows one to listen and ponder the lyrics. Great stuff !
  7. freddy j

    Simon's Song

    This is a heck of a good story coming from a 19 YO! Lots of advice above -- so, I have nothing else concerning the mix to add. It certainly does not sound bad! It is your song and you must be satisfied with what it sounds like. Once you get it where you want it -- you will know it. From my perspective it sounds pretty good already.
  8. freddy j

    Baby Boomer Blues

    Hey Daryl. I will add you to the list of those who can relate and now you can consider yourself a member of the Reluctant Mature Musicians Club (RMMC). I'm glad that it made you chuckle --- after all that was the point of the song. Thanks for listening and commenting. Hi Bjorn. Thanks for the kind words my friend. I know that at least some of us on this forum can relate to the subject. I'll add you to the list and the RMMC rolls. It is always a challenge to find a photo that will match the song. Thanks again! Hi Allan. I'll also add you to the list of those who can relate. An RMMC invitation is extended. Thanks very much for taking the time to listen and comment. Hi Lynn. You are also on the list and consider yourself a member or the RMMC. Thanks for your kind comments. KC huh --- hmmm, what is the weather like! 😉 Hey Tom. Another one for the list of those who can relate (and invitation extended). Thanks very much for your suggestions. I'll be going back to the working file on this song to take a look at what I can do and also apply this advice for any future song. Thanks again. Hello Jesse! I'm sorry, but if you can't relate you can't get on the list or obtain membership in the RMMC. However, not to worry!!! Time passes very quickly and before you know it, bingo, you'll be able to relate and up for membership. After all there are some advantages to -- ummm -- let's call it to maturity. Thanks for listening and your kind comments Jesse!! Hi DeeringAmps. 1952, Yup your in and on the list. Thanks very much for listening and the kind comments.
  9. freddy j

    1 Bit

    I love this song. Like some of the above comments, I knew someone just like this. From your comments above it sounds as if you were never impaired by someone one like this. Lucky you! Anyway, the lyrics are great, the production was well done. and your vocals really delivered the story of the song. Nice work. It was indeed a fun song!!!
  10. freddy j


    Hi Allan. This is a really well put together song. It has an excellent pop feel to it. It has a bit of contrast with a bit of a cheery melody with what could be sad lyrics. BTW the lyrics are great! Nice one!
  11. freddy j

    beltromi's identity

    This is an excellent song Paul. Your lyrics effectively convey what seems to be very personal emotions. Melody , your vocals and the BGV's really convey the emotion of this song as well. This number has some serious angst and emotion but the instrumentation adds a bit of a cheery counter measure to that. How in the world did you manage that. Really good stuff -- one of your best!
  12. freddy j

    Sentimental Mind, a pop tune

    A beautiful light and "breezy" beautiful song. It would indeed make a wonderful soundtrack. It is the type of song that just makes one feel good after listening to it. Good stuff Kakku!!!
  13. freddy j

    donkey xote

    Oops, not working for me either. I'll try again. BTW, I'm working on your request!
  14. freddy j

    Mona Lisa Cover (featuring Bacco on vocals)

    Good to see you on the new forum. Beautifully and well done. Everything about your version of this song is well done and I just love that guitar lead break. Excellent work!!!
  15. freddy j

    Arlene’s Song: Hope and Struggle

    What a beautiful song perfectly done! Great performance, arrangement, mix, etc. Musically it expresses a great sentiment!! All the best to you and your wife. Thanks for posting.