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  1. freddy j

    Walking on Eggs

    Thank you Daryl. I appreciate your kind words.
  2. Great song with some terrific lyrics. Arrangement and performance sound very good. You have received some good information above and this forum is a great place to receive some friendly advice. I have nothing to add to the above comments above other than to agree that the vocals could be increased a wee bit. They do sound good. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to your future posts.
  3. Absolutely perfectly done. A well written story carried by excellent music, performance, and mix. Your posts are always a treat to listen to.
  4. I agree with some of the comments above. It certainly is an interesting treatment on your vocal. The phrasing of the over all song does have a bit of a Brazilian flavour to it. There is a lot of good eclectic music coming out of Brazil now. There is also some interesting AfroBeat music coming out of Brazil and other South American countries (e.g. Newen AfroBeat from Chile). Good job on the guitar solos. And the woo hoo -- love that!
  5. freddy j

    Some arp fun

    Ah - Wookiee, you do have a talent for mixing up some great sounds and having them all sound good and make sense in the final product. As I have mentioned before, they always create a mental picture for me.
  6. I enjoyed the song, particularly when the drums came in and the tempo increased a bit! I might agree with Kurt on the delay. Perhaps playing around with the timing of the delay might result in it matching it a bit better with the keys. However, having said that, I am a sucker for delay and reverb. I have been a frequent abuser of them and so, I guess my comment should be measured against my abuse (lol). Very nice work on this song.
  7. freddy j

    Lockdown Blues

    What a treat! All y'all did a great job on this jazzy sounding Blues instrumental. All performances were great but my, you did make that guitar sound good! BTW, the video was great. I enjoyed watching the performance.
  8. freddy j

    Walking on Eggs

    Thanks Makke!! I am very glad that you liked it. BTW, I enjoyed your last post!
  9. freddy j

    Walking on Eggs

    Hi Wookie. Thanks for listening. If it brought a smile to your face then my mission was accomplished. Thanks again. Hey SupraReels. I am glad that you liked it. You are probably right about the timing. As Jack C. pointed out, not having the beat on the first note would make it sound more reggae-ish. Also I am just getting introduced to this style which I'm sure messed up my timing. Thanks for the insight and for taking the time to comment! Hey Lynn. A marriage between reggae and rockabilly -- cool ---reggabilly --- I love it!!! Poet laureate - thank you, but wouldn't I need to be able to spell to do that? 😏😄 I appreciate the kind words my friend. BTW I love the recent post that Daryl and you did. Hi Bjorn. Ya, I think that we all have been there at least once. Thanks for listening and for your kind comments. Thank you Hidden Symmetry. I am glad that you enjoyed it. I appreciate you kind comments.
  10. freddy j


    Well done!!! A flashback indeed! For me, it had a slight feel of "Paperback Writer." If you were indeed trying to get that '60's feel -- then you nailed it. As for the harmonies, well that is how they sounded back then ---- so, you nailed that also!!! Nicely done!!
  11. Well I did a cold reboot, and that did the trick. I can't answer the question but I can say that I did enjoy this number. Well done my furry friend!
  12. Well now ain't this a shame? I tried listening but that little thing just keeps going round and around and I can't get any music. This I want to hear -- so, I'll try again later. I have had this trouble on BandLab before.
  13. Cool!!!! I love it. The music was very well done and the video creative and fun. Just one question ---- how, do those aliens play guitars so well with only three fingers??
  14. Beautiful song Rex. Your performance, particularly the vocal, is great, as are the arrangement and lyrics. Excellent job!
  15. freddy j

    Sunday jam

    Crisp, clean mix and some really nice guitar playing on that lead guitar!!! The two rhythm guitars panned left and right really give this number a Credence Clearwater Revival (one of my favourite groups back in the day) feel and carry the the song along nicely with that swamp music feel. Love it!!! Great Job!
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