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  1. Well it is back to the comfort zone and love of the early 1950's style Blues. The attempt was to do it in a kind of Jimmy McCracklin style of Blues/Rhythm 'n Blues (early to mid-1950'style). It is about a guy who has been isolated (perhaps due to CoVid 19?) for a while. This has given this poor subject of the song - "Too Much Time For Thinking." I am always appreciative of your comments, suggestions, crit.'s, etc. Thanks! TOO MUCH TIME FOR THINKING https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  2. I don't have any additions to the above comments. I just want to let you know I enjoyed the song - thanks for posting!
  3. This song has a lot of majesty and dark tones to it. I too am impressed with how we you have arranged and mixed this number, and the creativity behind it!
  4. freddy j

    Rock Song

    Definitely shades of AC/DC and I have always liked their stuff. They were a great hard rocking band and they knew that is what they were -- no false pretenses given off by them. I agree with the comments above about the first song. However, given that little tweak, you have posted a couple of well performed and cool hard rockers. Well done!!
  5. freddy j

    A Soft Parade

    I liked the lighthearted sound of this number. It certainly put a smile on my face. I have had a contentious relationship with synths and MIDI. Because of that I always admire those, such as you, that can create such wonderful sounds.
  6. Very nice number indeed! I add my kudos to your excellent guitar playing.
  7. freddy j

    Do You Remember?

    Thanks very much for your comments Wookiee. On this particular song I used WAV clips from both MT PowerDrum Kit2 (Free) and the now extinct Drag and Drop Drummer. The clips from MT PowerDrum Kit are not as pliable as I would like but I do like their sound. Thanks again.
  8. freddy j

    Do You Remember?

    Jack C., Nigel, Douglas, Makke, Tom, tom, John B, Bjorn, and Lynn. First of all my apologies for the delay in responding. It has been one of those periods of time where what can go wrong does go wrong. In my case roofing problems (need a new one -- not a good time for this during rainy and hurricane season), a brief brush with preparation for and clean-up from Elsa, and a stint in the hospital for my wife, and yes - etc. Secondly, my apologies for not responding individually but I thought it wise to get out a response sooner than later. Thank you all for listening to this song and your comments are very much appreciated. Y'all have made some good suggestions and I will be pulling up the working file and trying to apply some fixes. I assume that most comments about the vox are concerning the BGV/harmonies -- after all it couldn't be my lead singing (I jest -- of course), Actually, a MIDI voice was used on the BGV's (oddly enough called Voice Oohs). I think that the balance between the two octaves used might be off and of course I will look at the timing/sync issues as well. The guitar balancing will also be looked at. Thanks also for all the kind comments and the encouragement! Cheers!
  9. freddy j

    Do You Remember?

    I am off on a bit of a different path again. This is a laid back, kind of early 1960's pop ballad song. At least that was the attempt of this number. The subject of this song is just having an imaginary conversation with a past memory. Not that he is unhappy or regretful but he is just enjoying a pleasant memory, As always any comments, suggestions, etc. will be appreciated. I hope you enjoy. DO YOU REMEMBER? https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481
  10. freddy j

    Guitar instrumental

    I am not familiar with the original song but I love what you have done with it. I agree with Nigel above. It does have a bit of that Shadows sound which makes it even better for me. Well done!
  11. freddy j

    Troubled Times

    Don't y'all ever "mess-up". Your consistently brilliant productions are a wonderment to we mortals. This song has a wee bit of a U2 feel to it (at least to me). One of the things that I used to love about the early U2 stuff was the driving tempo (a good mix between drum and bass) and the urgency of the presentation of the song. This number reminds me of that -- so, you know I like it. Excellent work pal!
  12. This is indeed a beautiful song. Great lyrics and excellent performance. I tend to draw upon advice given by Thelonious Monk to a young but rising vocalist. This advice was --- don't try and be so perfect but just follow the music. Your song might have a few minor points that you might want to correct but you certainly have engaged in following the music and presenting a great song.
  13. Thanks for listening and commenting! You would love some of the summer thunderstorms that we have had over the past few days -- if you like lightning. I also hope that is it is a light season -- thanks!
  14. Thanks Old Joad! I am very glad that you liked it and I very much appreciate the kind words.
  15. Hi Nigel. Thanks very much for the kind words. It might be a bad season this year and I am not looking forward to it. However, as the song says "... this is the land that we love". Even though Barbados is in the same situation as the Gulf coast states --- I imagine that spending time there would be would be more than the risk of a hurricane or two. Hey tom. I always appreciate that you listen and comment. Thanks!! I would definitely vote for a hurricane with a few days warning. We have already started loading up on potable water and non perishable food items. I am glad that you enjoyed "Bad Rumour". I posted that a very long time ago when I knew absolutely nothing about mixing. All though I am still handicapped in that regard, one of these days I am going to have to search for the working files and dress it up a bit. Thanks again! Hey Jesse. Thanks pal. Words of wisdom. BTW, luv what you did, on the song Gun, with the old tracks that I sent you. Hi John B. It looks like hurricanes might be having more impact along the east coast of North America that usual. Given the reality of global climate change I guess unusual weather is becoming the norm. The style of this song is definitely out of my usual bluesabilly genre. However, every once in a while one just has to try a different path --- if for nothing else but just for a bit of variety. Thanks for listening and the kind words. Hi Steve. What you say is very interesting. It was not my intent in developing this song. However, I hear what you are saying and I believe that there is merit in it. The right performer and scaled down arrangement might just work. The lyrics are somewhat introspective and the scaled down version might add to that feel. Thanks very much for the input!
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