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  1. freddy j

    High Anxiety

    Hi David. I think that one time or another in our life that most of us can relate --- at least temporarily. I am very glad that you liked it. Thanks much for listening and taking the time to comment!!! Hi Kloon. You're right it is a serious topic. I was trying to use a little bit of a light, slightly humourous, touch to get across how difficult the problem can be for many folks. I appreciate your comments and thanks very much for listening and commenting! Hello Martsave Martin s. You are right. There are parts of the song that are kind of crowding other parts. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for listening! Hello Tom. Thanks for you suggestions. As was pointed out in the comment by Martsave Martin s, EQ or something is needed to separate things out a bit. No, the is no flute. Perhaps you are hearing the two separate tracks of good old fashioned MIDI voices. I think they were labeled "oo's". If memory servers me correctly they were just recorded about an octive apart. I am writing down your suggestions and any others received and will go to work on cleaning things up as soon as I complete some other projects. Thanks again Tom. I always appreciate and value your comments and suggestions!
  2. Fun song and well done. Great playing, mix and creative video. Oh yea great vocals/harmonies! It sounds like Love Bug season in Florida. We're lucky. We have two seasons for Love Bugs -- spring and early fall. I enjoyed this creative work by you and your daughter. Please relay my kudos to your daughter.
  3. I too get that Ray Davies feel on this song. I particularly found the guitar work interesting. More specifically, I really liked the sound between the the rhythm (panned middle) and the bass. Interesting sound of the guitars on the lead and accent fills. I like the interplay when both got going toward the end. Good stuff -- I enjoyed this very much! I also enjoyed the guitar sounds and interplay on " Wanted To Be Yours". Good power sounds! Good vocals on this one also.
  4. Having grown up on Blues, rock 'n roll, rockabilly, and jazz, I am ashamed to say, with limited exceptions, that I have never developed a proper appreciation for classical music. Probably to the embarrassment of my parents and teachers of any music appreciation course that I had in grade school or college. However, I certainly can appreciate good work and you certainly have created some good work here. Who knows --- maybe if you post some more works like this, I will wake up my appreciation for classical music. Keep 'em coming and well done!!!
  5. An excellent piece. Well done!
  6. freddy j

    "Trippen East"

    Classic brew from Batsbrew and you never disappoint. There is a lot going on in this song and it all works. Well done!!
  7. freddy j

    High Anxiety

    A while ago I had the opportunity to re-watch Mel Brooks' movie "High Anxiety. This is my take on it. The movie was (and is) an absolute hoot and I loved it, but I think that we should all keep in mind that anxiety, panic disorder, and a number of other mental/behavioural health concerns are real for a lot of folks. I am taking another step off of my comfort platform area and this song is a wee bit different that what I normally and like to do. So, comments, crit.'s and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, HIGH ANXIETY https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13974053
  8. freddy j

    This Is Your Life

    Well done! It has an almost anthem like production and excellent production. Good lyrics and a descriptive presentation of a social situation.
  9. freddy j

    Sense of Space

    As average listener Number (#) 2 responding, I would say that it sounds pretty darn good. As an incompetent in this mixing/mastering/studio-set-up stuff, I won't and can't offer any suggestions. However, I do admire those that can handle it!!!
  10. Thank you!!! The best yet!!! It has structure (verse, chorus, melody, etc.) but still has that Jesse touch and that is good, very good! I love it. Being a guitar guy I very much like your guitar work (just the right amount of dissonance) and the lead breaks were very cool indeed. Ya, the vocal might come up a bit but the lyrics that I did catch were very cool also. I particularly liked the ending. To me it summarized the chaos and confusion some of us are currently experiencing given the nature of things.
  11. Aaaah, where is the mix? I tried but it was gone. Oh well, I'll try again later.
  12. Great song! It has a great story, good instrumentation and production, arrangement, etc. The vocal is indeed very good and personally I kind of like the Fx on it. Oh yes - almost forgot, I like that strong bass line that runs through it. Nice one!
  13. freddy j

    Red Light Blues

    For working on the guitar for such a short time, you are sounding doggone good! I love the humour in this song. I like the the verb on the guitar. The lyrics are great and your vocals express the frustration of the lyrics. Your kind of smokey or gravelly sounding vocals in this song would really adapt to a lot of the more traditional styles of the Blues. This sounds like the kind of story and song that Albert Collins might do. Good one my friend! I enjoyed it and even got a giggle from it!!!
  14. Hi geeare1. Thanks very much for listening and the kind comments. Indeed, time passes by fast. In fact, it seems to be passing by at light speed. Needless to say I was more than just a bit upset when I destroyed (accidentally) my external drive. Oh well, at one time or another we all must adapt to what we do to ourselves. Thanks for the sentiment. Hey Wookiee. I am just waiting for the bills to come in this month. I'm glad that this blast from the past might have given you a giggle. Thanks for listening and commenting pal! Thank you Bjorn. I must return the sense of humour complement. You Beanie Weenie video/song was great! Please don't listen too closely to my guitar playing --- you will hear all of my mistakes. 😟 😄 Thanks again for listening and for the kind words. Hi Kenny. I hope that you had a great holiday season. I'm also glad that it gave you a wee bit of time of relief from holiday and everyday stress. Thanks for listening and for your comments. I very much appreciate it!
  15. Hi Steve. You know, I think that I had to sign up with Bandlab when the transition was made to the new Cakewalk by Bandlab and new forum site. However, I am not sure if I have posted anything on it or what the link is. Right now SoundClick.com is the only site on which I have been posting. I will check into it Bandlab and provide you with a link if I can figure it out. Thanks!
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