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  1. freddy j

    Hey There

    Hi John. Thanks very much for the kind words! Congratulations for 35 years with the Ms. W. I guess that I am old fashioned enough to appreciate long term relationships. BTW, I really like the recent song that you posted. Hi Tom. I always appreciate and respect your comments and suggestions. So, I'm going to have to take a look (perhaps more of a listen) at that bass. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the encouragement. Hey Allan. Thank you!!! I'm glad that you liked it. I appreciate the encouraging comments.
  2. Add me to the chorus of kudos (I love alliterations -even if they are only close) above. This is indeed a cheery pop-ish song that does make one want to whistle along. Thanks for your statement concerning why you are doing music and why you participate on this forum. I think that maybe there are a few of us on this forum are involved for the very same reason. I find my efforts are not only fun (for me) but also therapeutic. I always feel better after arguing with my computer, trying to figure out Cakewalk's nuances and then finally completing something. I enjoyed this song --- thanks for posting.
  3. Great lyrics and really a great music/arrangement complement the lyrics wonderfully. The performances by the Mrs. and you are absoflippinlutely an aural treat in listening. This song has your signature and it is always a pleasure to hear your song. Keep 'em coming.
  4. freddy j

    Happy To Be

    What a nice happy, cheerful song. A great melody and lyrics carry it right along. Your vocals are excellent as are the harmonies. Mix sounds good to me. Nice one!!!
  5. freddy j

    Blind Boy Blues

    Hi Rik. I'm sorry to hear about your eye concerns and wish that things will improve for your. I really appreciated your posting this song. It conveyed emotion -- all without lyrics. I believe that is what the old Blues guys used to call letting your guitar do the talking. You also demonstrate that Blues of this style are not all about how many notes that you can cram into a 12 bar run but more about how each note is used and approached. Really nice stuff pal.
  6. Beautiful song and video. I can appreciate your loss. I was fortunate enough that our dog was with us for 19 years. It was truly like losing my best friend.
  7. freddy j

    Hey There

    Hi Bjorn. Thank you. I really appreciate your comments and encouragement. How about that --- I got the reverb right for a change. BTW, I really enjoyed your recent post. I am still chuckling. Hi amiller. No prejudice on my part but it seems to me everything sounds better with a bit of rockabilly or blues. Thanks for listening and for your comments. Hey David. I really appreciate your kind comments. I did not use a VST plugin for the lead guitar. I couldn't find the right sound for anything that I tried. So, I pulled out my old DigiTech RP50 stomp box processor. I found a setting (10 - F) on this that gave me the sound for which I was looking. I don't know if they even make The RP50 anymore. Thank you Douglas. I very much appreciate your taking the time to listen and comment. I am very much a sucker for searching out real good deals on guitars and have added a couple more to what you see in the picture. I also lost a very good friend a couple of years ago and he left me his guitars (much to my wife's chagrin). Hi Tom. I like your Ralph Murphy quote. It kind of hits the nail on the head doesn't it. My signal chain --- hmmmm --- it is not very complicated. As I mentioned to David above I did not use a VST for the FX on the lead guitar (which I assume you are referencing). I used my Fender Strat and plugged it into the DigiTech RP50 which went directly in to my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i 4 - first generation). I did use the Sonitus Equalizer to balance the sound for which I was looking. Then all tracks were bounce to one track and I used this track to get my final mix. I used the Sonitus Multiband Equalizer to get a final balance. I used Stero Channel look at the volume levels and then Boost 11. Oh yes, I recently got the Wave WLM loudness meter to try and get the mix to EBU standards. And that is it. I really appreciate your kind comments and your suggestions. Thanks very much! Hey Paul. Thank you very much for listening and your very kind comments. The Traveling Wilburys --- cool!
  8. freddy j


    Hi Paul. Thanks very much for your kind comments. Ya, every once and a while Freddy J can be an old softy. Hey Wookiee. Thanks much for the kind words and encouragement. BTW, I really like your new post.
  9. I love this. What a clever piece. I had a smile all over my face and at times even laughed out loud. Great music, really clever lyrics, and a great video. Who could ask for more?
  10. This has a big sound that reminds me of Star Wars or some of the other SciFi films that I have seen. Excellent piece that seemed professionally done. Well done!!!
  11. freddy j

    African Skies

    Excellent!!! The music is most impressive as is the vocal performance. The music has a very majestic sound that certainly complements very poignant lyrics. All of this in turn is complemented by a very impressive. Good luck with the album!
  12. Hey Jesse, I'm having the same problem as Tom above. I can't get the link to work.
  13. Absoflippinlutely enjoyed the heck out of this song. I have said this before but at the risk of repeating myself too many times ---- you have quite a talent for blending sounds to come up with some wonderful music. I particularly enjoyed the introduction of that flute like sound (and the change up) that came in around 5:40. This is a long song but it kept my attention throughout. Very nice indeed!!! Oh ya, Dripples --- perfect title! Thanks for posting!
  14. freddy j

    Swedish Song

    What a lovely song. Every instrument complements each other and the guitar is indeed very convincing. The mix is excellent with good separation. I really enjoyed this number. Great work!!!
  15. freddy j


    Please add me to the complements above. Not being a horn player, nor having much in the way of orchestral knowledge it sounded as if the lead horn was a French horn. Am I close?
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