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  1. freddy j


    Hi noynekker. Thanks very much - first for listening and secondly for the kind comments. I appreciate it!
  2. Doggone Jesse this was great! one of your best. It got me all edgy! Cool stuff!!!
  3. freddy j

    Nest of the wind

    An other nice one Makke! I always enjoy your playing. Keep them coming!
  4. Maybe I am beginning to sound like an old vinyl record that is stuck but you have put out another very professional production (music and video). All of them are different but have a commonality gives them your excellent signature. This particular song is excellent (again) and has its own melancholy, reflective feel to it! Great stuff Nigel
  5. Nice changes in this. I luv those long held, sustained notes. Nice work indeed! BTW, the drums sound good as well!
  6. freddy j


    You really have been putting out some excellent songs! Great lyrics and message on this song. Your mixes are really good also. As I do not know what I am doing in that regard, I won't comment on the mix but you have received a lot of suggestions above. I must agree with Steve above, I like those Lennon like harmonies" Being a guitar lover, I would agree with the comment above -more guitar. I like your style of playing. Well done pal!
  7. freddy j


    Many thanks Lynn. You are most kind and I appreciate the encouragement. I know that chaos and hate have always been with us but we are the intelligent species, aren't we? And yet here we are. (oops- there I go --- being preachy again). Hi Steve. Thanks for the good suggestion. When I go back to do some touch-ups to this song, I'll try and add something to fill it in a bit. Thanks for listening! Hey Rik. Believe it or not I worked hard to get that tone. To think in the late 1940's and early 1950's the guitar folks were working hard to get rid of that sound. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for listening and commenting! Hi Nigel. Every once in a while I have to go down a different path just to get a change of scenery.☺️ I found an on-line site that plays old dowop, blues, R & B and jump Blues. Some of the songs (particularly the jump Blues and R&B) had that gravelly, scratchy, over driven guitar sound. I loved it and hopefully it sounds close to what I heard in this song. BTW, I hope your problem with YouTube has been settled -- in your favour! Hi Makke. Thanks for listening and the kind comments. I like to have fun when I make music and I was having a "natural ball" with this one. Thanks again. Hi Wookiee. Thanks for listening and the kind words. BTW, I really liked your recent post!!
  8. freddy j

    11 to 7

    Jesse -- you have outdone yourself. This is outstanding! I had a smile as big as all outdoors while listening to this.!! A wonderful vignette of every day life of those who work 11 to 7 at the 7-11. Most Cool!!
  9. Your first attempt at a music video! This is most impressive. The video is great and the music (vocals especially) is outstanding. Excellent work!
  10. Cool! Great video and wonderful music that certainly complement each other. My son is a senior rigger with the gaming section of Sony Entertainment. I will have to forward this as he will probably enjoy it. Nice work!
  11. freddy j


    This is a very "today sound". I echo the kudos above. This is indeed an excellent production. Perfect for radio play or for cinema. Great work!
  12. freddy j

    The Gull.

    A while ago a friend and I were debating if instrumentals could actually tell a story. I was on the side that they could. I used a surfing instrumental (the title of which I can't remember). To me it presented the paddling out to the catch a wave, waiting to catch the right wave, the thrill of riding the wave, and the dismounting of the board in the soupy surf at the end. Given this song and what you stated above -- I think this song would be another good example of my point that an instrumental can present an image and/or story. I look forward to more postings as you develop more of the story. Really good stuff!!
  13. freddy j


    First of all my apologies for taking so long to respond. Sometimes life has the nasty habit of interfering with the things that I would rather be doing - like music, the Forum, fishing, etc. Hi Jack C. Thanks for the input! Your suggestions are appreciated and when I can get to a re-do, I'll try and address the guitar suggestion. Hi KSband. Thanks for listening and for the kind words! I appreciate it. SupaReels. Wow. I'm very glad that you liked it . Thanks for the very kind words --- very much appreciated!! Hey tom. Thank you very much!! Coming from a pro such as you, I very much appreciate your input, suggestions and encouragement. I'm very glad that you liked it!! Hey Jesse. Thanks for the encouraging words (both posts). I appreciate it very much. I tried listening to your post "Banker Man" but the link took me to a SoundClick page that I have never been before. I tried a search and still could not find the song. The lyrics are absoflippinlutely great. They tell a great story and present a piece of history. But I need to, I want to I must hear the whole package? Help.
  14. Hey Jesse --- I tried the link and it took me to some page in SoundClick but no matter what I did I could not find the song. I absoflipinlutely love the lyrics. They tell a great story and present history. I would love to hear the entire package though. Must be the new search system that SoundClick put up.
  15. freddy j

    Southern rain

    This has a very nice mid-1960's pop song style to it. I like that lead break guitar work. Good work!
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