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  1. @chuckebaby is correct - Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.x was the last version that supported the creation/editing of StudioPanels. I used to use them to set up multi-timbral performance profiles for the Roland MT-32 and JV1010 - it give them an interface pretty similar to TTS-1. They kind of worked back in SONAR 8.5, but from SONAR X1 onwards (and including Cakewalk by BandLab), they're pretty nasty to use as they don't play well with the Skylight interface. IIRC they end up as MDI windows behind the main Cakewalk project window. So what you need to do is un-maximize your Cakewalk project in order to access the panels. That's how you can get access to their display... but I've no idea whether they still work or not.
  2. If your wav file has tempo / pitch information in it, Cakewalk will recognise this as a "groove clip" and automatically stretch the audio to match the current pitch & tempo accordingly. To disable this, go to the Clip tab on the inspector and uncheck "Follow Pitch" and "Looping". This should restore it to its originally recorded state:
  3. Right Click on the envelope -> Delete Envelope:
  4. Two things to check: 1. Have you switched on offset mode by accident? IIRC, the keyboard shortcut was far too easy to accidentally invoke in SONAR - it was removed in CbB. 2. Check you've not created a volume automation envelope:
  5. There's a much simpler way - just CTRL + SHIFT and drag the end of the clip out to where you want:
  6. My main drum VSTi for sounds is Addictive Drums 2. Most of the time I'll either play my own drum parts (either via electronic kit or keyboard), but I also use Jamstix 4 if I'm not totally happy with what I've come up with. If I'm just jamming away, I'll use AIR Strike 2 - the sounds are a bit dated, but the beats are great and I just love how you can use the pitch bend & mod wheels to alter complexity & intensity in real time.
  7. I find the quickest & easiest way to do this is to freeze the track, copy the audio to a new track, then unfreeze. Another option is to use Bounce To Track(s) from the Track View menu: Make sure you have effects enabled:
  8. I'd strongly advise you to keep SONAR Platinum installed so that all the 3rd party extras that come with it will continue to work with Cakewalk by BandLab. Both can exist happily side by side. You shouldn't encounter much of a learning curve moving to Cakewalk by BandLab - the program is basically the same, with a few enhancements and a huge amount of bug fixes.
  9. I used to get this a lot with old CRT monitors and laptops. I ended up having to turn CRT monitors off during recording, or in the case of laptops run them on batteries. In either case, moving well away from the PC helped tremendously.
  10. I've found using a simple filter or eq plugin can work, with a very narrow eq. Basically knock out everything at 50Hz (or 60Hz if you're in the US). The free Melda MEqualizer is perfect for this. With bass however, it can get tricky... you may need to add automation to bring some of it back in on certain notes (low Bb / B for 60Hz) so you don't get quiet spots. If the bass doesn't have a low B, you might be fine tho.
  11. Some USB MIDI interfaces have issues with long sysex messages, especially the cheaper USB "cables" you can buy on eBay. The issue lies in the (quite common) USB MIDI chip inside, which has an extremely small internal buffer size. The interface will quite happily receive MIDI data at USB speeds, but then has to send them out at 31.25Khz for MIDI, which means holding the data inside its tiny buffer while it sends the data out at the slower speed. This is why sending sysex data is smaller packets and at staggered times works. The only two interfaces I've found work without having to do these sorts of workarounds are the M-Audio MidiSport range & the MidiTech MidiFace range. I've also found that MME is far more reliable than UWP for sysex.
  12. I've collected a fair few over the years, but at the moment I've got three that I use - all 1st Gen Focusrite Scarletts: an 18i20 in the studio, a 6i6 in the house, and a 2i2 for my laptop for portability. The 18i20 is racked along with a bunch on mic pre's, and various equipment patched into it, so I wanted something smaller I could use in the house - hence the 6i6. I actually wasn't going to go with the 2i2, but they were selling the studio bundle for a steal when the 2nd gens were released. I also have Yamaha 01x with 2 x i88x interfaces. These run on an mLAN network connected to a laptop, but the wordclock is slaved to the 18i20, and one ADAT output goes to the 18i20. This allows me to use Yamaha's mLAN software on the laptop as a patchbay to route external preamps & direct outs from my analog console to the 18i20 via the i88x's. The mLAN equipment has only just been given a second lease of life though, having had them out of use for a number of years (until recently Windows Vista 32 bit was the latest OS they'd run on). I've not recorded any new stuff with them yet. On another old laptop I use a Behringer UCA222 for sampling. It can take up to a whole weekend to sample a bank of patches from a hardware synth, so having my old laptop slaving away means my other machines aren't tied up.
  13. FWIW, the Groove3 "SONAR Explained" video is $35 USD and is 5.5 hours long, and IMO is one of the most comprehensive guides available. I would suggest $25 USD to be a reasonable price. Oh, and excellent work on the tutorials so far
  14. Rather than using the PRV, have you tried using the automation lanes on the MIDI track itself? Selecting MIDI from the dropdown brings up a dialog allowing you to select any MIDI CC you want, and you can then draw your envelopes in the same way that you can with automation on audio tracks.
  15. Yup - Aberdeen by the sounds of it.
  16. msmcleod

    Icon Question

    It is a good idea - it might have to be one way however - i.e. synth rack icon updates the tracks (unless you're using simple instrument tracks), as you can have many tracks feeding the one synth in the rack.
  17. Confirmed there is an issue with Insert Time & time signature/meter changes. Due to a calculation error, time signature/meter changes will almost always result in being shifted by one measure. We've got a fix, and it'll be in the next version. Until then, the workaround is to insert one measure at a time.
  18. As long as the controller pane is collapsed, you can select "Show Multiple Controllers" from the PRV controllers menu. This will overlay the note data with all the controller data. However when you expand the controller pane, it shows the selected controller only allowing you to focus on each controller in detail.
  19. If you need to host more than one soft synth in a live situation, take a look at Cantable: https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/ AFAIK they still do a lite version that is free.
  20. Has that note been accidentally assigned to a command within Keyboard Shortcuts?
  21. I made the transition to software only synths 2-3 years ago, mainly for convenience so I had access to all my synth sounds outside the studio. I spent about 3 months sampling all my hardware synths, so now I've got a bunch of keyboards in the loft and a 19U rack full of synth modules that is pretty much permanently switched off. I'll occasionally switch it on to tweak sounds (and then re-sample), or to help keep my studio warmer in the winter Using soft synths is so convenient, I don't miss my hardware synths at all. In fact some of them actually sound better now that they're sampled, as the samples are being mixed in Cakewalks 64 bit engine rather than the internal 16 bit mixing in my 90's digital synths (or 16 bit with one bit disabled in the case of the MT-32/D110). I do find however that I'm using my old sampled sounds less and less nowadays. My go to's now are usually Omnisphere, Synthmaster, Xpand!2 or Rapture Pro.
  22. MMcL MackieControl has now been updated to support VST instruments in the synth rack. Summary of changes: Synth Rack strip support Number of controllable plugins on MCU/C4 increased from 10 per strip to 100 per strip MCU cursor keys now used for plugin/synth navigation in plugin / synth rack mode MCU/XT display completely cleared on startup to address leftover characters on latest MCU Pro firmware Enhanced key combination support for Mackie Compatibles for navigating plugins & parameters: More details here: http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/MackieControl-MMcL.pdf You can download the latest MMcL Mackie Control from here: http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/MMcLMackieControlSetup.zip ...or directly from github: https://github.com/msmcleod/Cakewalk-Control-Surface-SDK/raw/master/Bin/x64/MMcLMackieControlSetup.exe Note: When controlling the synth parameters in the Synth Rack, ALL of the VSTi parameters are exposed. There can be literally hundreds of these, depending on the synth. You can use the C4Mapper to arrange and/or limit the parameters for each synth: http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/C4Mapper.zip - remember to run as admin if you want it to update MackieControl.ini
  23. These are the most in-depth tutorials I've ever seen on Jamstix... 4 hours worth, but well worth the watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o96TLgRjAq8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzXMingzgBw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLpmv6XwsVk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVW9H20F94Y
  24. A lot of the tool functionality relies on having the shift/alt/ctrl key modifiers pressed BEFORE you do the operation - normally before or during a mouse move, but definitely before clicking the mouse buttons. So if you want to move a clip and retain it's horizontal position, make sure you press SHIFT first and hold it down until you've completed your drag operation.
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