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  1. I use Cakewalk's Channel Tools which came with SONAR. The key is to keep the input mode as Stereo, then reduce the Mid gain to nothing to solo the sides. Double clicking the Mid gain brings it back to unity gain. This does however give a very "fractured" version of the sides, as it's unnaturally split across left/right with nothing in the middle. It may be what is actually only coming on the sides, but it's difficult for the ear to deal with. Setting the input mode to Mid-Side makes it mono, which does give a clearer representation making it easier on the ear.
  2. The plugin layouts are stored in separate files here: %APPDATA%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Plug-in Menu Layouts The details & plugin options of the plugins are stored in the registry under: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk VST X64\Inventory So if you wanted to back your plugin configs, make a copy of your plugin layout files and export the registry key above within regedit.
  3. Does it say what the audio path its trying to find is? Maybe you just have to copy the bundle to your hard drive first.... either that, or the bundle may be corrupt.
  4. Not sure if this helps, but on Windows 8 / 10 you can press Windows Key + CTRL + O to show/hide the virtual keyboard. To get to it without pressing Windows Key + CTRL + O: Start Menu -> Settings Click Ease of Access Scroll down and pick Interaction->Keyboard from the left Enable "Use the on screen keyboard" using the on/off slider You can then resize/position it anywhere you like & access all the keyboard modifiers / key presses using the mouse. https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/windows-7-and-8-using-windows-on-screen-keyboard?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3Nv3BRC8ARIsAPh8hgLZTnMwKqATwdN9CccJWk2w6kEqtnTm3DPHePV_XiFWbCP201L-OaYaAr_BEALw_wcB
  5. Before you guys search too hard for an alternative solution... there will be a key binding in the next release.
  6. It's fading more than one clip because you've got more than one clip selected. Either clear the selection, or select only the clip you want to fade.
  7. Unless there is a way to map combinations of MIDI CC / Channel to another port and channel, anything else would be ambiguous. The current behaviour is actually unambiguous in that it sends the CC to all combinations of ports/channels defined in the drum map. It's been a while since I used drum maps, but I did used to use them on a combination of hardware drum units. In this case I absolutely wanted controllers such as CC 7 (volume) to be sent to every port/channel in my drum map - because it is in effect being treated as a single destination, and I wanted all units to respond to volume changes. I realise this behaviour is the opposite to what you want, but the only way to get around it at the moment is to bypass the drum map for CC messages and go straight to the MIDI port if you want per channel/port MIDI Messages sent.
  8. Hi Ronny - I've just had a look. I believe this a limitation of drum maps rather than a bug. Drum maps only give you the ability to route notes, not CC's. When you have multiple output ports and channels, the drum map has no way of knowing where to send CC messages, so all CC's are routed to each unique channel/port combination defined in your drum map (in this case TTS-1 #1 Channel 1 & 2 and TTS-1 #2 Channel 1 & 2). The actual port & MIDI channel in the event list is irrelevant as it has been overridden by the drum map (in the same way you can override MIDI events' MIDI channels by setting the output port/channel of a MIDI track in the inspector). On a standard MIDI track using a standard port, leaving the MIDI channel as "None" will mean the MIDI channels for each event are respected. Setting the MIDI channel for the track will override any channel in the MIDI events and force them to the channel set for the track. This is not the case when using drum maps. CC's are sent to each unique channel/port combination defined in your drum map, The only way around this is to put the CC events on separate MIDI tracks. For this example, you'd need 2 MIDI tracks: one for TTS-1 #1 & one for TTS-1 #2, with their respective ports set to TTS-1 #1 / TTS-1 #2. The MIDI channel, bank and program should be left as None in the inspector so you are able to send MIDI events to different channels. M.
  9. Apart from a few tweaks, I've really not done much with the C4 in code, as CbB's implementation is pretty much complete. The best thing is to look at the code on github for Cakewalk's implementation: https://github.com/Cakewalk/Cakewalk-Control-Surface-SDK Take a look at /Surfaces/MackieControl/MackieControlC4TxDisplay.cpp
  10. I stopped getting BSOD with 4.63.24 if I use CbB to change the ASIO buffer size.... I don't do it that often though.
  11. I still use version 4 on an old 32 bit Win XP box... I tried v5 when it came out, but it confused the hell out of me.
  12. Mackie produced 3 control surface products as part of the MCU range: - The Mackie Control Universal [MCU] ( MackieControl ) - The Mackie Extender ( Mackie Control XT ) - The Mackie C4 ( Mackie Control C4 ) The nanoKONTROL is designed to emulate the MCU - it won't work as a C4 as the C4 is a completely different device. Also, you shouldn't need to use the MMcL version of the Mackie Control any more (unless you want to run several independent Mackie Controllers*) - all my changes are now in the official Cakewalk version. *By independent I mean controllers that are not running as an integrated group - the ones in the picture above are NOT running independently, but as a group.
  13. This is where NI has put all its VST DLL's on my machine: C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit\ C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 32 bit\ ... so just add those two paths.
  14. If you're using the delete key, it will delete whatever is selected, but as you say... if you've missed the envelope node, it's the effect that is selected. The safest way to delete automation nodes is to right click->delete node from the context menu. This is the only method I use personally.
  15. That link seems to have downloads for all their products. Some have been updated, some haven't - so check that (a) you own the product, and (b) you've not already got that version installed. I eagerly starting downloading them all before I realised I hadn't bought stuff like Ignite... and everything other than MiniGrand, Velvet & Hybrid were already at the latest version.
  16. This is the link PluginBoutique sent me to: https://support.pluginboutique.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360007375497-AIR-Music-Technology-Download-Area
  17. As there are no sales figures to monitor, the only way of knowing the active user count (and how many people are using the most up to date version) is to do so via BandLab assistant.
  18. @Ronny.G - can you send me a simplified copy of your project (preferably the one with TTS-1) so we can reproduce ?
  19. A couple of things to check: 1. When you play do you get activity In the MIDI tray icon ? (the red lights should light up). If there's no activity, then this means Cakewalk isn't receiving any MIDI and the problem lies outside of Cakewalk. 2. Check your Control Surface preferences to see if any control surface is using that MIDI port. If it is, either remove the control surface or change it to another port.
  20. If you're using MIDI over bluetooth you need to use UWP as your MIDI driver mode. Go to Preferences->MIDI->Playback and Recording and set your mode to UWP. Note that you can't change the driver mode while a project is loaded, so open preferences as soon as you open Cakewalk.
  21. As of 2020.04. the pro channel tabs have been replaced with icons. If you're getting text, then it's probably because you're using a custom theme. This post details the elements that need changing:
  22. They might if the character set chosen is a single-byte character set. AFAIK though, Windows 10 is all Unicode, so language settings just select your preferred code page.
  23. Maybe, but I can't see anything we've done since then that would suddenly cause this to work.
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