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    @Craig Anderton - I've thought about having using TeamViewer or VNC myself, but I've always thought there'd be a huge performance hit. Have you encountered any issues?
  2. msmcleod


    The Korg nanoKontrol Studio also works wireless (via Bluetooth MIDI). The only restrictions are: You need to use UWP instead of MME in your MIDI config (this may affect older MIDI interfaces if you have any); and AFAIK, only Windows 10 supports Bluetooth MIDI Personally, I use the Korg nanoKontrol 2 with a long USB cable. It's stuck to the wall using velcro right next to my vocal mic.
  3. msmcleod

    Constrain keboard to scale?

    No, sorry - not me
  4. msmcleod

    Windows 10 Default Media Player Settings

    When you right click on the speaker icon in your task-bar, are any of the options set? If so, set it to be Off and see if it makes any difference.
  5. I actually found MIDI a huge plus for the limitations back in the day, and also saved a huge amount of cash. I could record 16 tracks of keyboards at home for free, then run the sequences "live" sync'd to tape (or later ADAT) through the console when I got to the studio... and when using a 4-track or 8-track, it was fantastic for keeping tracks free for "real" instruments. There's no rule that says you have to edit or quantize, and nothing to stop you using MIDI to record exactly what you played.
  6. msmcleod

    How to combine best takes into 1 track?

    Personally, I would move the clips out of the tracks and put them into take lanes under one track. You can then mute / comp as you see fit to build up a single track. You also have the advantage of all of your takes being kept in the lanes just in case you change your mind later.
  7. msmcleod

    Still using SONAR?

    @Tenfoot - from what I remember, Cakewalk needs to re-authorise every 6 months. As long as you run BandLab Assistant (with an internet connection) once every 6 months, you'll be fine. Given that updates are far more frequent than 6 months (normally every 2-3 months), you shouldn't run into any issues.
  8. msmcleod

    Melodyne trial period?

    Certain things do continue to work even after the trial period. For example, Audio to MIDI conversion was working for me on my work laptop several months after the trial period ended. At no point however, did I actually open up Melodyne or use it in a Region FX... so maybe that had a bearing on it.
  9. msmcleod

    Forum members /home country ?

    I have to admit, it only looks like that for about 20 days of the year... it rains the rest of the time!
  10. msmcleod

    Forum members /home country ?

    Where I live... or the middle of no-where as my wife calls it.
  11. msmcleod

    Control Surface, behaviour when not plugged in

    Hmm - maybe try installing a loopback device (e.g. http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html ) and make this the first device. Then when the control surface isn't plugged in, it'll steal that one instead?
  12. msmcleod

    Master assigned to silent output message

    The Audio & Midi setup are global settings and will apply to all projects. The master bus output can be set as follows:
  13. msmcleod

    Periodic Audio Dropouts / Static

    The motorboating sound (constant hum) is a common issue with Focusrite drivers. I get this intermittently too with my 2i2, 6i6 and 18i20 - all on different machines. I found that a higher ASIO buffer does reduce the frequency of this happening.
  14. msmcleod

    SonarWorks Reference 4 Studio Edition

    I use Sonarworks Headphone Edition for headphones, and IK ARC 2 for speakers (which is basically IK Multimedia's equivalent to Sonarworks Studio). Both have made a huge difference for me. I can't say whether ARC 2 is any better or worse than Sonarworks, but essentially they're doing the same thing. If I had to choose again, I'd probably just go for Sonarworks Studio so I was using the one solution for both headphones & speakers, but Sonarworks wasn't around at the time I bought ARC 2. Is it worth 300 bucks? Definitely.
  15. msmcleod

    show/hide individual track strips

    Are you using a Focusrite interface? This is a known issue with the Focusrite drivers. Starting/stopping the engine cures it, but in most cases just pressing the space bar to stop/start the song again will cure it too. I've found it happens less with a larger ASIO buffer size. Unfortunately upgrading to Windows 10 will not make this one go away.
  16. I'd been wondering why projects that used to play comfortably were now starting to use up more CPU, and in some cases cause clicks & pops / dropouts. Turns out that one of the recent Windows updates had turned Game Mode on.... So yet another thing to look out for after running updates!
  17. msmcleod

    Windows updates & game mode

    I noticed it last night - clicked on the Game Mode within Control Panel by accident and noticed it was on.
  18. msmcleod

    MP4 Trim-in Time slowness

    I experimented with a 9 hour MP4 and couldn't reproduce your slowness, but I guess it all comes down to the combination of video / audio codecs. The only thing that took time was the importing of the audio part on first import. There's a few things you could try: 1. Converting the video into a different format, and perhaps reducing the video part to something like 360p to further reduce CPU load. 2. Splitting the video up into sections. Once you've got a stereo mix, you could start a new project with the original format to combine everything.
  19. msmcleod

    Sonar Clean Up - X1 X2 X3 for CBB

    Everything shown in your Downloads folder is an installation file. As long as you've already installed it, then it's perfectly safe to remove it. I can't see anything in there that would need to be there after installation. In saying that, you might want to create backup copies on to a removable disk (e.g. external drive or thumb drive) to save you having to download them again if you need to re-install.
  20. msmcleod

    Volume Envelope

    Assuming you're not still on 32 bit, you should check out the latest Cakewalk release. Fixes to take lanes & automation lanes are the main focus of this release. It'll quite happily live alongside your SONAR install.
  21. msmcleod

    Missing Plug In Errors

    Sounds like a Windows upgrade that has caused this. It affects XLN stuff every time there's a major one (e.g. 1809 to 1903) You're half way there by re-registering your PC online. Now you need to run the "XLN Online Installer" locally to re-activate your local licenses. Not sure about the other VST errors (screenshot is way too small to read), but sounds like its related to the Windows upgrade.
  22. msmcleod

    Constrain keboard to scale?

    I think the Scaler plugin does this... https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/72-Utility/3933-Scaler It's got a trial version so you can give it a try.
  23. msmcleod

    Problem with MIDI recording

    Freezing tracks is definitely the answer, and yes, you can unfreeze them afterwards.
  24. msmcleod

    Audio Device Disconnection Dialog [Solved]

    Ah ok. There's been issues in the past raised about HDMI audio devices causing issues with other audio interfaces. Follow @scook's advice and disable it within Device Manager.
  25. msmcleod

    Audio Device Disconnection Dialog [Solved]

    Only just noticed this message is for your on-board audio device. @scook is correct - disable it within Device Manager.