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  1. I'm not familiar with the new Focusrite Control (my interface uses Scarlett Mix Control). The analog inputs aren't what you need to be looking, you should be looking at what is being routed to the analog outputs. I think this video may help ( around 2:13 talks about hardware outputs )
  2. If it's working in headphones, then it's more likely the routing in the 18i20's mix software isn't set up properly. You need to make sure that "Mon 1" is routed to the hardware outs 1 & 2. Unfortunately I've got an older 18i20 (with different mix software), so showing you my screen-shot probably won't help.
  3. Just turn off track FX in the freeze options. No need to remove or reset plugins.
  4. I occasionally use JamOrigin for converting guitar to MIDI. I've also got a Roland GI-10 (with a GK2A pickup on my guitar). I've got to say JamOrigin does just as good a job (if not better) than the Roland GI-10... although the GI-10 is a bit dated nowadays, perhaps more modern devices work better. Oh and a quick tip - you've got to set JamOrigin to an ASIO buffer of at least 128 for it to work. I rarely use either though, as it's rare I need to actually hear the "MIDI version" of the instrument in real time. Most of the time I just use Melodyne to convert it afterwords. Nothing beats Melodyne.
  5. msmcleod

    New Arrangement Feature

    You can have as many arrangements as you like, but only one active arrangement. You can preview any of the arrangements until you find the one you like. Once you commit the arrangement however, the other arrangements go (because the sections have now changed).
  6. The only thing that was changed in control surfaces, was the way refresh is sent - it notifies the main frame using SendMessage rather than PostMessage, but ONLY if the refresh time is < 25ms. In other words, as long as your refresh time is >= 25ms, it works exactly the same way as it did in 2020.11. There have been no changes in command processing. I'm pretty stumped as to why things are different for AZController in this release. The MackieControl surface is working exactly as it did in 2020.11 - including things like using the jog wheel for scrolling through the measures.
  7. Yes, this is correct. For them to act as one unit, you need them all set to "MMcL Mackie Control #1" #2 & #3 are only used if you want additional independent controllers.
  8. @jono grant - can you PM me with a copy of your template so we can check it out?
  9. The latest version of the MackieControl.dll is always released with the latest Cakewalk. Are you running SONAR or an older version of Cakewalk? If you're running SONAR, you could try my version of the MackieControl.dll which is up to date with Cakewalk's - you'll need to pick "MMcL Mackie Control #1" instead of the standard Cakewalk "Mackie Control" though. https://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/MMcLMackieControlSetup.zip
  10. @Klaus, @Heinz Hupfer - I've checked the behaviour of the MackieControl.dll , and can't find any difference in responsiveness with CbB. The MackieControl.dll hasn't changed at all for this release. As we've not done anything specific to how control surface messages are handled, I can only assume that AZController is doing something that is causing the latest Cakewalk to either get in some sort of a message loop between CbB & AZController, or causing unnecessary screen updates. I'll look into this deeper, but on the surface (no pun intended!), it looks like AZController is doing something it shouldn't be... or at least doing something it should be, but far too often!
  11. Firstly, the overlapped notes only applies to arranger specific operations - in other words, dragging arranger sections with the mouse. The standard Cut/Copy/Delete/Paste commands don't look at overlapping notes. Deleting Section 2 Unless you did a right-click delete on the section itself, when you deleted section 2, this was using the standard delete function. The starts of the notes were in the bounds of section 2, so they got deleted. This is how delete has always worked with MIDI clips, and is to be expected. I'm assuming you don't have "Split Midi Notes" checked? If you did, then the notes would have been split at the start of section 3. As it stands, because you didn't split the notes, you can slip edit the clip under section 3 to the left and the notes will re-appear. Moving Section 3 Are you certain the clip was selected when you instigated the move? Remember clicking on the section toggles section only / section + clips behaviour.
  12. Thanks for the update. I think the clip moving after adding the 3rd section could be a mouse glitch (perhaps a dirty left mouse button?) - i.e. the mouse button was let go, then the section selected when you continued trying to size it/move it... so it moved the clip as well. I pretty much always switch off "Select Clips with Articulations" when adding sections just to avoid this kind of issue. We've added this as a button on the select tool so this is much easier to switch on/off.
  13. OK, I've checked the code and my suspicions are correct: Articulation MIDI event chase is working in exactly the same way as standard MIDI event chase. So if your articulation is sending out multiple MIDI events, and set chase to Notes or CC, the events are sent out in note order / CC# order during chase - not in the order they're specified in the articulation. Full Chase mode doesn't suffer from this issue, as the all events are sent out immediately in the order they're encountered. I know what needs doing to fix this, but its not trivial, so in the meantime, if your articulation sends out more than one MIDI event, and they need to be in a specific order, set the articulation to Full Chase.
  14. @marled - can you PM me a project where this is happening for you, along with instructions on how to repro?
  15. Personally, I use a value of 1/128 or less, as for most cases I'm only worried about human errors in performance. Anything larger, and it starts to pick up notes I don't want it to. Ripple edit is temporarily disabled for most arranger operations. So it shouldn't "break" ripple edit behaviour... the arranger has its own ripple edit functionality.
  16. You can do this with the Quantize MIDI effect: You can do this by inserting Channel Tools into the clip fx rack, or if you want it on the whole track, in the track fx bin:
  17. FYI - a MIDI Note On message with a velocity of 0 is treated as a Note Off (as per the MIDI spec), so if you want a Note On you need to specify a value > 0. CC values of 0 are fine though.
  18. We've identified the issue and its fixed for the next update. In the meantime, just use the splitter to drag it into view. It only seems to affect tracks that have no existing articulations.
  19. By last note, I mean the last occurrence of that particular note... so if you had several instances of the same articulation that sends multiple notes (e.g. C1, C#1 & E1 ) it would send the last C1, C#1 and E1 combination it found before the start time. CC events work the same - if you've got lots of CC64, it'll send the last one it finds before the start time. With Full Chase, it sends every C1, C#1 and E1 from the start of the track, and every control change from the start of the track. But like you say, some of these libraries are fussy about the order of things... so maybe full chase is best for them. [Edit] - just had a thought... maybe the other chase modes aren't respecting the ordering of the notes within the articulation map. I'll look into it further.
  20. msmcleod

    Microsoft Edge

    As far as I know, it doesn't install the full Edge browser, although to be honest I'm not sure - I wasn't involved in the development of this feature, and I've already got Edge installed. Cakewalk certainly won't change your default browser... I can't speak for Microsoft. FWIW, we're just running the Microsoft WebView2 installer. This obviously requires some Edge components.
  21. msmcleod

    Bug After MAJ

    @Florian Cedard - can you PM me your project file so I can take a look?
  22. For most libraries, you really shouldn't need to set Full Chase (although it is kind of a brute force solution). Full Chase sends all the key switch events from the beginning of the track, whereas the other chase modes only send the last note or CC# that matches that articulation. There are some libraries (e.g. Cinematic Studio Solo Strings) that do require this though, as they've combined what should be mutually exclusive parameters into a single CC event. Is this only happening with particular types of events, e.g. Notes or CC's... and what libraries are you seeing this issue on?
  23. This is the screen that tells you if you're using ASIO or not: And this shows you what devices you're using in that mode: Make sure you're using ASIO & your Focusrite USB driver as shown above. Also, ensure your Mixing Latency slider is set to a fairly low value (e.g. 64, 128 or 256).
  24. @JonnyHeyhey - can you PM me a copy of the project so I can take a look?
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