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    Song file not saving Screen layout ???

    Maybe that's the issue... maybe if Cakewalk doesn't dirty the project, it doesn't save the changes to the screen layout. If this is the case, muting/unmuting a track then saving should solve it.
  2. msmcleod

    Import tracks from other project files

    I've done it with 50 or so tracks without issue. It did take its time though on some projects. Out of all the methods of importing stuff, I've found the media browser to be by far the most reliable. Even projects from ancient versions of Sonar that would refuse to load normally could be successfully imported by dragging from the media browser.
  3. msmcleod

    Song file not saving Screen layout ???

    I'm definitely not seeing this behaviour. I originally thought it might be down to the project reverting to a different screen set on reload, but this also works fine for me. Can you post a screenshot of your screen layout? Even better would be a quick video showing the behaviour (https://www.screentogif.com/ is good for this)
  4. msmcleod

    How to get name to appear on tracks when burnig CDs

    Thanks for posting this link - I was unaware of this.
  5. FWIW, in my spare time I run a CMS business, and email is by far my biggest headache. The free email providers such as gmail and yahoo are constantly rejecting emails at the server level before they even get as far as the recipients' spam folder. Some ISP provided email addresses are the worst offenders. I even started a gmail account specifically for gmail recipients, which worked for about a month before I got reports that emails weren't getting through. Worse still, is the fact that contacting them leads to a dead end or just being fobbed off by them saying it must be a problem my end. It isn't a problem my end. It's their servers that are actively rejecting the emails. I suspect a similar thing is happening with the Cakewalk emails. I doubt if it's Cakewalk's fault.
  6. msmcleod

    Swap stereo channels around

    Normally I'd recommend Cakewalk's ChannelTools, but unless you previously had SONAR, you've probably not got this. There are other VST's out there that do similar things though, such as this: https://www.flux.audio/project/stereo-tool-v3/ If you'd rather permanently swap the channels around, just bounce the track with the effect on (or use Process->Apply Effect on the clip, selecting this VST).
  7. msmcleod

    How to get name to appear on tracks when burnig CDs

    AFAIK, unless they've updated the format of CD's lately without me noticing, there's no way of putting the track names on CD's. What most media players do is query online databases such as freedb.org or CDDB by Gracenote. When you burn a new CD, it's given a unique serial number. You can go to these sites and provide the info for that CD (most mp3 rippers also provide the ability to submit the album details and track names during the process of ripping them). As duplicated CD's all have the same serial number, the media players can pick up the track details from those sites. If anyone knows of any other way of doing this, I'd love to know!
  8. msmcleod

    Sun Lightning - Mix thoughts and feedback, please?

    Or BandLab even!
  9. msmcleod

    Clip properties shortcuts cannot be turned off

    It's the track properties tab, not the inspector itself... so: CTRL + SHIFT + I toggles between the Track tab and no tab selected CTRL + I toggles between the Pro Channel tab and no tab selected SHIFT + I *should* toggle between the Clips tab and no tab selected, but instead it just switches to the Clips tab and won't toggle back.
  10. msmcleod

    Cakewalk wont playback some midi notes anymore

    Normally this means your MIDI prepare buffer is too small. The default is 250, so consider increasing it (I normally use 750) Another issue could be your Driver Mode (see top of image). Not all MIDI interfaces play well with UWP, so if you are using UWP consider using MME (you'll probably have to close your project to change this).
  11. msmcleod

    Rice Crispies

    I agree with @bitflipper - the sound cutting out every 1.5 secs sounds suspiciously like a plugin that isn't authorised, and given that some plugins use hard disk serial numbers as part of their authorisation, swapping to a new drive may have de-authorised a plugin. If you're using something like Sonarworks Reference, it may not even need to be in your project if it's working at a system level. If it was a CPU problem, I'd expect the playback to stop rather than go silent for a bit and carry on. As bitflipper says, you normally hear pops & crackles with high CPU load. Another possibility might be that you've got some synth sending MIDI data out somewhere and automating the output of one of your plugins somewhere? I'd start by bypassing all effects. If the silence has gone, then introduce each effect one by one until you find the one that makes the issue come back. If the issue happens with all effects bypassed, try muting all the tracks and bring each track back one by one.
  12. Email notifications seem to be working fine for me. I definitely get email notifications for PM's. For particular posts however, you have to be following the post to be notified by email. Depending on what your settings are, this either means clicking the "Follow" link up at the top right of the topic, or having automatic following set up. You also have to ensure you've set the appropriate options up in your account's notification settings:
  13. msmcleod

    Cakewalk Doesn't Release When Closed

    This is more likely the cause of both Sonar not shutting down AND the file handles not getting released. Are you using any 32 bit plugins under BitBridge? If so, try using JBridge instead and if necessary check the "Dirty Close" option to force it to close down. Also, check your plugins are up to date. I had exactly this issue a while back with TH-U causing Cakewalk not to shutdown. Upgrading to the latest version of TH-U fixed it (actually, thinking about it, this might have been the cause of the incident I mentioned in my previous post). If you do suspect a plugin: Open the smallest project that exhibits this issue and take a note of the plugins you've used. Reboot your PC Create a new project, adding them one by one, saving then closing down one plugin at a time. At some point you'll find out which plugin is stopping Sonar from closing, allowing you to investigate further. Finally, if you update a plugin, make sure you do a fresh VST scan.
  14. msmcleod

    Cakewalk Doesn't Release When Closed

    I've noticed this in the past. From what I could tell at the time, it was the last file that Cakewalk wrote to. Just opening up a new project cured it for me. One thing that you might want to try is rather than closing Cakewalk, try closing the project first (so it shows the start screen again), then close Cakewalk - is the file still locked then?
  15. msmcleod

    Import tracks from other project files

    +1 to this. Although what you can do already, is drag/drop the project from the media browser into your existing project. There's a couple of gotchas... 1. It will import all the tracks, so you'll need to delete the ones you don't need 2. Instrument tracks are split into separate Audio & MIDI tracks, and can be tricky to wire-up again if you've already got a fairly complicated existing project.
  16. msmcleod

    Good news for V-Vocal users

    I almost never use pitch correction on my vocals, but quite often do on guitar. I’ve got a 1/2 size cheap thing I use to get ideas down, with pretty bad intonation (all my decent guitars are safely locked in my studio). Melodyne is great for cleaning the pitch up.
  17. msmcleod

    Audio issue/bug

    @Mesh - you could try using ASIOLink Pro, setting it's ASIO device to your 2i4. This cured the problem for me on my 6i6, and didn't add any additional latency. Details of the download are in this post:
  18. You could try doubling or tripling the part, and alter the timing slightly for each so the attack is blurred. This should also make the sound bigger as more parts are playing at slightly different times.
  19. msmcleod


    I've started to use comping much more nowadays with guitar. I tend to record every other phrase in one take, then the other phrases in another. I don't know if it's old age making my hands stiff, or lack of practice, or (most probably) both... but comping certainly helps. Funny thing is, solo's are fine. It's just moving between certain chord shapes I struggle with nowadays.
  20. msmcleod

    Can I bounce a midi clip into wav?

    If you're using a soft synth,I find the easiest way is just to freeze the track. You can either leave it frozen, or copy the rendered audio to a blank audio track. For real hardware MIDI devices though, @bitman is correct - you need to record the output of the synth to an audio track in realtime.
  21. msmcleod

    Good news for V-Vocal users

    Melodyne MAutopitch is similar to how the original AutoTune used to work, and also how IzoTope Nectar works... It basically works automatically, so there's no editing. What you can do however, is use automation to change the intensity of the effect, or whether it's on or off at all at various sections. Another way of using it, is to use the select tool to select the area you want corrected, the use Process->Apply Effect from the menu.
  22. msmcleod

    MIDI Sound on Sound Bounce to Clips

    I've found using bounce to clips on the whole track DOES work, but only once I've minimised the take lanes. It seems to behave differently when the take lanes are visible. [Edit] - I was doing exactly the same with audio tracks earlier today. I had exactly the same reaction as you, in that I was sure it worked before... so maybe something has changed in behaviour since the latest update. But anyhow, minimise the take lanes and see if it works for you.
  23. msmcleod

    Varidesk type Setup for DAW?

    I have one of these velcro'd to the wall, next to the "vocal booth" (aka padded corner of the room) in my studio: They're only £35 - £40, and gives me control over most of what I need when doing a vocal take. It's also fun watching my daughter freak when the MCU faders move "on their own" when I move the nanoKONTROL 2 ones.
  24. msmcleod

    Sudden Slow Down In Performance

    I always disable hibernation on my PC's, which also disables hybrid sleep too: For those who don't know the difference: Sleep - Put's everything into a kind of standby mode, using a trickle of power to keep the machine on and the memory contents alive. If you're on battery though, it'll eventually die. Hibernate - Dumps your current memory state to disk, and powers off the machine. When you restart, the memory state is restored from disk and you're back to where you were before hibernating. On Windows 10 machines, the default for powering off is actually to hibernate - not turn off. Restart actually does a full reboot. Hybrid Sleep - does both. It dumps your current memory state to disk AND keeps your hardware in a standby mode. It's much quicker to power back onfrom this mode, and if you get a power outage, it acts as if you've done a standard hibernate. Some USB hardware goes through a kind of restart when it "recovers" from sleep or hibernate (bear in mind that the USB hardware has its own internal memory, which Window's can't save when you hibernate). On wake up, the devices state is then different from what the Windows driver thinks it should be, and is the likely cause of issues with coming out of hibernation/sleep. Hibernate isn't all bad though. I'll quite often re-enable it on my laptop if I'm going to be using on battery for extended periods. Laptops will automatically hibernate when the batter is low, so at least if the battery dies I've not lost my work.
  25. msmcleod

    Can't update BIOS on AsRock Z97 Pro 4

    ASUS allows browsing to a BIOS image on an attached HD - does AsRock allow this too?