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  1. Had a crash doing save with 15632-202005. So I recorded couple dozen clips (3 tracks) with AD drums. I had a 3 min song outline. Unfortunately I hadn't done a save ( my bad). I went to do the save and paused thinking of a name. I started a few titles and with guitar in hand delayed for a minute or two. Next time I looked it was gone. Program exited and all was lost. That's on me but I thought I'd mention it in case its easy to reproduce and possibly fix. Thanks, Ken
  2. You can also use the Cakewalk built in track arp patterns.
  3. Do you use a control surface? If so check to see if Cakewalk selected the midi keyboard as its input.
  4. Bounce to Clips with selected clips.
  5. Very happy with the update!!! No issues with previous projects including my acid test project. Thanks to Bandlab and all the Bakers!!! Ken
  6. Well said!!! HAPPY EASTER to all!!! Thanks to All!!!
  7. I would guess it converting in percussive mode. I'm unable to check this out a this time. See if you can find out how to set the default conversion mode.
  8. Its me, I was hitting ctl and alt when trying to get the crop tool. Forgot to use the shift key... If anyone else is having this problem, USE the shift key!! Oh the shame... How do I mark this as solved?
  9. So I'm the old fart in this band. I've spent the last year in my son's Blues band. Its lots of fun. The we're a trans blues band, many genres. Other members in the band include, rock-a-billy, punk, and metal. I'm really a prog rocker, think Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis,... When I write I love to start with synths, guitar, and then riff over it with lead guitar. Now I'm trying to write blues tunes but avoid the 1,4,5 hum drums. Any suggestions?
  10. I tried shift and alt when the wrong tool was shown. Will try moving the cursor around more???
  11. I'm sorry to bring this up again ... but still having this issue. I just want to crop one clip in a track with multiple takes. Note the clip start, lines up with other clips in different takes. I tried using the smart tool filter option??? I'm using sound on sound record mode. Is this just me??? Maybe its an OCD thing;) Running latest version of Cakewalk.
  12. Just saw this after a windows update. I hope its a one time thing. Thanks Microsoft, yes please change my drivers.
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