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  1. FYI - Line6 pulled the 1.97 driver from their download page. Sorry I miss spoke. Its still there. Rolled back to 1.96.
  2. Thanks to all!! Its great to have this support group! I thought it was just me... I wouldn't / couldn't complain about something like this. Stuff happens. I've been dealing with windows / driver issues for ... lets see ... forever.
  3. Does this change "ProChannel plugins no longer receive MIDI" in 9/22 mean PC modules cannot be controlled by a control surface??? Thanks
  4. BandLab has been supporting the Cakewalk team which is awesome in my book!!! I wish them all the best and being a long time Reverb Nation user it is a very interesting development!!
  5. I could only get the export length to match track/clip length using the clip export. If this can be done with track export, can someone provide a screen shot with the new export dialog settings. Thanks. I do like the track export because it puts the track info in the mp3 id3 info.
  6. Thanks to all! I was hitting the wall last night, long Monday. I will try this again tonight!! "Select source category tracks. Make sure that you have nothing selected and export the full project. It should automatically size the export of the tracks based on their length."
  7. Hi Scook, Then you loose the auto naming features. I may as well just export one at a time. Thanks for the quick help.
  8. I'm exporting tracks of different lengths but do not want added silence on shorter tracks. I want the export length to match the clip length of each track. Each track is one clip. Say I am finishing a CD and want to cut all the songs. Is this possible with the new export tool? Thanks in advance, I did a search and didn't see this question. Ken
  9. Good feature request!!! I just wanted to do a stems export for each track? Correct me if this is possible.
  10. All it takes is a few big name producers/artists to give a shout out and bang!!! I do think BandLab is taking us into the future with online features!! With their online content new users will be happy. Imagine loops, instruments, and plugins online at the artist fingers. Online collaboration, exposure, and marketing also could also be huge. Only tomorrow knows!!
  11. Advertising dollar gets the attention. Also, people are more comfortable thinking the paid software has a better guarantee. For me, Cakewalk is better than ever and the outlook is amazing!!! Thanks to BandLab and the bakers for the fine work!!!
  12. Is it easy for those who do themes to update a theme to the new layout? If so can a theme expert describe the process so us not so expert folks do updates on our favorite themes? Thanks in advance!!
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