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  1. Codes are for $5/Euros of #TREAT for $10/Euros off for $20/Euros off https://www.bestservice.com/index.html
  2. We recreated Piano Bass by Spectral Modeling, and we can tell it sounds like the real one! Our Fire Piano Bass weights only 30 MB and sounds like an 8Gb library. And you can grab it today at a special price: Only $19. https://sampleson.com/fire-piano-bass.html
  3. Spend $50 get 1 FREE plugin Spend $90 get 2 FREE plugins Spend $120 get 3 FREE plugins https://everyplugin.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result?manufacturer[]=6 Code: CREATE40
  4. Buy SampleTron II (which is quite nice BTW) using Gear Credits. Do this by buying 200 Gear Credits in the online store https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/index.php?R=INIT&FV=all-credits-family-related-products&CV=Other Filter&PSEL=allcredits for $159.99, and with Maximum Jampoints of 48 drops the price to $112. Go to the Custom Shop. select SampleTron II, pay with the 200 gear credits, and this will get you in at the $199.99 level and 24 freebies!
  5. If you click on "Details" on the order it takes you to the download...
  6. cclarry

    Zero G Dark Sale!

    Offerings are here https://zero-g.co.uk/collections/the-dark-sale-up-to-70-off-selected-titles
  7. $24 at the KVR Marketplace https://www.kvraudio.com/marketplace/balkan-vocals-2-kontakt-wav-by-rast-sound
  8. Digital Brain Instruments has announced a Halloween Sale. Until November 1st, 2021, you can purchase any of their software tools at 50% off: Voxpat: Monster, creature & robotic sounds designer. $99.50 Transformer: Creative audio morphing and processing tool. $59.50 CMixer: Broadcasting software mixer. $59.50 Batch Pro: The batch processing tool. $29.50 Talkie Box: Walkie Talkie, Radio & Telephone sounds designer. $29.50 Multiplex Vocoder: Your VST/AU synths as vocoder carrier signals. $29.50 DSP Manager: Loudspeaker management software. $54.50 Oscar: Anti-aliased tone and noise generator. $29.50 Recycle: Re-Design your sounds. $34.50 Use this code at checkout: HALLOWEEN21 https://www.digitalbrain-instruments.com/
  9. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Get 65% OFF 2B Shaped, 2B Shaped Filter, 2B Distorted, 2B Filtered and 2B Controlled. And if that wasn't enough, get 2B Delayed Classic 100% FREE with every purchase. https://2bplayed.com/
  10. I assume that this is it...today's the release date and it just showed up, so logic would dictate that this is it
  11. Ya learn something new every day!
  12. All Access members run Slate Connect and find Murda Melodies and install
  13. Run Slate Connect to update
  14. Run Softube Central to update!
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