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  1. Yes...but you get a LOT more for that extra $50
  2. $24.95 - upgrade to V2 for $60 Buy Ethera Soundscapes V1.2 today and upgrade to Ethera Soundscapes V2.0 for just $60! Simply use code ETHSS2UP in the checkout anytime you wish to upgrade to V2 When you buy Ethera Soundscapes V1.2 you will automatically join our Ethera Loyalty Scheme. Use code ETHERALOYALTY in the checkout and get 20% OFF any other Ethera title today! PLEASE NOTE: This product is already heavily discounted. You cannot use the Ethera Loyalty code above when purchasing this product. The new newsletter subscriber $15 discount code will also not work when purchasing this product. To use this code the minimum spend must be $40. https://zero-g.co.uk/collections/ethera-collection/products/ethera-soundscapes
  3. 100 Gb...20% off - $559 for 48 hrs https://cinesamples.com/product/cineperc
  4. Reveal Sound is running an Autumn Sale until September 30th, offering: 90 USD discount on Spire Synth + Sound Bundle. 60 USD discount on Spire Synth. 30% discount on all Sounds. https://reveal-sound.com/
  5. Tek’it Audio has updated the RECsoprano 2 soprano recorder instrument plugin to v.2.0 and it is now free and available as VST/VST3/AU for Windows and macOS (both 32bit and 64bit). https://tekit-audio.com/products/instruments/recsoprano/
  6. No Grem... Each "System" that you create in your account can have up to 6 Devices, and ALL of those devices on that system can share the plugins. So, if you have 2 different "Systems" set up in your account, they are SEPERATE, and only the plugins on System 1 can be shared by the DEVICES on System 1, and only the plugins on System 2 can be shared by system 2 devices. System 1 cannot use System 2 Plugins and visa versa.... So, in your case, if you only have ONE system set up, and BOTH devices are on that "System" then BOTH devices can use ALL of your plugins. But, if you have the 2 Devices set up on TWO SEPERATE SYSTEMS...i.e...the Octo on ONE system, and the Apollo on ANOTHER system, then the Octo can only use plugins tied to "System 1" and the Apollo can only use plugins tied to "System 2".
  7. cclarry

    IK Mixbox

    Slate VMR is VERY nice! It's also a 500 Series format...and does a very nice job! And, unlike Mixbox and Soundtoys, where all the plugins are "tied" to the Rack, you can use the individual plugins that you already own in VMR, and as standalone VST's, which makes it a little more "Usable" IMO
  8. Preset patterns...rather than making "random" generated patterns I would guess...
  9. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    THAT is the key! It's what you REALLY want to do...not what you feel capable of. Everyone is capable, even though some "just get it" naturally (NOT me! LOL), it's just a matter of "do I REALLY want to", and "am I willing to put in the time"! So if that's your inclination, and what you feel would benefit you the most, then that is absolutely the way to go! EVERYTHING, for most at the beginning, is like a "foreign language" (I speak several LOL)! I remember when I first started playing Eb Alto Sax in Elementary School...it took time...but I eventually started "getting it"...of course right about that time, someone stole my Sax...and I couldn't play anymore, and moved to guitar!
  10. $7.50 https://www.waproduction.com/bundles/view/ultimate-fx-bundle#a_aid=5f44b6cd5ce8c&a_bid=2ae91769
  11. cclarry

    IK VI Group Buy

    You COULD if you took the time to figure it out...lot's of resources to use...but unless you're a prodigy, it takes TIME to learn the guitar...and I was no prodigy, and still can't play worth a hoot after over 40 years of playing LOL
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