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  1. I have an unregistered license for SampleTank 4 SE that I bought, so I'll probably use that to enter the Group Buy and get the ones that I don't have for FREE. I just wish that ST4 SE was priced at $199, rather than $149, so that it would get me SampleTron 2, but you can't have everything I guess (unless you are BAPU)!
  2. The likelyhood of getting 5 is pretty good...25...nope
  3. The only one's that I don't have are the Electromagnetik and Cinekinetic Series new ones...which I really don't care about... and the new Resonator, which isn't included, and the SampleTron II, which is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced as an upgrade from one...which tells me that I can just wait for the next itteration of Total Studio Max and get them. Had the Resonator been included I would have joined to get it, and used the freebies to get the Electromagnetik and Cinekinetic Series ...but as it stands now, not necessary
  4. "Is a chaotic track starting to get to you? Maybe you should make it a little more "Smoov". Smoov is a soft, clean and transparent sounding program-dependent compressor. It takes inspiration from hardware compressors of the past with a focus on peak detection, meaning that it can quickly and effortlessly react to incoming signals and blend them in with the surrounding audio field. When a busy track needs taming, Smoov softly settles your tracks." $15 https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/8-Compressor/7707-Smoov
  5. Too bad this doesn't qualify for the group buy...I'd be in if it did
  6. Info and join here - up to 24 products FREE! https://www.ikmultimedia.com/25gb/
  7. Run the SAA and select "Labs" then "Not Installed" to install!
  8. JUST $49.99 TODAY!* NE-OLD-4999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends August 6, 11:59 PM California Time This is a fixed price offer! The price for this product will not change if you add more plugins to your order. But you will get dynamic discounts of 20-60% on any additional plugins you may purchase. *Local VAT taxes may be added, only if required by law in your country. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/neold_v76u73.html
  9. Today we did a major update to 2B Shaped. The most important is: 2B Shaped now supports midi triggering in every supported daw. That makes 2B shaped even more versatile. You can read the changes below. 2B Shaped v1.5 Release Notes: -New!: Midi Triggering. -GUI Changes. -Automation fixes. -Preset menu fixes. -Performance and stability fixes. The update is free if you already own 2B Shaped. You can download the update via your original order email or your 2B Played Music account. https://2bplayed.com/
  10. Requires iLok, and this is an affiliate link... https://www.deptofsound.com/ecoplate-beta-invite?r=cclarr441Y
  11. Two years ago, upon the release of Riff Generation: Outside In Edition, we stated: We realize that as a customer it can be difficult to know if what you're considering buying today might 60, 70, 80 or 90% off tomorrow. So with that in mind we started to think, "What is the lowest possible price we can imagine selling this for?" - and just introduce it at that rate and let people know the price won't be lower on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or this time next year. So we launched our $249.99 virtual instrument for just $99.99 (which lasted about a month). Since then, it has never been priced that low. But it's been two years - so we are re-visiting this special price for just a few weeks. So through Sunday, Aug 22 you can get Riff Generation: Outside In again for $99.99. On top of that, receive its three Expansions for an additional 150 presets for free ($59.97 add’l value). As always: thank you for your support! https://insessionaudio.com/products/riff-generation-outside-in/
  12. I had the same issue...I just reinstalled and then it worked fine
  13. ESW Rainbow Xylo Kontakt library is $9 only for a limited time. But if you apply the code "ESW48HR" it gives you $10 off, so you can get this for free right now. https://www.echosoundworks.com/rainbow-toy-xylophone
  14. cclarry

    Softube Tape

    $39 at Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/44-Saturation/3416-Tape)?currency=USD&refSrc=2846&nosto=frontpage-nosto-bestsellers and get MDyamicEQ FREE!
  15. https://www.blender.org/download/
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