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  1. Current code is YNY23....just FYI
  2. cclarry

    BOOM SoundWeaver

    SoundWeaver helps you design new sounds from your existing sound FX library in less time by automating and randomizing certain parts within your sound design routine. It's a highly inspirational tool revolutionizing your workflow. Revive your library • Resurrect forgotten sounds • Skip the busywork MORE INFO BUY NOW SoundWeaver explores the full depths of your sound library with the help of keywords or folder paths and picks matching sounds for your project. Sounds are automatically sorted, grouped, layered, aligned and split into regions (if files contain multiple variations). Now you can pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and randomize individual sounds, groups or the whole project. USE CASES Produce more assets and increase productivity on tight schedules Set up your sound design session with ready-to-use sound combinations Generate variations with ease instead of manually tweaking everything Find new combinations, discover and create new flavors and variety within your library Order SOUNDWEAVER until FEB 6th and save 20% MORE INFO BUY NOW LATEST TESTIMONIAL "Working with raw material that sounds fantastic and is meticulously organized are both astonishingly important aspects of my work as a sound designer. Working with sounds I can trust and find easily means that I can focus my time and energy on being creative, and I value that immensely. I always find what I need with BOOM Library sounds and I can trust the material completely." ••• Magnus Chirgwin Freelance Sound Designer & Composer $159.20 intro price
  3. cclarry

    Riffer 2.0

    What’s New: - Create and Save Custom Scales Lock Individual Notes or whole Steps Quick Load Preset Menu Audio Out for Quick Pattern Preview on Stand-Alone mode New Scale Transposition Engine New Range Engine for Pitch, Duration & Velocity Infinity Mode Loop Selector Root Note Probability selector New Preset Manager MIDI Controllable New MIDI Output menu Reverse Pattern Updated UI Performance Improvements Free Trial Version Riffer is Available as a VST, VST3, Audio Unit Plugin, AAX $55 BUY NOW
  4. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/uvi-orchestral-suite
  5. cclarry

    Beatassist Drag

    beatassist.eu has released Drag. Drag is a virtual synthesizer for Windows OS. It was designed for GOA/Psytrance leads. The synth has 4 oscillators, 3 of them phase distortion and 1 a basic oscillator. It features some master effects like Chorus, Reverb and Octave Stepper. With Drag the user can create all those acid and metallic leads that are used in Psytrance or GOA Trance. Price: Free. Read more at https://www.beatassist.eu/drag.htm
  6. For only $79.99 (instead of $475), get the PRODUCTION VOICES’ SFZ PIANO BUNDLE featuring 5 premium Piano Sample Libraries for the free Plogue Sforzando player. No Kontakt required. PRODUCTION GRAND COMPACT is a sampled YAMAHA C7 grand piano that is recognized as one of the staple grand pianos used in recording studios around the world and on concert stages. DEATH PIANO takes piano sounds to the point of breaking. It is full of reverse samples and obscure piano tones that are sure inspire. The sounds include plucked piano sounds, upright parlour piano, and a Steinway D, but don’t expect classical tones here! ESTATE GRAND has 3 microphone perspectives that give you a large sonic palette to work with on this sampled KAWAI GS 60 grand piano. The inside microphones are crisp and articulate while the room mics give a natural lounge sound unlike any other piano library. ELECTRIC V gives you that familiar vintage electric piano vibe with the superior dynamic range of the MARK V. While many electric piano players have played the MK I and Mk II versions of this classic electric piano, the MARK V is rare and one of the most sought after electric pianos for its tone and playability. CONCERT GRAND COMPACT is a sampled AMERICAN STEINWAY D, perhaps the most recognized piano for classical piano concert performance playing and even preferred by some Jazz pianists. Originally $475, this must-have bundle is now available for just $79.99 for a limited time only! This is an amazing no-brainer offer you should not miss! Promo page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-1/ Promo ends: February 5th KEY FEATURES 5 professional piano sample libraries in one bundle Sampled Steinway D, Yamaha C7, Kawai GS-60 grand pianos Deep-sampled Mark V electric piano Uprights, plucked piano and other piano oddities Over 30 GB of samples Works with all major DAWs (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Ableton, Reaper etc.) Runs standalone or within a DAW Efficient engine performs equally well in the studio or live Expressive libraries to cover all your piano needs
  7. SAVE 80% - 24H FLASH SALE JUST $49.99 TODAY! BB-HG2-4999 Use this voucher code during checkout
  8. I took this for a test drive, and WOW, it sounds GREAT!!! VERY VERY NICE!!! And none of my CPU's ever hit more than 50% (I have 8...) on the performance monitor, even with a boatload of other plugins. It was updated in Dec, so that might have helped with the CPU hit, but it didn't even nearly tax my CPU''s as much as some of the Wave plugins do. On the two bus it really can open up the mix...some slight tweaks and WOW.
  9. Which makes it $24.99 if you have a $25 voucher...sadly those with $50 or $75 vouchers get the shaft
  10. Pre-Oceania II Sale Oceania 1 at $79 through January 31, 2020,, and get a significant discount on 2 when released https://performancesamples.com/oceania/?ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_8_21_2018_15_37_COPY_02)
  11. From $99 https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/269?utm_campaign=PB- Synchro Arts NL - Bespoke -22-01-2020&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_content=&utm_medium=email&eid=AY894324781822379084413796383520
  12. BORIS SALCHOW | STARS AND CANVAS. Puremagnetik is pleased to announce the release of Stars by award-winning composer Boris Salchow. Stars is an experience in immersion and self-reflection. It is Salchow at his most personal - a world of layers, colors, and shifting clouds of sound that is full of kinetic activity. LEARN MORE Canvas | Texture Microsampler Pledge $1 or more to Stars and download Canvas for free (included in the Bandcamp download). With Canvas, Boris Salchow has combined his field recordings and prepared piano sounds into a free "texture microsampler". It is a versatile sound design tool that can be used for anything from ambient sound washes to tension-building backdrops and intricate soundscapes. LEARN MORE ABOUT CANVAS
  13. I got the same thing...I just ignored it...1.1.4 will be here soon LOL!
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