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  1. coupld it be your internet is not fonctioning corectly ? welcome to the forum !!
  2. oups you already try this sorry have you try re-install it??
  3. double-click the numerics-peak to reset it
  4. i remember Sonar 5 was doing this on me,time to time...
  5. you can try ASIO driver-mode in preference from there adjust the buffer for your soundcard, 128 can be good for recording...& playback
  6. option-meter option-show numeric-peak value
  7. sorry i'v not found the plugin..
  8. my onboard soundcard is disable in the Bios and all is working fine
  9. i see that your track1 is splited,is it this splited portion that you are hearing??
  10. Foobar2000 is a good (free)media-player https://www.foobar2000.org/
  11. you may want to contact the company of your plugin..
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