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  1. i like the sound of your guitar! nice song
  2. thank you Deering i take note from you !
  3. your song sound good(on my headphone) maybe a bit of high end EQ on the vocal..just a tought
  4. hello all i would like to know what you think about this mix i made the tittle song is Allieur wich is a french lyrics song (all instruments are real instruments apart for the drum(session drumer 3) thank you for listening https://soundcloud.com/user-852678669/allieur
  5. i'v found this going on the sonar cakewalk old site,it is a pack of plugins (free) (Multivoice Chorus/Flanger, Classic Phaser, Tempo Delay, Compressor/Gate, Para-Q, HF Exciter, Alias Factor, and Modfilter. i like the delay and the chorus they are easy to operate and they sound good hebergeur photos for free!! https://www.cakewalk.com/My-Account/Product/CSHS100 cheer martin
  6. you can also not load the plugins by holding the shift-key with cliking the project..
  7. peaking "around" -18Db in your soundcard is plenty enought...
  8. welcome to the forum here is some tutorial videos on youtube cakewalk by bandlab
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