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  1. there select the marker you want to delete,then "hit" delete..
  2. go to view-markers then select the marker you want to delete then "hit" delete..
  3. there maybe a setting on your sound-card to make it sound left\right
  4. you can mouse-over the marker you want to delete & hit delete or view-markers select-delete
  5. hi there recently i made my own icons and so i deleted all the others icons that i dont need, but each time i add an icons to my projects,default icons is re-created each time ???
  6. thank you DeeringAmps
  7. im a proud cakewalk\sonar user since 2005
  8. welcome to the forum! is the vu-meter show 'activity'? also look the output of your track
  9. just an idea..have you try open cake has a administrator
  10. if you zoom(vertical)the track all the way,you can see the highest peak
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