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  1. Rod i make this video for you hoping that will help how to drag a clip using the shift comand
  2. it happen to me too make sure you drag it up or down
  3. my best DAW is cakewalk by bandlab all the way......
  4. i forget where are stored cakewalk theme,can someone tell me please thanks martin
  5. the only problem is all input of onboard audio card are 1\8 inputs
  6. midi plugin are stored there (C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared MIDI Plugins) but i tried copy a midi-plug there,but it does not appear in cakewalk...
  7. on device manager USB hub,uncheck all usb-hub (allow this computer to close this turn-off..)
  8. i use groove-looping..and drag the edge clip the lenght i want
  9. no you are up to date,does it do this on all projects? if you list your computer,audio card..ect will help us to help you
  10. a tu installé la derniere version de cakewalk?
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