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    I just sent this to KVR DIRECTLY... I just got this message from KVR: You have been permanently banned from this board. Please contact the Board Administrator for more information. Reason given for ban: I can't believe that you are not a dealer... I think it's time to end this abuse of the Sell & Buy forum. I have NEVER been a DEALER of ANY kind. THIS is WHY you don't make "forum members" Administrators!!! They make "judgement calls" based on their "personal assumptions" and their own "Biases"!!! I am NOT, nor have I EVER been a "Dealer" of ANY kind!!! I've been a member of this forum for YEARS!!! Also a member of several OTHER forums. I have NEVER abused your forum, but apparently you have "Administators" who believe that they have the RIGHT to "ban" members based on their OWN biases and personal assumptions! I have followed the rules of the forum, and 100% positive feedback in the Feedback Forum for my posts, and sales, which are NOT from a "Dealer", and I should NOT be punished, and banned, based on your Administrators "assumptions" of "I can't believe you're not a dealer", and THIS administrator should either be DISCIPLINED or REMOVED from their position for ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, banning someone based on their "Assumptions" Sincerely, Larry W. Shelby
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    BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE If you go for any number of these mags, especially if you go for quiet a few. MAKE SURE AFTERWARDS you look at your subscriptions in settings and opposite each of the new mags you added, select MANAGE and turn off AUTORENEW. If you dont do that you: 1. will be charged beyond the free editions until you cancel the sub 2. will NOT be able to delete your PAYMENT METHOD So YOU HAVE to add a payment method before you can "purchase" these free subs. BUT once you turn off autorenew on those recent subs via method above, you can delete the payment method again safely knowing you will not be charged in the future. Quiet an unfair stunt pulled by ZINIO I think
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    I don't write 'em...I just report 'em!!! 🤪
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    Free issue of MusicTech issue 200 https://www.musictech.net/news/free-download-musictech-issue-200/?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=
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    If it gets real bad I can have my people extract Larry in the dead of night. In an iso tank, w/ a laptop, internet connection and some daily McDonald's he'll be kept safer than even the orange hate goblin during a pandemic and I can finally get a discounted piano
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    https://www.two-notes.com/wall-of-sound Until the 30th of April 2020, download the plugin and receive a lifetime license containing two Virtual Cabinets. The cabinets are the Brit VintC (inspired by a closed-back Marshall® Slash Signature 4×12″ with Celestion® V30 speakers) and the Watt FanC (inspired by a closed-backHiwatt® 2×12″ with Fane speakers). Torpedo Wall of Sound is a convolution-based cabinet speaker simulator. The software emulates the entire guitar recording chain, including the speaker, microphones, preamps, and the studio room acoustics. Torpedo Wall of Sound is available in VST, VST3, AU, RTAS, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Both 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.
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    If you hold a key/chord while you do the drag it reflects what you are holding. If you don't you get the same base chord/note. I suspect if you use the latch mode you might not even need to hold, I didn't try that. The MIDI it generates do have keyswitch leader notes at C-2 that trigger VB into instrument mode for every note on. So if you wanted to use that MIDI somewhere else you'd need to lasso delete or filter those keyswitch notes out. Unlike the guitarist the bass instruments are all playable as instruments, which is a big win.
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    Thanks again for these posts. I now officially have every AAS soundbank known to man. And woman.
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    Sorry you blew it... $10.44 USD Now we gotta take away your computer.
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    Run the Spitfire Audio App to update
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    Yep. Best polisher ever. And I know turds.
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    groove Monkey packs come with Addictive Drums versions
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    I hate to say it....but the crack/ware scene is going get some new traffic soon. Sad part is, from a lot of legit users.
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    There's a new video from the very talented Luca Zabbini with SampleTank 4 CS and SampleTank libraries, hope everybody is enjoying using the new tool and/or 4GB+ new free sounds: Luca is a beast, very talented and he's playing his own compositions so he's a talented player and writer for sure.
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    Maybe I can help out and do the same. I have a VS100. Great little unit that I really love.
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    Perfect for those of us who have never been able to master the technical wizardry required to play this deceptively challenging instrument!
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    I don't even keep track of my money anymore.. I just buy stuff and see what happens
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    I've been slowly acquiring SoundSpot's products over the years as they've been available as PB giveaways and $5 twofers and some are good and some were not and that somewhere along the way they at least got a good UI designer. I think that it's unfortunate that their website is so crappy, and that half of the products don't even have manuals, but look how every page of the documentation for CbB still has instructions on how to enable "offline help" 2 years after the first release of CbB, which has never had offline help. The critical eye I turn to their products is different to other companies. I think they might develop their products more toward the DJ/dance track/ DAW-as-instrument paradigm than toward the record, mix, master and print paradigm. What makes a plug-in better suited to purpose in each paradigm may be different. So when critiquing SoundSpot's product, maybe I take 30-40 years off my age perspective. 😁 Beware: when you're shopping in this sale, there are two pages that list their products, and the pages have different lists of products. https://www.soundspot.audio/audio-plugins-2/ Has a shorter list than: https://www.soundspot.audio/ For instance, Overtone Mastering EQ isn't listed on the first url I posted, and it's probably worth putting on your list of 5. Hiku and Nebula are unique FX that are both "Buy It Now's" for a buck. I don't think you can get what they do in that form anywhere else. FireFly is a nice versatile bus compressor, MSW2 is a spatial controller similar to Boz' Mongoose but with a more informative display and sadly, no documentation. Overtone is a stereo mastering para EQ with a big shiny GUI. Orbit is a transient shaper. If you are bored with your current mastering type EQ or transient shaper or want ones to give to someone, get them. Kickbox is a nice all-in-one for kick shaping, the compressor in it can bring some serious boom. Focus is a handy hi pass/lo pass with a graphic in the center. Do not get Percolate. It is bad. Similar to Larry, I just ticked off the ones I don't have that interest me, Kinetix, VoxBox, Kara, Glitch and Oracle. I'm sure the algo in Oracle can't touch the one in Phoenix Verb, but it has some interesting SoundSpot-ty things like LFO and compression.
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    https://reverb.com/marketplace?query="synth sounds of"&make=reverb&sort=price|desc&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=curated-gear&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200325 D&S US
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    I need 1,000,000, more plug-in and then my mix will be satisfactory! 😆
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    Absolutely Cart is automatically filled and emptied by something random
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    it was a 47 $ not long time ago , useless sale imho
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    If Larry tanks, we all tank. For his preservation and safety, I say we all send him a bottle of hand sanitizer and a roll of toilet paper.
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    This isn't the kind of thing I generally post here but the Corona virus sort of changed my musical directions for a bit. I am responsible for the music at a local church which can't meet due to the virus so last week I made a small set of tunes and posted them online for the church. I must do the same this week, so I got a little more ambitious and decided to make mixes of tunes and post them with videos of the words. I haven't made any video yet and this is only the first tune I mixed. I hope to post this along with video on YouTube soon. The basic tune isn't original but the composition behind it is all original. The feel of the tune has been changed slightly because of this. If you get the chance to listen to both links and comment on if one has higher fidelity I would appreciate it. Doesn't need to be the whole tune on the 2nd link. Thinking about maybe using Orfium more since they claim a higher fidelity upload over SC 128mp3. Orfium link- <iframe src="https://www.orfium.com/embedded/track/995403/you-are-my-all-in-all-starise/?ref=Starise" width="100%" height="150px" style="border: none;"></iframe>
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    Since that new Mecurrial amp lead to talk about feedback generators which lead to a potential purchase of said generator when I was supposed to be done spending I ended up scoring the Blue Cat one. It's currently on intro pricing of $59 as it just came out and the WINTER2020 code at AudioDeluxe took off another $9.02 so it came down to $49.98. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plug-ins/blue-cat-audio-acoufiend WINTER2020
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    In honor of the times, I'd take Tarilonte's medieval legends Era for $13.47.
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    We have released a simple utility plugin we named "Stereo Swapper" that does a simple task of swapping the left and right channels on any stereo bus. If you have been working on a mix project for a long time you might be surprised how different it sounds when the left and right channels are switched at your monitors or headphones. A better overall mix balance, EQ, etc., can often be achieved by simply monitoring your mix while toggling the left/right channel routing. Stereo Swapper can be used on the monitor bus (if your DAW has one), on the main stereo bus - or even stereo tracks within a mix - to quickly flip the left/right channels without having to mess with pan settings. Stereo Swapper a simple little plugin that can help you make better mix decisions or left in place on stereo tracks within a mix that ends up sounding better "flipped". Stereo Swapper will soon be posted on our website however can be downloaded directly here: http://www.raisingjakestudios.com/files/StereoSwapper_v100_Mac_PC.zip
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    BTW, Percolate, I'm sorry to say, is not even worthy of unZIPping. Absolute poo. I don't think they even list it on their website any more. It's the kind of plug-in that probably gave SoundSpot a poor reputation early in their history. Ho-hum processing in a needlessly obscure UI. SoundSpot seem to be focusing more on the "hot producer" EDM market, which I think is a good idea for them. They have cool-looking UI's that inspire messing about, but when it comes to more straightforward "I need a warm-sounding compressor for this acoustic drum bus," or "let's put some EQ on the master bus," I haven't found as much use for their offerings. And....ho-lee virtual space, does Phoenix sound amazing! I did a simple, quick A-B putting it into my reverb send bus with Oril River on a drum mix and the difference was spectacular. I just left Phoenix on its default preset, with similar levels and whatnot on Oril River. With Phoenix, my mix' image extended beyond the monitors both left and right and up and down and front and back. It was stunning, and at first of course I didn't trust myself, so I switched back and forth, checked the settings on Oril River....nope, pretty similar. Up to this point, I've loved Oril River. It just slaughtered every reverb I've ever auditioned, instantly and decisively. Never heard anything like it. Of course, I am wary of FX that instantly make a mix sound like a million bucks, so I will revisit this phenomenon and see how it holds up, but for now it's the best $9 I've spent on a plug-in in quite some time. Also, the first reverb I've liked enough more than TrueVerb or OrilRiver to even pay for, and the descriptiveness and abundance of presets will help a great deal in guiding me to select the right one for the sonic space I'm trying to create.
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    I love this plugin!!! I always have a Room Verb bus and this is now on it at all times. It really is quite amazing.
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    For game deals I recommend checking out the GameDeals Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/new/ It's surprising how often good games are available for free.
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    Run the Software Center to update
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    OK Larry, You can't be tried for the same crime twice .... Now that you have been cleared of all dealing charges, you can go back to dealing now. 😎
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    They shouldn't just restore Larry's account, they should also fire the admin responsible for the mishap.
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    So true. Plus, I have an original Babyface and they are STILL supporting the drivers.
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    Revoice Pro ** Bug * [RP4-222] - Warp - Selecting the left and right edges of notes is harder than in 4.1 - Fixed https://www.synchroarts.com/index.php?path=downloads/#revoice-pro
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    I have been putting it off cuz of my weight. I Am trying to get down to my original weight so I have to watch how many pies I eat at a time oh yeah, my original weight was 7 pounds 9 ounces
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    The joys of early adoption 😉
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    Virtual Instruments for $29.99 at EveryPlugin - use code YNY23 for extra discount http://everyplugin.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result?manufacturer[]=6
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    Today is PSP Oldtimer https://www.jrrshop.com/psp-oldtimer
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    Go to your user area to download https://www.ikmultimedia.com/
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    We have a new download/authorization manager in the works that will make more radical (and beneficial) changes to the sound library downloads and installs.
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    I've used SSD5 for the last couple of years and I don't mind it. I'm comfortable with the interface. The thing for me is there's a bug in the MIDI grooves browser where you drag a file from the browser to Reaper and it shows "Offline." The workaround is to drag the MIDI file from Windows Explorer into Reaper directly. But that defies the point of a groove browser. Anyway, long story short, Slate has been promising an update coming "soon" to fix this issue for a year or two, and it's still nowhere to be seen. For me, I had enough and moved to Superior Drummer 3 and never looked back. It is better in just about every way and I could tell the difference in the mixes straight away after replacing the Slate drums with SD3.
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