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    Will be playing catch up tomorrow...zillions of emails to go through...
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    Mode audio and waves gift Until July 26, 2021. https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-filter-free?utm_campaign=modeaudio-july-2021
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    https://www.softube.com/marshall-plexi $19 USD in cart with promo code PLEXI19, expiry unknown
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    OneKnob Pumper Free for Ullie Swan followers and subscribers. 24 hours only! https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-pumper-free
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    For those (like me) that use the Izotope Product Portal to update their various products ........ don't bother opening it up and updating to v 1.4.2. Apparently there is a permissions issue with the said installer and it will only install/update itself in Windows safe mode ! Which basically renders it unusable. I was advised by their chat line to wait for a further update to the Portal software. Cheers, J Fixed now
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    Yep ! that's why I'm not bring this one upstairs 😎 Some times a good Guitar Wank has to stay hidden from the General Public 🤪 Kenny
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    Proclethya Synth (Windows only!) is FREE until the end of the month (July 31st) via coupon code: JLYFR31 (apply it at checkout!) Check it out at https://proclethya.com COUPON CODE (100% OFF until July 31st): JLYFR31
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    Freebie alert! The Art Deco Piano instrument for #SampleTank4 is free for all new & existing IK newsletter subscribers. Get yours here: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=11247
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    Not a traditional deal in this forum, but GOG currently offers Syberia I and II as a giveaway. Sure, it's been around for years (Syberia I was released in 2002 and Syberia II in 2005) but I think it’s still a very good point-and-click puzzle-solving DRM free game. Also, I find the musical score really beautiful, particularly in Syberia I *). Those episodes actually managed to keep my interest long enough to make me continue to the end without stop playing in the midst of it (a rare event indeed). Claim a free copy here: https://www.gog.com/game/syberia_i_ii Additionally, Syberia 3 came in 2017 (yes, I’ve got it in my GOG account) and Syberia 4 is just around the corner. *) That was the musical connection for those of you about to call for a moderator. Edit: This offer only lasts for 72 hours and ends on 17th July 2021, at 1 PM UTC.
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    Anybody who has read me at all on this forum knows that I have a passion for world music and world virtual instrument. There are a lot of things I hear often on the internet about world virtual instruments that don't sit well with me. This is my reaction to those things, and that's why it's so personal to me. I consider this my first video. It's also the first one not signed by Tiger, but by Reid. Oh, and if anybody thinks the title is clickbait, please watch the video before you make that claim. I believe the video earns its title. At the beginning of the video, there is a story I tell about the adventures I had working on Ridley Scott's "1492:Conquest of Paradise." When I was editing it, for fun I tried some music by my friend Tatiana Gordeeva, "The Legend of Edward B.," to play underneath it and I liked the way it sounded a lot. So I wrote her, showed her the sequence and asked if she would grant me permission to use "Edward B." in the video. Instead she offered to write original music--and that's what you will hear.
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    If you haven't by any chance picked it up yet in any of the giveaways... Just saw this posted and it worked for me. I Heart NY by Baby Audio (usually $29) Free with the coupon code: eruir6yc https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/5898-I-Heart-NY
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    Heard the developer is ending things and now giving away this synth. Spectra is a powerful digital additive resynthesiser built exclusively for the Reason platform. Spectra's ability to analyze and resynthesise any periodic, harmonic waveform via its inbuilt spectral waveform analyzer means you may never exhaust Spectra's sound creation possibilities. If you have ever wanted to sculpt sound by drawing your harmonic spectrum, waveform or drawing a spectral filter response then Spectra may be what you've been waiting for. Please note that Spectra is only available for Reason 9.2+ owners. https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack-extension/spectra-additive-resynthesizer/ I downloaded this and can confirm that it works in Reason Lite. Nice addition to the rack and thought it was worth mentioning here for all that got it.
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    Hey...tell that Larry guy to get back to his job!
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    Sienna Free is a commercial plugin released as a free Summer Gift for everyone until October 1, 2021 11:59 pm CET. So make sure you download it and authorize it via Aquarius right now! After this date the product will no longer be available! Plug-in Format(s): VST, AU, AAX System Requirements (Windows): Windows 10 System Requirements (OSX): OSX 10.14 Sienna Free web-page: https://www.acustica-audio.com/pages...ls/sienna-free Sienna website: https://sienna.studio Enjoy Sienna Free, a new FREE* 'lite' version of our renowned Sienna Acqua plug-in suite, the most extensive and rich plug-ins that Acustica has ever created. About this *Free version: -While it is compatible with the Sienna commercial version (Volume A), we strongly advise all owners of the Sienna commercial version not to install and download this version since it may cause a downgrade of the product. -it contains only the Sienna Rooms plugin + the HOG SUN218 Sub room + over 180 headphone emulations from the world's most famous brands that we carefully measured and profiled. -For details, please consult the Sienna Rooms Reference user’s manual. The process to obtain Sienna Free is very simple: -Log in to Aquarius, our free download manager for OSX and WIN, using your email and password. -Download the plugin in the desired format, and authorize it before October 1, 2021. -Done! Make sure you download it and authorize it via Aquarius right now! After this date the product will no longer be available! By downloading Sienna Free, you accept our GDPR Policy and agree to our Terms of Service, including receiving periodical promotions, commercial communications, and occasional discount coupons. You may unsubscribe from our services at any point by clicking the dedicated link in the communications you will receive.
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    Seems a bit unambitious really. I'd want A++ developers.
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    Because there are still a lot of people joining the group buy sale right now, and less than two hours left to join, we've decided to extend the signup period by another week. That way you'll have until July 12th to join the sale and get 60% OFF all our sample libraries and bundles--and because we've already reached the highest discount tier, you can get that discount right now after joining. You still have until the end of the month to complete your group buy order, of course.
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    Your latest Plug-in Collective offer is PUNCH module & Balancing the Channels Course. Login and download.
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    We're pleased to announce Early Access for 2021.06 Update 2! This release fixes a few reported issues from the main 2021.06 release and adds some improvements. We'd love for you to check it out before we drop the official public version. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. To install the 2021.06 Update 2 Early Access build, you must be on the latest public release of 2021.04 or newer. Download Cakewalk 2021.06 EA installer Should you need to revert to the initial 2021.06 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2021.06 Rollback installer. If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. Please keep responses specific to problems or comments on this release. Unrelated bugs or feature requests should be posted in other threads or the feature request channel. Thanks again for your participation! The Bakers 2021.06 Highlights "Modern Standby" support and improved Power Management Added support for "Modern Standby" a new power management feature introduced in Windows 10 build 2004. Modern Standby mode is supported by some PC's (typically modern laptops). Modern standby is different from the traditional sleep modes and has to be specially handled by the application in order to suspend and resume hardware properly. Improved handling for resuming from a sleep state in Windows. Cakewalk will additionally reload the driver if necessary, if the driver requests a restart or it stops responding. Suspend and resume are properly handled when a dialog box is open. Handle VST instruments that change output counts If a VST instrument changes its output count, ports in projects previously saved with the instrument could become offset by the change in outputs. This could cause projects to stop playing through other virtual instruments until their instrument track inputs were reassigned. Cakewalk will now detect change in outputs on opening a project and automatically reassign ports appropriately with no user intervention required. Bug fixes Fixed crash when exporting single track with "-" in track name and filename Wedge Force Matcha plugin hangs on changing presets in 2021.06 release Projects saved with older versions of Omnisphere open with input ports assigned to incorrect instruments Space bar does not start playback when using Vienna Ensemble Pro Shift + Right Click toggle for Inline PRV causes unexpected lasso selection New projects flagged as modified in 2021.06 Extra Synth Instances inserted when adding all synth audio outputs for Split Instrument Track F2 to rename arranger section immediately after drag draw Alt + T in TV View Menu cut off slightly
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    I’ve made a few tweaks to the port naming logic for the next update. When friendly names are used it will no longer show the generated prefixes and leave it upto the user to name them appropriately. The I/O channels are now only shown in the menu and not in the actual port name field to make the name even more compact. (it will be shown in the tooltip) The channel display in menus now separates the channel from the port name text from the driver more clearly by using columns You can choose to display the I/O channel information as a prefix or suffix to the port names showin in the menu. Hopefully these changes should make it even more useful. Regarding arbitrary ordering of ports, while its technically possible it would be quite complicated since we already have abstraction for ports because you can already choose to disable channels that are not in use. Adding reordering on top of that would make my head explode
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    Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location in Kentucky, the true whereabouts of Larry.
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    Congratulations Noel and Cakewalk team. I’m astounded how many improvements continue to be made to this program. I guess I could always find something to complain about or beg for a specific change or feature but after having now passed 25 years of using Cakewalk/Pro/Sonar/CbB (along with other programs) I’m actually content to follow Cakewalk’s vision for the program’s development. Since the acquisition by Bandlab, I have to admit I haven’t been able to keep up with the rate of development of existing and addition of some of the new features. The program now far outstrips my ability to maintain what I once would have claimed as being a very high level of proficiency with its use. I guess I continue to make music (when health permits) the same as I’ve done for ages and while the improved stability and smoothness benefit my process, I’m a long way off using many of the new features. While that leaves me more to explore in Cakewalk itself, I really miss the days when I felt I was able to make meaningful contributions to the community here. Like chiming in to answer a query regarding a function or process. These days I’m lucky if I understand the question. Lol Anyways, after rambling on so much; congratulations again to Noel and the team for another stellar update.
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    In a previous thread, I remember some people saying that they were tired of how every preset for Amplitube was the same rock hero stuff. Here are 10 patches that don't fit the mold. You will find a few pad sounds, a few sequenced sounds, lo-fi, and even a fake e-Bow. I tried to limit components to those available in Amplitube 5. 10 Nontypical.zip
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    Amazon has a good sale on keyboards if your shift key is broken. https://www.amazon.com/Keyboards-Mice-Computer-Add-Ons-Computers/b?ie=UTF8&node=12879431
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    Here: https://www.samplescience.info/2021/07/french-violin.html?m=1
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    The Forum free Vital sounds for July is up https://forum.vital.audio/t/august-2021-free-patch-sharing-thread/7564 Just place in your Vital Docs folder. Then import within Vital. You can delete the original d/loaded file once converted.
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    Hi Folks, We're working on a new web installer for Cakewalk and add/ons. This will be a replacement for installation via BandLab assistant. This is a simple tool that downloads and runs the latest version of Cakewalk on your PC. Please download and try this installer and let us know in this thread if you encounter any problems. Note that if you are already on the latest version it will not update it. Note: If you already have cakewalk installed you can update directly from within the application by choosing Help | Check for Updates
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    I remember this thread. Only place I've ever been banned was from a Kmart when I was 13 for stealing a machete. Kvr ban is weak. Do better.
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    I've always had exactly 0 issues with either downloading, installing and/ or authorizing IK stuff.
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    I would never dream of competing with His Majesty Larry, but I have done a Black Friday post on VI:Control for the past three years. I categorize all the deals by type and put them into alphabetical order. I think that I have had the most comprehensive and organized list of BF music software deals on the web--but this year I am going to add a LOT more stuff. It's pretty much all I do in November. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/tiger-the-frogs-alphabetical-list-of-november-2020-sales.100595/ But Larry ALWAYS gets the deals fastest and I only do this once a year. I have no idea how he does it all the time. When I get to December, I need deals rehab. Wait....
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    Well I think a better adjective is workflow rather than old school Those programs are built for different primary use cases rather than production. Cakewalk has deep midi editing tools and now articulation support that those programs don't have. And our console view is one of the better implementations depending on your perspectives of course. Look and feel aesthetics vary a lot and we will continue to update our UI. Cakewalk is a program that has roots 30 years ago so there are bound to be some elements that are legacy but that isn't always a bad thing for reasons that you state. PS: try going to Europe and telling people that their architecture is old school lol.
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    competitive salary and the advanced features of the MFreeFXBundle unlocked!
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    I missed this email so posting now. I believe offer ends tonight. Hopefully you catch this before it’s over. https://www.echosoundworks.com/house-pianos While you are there check out his free downloads area. He has a ton of stuff including free vital, serum, kontakt, massive, etc presets. https://www.echosoundworks.com/free-downloads His premium (for sale) presets/libraries are also really good.
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    It’s funny that we are on this subject, we would be probably be having the same conversation if this was another acoustic piano library. Honestly the past few weeks I have been seeing such a shift in what my reviews have been covering (and some still to come), that it has shifted to electric pianos 🤓 For instance right after doing the livestream on the Famous “E”, I dive into IK Multimedia’s Elektromagnetic expansion for SampleTank 4. When I first played the first few notes of the Elektromagnetik Stage 73 Mark V, I noticed a definite difference in how the attacks just did not feel as crisp as the Famous “E”. While it sounded fine, it did not provide the same experience as the “E”. It goes back to the same issues that we deal with when looking at any other virtual instrument category. Each one has its unique personality. Some of our biases are fueled possibly by the nostalgia of a particular instrument’s history, I know I am very affected more when I have that information. Above all, it is the feedback you get when your hands play the first notes, I know I am really going to love a library or love it less after just a few minutes of playing with it, first impressions are everything. Even more important than the story, is how much time the developer spent in getting things into that pocket of playability, everything has just got to translate or you are lost. Sorry for the rambling, but I thought it was so interesting to see how things seem to travel in bunches. Be on the lookout for more epianos coming soon. All the best guys, and happy 4th of July.
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    I have been using CbB for almost 2 years now. While making a Piano Roll tutorial for beginners, I figured out a lot of stuff that blew my mind. So, I suggest even the experts to take a look. Cheers!
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    Here is the livestream Flashback clip featuring the Art Deco Piano, enjoy.
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    Then maybe try exploring what you have, rather than seeking more deals! 😁
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    Somewhere in Kentucky a man just felt a strange tingling in his spine and shuddered............
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    50! That’s pretty young for this forum
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    Coupon: 2BFREE https://2bplayed.com/product/2b-filtered/
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    When you refer to Jay Graydon as an engineer, I'm wondering if you're aware of how legendary Jay is as a studio musician. For example, that's Jay Graydon's guitar solo on Steely Dan's "Peg." He's also played on (and this is a cut and paste from Wikipedia) songs by Gino Vannelli, Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, The Jackson Five, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Al Jarreau, Christopher Cross, Ray Charles, Cher, Joe Cocker, Marvin Gaye, Hall & Oates, Wayne Shorter, Olivia Newton-John and Albert King. Greg/Orange Tree Samples works with Jay. I don't know if I'm allowed to tell this story, so I'll withhold the artist's name -- but when I first heard the library, I was chatting with Greg and started telling him how much hearing the library reminded me of a certain artist's music from years ago (because a lot of it used this Rhodes; which Jay happened to play guitar on some of those songs too) and Greg told me how he was just helping that artist get set up with the library the day before. So yeah, the Famous E library is a pretty big deal and a bunch of the artists who I connect with that iconic Famous E sound that already own the library.
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