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    Hello everyone, I am sorry for not chiming in sooner, it has been a bit of a mess to say the least. In short, I fell prey to a classic collaboration phishing attack, the most convincing I had ever seen. The hackers were posing as Lichty Guitars and wanted me to select one of their custom made instruments to inbox and share my experiences in a video. The communication looked legit and did not give me a reason to doubt the authenticity, but their trap was about to be sprung. Thursday about 12:00 pm EST, I opened an application from them (the impersonator) that was able to steal what I believe were my SESSION COOKIES, giving them a way to bypass the usual Two Factor Authentication I had set up. Things happened very quickly from there. After closing my computer we went out and on our way I get a Two Factor Prompt that someone was trying to log in from the Netherlands. I clicked NO This Is Not Me, but the damage was done. I tried pulling over to try and change my password but they had already gained access and locked me out. The next thing was my wife gets a notification that “I” just started a livestream, but it was “TESLA” and something to do with cryptocurrency. Needless to say I turned the car around and headed back home to see if there was anything I could do. I immediately started to try and change passwords for other sensitive accounts using the Gmail account associated with my channel. I also made contact by phone with the real Lichty Guitars (which I should have done in the first place) and verified that this was indeed a scam and that they have been targeted before. I also Tweeted my situation tagging YouTube Creators as that was really the only option to get any type of support. Email, chat, of course phone options were non existent. After a little while, I received a direct message on Twitter giving me a way to submit an account recovery form. I filled out the information and then all I could do was wait. Time passes (it is later Thursday), and I get an email saying my account has been recovered. So I immediately go and change passwords and work on doing malware scans to eliminate any possible threat that might still be on my system. I then see that I could now login to my channel to start cleaning up the mess. When this type of hack occurs, usually nothing on the channel is deleted, they will set all of the videos to PRIVATE and change other meta data, channel icon, and channel name. I did a bulk edit to mark my videos to public again and tried to get my channel name and icon set back to normal. Things were looking fine UNTIL I get an email from YouTube saying that now my channel had been TERMINATED! This was something I never expected but now it seems that this was possibly in response to viewers seeing something was wrong on the channel earlier and reporting it to YouTube as a precaution. So back to Twitter as well as following up with replies to earlier emails from YouTube partner support. Now I wait…….. I did get a response from YouTube late last night assuring me that they are working on getting things resolved, so I am hopeful that will be soon. In the mean time, I ordered a YUBIkey which is a hardware two factor device that ironically was what the hackers were using to prevent me from logging in or regaining access to my account. I am also working through making sure I changed passwords on other platforms that might be vulnerable. So, many lessons learned and wake up call received. The biggest one is not fully trusting that little voice saying, why would a guitar company want you to do a video, you don’t even play guitar 😂😂😂😂 I laugh a little now but with a deep regret that this happened in the first place, costing me a lot of lost time trying to fix a mess that could have easily been avoided. I have to say that I have received so much support from the community and that has been such a comfort and encouragement. Also, by sharing what happened to me maybe someone will be spared the headache that I am dealing with now. I will keep everyone posted as the events continue to unfold. You can follow me on Twitter @praisetracks if you are on that platform but I will be here as well. Staying joyful, Simeon
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    WAVES NLS Non-Linear Summer https://www.waves.com/plugins/nls-non-linear-summer#classic-console-sound-with-nls Free in this link https://www.waves.com/account/free-nls-nonlinear-summer-help-me-devvon?irclickid=TOLyhS1jfxyNTsT3QgygGSSLUkA1xEVFgSyTQk0
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    Heads up! Beginning this Friday until Feb. 7th I will be AWOL again! I'm leaving Thursday night for Miami (where I have never been) , where I'll be hopping on Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas on Friday for a 9 Day Southern Caribbean Cruise to the following destinations: FRI 27 JAN - MIAMI, FLORIDA Departure at 3:30 PM SAT 28 JAN - CRUISING SUN 29 JAN - CRUISING MON 30 JAN - PHILIPSBURG, ST. MAARTEN TUE 31 JAN - ST. CROIX, U.S.V.I. WED 01 FEB - SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO THU 02 FEB - PUERTO PLATA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FRI 03 FEB - LABADEE, HAITI (Cruise Line Private Destination) SAT 04 FEB - CRUISING SUN 05 FEB - MIAMI, FLORIDA arrival at 7:00 AM After arriving back in Miami I have a 5 hour Bus tour at 9 AM of Miami which will drop me off at Miami International Airport afterwards for my flight back to Detroit Sunday night. I'll have a 6 hr layover in Atlanta Sunday night on the way back to Detroit, arriving back in Detroit on Monday Morning! That puts me back at it on Tuesday the 7th (barring incident!) ( I'm secretly training "someone" who has the tenacity to take over when I croak! LOL)
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    Link: https://www.waves.com/account/free-renaissance-reverb-loopcloud
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    YESSS!!!! I have some work to do before everything is back up to full speed but this is a huge step in that direction. Thanks everyone for the amazing support. I look forward to being back to share more about this particular incident but more importantly to get back making joyful sounds to take us on new Joyful Journeys! Joyfully yours, Simeon
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    The link appears to no longer work or works only for accounts that don't own certain products. Sorry. IK Multimedia AmpliTube TONEX Survey - In exchange for completing the survey, you’ll get a MESA Boogie Mark IIC+ and matching cab with a EV Darkness speaker for use in any version of AmpliTube 5 including AmpliTube 5 CS. (After completing the survey launch AmpliTube 5 and select "restore purchases" on the account page.) End date unknown. The link appears to no longer work or works only for accounts that don't own certain products. Sorry. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/userarea/tonex_survey.php
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    Anyone who has seen my posts over the past year is probably aware that I'm a HUGE fan of Wurli electric pianos. I found this very good free Wurli library for KONTAKT (full version) called the Lo-Fi Wurli and wanted to share the info with my fellow forum members. While it doesn't have a GUI, it has 5 velocity layers (thanks for the info @user4325874) and I think the samples and tone are excellent. There is some noise in the samples if you hold them for a long time that could be cleaned up, but it's not terrible. It is easily my new favorite free Wurli sample library and better than some of the paid Wurli libraries I own. I immediately created a bunch of presets/snapshots for the library using reverb, distortion, a rotator speaker (Lesie) sim and really love the sound of it. While I have Wurlis from e-Instruments and Skybox Audio that are much more sophisticated packages with all sorts of options -- like the ability to add in the clank of a Wurlie with e-instruments library and lots of presets with both -- the spot on tone of this library makes it a keeper.
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    Lifeline Console Lite for free Coupon: Attack0123 https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/9103?_linkgroups=Excite Audio|Channel Strip
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    As many of you know, I lost my last YouTube Channel, after 100 videos and 14 years of work. My first video from my new channel is finally up! Please support me any way you can with my new channel. It has one subscriber (me) right now. Absolutely anything you do--subscribe, like, comment, share on other social media platforms, etc. will cause YouTube to show my video to more people. It’s going to be a long slog. Hopefully this will take less than 14 years. I don’t know what you know about The Metaverse, or if you care, but I have become convinced that it is something we should all know about. For one thing, McKinsey & Company says that The Metaverse may generate $5 trillion dollars by 2030, so pretty much all the world’s biggest companies are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to cash in on this thing. (You may have heard that the company behind Facebook is spending a measly ten billion a year in hopes of grabbing a share of this bonanza.) I believe it will be a tidal wave for anybody involved in music and the arts—but truly it will affect all commerce. I don’t think that The Metaverse will be here for ten years or a lot longer, but still it’s good to be informed. Forum rules will keep me from posting more videos here, even though I never made one cent after all my years on YouTube. So if you want to be notified about my videos, you’ll have to click the YouTuber bell in order to get notificatioins. But it is allowed for me to put my link below. I’ll be writing a lot of music cues for this Channel. I don’t know if I would call it music in this one—maybe more like textures. I used two recent sales purchases (Vocalise 2 and Audiofier’s Veevum Human) for the staccato female vocal sounds you hear during the titles. After I get going with this, I hope to expand some of these cues into actual music, and do a separate “Metaverse Music” channel for them. Thanks everybody! PS @cclarry has subscribed, so now I have two subscribers! Thank you, Larry!
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    Run the UVI Product Portal to update
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    I'm no longer buying anything IK Ala Carte.... Upgrading to TS4 Max is the ticket to save a lot of green!
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    When my first YouTube Channel died, I started searching for an idea for a new one. After three months of false starts, research, and preparation, I should have the first video out next week, to kick off the New Year. My resolution for 2023 is to try to get 25 videos done for my new channel. If I do, that means I'll be writing a lot of music. As I know I will be traveling a lot, I just bought a powerful laptop so I can work anywhere. It just arrived. I don't want to let anything hold me back. That's 2023 for me, I hope.
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    Web site is gone... BUT you can still download Instant Drum Patterns here: Instant MIDI Drum Patterns (archive.org)
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    https://www.antarestech.com/products/vocal-effects/throat just sign up for autotune unlimited trial, put in paypal, cancel your perpetual license for throat will stay
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    My new year’s resolution is 7680 × 4320
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    Number one: make music, not war. And some sweet love. Yeah baby.
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    Same as last year: 3840 x 2160 Seriously though, here's my new year's resolutions: Finish some songs Learn to use the plugins and VIs I have instead of hoarding new ones Failing that, buy only stuff that is on my shopping list Failing that, buy more plugins and VIs only if I honestly think the ones I have are not good enough Failing that, at least avoid buying stuff on a whim Failing that, at least make sure the deals are absolute no-brainers Faling that, at least wait until Black Friday to make the big purchases Failing that, at least try to stay within budget Failing that, make a resolution to do better next year Profit! For realsies, numbers 1 & 2 are what I'm honest to God aiming for. All this plugin shopping and researching is starting to feel like the distraction it is.
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    I don't drink very much and the drink packages are crazy priced, but I did get Wi-Fi so I can stay in touch with my brother and niece! Drink package was $600! I couldn't drink that much if my life depended on it...and besides, I'd like to remember the trip...LOL!
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    I formed an instrumental band at 18 inspired by Jeff Beck's rock fusion music on albums like There and Back, Wired and Blow by Blow. Last night, before bed, I stumbled on a video of Jimmy Page inducting Jeff Beck into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and my wife and I watched it while I talked about how much I loved his playing and the musicians he played with (Jeff always surrounded himself with killer musicians and some of my favorite drummers, like Simon Philips and Vinnie Coliauta and more recently Tal Wilkenfield on bass). I realize the musical heroes of our youth are now quite old, but it's especially hard to see such greats like Jeff Beck pass. I'm going to miss him. RIP, Jeff Beck and thanks for all of the great music and passion that inspired so many of us.
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    Looks like I'm going to be offline for a couple of days due to a combination of events so just wanted to take a moment and wish all my friends & associates here a Happy New Year! May it be a happy & prosperous time for you. Stay safe over the holiday. See everyone next year!
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    To not post any more rubbish in these forums. Crap.
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    I think this may sum it up for many
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    Hello friends, Friday I had the opportunity to get back on the horse and ride back into town with both guns blazing! It is so encouraging to have so many friends and viewers supporting and coming along with me in this life adventure, I am so grateful for that. if you missed the live, here is the full replay. I unpack some of the aspects of the phishing attack, sharing my experience. I also take a look at a few instruments along the way. Staying Joyful! I'M BACK!!! Unpacking The Past Week
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    Getting old sucks. Yeh, you have the benefit of experience and the ability to keep things in perspective. But damn, sometimes it hurts. Earlier in the week I injured my back. I was taking a PA speaker down from a stand, packing up for Saturday night's gig. Tripped. My only thought was "save the speaker". Which I did. It never hit the floor. But in making the save I performed a move that only a pro gymnast should ever attempt, a twist like a shot putter winding up, landing on the floor with the speaker on my chest. I felt a distinct ripping sensation in my back while I was going down. In breaking my fall I landed on my left hand, the one with the gimp finger that can't straighten without excruciating pain. Next morning, I couldn't walk. I really didn't know if I'd be able to stand up and play, but I have never cancelled a gig. I have played with the flu. I have played the same week after having surgery. I have played on pain killers that made the room spin. But I've never not shown up for a gig. Fortunately my bandmates helped me move the gear, and I set up close to a wall and was able to lean against it. Not the best posture for blazing solos, but it worked. We've been playing a lot of early gigs over the past year, like 6 to 9. I love getting to bed before midnight. But last night's gig was 9 to 12. The last song, a rocker that I sing, took every ounce of energy I could muster and I was fully drained at the end. Fell into bed around 2:00 AM. Slept poorly. I dreamt I was in hospital after a car accident, woke up and thought "oh no, it wasn't a dream, it's real!" It wasn't, but it felt like it. Today I am shuffling around like I'm 100 years old and nodding off in a stupor from lack of sleep. It'll get better. But how was the gig? I am reminded of the one-liner my Dad used to say: "Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" It was a great gig. Packed house, enthusiastic audience, got as much in tips as the paycheck. The band was firing on all cylinders, tight and punchy. I was reminded of why I keep doing it.
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    https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2023/01/24/mindful-harmony/ https://www.mindfulharmony.app/ The app uses the circle of fifth as the basis for several features, which include: Making deliberate, purposeful modulations; Quickly finding available chords in a given scale; Experimenting with harmony and expanding your musical vocabulary. Mindful Harmony has piano, strings, guitar, and chip instruments available, and you can create chord progressions using the circle of fifth as a guide in the interface. The app is fairly straightforward to use, and it offers different circles based on different scales as well as changing the chord extensions or voicings on the fly.
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    Run the iLok Manager to update! Version 5.7.0 GM (b4246, 5c8e5aed), January 16, 2023: Improved Changes to improve stability for certain iLok-licensed products. Fixed In iLok License Manager, data downloaded from the server for large accounts was not being saved correctly. Fixed The Windows installer will now error if an attempt is made to install on the unsupported ARM64 platform.
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    Run the UVI Product Portal to update
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    I’m in when it hits ~$20. t you know it will…
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    What's not to like about a $12.50 plugin? I've got the SSL 4000 E, AMEK 9099, Crispytuner & Limiter True Peak in my basket at the moment. One click away from adding 4 fine products to my growing collection of unused plugins!
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    Resolutions? Bollocks to that. Being a lazy slob has worked for me for over 5 decades. I see no point in changing a winning formula. 🤪
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    2022 is hands down the year I’ve invested in the most plugins. Purchased a Waves bundle and then purchased all the PA plugins, not to mention Reason extensions, Plugin Boutique, Audio Plugin Deals, Audio Deluxe, SSL, Melda, Arturia, etc etc. Plain and simple… My resolution is to start using what I have and start making and finishing music. No more excuses for me
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    I resolve to resolve what I have not yet resolved!
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    To keep it simple: stop buying things and start using things for the purposes they're bought to (a long time ago sometimes). I know. Easier say than do. 🥱
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    Was this trip approved by the Cakewalk Deals Forum Vacation Committee?
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    Ok, this is not so much a deal, because it's free, but I just want to sing my praises for this free software. I don't know how many times it's saved me. This week my WD Book Studio drive just stopped working. I thought I was going to have to shell out for data recovery, but this little tool has got the drive working again.....so now I'm copying all those sessions over to other drivers like crazy, before something goes wrong with it again.
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    FREE! https://heavyocity.com/product/emotive-choir/
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    This week, it's Divine Knockout, First Class Trouble, and Gamedec - Definitive Edition https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/
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    Two votes so far to move to the Coffee house whats the concensus?
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    Thanks. I just tried it. It worked. 100% off. Amazing..
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    How about the option of paying a one-time fee over and above the price of the software for lifetime updates... ... luckily, I never took my coat off. I'll see myself out.
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    I have these. I can't say that I love or even like them very much. I would NOT recommend them as your primary go-to strings. I think I paid a little over $100USD a couple of years ago for them and if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have purchased them. However, for $50 USD, I think it's worth considering, as there's not much to compare them to in that price range -- however, it's not the fantastic deal it might appear to be. There are serious caveats. I find that the quality is all over the board. I would not consider any of the included instruments/patches intuitive to play and well-scripted. There are A LOT of articulations for each instrument, but there are no great playable patches that bring a solo instrument together that you can play in real-time to get a realistic performance, IMO. So if you're looking for something fun and intuitive to play out of the box, I would recommend passing on this. I even find the free Pocket Blakus Cello (a solo library for KONTAKT) plays and sounds better than this library's legato cello patch. However, if you already have a go to set of strings and are looking for additional colors, I think this MAY be worth picking up -- IF you're okay with having LOTS of articulations to choose from instead of beautifully scripted, highly playable patches. This is an example where I find the demos are not representative of what a user can easily do. This library demands a lot of work beyond real time playing. The interface in the library allows you to trigger the various articulations by velocity. Consequently, if this fits your workflow, you may like this collection. A friend of mine who writes music for video games strongly urged me NOT to buy this or other 8Dio string libraries because they're not intuitively scripted. He recommended I turn to developers that make more playable, intuitively scripted libraries. In retrospect, I learned how good his advice was AFTER buying this library.
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    I wonder if he gets paid $29.99 per board meeting?
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    More or less a change in branding from the last 50% off sale that was running but gives us another 14 days of 50% off. https://www.meldaproduction.com/ My referral code for any new users to get 20% off on top of the 50% off: MELDA31209027 (and sign up for the newsletter to get an instant extra $10 off) My newest discovery with Melda has been how invaluable the MConvolutionMB has become to me as an IR loader. The ease of switching through IRs to demo them is great and for whatever reason it seems like the output gives me a more robust signal with the same IRs as some other loaders/programs. I find many times I'll even bypass a built in IR loader (such as what comes with TONEX) and run MCMB instead. Then I can even run another instace of it for totally seperate Reverb controls (as the reverb is also great). Of course they have lots of useful plugins but this is one that I use way more than I expected to.
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    Get the update here https://www.meldaproduction.com/downloads 16.03 changes MXXX MSoundFactory MDrummer Added a powerful Compander module to all modular plugins such as MXXX, MSoundFactory and MDrummer. MCabinet Added cabinets : Aluminium, Bismuth, Cabmium, Cobalt, Hard key, Iridium, Lithium, Nitrogen, Radon, Xenon MGuitarArchitect Added stompboxes : EQ-Bass, WahVolume MRecorder added record only above threshold feature, which will start recording only if input peak audio level is above set threshold. Added info about saving. MRecorder added retrospective recording, which if enabled, records automatically in background, even if normal recording is OFF or paused. MSoundFactory Improved modulation visualisation to display only one voice even if multiple are played at the moment. MSoundFactory Added filter visualisation to FilterBasic plugin. MTurboAmp Added Compander to all stages. MGuitarArchitect Added DelayTap module. Added native ARM AAX support on macOS. MTuner Detected cents visualisation parameter now shows proper value in cents, so that it is displayed better in most DAWs. MDrummer Improved MDrummer’s multi-core performance. “MPs to update in root” option for banks in modules in modular plugins exchanged to “MPs to update level” providing more flexibility. Advanced right click menu on easy screens now works even in submodules. Various minor improvements and fixes. MTurboReverb Device ‘Cobalt plate’ was loading with incorrect parameter values. MTurboComp Devices where displaying incorrect title and help. Fix MRecorder When “Synchronize all instances” was used and record was canceled, it did not delete records from all instances. Fix Destroying a plugin with tabset, in which some tabs are disabled as popups, could lead to a crash. Fix MSoundFactory Huge peaks could occur in Wavetable when enabling Unison while playing in some specific settings. Fix Sample rate reducer caused infinite feedback when the reduced sample rate was above the project’s sample rate. Fix Reordering multiparameters with partly enabled “Assignable parameter ranges” could mess up the targets. Fix Preset backup may have not imported presets created by versions prior to V16.
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    Sorry if I'm too serious. But I do think a lot of us struggle with trying to reign in our GAS and, of course, this isn't a great place to be if you're trying not to buy stuff. I think it's rather obvious that a lot of us come here because we love deals but also due to the camaraderie. I think this is a great group of people. Really positive and encouraging. It's why I come back and I think, from posts and PMs, a lot of others feel the same way. So, I'm just throwing this out there -- maybe no one will agree -- but if anyone does agree, pick it up and run with it, maybe others have additional ideas. I propose that those of us trying to reign in our GAS in 2023 commit to spending time in other parts of the forum, say in a subforum focused on production techniques or sharing songs. Personally, while I spend 99% of my forum time in the Deals forum, when I have a song I want to share, I put it in the Song subforum and while there's not a lot of people there, they are really friendly, encouraging and helpful. I recommend checking that section out to anyone who hasn't already done so -- and share what you're working on. If you can't finish something, why not share a work in progress to get some feedback and tips from others who have been there? I've seen nothing but helpful feedback and positive remarks in the Songs subforum. And wherever the appropriate subforum is for people to share struggles and tips for finishing songs, I think most of us (including me) should consider that section too. Even if you're not using Cakewalk, that applies to everyone whether you're doing EDM, hip hop, rock, cinematic, R&B, jazz -- whatever. Anyhow, @pseudopop while you were being lighthearted, I think you also hit on some common areas that a lot (most?) of us struggle with. This is truly such a nice group of people, I think that's why we all do these off-topic threads in the forum. In any event, one more time, thanks to everyone in the group for making this the friendliest music-related forum I know of. I hope everyone has a good time tonight (wait, I realize in some parts of the world New Years has already happened; I have friends in New Zealand and Australia), and that 2023 is far better than any of our expectations. I think the world is due for a great year.
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