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    Enquiring minds need to know ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Hi all, I've been experimenting with this, based on the the feedback here. It's not really an issue when you're showing two or more time formats in the time ruler (MBT, HMSF, etc), because you can click underneath the selection handles to set the Now Time. But there's not enough space to do that when there's only a single time format showing, so I can see how they might get in the way sometimes. Let me discuss it with Noel et al. No promises, but there may be a way to bypass/mitigate the problem. Thanks, Ben
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    Made a list of available LABS. These are the ones available now, all free: - 9/19 LABS Moon Guitar - 8/19 LABS London Atmos - 7/19 LABS Hand Bells - 6/19 LABS Pedal Pads - 5/19 LABS Music Box - 4/19 LABS Dulcimer - 3/19 LABS Scary Strings - 2/19 LABS Modular Piano - 1/19 LABS Peel Guitar - 12/18 LABS Frozen Strings - 11/18 LABS Synth Pads - 11/18 LABS Choir - 9/18 LABS Charango - 8/18 LABS Electric Piano - 8/18 LABS Amplified Cello Quartet - 6/18 LABS Drums - 5/18 LABS Soft Piano en Strings
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    It's an incredible offer from Bandlab and all you have to do is give your email and and you have a great DAW for free. Just look at the updates alone since they took over. Incredible, and you get the man who designs and writes this software Noel answering the forum questions. It don't get any better than that. Thank Bandlab for a job well done.
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    I was blessed by one of my clients/friends and I was able to pre-order this! I think the lead time between announcing and actually being available was a little long; just about 32 days to go ๐Ÿ˜œ The problem now is that I am now looking to upgrade my computer which is a whole other situation indeed. Looking to build an i9 system so it should hold me for a while. I have been running an i5 setup for many years but over the last little bit have been just hitting the ceiling problem shine so many things and this new library coming is just another reason to look into getting a more powerful system to handle things. Very excited however and of course will keep everyone up to date on my progress!
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    Get it here https://harrisonconsoles.com/site/free-plugin-pte.html
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    It's a tough job...but SOMEBODY had to do it! ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    (The following is excerpted rom page 377 in The Huge Book of Cakewalk by BandLab Tips. It describes how to do an S-shape fadeout, which unfortunately is a shape Cakewalk doesn't offer. It's common in video editors, and produces a great fadeout effect.) When you want to fade out a song using master bus automaton, you can either take the time to place nodes exactly where you want them, or save time by using this tip. Iโ€™ve been using this technique on all songs requiring a fade for the last couple months, and it works every time. Hereโ€™s the step-by-step: 1. Open the volume automation envelope on your master bus. 2. Add a node where you want the song to start fading. 3. Add another node where you want the song to have faded out, and drag this node down to zero volume. 4. Add a third node equidistant between the fadeout start and end nodes. 5. Right-click on the envelope between the fadeout start and midpoint, and then choose Slow Curve. 6. Right-click on the envelope between the midpoint and fadeout end, and then choose Fast Curve.
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    Add to cart and use code HAPPY10YEARS https://shop.presonus.com/Fat-Channel-Plug-in-The-Tube-P1B-Compressor
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    lol ok : you buy A you get X jampoints you buy B you get X JP You buy C you get X jp So you got 3X JP , sales comes you use 2X JP ...so you have X JP remaining , now Larry decide to sell A and B he get - X JP lol
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    If you're looking for a deal to get in, or add another layer, EQ 73 is $62.99 at Esoundz...which get's you in at the $125 level https://esoundz.com/details.php?ProductID=5268
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    Took the plunge and I'm happy.
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    Rig Player in TH-U would be a whole lot more exciting (IMO) if you could create your own rigs (Profiles).
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    The path to the Cakewalk plug-ins like the Multivoice Chorus/Flanger should NOT be in the VST scan path. This series of plug-ins are not VST plug-ins. Notice the standard header for the plug-in in the second image does not have a VST2/3 drop down in the standard header. This is because it is a DX plug-in. Scanning DX plug-in paths can cause problems with the scanner. That said, removing the paths will not cause the plug-ins to be added to the registered DX plug-ins, which is missing quite a few plug-ins. Usually, plug-ins are grayed out when there is a problem with the reference in the layout. These layouts may need to be rebuilt. There is something strange going on because if the Multivoice Chorus/Flanger can be loaded into a project, it should be listed in the plug-in manager as a DX Audio FX. My guess is there is a problem with the registry causing the display problems. This may be something to take up with support@cakewalk.com.
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    In a fred titled "Playing with this now", it's best to keep your helmet out of it.
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    @Variorum I found it, I found the song that the midi "Song5" is based off of. Took me forever, but I got it. The midi is modeled after Get Back In Love by Tatsuro Yamashita,1988. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7dxbap7F_Y Sorry for the radio silence, hopefully you get this message even after all this time.
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    ACT is Cakewalk API for Control Surfaces. MackieControl.dll is also ACT based. They label "ACT" Plug-in Dynamic Mapping, which is a part of ACT API. And they call "ACT MIDI" one of DLLs. A bit confusing... AZ Controller should work correctly with any resolution up to 14bits. By "correctly" I mean careful precision auto-detection, including 7bit transmitted over 14bit messages (most "Mackie compatible" devices which do not claim high resolution explicitly). Exotic value ranges (some iCon devices used that) are also supported. 7bit controls apply special (non linear but invertible) mapping, so pan center can be set exactly. Touch sensitivity and feedback are supported. Too good to be true? Yes... Unlike "plug-and-play" MackieControl.dll and simple to configure ACT MIDI, AZ Controller is a DIY platform ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    The final result beeing here will be similar. You will spend all your money. Just you will have some more plugins
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    To chime in with my opinion on the THU rig player and rig libraries. I have found the rig libraries to be immediately and noticeably much better then any non rig sounds included in TH2, 3 or U. I am currently replacing all guitar sounds in my earlier recording projects that were using Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube Max, and of course, TH2, 3, and U tweaked standard presets (non rig) with sounds from the THU rig libraries. Admittedly I have not tried to tweak the sounds in the rig libraries but then again I find that there are so many preset sounds that are superior and are far more authentic I do not feel the need to do so. I do have a friend that owns a Kemper and both he and I think it is an incredible piece of gear. The THU rig lib sounds so much more realistic to me that I think they do rival the Kemper in terms of producing fantastically realistic sounding examples of the amplifiers and cabinet combinations they are modeling. I believe it is the single greatest improvement I have heard in a guitar modeling plug-in to date in terms of authenticity of sound for in the box recording. I own full versions of Guitar Rig 5 and Amplitube Max. Neither come anywhere near the rig models for THU. Clearly my new go to plug in for guitars. ~Try one and see for yourself. I think you will really like them.
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    I agree with KK...WHY are they greyed out? WHY can you BUY two of something, but not GET two of something because you already own it? Another tick on my list IK "Stupid" practices.
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    I think that the core CbB, along with the 3rd party free content available today, far surpasses the DAW + bundled content that was available 10 years ago in any single package...
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    Ignore VST does not give you any say in your mix, and will not let you make any changes to your tracks. Ignore VST uses machine learning to override all of your plugin settings, and mix decisions giving you a cleaner, clearer and better sounding mix.
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    Run the Ilok Manager to update. Version 5.1.0 GM (b2866, e3c3eac62d), 2019-09-30: updated - For Macintosh users, this update requires a minumum of OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion added - Support for managed cloud mode which lets you activate/deactivate licenses individually added - Apple notarization compliance and compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina added - Improved compatibility with the Little Snitch firewall application improved - Windows installs no longer require a reboot improved - Improved user experience when launching a product with activation codes improved - Different location items are used for cloud licenses belonging to the signed in user and other users improved - Offline cloud location is shown if a cloud session for the signed in user is open on a different computer improved - iLok Cloud detail provides more information about the cloud location fixed - Fixed problems with the automatic installation of License Support on Windows fixed - Hiding licenses from one machine and then viewing the account from a different machine correctly updates the views fixed - Fixed the behavior of Demo at Runtime when a cloud session is open on another machine
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    I'm waiting for 3.1.1 - MIDI for Workgroups. ๐Ÿ˜
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    Kontakt is a sampler. As such it can play sample libraries that are Kontakt-compatible. It is the most common library format out there, at the moment. When you purchase Komplete, you get several Kontakt libraries in the package. However, the big benefit is, once you have Kontakt, you can buy Kontakt libraries from many other vendors. Dan
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    Same here, and it can't be that high either!! I am liking that $29 plugin stuff!!! : )
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    I keep a squeaky toy in my hand to 'mark' false starts, pronunciation, and inflection problems. In that way, I can simply stay in the zone of reading, without doing anything with the keyboard. When reviewing/editing, the squeaks are obvious visual markers, and are easy to spot/correct and splice the good stuff into a glorious contiguous reading performance.
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    And also on days with numbers on a calendar.
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    Some useful feature suggestion 1. Tempo adjustment enhancement In current version CbB, you cannot select a serious of tempo change, and just drag them up/down, left/right. A flexible tempo adjustment function is pretty essential for a film music composer.it will be useful if cakewalk able to adjust tempo like this. 2. Logical Editor In percussion editing, itโ€™s very common to do something like โ€œselect every other 3rd notes and subtract velocity by 12โ€, although it can be done by write a cal script, but cal script is not very friendly to use. So a logical editor may be a good solution for this situation. Users can create the function they need by themselves. 3. Capability of creating multiple Marker tracks. -------------------------Navigation enhancement and track visibility management------------- 4. Track visibility configurations Maybe a visibility manager instead of show/hide track dialogue is better. Visibility manager also should able to dock to the bottom, able to save different Track visibility configurations and able to assign a keyboard shortcut to each configuration. 5. New commands (1) Show tracks with data (2)show tracks with data at the now cursor position (3) show tracks with data between the locators Usually a scoring template contains hundreds even thousands of track. These functions will significantly help composers to reduce the time to navigate the tracks.
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    That vid starts with an ad for new UAD Apollo interfaces, to launch Oct 22nd ...
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    there's 20% off at the moment in the steinberg shop
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    There are other DAW's??? Who knew! ๐Ÿ˜†
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    Believe me I am not. If I were the owner I would definitely make giveaway available for all. And for Alisa special one
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    1. As a general rule, you are correct: it is usually unnecessary to layer ensembles. That doesn't mean it's never done, though. Layering ensemble samples from two different libraries can fatten a track. The larger libraries will offer different variations, e.g. close- and far-miked versions or ensembles of different sizes. 2. It's not unusual for a rhythmic ostinato to repeat the same articulation over and over. Think Ravel's Bolero. Or superhero movie trailers. However, the technique can be very boring, and I'd suggest avoiding it for more than a few bars. Best way to learn articulations is to listen to each one in your sample library so you can recognize how they are being used in classical music. You'll find that even cellos and basses alter their articulations often, even if it's just for one note in a phrase. 3. I prefer to use effects in Cakewalk's fx bins over the built-in effects in a Kontakt library. They are usually more configurable and can be left in-circuit after freezing the track. If you use a lot of big sample libraries in a project, it's likely that at some point you'll want to freeze some tracks to conserve computer resources, mainly RAM and disk I/O. If you use the intrinsic effects in Kontakt, they'll get frozen too and therefore be un-tweakable. Beware of effecting each instrument differently, though, as that can create an unrealistic sound. You want the orchestra to sound like they're all playing in the same room. That means using aux busses so that any delays or reverbs are shared by every instrument. You can still exaggerate the effect on particular sections, though, e.g. more reverb on solo violins and less on basses. All of the above assumes you want your orchestra to sound realistic. Maybe you don't, and that's OK - it is, after all, a creative endeavor. If a flanger sounds cool to your ears on that cello ensemble, go for it!
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    Kind of harsh to damn the tools when you haven't given them a fair shot ? no ? I remember going from Sonar 8.5 to Sonar X1 and it was tough. For the most part I kept working in 8.5 till I became familiar with the X series. So I know exactly where your coming from. But I did give it a fair shot and im glad I did. This tool behavior has been the same (for the most part) for 9 years now. You have some catching up to do before you can honestly say you don't like it. You tube is your best friend.
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    Well the concept of the song , french song of the 80 is a letter from a terrestrial to an extra terrestrial asking him why do i live , why do i die , why do i laugth , why do i cry , i feel so bad in my skin ...ect i feel something that attracs me upper and upper ect .... so it really adds to the song , specially when he gave hommage to the young kid that died and his parents ...
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    yep the concert is a mix of Specatuclar unhuman songs and regular asiatic pop stuff ... it's really something to watch for any serious musician / producer /singer .... the live engeener , musician , the performance is solid ....
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    Yep... I was afraid they put something I would like to have strongly but my voucher is gone... For some reason this thing attracts me...
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    You re welcome Carlos , the q was giving free back then ... but at 10 its a steal also , i like their eq s because they all have the drive / color of original ones ... i might cove vmore overloud stuff , since i find them somehow underated or not hyped like other brands that have nothing better to propose lol
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    + 20 billion It's surprising and a bit baffling that this isn't already in the software.
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    Same here. Iโ€™m on 10 and will stay on 10 until Brexit unless the upgrade goes Scottish.
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    I thout it was 1.5 of sample content but 0.5 dowload and install (like spitfire , with lossless compression)
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