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  1. Greatest Hits - Hank Ballard (and the Midnighters) I think Hank Ballard deserves more recognition in the history of rock n roll music. But that's just me.
  2. "Shake Your Groove Thing" - Peaches and Herb y'all know what this one sounds like :D
  3. On the back of the far there is a nice grove of fruit bearing trees Love for 3 Oranges - Sergei Prokofiev Prokofiev is one of my favorite dissonant composers
  4. "Parchman Farm" - Mose Allison lyrics: He starts out with: Well I'm sittin' over here on Parchman Farm And I ain't never done no man no harm Sings a while and ends up with: Well I'm gonna be here for the rest of my life I'm gonna be on this farm for my natural life Well I'm a gonna be here for the rest of my life And all I did was shoot my wife Technically correct because his wife wasn't a man, therefore he never done no man no harm. When I was young we did a rock version of this song, put out a 45rpm single and it sold a few thousand copies over a wide local area in Michigan. I used to have a copy, but in my "on the road years" someone stole it.
  5. "Son Of Skip James" Dion DiMucci (full album) I'm actually listening to a download I bought at Amazon a yer ago. I hope this UTube thing goes well. IMO Dion did a nice job on some old R&B songs.
  6. The Royal Scam - Steely Dan (full album) I'm listening predominantly for Bernard Purdy's drumming. It's understated yet powerful, always supports and enhances the song, has a great groove, and never buries any other instrument or the vocals. My first instrument was drums, I'm writing new style disks for Band-in-a-Box, and I'm always impressed by Purdy's classy drumming. I'm hoping some sinks in. This album can be a lesson in how to play drums. Listen to it, pay attention to the drums, and you'll see what I mean. My favorite rock drummers (in no particular order), Hal Blaine, Bernard 'Pretty' Purdy, Ginger Baker, and John Bonham. All for different reasons.
  7. Bebop Lives - Mark Muprhy (His words added to Miles Davis' Boplicity)
  8. Worried Life Blues - Oscar Pettiford Orchestra · Dizzy Gillespie · Trummy Young · Vic Dickenson · Rubberlegs Williams
  9. I'm with you on that. I like the longer Fender scale, but prefer a 14" radius. I prefer single master volume and tone so that if I switch pickups mid-song the volume stays constant (I guess I'm not going to take advantage of the pickup mixing option). And the LP is just too damn heavy. I switch between sax, flute, wind synth, and guitar all night, sometimes from song to song, and after a while, that much weight lifting is just tiring. So I got a Parker, custom shop, that has all that I want. DF522NN (NN for Notes Norton). It's my "signature model" :) Light weight (under 5 lb) -- 25.5" scale -- 14" Radius -- Single master vol and tone -- Sperzal locking tuners -- hardened stainless steel frets -- Duncan P-Rail pickups (P90, Rail, Parallel Humbucker & Series Humbucker sounds), a Piezo under the bridge that can be played alone or mixed with the mag pups with the third knob - contoured and balanced body, graph-tech nut, and it might last as long as I do ;)
  10. "Paint It Black" - Eric Burdon & War (Side note: Back in the late 60s, we were playing in the Parkway Tropics lounge in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Eric Burdon and the drummer for the Animals show up and want to sit in. Of course we let them. After the Parkway closed we went to a black bar (yes it was segregated back then), sat in with the band and played until it closed. Eric could make up 12 bar blues songs on the spot. When that closed we asked what was open, it was a gay bar "bottle club" and we sat in with that band. I guess that gave them a tour of many sides of the USA).
  11. Shouldn't they be called Morewomen instead of Moremon?
  12. It's a great album that stands up to the test of time IMHO ^^^ Tipitina - Professor Longhair You can hear hear his influence on Dr. John's piano playing
  13. Craig, try AdBlocker Ultimate. I know we are supposed to view the ads, as they pay for the content, but when things get absurd it's time to turn them off. With ABU you can unblock sites with ads that don't interrupt the flow if you like. Now, on with our regularly scheduled program... ... ... La Renaissance Africaine - Gilberto Gil
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