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  1. Twist And Shout - The Isley Brothers (which I like even better than the Beatles' cover)
  2. Whew! That was a piece of work Craig. A little corny but that's a good thing. Let's hope the Navy Beans get there in time for a rescue.
  3. I've never figured out what a jazz chord is. I've played a lot of jazz and some of the chords are just plain old major chords (which we treat as major 6ths most of the time). I've played 7ths, M7ths, M9, 7b9, 7#9, mM7 in pop music and jazz. I think jazz is an attitude, and the difference between jazz and other kinds of music is something that is difficult to define in words. But as Louis Armstrong reportedly said when he was asked what jazz is, "If you don't know, don't mess with it." Play any chord in a jazz song and in a jazz style and it's a jazz chord. Insights and incites by Notes
  4. Gwenyth smells mutant candles too.
  5. Lola - Kinks Original "Coca-Cola" lyrics Because when the Kinks were good, they were quite good.
  6. With a person like me, any hair is a good hair day 😁
  7. Two Wi-Fi Engineers got married, The reception was fantastic.
  8. Joy Spring - Stan Getz Quartet IMO a great take on this Clifford Brown jazz standard
  9. The Fez - Steely Dan While the whole band is great, it's a prime example of why I think Bernard "Pretty" Purdy is one of the best rock drummers. Great groove, tasty licks that always support but never overpower the song.
  10. We don't use Teflon or aluminum ether. We use cast iron or stainless steel, although some of the steel pans have aluminum bases for heat transfer, but the food doesn't touch the aluminum. If you put cold oil in a hot pan, the food doesn't stick anyway. A chef we got to know in one of the Yacht Clubs we play frequently taught us that. Plus the iron and steel pans last almost forever. Teflon does not. Keeping pans for a lifetime means less trash in the waste stream and less pollution from manufacturing new ones. Plus the Teflon and Aluminum are not supposedly good for your health. The manufacturing of Teflon pollutes the aquifers for huge areas around the plant. Depending on the aquifer, it could be larger than the state the plant is located in. There are YouTube videos that show you how to use a few drops of water to see when the pan is hot enough, I just think a few extra steps to be kind to our environment are worth it. And if I've erred on the side of conservation, it's better than erring on the side of pollution. Insights and incites by Notes
  11. Some Hank Ballard and the Midnighters - a pioneer rock group that IMO deserves more historical credit. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go Finger Poppin' Time The Continental Walk Work With Me Annie
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