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  1. When There Is No Sun - Sun Ra Sun Ra can definitely get 'outside' - I haven't heard this one yet, so I'm not sure, I'll listen with you.
  2. Kathy's Waltz - Dave Brubeck Quartet
  3. Another "sound alike" band, this one fooled a lot of people into thinking it was The Beatles. "Lies" - The Knickerbockers
  4. I have an old copy. It's OK for head charts. Don't expect any updates, the company is pretty much just selling old stuff and not developing it. Notes
  5. Vehicle - Ides Of March Sounding a lot like Blood Sweat And Tears
  6. Concerto For Group And Orchestra - Deep Purple with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Because a number of rock and rollers also like classical. So Jon Lord and Ian Gillan wrote one.
  7. More "Fame" - Georgie doing an old Lambert, Hendricks and Ross tune. Gimme That Wine - Georgie Fame And the original which is just a tangent to the "fame" association. But it's nice to see where Georgie got his inspiration.
  8. These guys can play guitar, fiddle and accordion both very fast and good - and they swing - "gypsy jazz". They even make the accordion sound good. Milko - Titi Winterstein Quintett
  9. Donovan says he wrote this about a woman's erotic toy Mellow Yellow - Donovan Geogie Fame had a go with it
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