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  1. That sounds like fishy advice to me.
  2. My Sharona - Knack (a medley of their greatest hit)
  3. Doing a jazz e-disk based on one of The Real Book volumes for Band-in-a-Box, Mrs. Notes ran across this. It's an America song, one we learned because a good customer requested it. The lyrics don't make much sense to me, it's not challenging to play, but it's a pleasant enough song. IMO, This is a better cover than the original. The lead singer of this band takes some nice vocal twists and turns, especially later in the track, and some of them delighted me, so I thought I'd share. Tin Man - Incognito
  4. self-deleted - I played wrong game
  5. Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash We still do this song, and it amazes me how it crosses generations.
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