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  1. My One And Only Love - John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (A classic for sax players.)
  2. I remember Tiger Direct. I've done business with them before, when I was using desktop computers. Nowadays, I use nothing but ThinkPads and I get the software of my choice (without bloatware) from the factory. Tiger Direct always treated me decently. I hope your luck continues and you end up with two basses :) Notes
  3. If she screams in a vacuum, does she make a sound? And is vacuum the only word that has a double u in it that isn't a W?
  4. I've had problems with MF myself. Fortunately, mine ended up good. I hope yours ends up well, too. When the Parker Dragon Fly (now MaxxFly) first came out, I ordered one from MF. When it arrived, it was a MIDI MOJO fly, worth almost 3 times what I paid for. I called MF, informed them of the error, and they said they were out of stock for DFs and had no date for a resupply. They said I could keep the MIDI MOJO. I checked with the FTC, waited the required time to be sure if they changed their mind, they would have no case to get it back. I sold the MIDI MOJO in Ebay, took the money I got from the MOJO, both the Dragon Fly from another dealer, and with the money I made selling the MOJO I paid for the DF and still had $800.00 left over. So I got a free guitar and $800. Best deal I ever got. Notes
  5. They drank lots of coffee, thus the grounds.
  6. "Also Sprach Zarathustra" - Richard Strauss aka "Theme from 2001, A Space Odyssey"
  7. Thanks Bapu, I did get the announcement in my in box. I'm assuming CbB is Cakewalk (???) I got the message, clicked on BandLab and was a bit confused as to what it could offer me. Since I'm neck deep in writing/marketing aftermarket products for Band-in-a-Box plus learning new songs, making backing tracks from scratch, rehearsing, being band salesman, and gigging for my duo, (not to mention wasting time typing on a few forums), I don't need to add on-line collaboration to the mix. Not that that is a bad thing, there simply is only so much time in the day. Good luck to the nice folks at BandLab, I hope it's a success for them. Notes
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