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  1. Hadn't seen SSS this cheap ever ($48)
  2. Monomox


    If s/he visits this forum, my message is this: sample/replicate the Cinematic Orchestra drums! More specifically, from the Every Day album create all the aliases you want, blow smoke up your own ***, I don't care, I'll buy that Kontakt library
  3. It's all good, I only agreed to having another child because I had forgotten we already had one, so...
  4. getting engineering school flashbacks
  5. I'm only bumping because this thread has been abandoned for 3 minutes, I think this is an important topic that's not getting enough attention EDIT: wow, my 666th post 🤘!!
  6. I got SampleTron about 6 weeks ago and the points today. The points say "IK Gift Points." I think they're just in recognition of my good looks. EDIT: maybe they realized some of us didn't get points from sampletron?
  7. That's what I was thinking. All the examples sound the same to me. Is it because he's using the same sounds? Or is it because the plugin simply has a limited range in what it can do?
  8. IKM just added 30 jampoints to my account out of the blue... jezuz chryst people, this is starting to feel like socialism! ... and I love it!
  9. I was about to scream bloody murder, but just looked in my account and mine is arriving tomorrow! 😍
  10. Monomox

    Free Rat!

    You can get Dirk's rat for free too with the code MEGA-SALE-20OFF https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_blackdist2.html
  11. so, all of them? 😝
  12. How the heck do you do this?
  13. I tried to re-use it just now and Dirk is like, "A voucher code associated with this promotion has already been used. Only one redemption per account is allowed." What gives? I want my $10 amp, da*n it!
  14. Monomox

    Free Rat!

    Alright, clickbait, it's actually a RAT pedal by Nembrini https://www.nembriniaudio.com/collections/free
  15. I assume you mean these videos and not these presets. I'd use OBS, which is free and (I think) open source, to record your screen. There's a million videos on youtube explaining how to use it. It's pretty easy. I'm not sure if OBS works with Mac.
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