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  1. Monomox

    Air Instrument Cloud

    Ha this is ridiculous, they haven't updated their stuff in ages. Just today I had to run the Loom installer twice and the same plugin restarted my computer.
  2. Monomox

    Xmas Beer Bottles $2 and free iZotope Iris 2

    Damn it, I don't have that library. I'm trying to stay away from something free that I know I'm not going to use
  3. Monomox

    Novation Sound Collective - Trash 2 FREE

    I was selling my license but decided just now to give it another chance
  4. Monomox

    Kazrog Back to School Sale

    Where. Is. Da. Suite? 😄
  5. Monomox

    60% off Nembrini amps

    Sorry to slightly change the subject, but Kazrog should be releasing their new suite anytime soon, right?
  6. Monomox

    Fender Collections 1 & 2

    I was trying to sell the Fender Collection that I got for really cheap one or two BFs ago (not a fan of IK's installer/portal/watchamacallit), but I just found out that it may qualify me for the MODO bass crossgrade! (yes, I'll have to get used to the installer).
  7. Monomox

    Reverb Software Flash Sale - up to 50% Off

    Vitamin by waves at $15 is a snatcher upper
  8. Monomox

    The recent? Pettinhouse "letter to pirates" - awesome!

    If I pirate something, will you show it to me?
  9. Monomox

    Sektor is $14.99 again on ADSR & Spexx for $15.80

    I think I'll stay away from this. One Russian Roulette plugin is enough for me, thanks. (I'm talking about Jamstix, it crashes Reaper and Studio One once every six times, LOL).
  10. Monomox

    Sweetwater IMSTA FESTA ATL Software Deals

    Hard to believe 😝
  11. Monomox

    Sweetwater IMSTA FESTA ATL Software Deals

    Please people stop 😫 😛
  12. Monomox

    Sektor is $14.99 again on ADSR & Spexx for $15.80

    I think at some point they're going to start selling Sector for $9.99
  13. Monomox

    MusicLab 30% at JRR

    If you're in the market for virtual guitars, these are your options: Orange Tree Samples, 60%, provided that you signed up in time for their group sale, ~$70 per guitar Prominy guitars, up to ~40% off, $175 V-Metal at Best Service MusicLab, 40% in cart, $84 each (except RealGuitar) AmpleSound, 20% acoustic guitars Damn
  14. Monomox

    MusicLab 30% at JRR

    https://www.jrrshop.com/musiclab?dir=asc&order=name Extra discount in cart. E.g., Realstrat $84 in cart.
  15. Monomox

    BFD Expansion Sale

    I complained about BFD3 not long ago in this forum. Nothing like a good deal to expose your own BS