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  1. Introducing the KH-EQ1 We’re excited to share our latest plug-in from the Koen Heldens Signature Series with you: the KH-EQ1. The KH-EQ1 is a semi-parametric 5-band EQ like no other - it features rich-sounding frequency band controls that allow you to add color to each band while encouraging creative sound shaping with its highly musical functionality. It is the second part of this signature series after the KH-COMP1, and it was created in collaboration with multi-platinum selling and award-winning producer Koen Heldens, who also created all the free presets that this plug-in includes. Get ready for the most creative equalization experience you’ve ever had - for only $49 (regular $59)! https://blackroosteraudio.com/en/products/kh-eq1
  2. Monomox

    AIR Updates

    DB-33 crashes my DAW and Strike is suspect. These are not real upgrades, though, according to an earlier comment.
  3. paying $50 to $100 extra to see how using a 32-bit EQ that the developers haven't bothered to keep up to date compromises your system stability? mmmh, not for me thanks
  4. Monomox

    AIR Updates

    That's a bummer. DB-33 makes my DAW unstable and I was hoping they would correct that. Not so much because I want to use DB33, but because I'm afraid the same thing will start happening with the other AIR vsts that I do like. Oh well. It's kind of a scam, don't you think? They tell you "here download this update" when it's not an update at all. Maaaan!
  5. Monomox

    UJAM Groovemate One

    It's not working at all? I haven't had that issue with UJAM stuff. Or it doesn't sound good? I have had that issue with UJAM stuff. LOL.
  6. These symbols should be displayed prominently with 32-bit plugins.
  7. I got the update for free but deleted the email, LOL. Downloading now.
  8. Monomox

    AIR Updates

    I've contributed to the hate for AIR stuff, so here's some good things I have to say about their plugins. Xpand2 is underrated. It's also the only synth I have in which getting to the preset you want is easy, both because of the folder structure and because the names of the factory presets are actually descriptive and helpful, instead of stupid names like "Mad Max in Guandong." If you have a synth sound in your head, it's easy to get pretty close with Xpand. Strike is great for when you want to lay the drum track in just a couple of minutes (including fills) and it doesn't sound that bad with some TLC. Loom II is fun. Vacuum was the first plugin interface I fell in love with. The presets are awesome. Transfuser is ridiculously outdated and I would not even bother with Structure. DB33... well, it loads fast.
  9. Melda and Unfiltered Audio are in a competition to see who makes the ugliest interfaces
  10. I feel stupid looking at these deals every hour
  11. Monomox

    PA Amek 9099

    looks gorgeous $149 intro price with coupon PA-AMEK-14999 $49 next BF (just guessing 🙃)
  12. $51.30 with code CLAIM10
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