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  1. in my case, it's just a persistent habit born out of the misguided effort to find in the outside the fulfillment that can only come from facing the existencial void that a life separated from the universal nucleus that bonds everybody and everything together brings about, but that's just me folks
  2. I suspect Izotope told retailers to stop offering extra discounts, it happens sometimes.
  3. JRR offered the discount initially (hence the debacle), but Uncle E said that Presonus told him to stop.
  4. Monomox

    Xchange Collections

    it didn't make sense that they opened a waiting list for these products, where were they going to source these pieces of archaeology from?
  5. hopefully the discount does not create a frenzy that brings the site down again!!
  6. it's possible that the 20% discount was applied by default... the upgrade to the tonal balance bundle just gives me an extra discount of just another couple dollars
  7. I agree that JRR could run a much tighter ship and invest on a robust e-commerce solution, particularly since this is not the first time their site disappears. On the other hand, what is the risk for us, the users? That they steal our JRR credentials? I'm asking an honest question. The other risk, which seems less likely, is that the site is hijacked and PayPal payments are redirected to a third party. I don't know how likely that scenario is and whether PayPal would reimburse us in that scenario. If that's a concern, one could PM Uncle E directly to request a PayPal invoice. One double checks that it's coming from JRR and if the transaction is not honored, I'm pretty sure PayPal would reimburse us in that case. I'm not trying to shill for JRR and it's a personal decision to transact with them or not, but I think the e-commerce world has evolved through trial and error so that the risk for the consumer is lowered. The end goal of our capitalist overlords is to keep the engine greased and going and ***** they've been doing their part. EDIT: LOL, a very mild word was censured. You know what? **** that *** you **** ****. LOL!!!
  8. FWIW, I did that with Studio One and Reaper (win 10 machine) and the performance did not improve (I did numerous tests when I was obsessed about this issue for a couple of weeks a while ago). Both DAWs seem to be optimized for the standard settings. And, just by the way, Reaper is a beast in the efficient use of your existing resources, recommended if you have a machine that's not super capable...
  9. Your comment could be characterized as "I have enough plugins already," do you want to clarify before being banned forever from this forum?
  10. you can use the "add verb to this" preset in the J3PO bank to recreate Popcorn, 🤣
  11. sounds nice, why hadn't I heard about this?! re presets, you can just left-click on the menu symbol at the top left corner
  12. my reason not to be interested in this is simpler, i just don't like the bro vibes from that dude, LOL
  13. So how do y'all think the TB bundle compares to Gullfoss? I remember demoing Gullfoss and thinking it was nice, but not incredible. However, I just saw a demo on YouTube and it made me salivate. It looks like the Sculptor and Tonal Balance Control 2 could do the work?
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