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  1. what's the address for your YouTube channel? I want to subscribe
  2. I just contacted them. We'll see.
  3. I tried using the code at checkout, no bueno. Let me know what they tell you. We may be SOL since LoopLoft changed hands recently. Maybe contact NI directly? The website looks like it's barely functioning.
  4. I checked it out and it's a good alternative. It's worthwhile to see the walk-through video. I have 50 points and that translates to about $5, you must have like 600 points?!
  5. by the way, I have not inserted that USB into my computer and never would. If a developer doesn't let me download the original SW from their website, then maybe it's not a good idea to install their sw in my computer anyways. Just me answering a question nobody asked. 😁
  6. When you sign into your Ohmforce account, you can see your username on the top right corner. I'd click on "my products" next to make sure you correctly registered Ohmboyz. Then click on your username to see the email address associated with your account. Hope this helps.
  7. I got an email with the codes seconds after I registered my bundle at x change, check your spam folder?
  8. Nigel, is the tambourine in Constantly Disappointed Toleration 100% SSS? It sounds amazing, particularly in the chorus and the transition to the bridge.
  9. Shouldn't have opened this thread
  10. $40 for a year of groove3 and $99 to upgrade to S1 pro is the stealest steal I've seen in a while
  11. the devil made me do it
  12. You can get the 3 free plugins only today, tomorrow you'll get only two when you sign up. I took Scott's metal tone course in Udemy and it was very helpful.
  13. After checking this thread, it looks like I shouldn't bother. Thank you guys, you helped me save my time.
  14. That being said, let's find out what the heck did I just win
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