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  1. He can't answer you. He's in a part of Kentucky that has no internet access. So, pretty much anywhere in Kentucky.
  2. Again?! I mean, thanks mibby!!
  3. I'm pretty sure it's something like the Quad Cortex (or whatever it's called), with Amplitude built in
  4. Monomox

    Fun free De-Esser

    Why would I want to use a fun-free de-esser? Not that my other de-essers are a lot of fun, but still... 😛
  5. competitive salary and the advanced features of the MFreeFXBundle unlocked!
  6. Found this on KVR: Plugin Alliance Maag Audio EQ4 is 29.99$ with code MAAG-EQ4-2999 today only. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/maag_eq4.html
  7. upgrades not included in the sale
  8. The 2nd hand market has been in the tank for the last few months if not the last year, so, whatever Lots of scammers too ah, the old days 😁
  9. yeah, you are right: https://www.streetinsider.com/Business+Wire/Waves+Maxx+Audio®+Sound+Enhancement+Technology+Is+Now+Available+On+Knowles+Advanced+Audio+Processors/16796910.html I suppose that means we're stuck with this LOL
  10. I was thinking about waves too... I thought, these guys are earning more than $5k a month, what's their excuse to not even update the UI of all of their plugins?
  11. where I live that would be enough to pay for the rent of a dumpster... if you find two roommates
  12. from the demos I learned that a House Piano is a regular piano stuck on velocity 127
  13. This is from their manual (https://pulsar.audio/downloads/manuals/Pulsar Smasher - User Manual.pdf) EDIT: not trying to start an argument, just to show that your situation may be an anomaly
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