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  1. You sent them an email and they responded. Your ad hominem was uncalled for. Hope you get your voucher.
  2. Try from a different house, then a different neighborhood
  3. I don't know how needs to hear this, but don't do it!
  4. I have more tapes now than I did in 1989
  5. According to its creator, this is the first plugin created in Mars. Elon is going to be so jealous. Heck, he may even challenge him to a wrestle match.
  6. buying courses at Creative Live is like having a gym membership, most of the time you don't even remember you are paying/have paid for it.
  7. I've used the B3 in djent tracks to beef up the bass lol
  8. To clarify, what I meant by "blah blah blah" was that the cycle repeats. Maybe that's how you interpreted it. Also, I don't think you and I have very different opinions. Studio One is the only DAW I use. Reaper was the first DAW I learned how to use. Both DAWs are exactly in that part of the cycle where innovation is marginal at best. That's good and bad for them. I agree that Reaper, Studio One and other DAWs (and software beyond audio applications) benefit from a user base willing to stick with the same product not despite, but because of stability and familiarity (i.e., "lack" of innovation). I'd argue, however, that's where DAWs peak and users start to either migrate to other (more innovative) DAWs or stop paying for upgrades. For example, I don't plan to upgrade to S1 v6 or Reaper v6 (I paid for v5, so 6 is free for me, but I don't see why I should bother). Finally, I want to clarify that I'm not saying users want innovation for the sake of innovation (apart from a few early adopters), they want other things such as an improved ease of use, innovative business models, 3rd-party extensions,* workflows that didn't exist before, etc.* They stick with a product until a new developer comes along with something that checks most of the boxes. * This was innovative in its time
  9. This is my non-developer take on developing (innovative) software: you think of a million things you can improve from the status quo, and create an innovating product that impresses people and makes them think "how innovative, if this is v1, imagine v6!!" however, every new version becomes more complex and, adding to the complexity, it has to be compatible with previous versions in the case of Reaper this is probably worse since there's an ecosystem of 3rd-party extensions by the time v5 comes along people are "blah, what else is new.... uh! look! that other developer created a truly innovative daw, if this is v1, imagine v6!!" however, every new version.... blah blah blah
  10. Step 1 to start making money with your music: stop spending thousands of dollars on plugins and libraries. Just kidding guys, INDULGE!
  11. Bug fixes: ► We fixed BFD and this time it actually works ► No, really ► Pinky promise!
  12. some of those tonal patches sound so dirty, a total basstard
  13. there's a fair amount of research (by me) showing that what a fair amount of research says is good in general doesn't do anything for me 😉
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