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  1. more like "Affordable Form" amirite?
  2. makes sense... for all the dust 90% of my plugins are collecting
  3. this sale reminds me I have a bunch of PA plugins I need to hide, I'm suffering some serious anti-GAS, yawn I haven't recovered from IKMM's slapping a plugin on my face 25 consecutive times
  4. WRONG! Some of them look like they were made in 2004. 😁 Since this is a Waves thread let me add that some of their plugins look like they were made by the War Games sfx unit
  5. I still have the latest FXpansion version installed and have lost hope that BFD3 will ever be what it once was--the closest competition to SD3. It's been two years since inmusic acquired bfd3 and the best someone can say about it is that the authorization has been working "for some time" for "many" people. Sheesh.
  6. Monomox

    MODO Bass 2 CS

    I want to say I'm disappointed that there is no time-limited, but 100% functional demo of Modo Bass 2. Pre-recorded demos are not a good way of testing the capabilities and ease of use of a plugin. MB2 is not sample-based, so I don't understand why not letting users get the full feel of the plugin for a couple of weeks.
  7. Monomox

    MODO Bass 2 CS

    Peter, I'm about to leave on a road trip, for how long will Modo Bass 1 users be able to upgrade to MB2 for the discounted price? Thanks.
  8. Monomox

    PA Daily Sales

    I was thinking about it but the interface is ugly, hard to read (unless the GUI is so big it doesn't fit on the screen) and hard to use Tantra 1 and Thorn had good interfaces, what a pity
  9. buy one plugin, pay two WUPs a year for life
  10. here's a free death whistle library https://www.boomlibrary.com/sound-effects/free-sounds-death-whistle/ haven't check Soundiron's lib, but this one has some bone-chilling shrieks
  11. Kia? Pfff! I wanted a Bentley synth!
  12. According to their website, this is a subscription I suppose some of the products are yours to keep (like MIDIs), but others may come in proprietary formats that would require a subscription-based plugin. I've never bought anything from these people, so 🤷‍♂️
  13. Hadn't seen SSS this cheap ever ($48)
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