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  1. Monomox

    Output Bundle Offer

    No, I'm not going to check my account! 🙈
  2. Monomox

    Acustica Pensado EQ

    Dave reviews (shills for) "must have" plugins that he clearly hasn't even touched before in his YouTube channel. He's lost credibility in my eyes.
  3. I regret getting it for $9 last year LOL
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the King and the rest of the court!
  5. For me the 530 is the no brainer. Damn it.
  7. Monomox

    Neural DSP BF deal on !!

    OK, Zo, sign me up for Abasi and Darkglass, AND THAT'S IT!
  8. Monomox

    Neural DSP BF deal on !!

    [whispering] guys, keep it quiet, I think Zo finally went to sleep 🤫
  9. It's maybe a gen X thing? I spent one third of my day as a teenager rewinding cassettes with a Bic pen. That's why I have such a strong right arm, and no other reason!
  10. Monomox

    Neural DSP BF deal on !!

    seriously, though, good for you man
  11. that cassette thing is making me SO nostalgic
  12. Monomox

    Neural DSP BF deal on !!

    I'm a fan of Nolly Plini and Abasi and that's clouding my judgement but that's the idea right (from Neural DSP' s perspective)? I'm a big Abasi fan but Nolly's suite is probably the best value for your buck or at least the most flexible. Decisions, decisions
  13. Monomox

    Neural DSP BF deal on !!

    I'll buy one for sure. I demoed Plini and Abasi last night. I'll give Nolly a try today. So put me for X.
  14. Monomox

    Neural DSP BF deal on !!

    OK, so this is what I'm thinking. It's quite possible that this "group buy" scheme doesn't work right? It's possible that all licenses from a single purchase are tied to the same iLok account, no? I'd be surprised if the had the "group buy" model in mind when they devised this promo. What are you guys' thoughts?
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