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  1. SPAM time... More Blender test thing... A thirty second snippet. Trying to get some movement into a "thing."
  2. Happy belated birthday wishes Mr Wibbles I hope you had a great day 👍
  3. not so sure about the latest development... more work required in both the presentation and story line department:-
  4. I fancied having a go at creating an Iris Shutter. Far from perfect (the shutter blades clash as they start to close) but it looks okay from a distance. Don't forget to mute your speakers first...
  5. this is what I am hoping, Craig, yes 👍 In the last couple of hours I have had a few ideas in my head and a plan is developing... Don't want to elaborate any further for now because it might all come to nothing. Blender is massive, with so many tools and I don't even have any real ideas of workflows and methods so lots of research, trial and error ahead 😄
  6. Yeah, gonna need lots of Becan for covering that lot... I've added that thing from yesterday into the scene:- Totally agree... trying to get my head around materials and lighting 🙂 Thank you 😄 still have no idea where I'm going with this though........
  7. oh, don't ferget to tern the sound down
  8. anyway, sod that cereal stuff, here's something else from the Blender:- Not to be mistaken with the blender (lower case B):- Have a nice day.
  9. eew anyway... Blender... what a blast @craigb there's nothing important you have to read in the description this time
  10. Yeah, good that... She certainly does a good blow.... oh, wait a minute
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