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  1. yeah, but then I discovered ambient... cheers andy (that's with a little "a")
  2. Yes, I happened upon Mr Michelmore on YouTube myself a couple of months ago. I've watched a few of his entertaining videos now. Not a bad guy for a mac user
  3. Nice one Simeon Good luck with the build and test 👍
  4. I'm getting into WALTER and making my own crappy theme for R6. On the positive side, it has stopped me making ambient stuffs, for the time being...
  5. Yes, there are. We are all being told to "bridge" the older non-scale-able VSTs. If they provide a solution to this, other than bridging, then I will be surprised but enormously please.
  6. Going off the tone of Justin's reply to the "problem" raised on the REAPER forum I very much doubt it. He very clearly puts the blame onto the VST vendor and suggests that I take it up with them. Which I did, actually, when Studio One suffered from the same problem and I was ignored. The other two suggested fixes he gives is to set the graphics setting of REAPER to "Unaware" or to "bridge" the VST (which doesn't seem to be available in REAPER 6 anyway). And, finally, up to now only two of use have raised this issue on the REAPER forum. They ain't going to faff for a fix just for two moaning users.
  7. Well, R6 doesn't work as expected on high DPI monitors, regardless what the blurb says. GUI for VST such as Kontakt and Absynth are simply too small to read. Back to 5.99 for me...
  8. Well, I'm not, actually. I just thought that if I was ever going to upgrade to full Kontakt then now was the time to do it. I'm not really a library person...
  9. I was able to upgrade to Kontakt Full for around £107 I also treated mesel to Spitfire Audio Tundra (with Aperture as an added bonus)
  10. Hi Peeps, The latest Spitfire Audio LABS library is now available. From the LABS page:- In the spirit of creative collaboration, we give you a collection of unique sonic textures made out of audio samples from Ólafur Arnalds and the artists performing at his London festival, Opia: Kiasmos, VAAL, Rhye, Poppy Ackroyd, Högni & Ensemble, Grandbrothers, Hania Rani & Josin. Each artist has submitted a sample that means something to them — from the sounds of ice skating to pianos — mangled and warped by our expert team to create entirely new and unconventional sounds. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/ I've not had a play yet but I've heard some of the examples and this is another one right up my street. Not much use for you rock'n'rollers
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