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  1. Can't you collapse the lane then use "Delete special" to just delete the lane info ?
  2. I've begun doing some myself. Hope people find it helpful https://www.youtube.com/c/100chuckjones/videos
  3. One should leave a minimum of 500 milliseconds for the head (beginning) of a song that will be uploaded for streaming.
  4. Hope this is helpful to some. This is a real quick way to use fades for song tails (the end/fade outs).
  5. I've seen all these diagrams before but never in one comment. This is great thank you
  6. I suppose my gate example was on point but maybe I could have had a better example. I think the use of an Aux track or a parallel track would do the trick. It's ironic I always knew FX plug ins cascaded from one plug in to the next, I just never got deep into every single possibility of signal processing. That's what I've been trying to do lately. With the help of you, Steve and others here you've given me some insights. Thank you very much.
  7. You are correct and thank you for your reply, There are several different type of inserts that different boards have. I probably should have cleared that up in my initial comments. Some inserts bypass the pre amp. Some inserts also bypass onboard EQ. Some inserts (I believe) can also act as side chain for ducking purposes. Lets say for or example, if I were using a gate , I probably wouldn't want to gate every FX in the signal path. Instead, I would only want to gate the dry signal from the clip itself. Now theoretically I could make that gate the very first plug in but surely there has to be a way to add that gate to the dry signal without having to add it to the FX bin ? This is really for education purposes and not really any particular problem I'm having so I'm just doing this based on test purposes only, trying to find different methods. I Thank you and others for all info.
  8. Sometimes you want an EQ first, sometimes you want a compressor first. Sometimes you want to insert a plug in without having to make that plug in the front end of 5 other plug ins. I hope that makes sense. The same reason I have inserts on my analog gear that allows me to tap the audio signal without additional processing going on. What does a channel insert do? It is a point in the signal path at which the signal can be sent out of the channel or mix and then returned to its signal path at the same point it left, creating a signal loop. In other words, it allows you to “insert” an outboard (external) or virtual (internal or digital) device into the signal path
  9. This is also what I thought. I think an AUX track or even as you mentioned, a duplicate track (almost like parallel) but only send the FX signal to the routed destination. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate the feedback. These little obscurity's are the coolest things to discuss because they are hardly ever analyzed in detail. Again thank you all
  10. This is just a very hypothetical example: (not real) I want to have in my FX bin- EQ, Compression, Saturation. But now I want to use a de-esser but I don't want to put this de-esser with 3 other plug ins running into it (that have already processed the signal). I want to apply the de-esser to the unprocessed clip. But if I put that plug in inside of the FX bin, it wont be unprocessed. Unless of course I have the plug in first in cue.
  11. Thank you John and Tim. I totally understand the signal flow, it's more the processing flow I am inquiring about. See every plug in that is in the FX bin cascades into one another. Meaning that processed signal runs into the next (in line) plug in. So that next plug in is not processing a clean unprocessed signal, it is accepting an already processed signal. I want to be able to use an Insert and not have to have an already processed signal.
  12. This is exactly what I wanted to confirm as it's exactly what I have found through my own tests, Thank you. My next question is, What if I want to insert an FX but do not want it to be pre processed with the other FX ? I just want that one FX to come directly from the clip (unprocessed). Very similar to the way an "Insert" works. The only real solution I can think of is using an Aux track.
  13. Right click using the smart tool. Lasso both clips to select them. Choose "Bounce to clips".
  14. This is an interesting topic that I do not see discussed much and that's Cakewalk's signal flow through the plug ins. I have seen signal flow diagrams but not plug in signal flow. The documentation is not very clear. However I have run tests and it seems most DAW's perform basically the same way. - FX Bin: Each plug in within Cakewalk's FX bin seems to cascade from one plug in to the other. Which means if I have inserted a compressor, then an EQ The output of the compressor will send that processed (compressed) signal into the EQ. This is apparent by raising the output of the compressor and seeing the changes to the EQ's input. This is a realistic approach as it is similar to running a patch bay. Sending one FX into the next. - Track FX: This is actually closer to an "Insert". A singular plug in will tap the unprocessed signal (clip) granted it is pre FX. - Send FX to Bus: If the send is PRE FX it acts similar to a track FX. Does this sound about right ?
  15. Done this myself. But I found after doing it like 10 times.. I learned to always check the boxes (that's an expression).
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