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  1. You will receive many different opinions from many different people and their personal experiences and uses. A lot of good info has been covered here, including that in which VST plug ins can utilized at higher sample rates. To me, Sample rate will always be subjective to personal opinion and even though data doesn't lie (when explaining this theory) either does the human ear, which to the average user, cant always define.
  2. Sorry to hear @lapasoa What might help is to select ALL your audio tracks and then use "Bounce to clips". This will render any edits and possibly remove corrupt regions. After bouncing to clips, save the project and reopen.
  3. I've read some old posts on it as well, some have solutions, some don't have answers. It could be a bug, it could be a corrupt audio region that was a part of slip edit data but now gone. Either way, I respect every message Cakewalk gives me upon opening a project. Even the dreaded "Audio files are missing". Is there any part of the project missing audio ?
  4. Are you running this via USB or Ethernet connection ? Should be able to run 44.1
  5. Depending on how you saved them, If as .CWP then no problem (except the mentioned above). If stored as Bundle files ? I've had a few from Sonar 8 not open.
  6. You are correct. documentation says it does, but that splits notes (using Smart tool) Try the mute tool.
  7. I believe if you ALT Click on a note it becomes muted. Highlight all the notes you want muted, then ALT+Click one of them ?
  8. The Smart tool is your friend :-) It selects, highlights and moves clips depending on the placement of the cursor on the clip. For moving clips, use the Smart tool (its the default tool) and grab the clip in the header region (upper part of the clip) You'll see a 4 sided + shape. If your not used to editing inside Cakewalk (or any DAW for that matter) it can be confusing. Any more questions, just ask away.
  9. You are absolutely right. I never noticed that before because I'm always logged in. The OP and I talked through PM a couple days ago and I downloaded the installer and sent it to him.
  10. You have to grab the clip and drag it to the beginning. There's 2 moves here. (actually 3 if you include deleting the left hand clip) 1- Trim the clip by using Bounce to clips 2- Grab the clip and drag it to the beginning of the project.
  11. Right click on the clip and choose "Bounce to clips". This renders the split audio and removes the excess contents in slip edit data.
  12. The only real downfall i see is this... • USB 2.0, bus-powered audio interface for Mac/PC - no power supply required Hard to replicate true SSL pre amps using USB BUS power 😤
  13. Cool find, I hadn't even heard of these before. Will have to check out some reviews to make sure its just not some marketing scheme but first impression has me thinking the price is very reasonable.
  14. Do you have access to a guitar to play ? That song uses not only rear pick up, but a good amount of pick attack, this is done by striking the pick on the strings very close to the bridge.
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