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  1. I wasn't implying there was something "wrong" with your set up. I just don't happen to have that generic "Oh ya this is an easy one" answer to your problem. So the more detailed info you give, the easier it will be to accept productive suggestions from forum users. Telling us "it worked last Tuesday" wont help your case much. So if you read my last post, hopefully you find some things useful.
  2. What mode are you running your soundcard in (ASIO, WDM, MME, WASAPI) ? Normally I would point to video card but sometimes a stressing out audio card could produce similar results. Make sure you have updated the drivers to your video card. Could be a DPI scaling issue as well. @martsave martin s Has the right idea. Have you tried the Pause/break button on your keyboard ?
  3. You can always save it as an FX chain. FX chain will recall presets. Or create a Track Template. I believe those also retain preset info. The whole plug in suite is a bug. They are like a million years old. They were built on the Windows XP (or even ME) platform. Don't get me wrong, I love those plug ins. the Sonitus Delay probably being one of my favorites but they were created in the days before UAC control.
  4. You can set the pro channels default module order. Read here for more info http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3554370
  5. That it is. I believe it has to be because of the widget placement. Its a tight area to begin with.. but the hit zone is small.
  6. same here on latest update. I also received a firewall warning as well installing 5.11 (that was the first time) This is using Windows 8.1
  7. Good point Jim. Im very surprised the old resource thread hasn't been resurrected here in these new forums.
  8. Moving this thread to the Feedback Loop section.
  9. What and all DAW's don't ? They work (for the most part) the same as DAW's do - CNTRL+C= Copy. Cakewalk has the "Help Module". DAW's have this thing called a ribbon too. Its a general area where most widgets that control playback, location, HUD's are placed. I'm not complacent at all. I have answered every single one of your -bullet points (1 thru 4) in an easy to understand manner. most DAW's are a lot like most Word processors. They each have their own set of control in similar places but a little knowledge of general controls goes a long way. So your argument is there should be no learning curve
  10. I run a 40 inch at 1920x1080 and everything looks well proportioned and sharp to the eye. Matter of fact I run 2 monitors, one is a 20 inch and my main the 40 inch Flat screen monitor. The smaller runs something like 900x1600 because it is smaller/and sideways. I know ultra wide's are a different animal though.
  11. Even when you use Microsoft Word, you need to have a basic understanding of basic controls, features and direction. It requires some learning. I personally feel like adding an "Easy Button" to cakewalk might help bring in new users and help with users becoming newly acquainted with DAW software but you cant expect to open a software and immediately become familiar. I might even argue that if the developers can take the time to do this, wouldn't it be better spent on fixing bugs or adding in more in-depth features ? Especially when one can study up on Lenses and learn to create a partial "easy mode" environment. I cant argue with the OP's request, nor disrespect it (or dis respect your ideas) because who am I to say my ideas are better or should be put first.
  12. Renders any edits from Region FX and "heals clips" joins slip edit data. You can see detailed info here: Bounce to clips. Glad its sorted.
  13. I believe the last version to carry Studio panels was Cakewalk Pro audio 9.3. However, believe you can still use them in modern day Cakewalk by Bandlab. You just need to have Pro Audio to create them. They can then be transferred to CbB. Please don't quote me on any of this, im only going by what I remember about using them in the past. The only fact I am sure of.. Is they are not in Sonar nor Bandlab anymore
  14. Its letter "I" in this photo below. As Scook said, its in the mix module. Yes offset has not changed much since Sonar X2 except the shortcut basically (no longer "O" puts you in offset mode).
  15. Is it possible this clip has Region FX on it ? Try selecting the clip, then using "Bounce to clips". Then try your fade. You can also use Automation if you cant figure out why a normal fade wont apply.
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