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  1. This would be my guess as well. Youlean uses True peak (Measures ISP- Inter sample peaks) Cakewalk meters are peak meters. The extra 1dB your seeing is probably the ISP.
  2. Yes, I believe Automation is track automation.
  3. I will third that, X3 was the first version of Sonar to support VST3 (and maybe ARA as well). I would encourage an update. That software will be totally unpredictable unless running on an older OS. However I typically reserve my suggestions to anyone on updating because I know sometimes you become comfortable with a DAW version and want to freeze yourself in that time because you know it's layout and features so well. However a never version will not be unreachable in terms of learning. It will be a lot different, but the rewards will pay off 10 fold.
  4. This sounds like a classic "Demo mode" protection. This happens with demo versions of plug ins.
  5. Might be the driver software. You may have to update it for Windows 11.
  6. This post hurt my brain. I began recalling all this old information like cheat codes to Atari Frogger. Anyway, the last version I was able successfully run on present day Windows was Pro Audio 9. I was fun for nostalgia purposes but nothing more than that. I wouldn't be able to work in an environment like that anymore.
  7. Bounce to clips is one of the most used features in Cakewalk if I had to guess. Anytime you send a project to someone, you take all those tiny fragments (smaller clips) and bounce them to one whole clip. You can also drag the first clip to the song start so they all line up. It's online bouncing, no FX are printed (unless you have clip FX/or pro channel in some cases- See post FX). Glad you are using this feature. It's a necessity. Cheers.
  8. I'm not sure when this stopped working but your right. Drag select doesn't work. It should work similar to volume automation.
  9. You're right. Just tested it again myself. I suppose one could argue it's clip gain (as in singular) Not clips gain 😀
  10. Have you tried dragging to select an area vs just selecting the clips themselves ? I suppose if there are spaces in-between it would potentially create an issue. but drag select works a charm.
  11. This is really the future of DAW mixing. Having a standard similar to midi. An interface which to translate projects from one DAW to another.
  12. Whatever this company decides for its future, It has already paid it forward. This DAW has been free for 5 years with continuous updates. I'm not sure how BPB has Traction #1 on that list. Cakewalk by Bandlab has way more features. I've been pleasantly surprised in the direction Cakewalk has taken. Anything they have offered the past 5 years was a free extra. It's been great.
  13. Removed comments to avoid escalation.
  14. It is possible theme editor can make things a little loose. What I mean is, if you created your own theme and made a lot of changes, button illumination can get lost
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