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  1. chuckebaby

    Spirit Wind

    I've read a lot of your comments but have never listened to your music. Great voice man. I hear so many different styles in it, you seemed to have combined them all to make your own originality. As for the song as a whole, great mix, great songwriting. Drums might be able to come up a little bit but you know im sire you have considered this and sometimes when you bring other things up in the mix, other critical parts get lost, so good compromise. This is really good.
  2. Not a jazz fan at all, but man this was great. Loved the horns man. Wish i could give you some critiquing but this is really not my area. just stumbled upon it and listened, really nice man.
  3. yea this guy was amazing. Made some great records/songs. I'm not a Kenny Rogers fan personally, but i can surely respect someone with great talent.
  4. to get good results doing this, you might want to trim the ends of that audio clip so no silence is detected at the beginning. Then drag the clip to 1:01 on the timeline (the very beginning).
  5. Are they samples used from Cakewalk ? that might be a different story. I'm not sure how samples are legally binded (the ones from Cakewalk download). You can use them with no issue, but if you proceed to make mounds of cash, there may be an unknown sample dj sending you a love letter.
  6. It is pretty easy using it as a region FX. Ive been using it this way since its inception
  7. PM me your email address and i will send it to you.
  8. Use the method i described above and zoom in as close as possible and remove the clip and replace it with a similar note in or around the area. When you have digital clips that are small defined pieces, you brain can barely process the clip spot, just the distortion or "Crack" sound. This is why i say, you can almost replace it with any noise from around the surrounding clip space (unless its a vocal, then you can but it is trickey). If you have digital clipping through out the whole track, its time to re-record the track. no ifs and or buts about it.
  9. Almost no way to fix digital clipping man. Izotope RX has some tools but it will cost you a bit. In my travels i have either looked to Copy/paste (replacing the clipped parts with existing content) or sometimes you can zoom in 100% find the clip and delete it without much disruption.
  10. Mark explained in great detail, I'll give you the short version... - Just use volume for louder/softer output. - Use velocity to sum the different samples you are using.
  11. Great video. Notice he didn't reach for the gain knob once in this video ? Its because Gain staging using the Gain knob in Cakewalk is not as unique as it once was. We live in an age where multiple FX can be stacked on a track and almost every plug in now a day comes with its own...wait for it... Input/Output. In the days where some plug ins don't have proper I/O's Gain was crucial. And in some ways still is needed. Especially in cases where users enjoy clip gain, slamming compressors and over driving the first input stage. A lot of users today still use clip gain to automate vocal tracks. However i have found this can be accomplished almost as easy using the volume automation instead. This of course, is dependent on the tracks condition, if it isn't recorded properly and you have a user SS ing and Poping in to the vocal mic, you'll need clip gain. If you recorded the track with an experienced singer, than more often than not, you can de-ess the clip in volume automation. I respect everyones different views so im not laying down a foot print here for users to follow, just a way i have found to avoid automating 2 different stages (Gain/Volume). Your going to have to automate a singers vocal track regardless, why not de-ess it there and do it all in one shot.
  12. Once you set up the piano roll view how you want it (the track you choose) lock the screenset. You can also try using multiple dock scenarios where you set up the track then, Right click on the multi dock tab and choose "Lock contents". This will allow you to right click on a different track and choose "Open in PRV". This will then create multiple tabs with different track views for the PRV.
  13. Moved to Feedback Forum and left links to redirect. Topics like these are best put in the feedback section of this forum where Bakers and staff can see them.
  14. Moved to Feedback Forum and left links to redirect. Topics like these are best put in the feedback section of this forum where Bakers and staff can see them.
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