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  1. Done this myself. But I found after doing it like 10 times.. I learned to always check the boxes (that's an expression).
  2. chuckebaby


    you can custom create create pro channel modules and link those knobs to have them in a PC module.
  3. The drum notes wont show up unless i hover over them And the keyboard notes don't show up at all But changing themes does bring them back and show up fine.
  4. Thanks a lot Steve. I'm going to do a bit more research to figure out what's going on. Appreciate the suggestions and knowledge.
  5. Is there one for session drummer 3 ? I use a custom theme to avoid the dark PRV (I like the original light one). But note names (drum names as well) are not showing up. Thanks.
  6. Wookie knows. This is the first thing I would have suggested as well.
  7. Interesting and thorough feedback @Tim Elmore. I typically don't use the mouse wheel for any critical adjustments. Matter of fact i don't even use it for minor adjustments. I only use the mouse wheel for navigation purposes only. For any parameter changes, it's always click and drag or insert the values by hand.
  8. I believe revert will work only for your last, previous parameter. If you accidentally use a mouse and scroll a fader from -0 dB to -3.0 dB You have skipped through several parameters, Thus will only be able to revert to one move. Unless of course this is all done in one action. I don't believe mouse scrolling moves work like that.
  9. We are trying to keep politics out of this forum the best we can. It's understandable that you all have concerns and opinions. We really don't want to lock threads or remove threads. However our prime focus for this forum is cakewalk products and general support. Thanks.
  10. wow tht Levee breaks version was unreal. Simply amazing.
  11. Have a feeling the plug in manager is not a high priority anymore. they have been slowly trying to push us towards using the browser for everything for 10 years now. i love the plug in manager personally but now use the browser for everything.
  12. Not much you can do with a sample that comes in at -10 lufs (unless its being used for EDM, Techno, etc.). You can clip gain the samples to -3 TP (which will also decrease the lufs value) but the LRA (Loudness Range) will not change. Seeing a bit more of this lately with people downloading free beats YouTube and layering vocal tracks on top of them. some of mastering engineer friends have asked me the best way to deal with it. There simply isn't much you can do in terms of gain reduction. you might as well throw your limiter in the trash for that session.
  13. Your good. This is the place to put in requests
  14. Sounds like you need a control surface bro. I use a Mackie control which you can pick those up used for 200 bucks. They are MCU and do everything.
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