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  1. I believe you can Shift+click the orphaned envelope to give it focus then right-click it and choose delete envelope. You can also right click/drag/lasso/runnerband nodes and then delete them.
  2. Are you using a LENS/Workspace ? Try selecting "NONE" save your window layout, close/reopen.
  3. Great quality on the Video Gary. Love the blues man. This is amazing. great song.
  4. Did you own Platinum ? and if so did you get the free "Unlocked DAW version from Overloud" when Gibson shut down ? I know that was causing some issues with users previously.
  5. V vocal doesnt even compare to Melodyne in my opinion. It has less stability issues (in newer versions of cakewalk/windows V vocal was boinky) Use it as a region FX and render your edits. i made this viedo a while back for newbies (i know your not a newbie) it might help with just the basics of Region FX. the Melodyne editor itself will take some time to grasp and learn but once you do, you will see why it is much better than V vocal was.
  6. Interesting and very original sounding. That bass just carry's the song right along but more over, what a great mix. kept me very interested. Great job.
  7. dude your guitar work is fabulous ! always is. Think I've heard this before (gave you some shi@ about that 2 minute fade of yours) but hey no denying your guitar work BB. Off the hook riffs and awesome solos. Keep up the good work my friend.
  8. chuckebaby

    Flowing Going On

    took a second listen, man this song is just waiting for vocals. Not really my style (im more into hard rock and metal) but wow, the lyric vocal arrangement potential is threw the roof. Great work.
  9. chuckebaby

    Flowing Going On

    Man that chorus that kicks in at 0:45 is rockin ! The tempo changes are a bit drastic but they fit/musically together very nicely.
  10. chuckebaby


    Harmony's are great Randy. your voice is similar to another very talented singer I know. And that is... Mr Craig Anderton.
  11. great horns man. Love the guitar solo too.
  12. yea the link says "Opps" Couldn't listen.
  13. Yea, that's probably longer than the common HDD SATA drives life expectancy. You do bring up a valid point no doubt and its worth letting the end user know about its rewrite life span. I just haven't seen it yet. Now watch. tomorrow I will wake up with a dead SSD
  14. That number is real high. im not sure exactly what it is for my particular SSD, but I bought it back in 2014 and have re wrote 1000's of files, including reformatting the drive for OS reinstallation over 10 times. This might be more of an old wives tale than truth. Matter of fact im not sure I've met anyone yet who has had an SSD die on them.
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