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  1. I can see in the back ground of your pop up menu, it appears a lot of clips are selected. Try positioning your pointer... Then deselecting everything (Using CTRL+SHIFT+A) Then try the insert measure.
  2. I agree, ive given up on using the shortcut for melodyne zoom. i just use the sliders on the side of the app within region FX.
  3. I do the same exact thing. buses have 2 main functions for my use. 1- FX sends (a place to route your FX using sends) 2- group busing (a place to control over all signal/levels)
  4. I'm not sure if you mentioned it.. but you need to install the Focusrite Scarlet driver. That can be found on Focusrite's website. Once you install that, you will want to uncheck your soundblaster sound card from this preference menu. You will want to select ASIO as your driver mode and then check mark next to your Focusrite input/ouput.
  5. Try Piano roll view/ View options/ Show grid lines. There's also other options in the PRV/View menu to synch Global resolution.
  6. Could be on another track and you are mistaking it for being on the vocal track ? Have you tried to solo the track and isolate the noise ? Zoom in real close to visually inspect for the noise, be the noise...remove the noise.
  7. I use 32 notes and 64 notes all the time using this same exact method. You are suing triangle drum grid. Piano roll is a lot easier than grabbing those little triangles.
  8. A word to the wise, Take caution when mixing different reverb plug ins. Different reflections on different tracks will totally cloud the perception of a mix if not done properly.
  9. I use the Sonitus plug ins loyally, especially the delay. for guitars its not one of the best.. but it is one of the easiest to dial in a great repeats. Ive used it for Vocals but it really shines for guitars. The sonitus reverb, Delay, Compressor and even the Wha are valuable plug ins. I would love to see an overhaul/facelift for these plug ins. However i'm also a firm believer in don't fix what isn't broken. I know what all these functions do now, why would i want to reinvent the wheel and possibly risk having a darker background and not being able to see entry's as clear. Kind of a yes id love to see it but im sure its worth the risk for me. For what its worth.. i have never had a client once complain about plug ins i use. Myself and any clients i work with are always most concerned with the end results not flashy GUI coins. If they were.. they wouldn't be in my studio trusting my skills. They would be in their own studio trying to figure out their awesome looking plug ins.
  10. Its not really related as much to loading snap shots or saving snapshots.. its more about once the unit is powered down, the snapshot is no longer stored in memory. you have to load it each time you open a new session/power on the unit).
  11. I get this as well with my focusrite interface and craig is correct, its in the software for your soundcard. You are hearing a blend of DI/Amp sim. I typically change mine to DAW control in Focusrite software settings. Though oddly enough, i have to do this at the beginning of each session because of a bug in Focusrite's mix control software that wont save presets.
  12. You cant multi output using SI Drums or pan multi output tracks using SI Drums. You'll need to keep 3 instances of SI Drums active to achieve this. SI Drums does not support multi output. Session Drummer 3 does. Ideally, SI Drums should have one midi track as show in this video You can use Panning within the VST itself. You might be better off bouncing down to audio tracks instead or use a beater drum synth.
  13. What drum synth are you using and how did you set up your midi track ?
  14. chuckebaby


    For mastering it is pretty straight forward. Open a new cakewalk template and use the basic CWP template. Delete the midi track as it wont be needed. You'll be left with one audio track and a master bus (plus your hardware output bus). I usually add a few more audio tracks for reference tracks. I load up my Track FX bin with limiters, compressors, multiband EQ, analog coloring, exc and i use the Master bus for all my spectrum analyzers, Meters, LUFS.
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