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    Let's gooo! Log into or register an IK account and then head to your User Area Use the pop-up message to Redeem your promotional item and sign up for the Newsletter, if you're not already Ikmultimedia
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    48GB - I know of one forum where that will be impressive. I can't wait until they make a 10GB hand clap.
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    It's because of their highly sought after string libraries...
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    Everybody gets targeted like mad these days. I have a small dot com that has received some notoriety in the marketing, advertising and PR world and I don't think we've had a month in the last several years where there wasn't at least 1,000 hack attempts. Fortunately, most of them are pretty weak -- and we're pretty hardcore about security measures. But yeah, if you ever want confirmation that the world isn't filled with an overwhelming percentage of kind, well-meaning people, you can look at hack attempts or just look at social media. This is why I've taught my kids to look for, appreciate, give out freely and celebrate kindness.
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    Your drum recordings are gonna sound MASSIVE after you use this FREE plugin. Trigger 2 is the secret tool pros have been using for decades In seconds, you can replace or augment your drum recordings, turning them into HUGE pro-sounding drums. Trigger 2 FREE is easy to use, sounds natural, and gives you 6 kick and 6 snare samples that will give you pro drums in seconds https://my.stevenslateaudio.com/product/trigger-2-free
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    Out of all the plugins I own, the one I use on nearly every project is KONTAKT. Indispensable. It was a game changer for samplers. Absolutely a must buy for any DAW user that uses sample libraries.
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    Bargain price for a most useful plugin. Gainmatch is currently on offer for $9 using discount code BF21. https://letimix.com/products/gainmatch
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    Tokyo Dawn plugins. Loved the free versions and collected them on sale when I found them. Got a few of them for $9.99 each. That almost count as freebies at that price!
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    Some info can be found here: https://stevenslatedrums.com/trigger-2-platinum/#trigger-free
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    I was just thinking: Now that Cakewalk (Sonar) is FREE, I wonder why some REALLY SMART developer hasn't jumped into the "Pro Channel" Pool? I'm sure the market would be BOOMING! As it stands, we have Boz Digital and Softube, and then only a few of their plugins are PC capable. Just seems that it would be quite the lucrative market...but hey, what do I know?
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    Good thread idea from @Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann: we all snap up freebies from companies who put them out there to encourage people to check out their paid license products; sometimes these freebies are payware that is being given away for a short time as a promotion. Which ones have worked on you (this excludes trialware/demos)? For me, the most obvious would be the Meldaproduction FreeFX Bundle. Meldaproduction were relatively early in the "pro quality" loss leader plug-ins game, not the first to ever do it, but before the recent ongoing tidal wave of freebies. MCompressor is the plug-in I used when I had my "I know kung fu" breakthrough in understanding how compressors work. Once I paid to register that bundle, since there were more panels and things to open up and see I started digging more deeply into them and concluded that the guy was a crazy talented programmer, and that his normally-licensed stuff would likely be of top quality. Since then I've spent hundreds on Meldaproduction licenses (always during sales of some sort) and recommended them far and wide. After that, Unfiltered Audio G8 CM (a near-freebie, CM plug-ins are loss leaders) was my first taste of that company, since then I've acquired all but about 3 of their FX (the synth, the compressor and the bit crusher). A|A|S Swatches and freebie soundpacks got me to jump on a Humble Bundle of their stuff. Bark of Dog was my first Boz plug-in, I now have several more. Glitchmachines' Fracture and Hysteresis are so off the hook that I knew to buy everything they had when it went on sale for $5-10. I'm nowhere close to figuring out how to control them, but they make sounds that I like anyway. Definitely for people who are into "turn this knob and see what it does."
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    @ZincT Recently changed the theme in REAPER to one called ECHOLOT 1.10 ... It basically turns Reaper UI into CW UI, here you go. Track called INTO THE BLUE we are working on at the moment - http://www.colourtide.com Requires cross platform DAW as keyboard player and Drummer are on MAC. SO this Reaper proj file is back and forth between 5 on Google drive
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    Out Now! Space Station UM282 The Stellar Echo Reverb Plugin Welcome to the Space Station UM282, a faithful simulation of the Ursa Major Space Station SST-282, an early 80’s echo and reverb unit and a secret weapon for many producers and engineers over the years. Intro Price until February 28th 39 Euros https://www.audiority.com/shop/space-station-um282/
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    I need to classify my answer in several categories of "upsell" The top of my list is Magix Music Maker. It is free in its basic edition. I got a few "enhanced" editions for free bundled with other products, multiple times, and ignored it for years, then one day I started playing around with it and... now I have upgraded to the full premium edition, expanded with more than 200 soundpools Other entries in the "free to full" category are Native Instruments, from the various players to Komplete, and Plugin Alliance from a few freebies to... (I'd rather not look at the numbers) For the category "free with DAW" and "free with Hardware" I have: The Melodyne Assistant that came with Cakewalk ended up in a full Melodyne Studio, the XLN Addictive Drums that also came with Cakewalk started me on the path to a nearly complete AD2 setup, and the same happened with AAS, from a couple of "session" versions to full versions of all the instruments plus many expansion packs. The Air plugins that came with Pro Tools got me into AIEP3. The various iZotope plugins included with SoundForge ended up in Music Production Suite. The SONiVOX EightyEight that came with a midi controller ended up in the complete SONiVOX colection. Sibelius First (that I don't remember what hardware it came with) ended up a full Sibelius license The next category are the "free with magazine" (Computer Music): DDMF plugins, Xils Virtual Instruments, Audiothing MiniBit, Rob Papen RG, Hornet plugins, Synthmaster, u-he plugins and Virtual Instruments I have reserved for the end the "did-what-no-other-has-done" category: Cakewalk. The really early versions that I saw I don't remember if they were actually shareware or they were "friend-shared-wares". I then got several versions in the "free with hardware" category (with sound blaster cards), until I upgraded to full versions of Sonar. The unique twist came when it was "upgraded back to free"
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    "Price-point to pain threshold". That term will end up in psychology text books one day!
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    Melda, Tokyo Dawn, SoundToys, Kilohearts... Kuassa. IK Multimedia. Izotope... Valhala and Klanghelm. Excellent freebies and giveaways over the years - I'm pretty much "all in" on these Devs too. HOFA and Blue Cat have great freebies, but their paid plugins have never really broken through my price-point to pain threshold enough to draw me in, so I've pretty much moved on.
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    Ok, I'll give away my "secret sauce". The free tool I regularly use in projects is sbagen https://uazu.net/sbagen/ , to generate a track that sets the appropriate mood One reason for seldom using freebies is that generally for the ones that I like I end up purchasing the corresponding "big brother". Maybe that's a different thread "Which freebies encouraged you to upgrade to a paid product?" One plugin that I also use frequently is hornet elliptiq https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-elliptiq/. Technically it's not free but, when Hornet has a sale (that is, most of the year), it costs less than an issue of Beat magazine or Computer Music magazine at the newsstand.
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    Perhaps THE best installer around!
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    I just dropped in to say, the IKM Hammond is the bee's knee's.
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    Here's my first mix/ master of track 2 from my upcoming album. This started out from noodling on EZBass. I gave my idea to my bass player who made it legit & it turned into this retro-funk type track. Enjoy-
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    Complete the survey, get a $100 Voucher and a FREE Plugin (Aligner) https://nugenaudio.com/annual-survey-2022/?src=surv22_mb_int_intro1
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    now $24.36 with code GROUP instead of $99 at JRR: https://www.jrrshop.com/psp-fetpressor
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    I'm going over Sitala in this New #youtube video ... FREEWARE Cookup 5... let me know if you have questions...😀🙏🏾 Sitala seems to be a slept on drum sampler so I wanted to show what it can do while make a Boom Bap beat in the process. Until we get our own sampler this be a nice workaround for some.
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    Had not logged in since early December 2020. 13 months! Unbelievable... I've often thought about my good old CH buddies but the year was extraordinarily hectic. And yet it's strange how sometimes one of you guys' name would just pop in my mind out of nowhere, and I'd find myself thinking - I wonder how this guy has been doing... Even folks from the old newsgroup in the late 90's - Craig Olmstead and Bob Beals and all. It's amusing how a bunch of people you've never met in real life occupy such a place in your existence. As for I, life has thrown me a few curve balls but I am alive and kicking - and still making music. I even bought my first 7-string in March. (My first guitar equipped with EMG's, too. I don't hate them.) You need to challenge yourself, right? Call it midlife crisis. I figured it may a bit late in life to start violin, but 7-string isn't that much of a stretch. I am a Gibson/Fender guy, and I usually stick with classics - the last guitar before that was a butterscotch Tele. Schecter really wasn't a name I had any affinity for. If anything, I had a somewhat unfavorable opinion of them. So when I started looking, I was thinking maybe ESP, since that's what a lot of the people who used to buy Gibsons buy nowadays. But I couldn't find a 7 that had all I wanted until I started looking at Schecters. And I was extremely surprised when I received this one - the Hellraiser C-7. A very nice instrument. It's also my only guitar that's not a solid color - they call the finish black burst. I call her Domina Mortem. And she rocks. Anyway, good to be back, you guys.
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    We are happy to release Surge XT 1.0 today. Surge XT 1.0 is available at https://surge-synthesizer.github.io. It installs with a new plugin ID ("Surge XT") side by side with our version from April 2021, Surge 1.9. Surge XT contains a massive number of new features and infrastructural improvements. You can read the full changelog at https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/changelog/ but the highlights are: * The entire synth has been ported to the JUCE framework, making for far more reliable plugins and behavior, as well as providing us loads of dev tools * We have expanded the power of the modulation section, introducing vector modulators and a new Formula modulator * We have expanded the FX section, allowing twice as many FX per patch and adding new FX including a Spring Reverb and several new Airwindows * We have expanded the Waveshapers, going from 5 waveshaper models to nearly 50, and added a new filter model * We've added patch search and patch favorites to the patch browser * We've added loads of microtuning features, including an extensive tuning editor and analyzer * We've added a modulation list which lets you navigate and modify the entire modulation list in one view * We've fixed innumerable bugs and added many many UI features, including more use of drag and drop, windows which can tear out, and keybindings * We've added masses of amazing new patches using the new features. These are all in the "third party" section. These new contributions push Surge to spaces we never thought possible, with some amazing electronic pads, physically modeled real instruments, and more. We really encourage you to spend some time in those third party presets. * And finally, we made the entire UI accessible to screen readers and other accessible tools for near-complete accessible navigation and editing We hope you enjoy the release! If you find something, please hit us on Discord or GitHub and enjoy making music with Surge!
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    of not drinking alcohol.. I have updated my avatar to reflect me new drink. It was a personal choice and completely unrelated to Jehovah or God.
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    It won't take long till they start modelling other modelling boxes, like Pandora, first Pod, etc.
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    3rd party is better if you plan to use more than one DAW, and want to use your favorite portable instruments and effects anywhere, and not have them locked to a specific DAW. However, built-in could be simpler if you wish to collaborate with others using the same DAW, exchanging project files, etc.
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    Here I go again, being one of those annoying "glass half full" people, as someone once called me: 1,000 hack attempts doesn't equal that many individuals trying to hack your site. It's just knob-twister bots making multiple attempts. The poor losers probably paid some other loser for their mostly useless "hacking" software. How many hits do you get every month from people who legitimately want to see what's on your site or use your services? Even if it's just 100,000, that means a whopping 1% of visits have some malicious intent (that's too weak to even pose a threat). The thing is, if you go looking for evidence of any human characteristic, you'll find it. If you want to look for evidence that the world is packed with people who love to share what we've learned with others, look at all of the how-to videos on YouTube, or even this very forum. Look in the Tutorials section, the Q&A section, or here in the Deals section, or in the UI Themes section. I've spent countless hours developing my themes, not just for personal use, but so other Cakewalk users can have a better experience using the program. Look at Cakewalk itself, which still exists and flourishes because Meng digs music and wants people to make more of it and decided that supplying the world with a great free DAW would be a good way to build his brand. Sure, his accounting department probably loves the writeoff, but there are plenty of other ways he could have gone. He chose the cool one. Look at all of the people who make our music with no expectation of any financial return whatsoever and put it out there on Soundcloud or Bandcamp or YouTube just for people to enjoy. Our brains are designed to go on the alert when presented with danger, and calm down when presented with comfort. It's part of how we survive. It's why threats of any kind register so strongly and kindness less so. Honor kindness by acknowledging how much of it we take for granted. Yes, absolutely, there are plenty of people out there who think only of themselves and who perform malicious acts. But there are overwhelmingly more who either just don't or who even go out of our way to be helpful.
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    Was hoping the hackers worked to make the soundpaint libraries smaller so at least some good came out of it haha
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    Use code TSJAN10 to get an extra 10% off. Valid until 31st January at 23:59pm GMT. https://www.timespace.com/
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    One of Izotope's Elements libraries that they gave away for free or super cheap for a limited time led to me becoming a paying customer. A free Softube freebie plugin led to me being a customer of theirs. A Production Voices free piano library led to me being a paying customer. Xperimenta's freebie libraries led to me being a customer of theirs. Fluffy Audio's freebie libraries led to my being a paying customer. A Waverunner freebie library led to me being a paid customer of theirs. I'm sure there are dozens of other examples I can't recall at the moment. Giving sample and plugin users a free taste of their offerings can be a great way a sample/plugin developer can bring new customers aboard.
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    https://www.bigfishaudio.com/detail.html?540308 A 2.1 GB collection of free content in the Momentum format from the following sample libraries: Ocean: Indie Ambient Kits Stupid Crush: K-Pop Construction Kits Particles: Textured Lo-Fi Kits Riot: Dark Trap Kits Liminal: Future Garage Construction Kits Currency: Hip Hop Construction Kits
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    Honestly guys, this thread reads like an episode of 'serial hoarders'. 😂
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    ...and Wusik will spam you into the ground. He doesn't honor unsubscribes either (and I bought him a coffee). My advice is to steer clear.
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    EveryPlugin is accepting the $100 Voucher Contact Koby here: https://everyplugin.com/contacts
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    I used to be one myself. Then I was promoted to whipping boy and department sin eater.
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    Bellatrix Audio sale - 90% Off Presets for Reveal Sound Spire. https://bellatrixaudio.com/product-category/all-product/presets/
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    It's never a matter of "I wish my DAW could do this," but "I know my DAW can do this." Time after time, I do a search for something I want Reaper to do, and 9 out of 10 times I'm able to find out exactly how to do it. The ability to create custom actions to do just about anything is super powerful.
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    I got Stereoizer last time (I think) and highly recommend it. It is really fantastic for getting that final 3D polish/widening (if you want it) on your mix bus. It's soooo good I'm excited to see how Aligner stacks up to MAutoAlign.
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    I posted this site a couple of years ago when the it first started up, and I can say it's been really great. There are monthly mixes (usually two) for practice where you can post and get feedback, contests, challenges, "duels", tutorials and plenty of knowledgeable and accomplished mix engineers who are super friendly and helpful. https://audiomixclub.com/ The current contest is a Mix Audition for $300 and a mixing credit on the release for the mix that's chosen. You can read about on the top banner. I got the OK from the artist to post his rough mix on here: It's hand-down been the best mixing forum I've been a part of. Cheers!
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    You keep "trying " I'll give you that...Have you heard this one ? Some Legends are better off left unspoken 🤪 The Cats out of the bag & there's nothing for you to regret . You did what you had to do .😇 Yes Steve ! I'm Retired now . I was no longer getting the call to service The Kitty at the Kitty Cat Outback ! The bulk of "my dancing income " was from tips . Once that revenue stream dried up , I was forced into having to hang up my Speedo . all the best Kenny
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    Yup. This!!! A software product that gets used almost everyday is a good value product.
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    I do get what you're saying. In the past I've used a Roland D110 guitar sound, which was obviously a synthesised guitar, but gave an interesting quality - especially when I then repeated the phrase immediately afterwards with a real guitar. The contrast worked really well. For me though, there are very few situations where the AAS Strum does it for me - unless it's pretty far back in the mix. Where it does hold its own is the mode where you hold a chord down in one hand, and trigger the individual strings in another. This is really useful for coming up with picking patterns I wouldn't normally have come up with on a real guitar (mainly down to habit). For me it's a useful writing tool, but for a sound source, not so much.
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    Ever check out: https://vst.saschart.com/binauralgenerator_monaural_beats or https://vst.saschart.com/binaural_monaural_golden_waveform_generator?
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    So it's part of their new subliminal cut approach ... they're going to make you update subconciously (as though innate GAS was not enough).
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