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    But does he have Komplete Control over that Massive Machine hair!
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    Studio One 4.6 is out! Get it while it's hot
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    I am sooooo tempted by this too. I didn't think I would use the Harp freebie but the guitar is another matter and I only have their Instant Steel String Guitar library which looks/sounds a bit dated now. Requiem should come in handy for that choir remake of Mustang Sally I'm doing :- Mus-Sanc S-Ah-Lee šŸ¤”šŸ™„
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    my hair? Or, if you're German "Mein Herr" And... you don't need full Kontakt to keep the Herr shiny!
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    I have the M-tron but nothing else, but here's my 2 cents: These synths have been around for a long time in one form or another - doesn't make them bad but I suspect they haven't had a lot of dev time over the years. Up until recently the m-tron was the only decent mellotron vsti - and they offer loads of expansion tapes, but it really is overpriced for 2019. I have the arturia collecton that now includes a mellotron and I probably wouldn't have bought m-tron if the arturia was around at the time. The GUI on the m-tron is a little bit last century I don't believe there is a demo version of these so no real way of knowing if they are any good - it's a real shame as it's good to support smaller developers over the big companies....... TLDR: I'd pass
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    Your Price $249,999.99 at Costco! https://www.costco.com/bosendorfer-audi-7'0"-grand-piano-model-214-sp.product.100476444.html?&EMID=B2C_2019_1211_mailer
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    Prices are LOW...and the $10 Gift make it no brainer...you could probably go to Platinum for $50 at EP...to Diamond for about $100, and Horizon for about $120...
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    Ampire and all the pedal fx look impressive...looking forward to getting stuck in!
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    I have this and it's fine, but I never use it because I always use Hofa's 4U Meter from their Free Bundle. It's got the same options as the FreeG, but I particularly like the Panning options the 4U offers and the Trim on the individual channels. The UI is super intuitive and easy to work with too. https://hofa-plugins.de/en/plugins/4u/ Sorry Lars, I didn't mean to side-track your thread. Maybe it could be a FREE Metering Thread?
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    I had 8 points and got Da Capo. They did me a favor once so I returned it and bought a library.
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    Nah... I knew guys from Presonus were working all the time very hard to improve S1 so I was pretty calm it would be fixed soon. Just wanted to put some friendly warning for all those were not so curious new things but caring more about Vol1 plugins. But it was a bit premature of me as fix was extremely fast and easy ( thanks @rasure) Maybe I should first to use google before publishing info about issue without solution, my bad... While I am complaining a lot about broken software, not finished products, bugs etc, I do still remember what is free and what is a gift šŸ˜œ Anyway as a user in the same time I have strong desire to use software which is state-of-art, so please let me to complain in other topics from time to time
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    Ditto, I'm now down to one EZKeys and two EZDrummer MIDI serials. Tome to stock up again.
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    If you email them they will often swap one Sound Pack for another. At least they did for me and a few other folks here.
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    Nice of AAS to update all their current instruments! FYI - If you downloaded your custom 'All' installer when Lounge Lizard EP-4.3 was released around 11/29 then you already have the latest versions.
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    A little edgy parody based on Allan Shermans "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah". My wife singing and I trust it'll bring peace among the generations. šŸ˜‰ OK Boomer, we all hear you as you shout that, we don't get you that you raised us, must mean nothing ask your smart phone why your microwave is blinking OK Boomer, we're the future we shall protest you read your paper we will clean up, all your messes as we meme our way to freeing up the masses OK Boomer, you're the Cylon and you just shot, Admiral Adama do you think that, we should forgive you as we reboot not just movies but the world too Ok Boomer, we'll try harder not go bankrupt, going to college we will build up & repair things just as soon as we pull up our pants like big kids I live at home, with Muddah, Faddah can't afford or even want to have my own place can't adult so leave me alone to play my video games I can't find work not even with my three degrees Someone is lying Cause you said That I was special now I know I'm not At unemployment I met a Boomer, As it turns out we were quite similar, Over coffee, brain stormed a business now serving others, don't have time for virtual hatred OK Boomer, let's work together no more judgments, Or getting triggered We'll live simply, Go back to farming Change our footprint so the future's less alarming
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    Yup; literally just finished that test up and messaged Ben. LP plugins work perfectly in a full project, under load, when opened on my secondary display, with OpenGL re-enabled. I'm so freaking excited right now; you have no idea. For those who are curious...it was tested in Reaper nearly a year ago and the problem didn't occur. What we didn't realize is that it was an issue only on secondary displays...apparently I had opened it up on my primary display, because it had worked perfectly then. Little things, man. Update ( @Noel Borthwick) The last piece of the puzzle....I now finally get to play around with MAutoPitch, as I have confirmed it is working as well. All known problem plugins (Slate VTM, Eiosis DeEsser, LP EQ, LP MB, Meldaproductions MAutoPitch) are a full go!
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    hello all i would like to know what you think about this mix i made the tittle song is Allieur (wich is a song from a friend of mine)its a french lyrics song (i played all instruments ,real instruments apart for the drum(session drumer 3) thank you for listening https://soundcloud.com/user-852678669/allieur
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    @Noel Borthwick @scook @Starship Krupa I sent this to @Ben Staton (who is working on this) as soon as I found this out, but I have a massive development for the OpenGL/GUI hanging issues and figured you guys might be curious (and Noel might want to be looped in). For background, I have a second display...an LG32LF500b television connected via HDMI. This is what I primarily open CbB on, as my laptop screen is nearly half the size and it's so much nicer having a bigger display. On a hunch, I opened CbB and both VTM and Eiosis Deesser on my primary laptop screen for the first time in forever, and they worked perfectly. I then opened CbB and inserted the plugins on my secondary (TV) screen once again, and the original problem reliably persisted once again. I then crosschecked and repeated the process on my laptop's screen, and the plugins again ran perfectly. So I was faced with the question....is the problem the TV, or is the problem the act of running CbB/plugins on a second display at all? So I then connected my wife's MSI Optix G27C2 to my laptop as an extended display. The problem persisted on that as well. Keeping the Optix connected, I once again crosschecked by running CbB and the plugins on my laptop/home screen. They ran beautifully. I ran one last test..I opened CbB on my home screen and opened up VTM, but then dragged VTM to the second display. The freeze/hang was reproduced instantly. It appears some OpenGL-powered plugins' GUIs have a problem running on a second display, period. Why, I have no idea...as I've mentioned before, I have no problem admitting I'm no developer...but that seems like a pretty big development [lmao, no pun intended]. The saga continues.......lol. Not gonna lie; I'm pretty proud of my detective work right now. Lol.
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    Some plug-ins need large look ahead buffers to work. Often plug-ins that introduce latency have some mention of it in their documentation. These plug-ins are designed for mixing and mastering where latency is not an issue. They are not designed for tracking. Linear phase EQs need a large look ahead buffer. The Cakewalk L-Phase EQ is no exception. The plug-in has an option to reduce its buffer by setting the Precision to Non-Linear in the Expert menu (page 19 of the LP EQ help). The good news is linear phase EQ settings may not be the best choice for tracks anyway. The internal clock setting may be used any time the project is MIDI only. If there is ANY audio coming from the DAW (including the audio metronome), the clock is set to audio.
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    I didn't mean to imply that I endorsed or even excused the practice, only meant to share my possible explanation. I think it's lame, too. šŸ˜„ I have great respect for Vojtech as a programmer and algorithm designer. His system of sharing code among the plug-ins is an amazing feat of software engineering/project management. The marketing hook of the Free Bundle is pretty genius as well. Where Meldaproduction falls short is in documentation, which is a real bummer, because the stuff has so much depth it could benefit from it. But if you go to the website there is no FAQ or anything similar, no quick links to basic installation guides, not much of the usual "click here if you're new and having trouble or just need information" linkage one usually sees. He likes to describe his processors as the best, most advanced, powerful, incredibly unique like nothing you've ever seen or heard before widgets on the market, but then seems to expect the user to already know how to access this powerful uniqueness. I mean, I don't disagree, I've given him more of my money than any other vendor, but if the world has never seen the like of the thing I'm buying, I'll need some instructions. Tell me how to get started with making it do the amazing. For a lot of the plug-ins, especially the Free Bundle ones, it seems that he followed the same philosophy of reusing his work, but this time to the detriment of the product. For instance MEQualizer and MCompressor are really quite powerful, but their 60-odd pages of documentation have no table of contents or index, start out describing the generic features of preset saving and loading, then half a dozen pages down get around to giving a few terse paragraphs to describing the features of the equalizer (and compressor) features, then the rest goes on about the style system, the analyzer, mid-side mode, all the other features that they share with the rest of the plug-ins. Maybe not so much lame as frustrating. It's like I found an alien artifact that looks like it can do all kinds of neat things, but I can only get it to do 30% of them. Still worth it.
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    The delivery was faster than the drive. It is very slow in a USB2 port. I don't think USB3 will make that much of a difference. Average transfer rate is about 8mb/sec. It's almost as bad as crappy wireless.
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    Christian, you can swipe to select them just like any other CC value - then use Shift- to lock the mouse drag the selected values into a horizontal or vertical movement. It takes some practice. Zooming in horizontally may help with this process. Also, for simple On-Off, note that you can get the value anywhere above or below the center line to act as an on or off. < 64 is UP/SUSTAIN OFF, >64 is DOWN/SUSTAIN ON.
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    All MeldaProduction plugins updated to 14.01 All MeldaProduction plugins have been updated to 14.01. It is a small but important update which comes up with several improvements, new features and fixes. The update is free as always and you can install it simply by downloading and using the newest installer from our download page. List of changes for effects List of Changes for MSoundFactory List of changes for MPowerSynth List of changes for MDrummer 14.01 changes Added "Latency reporting" sdwitch global settings, which lets youdisbale Order module now has Paste in the new plugin selector similarly to other modular containers in MXXX. Added "Locate" button to all file dialogs, which shows the selected path in system Explorer/Finder. Added "Max length" and "Length" parameters to Looper module in MXXX. Added "Left" and "Right" audition buttons to MCompare. Improved multi-monitor support for macOS. Fix: Looper module could crash in some cases. https://www.meldaproduction.com/downloads
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    What Simon said about Marc.
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    Was thinking PuigChild too, but already have IK VintageTube & Klanghelm MJUC, so Iā€™m leaning towards Brauer Motion ...
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    I find the best way to do this is to change the clip envelope - I know it sounds like using an envelope, but it doesn't actually involve drawing one. If you change the filter on the clip to Clip Gain, then hold the CTRL key down, you can move the volume up and down for the clip. As this just affects the clip, you're still free to use volume automation for the track independently: You can of course do this with the track volume as well, but this will be overridden by any fader changes or track volume automation.
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    Joy Division - Something Must Break
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    I recommend checking out Brian Eno's OBLIQUE STRATEGIES quotes... Originally released as a deck of cards with 500 quotes, these have grown and been updated. I've put them into a text file that you can conveniently use to replace the stock built in ones in Cakewalk. (We added affirmations to the startup toast notifications last year) To check these out, simply copy the attached ProjectOpenNotification.txt file to this folder: %APPDATA%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core Just type that path into the Windows search bar and it should take you to that folder. Then save the attached text file to that folder. This will override the default built in notifications. You should get a sometimes cryptic but always thoughtful random oblique quote the next time you open a project file. (assuming that you have notifications enabled in preferences | customization | display) You can even add your own quotes to that list or make up your own list of creativity tips. I've had these on for a long time now and they never fail to entertain or inspire. YMMV PS: The original Oblique Strategies deck is still available from Brian's website. ProjectOpenNotification.txt
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    That's just a con! (Notice the misspelling! And McDonald's lurking in the background!)
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    Thats great. If they need any assistance from us let them know they can contact me.
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    Interesting tune! I like it. The vocals I think are especially well mixed. Do I hear a delay of the main vocal fading out into the right speaker? Whatever your lead processing is, super great. Very clear lead vocal. I might ask for just a bit more variety in the drum programming but it's a bit of an 80's throwback maybe? A couple of 80's electronic tom fills would sit nicely alongside that 2-and-4 80's snare, in the back half of the tune. What a niggle. Great mix on a very cool song. cheers, -Tom
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    As far as Windows 7 goes - neither will Microsoft after Jan 14th, 2020...
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    Did you mean Tommy stock up again? Mostly only my sisters call me Tommy!
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    I am working on a recording off my daughter and son who played at a wedding. (proud dad) But I can not seem to get the de-ess correct without taking away from the vocal. Here are two versions... a little dryer mix. http://www.garybrun.com/wedding/dry.wav Http://www.garybrun.com/wedding/remember.wav more ambiance. Thanks in advance people. New mix with peoples suggestions. Gary
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    I solved my problem, thank you!
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    Be nice when that becomes the regular price for SSD 1tb drives
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    Cool concept. (Is it still okay to say "cool?" asks the Boomer) The lyrics were kind of muffled/indistinct so I didn't catch a lot of the words so maybe providing the lyrics in text form would be helpful. I really liked that you used the old Allan Sherman song, the Hello muddah, hello faddah bit tying in so well with the message.
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    There may be an additional TruePianos discount for SONAR users. It is worth an e-mail.
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    https://music.apple.com/us/album/snow-lands-single/1488028256?app=apple music&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 https://www.deezer.com/es/album/119068452 Im working in a videoclip for it,i'll give you the link when be ready.Thanks anyway!
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    Phil Collins indeed! The vocals are easy to listen to. You captured a good performance here. Nice work...
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    Yeah, no vouchers for Dec, I guess they skip that month (on purpose).
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    Never mind... I didn't finish the authorization as there was no prompt to do so. Now I've got that basic list... Very skimpy. So I can see why they give it for free... It seems pretty necessary to buy a number of things to make this really useful. The older version that we got free prior to Peavey came with much more. I guess I'll continue to stick with Amplitube...
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    Yes, the Abbey Road Saturator is a great plugin to provide presence and sheen to the higher frequency
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    iLoud monitors are still on sale. My PC speakers just went out so got wife approval to buy a pair. She likes to listen to videos of dog rescues.
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    Very tender, very heartfelt. Good job on the vocal harmonies. Love the guitar tone! Mix sounds well balanced here; its a wrap as far as I'm concerned. More! Tom
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