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    Enquiring minds need to know πŸ˜‰
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    Hi all, I've been experimenting with this, based on the the feedback here. It's not really an issue when you're showing two or more time formats in the time ruler (MBT, HMSF, etc), because you can click underneath the selection handles to set the Now Time. But there's not enough space to do that when there's only a single time format showing, so I can see how they might get in the way sometimes. Let me discuss it with Noel et al. No promises, but there may be a way to bypass/mitigate the problem. Thanks, Ben
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    Get it here https://harrisonconsoles.com/site/free-plugin-pte.html
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    lol ok : you buy A you get X jampoints you buy B you get X JP You buy C you get X jp So you got 3X JP , sales comes you use 2X JP ...so you have X JP remaining , now Larry decide to sell A and B he get - X JP lol
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    @Variorum I found it, I found the song that the midi "Song5" is based off of. Took me forever, but I got it. The midi is modeled after Get Back In Love by Tatsuro Yamashita,1988. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7dxbap7F_Y Sorry for the radio silence, hopefully you get this message even after all this time.
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    ACT is Cakewalk API for Control Surfaces. MackieControl.dll is also ACT based. They label "ACT" Plug-in Dynamic Mapping, which is a part of ACT API. And they call "ACT MIDI" one of DLLs. A bit confusing... AZ Controller should work correctly with any resolution up to 14bits. By "correctly" I mean careful precision auto-detection, including 7bit transmitted over 14bit messages (most "Mackie compatible" devices which do not claim high resolution explicitly). Exotic value ranges (some iCon devices used that) are also supported. 7bit controls apply special (non linear but invertible) mapping, so pan center can be set exactly. Touch sensitivity and feedback are supported. Too good to be true? Yes... Unlike "plug-and-play" MackieControl.dll and simple to configure ACT MIDI, AZ Controller is a DIY platform πŸ˜‰
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    The final result beeing here will be similar. You will spend all your money. Just you will have some more plugins
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    It's an incredible offer from Bandlab and all you have to do is give your email and and you have a great DAW for free. Just look at the updates alone since they took over. Incredible, and you get the man who designs and writes this software Noel answering the forum questions. It don't get any better than that. Thank Bandlab for a job well done.
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    filo, that's a great deal. Anyone who picks up Xpand!2 for that price (or even the $14.99 price) will be amazed at the sheer number and quality of sounds. I think the list is 2500 or so and don't know if I've made it all the way through auditioning them. Now that would be a nice thing for synth plug-in manufacturers to supply, a file that contains short auditions of each factory preset so that we don't have to go through the process of increment/noodle/increment/noodle to find our favorite sounds.
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    Believe me I am not. If I were the owner I would definitely make giveaway available for all. And for Alisa special one
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    This is a VST, so will work in any DAW, for those who don't know...it's not LV2 which is tied to Mixbus
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    1. As a general rule, you are correct: it is usually unnecessary to layer ensembles. That doesn't mean it's never done, though. Layering ensemble samples from two different libraries can fatten a track. The larger libraries will offer different variations, e.g. close- and far-miked versions or ensembles of different sizes. 2. It's not unusual for a rhythmic ostinato to repeat the same articulation over and over. Think Ravel's Bolero. Or superhero movie trailers. However, the technique can be very boring, and I'd suggest avoiding it for more than a few bars. Best way to learn articulations is to listen to each one in your sample library so you can recognize how they are being used in classical music. You'll find that even cellos and basses alter their articulations often, even if it's just for one note in a phrase. 3. I prefer to use effects in Cakewalk's fx bins over the built-in effects in a Kontakt library. They are usually more configurable and can be left in-circuit after freezing the track. If you use a lot of big sample libraries in a project, it's likely that at some point you'll want to freeze some tracks to conserve computer resources, mainly RAM and disk I/O. If you use the intrinsic effects in Kontakt, they'll get frozen too and therefore be un-tweakable. Beware of effecting each instrument differently, though, as that can create an unrealistic sound. You want the orchestra to sound like they're all playing in the same room. That means using aux busses so that any delays or reverbs are shared by every instrument. You can still exaggerate the effect on particular sections, though, e.g. more reverb on solo violins and less on basses. All of the above assumes you want your orchestra to sound realistic. Maybe you don't, and that's OK - it is, after all, a creative endeavor. If a flanger sounds cool to your ears on that cello ensemble, go for it!
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    I'll be the first one to tell them all the code but first you have to listen to episode 19 at time 55:00 .... 😎 He He He
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    Hi Rick, Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, all I had to work with for this was the MCU in HUI Mode, and the TouchDAW Android app. It sounds like the HUI isn't getting a regular enough heartbeat from the MackieControl.dll, which is why it keeps going offline. The other issues may or may not be related to this, but if it keeps going offline its likely there's far more MIDI traffic going on re-establishing the link than is needed. I've updated it to ping the HUI much more often - can you give it a go and see if it works any better for you? http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/MMcLMackieControlSetup.zip Thanks, Mark.
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    There you go man. I'm thinking of getting the psa1000 - just to get something lol. I own a hardware psa-1 and there's nothing out there like it.
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    This one has been on my list for awhile since it integrates with Studio One. I'm still waiting for that no-brainer deal though. Softube just doesn't seem to like playing that game.
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    Here is a little fictional story of what might happen when a guy meets and old flame. It is done in kind of a country-bluesy style. Most definitely it is not autobiographical. Actually, I posted this song a long time ago on the old Cakewalk Forum. I was pretty green, it was not very good, and I got a few suggestions for improvement. So, I took notes and removed it. I remembered it a few days ago, found the notes and opened up the working file to have another go at it. Hopefully, this version is somewhat better. Any crit's, comments, suggestions, etc. would be very much appreciated. Thanks and thanks to those that offered their comments way back when. HEY THERE https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandid=963481 BTW SoundClick has a new look. I think that I like it but I am still trying to get used to it.
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    That one could really do with the John Cage treatment.
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    To celebrate the scariest month of the year, We're offering you 50% off selected libraries. This spine-chilling collection of products is guaranteed to induce fear in the hearts of many with everything from blood-curdling string risers, shrieking stabs, impacts, cinematic effects, haunting drones, ambiences and much more. https://soundiron.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=734249b64df7127df21149a84&id=2140667489&e=b8f13ad2f1
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    My code worked...just FYI...made it 63.40...
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    I think you need to get a check up for your senses πŸ˜€ And yes I'm getting old. I go downstairs for something and I travel a whopping 8 steps and I can't remember why I went downstairs
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    This is a sarabande written for solo guitar that I arr. for five brass instruments. I like it because it shows how inventive poulenc is with such a limited harmonic palette. It's only 5 or six notes total, but shows remarkable invention. https://davidsprouse.bandcamp.com/track/sarabande-poulenc
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    Ah sorry, I was misunderstanding. Maybe, you are talking about location of displaying progress box of loading instruments samples etc. while loading project, right?
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    Smart Becan! Surrounding the egg but smart enough to not go inside 😁
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    good one 🀣 OK sarcasm alert Kenny
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    Yep guyz the diezel is one of the best amp sim around , carlos the dt 990 have like a 10 db boost on the high , now i understand why your so sensitive to highs ... be sure to use sonarworks with this beyer witch i own and use since more than a decade !! Exellent headphone . My preset wasn t to make it sound like exactly the nembrini , just to show you in a track one can shine or the other ... also i got the high right just with simple smooth cutoff ... like on nembrini stuff .... @Christian Jones i never tried the real pedal , i m no guitar player by the way , ain t that funny ? But i do love what i hear ... @ensonced you re totaly right about that , on my course about vocal editing , i show students how to create it via melodyne , what is great with melodyne , you can shift randomly micro pitch , timing ect ...so this is super convincing since it s not always the same shift per notes !!! But at the end i tell them if you can , double it for real , nothing like that ...
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    As above. We're familiar with the transform tool for controller lane events? Let have one for automation nodes.
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    Why ? It sounds amazing! Better than Nembrini!!
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    Build hotfix Fade In doesn’t respond to menu changes 'Left Click Rewinds to Clip Start in Lanes' doesn't work if clip start is off screen Basic lens persists the Tungsten theme
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    Not one to talk about vocals Paul but they could do with a gentle polish in melodyne and perhaps a little more reverb. Thanks for sharing the rest of the mix works well here.
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    But 1489 was an even better year for home computing!!! Chris Columbus would soon test the newly developed navigational software for sailing vessels (about 3 years later. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›) πŸ˜€
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    Chuck 1849 was a good year if I recall it correctly!πŸ˜„
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    Me as well, it really f's w/ my workflow, and I would also like to be able to disable it. I don't want to have to deselect everything; not only is that an extra gesture I'd have to perform in order to do something unrelated, but maybe there's something selected that I want to remain selected and we shouldn't have to deselect anything just to be able to do what we're trying to do here. This "S" thing is relatively new too.. What's its function exactly?
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    Right on. I was turned on to the Nembrini by HASR https://honestampsimreviews.com/author/honestampsimreviews/ - good resource, it's generally one guy's opinion but it's a good and learned opinion and a ton of amp sim reviews all in one place.
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    FJ - it's not my style of music, but I enjoyed the listen. I thought the mixes sounded great. You could probably get these to a local dance club DJ and see if they'll give them a play - then you could see the reaction of the crowd to your tunes.
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    As a known sucker for these deals loyal customer, I got an email with an additional $100 off. Check your email if you own other SampleLogic guitar instruments.
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    Changes in the current Version 4.2.4 (Starting from Version 4.2.3, which according to our database is the latest version you have.) New functions and improvements Compatibility: From Version 4.2.4 on, Melodyne is compatible with Apple’s macOS 10.15 Catalina. Bug fixes Version 4.2.4 brings various minor bug fixes and optimizations for both Windows and macOS.
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    There is an API for the XBox controller so someone could write a control surface extension to allow it to control Cakewalk.
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    When doing this in the past, I've always worked with the mixed down stereo wav as this makes things so much easier. First of all, I'd add an additional SMPTE time rule so you're always seeing the actual time: Next, it's just a matter of using the cut tool to split up your track, and putting fades in where necessary. If the cuts are clean, then you're good to go - otherwise use the xfade tool to introduce a slight cross fade (make sure lanes are expanded, and do the edits on the clip within the lane): You could also try using the time-stretch tool for small adjustment using SHIFT+CTRL and dragging the end of the clip - note the "+time" at the end showing how much you're stretching the clip by: Note it's normal that the quality of the stretched audio may not sound great, depending on the algorithm used in preferences: In the settings above, the "Online Render" is set to Elastique Efficient, which is quick, but doesn't sound that great. If I right click on the clip, then "Bounce to clip(s)", it will render using Elastique Pro - so always make sure you do the Bounce to clip(s) after your edit to make sure you get the high quality version.
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    @Creative Sauce Good video but I'm a little disappointed. Since Cakewalk by BandLab includes a large assortment of effects, I'd prefer if your Cakewalk videos only used effects included with the DAW. I believe it is better to learn to use the tools on-hand versus ignoring them. While I appreciate the time and effort you spend discovering new effects and exposing us to them, that is not the stated purpose of the video and is off subject.
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    This is excellent Skyline!! Love the smoky beat, the smooth solo guitar, the great vocals. This is brilliant man! I would suggest maybe pushing the volume of one of those vocal tracks above the other to focus your vocals a little more. Great song man!
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    I'll join in on all of the kudos given above. This really is an excellent piece of work. I went to the YouTube sight also and really enjoyed the video. Top notch and professionally done!
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    I really liked this. Guitar tones are excellent!
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    Have you tried this plug-in?
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