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    I'll be out of town again for a few weeks! Have to help family out...again...so take over until I get back after tomorrow morning! PEACE!
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    I thought this was going to be a JRR thread😵
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    I once met one of the writers of that show and he said when they were spit balling ideas for a new show they were high and thought they should create a euphemism for a brothel (that would get past the censors). Apparently they succeeded. Uncle Joe is piano player/bouncer, the three girls initials are all "B.J." (Bobby Jo, Billie Jo and Betty Jo) and the aunt (Kate) is the madam.
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    Just to point out...we already have Slate VMR Soundtoys Effects Rack McDSP Ultimate EQ PSP InfiniStrip Waves StudioRack And a ton of other VST host applications Etc...ad nauseum....we have a plethora of these types of tools already at our disposal... and what IK should have done was considered that when launching this. $299.99 retail is in line with Soundtoys, but out of line with the rest. $199.99 is still out of line, and with the $99 crossgrade offer for existing users, we STILL should be able to use Jampoints, and that would have created an offer where far less people would "balk" at this. Most of us ALREADY have all the processors, so paying even $99 for a "Rack" just to be able to use our Plugins in the "500 Series" format VIRTUAL Rack Space, just doesn't really get me "excited", and really does nothing for me that I really can't already do! It's like the Pro Channel, which is nothing more than a "glorfied" second VST effects bin with a Proprietary interface! It's really kewl, I'll admit, but is it "really" necessary? Nope.
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    In my opinion, as a point of reference, this should have been free to Total Studio Max, or even T-Racks Max owners... and then had the price of about $99 for everyone else on intro offer. Even Soundtoys gives their "Rack" Plugin to owners of their "Everything" bundle (and on sale now for $99). I think that the retail of $199 isn't "off" too far considering the Soundtoys Rack is $299, but heavy investors need to be thrown a "bone" every now and then to keep them "appeased" if you will for investing so much money! Even Waves includes just about every new plugin they release in their Mercury Bundle! THIS area seems to be where IK, again, "fails to hit the target"...repeatedly. They're great at giving NEW customers "incentives", but always neglect the long time "heavy investors"! Those "bones" are what keeps people who have invested heavily "enthused" about owning a company's products (and upgrading). And it also gives the "newbies" something to "shoot for" down the road. But that's just MO...
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    Maybe you missed it too... Gullfoss v1.7.0 update released July 14th download at https://www.soundtheory.com/support v1.7.0 (2020-07-14) • Added “session bypass” affecting all instances accessible by shift-clicking the bypass button. • [WIN] Improved processing performance. v1.6.3 (2020-06-05) • Fixed an issue that could lead to the mouse pointer vanishing. • [MAC] Fixed an issue with audio unit instantiation on older macOS versions
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    Run Native Access to update!
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    Still, the good thing about the IK MixBox is getting all that stuff together in one rack. As for the price they’re charging, that’s an entirely different pair of slippers.
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    I will try to answer your question based on what I do with it. I am a guitarist. Like Larry, I had to work many many hours, day after day, year after year, to be able to play decently. And I have always wanted a synth in my toolbox. Mostly to do stuff like Heart, Head East, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Rush, .... you get the picture. I have ST2, 2.5, 3, and now 4. Also have Dimension Pro, Rapture Pro, and of Z3TA (That thing sounds great). I mostly used Dim Pro before I switched to Sample Tank 3, then 4. I have used the bass sounds to compliment/add to the sound on my bass that I played. Same with some of the kicks and toms that come with these programs. I have used the pianos, horns, world instruments from Dim Pro and ST. I have even tried to use the vocal sounds that came with these programs. I could go on with examples, but I am sure you're getting a picture by now. Surely the most fun I have with all these synth programs is going through the presets and fiddling around with them and getting something I like and then coming up with a little riff/ progression that I want to use in a song/begin a song. I must have 20 - 30 of these things recorded. Little ditties that I took a fancy to and will one day use. That's how I use a synth.
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    I like the 500 series concept. I bought Slate VMR when it first came out. What I don't like is paying for stuff a second time. That's why I stopped using Slate digital Trigger and bought Addictive Trigger. Addictive Trigger allows the use of samples from your Addictive Drums collection while Slate Digital Trigger doesn't allow you to use the samples from SSD. I would love the ability to use my T-Racks, Syntronik and Amplitube processors in that environment but not enough to pay for them again. With all due respect to IK, that's a fair price for an awesome product (MIxbox) if you haven't already purchased these processors in the past. Rocky
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    I went ahead and picked this up -- I have lots of crowd sound effects but I've not seen a playback engine/system. This is kind of weak as far as Kontakt instruments/crowd playback engines go though. The download zip fails to install on Windows because the license agreement file is named "Crowd Hype User Manual | User Agreement.pdf" which when uncompressed on a PC becomes "Crowd Hype User Manual _ User Agreement.pdf" I really get tired of Mac filenames. But despite the Pulse downloader reporting the error you do get everything. They have saved the patched as a Kontakt monolith where the script and the samples are all saved together. When I re-saved it with the samples separately there are only 13 samples: Crowd Whoa Vocals.wav Crowd Claps Master.wav Stomp & Clap.wav Holler Stomp bounce.wav Patriots 8 Line Level_Whistle_2.wav Crowd_Cheer_Line_6_Reactions_V02.wav Crowd_Cheer_Line_6_Reactions_V01.wav Crowd_Cheer_Line_1_V02.wav Crowd_Cheer_Line_1_V01.wav Crowd_Cheer_2_Verb.wav Patriots 6 Line Level_2_Verb.wav Patriots 3_Line_3.wav You can watch their videos to see how they work. The Kontakt instrument script isn't encrypted. It's basically just those samples mapped to keys with the mod wheel. There is a lot of potential here for a much better product. But they would need a lot more samples and a much more complex instrument. I think this is slightly overpriced to be honest (even the sale price). It should be like $15 at Kontakt Hub not $79. If you are looking for some crowd sound effects you might want to check out https://www.freetousesounds.com/ They are selling full access to everything for $20 in the All In One Bundle https://www.freetousesounds.com/product/all-in-one-sound-library-bundle/ While it's very painful to download things from their cloud provider, the Pro Edited By Zapsplat batch 4 has 12 "American football crowd" sounds that are pretty good long recordings. Not to mention all the other sound effects included. I've downloaded about 281gigs of sounds from them and have easily gotten my $20 out of it.
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    My wallet breathed a sigh of relief....until I mentioned that you might be back for Black Friday!🤑 Wish you well man, take care. 👑
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    Wadja mean POC? It's got a "Professional Sound Chipset" in it. If it is "Professional" then it's got to be good, right? Otherwise it would say "Amateur Sound Chipset".
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    I was playing guitar the other day and heard a horrible noise. I stopped playing and the noise went away.
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    Ample Sound has released a version 3.2 update which includes Electric guitar, Bass and Metal series. New Features: Sample engine optimization. Fix VST3 compatibility issue in Nuendo, Ableton Live and FL Studio. Fix Mac installer warning on MacOS 10.15. Fix a bug that Ableton Live could not detect VST2 plugins. Fix missing string information and Natural Harmonic issue when exporting Tab to DAW. Presets update. Fix plugin windows border shadow issue on MacOS 10.15. Fix possible crash on some machines. The update is free of charge, users can get their updates through the MyAmpleSound webpage. https://www.amplesound.net/
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    Since it’s a UK magazine please be aware it’s in English and not english.
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    I know this gets posted from time to time but I'm sure there's quite a bit more there than when I last looked so it's always worth checking back there from time to time. https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/ Also, I just bought Dune 3 and went looking for some soundbanks for it only to find a free one by Rob Lee at VSTBuzz. They seem to have some others for Dune 1, Dune 2, SynthMaster, SynthMaster One, U-He Diva, Sylenth, Zebra HZ, Korg MonoPoly and even Omnisphere.
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    I'm hap, hap, happy with the 3 I wanted, if I use ST4 as much as I use ST3 (wait a minute, when was the last time a project depended on ST3?) Why am I asking you? 🙄
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    Waves is giving away One Knob Wetter again...but if you got it before you won't get another one... Waves OneKnob Wetter is free until September 28th: https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-wetter-free
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    CS-80 V and Analog Lab 4 updated to fix the same issue recalling presets in Cubase 10 - run Arturia Software Centre to update. CS-80 V - V 3.6.3 Bug fixes: CS80 presets are now properly recalled in Cubase 10 Analog Lab - V 4.2.3 Bug fixes: CS80 presets are now properly recalled in Cubase 10
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    Nope. Plugins need just to be at version at least 10, no need to be WUPed. I can load plugins v10 with WUP expired in 2019. "Waves plugins: StudioRack v11 supports Waves v11 and v10 plugins. See our plugin compatibility chart and plugin latency chart"
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    That right there has the makings of a country song! 😎 Rocky
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    I've had this happen to me twice - once on a headphone jack, and once on my old Yamaha AX44 interface. On both occasions I failed to remove it from the front using precision tweezers or the superglue technique. I ended up opening the units up and pushing the tip back towards the front, using a thin screwdriver pushed in from the back of the socket. You only need to push it past the connector that's clamping it in - once it's past that, it should just fall out.
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    Edit: Modified my original post after due consideration. I like the format of these kind of channel strips and it's nice that IKM has come out with their version. But they're a little late to the game - Slate, McDSP, PSP & others already have versions on the market. And like Larry and a number of others here I already own everything T-Racks (or close enough) so paying $99 to get what i already have in a new format doesn't really sit well with me. The price should be proportional to what you own of T-Racks. Own 10% of library - 10% off Own 50% of the library - 50% off Own 80% of the library - 80% off Own 80 to 100% of the library - maybe a $20 minimal fee. Reward customer loyalty, don't milk it.
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    We’re there alright.
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    Hi folks! Following on from a video I released a couple of weeks ago, I expand on various methods to fix or improve latency in Cakewalk. WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/gW1ZW9_sgXo
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    My pockets are empty Fleer. She has her own place but she's always coming back home. I think my wife and I are going to pack up in the middle of the night and move. Knowing her, she'll be chasing the moving van down the street yelling, "Dad,.. wait,... can you get me... !!"
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    Have you tried either GROUP, or FORUM? 😁
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    Sing along time! Say "Uncle E" whenever you hear "Uncle Joe"!
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    With points I paid $56. Installed.
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    login to your account to get this link https://overloud.com/user/download-installers THU Changelog 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 -------------- - Fixed an undesired slight scroll of the chain that could happen when inserting or replacing an effect - Windows-only, VST2-only: Fixed behaviour of ON setting for "Remastered Cabinet" in Master section Gem Dopamine Changelog 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4 -------------- - Improved compatiblity with macOS 10.15 Catalina Gem Voice Changelog 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1 -------------- -Fixed a bug in the Bypass button when oversampling is enabled
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    Figure the arm is about $10...the Pop Filter about $10, the mic about $10, and there's your $30..LOL
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    New updates - run the XLN Online Installer. Updated Addictive Drums 2.dll & Addictive Drums 2.aaxplugin No idea on significance of changes...
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    I’ve had this thing for ages and just love it. Being a non-keyboard guy, this (along with sitting down with my guitar) may be the best tool for song writing I have.
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    Reminds me of that old Ministry song, Jesus Built My Website.
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    I can't really play at all and can't usually find much time to practice in the day, so being a poor sleeper anyway I decided to stop lying there awake feeling frustrated at 3am and get up and practice my drums for a few hours instead. I really think it's starting to make a difference. It also has the added bonus of drowning out my noisy neighbours who are constantly banging on the walls and screaming. Honestly, it's like some people just have no idea how selfish they are.............
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    Okay I just uploaded v.2020.09.18 of the massively refactored Y.L.I.P. This one is in three sections: Section A - Documented Elements by Feature (basically follows the View menu and Manual order) Section B - Case Studies (the one you know and love) Section C - Full List of Elements by Theme Editor Hierarchy (with cross-reference to documentation in Section A) Also many additional items have been added, including the recent changes to the Synth Rack. I think we might have covered all the hard-to-reach fruit at this point, leaving only the obvious stuff. Let me know if you feel there is something important remaining to be documented. The (revised) URL is in the first post on this thread. Oh, I forgot to add - my primary goal with this re-factoring was to make it very clear which Theme elements affected multiple parts of the application UI. The cross-reference includes a links against each element that is covered in different parts of Section A.
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    The Rack is FREE because all of Waves plugins work in it, AND they are not "tied" to the Rack. Same concept with Mixbox except the plugins ARE tied to the Rack...and it's NOT FREE!
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    Midi Guitar by Jam Origin is brilliant! It opens up the world that keyboard players have had a monopoly on for far too long. 😎 Rocky
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    List is here https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/free-pro-tools-plug-ins-1?mc_cid=948137dfd0&mc_eid=16ee9f3b7d#freeprotoolsplugins/?mc_cid=948137dfd0&mc_eid=16ee9f3b7d
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