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  1. Very nice sounds but cheesy start to the video!
  2. I'm not a big fan of Stewart Lee (went to see him once and he was very repetitive) but I found this amusing as both a folk and jazz (as long as it is not too squeaky!) fan! He is actually very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about folk music which made me warm to him a little more
  3. Full Kontakt required
  4. A day without learning is a day wasted applies here I think 😉
  5. Hey Simeon you sound so much more slick nowadays 😉 Great to see this though
  6. Welcome Bulent - look forward to your contributions - they will be appreciated!
  7. They just keep coming! 🙂
  8. I'm not now 🙂 Got more than I need now with IK Total Max 2, Garritan PO and all my freebies / cheapies! I'm still tempted by Desert Winds for the excellent duduk though but waiting to see if it ever goes below £50!
  9. As well as John's videos linked to in his post I can highly recommend Mike at Creative Sauce who has done a whole series on starting out with Cakewalk as well as many other tutorials using the DAW. His approach is clear and friendly and I still refer back to his videos to remind myself how to do stuff. This series is three years old now and there are some new features that aren't covered but it should still be a good starting point to give you a basic idea. As others have said it would probably take a lifetime to learn and use everything but you can get good results quite quickly Good luck!
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