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  1. Just started mine - it said a day initially but within seconds went down to 23 minutes! I assume these are just maintenance updates - no new instruments or features?
  2. David's referring to the capital B's used for flats in the Ledger article I shared Larry not your post 🙂
  3. Yeah a bit of a strange article but I thought it might stimulate debate 🙂 The capital B annoyed me too!
  4. My thoughts after listening (nice piece by the way Larry!) I found the G minor darker than the B minor which seemed more optimistic. However I did wonder if that was merely because it was starting from a higher position on the scale (if it was?) Interesting what wiki says about those scales - especially the Beethoven quote https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G_minor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B_minor And this https://ledgernote.com/blog/interesting/musical-key-characteristics-emotions/
  5. Thanks Larry. This is an issue that has always interested me. I'll listen later today
  6. Thanks for these Mike - the tip jar has finally been rewarded 😉
  7. Nice video Simeon - could have used that when I started out with Phiharmonik 🙂
  8. Ah thanks I noticed he hadn't done the presets in original video. The initial elephant put me off I must admit!
  9. Another excellent video Mike. Found the tap tempo section particularly useful
  10. Just watched the video - looks impressive and the Genesis that came with Computer Music is still one of my go to synths - though admittedly I don't own any expensive ones!
  11. .....and that version is pretty good 🙂
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