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  1. This sounds very nice - wish I could justify the cost! https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/spitfire-symphonic-motions/
  2. Absolutely - come back here and there will be lots of people only too glad to be of help! We've all been there - though usually calmed down before posting 🙂
  3. Aidan mentioned that earlier but no harm in raising again - Loopcloud is excellent
  4. Don't tell me - full Kontakt only? 😉
  5. I think we might need to think about taking disciplinary action 😉
  6. Certainly is - it's a great sample manager with lots of search options
  7. I've been using Loopcloud, Drum and Play in CbB the last few days and I love the way Loopcloud integrates. I'm chopping and key shifting samples in Loopcloud and importing them into CbB. Even for someone not experienced with working with loops like me it's remarkably easy. You can export patterns from Drum too then groove clip loop them. I've just got the free account as I couldn't justify paying for it but even that has free samples and free points to buy a small number of samples with.
  8. Here it is - nothing to get too excited about but free is free 🙂 https://www.loopcloud.com/cloud/blog/4644--StayInspired-Free-plugins-courses-and-sounds
  9. I have most of my VST 2s on my data drive without a problem though some - such as Air Xpand 2 - would only work on the system drive As mentioned above you only need one master folder for your VST2 's but do keep 32 bit VST' s in a separate subfolder from 64 bit ones
  10. It took me several attempts to get it to work in Chrome.
  11. Yep it is a really irritating feature of IK's software - same in TR5
  12. JoeGBradford


    Cakewalk is an excellent DAW and if you choose to use it you will find the people here very helpful indeed. Good luck!
  13. Interesting in what you say about Scan at Start Up or Automatic scanning. I just checked mine as it always scans on startup but it is set to Automatic? Not really an issue as it only takes a minute or so - perhaps the scan it is doing is the automatic one just checking nothing has changed?
  14. Please ignore my last comment - Amplitude 4 seems to be working fine in CbB now - in fact it may have been the standalone version that I got the feedback in - possibly as I had nothing connected?
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