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  1. JoeGBradford

    Forum members /home country ?

    You can never have too many Finns 🙂
  2. JoeGBradford

    new member with no idea

    Cakewalk software itself there are some excellent tutorials in the 'Tutorials' part of this forum and also see the link to the pdf guide. People here are really friendly and helpful so never be afraid of asking what might be a stupid question - I certainly have 🙂
  3. JoeGBradford

    Forum members /home country ?

    Finnish contributors - I was Helsinki recently - you have a beautiful country and capital - I just wish the UK had a society more like yours - minus the beer prices!
  4. JoeGBradford

    Forum members /home country ?

    York, England 🙂
  5. JoeGBradford

    Iris 2 FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique

    I plumped for Loom 2 - two apparently quality synths for less than £12. Can't go wrong - though I'm glad I've got a BBC Prom to listen to whilst I download the 11Gb!
  6. JoeGBradford

    What is the normal Support Time ikmultimedia.com

    I've always had very quick replies - usually less than 24 hours
  7. JoeGBradford

    2019.07 Feedback

    Just reading through all this - as a very basic user I don't understand most of it but what has really made an impact is the responsiveness of the development team to people's comments and issues. Customer service at its best I reckon. I'll probably wait until the issues mentioned are ironed out in the next release / hotfix as I don't even know what the functions referred to are. I'm just happy to be know that the team are on it! 🙂
  8. About 900mb in mine - think I must have had a clear out previously when I spotted it when I was down to my last few Gb on my previous smaller SDD. I've moved it across to my data drive temporarily to ensure that I can get it back if any glitches occur
  9. Must check mine when I'm on the PC - as others have said I always uncheck the option to install AAX but sounds like there may be some in there
  10. JoeGBradford

    Spitfire Labs Hand Bells

    The Labs stuff is all good. Looking forward to getting this one 🙂
  11. JoeGBradford

    Freeware Instruments Thread

    This is a great thread. Although not quite free I thought I'd mention the enormous collection of decent instruments and effects that come with Computer Music each month. Buying one copy for around £6 will give you lots of quality stuff to play with including cut down but still huge versions of Uhe Bazille, Thorn, XILS 3 etc List here https://www.musicradar.com/computermusic/cm-plugins-full-list-of-our-exclusive-free-vst-au-plugin-instruments-and-effects-571808
  12. JoeGBradford

    Roland A800 Mod lever

    yes that was my thought! I need to have a look at this as soon as I have the chance
  13. JoeGBradford

    Roland A800 Mod lever

    Thanks - might be a bit tricky looking at how the case is sealed
  14. JoeGBradford

    Roland A800 Mod lever

    Thanks everyone. Some helpful suggestions there!
  15. JoeGBradford

    Roland A800 Mod lever

    Hi all I have a Roland A800 controller which has the rather irritating spring loaded modulation lever rather than mod wheel. As soon as I use this (as this afternoon with Garritan Personal Orchestra) it reduces the volume of the VST at the 'at rest' position and I can only get a reasonable amount of volume if I push it and hold away from the at rest location. As I mention it is spring loaded so if I leave go of it it returns to the base position. If I don't touch it volume is fine but I thus cannot use it for orchestral swells etc. Could anyone give me some advice on this please as it is really frustrating - I've been putting up with it for years as I don't perform live but it is annoying! I tried moving the modwheel controller in the Garritan GUI to a higher position but it just reverts to a low volume as soon as I touch the lever again Thanks in advance