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  1. Thanks for clarifying - I've got Xpand2 and like it - just wasn't sure if they were totally new sounds or just layering and tweaking of existing sounds. I'll have a listen to the demos 🙂
  2. Kurre - are they new sounds or just new layering of existing sounds?
  3. I think Nigel may have been thinking of Reaper? A very limited version of Reaktor is included in the free NI package with a number of instruments ready built. Use them as you would any VSTi - insert Reaktor on a track and open one of the preset instruments
  4. I have the APro 800 - it's far from intuitive and the manual is unfathomable but using the ACT button you can map controllers manually. It does seem to automap some controls but not all
  5. Hi Ash and welcome to the forum! Can I suggest you make your request at the sub forum in this link as that is where the requests for new features are posted so they don't get lost in the plethora of posts here https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/8-feedback-loop/ Cheers!
  6. Thanks for this - great introduction!
  7. Includes two new Refills https://www.reasonstudios.com/blog/20-years-of-reason
  8. I got the free packs that were offered in the deal Larry posted earlier (I already have the free Zampler) and one of them, Mantra, is very good and has some interesting sounds involving vocal effects within synthesised sounds - the others are pretty bog standard synth patches but not bad. Might be worth trying those before committing to the full paid for package?
  9. Somebody has responded 'Cakewalk also sucks big time, is still bugged out, not withstanding what has been done in the last 2 years or so. It's clunky, still requires a plethora of workarounds for stuff that doesn't work as it should. Up until the latest release the update mechanism would never work correctly, requiring you to uninstal that pathetic BA, reinstall it and hope for the best, and or manually download/install Cakewalk itself, it's pathetic. One could go on and on. Well done on leaving it out.' A bit harsh I feel ( apart from the bit about BA perhaps)
  10. Some of those Mantra Pads are awesome - scared myself sh*tless!
  11. Unbelievable! I've put them right! https://splice.com/blog/best-free-daws/
  12. Downloading the extra Zampler packs which I think are the only things I didn't get with the previous beat deal - thanks Larry!
  13. Great tutorial and nice presentation - recommended along with Mike's Creative Sauce one posted earlier Edit - he has also provided articulation maps for BBCSO Discover available to download in the comments below the video on You Tube 🙂
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