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  1. Does anyone know if there is a single player option for this game?
  2. Unusually the site is asking for credit card details for a free product - that doesn't usually happen with FastSpring as far as I recall
  3. Thanks both I tried again late last night and the NI and Izotope websites were working again - had to update my passwords for both (no bad things as they were old pretty insecure ones!). I'll have to remember to leave it for a day or so if it happens again! I felt better when I realised that others at the NI forum were having the same problems - for a moment I thought someone had hijacked my accounts!
  4. Hi all - I've tried to log in to Native Access and Native's website but it neither are accepting my login details - also when I request a new password it doesn't work Does anyone know if their website is down? edit - it seems that it is as others on NI forum having problems
  5. I don't think insulting developers is the way to go. Most people manage to produce music using the various DAWs that are available. Take a breath and start again - otherwise use offline hardware methods but that will come at a cost and limited flexibility
  6. He is - on his three YouTube channels dedicated to Cakewalk/ Sonar, Studio One and music production more generally
  7. As a moderator there I can say it's a very friendly group and we rarely have any trouble. Just like this place 🙂
  8. You really don't need to worry about the limited number of virtual instruments as there are hundreds available for free on the web - many very, very good ones that give some paid ones a run for their money! There are threads in the Instruments & Effects forum which list many of the free VSTs
  9. Thanks both. I'll try the MS Forum. My only concern about not having 23H2 is that it will go out of support at some stage. If I haven't been offered it by the time it does go out of support I'll have to do a manual update
  10. I'm using the free version of Macrium and like it. Shame they're not supporting it any longer
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