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  1. They gave it away a while back (I assume as I've got it) so probably will again! I'd forgotten about it until I went install BioTek and saw I had an update for it!
  2. JoeGBradford

    Biotek 2 FREE

    Ran through the arp, sequenced and rythmic presets earlier and it's certainly interesting. I could see me using it as long as I don't forget I've got it 😉
  3. JoeGBradford

    Biotek 2 FREE

    It was an SOS / Prism Sound survey which I assume I got in an email or from Facebook - or perhaps on here!
  4. JoeGBradford

    Biotek 2 FREE

    I completed a survey a few weeks ago which said they'd send me a serial for BioTek - I wondered why it never arrived but this appears to be it!
  5. JoeGBradford

    Biotek 2 FREE

    Ooh yes it's there 🙂
  6. If you install Cakewalk by Bandlab there are many, many VST instruments and effects that you can get for free or a small cost. In my view it would not be worth buying another DAW just for the included instruments (though I'd stand to be corrected). It is worth trying demos of the different DAWs and see if any feel more intuitive to you than Cakewalk - if not use Cakewalk and add on instruments and effects as required. Be aware though, like any serious software, there is a learning curve to go through but there are many excellent tutorial videos on line including whole series on Cakewalk from Creative Suace and Home Studio Simplified to name but two!
  7. I only have Arturia Analog 4 & 5 Lite and getting a price of 69 euro - and the same to upgrade to Analog 4 I have more synths than I ever have time to play with so I'll pass but they seem good deals
  8. The Percussion one was their last one before this
  9. These look very interesting. Anyone got them and can report?
  10. Not bad at all. Miroslav is a bit long in the tooth now but not a bad place to start. CE has most of the instruments you will need for orchestral mockups but of course articulations are somewhat limited. At that price though it is a good deal unless you want to wait for the next deal on a Total Studio Max package to get the full version and lots more!
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