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  1. This might be the cause of an issue I have been having when a midi channel is sending notes to a synth that I haven't set as an output from that channel as well as to the one I have set. Doesn't happen all the time though and I haven't yet been able to determine the specific conditions when it does happen
  2. Thanks Noel - I use onboard sound as just a hobbyist and run the music I compose through my hifi attached to the PC (I know the more experienced users will squeal at me 😉 and I must admit that after playing some synths at a local shop through proper monitors I could definitely tell the difference! ) I'm currently using ASIO4All and have found that works as well as I need it to including in terms of latency. Would there be any specific advantages switching to WASAPI? Thanks again for all you guys are doing with Cakewalk - glad I stuck with my Sonar 8 LE over the years so I had a bit of an idea what I was doing when I came over!
  3. Wow it sounds great - I can see me using that in the piece I'm working on scoring a circuit of the TT!
  4. Wibbles - are there any free patches available for Fathom? - I have downloaded the VSTi but haven't found any patches Ignore that just realised they are already loaded 🙂
  5. A really good tutorial. After watching this a few days ago I watched all of Mike's tutorials!
  6. Thanks for that - also watched the introductory video and will catch up with some of the others later - really clear and well explained for someone who is still struggling to understand everything CbB can do!
  7. Thanks Jake for the excellent video - I've used Sonar 8LE and then Cakewalk by Bandlab for a while now but still consider myself a beginner - I hadn't fully grasped the usefulness of the multi dock until I saw the video so that was really helpful. Hope you'll consider doing some more. Agree with other commentators re speaking speed - I always used to find myself speaking too quickly when I gave presentations for work so maybe it is a similar phenomenon! Not a huge problem but if you can make it a little slower that would certainly help. Learned a lot in 10 minutes though! Cheers Joe
  8. This is interesting - when I used to use my APro 800 with Sonar 8LE I would occasionally get instances when the DAW wouldn't respond to controller midi - sometime keyboard, sometimes controls, sometimes both. Never did discover what the problem was but now thinking it may have been something similar. Haven't had that problem yet with CbB fortunately but possibly because I keep the controller plugged in all the time now!
  9. Has anyone else experienced the above problems? CbB closes occasionally on changing presets in both VSTi's - not sure yet whether it happens with the same presets each time. Any ideas for a cure? Running Win 10 latest update but happened on previous build too Thanks in advance for any help
  10. I was going to recommend the Air products too - as you say if you can pick them up for a sensible price they are great tools - I particularly like Air Xpand 2 and have just picked up Loom 2. I got Vacuum Pro on an old Computer Music disc and picked up Hybrid for nothing or next to nothing - possibly as part of a PIB deal
  11. I'd recommend getting a copy of Computer Music - there are many synths on there some of which are truly excellent and loads of lead sounds.
  12. Ah they are User Ensembles so presumably won't work - I tried one and it didn't!
  13. Mmm - there doesn't seem to be any requirements listed - I'll just have to try a few and see if they work!
  14. I've downloaded a few of the loops - is it possible to download the whole of a loop pack or do you have to do each loop at a time?
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