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  1. JoeGBradford


    Welcome back!
  2. Whilst I don't disagree we are going way off topic here 🙂
  3. Totally understandable re not wanting to use Facebook. The fact that the Facebook group is private makes it much easier to manage and I think that is the only reason
  4. So moving, Simeon - great to have you back!
  5. Mike's tutorials are excellent, they have helped me hugely, and the Cakewalk by Bandlab - Creative Sauce Facebook group is a friendly helpful forum like this one (full disclosure - I am one of the moderators on the group. Fortunately we only rarely have to take action on posts). I often suggest people come here for additional, equally friendly help & advice.
  6. Worked fine for me on Win 11 Home
  7. Just an update on my ilok experience on moving to my new PC as this thread has resurfaced. Absolutely seamless. Deactivated on old PC and reactivated on new without a hitch on all 15 instruments. Thanks for the help on this. I wish I could say the same about the Steinberg elicencer - nightmare until I found some thing buried in their website saying - 'if your new elicencer doesn't have a number download the elicencer helper programme which will reinstall elicencer'. Until I found that I was tearing my hair out!
  8. This is another time we need a love icon! Great that you've got it sorted Simeon!
  9. Oh dear Simeon that sounds dreadful - hope you're back up and firing on all cylinders (or should that be tubes 🙂 ) as soon as possible
  10. Hope you get it back Simeon! Good luck!
  11. I saw that the other day and liked it so much I shared it to my Facebook page!
  12. I've been downloading directly since my new PC thought UVI Portal was dodgy - I'm sure it isn't but decided to play safe!
  13. Scottish folk rock band Runrig. The golden voiced Donnie Munro left to be a (sadly unsuccessful) Labour politician - though their ex keyboard player had more success in the SNP. I didn't think anyone could replace Donnie and, although it took a while for me to get used to his voice, I reckon Canadian Bruce Guthro did an amazing job. The band have recently retired after well over 40 years of existence.
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