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    Have a great time!
  2. Very sad news - great songwriter - terrible teeth RIP
  3. That's how they reel you in. You'll be reading Mein Kampf next and forecasting arctic blasts in June 😉
  4. Thanks John - very interesting - my first sight of Next. Nothing there to tempt me away from CbB / Sonar but I can see it appealing to newbies where the more 'professional' look of CbB might be a bit overwhelming! I'm still finding new things after 10 years starting from Sonar 8LE!
  5. mmm - I have downloaded this but, although it appears in my library browser, there seems to be no presets there. Also I am pretty sure I downloaded a load of other free presets when I first got Analog Lab Lite but they don't appear to be there now. Haven't used it for ages so maybe I'm misremembering!
  6. Forgetful Dictator looks fun - have downloaded. Thanks!
  7. I didn't realise they were based in Huddersfield! Used to visit there often when we lived in Bradford.
  8. Happy to clarify I think it is highly unlikely that Sonar will become available for Mac as it would involve a huge amount of work - never say never though! Next has been written from initiation as a cross platform programme Enjoy Next - I haven't looked at it yet - got my hands full still learning Cakewalk by Bandlab! I'd be more likely to go across to Sonar if it is cheap enough or stay on CbB until it breaks through a Windows update.
  9. They are two completely different software programmes Cakewalk by Bandlab is the currently free DAW that is an improved version of the old Sonar software - though without some of the instruments and effects that came with Sonar Cakewalk Next is a new programme which is currently in public beta and which may not have a scoring facility. Discussion on Next is on a Discord page. This forum is for Cakewalk by Bandlab which is shortly to be replaced by the (paid for_ new Sonar Hope this helps
  10. For UK forum members: An ideal game for Therese Coffey - except that she is in the corrupt vegetable government 🙂
  11. Is Play a reworked version of Lite? Does it have the same sounds? It looks like it but not certain from the video I have seen
  12. Cheers - you're not the first to enjoy saying that 😉 I'll give it a download then
  13. Interesting - says on the product page that it works with Kontakt Player but a warning pops up when ordering that it only works with Full Kontakt!
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