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  1. Enjoyed the live chat whilst I was doing the washing up earlier Mike 🙂
  2. Thanks very much both. I'll have a go at David's instructions tomorrow as I'm off to watch a jazz gig tonight Variorum you could definitely class me as faint of heart! 🙂 Very much appreciate all the help!
  3. Reading around 'modulation only controls dynamic level in Spitfire, while expression controls the actual volume' - '"dynamics" does mean "timbre and level", and not just timbre'. i don't think there is an equivalent to expression in the Garritan CC list that David posted earlier? So I have tried to delete the expression CC in my tracks but if I erase the controller data the notes disappear as well - I assume there is a way of deleting the controller data without deleting the notes - or just turning the controller off? I've had a look in the online help and although it says that you can disable an automation parameter by right clicking on the automation read button I think this may just be for audio track automation? I have looked at both my midi and VSTI tracks - I am sure I must be missing something obvious but after a good half hour I am stumped! Hopefully someone will rescue me!
  4. Ah thanks - you are a star! I think you (or possibly someone else) mentioned previously that Garritan PO has some unusual midi implementation. I did wonder if that was a potential source of the problem given that the file was intended for Spitfire BBC SO I'll work on deleting one of those tomorrow - I was interested to see how Garritan and Miroslav compare in terms of sound quality and realism - Miroslav Philharmonik CE2 is sounding quite good but I thought Garritan may give me more flexibility and range of instruments Thanks again for your help
  5. Thanks David - there are tempo changes - I did wonder whether it might be that - increased buffer size but still a problem Here's the file - appreciate the help 🙂 TROIS GNOSSIENNES Orchestra - Garritan.cwp
  6. Thanks - will see if I can sort it - just seems odd that it is only this project where there is a problem - especially as it is not as demanding as my other GPO projects At the end of the day I'm quite happy with the Miroslav version of this particular programme but obviously I wouldn't want GPO to create problems on other projects. As I am only a hobbyist it's not really worth me upgrading my hardware until I need to or until SSD prices come down a bit more
  7. Thanks. I checked the CPU load in the meter in CbB and it appears very low. Asio4All has always worked fine for me. As I say I have other orchestral projects with more going on and have no problems with those just this one. I'll try altering the buffer size though when I went into the audio dialogue there didn't seem to be an option for that. I need to be careful I don't increase latency too much though
  8. I've downloaded the Satie midi file from the Spitfire Orchestral walkthrough here https://www.spitfireaudio.com/thepage/ and made a reasonable job of assigning it to three instances of Miroslav Philharmonik in a CbB project - which plays perfectly However when I created a new project, swapping out Philharmonik for Garritan PO playback stutters. Can anyone suggest the likely cause of this - could it be to do with the buffer size or is it something to do with RAM or HDD loading times - does Garritan load differently from Philharmonik? I have other Garritan Orchestral projects, including a Sibelius 2nd Symphony, which have much more going on at once and they play fine - why would this be different? I'm on Win 10 latest update and use onboard soundcard with ASIO4All - I tried swapping to WASAPI but couldn't get any sound when I did! Appreciate any suggestions!
  9. That must be really disappointing. I've downloaded the midi that was with the Orchestration video Spitfire put up and used it with my Miroslav Philharmonik 2 - doesn't sound anywhere as good as the one in the video made with BBC SO but at least it loads in less than a minute! Hope you get the problem resolved quickly
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