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  1. Suave does not mean Rico... 🤗
  2. Very happy! I was there!
  3. Retro, ugly and simple The source code is a basic HTML code With a very few efford, it could be basic but a little bit better
  4. And the complete bundle in PB by 90€ https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/39-FX-Bundle/8360-Random-Generators-Bundle In the Audiomodern site is 129€ https://audiomodern.com/products/
  5. I have the reply from Audiomodern and they sent me a code to get a 30% off, but not to get it by 19€ So the final price to upgrade from the Lite version to the final version, is 48€ 😢
  6. @Reid Rosefelt one question When you purchase some product on PB and get Playbeat Lite, you don't receive any serial or authorization code... so, I think that is not possible to upgrade Playbeat Lite to the complete version The upgrade version is for version 1 or 2 owners, but they does not say anything about the Lite version... or do I am missing anything? I think that I am going to write to the support people of Audiomodern asking them...
  7. Anyway, this bundle is an option too https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/7511-Drums-Processing-Bundle
  8. Thanks for the link!!! About PB, you can get some software between 4€-6€, but honestly I think you will get something that you won't use, and if you spend 4€-6€ more you will get something better that you could use in the future Is my point of view and is that I do normally
  9. In my case, I tried with one product and I got it as free.
  10. NewNation gives us $25 using the code DADDYDAY22 Add a product into the cart, and apply the code https://newnationllc.com/
  11. Totally agree I have 36 products bought before that decision, and the same number today...
  12. Analog Obsession has published a new plugin named Chopa Chopa lets us add movement to our synths, guitars and vocals More info here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/chopa-67845888
  13. https://www.anwida.com/ The best options here are the Suite packages SPATIO Suite $149 MODULA Suite $49 With the GIFT30 code, $119 and/or $19 Very interesting
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