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  1. So, I don't really need/want this but it caused me to go online and look at my custom upgrade offers. The price difference between Komplete Ultimate and Komplete Ultimate Collector's Edition is $400. What is my upgrade offer for moving from one to the other? $599!! Wait, what??
  2. fret_man

    OTS Rubber Bridge

    I wanna know where I can buy rubber bridges so I can outfit one of my guitars.
  3. Yes, he was showing how the riffer could be dragged to the DAW paino roll. That doesn't work with the Tab Player. Thanks, I'll have to try that with Finale. It'll probably work but if I need to call up an additional program, I'll probably use Guitar Pro. It'd be easiest if AmpleSound did it all by itself without the need for a 2nd program. But, it's good to know it CAN be done.
  4. Yes, a sub. This is why I went with SmartScore64 Pro instead. They have a substantial discount for Final users.
  5. I really, really wish they could use their Tab Player to import tabs and then save the result as MIDI, but apparently they can't due to licensing. IIRC, Guitar Pro (recently updated) can do that.
  6. I have some of those OrangeTreeSamples libs but prefer AmpleSound for sound and playability. It just goes to show how hard it is for US to tell YOU what would be best. Frankly, I have not compared bass libs for those two, but each time I compare guitars, there's always something wrong with OT (for example, the open D string on their 12-string has a funny buzz) while AmpleSound's is much easier to find acceptable. I don't remember details, but I found issues with OT's classical guitar as well. I've gotten to the point where I just start with AmpleSound and let OT lie there taking up space. BUT, you may find things differently! By all means I suggest trying the demo as recommended above.
  7. Turns out I had 2 accounts and all my products were in my other other account. Sent in a cuistomer service request and BAM! It was all fixed within 2 hrs. ***** (5 stars) from me!
  8. Same... But now it shows I don't own any of their products, which ain't true!
  9. Plus get an additional 10% off! https://audioplugin.deals/shop/ This 5yr anniversary sale ends on May 10.
  10. I still use this for my Bodhrans.
  11. Here's a short description on these: It sounds like OrangeTree and AmpleSound are much easier to use (and much more $$).
  12. One of the few Martin Acoustic Bass Guitars you can find.
  13. Ozone 9 Advanced was also updated to 9.12.0
  14. As best I can tell, there are no discount retailers for these. I can only get them on the Liquidsonics website, correct?
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