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  1. And just to be complete, you can adjust each tuner to go down 2 half-steps (to low D1 on the low E string, for example) on both AS guitars and basses. Not sure if this is available on the free version, tho.
  2. Yes, thank you, Reid. I auditioned that mandolin but that sound was more like classical "Italian style" bowl-back mandolins rather than bluegrass "German style" archtop mandolins. I'm looking for the latter.
  3. Yes, but I thought Neoverb could reproduce all (or maybe most) of the equivalent EA reverbs.
  4. I just wish the mandolin owner had his mandolin properly setup beforehand. There's way too much fret buzz. You can get rid of it by limiting velocity to less than 50, but this limits your dynamics. Still, it's the best mandolin VST out there, except for tremolo (which is a BIG part of mandolin playing - I end up manually entering the tremolo note-by-note to get it to sound right, very tedious). Sorry, about intercepting this thread but I very much want a better mandolin VSTi.....
  5. AS can read TAB, and you can drag it to the piano roll (well, I *think* you can, so maybe it's also a TAB - MIDI converter?) AS forum seem to be a lot more active OTS models moving the right hand closer/farther from the bridge, although it doesn't do this with samples but with an algorithm. AS does not have this feature.
  6. I thought Neoverb kind of included all of these. No?
  7. And there's an Update to Amplitube 5.0.3 to go with it!
  8. And Ample Sound. I've been able to get realistic/acceptable strums from them.
  9. If I already have the RX8 Groove3 tutorial(s), someone pleasee tell me why I should pay $38 for this.
  10. +1. Their Taylor, nylon, and 12-string are all great, too. They had a great sale last June, so hopefully that'll happen again.
  11. Hi Doug, in my opinion AmpleSounds and OrangeTree have much better guitar sounds. I suggest waiting until one of them to go on sale.
  12. And in case anyone's curious, the EQ I came up with looks like this:
  13. So, I recorded two channels: 1 thru a mic and 2 thru DI. I played each note from the lowest to the highest (~3.5 octaves)and measured the RMS of each channel for each note. By comparing these I generated an EQ curve to convert the DI sound to be more like the mic and it sounds GREAT! The DI was a little boxy sounding (which the EQ gloriously fixed) and the DI seems to impart some sort of compression effect because it's notes don't die down as quickly. It's probably not the transducer per se but more due to sound transmission thru the maple wood, bracing, etc. Still, it is a highly useable signal and will definitely solve my tracking issues. I'm glad I brought up my frustrations because y'all made some very good suggestions. Even tho' I use Studio One now, the Cakewalk Forum has always been a great place to stay and share. Thanks!
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