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  1. PSP Audioware https://www.pspaudioware.com/products/psp-springbox Overloud SpringAge https://www.overloud.com/products/springage
  2. Everything related to String Studio is now 1/2 off! https://www.applied-acoustics.com/
  3. Requires full Kontakt 7, which I won't have until the June summer sale.
  4. If I already have the iZotope products, why would I need these?
  5. Are you adding a new virtual instrument? Unfortunately there is no standard on what C1 is. I've seen discrepancies between various VSTis of up to +/- 2 octaves. You may be experiencing this between your VSTi and Cakewalk. In another DAW it may be fine, or even farther off. Some VSTis allow you to transpose their outputs to fix this.
  6. Thx! At the bottom is a link that allows you to download a free PDF of the article. It looks like a pretty good summary.
  7. Wait, Super Model? Where? Of course it looks good...
  8. Thanks! There were quite a few up there I had missed.
  9. Thank you, so much! I don't have a good tracking space so sometimes I record myself, convert to MIDI (Melodyne), and then use sample replacement. Other times I just "hand craft" the MIDI from scratch, which is what I did here. Very time-consuming but you can get really good sounds. That is what I did here. I used the following VIs: Slide: Indiginus Resonator Banjo: Amplesound Ethno Banjo 12-string: Amplesound Guitar Twelve Bass: Amplesound Bass P Harmonica: Embertone Honkytonk Fiddle: Indiginus The Fiddle Tambourine: Wavesfactory Sharine Djembe, Chimes, Guiro: BFD Percussion Expansion
  10. fret_man

    PSP 285

    Thanks! The cheapest I found was $50 from eBay for an open box/unused product.
  11. The 2 codes listed in this thread are both invalid for me. I can't get past the $799 price.
  12. I really love this! You can find my first implementation of it here. It comes in at 0:57sec. I have no affiliation with Embertone. I'm just very pleased with this VI.
  13. https://vstbuzz.com/deals/80-off-grand-piano-by-realsamples/ Sounds like a really old piano. I could use this.... Edit: only the 44.1Kbps sample rate version is on sale.
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