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  1. Has the 50% off Kontakt 6 upgrade shown up at any of the usual discounters?
  2. My email shows XO being $90 during the Nov 18-21 sale.
  3. Sure! We know OSX updates can break everything. Sooner or later a Windows update will break something, too. Don't forget that paying for WUP often comes with a $$ voucher you can apply to new purchases, too. That helps ease the pain, as long as there's something you can use it on.
  4. It looks like these are available as VSTs for all DAWs at https://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/
  5. I just got this email: My name is Chris Ludwig. You may remember me from my 15 plus years at ADK Media Group (ADK Pro Audio, ADK Video Editing). My new company is called Fundamental Audio and Video. Fundamental AV builds custom PC audio/video systems with the original ADK philosophy of creating the ideal balance of speed, stability, quietness, upgradability and stellar tech support. I got my very first laptop from Chris many years ago and give him my hardy 👍.
  6. SAVE BIG ON THE VELO 2 MASTERING LIMITER BUY NOW FOR JUST £8.95! AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME https://www.soundspot.audio/downloads/velo-2-mastering-limiter-vst-audio-plugin/ After the soaring success of the original Velo, we thought it only right to take things to the next level!! You asked for additional features and we listened! Velo2 has been reworked from the ground up with an improved algorithm and additional sonic features such as lookahead and up to 8x oversampling. Combine all of the above with the new LUFS metering display, 4 unique styles of limiting, transient enhancement & sleek new retina ready interface, Velo2 is a must have plugin for all producers and mastering engineers alike. Features • Intuitive, easy to navigate user interface • Designed to work flawlessly with touch controllers such as the Raven by Slate Media • Up to 8X Oversampling • LUFS Metering • Lookahead • Adaptive release control • 4 Style Settings • Transient Control • Real-time RMS display • Real-time Reduction display • Preset Manager to save & share your settings
  7. At a $350 price point I don't think it makes much difference if you 're able play it ahead of time or not. I'd take a look at Seagull guitars. They are one of the few at that price point with a solid top, which is the biggest thing that gets you a good sound. Yamaha is also a good brand. The Yamaha FG830 Dreadnought also has a solid top, so that's good.
  8. fret_man

    My Latest Deal

    I got an Angelus SE A20E a while back because I wanted a mahogany guitar (all the rest are rosewood). I agree, these are those most guitar a can get for the $$. Very well made and stays in tune up the neck (which is hard to find for guitars around $500). The only cons are: not loud, neck is beefier than I like. But it sounds good, plays nice, and looks gorgeous. Sounds good plugged in, too.
  9. My Custom Shop says $99 and 100 credits! Where are you seeing the $80 intro price?
  10. I worked for the largest MEMS microphone manufacturer in the world and the advantages MEMS microphones have are consistency / less variation minimal aging very small (so they can be put in strange locations/cases) surface mount, easy for automated processes to put them on PCBs can be used as ultra-sonic detectors (i.e., they can have very high frequency response) They still suffer from (relatively) high noise (SNR of 65dB is very good for MEMs mics - not a problem for room compensation measurements) low headroom (typically 120dB SPL max - not a problem for room compensation measurements) a somewhat restricted flat frequency response (which can be "mostly" compensated for since they don't have much part-part variation - but it might eliminate the need to have a serial number with a custom measured frequency response) sensitivity typically has a +/-3dB variation (probably not a problem for room compensation measurements)
  11. One advantaging to WUPing bundles is when they add a new plugin to the bundle then you get it free.
  12. fret_man

    reFuse Flipper

    Studio One requires installation of their MixTools plugin to get phase inversion.
  13. I have never had a problem with Waves. I recently built a new computer and all I did was 1) on my old computer, move my licenses to "the cloud", and 2) on my new computer, retrieve all my licenses from "the cloud". It worked without a hitch.
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