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  1. Ah, yes. I think you're right.
  2. But, what good is a group buy when you already have everything. You still have to BUY one item (the flute) to get the rest free (which are useless if you already have everything else).
  3. Never mind. I see I have to use their Continuata app to down load it....
  4. Anyone want to buy my extra Skaka for $20? The BF price was $25.
  5. Bought Joshua Bell 2-3 days ago but still waiting for Embertone's download links. I've used APD's code to "buy" it on Embertone's website but haven't heard anything. Anyone else seen this delay?
  6. Oh, great. I bought it. Downloaded it. And I already had it!
  7. <sigh> does not work for Joshua Bell Violin.....
  8. Time to get Skaka! https://klevgrand.com/products/skaka
  9. I still use their accordions, domras, balalaikas, and uilleann pipes. Looking for alternatives to their Irish whistles as these seem to have a strange "thump" at the start of some notes. I contacted them about this problem and they sent me new files that fixed most of it, but the thumps are still there at times. Overall, this is a very good, responsive company with high quality samples.
  10. They should have used a guitar with a cut-away... But really, I'm a fanboy. I'm a guitar player with more than 1/2 century of experience and these libraries let me do everything I've ever needed. And they sound gorgeous.
  11. I've been using Sonarworks Systemwide with Studio One for 3-4 years with absolutely no problems (other than a few Sonarworks bugs that get fixed pretty quickly). I ALWAYS have it on as a Windows audio device so everything goes thru it - internet streams, movies, DAW, etc. That way I don't have to worry about turning it on/off while mixing/bouncing. Studio One doesn't even know it exists. I know none of this helps you other than it IS possible to get a stable system with them working together.
  12. Chris Hein's harmonica is very good.
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