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  1. https://harrisonconsolesstore.onfastspring.com/all-lv2?mc_cid=938c2cf12f&mc_eid=c182289e10 If you don't already have these and want to fill out your XT collection, this is a good time to buy.
  2. That creature has stolen the Q-36 Space Modulator!
  3. Be careful. There are lots of numbers floating around. 7.3% is the mortality rate for those who already have the disease. The mortality rate for the entire population is much, much less.
  4. Wow! That's pretty amazing. Any news on how well it works with guitar rather than voice?
  5. So, is the GS1 VB3-II no longer in vogue? It used to be the gold standard.
  6. Or wait and upgrade Total Studio Max to version 3.
  7. Just received Total Studio Max 2 and have lots of individual plugins to sell off. I assume I cannot do that here, right? Where do you suggest I go to advertise and sell these? Also, how do you figure the going rates for these? Thanks,
  8. You will also notice there are SampleTank3 and SampleTank3 Total Studio Max 2 products. The former has Steel Drums Content that has a larger file size than the latter. This is because it contains installers for both Mac and Windows while the latter has separate Mac and Windows installers. As best I can tell, the sound content is the same. There's no need to touch the SampleTank3 downloads. Basically, you now have 2 serial #s for SampleTank3. You will not need the v3.5 Sound Update available for SampleTank3, either.
  9. It appears when downloading Miroslav sound files you do NOT need to download the 5 Sound Updater files located in Miroslav's Download Resources (where the manuals are). It looks like the sounds in the normal download section have already been updated.
  10. Total Studio 2 Max ! I answered a question on Friday's IK Live Instagram feed ("What is a product included in Total Studio Max 2?" I answered "Syntronik"). What a productive 30 minutes for me.
  11. Yep! That was me! I think it was the 2nd time I've ever won anything. The 1st was a nifty paperweight. This was much better. Thanks again!
  12. The main advantage of a MEMS mic is their low part-part variation and stability with time and environment . A condenser mic has a charged mylar diaphragm that dissipates over time and humidity while a MEMS mic has a built-in regulated power supply that doesn't degrade over time. Also, the MEMS mechanics are set by integrated circuit lithography which is very consistent across different builds. Condenser mics have much more variability across different builds. The big disadvantage of MEMS mics are their reduced dynamic range. The highest SPL they can tolerate is 120-130dB (depending on the mic model) and they have low SNR (65dB is GREAT for a MEMS mic) due to their tiny silicon diaphragm. Neither of these are issues when used as a reference mic in our studios. So are there significant improvements? Yes there are to IK. To you, maybe not so much unless your existing mic is "old".
  13. No Coupon here, either. Please report back what support said. Thanks!
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