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  1. fret_man

    OTS Bluegrass Banjo

    And I bought into the Ample Sound ecosystem....... Perhaps I chose poorly.
  2. I have a current WUP plan and went to Waves Central, saw I have updates, and performed the update. Lots got downloaded. Re-invoked Waves Central. I no longer see any pending updates, but my products still only show 12.0.0. Is this a bug? Anyone seeing 12.7 listed for their products?
  3. I do this with MIDIGuitar into Ample Sound guitars. It captures the (mis-)timing and amplitude changes but I still need to edit the various right hand and left hand techniques (slides, hammer-ons, etc). This is mainly due to a lack of good tracking space for recording a real guitar (AC vent noise, outdoor drive-by trucks, etc), but it also allows me to deal with all the sympathetic string vibrations that bloom and smear up the audio. My playing is not clean enough to keep that from happening. I had no idea I was that sloppy until I heard the recording of myself.
  4. fret_man

    Waves Vocal Bender

    Included in Mercury!
  5. DUY's MagicEQ is capable of 'learning' and then correcting frequency problems. Half of your EQ tasks done for you… Get MagicEQ (a $359 value) for FREEwith the MAGIC POWER Mix Bundle I'm really into AI-assisted plugins but I can't seem to find any reviews on these products. Any opinions anyone?
  6. Please excuse me if this is not the correct forum for this question.... VideoLAN requires SF2 files to play midi files. Where is the best place to get free SF2 files for VLC to use? -or- What is your default program to quickly audition *.mid files? Thank you!
  7. Guitar B strings are typically under much more tension than the other strings, making it's output higher than the others. Reducing the distance between the B string and it's pole piece is a way to help equalize its volumes to match the other strings. Since Seymour doesn't know what gauge you use, he had to find a compromise that works "well enough" for the most common gauges. If you want more detail, send in a question to their support line and ask them what string gauge your pickup were designed for. In the meantime, I'd just leave it alone. It is not a defect.
  8. Not part of Mercury...
  9. Sonarworks no longer has to be switched off. It acts like a Windows Audio Device and everything pipes thru it before coming out your speakers. It shouldn't affect what goes on INSIDE the DAW and shouldn't show up as part of the mix. It just affects what comes out the speaker, not what goes on the HD.
  10. Currently located in the Line 6 offices.
  11. Well that stinks! I may have to switch over to OrangeTree to get my mandolin (in the plans for Ample Sound after they get their banjo done).
  12. Not sure why you say this. I just installed 8 acoustic instruments and can play them just fine in the host app. No iLok required. I used the resident Ample Activation Manager which connected to my account on their website and activated the libraries that way.
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