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  1. TC Electronic doubling the license activation for TC Electronic native plug-ins. For all current and future users! For free! https://mailchi.mp/newsletter.tcelectronic.com/te-doublethefuncampaign?e=e36992cd30
  2. Yes it is written: The windows can not find the .... file. Usually I don't have problems with software upgrades, but there are some software, having this kind of problem. You can see the "á" is replaced by an "Ã" and a ";" character in the path. I always have this problem with cakewalk upgrades, but the upgrades can be started from the download directory. If upgrade downloader would ask where to download upgrade.exe I could select a path having only English characters. Anyway, when I start the upgrade.exe file, I can see the installation is on the path having the replaced characters.
  3. I upgrade from cakewalk. But my system's language is Hungarian. The exact path is: C:\Users\Pávai Ferenc\Downloads\Cakewalk I don't know when and how the volume control problem started, because I didn't used cakewalk for about two weeks, and I upgraded at start.
  4. The installer can not handle unicode characters in the path, so it doesn't find the update.exe file in the path containing an "á" character from my (user) name. After installing it, I lost windows 10 system volume control above cakewalk. The volume of cakewalk remains at maximum, even if I mute Windows volume. I have focusrite Scarlet 18i20 3rd gen. I installed the rollback setup, but I the problem still exits. Ferenc Pávai
  5. Only 6 days left Redeem your Inspirata Lite version for free and activate the iLok license before the offer expires on 31 January. There is a review in the SOS magazine, February 2021 issue on pages 92-95 about inspirata. (free during COVID-19) https://www.soundonsound.com/
  6. It is also available for android.
  7. Don't forget to get the free license before the end of January: "Those who have not yet redeemed their free Inspirata Lite license in the iLok License Manager application, please do so before January 31, 2021 so that you do not miss this opportunity."
  8. Until January 1, 25% discount on all bundles.
  9. If you put it as a track FX, set to full wet, and adjust the direct/reverberant button, then Cakewalk export to audio (slowly).
  10. Yes, this is a great plug-in, in spite of it is just the first release. It needs process power, but I found this reverb awesome for creating the real huge acoustic environment.
  11. From November 27th to 30th!
  12. FabFilter offers 25% discount until dec 01. https://www.fabfilter.com/shop/
  13. The JRR shop corrected the mistake. The assistant upgrade price now is $66.99.
  14. I could get Melodyne 5 assistant now for $87.98 (essential+upgrade), instead of 148 EUR. Thanks a lot!
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