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  1. All the UVI stuff I ever wanted, I own. I have quite a few libraries and couple plug ins. i never got into Falcon. so for me this seems very expensive and does not take into account very long standing UVI users like myself I don't think anyway, I HATE subs!! Nigel
  2. a very large and a very strong cappuccino first thing in the morning to get the old brain cells working having a good idea about a new song and actually getting it recorded before i forget it....... after a long day, my first cigar, preferably with a glass of Red Wine finishing the latest music project - especially the one I am working on at the moment (our new album) which has been horrendously delayed because of the big C and the travel restrictions brought in because of the Big C........... a good long swim winning at Squash! Dancing (badly) to Soca Music (preferably when drunk) Carnival
  3. Bajan Blue


    Hi everyone Here is the fifteenth and last track off our latest album, Regeneration. The track is called Dromoland. A bit of a story on this one - i recorded the acoustic guitar live in one take around 20 odd years ago in the grounds of Dromoland Castle Ireland - it was recoded on an old Porta Studio - whilst I liked the performance I never thought the recording was good enough to use, so it lay there - until I discovered the wonders of Guitar IR's a while back - amazing results, so I added this as a sort of bonus track to the last album. Hope you enjoy it. Nigel https://devinelie.com https://www.youtube.com/c/DevineLie/videos https://open.spotify.com/album/4wi4STVNSG7Wm6RuRM3DFz
  4. As usual this is excellent - sounds good to me and of course excellent playing Nigel
  5. a very interesting use of the vocal synth - probably one of the best I've heard - when they first came out they were very poor I thought - clearly they have improved Nigel
  6. cool stuff yet again Jesse - i have to agree with what Wookie said - spot on. And I love King Crimson!! Nigel
  7. Bajan Blue


    Very nice David but TOO short - i really enjoyed that but like Wookie I wanted more!!! Cool Nigel
  8. Well the Mic is no issue!! This is excellently recorded and played. I do think I agree with tom and Tom re the bass - bit too prominent for me and could do with a bit more low end Cool Nigel
  9. this is great, really enjoyed the listen Love those vocal parts Cool stuff Nigel
  10. Hi Rain hope you get better soon. whilst not strictly a music film, I watched Factory Girl last night - about Eddie Sedgwick, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground etc. Not a bad film although no where near enough Velvet Underground music!! the who - an enigma for me - some absolutely great music, then something absolutely BS like Boris the Spider......its either hate or love for me when it comes to the WHO, nothing in-between!! another good film as opposed to a documentary, is Control, about Joy Division - i watched that quite a few years ago, but remembered enjoying it. a favorite live show documentary is Queen at Wembley, 1986 - Freddie at his very best Nigel
  11. I like this Jesse - now this one is Zapperish­čĄ¬ I love you stuff my friend cool Nigel
  12. Bajan Blue

    Movin' On

    Clint - sounded OK, perhaps a little distorted (analogue!!) Cool track Nigel
  13. As PhonoBrainer said!! I listened on monitors and sounded very good here Nigel
  14. Nice stuff - some great chord changes Good mix and well played / recorded Cool Nigel
  15. I have had both of these and used them extensively for many years with my old (and non defunct) Powercore system - i was so pleased to see them on offer I purchased both straight away - and they interchange with old projects with the Powercore version in them seamlessly! Result. as Bit says though, always use carefully - less is more sort of thing Nigel
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