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  1. welcome back Larry - good to have you around again Nigel
  2. Bajan Blue

    Sonnox Inflator

    I have this (had it for a looooong time with my Old Powercore set up) Recently Sonnox did me a great deal to get the native version. I never use this as a mastering tool, I use it lot on tracks for exactly the reason Zo and Laginz mentioned. Nigel
  3. HI Thanks so much for that - really pleased you liked it Cheers Nigel HI Andy Thanks my friend, appreciated Keep well Nigel
  4. Hi Bjorn - thanks my friend, always appreciate that you take the time to have a watch and make a comment Cheers Nigel Hi Craig thanks for those positive comments - much appreciated Nigel
  5. Hi Freddy - so pleased you enjoyed this - not sure about XTC - perhaps more Smiths?? Always loved Johnny Marr so perhaps a bit of his influence? keep well Nigel
  6. Shall get that - thanks for the link Nigel
  7. Actually ZZ now on repeat - I'd almost forgotten just how much I love them!!!! Nigel
  8. Now I loved this - give me ZZ over De Stones any day of the week!!!!! Actually just going back for a second listen.....don't think I've ever done that for a stones track!!!! Nigel
  9. Thanks tom - you comments always appreciated Keep well Nigel
  10. hi david Thanks for those great comments, really appreciated cheers Nigel
  11. Hi Wookie Thanks for that my friend - hope it got the furry paws tapping!! glad you enjoyed it cheers Nigel
  12. Larry - nice relaxing track - agree with some of the comments re minor timing issues Good job Nigel
  13. Hi Jesse That guitar around 30secs reminds me a lot of Alex St. Clair Love it Cool Nigel
  14. Hi Freddy Love the story and had my foot tapping straight away Love it, cool stuff Nigel
  15. Bajan Blue

    Fiddle Tune

    Hi Bjorn Nice stuff, really enjoyed this - reminds me of drinking Guinness in a field!! Nigel
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