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  1. Bajan Blue

    Reach Up

    HI Jack Most of the time we use Superior Drummer - we output all individual outputs and mix from there into one drum bus. Cheers Nigel
  2. Really like this - cool track and great video - i wonder sometimes if people realize just how long these videos take to pull together.? Anyway, great stuff Nigel
  3. Bajan Blue

    Reach Up

    Hi - thanks for the great comments - truly appreciated Keep well Nigel
  4. Bajan Blue

    Reach Up

    Tom Thanks for taking the time to have a listen and make a comment - really appreciate that and the very kind comments Nigel
  5. Bajan Blue

    Reach Up

    Hi Mark - thanks so much for the really positive comments - greatly appreciated Cheers Nigel
  6. Bajan Blue

    Reach Up

    Hi Everyone We have just released the fourth track off our new album Regeneration. The track is called Reach Up. Hope you enjoy it. Nigel https://devinelie.com https://music.amazon.co.uk/artists/B002GLCV8K/devine-lie https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Sd0BBWtT5fv0GaXLoKTAC https://www.youtube.com/c/DevineLie/videos
  7. Good track - as I am sure you know, needs a bit of work, but this could be really good when finished - i like it Cheers Nigel
  8. Bajan Blue


    Hi Tom I really like this - beautifully played A great calming and enjoyable listen Thanks so much for posting Nigel
  9. definitely a retro vibe indeed - clever lyrics Cool Nigel
  10. Wookie Like the detuned synths and I like the track Cool stuff indeed Nigel
  11. Gary This sounds really good to me Great job all round Nigel
  12. Bajan Blue

    The Way Love Is

    Hi Rex I really like this - I think this could be a great track once you've finished it. Few observations - at the beginning your voice sounds a bit strained, as the song goes on it settles nicely! At the start there are some plectrum noises which personally i would try and reduce a bit. I think some double tracking or harmonies on the chorus / you are the way love is, could sound great Guitar solo is a bit lost As I said all small comments not criticisms, I really like this track, cant wait to hear it when you have finished it. Nigel
  13. Well I just had to buy this even though I know I'll probably never use it!!! Thankfully it only cost me 6 bucks as I had some points I bought it as the first group I was in was called Notlob, which of course as everyone knows is a Palindrome of Bolton!!! I think some Monty Python sketch was to blame for this dreadful name and yes we were as bad as the name suggests!!!!! Nigel
  14. welcome back my liege - glad you're back safe and sound
  15. Hi Makke Thanks so much, appreciate the positive comments Nigel VU, King Crimson and the Stones - very much on my listening list!!!! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to have a listen and make a comment Very much appreciated Cheers Nigel
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