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  1. Steve Interesting you mention THU. I have TH3 full but don't use it much, - i went to use it a month or so ago and immediate crash - tried it a couple times, same crash result - i checked for updates and yes i had missed some. Updated it and it didn't crash on loading and was useable, even if it seemed very slow to load. Nigel
  2. Has anyone got this? Never heard of this Company before. Nigel
  3. Music to be made after Monday 19 July, 2021 And I forgot to say I thought you were referring to FREEDOM DAY as the idiot Politicians have called the 19th July in the UK - my brother tells me come Monday, all lockdown nonsense stopped and things are back to normal, or as far as they can be. Unfortunately here in South Africa our Politicians are too stupid to be called idiots.........so we still have very hard lock down and because of nearly 18 months of this nonsense, jobs have been decimated, with little to no Government help - the maximum the Government paid all these people (who the Government put out of work) - R350 per month - that is US$23 per month to feed your family..........and that stopped a while ago - i think our President said the Country could not afford it any longer as he need a new Presidential jet, or something like that🤪🤪 so no job, locked away in very substandard housing with little to no heating, in MID Winter and a very cold and wet winter...equals Riots and Looting and guess what, that's exactly what happened!! Opps, sorry got on my soap box a bit there....Sorry Bapu, didn't mean to hijack your thread at all Cheers Nigel
  4. That looks a bit strange to me, apart from it being backward!! And calling it a Telecaster seems a bit of a reach🤪 I decided a while ago not to buy anymore Guitars......................i decided to design and Build my own!!!!!!!! I'm am hoping it will be finished in the next month.....only taken me a year so far😞 By the way Baps, like the Jack Cassidy Bass - looks cool Nigel
  5. I have the usual stable of valve amps - Marshall, Fender, Burns, Laney etc. But I also have a couple of Transistor / Modelling Amps - Blackstar and Orange Crush for instance. Whilst I am sure most / all of us could tell the difference between what was valve and what was not, I honestly don't think that a lot of people at a gig could!! What's everyone's opinion on that? I know I MUCH prefer lifting my Blackstar which weighs next to nothing as opposed to my Laney which weighs about the same as my car🤪 Nigel
  6. Bajan Blue

    A Soft Parade

    Thanks my friend - at the moment we seem OK in Cape Town - all the real bad stuff has been in Joburg and Durban - just hoping it doesn't spread our way!!!!
  7. Michael Thanks so much and your kind comments are really appreciated Cheers Nigel Hi Tom Thanks for this - yes, worked hard on those drums I seem to remember!! Really appreciate the great comments Thanks Nigel Hi Jeff Thanks for taking the time to have a watch and make such kind comments - much appreciated Cheers Nigel
  8. Hi Bat Hope the album goes well - we all know how hard it is these days to promote music, no matter how good it is!! Cheers Nigel
  9. I like the synths you have used - they sound good - mix sounds pretty good as well Cool Nigel
  10. The start sounds a bit like Beethoven on some good mind bending drugs!! Love it!! I like the build up towards the end - can't wait for part 3!! Nigel
  11. Hi Jack - the sound (i think it is rain?) that is there from the start until about 1.57, I really think is too loud - distracts from your vocals Other than that Good start Nigel
  12. Sounded good - what synths were you using? Cool Nigel
  13. Bajan Blue

    I Like You

    Great Guitar as usual and yet another good track Mix sounded really good to me Cool Nigel
  14. Bajan Blue

    A Soft Parade

    Good stuff Wookie - and different sounds - very interesting Thanks for posting Keep w ell Nigel
  15. Sounds good here as well - nice stuff Nigel
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