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  1. Bajan Blue

    The Sky

    Hi Barry I really like this - that pedal steel guitar really adds a great feel to this Your vocals are great Cool Nigel
  2. Bajan Blue

    Hang Them High

    Hi Like this, a definite eighties feel and sound to this A good track Cool Nigel
  3. Hi Steve - great playing as KS said. I think this is perfectly good as it stands Cool Nigel
  4. Bajan Blue

    Settle Down

    Hi Really like this - that drop at 1.50 is excellent Great Vocals Cool Nigel
  5. Hi Jack A very personal song - love that Organ - sounds pretty good Nigel
  6. Hi Jesse and Freddy (Jesse and Freddy or Freddy and Jesse??) I really like this and I think tom's comment over on Bandlab is spot on Cool Stuff Nigel
  7. hi Jerry - thought the music was cool, but those pictures were simply stunning - makes you realise how many Galaxies and Stars etc are out there - surely there must be another "earth" somewhere - hopefully a little more sane than our earth🤪 cool stuff Nigel
  8. Hi Paul - thanks, always appreciate the support and great comments cheers Nigel Hi Thanks so much, very much appreciated Cheers Nigel
  9. Hi Andy - thanks so much - yes we shall remember him dearly - Romeo was such a nice young lad - I am just starting with another lad - I hope he will learn as well as Romeo did - he will have a lot to experiment on - our next album is nearly done so he will have a hand in 14 videos!!!! Thanks for the kind comments on the track, always appreciated Cheers Nigel
  10. Hi Cool track beautifully produced as usual Nigel
  11. Hi John Really enjoyed the Guitar work - like that effect on the main riff Now I have to say that I am only listening via my phone but on good headphones, so not ideal listening conditions, but the Bass sounded a bit "wooly" to me - perhaps some other Forum members can chip in on that - it might just be my set up Apart from that liked this Cheers Nigel
  12. Hi Jesse Kashyyyk sounds a very cool place, think we might all be better off there than on sad old Earth, which has seen better days!!! Cool Nigel
  13. Wow Jesse I do believe you might be going mainstream!!! Good track, liked this Nigel
  14. Hi Steve Catchy and cool song - love those harmonies Nigel
  15. Hi Wookie - really like this, definitly got that Tangerine Dream vibe going on - to me it sounds like Mr Gull might be having a hard time in this track!!!!! Cool stuff my friend Nigel
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