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  1. Daryl Great track - well written, performed and sung Nigel
  2. guys thanks - I'll try and make a bit of time to download and try the demo Nigel
  3. monomex - yes in Constantly Disappointed Toleration (the track) the tambourines are mostly from shimmer shake strike - think we played one (shock /horror) as well Nigel
  4. this always seems so expensive to me, even at this discounted price - oh and I also wonder if it can really work as they say?? Nigel
  5. Bajan Blue

    African Skies

    Hi Freddy Thanks so much for the great comments - really appreciated Nigel
  6. I think that's a great price for shimmer shake strike + expansion, which I think is one of the best percussion library's I have used - this gets used on most tracks we do Nigel
  7. Hi FJ thanks for the kind comments - always appreciated. All our music is available from all the usual places, including Spotify We are trying one new retailer this time, Music Glue - bit too early to tell yet if any good, but if they sell just one, that's worth about 30000 streams on Spotify!!!!! https://www.musicglue.com/devine-lie Cheers Nigel
  8. Hi Bat I shall have to have a look and see if I still have it somewhere - I really had forgotten all about this Thanks Nigel
  9. Hi Guys Well I had a disaster and two of my old, beloved Burns Orbit Amps went down at the same time - one pretty terminally as it started to smoke badly!! The choice of what we can get here is limited, so I went down to my local Music Shop and they had the usual, which here is normally Peavy / Behringer stuff - and always very expensive due to our shipping costs and nearly 100% import duties😒😒 Then they told me they had one Shaman G20 left - well I'd never heard of it so they got it out - what a nice amp - very unusual and sounds great!! And it was NOT expensive - cost me around US$185 When I got home had a look on the web but there doesnt seem to be much about them - anyone heard of them and now anything about them. Pictures and brief description below Cheers Nigel Description hand-wired 20-watt vacuum tube guitar amplifier - modern styling matched with classic tube amplifier tone the attitube g20 features two el84 tubes in the output stage and two 12ax7 tubes in the pre-amp. it provides volume and tone control and a three way mode switch. attitube g20 is supplied with a 12-inch speaker cabinet. it clearly stands out from other conventional tube amplifiers in the market place both in style and in sound quality. the 20-watt amplifier is hand crafted and uses its own customized oil condensers that can be rarely found on other tube amplifiers. out unique output transformers are designed and built in-house. the design is from geniel lim, a tube amplifier designer and specialist with 50 years of experience. the included 12 speaker is a perfect companion for the amplifier with its aluminium case. the speaker is housed in a distinctive high gloss white cabinet which complements the g20
  10. Hi tom I played the bass on this - glad you liked it and thanks so much for all the positive comments - really appreciated Keep well Nigel
  11. Bajan Blue

    Fe (Faith)

    FJ - really like these, especially the Travel Mix - I could see this ripping it up in my local Club in Cape Town!!! Nigel
  12. Hi Bjorn love this, great stuff - made me laugh😂😂 Nigel
  13. Bajan Blue

    African Skies

    Hi guys The third track off our new album has just been released today - it's called African Skies - this track means quite a lot to us as we love Africa and Africans and spend a great deal of time in Africa. But what goes on can be very dispiriting at times, . One of these days, hopefully Africa will start to produce leaders who aren't just thieves and despots!! Anyway here's the track, hope you enjoy Nigel African Skies Swirling across The arid Plain Dust taints the sky Water holes dry Crops all gone Just waiting for Time to die African skies Majestic and cruel Save your remorse For tomorrow African skies Mountains so tall Earth blood red With sorrow Struggles continue Over the Land Slaughter night and day Some people claim The Land is theirs But history's in the way African skies Majestic and cruel Save your remorse For tomorrow African skies Mountains so tall Earth blood red With sorrow Now it’s time To count the cost Hate and intolerance abide Corruption means Poverty and death People just try to survive African skies Majestic and cruel Save your remorse For tomorrow African skies Mountains so tall Earth blood red With sorrow
  14. I haven't heard of Har Bal for ages - I used to have Har Bal and updated up until version 2 I think - to be honest I thought they had gone bust!! Those who have the latest version, is it any good and what exactly do you use it for? Thanks Nigel
  15. Hi Joad Thanks for the kind comments - always appreciated Nigel
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