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  1. Very nice, like this - great guitar Cool, thanks for posting Nigel
  2. Bajan Blue

    Newbie project

    Jon Agree with Tom re the Bass - I would start there and get it sounding better - then balance with the drums. Definitely some panning and EQ needed and the with the vocals, again agree with Tom When I am doing a track - I always start with getting a solid bass drum foundation, then add synths guitars and vocals, so they all sit in the mix and have clarity. Hope this helps a bit Nigel
  3. Thanks so much for that - appreciate the very kind comments Thanks PJH - glad you liked it Cheers Nigel
  4. Hi Makke - thanks really appreciate that - thanks for taking the time to have a listen Cheers Nigel
  5. Hi Leadfoot - thanks, really appreciate the kind comments Nigel Hi Starise The song is actually about some characters from one of my favorite books, The Gormenghast Trilogy. Its a brilliant read if you ever get the chance to grab it Cheers Nigel Cheers Daryl, thanks so much, always appreciate you taking the time to have a watch and a listen Nigel
  6. Bajan Blue

    Celtic Electra

    Oh I like this - haunting. I can just imagine myself sitting on the misty marshes listening to this! Very nice job indeed. I can hear the high register stuff around 2.35 that tom mentions, but on the monitors i was listening to it on, i cant say it really bothered me too much, although i could see this being more intrusive on different/better set ups than mine. Cheers Nigel
  7. Hi Steve Thanks for those great comments, appreciated - we have been working hard trying to make our videos better/more interesting - these days it's so important...unfortunately no one really seems to just listen to music much anymore!! Cheers Nigel
  8. Hi John Love this great job - rarely hear the Thompson Twins on here - I used to live next door to one of the backing keyboard girls - got pretty friendly🥰 with her and saw Thompson Twins live a few times - was a long time ago but only good memories!!! Thanks for posting really enjoyed this Nigel
  9. Bajan Blue

    My Better Days

    Grem I use KRK V8 - in Cape Town I don't have a sub - in Barbados I do use a sub - I think on balance, I get a better mix using a sub - pretty sure its the KRK 10" sub - i've had it ages so can't quite remember - i would check for you, but of course...oh yes no flights so STILL stranded in Cape Town!! In fact, I am just doing the first mix on the demos for a new album here in Cape Town - i cut them to CD put them in my car and eviscerated the speakers!!!! to say WAY TOO much sub bass would be a massive understatement!! Keep well Nigel
  10. Hi Daryl Like this, reminds me a bit of something Bonzo Dog would have recorded in their prime - very clever lyrics, i particularly enjoyed them. Nigel
  11. Dean Agree with Gary - this needs bass and does sound boxy. it is also very toppy. If I was mixing this, I would start getting the drum /bass balance and sound sorted out then go from there. Its a good track, just needs a better mix! Good job Nigel
  12. Bajan Blue

    Just One Way

    Wow, man what a great track - personally i would want the bass a bit more aggressive sounding , but as I said that's a personal choice. You really can sing my friend As I said, love this, great job Nigel
  13. Bajan Blue

    My Better Days

    Hi Grem Really liked this - lyrics and vocals great I thought. I think I do agree on the comments re interaction between bass and drums - not sure what it is but perhaps a second look / mix might just help - it is no big issue, but it might just help an other wise stellar track Great job Nigel
  14. Bajan Blue

    Big Moving Parts

    Definitely Floyd vibes as Tom says - beautifully recorded, great drummer, just right for this. Really cool and loved listening to it Nigel
  15. Bajan Blue


    Does sound dramatic and mix sounds OK to me - good stuff Nigel
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