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  1. Bajan Blue

    Remember My Name - new original

    I like this - good stuff
  2. Bajan Blue

    Audio Assault Westwood Drums

    I got a few of their amps etc for a few dollars a while back - the amps are mostly just OK but what I think are REALLY good are the RM 2 Analog Channel and the XCTR mutliband Saturator - use these two a lot Nigel
  3. Bajan Blue

    Air Instrument Cloud

    I have most of their products - I was one of the (few) people who purchased Sonnivox Muse back in the day - it was based on Gigasampler - Air took them over - and inherited a big mess - my program corrupted, I went to my DVD installation disc and it had gone faulty....so I contacted Sonnivox (Air) and asked just for a new program installation file as I had (and still have) all the content - they didn't have it!!! I think there were licencing issues perhaps. Anyway they really stepped up and as they could not help me with Muse, they offered a load of plug ins etc for free in exchange. Have to say their customer service in this instance was excellent. I use a few of the products, but some do seem a bit on the elderly side to me😜😜 Nigel
  4. Bajan Blue

    Ozone 5 left?

    Harry - I have Ozone since version 4 - I am on version 8 now - it's also a plug in just like Ozone 5 - Version 8 is far superior to 5 IMO - i believe its also on sale at the moment
  5. Scanner user here - I don't use the other so much Nigel
  6. Hi john wow I cant believe that "official video" of Starship - I thought the song was bad, but...well I think I'm speechless!!!!!! I'm not sure I should say thanks for sharing - shouldn't videos of this nature come with some kind of warning 😎 Nigel
  7. Great stuff Lars, enjoyed this. Nigel
  8. Bajan Blue

    Audio Assault RM-2

    I bought this a few months back and have already used it quite a bit - for $5 this is a no brainer as they say Nigel
  9. Bajan Blue

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    Hi Zinc I have both and use Shimmer Strike Shake by far the most - it really is an excellent package Nigel
  10. Bajan Blue

    SSD question: Crucial MX500 2TB- 183.99

    Much the same here - in the past 18 months or so I have replaced nearly all the drives in both my main music computers with Crucial 2Tb drives - so far no failures and they have really given both computers (which are around 4 or 5 years old) a new lease of life!! Nigel
  11. Bajan Blue

    Korg Poly-800 Repair

  12. Bajan Blue

    Korg Poly-800 Repair

    Hi Glyn I have one of these and use it quite a bit - had it for years - I had the filter Mod done on it when I purchased it which gives it more guts!! Mine also went wrong and as with all my Synths that go wrong, I had it repaired by Andy at Synth Prof - honestly Andy can repair just about anything - even a few Russian Synths I've given him with NO documentation in English! Nigel
  13. Bajan Blue


    Having had a quick look around the interweb, it would appear these are old Synth Edit 32bit Synths - as Synth Edit is no more I believe, I assume bridging is the only answer But it seems very naughty of them to not make this clear
  14. Bajan Blue


    does all sound a bit strange - on their support site it says Q12. Can I use SuperWave plugins on a 64-bit operating system? Yes! If you are using a 64-bit VST Host then you will need to download and install the x64 version of the plugin(s). If you are running your VST Host in 32-bit mode then download and install the x86 version of the plugin(s).
  15. Bajan Blue

    The Hits Keep Coming

    Hi - so sorry to hear this - many years ago I was involved in an MS Group through a fried - I know even back then (and even though it was very illegal) marijuana was used extensively and helped a lot. I honestly don't know in what context it was used, but i know many said it helped greatly. Might be worth looking into Nigel