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  1. Bajan Blue

    Mortal Tears

    Tom - thanks - really appreciate you taking the time to watch our stuff and such kind comments Cheers Nigel
  2. Bajan Blue

    Mortal Tears

    Hi Douglas - thanks so much for the very positive comments - appreciated Cheers Nigel
  3. Bajan Blue

    Mortal Tears

    Hi Everyone Into our third month of Hard lock down in South Africa, so here is Video Two of the lock down series!! This track, Mortal Tears, is one of our favorites, hope you have time to listen all the way through - this is again from the album we released in 2017, On Top of the World Hope you enjoy Nigel
  4. Bajan Blue

    Make me Smile

    Hi Paul Thanks for that, really appreciated Keep well Nigel
  5. Bajan Blue

    Make me Smile

    Hi Freddy - wow thanks, I feel humbled - I'm really glad you like the music and videos - can't tell you how appreciative we are for your very kind comments. The album has done well so far - shame because of lock down we couldn't do some promotion, but that's how it goes sometimes - keep well Nigel
  6. Bajan Blue

    Make me Smile

    Hi Makke Thanks so much - comments really appreciated Nigel
  7. Hi Douglas Good job - the sound on the vocals is good through that Warm Audio Tone Beast - for years I've always tracked vocals etc using an external front end - I use here in South Africa an old Focusrite - really think it makes a difference Cheers Nigel
  8. Bajan Blue

    Make me Smile

    Hi Mesh Hope you're keeping well - thanks for the kind comments, always appreciated Cheers Nigel
  9. lawajava I think you might have made a very good point re the presets and I think that's why I'm not getting on with Finisher - the names of most of the presets don't really give you a clear idea as to what they do - so you have to click through a load to try and find one that does what you're looking for - it's quicker for me just to use say a delay/chorus/flanger / whatever and quickly dial in what I want - perhaps a better way of sorting and selecting presets could be something they could look at Nigel
  10. So I downloaded the demo and tried it on a few tracks - first impressions I cant say I was that impressed - but the good thing is the thirty day free trial - I can give it a thorough check out, see if it grows on me!! Shame some other Companies don't do the free trial, though I suppose it might reduce sales if after thirty days your impulse purchase mania has worn off!!!!! Nigel
  11. Nicely done - well played and sounds great Nigel
  12. Bajan Blue

    Make me Smile

    Hi Wookie Hope you keeping well - thanks for the kind comments - really appreciated Cheers Nigel
  13. Great job - really reminds me of SHAKATAK - Night Birds - no bad thing! Nigel
  14. Hi Lynn Great vocals and love the track - great job Nigel
  15. Hi David I really like this - love the feel and the space - great track Nigel
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