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  1. Lars - this is a good price for this - one of my favorite soft synths Nigel
  2. I've had this for many years - i find it very helpful when I am working out vocals for my original demos - the harmonies and backing vocals etc, to give a better idea of what it might sound like once sung properly. Never used it in a finished song - I suppose if you were very careful and sort of buried it enough, it might be OK for that Nigel
  3. Hi Freddy Thanks for the very kind comments - almost made me blush!! On our YouTube Channel we have a lot of videos all current to the last CD we released, Constantly Disappointed Toleration - the ones without a proper video (they just show the album cover at the moment) are all being released this Friday, so if you subscribe to the channel you will get a notification. https://www.youtube.com/user/DevineLie/videos For older videos, we have all these on our website https://www.devinelie.com/video/ Once again, thanks so much for the kind comments keep well my friend Nigel
  4. I still do this TODAY with my Ensoniq Mirage, which I love and use a lot - it has a pretty unique sound Nigel
  5. Congratulations and here's to a happy future Nigel
  6. I never got past ST3 - it really was a bit of a let down after all the years of waiting !! As the saying goes - Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Nigel
  7. Hi Tom Loved this - a bit bonkers but we all need bonkers sometime - well here in South Africa at the moment, we have Bonkers ALL the time - perhaps we could swap killing Rabbits to killing corrupt Politicians - we have more of those in Africa than Rabbits!!!! My favorite section of the track was the EDM part from about 3.20 Great job Nigel
  8. Hi Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind comments - always appreciated Nigel
  9. Zappa vibe here as well - Zappa in one of his more obscure moods perhaps, but still great - I'm off to dust off my vinyl copy of 200 Motels!! Nigel
  10. Bajan Blue

    Hot Dog!

    Hi freddy Like this a lot - old style, but still sounds great Nigel
  11. Daryl - great song and I loved the lyrics, very clever and apt as well!!! Nigel
  12. Allan - liked it, sounded good with very nice vocals Nigel
  13. Hi Jesse Unfortunately same for me, both links did not work Nigel
  14. Bajan Blue

    Eddies T-shirt

    Hi Paul I like this a lot - reminds me a bit of Mink DeVille - guitar work is very good Great job Nigel
  15. Hi Bjorn - like this and love the lyrics Good job Nigel
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