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  1. Great job you two and funny funny lyrics - loved them Cool Nigel
  2. Bajan Blue


    Definitely unpredictable and yes I get the circus vibe as well Cool job Nigel
  3. Hi Wookie - Sorry late to the party, I've been away for a few days so missed the first versions, but I really like this version - cool stuff my friend Nigel
  4. Bajan Blue

    Another Chance

    Hi - good song, as someone says, bops along nicely - i think my only comment would be the drums - they sound a little boxy and dead to me. Otherwise, all good Nigel
  5. Bajan Blue

    Home & Love

    Hi Jerry Very nice and I am sure very special for your Daughter Great job Nigel
  6. Andy - Great song - you really have carved out your own distinctive style - really cool Nigel
  7. Great Job everyone - as Wookie says, very prog!! Some real nice playing all round - love the guitar parts from James and Dave's keyboard parts fit just right. Nigel
  8. hi Baps - cool - I play Les Paul's all the time - got far too many of them!!! On second thoughts, silly statement, you can never have enough guitars..... Looks very nice indeed - set of good tuners and good nut as your friend said and it will be a stuner Nigel
  9. Bajan Blue

    PBS Song

    Hi David - great piece of music and no crackles for me as well Good job Nigel
  10. Hi Paul Good song and an excellent mix - for me the drums fit pretty well Really clear excellent vocals - i like this a lot Cool stuff Nigel
  11. Bajan Blue


    Hi Douglas Nice track - I use parallel compression on bass a lot - really helps it sit in the mix Cool Nigel
  12. Fabulous - on second listen already - mix is great and yes that Guitar Solo is special Just what what my Sunday Morning needed!!!! Thanks Nigel
  13. Bajan Blue


    Mark - really nice groove and good playing - mix sounds great to me Cool Nigel
  14. Hi Kevin Shot in the Back is a great track - on play as i write this. Love the drum sound - tight Great job Nigel
  15. great job Freddy - and those lyrics , funny stuff!! Cool Nigel
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