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  1. Hi We've just put up the video for the latest track of our new album - as you might guess from the title, a little bit of prog rock!! Hope you enjoy Cheers Nigel
  2. What's that old saying - always leave them wanting more!!!!! Thanks for listening and the very kind comments - appreciated Nigel
  3. Hi steve Thanks for the comments - the bass took a while to get right I can tell you so I'm glad you liked it! Cheers Nigel
  4. Hi Tom Thanks for the kind comments - really appreciated Thanks Nigel
  5. Lynn Thanks for the great comments - really appreciate your views on our music Nigel Hi John I hope the album goes double Platinum as well, then I could give up work and do full time music!!!!!! Thanks for the kind comments, always appreciated Nigel Andy Thanks for the comments re the videos - we have done videos for every track on this album, 12 in total!! I hope you like them all Nigel Bjorn Thanks for the comments - we really do try hard to be the best we can be - glad you enjoyed it Nigel
  6. Tom. Thanks, yes Gina is a great vocalist - very lucky to have her!! Nigel
  7. Hi Freddy Thanks so much for the kind comments - really appreciate them - the album is going really well so thanks to everyone who is taking the trouble to watch our music Thanks again Nigel
  8. pwalpwal Thanks for the talking heads video - i just LOVE talking heads and I'd not seen this Thanks nigel
  9. Bajan Blue

    Tamiami Trail

    Good old blues, just like I was brought up listening to!! Loved it Freddy, my type of listen on a Sunday afternoon Nigel
  10. Hi like this - i like prog music - even did one on our last album - we called ours The Incredible Genesis of King Jethro’s Pink Gong!!!! Anyway, great stuff Nigel
  11. wow that's great - i love it!! Well done my friend Nigel
  12. Bajan Blue


    Doug I like this, a lot - good song and well played - particularly liked the guitars and the sound of the rhythm guitar Great stuff Nigel
  13. Hi John I like the start - in the intro are those Chinese Winds Mini DIZI flute from Kong Audio - I purchased a few of the Kong Libraries many years ago for a project i was working on - a friend of mine ran the Great Wall of China for Charity and we were doing a documentary - unfortunately the money never appeared!!!!! And I don't think I've ever used them since, so great to hear how they can be incorporated into a modern song. Like the song and the lyrics - some good stuff in there. Personally I don't have an issue with the length of the intro, but I do know today the fashion is to have short intros Good stuff, thanks for sharing Nigel
  14. Hi The fifth track off our new album has just been released. Hope you enjoy Cheers Nigel
  15. Bajan Blue

    Eventide Sale

    Hi Not sure if anyone has posted this, but Eventide have a great sale on - as I have a few Eventide plug ins already, I picked up Anthology XI for $99!!!!!!!! Nigel Get award-winning tools to mix, master and produce your next record! Anthology XI Now $499 Upgrades available Check your price Anthology XI is the ultimate effects bundle featuring 23 plug-ins that span over 45 years of legendary Eventide sounds. It includes authentic emulations of legendary boxes plus classic EQs, compressors, dynamics processors, delays, reverbs, and pitch changers used by the best in the business. https://store.eventideaudio.com/pages/elevate-anthology?mc_cid=90cdf5cf64&mc_eid=f6c6d40187
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