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  1. As commissioned by Guitarist magazine 🙂
  2. Cream - White Room Double points because of Ambrosia creamed rice. So there.
  3. Sun Ra Arkestra - Love In Outer Space
  4. Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun
  5. I get it crashing Sonar when changing (colour) theme but otherwise, it's good. I've also got Blue Cat's Rehead which is essentially the same but without the room emulation - the EQ curves are very similar but not identical.
  6. Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Insemination both abbreviate to AI, because they're both full of w*nk. That's my opinion 🙂
  7. That sounds like a TSA (Transitional Services Agreement) which is not uncommon if a company acquires another's IP. I work with these all the time and the Gibson/Bandlab one seems exceedingly good compared with others I've encountered. A TSA does not come with obligaions for the purchasing company though.
  8. It's the Xeon e vs p I was remembering, where there are differences - not likely relevant here:
  9. Don't some of the Intel CPUs with e-cores have reduced instruction sets for the e-cores (eg. less powerful SSE)? I have no idea what would happen if a plug-in that could use (and expected) these instructions got bounced to an e-core.
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