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  1. Sheen's called in sick today at the catering business . I will be taking over his shift 😍 Kenny
  2. Good Luck on that one . It's every man for himself 😅 that's all I got to say today on my 67th birth day Kenny
  3. Hey Bitflipper ! I don't know if we will ever meetup and be friends in real life . Regardless of whether that happens or not , you still happen to be the one guy on this forum I would love to hang out with and smoke a joint with 😎 Kenny
  4. Well there you have it folks . People are gonna hear music on the level of what they want to see . If it looks awesome ! the music must be awesome ! Kenny
  5. Some people have their bridges pinned ..other folks have just glued a small strip of emery sand paper on the bridges lower section facing the top .to keep it from sliding . Most of the time on Jazz Box's I use medium gauge strings , that helps keep things in place ..another thing is I like to set my intonation and ones its as perfect as I can get it I will use a sharpie and trace a few sections of the bridge on the guitars top . This way I can always set it back to where it had good intonation ... all the best , Kenny
  6. Thank you Rain ! I agree with you she is a good looking guitar . The bridge is actually perfect the way it is set up . What you are seeing is the quality of my photo's ..they are marginal at best ...Currently the only means of photography I have over here is my android phone . Also I have a need for better lighting and a true camera . The CC in my ES stands for the Charlie Christian pick up . Charlie Christian is generally acknowledged and credited as being one of the the first truly electric guitar player that played electrified leads and melodic guitar parts .We are talking a long time ago when he was with Benny Goodman . Before Charlie everyone was just playing banjo's and arch-top guitars non amplified on the band stand ... Here's a article on some of his history https://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/listen-to-jazz-innovator-charlie-christian-bringing-electric-guitar-to-the-forefront-of-music For those that just want a quick pic here is a picture of Charlie and one of his guitars a Gibson ES 150 . Notice the 3 screws , that is how the Charlie Christian pick up is mounted to the guitars top . The pick up itself is very beefy construction wise and the CC pickup has a tone that no other guitar pick up has ...the tone itself is unmistakable ... My guitar is basically Gibson Guitars way of tipping it's hat to Charlie Christian by talking an ES 175 and adding the single CC pick up. The most modern thing about my guitar compared to Charlies guitar is his was a non cutaway guitar , mine has a Florentine Cutaway. Most authorities on Gibson Guitars say there were only 479 ES175 CC's made as an accurate account of their numbers ...they are very rare .. The production run lasted only a little over two years . Lets put that into perspective ...imagine only 500 1958 / 1960 Les Paul's made instead of the thousands of cherry sunbursts Gibson made ...What about only 500 Strats ? 😅 Any way I feel very Lucky to have gotten this guitar . I have wanted an ES 175 CC for over 37 years ... all the best, Kenny
  7. On Thursday I will be another year older . Since I'm reeling in the years I'm giving up on playing underage guitars that want to chew bubble gum and just look good 😜 I need a guitar that can handle it's biznezz when the chord changes hit the fan .Plus I want my guitar to inspire me and sound good for the kind of music I enjoy playing ... I bought this late 70's Gibson ES 175 CC Today . The ES 175 CC model is pretty Rare . If I'm not mistaken there was only 479 of them made . I have always wanted one of these ES 175 's since the days of when I worked at a very well known N.Y.C. music store ... Today was the day it finally happened . excuse the blurry pics , Kenny
  8. Just keep going one day at a time ...if I can do it you can do it . I wish I could tell you I had the will power to quit when I did ...the truth is I didn't .I had gotten some kind of bug like a flu or something 7 years ago . I was laid up pretty bad and the one time I tried to have a puff the whole experience knocked me out and it took hours to get to where I was before the puff . Around day 4 or 5 I started feeling better and I didn't want the pressure of saying I was gonna quit ...I went with let me see where this goes ...I ran my Idea to a friend that had quit years ago and he told me I had crested the physical addiction / craving ....so now I was left with dealing with the whole mental obsession of my smoking habit . The days turned into weeks , the weeks turned into months , the months turned into years and after all this time I could tell you quitting smoking was one of the best things I was ever able to accomplish in my life ...I was a 2 plus pack a day smoker and to this day I'm still amazed that I was able to put the cigs down .. One Day At A time and an attitude of not pressuring myself while just staying open to seeing where this goes is what got me over the hardest parts of quitting smoking . Kenny
  9. What ! my woman ain't good enough for you ? 😂 I do enjoy a good song that tells that type of story . In real life I don't mess around Here's another blues tune with a very unique lyrical message ... Kenny
  10. Wow ! theres like 20 of them geetars I want now Kenny
  11. Wow ! Your New Tele is stunning . I read up on it and watched a few videos ....Yeah ! It has great specs and it is super nice . Congratulations on your new guitar !...that's the good news .. The bad news is I got my BD coming up this week , Ive been wanting to get something for myself and you ain't helping the situation 😅 Kenny
  12. You have read all the positive thinking books you could find on"How to achieve success !" Here's what these books don't tell you 😉 The school for Cakewalk Moderation not only holds it's moderators to a strict code of excellence . We also take our posting guidelines criteria quite seriously . Kenny
  13. SHHH...! Lets keep that our little secret ! Kenny
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