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  1. I happen to be a fan of Delays . Congrats on getting that one . The specs look good ... in other news , If it's good enough for him It's good enough for me , Kenny
  2. Hi henkejs ! After 3 months of banging my head up against the wall trying to find a dog that would be a good fit for both myself and the dog , I was shocked at how fast this adoption came together . thank you for the kind encouragement , Kenny
  3. I also like the brindle coat with the white chest , I have to say he is pretty and he dresses much better than me . Thank you mcmd . It is true I stayed open to what the Universe may have had in mind for me ...now that I have him I feel so much calmer .thank you . Thanks S.L.I.P. ! I did see the picture before it was pulled .. That pic looks like it was taken at The Venice Beach boardwalk .Yes that girl in a white bikini was pretty hot and the dog in the pic was pretty big ... thank you all , Kenny
  4. Hi Wookiee , It seems in the past month I may have had a spurt or a boost in my creativity . With the whole Pandemic and isolation going on I doubled down on my Music as a means of trying to keep my creativity and sanity . I will look into implementing your suggestion of bumping up the kick drum Thanks for giving this one a listen . Hi Lynn , You are very kind too me with what you have just said ...Over the years I have been here I have gone from being in the outfield with my productions to maybe being a little closer to home plate .I'm glad you liked this and I'm happy you took the time to let me know that ... all the best, Hi Fred's Gratis Scores ! I happen to agree with your posted statements wholeheartedly .I did it this way because I had a bump in song output in the past 2 months .I didn't feel right about posting 7 active song threads in such a short time . Anytime I have had 3 or 4 active song threads up I would get overwhelmed maintaining the threads I had up . Then there's listening to other forum members music and song postings ... I do my best to provide solid feedback when I listen to other members music . Yet , I leave the hard core production feed back to others here that have chops in those areas .. When all is said and done I post here because I like to share my guitar playing ...I'm still working on getting it together production wise ... I'm looking forward to what my next one is gonna be myself ...lol everything I got going on now as possible new songs are all nothing more than Sonic Frankensteins ..lol thank you for your listen and solid feed back I do appreciate it . Hello Allan , All my guitar tones on this song were dialed up from my live gear ...I used my Live pedal board going into one of my smaller practice amps , then into my DAW .. No re-amping and no amp sims what so ever ... I'm proud of that too. Sure , I know things could be improved , I like the country stuff near the end yet I may decide to do Dueling Wah's ..that whole section in my mind is still open... You be interested in seeing this ..I wish I didn't have to do this to you but hey you spell checked me , you got it coming back at you ..🤣 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bette_Davis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_Davis Thank you for taking the time to listen to my playing on this song ..I had a real gas doing it . all the best, Kenny
  5. On Friday I adopted Milo from a married couple that was fostering him . Milo is a male Pit bull almost 2 years old and about 70 pounds .His coat is Black Brindle. He has a very sweet disposition and he is sticking to me like Velcro ..lol I think he might need glasses because last night I was looking at some of S.L.I.P.S. greatest photo hits and when I was done Milo tried to hump me ..I did the only thing I could do to exert my dominance I humped him back twice as hard as he tried to hump me 🤣 it seemed to have done the trick . We be platonic over here and we don't do no funny stuff nor do we do any of those peanut butter games 🤪 Overall I am so happy to have another dog , It felt like I was living in a morgue before I got Milo ...As far as I can tell I may have gotten really lucky .He is very affectionate , loves to be held ....he even thinks he can lay on top of me when I'm in my Lazy Boy ...I'm OK w it but I hope we don't break the chair . He is house broken and so far he seems to get along with all the dogs he has met so far . Milo was worth the wait it took to get a good boy . I love my new doggie so much already ...here is a pic of Milo Kenny
  6. Thank You Ed ! Hi Mesh ! thanks for giving this one a listen . I'm glad you enjoyed all the best , Kenny
  7. This video is a Heartfelt tribute to Guitarist Eddie Van Halen from his son Wolfgang Van Halen . This video was just released on Nov 16 th . Wolfgang played all the instruments and did all the Music The video features a lot of behind the scenes footage of Eddie at home being a family dad loving up his son . Have a box of tissues nearby when you decide to watch this .😉 Kenny
  8. sorry I couldn't resist 🤪 Typical where I live is a bunch of people bonging it up in the park and then they get in their cars and drive down the road texting their friends Kenny
  9. Ah Ha ! The famous last words of A Blonde right before she lost her job at The M&M factory . I would be sad , but she got a much better job at S.L.I.P.'s Modeling Agency , Kenny
  10. Hi Mark , I listened to Betty Davis back in the day. Back then (Mid 70's ... ) there was a lot of good music . I could hardly keep up with all the Music I Liked . After developing a taste for Jazz and some other Music I loved , I had forgotten about her music up until only recently ... As you research Betty Davis you may find she has an interesting history , both in Music and in her personal Life . Betty was a first in a lot of areas so I'm not giving away any spoilers ...., hey dig this I don't always play Wah , but when I do , I like to use an Immersive tone ! 🎆 Thank you for complementing my guitar playing and productions skills ( the ones you liked ) it mean a lot too me . all the best , Kenny
  11. WOW Douglas ! after hearing all of that , I'm gonna have to send you a twenty instead if the Ten I promised you 😂 I listened to Jimi a lot when I was younger. I'm glad I was able to convey his Influence in my playing . Thank you so much for giving this tune a listen. all the best Kenny
  12. Hi kurt soderquist , Nice Playing ! You sound good . Kenny
  13. Hi David , I'm doing my best to keep this aspect of my playing up . The track I played over was an Abersold . He sets his song recordings up with the Bass on one side w the Drums and the Piano on the other side of the stereo field with the drums . When I played over this track it was only for a practice session ..I thought there was merit in my playing so I decided to post it once I heard how my playing sounded with the added Organ Parts . Thank you for taking the time to give my playing on Cantaloupe Island a listen . I do appreciate it . all the best , Kenny
  14. Hi Wookiee , Thank you very much for giving one a listen . I appreciate you taking the time . all the best , Kenny
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