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  1. Good thing it's not always all together at one time . Your butt-hole would be tooting it's all time greatest hits with a rather suspicious cornucopia of mixed aromas . Kenny
  2. My posted excerpt was an interpretation of the message of being useless lifted from this link telling the classic story about The Useless Tree https://ando.life/journal/the-useless-tree What is it to be useless? It is to be empty, free of striving to become something, to be anything special, without goal or attainment. To be useless is simply to relax, rest at ease, and allow our true nature to express itself in a simple, easy way. There is nothing to do, nothing to be, and nothing to attain. I'm nothing special. You're nothing special. Everything we can perceive is impermanent, in the flow of life, constantly changing. If we free ourselves of goals and attainments, to truly let go of any wish to be a certain way, or to posess certain things or attributes, leaving everything alone, then we are truly Free. Without limit. Unbound and unbounded. This is true rest. To be completely and utterly useless. Like the tree. Life takes care of everything else. Kenny
  3. Yeah I hear you ! I miss the days when The Coffee House was somewhat of a Free For All ! Kenny
  4. Wow ! That has got to be the coolest car a bass player can ever drive while working his Pizza Delivery Gig . Kenny
  5. Strike that chew toy off my list .How was I supposed know Bapu's Alembic had a state of the art security system with countermeasures installed?😅 Kenny
  6. After experiencing a disastrous physical encounter at the local dog park with a bulldog named Buba . Chadwick seriously considered getting a vehicle backup camera device for his but hole. Kenny
  7. I went to the beach today and got into an argument with a Jelly Fish ...Oh man that's the last time I will ever tell one of those things to kiss my ***** . Kenny
  8. Woah ! Look at that Mother ***** Go ! He Passed me like I was just standing there 😄 Kenny
  9. Well ! There is certainly enough censorship around here as it is so I'm glad you left out the number one favorite thing you like to do with Mrs Notes .😎 Kenny
  10. When Strummy was a little boy he had a persistent dream of winning a spelling bee and becoming the national spelling champ . In the final round of the competition there was only him and a homely looking freckled seventh grade girl with pig tails wearing a white button down shirt and a plaid parochial school skirt. The audience fell silent as she twitched nervously in anticipation while awaiting her word to spell. In a pure stroke of genius well beyond her years she was successful in spelling the word "Exacerbate ". Having successfully completed her task the audience erupted in a thunderous roar of approval . At this point Strummy knew he had to press on and do his absolute best to snatch the brass ring out of her hands so he could become this years spelling bee champion . As he attempted to spell his word "Onomatopoeia " the audience was absolutely shocked upon hearing him mumble Ftljf vgtkwq pgslhv Ouagapjhg lkrnbcx g mbpy kftrmb? People starting looking around at each other with a shocked questioning look on their faces wondering what had just happened . That was the day Strummy learned to never ever eat a crunchy peanut butter spread on saltine crackers as your only snack when you are nervous and have an empty stomach . Well there you have it folks . That's what went wrong 🐝 Kenny
  11. The barefoot guitar with the toes showing was bought using only tip jar money from all the times people request the song Barefooting . Kenny
  12. Well if we are talking about temporary I'm gonna have go with a good strong cup of black coffee . A Pipe load of Heath Row brand herbal enhancements , and then 20 mins set aside to kick back and think about a few things I would like to have in my life someday , A few things I would like to have . Some More of this , Then I will be able to get Big Red as my next Valentine's Day Date , And one of these so Big Red and I can ride off together into the sunset . After having that nice little dream I am still very grateful for what I actually do have .A roof over my head ,food in my cupboards , an extra months supply of dog food for Milo and a decent guitar or two . Here's my Wallet ...After the doctor put on a set of plastic gloves , told it to bend over and cough 🤣 The Love of my Life Milo . My Bike / extra clothing rack . A couple of these guitars to noodle on.... And last but not least the friends I have made over the years here .... Kenny
  13. Woah ! sounds like he had a tough day ....it has been years since I had a cat . I do remember some of the antics they used to pull. They seem to like to get away with things and then flaunt it right to your face . Dogs ain't no Saints either 😉 I had one Pitbull that thought she was a carpenter . She took the wooden legs of my full sized couch and proceeded to chew them down to the size of a medium sized box of tooth picks . At least with a dog when you bust them they do know how to put on that sad I'm sorry face while they assume an all droopy looking posture . Yeah ! don't be fooled , it's all an act 😅 Kenny
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