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  1. Does she come with a free fully stocked Beer truck ? if no , I'm asking the fish for the date . Kenny
  2. Should I hit it ? or Should I not ? You never can tell when it comes to bass players. Kenny
  3. Oh Boy ! ...what a thread ..... T Racks throttles the extra headroom on my machines into the Red ...I play Blues ,Rock and Jazz ...I don't need to be louder than a Heavy Metal Band . Thankfully the Lurssen does not do that over here ... That KRV dude may be hitting the bong super hard if that is happening to him .... With IK I have taken a Rag Tag approach on buying their products ...If it goes on sale and if I think I want ( need ) it I will buy it ... Yeah I bought some Artist and Amp collections ...they are nice ...but as people say ..it don't win me any Jam points or better upgrade pricing ... I haven't done the group buys ,So when I want to buy something ...IK may think I'm gonna pay full price if its not on sale ... Forgetaboutit ...I was fresh off the boat 30 years ago . No Ken Do No Ken Do Kenny
  4. I sure miss Duke someday s ....Milo is kicking my butt. Kenny
  5. I can see that point of view for sure . Over here for me it is Guitars pedals and amps .... Kenny
  6. I hate to say it but most of the people I know on this forum are North of 55 and a little South of 70..So Whats the matter guys , the truth hurts ? 🤣 Kenny
  7. Mixcraft Artist Spotlight: Old Guys Rockin 🤣 Kenny
  8. Yep ! some fresh Grins and Giggles .... just what the doctor ordered. My poor dog Milo keeps checking up on me for each new picture.... I'm over here laughing my boom boom off at some of these . Kenny
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