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  1. In The white Corner we have The Royal Beasts . VS In The Black Corner we have The Les Paul's and various Guitars all moves will be timed “I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.” – Marcel Duchamp Let the games begin. Kenny
  2. Oh Why Oh Why did they have to write that song about turning 64 ... ,, When I first heard it I was only a little boy . I never thought I would ever make it this far . Now I can't get the words out of my head ... Thanks Dave , I better change my feelings about how old I feel . I'm one of the young guys at the gym I work out at .( when it comes to the silver sneakers crowd ) I met a guy that was 94 years old and he was in better shape than me ( at least mentally ) 🤪 Kenny
  3. Yeah give Bill some credit , if it's really him he will eventually apologize to the Alligator 😎 Kenny
  4. 🤣 Yeah right , I know that one . It sure gets kinda old . It's just like practicing a song for years that I will never get to play Kenny
  5. When and if that Spider Woman shows up at my door this Halloween asking for a treat , there is only one safe thing I can do . I'm gonna grab my treat , put it back in my front pocket and lock my Levi's zipper down w a master lock I'm just too young to die . Oh but the thought of such a Glorious Death Kenny
  6. I can understand how you could feel that way considering the threads topic + all the general horsing around that always happens here in the Coffee House .. The truth is I was genuinely grateful with my motives for posting my comment ...😊 Don't worry there will be other occasions here on the forum when your Spidey sense's will be correct 😂 Kenny
  7. Let us know what you think one you get it installed . Also thanks for the other synth recommendations . Kenny
  8. Let's face it, sarcasm and good storytelling is not for everyone . Kenny PS one of mine I had to slip into the thread
  9. Wow thank you S.L.I.P. ! this is much appreciated . Was that Notes Norton playing the Sax? Kenny
  10. Yes Craig I agree w you it is still a very good deal ... They are a good company , When I bought Voltage product bundles / upgrades through them , they always applied my prior purchases to the price of what I'm looking to upgrade to .. Work requirements 😎🤣 Kenny
  11. I had my birthday last weekend . I would have been happy if she showed up even if she couldn't sing worth a $hit and handed me a twinky w a half burnt candle on it ... Yes ! Very Do Able Kenny
  12. After seeing this Fugly Trick or Treater at his front door on Halloween and thinking once or twice about hitting it S.L.I.P. decided to rise above this personal romantic low point and get himself a service animal . After an exhaustive national search He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt when he did in fact find the right dog for him . Armed with a fresh unopened jar of peanut butter for his new four legged companion They both set out on their new found quest to set things right and to restore his former high standards of posting only cute pics of do able Ladies for all his future Coffee House posts Kenny
  13. This is Beagles Nobel Prize Nominated Taste Captivating Visual Essay called The Advanced Biological Concepts of Procreation explained in much simpler terms Kenny
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