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  1. That was nice .... here's how it was done as per the comments section Kenny
  2. Yeah Bill ! once they told me they got you , they came after me 😎 Kenny
  3. To add insult to injury I have other things I can do besides all those personal accomplishments I just mentioned . I can play the Jazz tune Moaning in all 12 keys on my guitar & I know my A Minor scale on all the positions of the guitars finger board blindfolded . Let me ask you something ....Do you think that would help ? NO ... Those Girl Scouts still got me to buy 5 boxes this time. I wound up getting , Tagalongs, Samoas, and thin mints. They simply just don't take NO for an answer Kenny
  4. Let's face it Pal , you seem to like to stir the $hit up where ever you go . You recently tanked one of my threads with your self serving BS . For the record ... I have read this thread and I can tell you this from what I have read so far . There is a very big difference between free will making informed logical choices VS self will run riot . If you don't know what I'm talking about here It may be helpful for you to seek out the wisdom to know the difference . Now that we have had this conversation , why don't you do us all a favor and stop playing the victim here . Get off the cross we need the wood . Kenny
  5. That picture that S.L.I.P. posted showing the real CCLarry has the guy to the right of Larry in the next picture pointing a gun at him ... I guess that guys old lady must have been a member here and she must have shopped a lot of the deals CCLarry posted . Kenny
  6. Nice Tune ! my feeble attempt at that song from over 10 years ago https://soundclick.com/r/s3plvt Dang after just listening . I need to redo that one or at least remix it LOL Kenny
  7. You go get him Starise 😉 you are on the right track ...he is using an Ad hominem type of smoke screen in his argument Ad hominem Perhaps the most infamous among the fallacies is the argumentum ad hominem. The principle is quite simple. If you are assessing the merits of someone’s argument, you should not attack his or her personal background or motives. If you play the man instead of the ball, you are guilty of ad hominem reasoning. But are things so simple? Let’s trot out the Fallacy Fork again. If your ad hominem argument take a deductive form, then of course it is invalid. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Take this argument: “Researcher A is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry, therefore it follows that A’s study is flawed”. If the “therefore” is intended to be deductive, then clearly the argument is invalid. But how often do you encounter ad hominem arguments in this strong form? that excerpt was from a paper called the fallicy fork https://maartenboudry.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-fallacy-fork-why-its-time-to-get.html another example of that whole type of approach ... Are Logical Fallacies Useful https://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/are-logical-fallacies-useful/ or for those that don't feel like reading all that $hit carry on Kenny
  8. The way things are going on a social restructuring level due to COVID 19 plus when you factor in all the personal dynamic financial issues it brings up . It is my opinion Now would be a very bad time to try and unload and sell off musical gear unless you can totally walk away from the musical items and take a real beating on the price ... I am starting to see a new larger influx of people trying to sell their gear ...this may be due to possibly all the new restrictions and work closures that have taken place in every nook and cranny of the job markets and business here in The United Snakes . People that were once working are now scrambling to insulate themselves and their loved ones from what seems to be an almost insurmountable ever changing landscape of real time issues that are cropping up in every area of their life . I have already seen in the past couple of days numerous musical sales adds where people are flooding sites with the hopes and desire of selling off their gear so they can have a financial insulation and buffer from what appears to be a pandemic that has placed the citizens of Today's World in a state of uncertainty that may or may not have a timeline to ride out ( as it stands now nobody knows how long this will last ) A good majority of musicians that typically buy musical gear buy the gear because they have a dream and sound they are looking to actualize.Often times the gear they purchase not only gives them the satisfaction of having accomplished a goal or desire , the new gear can even turn out to be a coping mechanism and a pathway to creating positive self esteem . At one point it took me 30 years to get another Gibson Les Paul ..I had sold my 57 reissue in 1982 ....I got my current Les Paul R 8 in 2012 . Many times it helps the aspiring musician to insulate themselves from the stings of having to juggle living in the real world where they may have a family , a car note , a house note and various other non related to music activities ...When Times are good people feel comfortable making these types of musical purchases . They get to live a little piece of the dream as they work on their music and provide the needed security and Love to their family's VIA the day gig or non musical work that puts bread on the table . Now that times are getting rough, we have peoples closet queen guitars and various other musical gear (that sat away in the darkness of a closet for safe keeping never seeing the light of day) being called forth as a form of a musical Lazarus to pick up the slack and hopefully provide some financial relief . These one time often loved but not forgotten hidden gems are now starting to flood the for sale sections of many sites ...( at decent prices may I add ) Is this a good thing or a bad thing ? I can't say for sure ...but I think that some people are doing what they feel they have to do right now just to provide for themselves and their loved ones .... Remember there's people out there that only last week had a job to go to . Now they don't have a job to go to , plus their children are now home w them 24 / 7 I bring this all up because I have noticed a few used guitars I couldn't touch price wise are now going for more sane and reasonable prices . ( FWIW I'm not in the market for anything ...I do like to look ..but my wallet has been on life support ever since it heard of CCLarry AKA Larry Shelby 😎 ) Whats my Point ? Now may be the best time to buy musical gear ...Not sell musical gear....there is simply way to much stuff out there competing for the bucks ... Peace Out , Kenny
  9. Yeah ! it's a game alright ...Get me my cookies now or I'm gonna play Smoke On The Water Kenny
  10. When you are ready hopefully you will play a Les that will speak to you . Kenny
  11. I have to say I liked that ! Loved the posted comment on the video "this is the catchiest of abominations."😎 that comment certainly reminds me of a Bapudio Kenny
  12. 🤣🤣🤣 You Guys are so funny .... you have lifted my spirits 😎 thank you Kenny
  13. It must have been all the green I did on ST Paddy's Day because when I went to sleep I thought my pecker was this big . When I woke up this morning all groggy and kenfusied I noticed my manhood and treasure was really only this big ... Apparently, it's gone...🥴 Kenny
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