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  1. OK ! Lets all line up for Cat obedience training Everything you need to know is in the poster . Study it carefully and please memorize all the commands . Kenny
  2. The one with sprinkles was good. Now I want a Chocolate Cup Cake Kenny
  3. Excellent Idea Bob ! After hearing you say that I removed my inspirational Einstein bust of my fire place and I asked my self how come I didn't think of that ? Kenny
  4. I should have taken better care of my self ...what you said Sounds about right to me ....in theory Your getting close to our age ......😆 You must be doing something right . I can't get a younger woman to look at me unless she is giving me my change back after me paying for my groceries . I like your math ..it sounds a lot like a useful sliding scale ðŸĪĢ 5 years younger than me is close to Craigb give or take a year or two ..15 years older puts me in Jane Fonda territory ....Yikes that girl has got a lot of Bondo and filler in her body work . Yeah I get that ....sometimes people I know in my age group have a lot on their plate ( health wise , financially or stress wise for example ) and because of that they wind up coming off a lot older .. Either way what I just said may have nothing to do with your dinner w friends situation , but I do get the general gist of what that type of experience feels like . all the best , Kenny
  5. I haven't had a beer since August of 1983 .There are certainly days when I miss it.about as much as breaking out into handcuffs and getting chauffeured around in the back of The Po Po's car . Kenny
  6. 1 . Whether I stand a chance or not I'm guilty of always asking a pretty girl what her name is . This way before I fall asleep at night I can nibble on my dogs ear while I call out her name in my pillow as I squeeze my pooch real tight . 2 . After we wake up in the morning I'm also guilty of telling my pooch I love him and I'm gonna make amends for calling him all sorts of women's names late into the darkness of the night . He pressed me on when I was gonna help pay for his therapist bills and I told him real soon . So I'm also guilty of taking my pooches therapy money that I was saving and blowing it all on the I.K. Group buy .....I don't even have the heart to tell him . 3 . I'm guilty of shouting my Love for Becan all over the internet including all the music forums I frequent . Unfortunately for me 2 years ago my heart doctor told me I had to get my sodium levels in order so the closest I have come to eating Becan was eating a Dollar store bag of Pork Rinds . After that ordeal I now feel like a real Fraud when it comes to Becan 🐷 4 . I'm guilty of going in the sauna at my gym after my work out with a tee shirt and sweat pants on . I just don't feel like using the lockers ...and having these old exhibitionist dudes trying to put their Junk anywhere s near me ...I learned this one the hard way ...I used to use the lockers . Now I will wait until I get home to change and take a shower Any way , I'm not the only one at the sauna who keeps some cloths on , but I'm the only guy at my gym out of everybody that looks like a hard core biker ( which I was for many years ) . Since most of the guys there are real clean cut and respectable looking they are always trying to get a bead on who I am. Every once in a while some one will ask me why do I have all that stuff on in the sauna .that brings us to # 5 5 . I like to mess with them so I'm totally guilty of looking them dead in the eye as I lean in towards them . Then I will put a real sad look on my face while I hold up my right hand with my thumb and my first finger a half inch apart and I tell them " I'm hung like a mosquito " I will then make a real contorted face like I'm ready to cry as I exhale a long deep breath .....It gets them every time because after I say that they get a real surprised look on their face like WTF ... Then I tell them it's OK that they asked me their question because "Its one thing to have to go through life hung like a mosquito , its a whole other thing to remove all doubt about it ."...😉 OK , That's my first 5.... and no I'm not packing a cocktail frank ...I'm packing a spicy knockwurst ðŸĪŠ OOOooppps was this so posed to be only about Music ? I can go there too if you want Kenny
  7. PM sent , Thanks for getting back to me and helping me out Bapu ! I really do appreciate it 🙂 Kenny
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "Ya Mon" It was strange hearing Fred and Barney talk and Rap with a Rastafarian sounding accent ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kenny
  9. I sure love these "Medical grade edible cupcakes " .It's my third one in less than 3 hours . When I bark" Woof! Woof!" it sounds a lot to me like I'm standing inside an Analog Echo Chamber . Woof Woof , Woof Woof , Woof Woof ,Woof Woof , Woof Woof , Do know what I mean ? Can you hear what I 'm saying ? Kenny
  10. B & H say they have it in stock . For my local area their add says it ships free ... Either way I still have to deal with the car reg... first ...I can't do both unless I plan on eating Ramen noodles again for weeks on end .ðŸ˜Ļ No way ! I ain't going back to that . As far as I know The Ramen Noodle company don't take Jam Points 😉 If I was to get both my car and my mic sorted out on the fast track , my only other option would be to show up at The dollar Store , put on a sad face and ask them to give me $ .50 cents worth of Ramen All kidding aside , Is shipping a lot for you because your in another country other than The US ? Kenny
  11. I just got the ARC 3 software . I have some Jam points not a whole lot so I haven't even bothered to check on the total cost of the mic with shipping yet . I may have to wait on getting the mic because of a time sensitive car registration I need to take care of first this month .. ... Kenny
  12. Wow that's a great idea ! I had no idea I K had the calibration mic for sale as a separate purchase . Base on you info I just grabbed ARC 3 . Your suggestion may turn out to be a game changer for my situation . What I have to do next is to get the mic thank you ,😊 Kenny
  13. I have one slot left . I find your answer a better choice than just grabbing another plug I may or may not use . Where does one get a calibration mic ? Kenny
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