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  1. Practice Am in all 12 keys and you will be good to go 😉 Kenny
  2. My Precious Darling ! Did you happen to say something ? Kenny
  3. Plugins are the icing on the Cake . With out the Cake meaning a good song . All your doing with all your plugins is snacking on the icing without the Cake ! Kenny PS I know them be fighting words around here 😛
  4. I watched the first video . Now I got a big lump in my throat and my eyes are all moist . Kenny
  5. Me ? I'm an imposter so don't throw me outta here .... I have had to adjust my diet to heart healthy low sodium foods since my heart is on the borderline of needing stents .. The closest I have come to becan was a bag of Chicharrones I held in my hands for a few moments at the local dollar store .. Sheesh this dietary restriction has reminded me of all the times I stood outside of closed music stores and exotic car dealers after hours dreaming of the day I can get the car and guitar or my dreams ...Now when I go to the supermarket I'm doing the same thing while having becan flash backs , Admittedly like it or not this has given me a good foundation for continuing my pathetic humble monastic existence ,,,, Oh well when all is said and done I can still play a mean A Minor Kenny
  6. Your group certainly looks pretty good there on that nice looking stage .... Glad you got invited back . Kenny
  7. The winner of this top cat stare down will not have to touch nor clean out the litter box for two whole weeks 😂 Kenny
  8. It may be a bad day for toilets but hey since it's Black Friday it's a great day to shop for new stretch jeans and belts ! Kenny
  9. The back up dancers are finally here! Now he can play his set ! Kenny
  10. Happy Thanksgiving everybody ! Kenny
  11. I have been sticking to my plan of practicing my guitar first away from my computer ... I learned this song years ago and I forgot how to play it 😆 I started working on this a few days ago ....This performance is Ruff but hey .... at least I'm trying my best to get back in the game Happy Thanksgiving all , Kenny
  12. That Turkey sure knows how to fake it until till you make it , Kenny
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