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  1. I guess we wont be seeing him again until the cows come home . Kenny
  2. I'm loving the way these buns move Kenny
  3. Most Honorable Grand Master Cow's lesson for today is "Eat more chicken" . Kenny
  4. 🤣 I like the play on words you did for your thread title ....you kept the beat and syncopation of the syllables ... Kenny
  5. All I've ever needed was a thin little cloth rag with some Ronson lighter fluid . I wet the cloth and pinch the string between my fingers as I slide from the nut to the bridge . This cleans strings great . When the sting is clean it is totally squeaky clean as in clean plus it squeaks as you slide the rag. I like Chromes on my Jazz boxes ...+ my Jaguar ...they last a long time ( for me ) years.... I happen to love James Jamerson , So I use flat wounds on my (only) Bass . I changed my Bass strings once after 10 years .It ruined the sound of my Bass and it took my tone and sent it straight to the crapper ... That was in 2001 , I haven't changed them since ...and wouldn't you know it ? my tone came back . Now if I had a couple of basses like I used to have in the 80's I would probably have one set up with round wounds ... Kenny
  6. I herd that too . Where have I herd that ? It sure sounds familiar . Kenny
  7. Go Jiggles Go Jiggles Go Jiggles Go Jiggles Go Jiggles Go Jiggles Yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh Baby !Baby! Oh Baby !Baby! I can feel you now all I want to do is get close to you Oh Yeah Life is Good Kenny
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