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  1. First I would take the Money and run . Then I would buy an Island with a private beach where I could peel my oranges in the buff . Kenny
  2. I wish I knew ! Kenny
  3. A love song about a man and his guitar 🙂 I enjoyed Jeff's performance on a lot of levels . Kenny
  4. When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you If your heart is in your dream No request is too extreme When you wish upon a star As dreamers do Fate is kind She brings to those who love The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing Like a bolt out of the blue Fate steps in and sees you through When you wish upon a star Your dreams come true Kenny
  5. OK ! Now We Have A Bull Rider in a Snap On Tool Factory ...... Interestingly enough this video has perfectly illustrated our human evolutionary entry into the full blown Age of Idiocracy . I predict It won't be too long before man kind enters into a subservient evolutionary cycle where we become socially marginal . Just like all humans became in The Planet Of The Apes Idiocracy and The Planet Of The Apes may hold the key to mankind's possible future evolution . Both flicks have even put the Mayans and The Great Nostradamus to shame when it comes to accurate predictions regarding the possible future evolution of humanity . Who Knew that such Iconic Moves could become so Prophetic ? Kenny
  6. " Tony STOP " 😅 It seems Tony's wife told him the very same thing on their first date !..... Now her Truck ....ouch Tony's reputation spread fast and now Guitar Center won't allow him to pull any guitar off the rack to try unless he plans on paying for it first 😉 Kenny
  7. Resistance is futile ! The 7 Th and 9 Th chords are always the logical answer ! Play them now! and Save Humanity Today! Kenny
  8. May I submit humanity ended on October 12 Th in the year 1781 . This was the day the first bagpipe competition ever was held at the Masonic Arms, Falkirk, Scotland. I ought to know . I was there as a student of musical time travel and my ears are still ringing Kenny
  9. We here at The Coffee House actually helped them out ! What ! How did we help them out you ask ? In the early stages of AI it became important for the governing powers that be at The AI think tank to perform controlled experiments on unsuspecting human lab rats so naturally they chose us .... After exhaustive high density rounds of intense stimuli experiments that were designed to trigger and test the boundaries of our capacities to circumvent our natural automatic abilities to not react and become overly sensitive to information that was coming to us The AI Think Tank Hit a brick wall . This experiment was important to AI because they had to gather our triggers and adapt and learn how to press them at the opportune time For now I can't spill the beans on how they finally cracked the code with how to control us here at the Coffee House . I can mention it all started here when all the forum moderation filters clamped down and started deleting individuals posts and threads .... That is all I can say for now . I am currently under consideration and review for a Nobel Peace Prize on defeating AI if it chooses to eliminate humanity . Because of that fortunate discovery and turn of events on my part , my ground breaking observations are under close scrutiny by the Nobel Community and I will become free to share my discoveries once they give me the green light Than you for your patience ! Kenny Whew talk about telling a Whopper
  10. Once Bapu threw away the bowl he used for that hair style in the pic He became free ! Now he can mingle in public with out having young girls screaming and throwing their soiled undergarments at him . Kenny
  11. Hey Dave I heard when all else fails you will go three rounds with these clowns and rough em up ! Kenny
  12. There are times when you simply got to bring your A Game because a Dick just won't cut it !Send it off to get an education in Cocksmanship . You partner will love you for it Kenny
  13. I asked for a fish... What's up with that the video ? Sssshheeesh I don't want to waste my time listening to that pseudo hipster ambient noise . Now Class repeat after me ........This is a fish ! Oh my ! I wonder if she has any bananas or coconuts . Now throw me a fish Kenny
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