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  1. No , The Square Guitar I posted in the other picture didn't have a case to go with it ... When I went to pay for the Square guitar I had seen the case you mentioned under a pile of old linens and blankets . I asked the elderly woman who was selling the Square guitar "what was in the old beat up case underneath the pile?" She told me it "was just a piece of junk guitar she had laying around the house" . Her story was it was left there abandoned from the previous home owners from when she had bought the house and moved in over 50 years ago . I asked her if it was OK to take a look at what she had in the case . She told me she was tired of moving it around and wanted to be done with it Then she told me to kick in another 20 bucks and I could have that guitar under the pile w the case too ... With out missing a beat I kicked in the extra Andrew Jackson , said my goodbys to the elderly woman , and promptly left w out even bothering to look inside the old beat up Guitar case .... When I had gotten home this is the guitar I found inside that old beat up brown guitar case w stickers all over it ... Oh Yeah ! for $20 bucks extra I think I did pretty good .... Kenny
  2. Hi Mesh , Yes ! The Soul Scale exercises for Improvisation is a very good lesson . The info in The Soul Scale exercises for Improvisation are bite sized and easy to remember while practicing away from the computer .... I spent a good deal of my time practicing the concepts of this video yesterday while I was looking around at some of the other videos he has up on his u tube . I did notice throughout the video I heard a little G Benson in there + some really hip country rock type of sounds in the Guitar playing ... This I heard when it went into the extended octave practice .. Great stuff , a real nice easy way to bump up the chops and have new things to practice and learn on the guitar . Thanks for posting the videos you have posted so far in this thread ...I'm into it .. all the best, Kenny
  3. I guess 2 Squares equals a rectangle ... If that's the case , I guess I can learn to like squares myself ... Kenny
  4. I may be a few years older than you and I mean no disrespect by bringing that up because back in my day all the musicians and friends I had would listen to music together as a group of people sharing the whole experience together . It was very rare someone would listen to music by themselves unless they were trying to copy what was on the record or learn something for a gig . It usually went some thing like this . The second someone bought a new record there would be 8 or 9 of us crowded into a small space listening to the NEW music together ... The same thing happened for equipment . When somebody bought a new guitar, amp or pedal it was the same thing 🥳 8 or 9 grimy sweaty paws looking to coop a feel on the new guitar ...amp or pedal . I do feel lucky I have seen the musicians I have seen ...I won't drop names yet I will say that Paul Kossoff left a lasting impression on me since back then ... I can still close my eyes and see and hear him in my minds eye ...man when that guy bent a note and put some vibrato on it he really got me on a core level ... tone to the bone in any event I have seen and heard just about everybody I wanted to see ... in a lot of cases I met and hung out with many of them too ....the old guard not the new guys ....the new guys are too stuck up lol come and get you some J B ..I'm ready for you are you ready for me ? ..lol Kenny
  5. Love it ! I got to see the original line up for the Tobacco Road Tour and recording when I was a young concert goer .. seeing Edgar , Johnny , Ric Derringer , Dan Hartman and friends perform Frankenstein has left a lasting memory ..What a concert ...... LOL I keep wishing I can get that tune under my fingers ...truth is I need to put in the time to make that happen ... FWIW I did sit down and considered making a video of me playing some Jazz guitar today while using some of this lesson as a starting off point ... I had gotten side tracked and dug what I was playing on the guitar ...so I never even set up the video stuff ...its all good though I need a little time to ferment the chops ... also I wound up learning and playing everything In the video Mesh posted ....that video has some super great playing concepts .... I love that fellas u tube channel. I've been trying to learn all this stuff my whole life and then boom it all come in a flash because of his videos .... Love it Mesh ! Great find ....I've been working on these musical examples a good part of my day ... thank you for adding this video . Kenny
  6. Yes ! +1 your welcome! I'm so glad we can have something to work on that helps our guitar playing and music . Yes I have done that ...the G major triad gives you the 5 th , Major 7th and the 9 th when played over C Major ....your post is on topic Hey thanks David . Yes he is very good teacher plus he is what I call an excellent online resource . He presents his material in a logical way that features an uncanny ability to take very complicated sounding musical examples and simplify them ...he has been bookmarked over here ... BTW I did buy his Coltrane a few days before I posted some of his material here .....The best under a five bucks I ever spent . Did somebody say WOOF ? Thank you Professor ! This is why little children are afraid of Jazz ! I'll be back Kenny
  7. That all depends on what you are here for . If you are interested in spicing up your music and playing with the ideas in the video . You are in the right place . If you are interested in all the typical Coffee House horseplay and fooling around . You are also in the right place ... You get out of it what you put into it . Ultimately it is within your power of choice to decide , Kenny
  8. There are some very hip sounds here ...great thing is the guitar lends itself to simple triads which can be superimposed over much more complex harmonic structures . Even thought I have know about this and been doing this for years , this little video here has blown me out of the water with how far he took the concept in such a short time . For the record I have no affiliation w the author ...I do like his work and I have purchased one of his tutorials for 4 bucks ...best 4 bucks I have spent in a long time ... I'm posting this because I got a lot out of watching this video and practicing along a few of the sections ... the main thing here is I hope some one here digs the playing and they nick some of the lesson . Kenny
  9. I'm really into the musical angle of whats in the video ...+ I ran out of money for emoji's... ...have a good one ... FWIW Unbelievable simply unbelievable. 😁 LOL that's one phrase Jesse will be remembered for .... Like you , I actually enjoyed the boring one's also . Then when he changed the beat underneath his boring one to a hipper beat it exposed how un hip the boring examples truly were ... I have ran across that in some of my own work ...thinking a hipper beat is gonna make up for a so so half baked melody Also , once I heard where he took it with the superimposed subdivisions that were based on 3 , 5 , 7 , I was hooked .... His channel ( which is new to me ) has some of the coolest musical lessons .... I hope people get something out of him ...I sure did . Kenny
  10. OK ! what is this ? a linguistic lesson on different ways to say becan in multiple languages ? nice try with the one cabbage example thrown in at the very end . Go ahead, pass go and collect the 200 dollars the game says your entitled to if you have already learned what 's in the video . It's a process man and some of those rhythmic variations are things I have yet to get under my fingers myself . If you have adapted those concepts to your Music and you know how to teach others that lesson .....count me in ....I'm all ears ... Kenny
  11. Very nice video as far as playing and having nice tools to get better on your Axe ... ...as far as the first part of the video and his political views ....sorry nothing I can do about that . Those are his feelings so I'm not gonna go there ...Honestly , I'm all about the Music ... Kenny
  12. One of the hardest things I think I ever learned was to just show up ( as prepared as possible ) and just let the chips fall where they may ... Kenny
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