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  1. I need to pay $240 to WUP all my expired plugins. Too much. I'll not be wooped by WUPing right now. Waiting for a whooping WUP sale 🙃
  2. A new release from PA without many advertising. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/adptr_streamliner.html Better than a new compressor, equalizer or reverb. Maybe even better than any new synth! Probably my next purchase with my monthly voucher. Edith says: remember to look in your account, in the Manage Your Licenses page, to see if you have an special offer for this plugin. This will lower the price to $100 (less any voucher you have).
  3. I paid $55 for Sonible smart:reverb. No way I'll pay $99 for this. When the price goes bellow $70 I'll think about it.
  4. I can't see any patch points in the panel. How control and audio can be routed in and out of this thing? If audio can be routed through the filter and the chorus effect it'd be really nice. Not much point having this in the modular environment if this is not possible.
  5. Oh no! A new $oftube synth. And a classic one at that! Can I resist?
  6. I'm quoting bellow from the page you indicated: Here's how to reactivate licenses if you reformat your hard drive, reinstall the operating system, or install a new hard drive: As long as the computer or USB flash drive itself is the same, there is no need to recover your licenses as described above. If your licenses were activated to a USB flash drive, just connect the flash drive, launch Waves Central and log into your account, and you're good to go. If your licenses were activated to the computer, make sure it's connected to the Internet, launch Waves Central and log into your account. Your licenses will be reactivated automatically. If your licenses were activated to a USB flash drive which has since been reformatted, connect the flash drive to your computer, launch Waves Central and log into your account. Your licenses will be reactivated automatically.
  7. Vernon, have you tried to run the waves license manager and restore your licenses? Some years ago I had an HD crash and lost some licenses (Arturia, IK mainly). But I was able to restore my Waves licenses on the new HD. Apparently the license manager uses some hardware components to identify the computer and, as I haven't changed that, it recognized my computer as the one where my licenses should be deposited and restored them. This should also work on a USB stick: even if the stick is formatted, as long as one plugs the same unit, the licenses can be restored from the waves server. The important factor is that the device is recognized by the license manager as the same HW unit. That's the reason I avoid saving my activation on the computer HD whenever I can. I much prefer to use iLok, eLicenser and Pendrives, online activation (iLok Cloud)... anything but my computer HD! Edith: Of course I do not recommend anyone to format any drive and test if what I said works or not. At the time I had nothing to loose, I tried and, to my surprise, it worked!
  8. Sergio

    IK VI Group Buy

    Thanks Fleer. I thik it's confusing because you can also choose a "lesser" version, like Sampletank SE f.i. Or even and option for something I already have, like Sampletank 4 Upgrade (which would give me nothing new at all). The only grayed options are those corresponding exactly to the products you already have.
  9. Sergio

    IK VI Group Buy

    Hey Peter, I have Sampletank 4 and in my list I have available the Sampletank 4 MAX Upgrade. Sorry to be dumb but... if I choose this option I'll get Sampletank 4 MAX? Just to be sure.
  10. Sergio

    Gone again!

    Best wishes Larry!
  11. I have a few Softube plugins that I like a lot. Unfortunately, in my system, every time I try to use them I have issues. For instance, I've tried to use Tape near the end of a mixing chain I was doing and my machine hangs up! The GUI of all the plugins in the session turns sluggish. And the problem is Tape for sure. If I remove it an use Waves J37 instead, for instance, everything runs fine. And I have a lot of spare CPU power... this is not the problem either. And I'm using Softube on Wavelab or Cubase now. The Parallels synth, for instance, was crashing Cakewalk entirely. I hope they fix this issues some day. I'll get this latest upgrade but, by your comments fellas, I don't have much hope this will change anything.
  12. Sergio

    IK Mixbox

    I have T-Racks Max and Amplitube Max. I'm really not interested or needing new effects or processors. From IK the only products I'll eventually buy are the physically modeled instruments. I have Modo Bass. I want Modo Drums. Unfortunately... still too expensive.
  13. I don't know if it's because I'm not in USA but my prices in the sonible web site are shown in Euros. And also include VAT, despite the fact that I'm not in Europe either. Go figure... 🤔
  14. I have many of the previous Sonible plugins but didn't received this coupon. I guess I have not preregistered? Anyway... the Plugin Boutique deal is better. I just got the smart:reverb for 47 EU.
  15. Is this a personal coupon or a generic one? I never got a coupon from Plugin Boutique.
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