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  1. One alternative for this would be Plugin Alliance's bx_Masterdesk. It eventually will go cheaper on sale and with some coupon.
  2. Eli is not doing too many videos for Groove recently, unfortunately. He's a great instructor. I have the monthly all-pass sub and it's the only sub I keep. Very worthwhile. One funny thing: I read the post I quoted above and, as I'm not a native English speaker and I'm not familiar with the slang (every now and then it takes me a while to understand some posts here), I thought that "Tyler Coffin" was some expression to mean "outdated" or "abandoned" or something like that. I didn't pay attention to the images. Something like "Debbie Downer" or the like.
  3. I would go a step further: I'll wait till them send me the whole shebang by mail. This whole 'download' thing is too troublesome! BTW fellas, APD is also selling this nice little program:
  4. Sergio

    Revoice Pro upgrades

    So many options... I was in doubt between a Vocalign Pro upgrade (from project) plus RX7 standard or, for almost the same, Revoice Pro. Today I decided for Revoice. My reasoning was: it'll be better to have a more powerful tool with some unique capabilities than two half baked ones. RX7 Standard would be great but I think I'll have better use for time and pitch alignment than noise removal right now. I'll get RX in the next sale 🙂.
  5. Sergio

    MODO Drum 50% off

    Gee!... I thought those physical modeled drums would be way smaller than conventionally sampled drums.
  6. Sergio

    MODO Drum 50% off

    You mean 11 MB, right?
  7. Sergio

    Audiaire Zenith

    This program is also available on the Splice rent-to-own. $6/mo https://splice.com/plugins/38786250-zenith-au-vst-by-audiaire Not sure if I'll get it yet. The videos did not inspired me.
  8. These plugins are native versions of the algorithms from their Factor series of pedals and the GUI reflects this.
  9. I didn't know that Koby was carrying Pulsar Audio.
  10. Bigger discount this time. I got the Binson Echorec for $24 with code Group https://www.jrrshop.com/pulsar-digital?dir=desc&order=special_from_date
  11. In my case it's because I already have TRIAD and also there's not many plugins left for me to get from PA. And if you'd like to know why BYOME if I already have TRIAD... well... because it's an audio plugin, isn't it? 🙂 Just kidding. It's because multi band can be unnecessary in many situations. I think It'll be less bloated and also I could save some CPU cycles using BYOME instead.
  12. To best use my monthly voucher I'll probably get BYOME and bx_XL v2 in this sale. But I'll wait 'till the end of the month for the case PA releases a new Wolfgang Palm synth until then (and supposing I could get it for around $50 bucks or less).
  13. I'll be highly interested in your results if you ever care to post them here. I also have an old mic but I'm not exactly inclined to buy a new one right now (I'm not in the USA, Europe, Japan, etc). Depending on what you find my inclination could change.
  14. If I understood correctly it's a matter of precision. There's a theoretical ideal room response that could theoretically be achieved with the right microphone and the right measurements. Of course the real result will always be an approximation of that and the microphone response is only one of the factors involved. It looks like the new microphones have a tighter component tolerance and so the end result (again theoretically) can be closer to ideal. It doesn't mean that the results obtained with older IK mics or generic mics will be bad. I guess the differences could be very light and hard to perceive. But I'm guessing... YMMV.
  15. Hey Peter. What's the deadline for the introductory price on ARC 3 and/or the $50 coupon? Thanks.
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