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  1. A good deal but unfair as there's no crossgrade for Miroslav CE owners. I already paid $40 for that. And, as the normal sale price for Miroslav full lib was $150 back then if I'm not mistaken, the crossgrade should be $75 max. I'll pass. EDITH says: shut your big mouth fella and use those fr***king JAM POINTS!!!! Actually, I can use 30 jam points and get the thing for $70. I'm back in 🙂
  2. Zo, would you choose Shadow Hills or IRON? They're both hi-end mastering compressors outside the Matrix after all. Anyway... I don't have $200 to get this deal 'cause I bought the TC Electronic Finalizer Mastering bundle for $99, a complete ITB mastering solution. What a single mastering compressor could do better than this (not counting all the older stuff with similar functionality that we all have).
  3. With a $50 voucher would be $67 per plugin. Not bad but, unfortunately, this month's plugin cash has already been gone. I'll have to wait for another deal.
  4. Wild Sounds for Games & Picture https://puremagnetik.com/products/filmscape
  5. Note the remark on those recent deals: "Alternatively, $39.99 gets you access to 100+ plugins for almost two months."
  6. Sergio

    PA Maag Subscription

    Jokes aside... I'd probably sign a $10/mo subscription for 10 plugins of my free choice from their entire catalog. But as this sounds so much like a reasonable proposal (IMO) It'd probably never happen.
  7. I thought this was a new DAW from a company called "United Plugins Front" 😀 Maybe I was thinking about "Plugin Alliance" when I read this 🤔 And how about a company called "United Plugins of America" 😛
  8. I was trying but... in the end... couldn't resist and got the Octavox. Also got the Precision Time Align as I'm doing a series of solo classical guitar recordings with a pair of mics and I think it can be very handy. I'll try to compensate next month by NOT buying the TC Finalizer application as I was planning.
  9. Sergio

    APD Extra $5 Off

    With this coupon and my credits in the store I got Frozen Plain's Arctic Strings for $7.
  10. I still have some PA upgrades available that, combined with my voucher, allow me to get some of their good plugins for $49 more or less. Personally, regarding PA, I set the max price I'd pay for anything from them at around $70. This was the price per plugin in their extinct Pick Pack that I was planning to get anyway. My offer for this pack is $69 and I'll think about it but, to be honest, I already have plenty of delays in my work (pun intended 🙂).
  11. Anything worth? I got the Elevate bundle the other day for $39. The Precision Time Align looks useful and tempting for $16. And how about the harmonizers?
  12. I found this on https://rekkerd.org/tc-electronic-to-change-the-game-of-mastering-with-new-finalizer-app/ "The free mastering analysis tools are now available at finalizer.com, and the Finalizer software app is available now at an early bird introductory price of $99 USD until September 20th, 2019 (regular $199 USD)."
  13. It looks that only the name is the same. I never had a HW Finalizer but this pack appears to have a lot more than I remember from the articles I read back then. The ad says that it's been ported from their System 6000 high end audio processor. Anyone knows the deadline for the $99 price?
  14. Hummm.... Unfiltered Audio's Lion synth was removed from the catalog. Probably they'll not meet the deadline. Also, Byome and Triad are on sale for $179 and $149 respectively on the UA's site and this deal is not available on the PA site. It probably means nothing but... I remember when Vertigo split with the "Alliance" their new plugin (VSC-3) was not included in the PA catalog. Edith: I found the page. It has been rescheduled to September
  15. Since synthesizer where invented they never got a more flexible architecture than modular. All the fixed architecture designs are, in a way, an attempt to simplify the task of dealing with synthesis. And, of course, the modules themselves grow in complexity from the first simple oscilators, filters and envelopes. Modular synths are my fave and they can go in and out of fashion but never will go away. And there are tons of resources online to help aspiring modular programmers like this one, for instance: https://www.cim.mcgill.ca/~clark/nordmodularbook/nm_book_toc.html It's geared toward the Clavia's Nord Modular HW synth but the concepts are valid for any modular synthesizer.
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