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  1. I'd rather get one of the new consoles. But, for this price and with the monthly voucher... it's a no brainer. But as the offer is through November 3 I'll wait until the end of the month, just in case.
  2. Welcome back!!!! Edith says: not quite that one, you idiot!!!
  3. Get it on Puremagnetik https://puremagnetik.com/products/blip-atari-ableton-live-pack-kontakt-instrument-apple-logic-samples
  4. I bought the new Suhr amp some days ago and all the amps are $29.99 for me. With this voucher I got the bx_Rockergain for $9.99 I'll spend all refreshes buying the amps I still don't have 🙂
  5. Not exactly a deal but a nice new synth for $50. A bit-accurate emulated Algorithmic 6-op FM Synthesizer. Check for yourself. https://www.plogue.com/products/chipsynth-ops7.html
  6. Sergio

    Coming from Arturia

    Well... if you search "Ensoniq" in this forum (and also in the old forum I think) you'll find my old posts saying that I'd wait until Arturia included some Ensoniq synths in the collection for me to upgrade. I guess this will finally happen 🙂
  7. I'm waiting for a sale on the Buchla 296e module since it's release. It used to be $75 on sale before. Now the "sale" price raised to $79!!! Well... I guess I'll have to wait a little more. But I'll NEVER get that module for that price. EVER!
  8. I guess it's time to get Hyperion for $77.40
  9. Hummmm.... with two instances we can go twice as phatt 🤔 Nah! Probably not a good idea.
  10. So far I'm loving the new instruments. I have a HW Prophecy and the emulation is near enough and a lot easier to program . What surprised me though was the miniKORG 700S. A very nice sounding synth and with all the limitations of the original. The Tritons are also OK and although I always preferred the Roland romplers the cloud thing is not for me. Roland... I'll use HW. But for the classic Korg sound the emulations are fine.
  11. Well... I changed my mind about this. After watching many videos and sound demos and also considering that Korg have not lowered the price of this collection bellow a certain point (f.i. I paid $99 for the original collection years ago) I decided not wait and get the whole shebang for $150. I just hope that this will give me a better deal if, ever, Korg grows the collection again. Also, the Prophecy is not incomplete as I thought. They just grouped 3 types of physical model oscillators into one.
  12. Sergio

    I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

    At last you came back!!!!!
  13. I have the Special bundle and my upgrade is $149. If it was $99 I'd be tempted by the Prophecy, as I don't care for the other additions. Also this Prophecy is not a perfect recreation; it lacks some of the MOSS oscillator models (although I have not found the exact information about this anywhere). If the collection included perfect recreations of the Prophecy and the Z1 I'd probably willing to pay even the $199 intro price. But the way it is... I'll pass!
  14. I got S1 while on version 2. My v3 upgrade was free but I paid for the v4 upgrade. I have already spent almost $300 on S1 and I couldn't care less about how much anyone else spent to get it. When I decide to buy anything I only care for how good the product is and if it's worth the money. And IMO it's illogical for Presonus to care about how much anyone spent on a competitor product if they want new customers. The money they get will be the same.
  15. This is nonsense. If they want to attract users of other DAWs to migrate to SO what's the difference? They should do a $199 sale and let everyone jump in! BTW, they should also do a decent price on upgrades for owners of the previous versions. Until then I'll keep my v4.5.
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