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  1. This guys have very interesting tools for very reasonable prices. https://decoda.app/
  2. I also was wishing to get the K12 Ultimate. But after thinking a lot I decided to postpone this and got the K12 standad upgrade. My reasoning: The 2 instruments I wanted most were Kontakt 6 (with the 3 new play series instruments) and Massive X and those were included in the K12 standard. The MOD pack effects and the most interesting expansion packs (IMO) were also included. From all the remaining content I was mostly interested in orchestral stuff. With the money I saved by getting the standard upgrade instead of the Ultimate ($200) I was able to get the Vienna Special Edition vol 1 for $150. And with the remaining $50 I got the Super 8 synth, also in my wish list since released. In the end I am happy with my decision. I'm not sure how the changes in NI for the next year will be (they announced an option for a subscription plan) but I'm more or less confident that they'll keep the possibility to buy and upgrade licenses. I'll get the Ultimate upgrade one day.
  3. Confirmed. The code is valid at checkout.
  4. The highlights for me were (in no particular order): Komplete 12 Upgrade (standard) NI Super 8 Wavesfactory Trackspacer Vienna Special Edition Volume 1 u-He Bazille DDMF Metaplugin TAL U-NO-LX (finally!!!) I got some other nice plugins that I would rather postpone buying but I didn't just to avoid losing the (rare) occasion (like Ozone 8 for $49) or a good value voucher (err... Plugin Alliance of course).
  5. I'll wait to get MDMX for $29. And, as I have the Abbey Road collection, the upgrade to complete it with the new plugin is $24 directly from waves. I'm quoting Koby to see if he has a better price. I'll also WUP the whole collection in the process, bringing them to v11. Edith: Koby replied. The upgrade will be $21 at EP. Judith: Bought. Received. And, yep, all the Abbey Road pack has been WUPed 👍
  6. I had an eye on metaplugin for some time. I was initially interested in its combine/routing capabilities. But now when some (many?) DAWs are going 64 bit only it's an even more interesting tool as it works as a host for older 32 bit plugins also.
  7. I was hoping bx_oberhausen or Lion would be included. Well... I'll get Thorn and SSL G Channel then. With my personal voucher the'll be $25 each. Not exactly what I wanted but not bad at all. Maybe next month.
  8. Ol' Pal, the main site looks unstable (sometimes in, sometimes out). Try reaching the store page directly: https://store.soundtoys.com/product/
  9. Sergio

    VST Buzz BF Deals

    How about the Aria Orchestral Bundle? Of course I'm mostly interested in the solo strings. It's cheap enough to stretch my budget a little and get it together with K12 Ultimate.
  10. It's $199 right now. With the intro price voucher goes to $99. Was you able to combine the intro price and the black friday vouchers? Edith: fuggedaboutit. I've already confirmed that it's possible.
  11. No bx_Oberhausen or Lion. Bummer 😟
  12. They somewhat managed to put all the less enticing options for me in the last $15 level. I'll pay $8 for the rest 🙂
  13. Sergio

    Your BF Strategy

    I'm a bit more resistant to GAS compared to past years. At this rate 50 years from now I'll probably not buying anything (well... maybe before that... anyway... 🙁) I finally decided to get the Komplete 12 Ultimate upgrade for $299 (I'm at K11 now). I was tempted to get a good orchestral library instead but I'll play with the K12U libraries and would expand my options next year (and preferable with Kontakt compatible libraries). I'm also getting the NI's Super 8 synth, even knowing that it'll probably be included in a future ultimate pack. I don't want to wait for this one (and the sale price is very good IMO). But I'll pass again the Arturia V Collection upgrade though (I'm at v5 now). And although I'd love to have the Buchla Easel or the Synthi V emulations, I'll buy this upgrade only when Arturia includes some old Ensoniq synths in the pack (ESQ1 or SQ80). I'll hate myself if I get this now and shortly after they add some of this synths. Let's see. Finally... only REALLY compelling deals with BIG cost/benefit ratios will have my attention (like the Ozone 8 standard for $49 at PB f.i. I couldn't resist that since I only have the Elements version).
  14. I bought AD Custom packs for as low as $62 in the past. The current price is $170. What kind of 'sale' is this?
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