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  1. Black Friday 24.11.2023 We have 30% discount on all our products and 20% discount for the bundles. The discount is valid until Monday. https://tal-software.com/ Edith ordered and I got TAL Sampler and TAL-Mod for $42 each. And also the TAL-DAC for free 🙂
  2. iZotope VocalSynth 2 $25,00 Gforce ImpOscar 2 $17,00 Escape Motions Rebelle 7 Pro $30,00 SonicLab Oscillator Bundle $61,00 Next month I'll get the 8Dio Studio Orchestral Bundle for $98 and I'm planning to renew my Roland Cloud subscription,
  3. Where you saw that for less than $5?
  4. This is a 12 year old synth but the price is tempting. Although I've seen some very favorable reviews I think that comparing with recent releases the expectations today would be a bit different. I'll probably buy it in the hope to have a good deal if GForce ever releases a new version using their most recent programming expertise, as seen in synths like OB-E, SEM, OB-X and even in the new Minimonsta.
  5. In Audiodeluxe smart:deess is $58.50 on a crossgrade from any Sonible product and with coupon FALL2023 https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/sonible-smartdeess-crossgrade And you also get a free T-RackS Tape Machine 80
  6. Check your Audio Plugin Deals email. If you bought sonible plugins from them (I'm not sure which) they're giving a coupon that lowers the price to $65, the same loyalty discount from sonible.
  7. IMO Largo is anything but a basic synth. Have you seen what it can do in the hands of a good programmer? I'm not saying that you can't get similar sounds from other synths but for the $30 I paid for it and for the $30 Waldorf is asking for the upgrade I think it's more than worth it.
  8. THX Spatial Creator Spatial audio plugin, designed for music producers, sound designers, video content producers, and podcasters, that allows you to add elements of immersive audio to your music, and create entire 3D audio mixes with ease. The new THX plugin has been added to MEGA at no extra cost. For a limited time only you get the new Spatial Creator for just $189.99 (MSRP $249). Owners of Brainworx bx_rooMS, Dear Reality dearVR PRO, fiedler audio stage or Unfiltered Audio SILO can benefit from our special license offers of $89.99 for a short period. Just make sure you are logged in and then the price will be shown to you automatically. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/thx_spatial_creator.html Edith reminded me to say that I F29'ed it 😜
  9. Don't track all the new releases also but you can get a list of the current effects in FX4 in this page: https://www.arturia.com/products/software-effects/fx-collection/details
  10. It's always the case with Arturia. That's why I usually jump version until the accumulated additions worth the upgrade price (IMO of course) . I was considering to get this offer but, on a second thought, I'm not that much enthusiastic about this new product. And although there are some interesting new effects in FX4, it's nothing that I don't already have in a form or another. So, in short, thanks for your post. You reminded me of my own policy regarding Arturia software.
  11. As I posted earlier, that's also my price and I have FX collection 2. That's Arturia and their good ol' upgrade price scheme. I should have saved my money back then 🙄
  12. I can get this one plus an upgrade from FX2 to FX4 for $129, winch is my upgrade price for FX4 alone BTY, So, basically 8 new effects plus this one for free. And I can even split it in 4 payments. I'm tempted.
  13. OK. For $10I'm convinced. I'll get this for the blind test feature mainly. https://www.production-expert.com/production-expert-1/we-check-out-whats-new-in-nugen-ab-assist-2
  14. $10 for me to upgrade. The auto level match alone would justify the upgrade IMO. Without this feature this kind of program is not much useful. I'll think about it because I already have the PA/ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB that is very good. Only a better workflow would justify this purchase although the upgrade price is very nice.
  15. Well.... I have only 1 unused code. But as they don't expire and I have at least 5 other limiters already (and ATM I'm just using the sonible one anyway) I think it'll be wise to wait for a more useful plugin. But I understand you. If I had more codes I'd probably used some to get the Neold plugins that I don't have yet. YMMV.
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