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  1. I don't like this authorization schemes where the license is deposited in the computer disc. That's why wherever I have the option I opt to use iLok,I can install and uninstall anything and even format my HD without concerns about losing licenses. The only better alternative is when you have a serial number and can use it without asking the "bless" of the developer every time, and for a product you paid for. Of course you have to care for your iLok dongle too but they have a cheap insurance program to also alleviate this concern. It's not ideal but IMO losing your licenses in a disc crash (as already happened to me) is worse.
  2. sonicLAB releases a powerful product, Cosmosƒ M31 stochastic midi event generator, and the MBot, the client version of it. M31 and MBot together they build the dream generative system. They can drive instrument plugins, and any device which can receive MIDI event. Especially recommended are MPE instruments. Pricing and availability Cosmosƒ M31 and MBot software comes in VST2, and AU formats both for OSX* and Windows 64bit systems. Cosmosƒ M31 retail price is 99Euros. ( MBot comes free with it ). There is a launch discount %25 off the retail price until FEB15. It can be purchased directly at sonicLAB webshop, with perpetual licence or rent to own payment systems. Tutorial videos are available for DAW setup. Limited time full functioning demos are avaiable on sonicLAB shop. Purchase or demo needs a valid iLOK account. Authorisation options are iLOK dongle, iLOK Cloud or directly the host computer. Dongle is not an obligation. Please reach us at support (at) sonic-lab (dot) com for any questions.
  3. I saw this one on sale many times. I'm glad I never got it. I'll probably get it for free but I doubt I'll install it any time soon. I got the u-He synths in the NI sale and I'm planning to spend a good time with them.
  4. This is true Lars. But even if they never put this things on sale I'd not pay more than $50 anyway. I was being ironic in my last post but I'm less and less prone to spend lots of money buying things I already have (sort of).
  5. Too expensive. I guess I'll have to stick with one of the other 999 consoles I already have. Or else wait for the $29.99 sale.
  6. No PC version of this plugin? This is a first for PA.
  7. Sergio

    Your 2020 best purchase ?

    I just did my best purchase of the year: I got u-he's Zebra, ZebraHZ and Diva on the NI's sale. Please, just don't ask me which one of these is the best, though. I loose a similar sale a couple of years ago 'cause I waited too much. Not this time. It was a bit more than I was planning to spend but... it's u-He anyway! And I believe they're doing this kind of sale in partnership with NI just because they adopted the NKS standard. Lucky me/us ! 🙂 Anyway, "best" is a very imprecise term in this context. It could be many things. Best softsynths? Still u-he IMO. But if I was choosing the best "bang for the buck" of the year it'd be the IK Goup Buy for sure. YMMV.
  8. Sergio

    Roland Juno 106 Deal

    For this price you can get u-He's Zebra 2 + Zebra HZ and, when released, Zebra 3 for free (at the current NI sale that goes thru Jan-7-2021). It's not the same synth. It's not a Juno but... well... Zebra is a lot better!!! 🙂 Edith: I love Roland synths. I have a bunch of them in HW. But their SW prices (even on sale) are a bit (I mean... a lot) steep.
  9. Still in v5. Still waiting for some old Ensoniq synths in the collection 🥺 Maybe in v9.
  10. I spent 100 bucks this month but the only BF sales I got were the ARC3 upgrade and the Hypersynth editor. I don't know if that means I have become wiser or poorer. Probably both 🙂 Wedge Force Matcha - $25 with my monthly PA coupon Cherry Audio CA2600 - $21 IK Multimedia ARC3 upgrade - $40 Hypersynth Alesis Ion Editor - $19 Eventide H9 Plugin Collection - FREE!!! (as I own an H9 Max pedal)
  11. Just a reminder that, if you have ARC2, the coupon code ARC350 is still valid and will bring the upgrade to ARC3 down to $39.99 at the IK store.
  12. FREE for H9 Max pedal owners!!! 😀 https://www.eventideaudio.com/one-h9-rule-them-all
  13. I need to pay $240 to WUP all my expired plugins. Too much. I'll not be wooped by WUPing right now. Waiting for a whooping WUP sale 🙃
  14. A new release from PA without many advertising. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/adptr_streamliner.html Better than a new compressor, equalizer or reverb. Maybe even better than any new synth! Probably my next purchase with my monthly voucher. Edith says: remember to look in your account, in the Manage Your Licenses page, to see if you have an special offer for this plugin. This will lower the price to $100 (less any voucher you have).
  15. I paid $55 for Sonible smart:reverb. No way I'll pay $99 for this. When the price goes bellow $70 I'll think about it.
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