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  1. Exactly! Nothing wrong with software subscriptions. But at least they should give a way for existing customers to keep their investment from all those years. As I said before I never WUPed or even planned to WUP but an upgrade to a Mercury bundle was always in my plans.
  2. In the end what matters is the money. I have the impression that there are many more Home Recordists than pros. And I assume that those pros are among the WUPing crowd so the income they generate will not change much. If after this change Waves see a drop in their income I think they'll reconsider, as PA did in the past for instance. From my part I'm a Windows user and I never paid WUP for my plugins. The only thing I did was upgrade my bundles (or upgrade to bundles) and in the process I updated the included plugins. I still have plugins from version 9 to 14 and all of them install and run in Windows 10. I'll keep using then while I can and if they ever stop running then I'll choose whatever else I can find. I have no intention to subscribe to any Waves plan. The only subscription I keep is the Roland Cloud but just because I can keep one plugin per year. From my POV I'm buying the plugin for the same price or less and getting one year of cloud access as a free gift 🙂
  3. It looks primitive compared, for instance, with Plugin Alliance's ADPTR Audio Metric AB. But it's free, so... Thanks Lars
  4. In the past I'd hurry to get this one at the day of the release. Now I have so many softsynths that I can afford to wait until the release of the next synth stack at the end of the year (as hinted in the Pro Synth Network video). Of course it can also be the case that I CANNOT afford to buy it right now, even for $49. Damn!!! I was almost convincing meself that I was growing wise 😔
  5. Forever 29 to the rescue!!! 😀
  6. I can upgrade for £25. According to gearnews I can do that 'till the end of March which is convenient. I'm sure the sound is the best reason to buy but the added features alone (like the polyphony, ADSR envelopes, the LFOs and the 'corrected' filter resonance) justify the purchase IMO. Many limitations of the minimoog were motivated by cost cutting and don't make any sense in a software emulation. Gforce is to be commended for letting users to decide what's best for them in that regard.
  7. The 8Dio Century - Solo Trombone is also on sale for $10. More realistic maybe?
  8. For 48h I think. I deleted the email. Check yourself: https://8dio.com/products/the-new-century-solo-brass-french-horn?variant=41310101602504
  9. Sorry for quoting myself. I decided to go ahead and got Spectralayers Pro 9. I could have used the money to buy other things. Like upgrading to Cherry Audio Synth Stack 3 for a little less f.i. Or other plugins from a variety of companies. But I'd probably be getting more of the same: more synths, more compressors, more eqs, etc. This program, OTOH, is a lot different from the other tools I have. The closer I have to it is iZotope RX7 Standard. And I never upgraded it 'cause I'd spend more than the $130 bucks Steinberg is asking for SL9. Maybe I should have saved my money; I don't know. But I have this impression that, having spent it, I can get more from this tool than I'd get buying anything else. Time will tell...
  10. Sergio

    Waldorf New Webisite

    I did a search on this forum Zo and I found this old thread:
  11. I can crossgrade to Spectralyers Pro 9, from RX7 Standard, for $119,40 I'm not sure if I'll have anything different enough though. I use RX mostly for noise reduction. I tried reverb removal some times but didn't liked the results. Is the Steinberg spectral audio editing any better?
  12. Sergio

    Waldorf New Webisite

    The download links are in the License Keys tab, on the Windows/MAC links. They have an organization problem with the new site for sure.
  13. Sergio

    Waldorf New Webisite

    Thanks for the reports folks. Waldorf replied and acknowledge the problem. They sent me a voucher to buy again all the missing plugins for free, which I did, and I received new licenses on my account. Very good customer support from Waldorf!!!
  14. I like this company. They have interesting instruments and lately they are doing interesting FX plugins. And when they put them together in a bundle and sell for $10 or $20 bucks it's always a big bang for the buck. I'll get this bundle and I think all those will be very interesting to use with Voltage Modular via VST host.
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