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  1. The title says it all. And this emulation comes from some of the original engineers and programmers who worked for Roland in the 70's and 80's. Don't know if it's already mentioned here before. https://rc-808.com/ Oh... and by the way... Happy 808 Day everyone. 🙂
  2. I've posted this before; this plugins are ports of the "factor" series of pedals. The H9 is posterior and was a way to pack this algorithms in a more compact and affordable way (although the H9 has a few exclusive algorithms also).
  3. Sergio

    I have returned!!!

    This place looks a lot emptier without you Lars. Welcome back.
  4. You guys/gals sure know the polemic around the winner of the Spitfire Westworld scoring competition. I did not entered the competition (when I was at 2 minutes of my attempt I thought it was too amateur and let it go). Also I'll not say anything about the winners. But I had a big laugh after seeing this parody.
  5. As I'm a sucker for modulation effects I'll get WA Production new Orchid chorus for $7.90 to get this Reason freebie.
  6. Nowadays, with all these free stuff and even top quality software costing much less than 20+ years ago, using pirated software is less a matter of necessity and more a matter of principle or a religious issue. Lack of principles, I mean, and... well... everyone is entitled for his or her own religion, isn't it? 🙃
  7. Thanks for the tip but... some of the items are just collections of (a few) hi-res pictures. Is that correct?
  8. I propose a motion to change this store name to "Musician's Foes" 🙃
  9. Well... if it was just $50 I would consider buying. Just consider... not buying probably. But see what I got when put that in cart: Items: $4.99 Shipping: $36.06 Handling: $8.00 Duty: $32.42 VAT (Tax): $17.88 Order Total: $99.35 Even if I lived in a Mars colony I would think this would be an abusive shipping price! 😀
  10. Funny... I checked the page source code and it's like the page does not finish loading. I'll try to connect through a VPN and see if the problem is my location.
  11. All you guys are PCWorld subscribers? I access the store page from the article mentioned and I just reach a mostly blank page. I can't even search anything there! I assume that, to get this offer, you must be a subscriber. But, when I try to open the subscribe page it says it's "temporarily down for maintenance". Am I missing something here?
  12. Wanna make music in the Hainbach and similar style? Here's a new plugin to help. Release price: 55 USD / 49 EURO https://www.sonic-lab.com/fundamental/
  13. Still cheaper at JRR shop. $83.16 with code GROUP. https://www.jrrshop.com/izotope-rx-crossgrade
  14. Sergio

    U-he ACE

    Indeed. I got it for $56 last year in one the rare u-He sales. Not only superb sounds but, as all u-He programs I've used so far, extremely stable. Never got a crash because any of them.
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