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  1. I got S1 while on version 2. My v3 upgrade was free but I paid for the v4 upgrade. I have already spent almost $300 on S1 and I couldn't care less about how much anyone else spent to get it. When I decide to buy anything I only care for how good the product is and if it's worth the money. And IMO it's illogical for Presonus to care about how much anyone spent on a competitor product if they want new customers. The money they get will be the same.
  2. This is nonsense. If they want to attract users of other DAWs to migrate to SO what's the difference? They should do a $199 sale and let everyone jump in! BTW, they should also do a decent price on upgrades for owners of the previous versions. Until then I'll keep my v4.5.
  3. I'm still in V-Collection 5. When I access the product list in my Arturia account the versions are the following: CS-80 V3, Jup-8 V3, Mini V3, Modular V3, Prophet V3, SEM V2, Wurli V2, Vox Continental V2, Solina V2, Matrix-12 V2, Synclavier V, Stage-73 V, Piano V, B-3 V2, Farfisa V, ARP2600 V3 Some synths are "V", some "V2" and some "V3". I guess the current collection have some "V4" or above. Can someone with the V-Collection 8 tell me which synths in your collection have different versions than mine? I can't find this information anywhere. Also, if the version in the current collection is the same as mine does this means that the synths i have are up-to-date? Thanks for any help to clarify this.
  4. This sale is on! My upgrade price from Reference 4 Headphone to SoundID Reference for Headphones is €29 now. I can't see anything significantly new but... anyway... I'm glad I waited 🙂
  5. Sergio

    Waldorf Nave

    Got it for $38.25 using my Bestcoins. Thanks Lars! 🙂
  6. I just received a message from AAS with the subject Multiphonics CV-1 tutorials, news, and intro sale where, among other announcements, there is the offer bellow (quote): "Finally, don’t miss out on the Multiphonics CV-1 special introductory sale. We added a custom option for Modeling Collection users. You can now get your hands on Multiphonics CV-1 for only $69 by visiting your Offers page at the address below." I'll not reproduce the link because it has a personal code that probably is related to my account and based on what I already have. But the interesting thing is this: in that page there is also a Complete you collection offer where I could get Multiphonics CV-1 and Chromaphone 3 (that I had not bought yet) for the same $69 ! That's $35 each 😀 I was planning to get Multiphonics CV-1 next month but, at that prices, I just grabbed both right now. Check your email !!!
  7. Still waiting for that Cubase upgrade sale 😴
  8. Sergio

    IK T-Racks Singles

    Uhuuuu!!! IK Space Delay for $25. Insta buy!!! Edith: Make it $20 with my Deluxe Bucks 🙂
  9. There are lots of good simulations of this synth and Softube, even with the discount, is a bit expensive. If it was only for the synth I'd probably pass this time but the individual modules available in the Softube modular system (including the famous juno chorus) makes all the difference IMO. I got the (Moog) model 72 before for the same reason and I'll probably get this too.
  10. Virtual String Machine® - 66% OFF! impOSCar2® - 50% OFF! M-Tron Pro® - 50% OFF! OFFER ENDS FRIDAY 30th APRIL 2021
  11. An interesting thing I noticed a few moments ago while I was writing another post on the Deals sub-forum. I was doing this and hearing the album Computer World from Kraftwerk in the background. It's funny how I like the old Kraftwerk albums more today than when I heard them the first time. Specially this one, Radio Activity and Trans-Europe Express. Even The Man Machine, that I liked more than the others back then. There are other artists that are similar to me in that aspect. Klaus Schulze comes to my mind, for instance. Others I liked intensely since the first audition, like Tubular Bells and other earlier Mike Oldfield albums. But, while still liking these albums and even being inspired by them until today, I'm less prone to stop and hear them from start to end. It's funny how our musical tastes change over our lifetime. It's a fact. But sometimes I wonder how this things works inside my head. Just wondering.
  12. I have most of their plugins. The ones left that I still want are all high prices right now. I could get some amps I don't have but, as others said, I'd be just completing collections. Maybe if they had a new PPG synth, inherited from Wolfgang Palm, or the new version of Thorn announced some time ago I'd be tempted but... my price threshold for collecting plugin is much lower nowadays.
  13. This thing looks a lot like Plogue's Bidule. And IMO Bidule seems more powerful: https://www.plogue.com/products/bidule.html
  14. Well... I don't know how but PA managed to put every item that would interest me in the exclusion list. I guess I have to thank them to help curing my GAS 🙂
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