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  1. I had all the latest versions except Rebelle. My version was 4.0 (non Pro). I got Rebelle Pro for ~ $10. Is this license valid only for 10 days?
  2. Phase Plant seems a nice system. I'm waiting for a good price though. And I forgot to mention Tracktion's Hyperion in my last post, with a Reaktor-esque interface and well worth a look.
  3. If you're looking for a cost conscious opinion you probably should ignore mine since I "put my money", as you say, on any modular or semi-modular plugin/bundle that I can use. I love the modular approach to synthesis, specially the virtual modular systems were you can save your work and resume it at any time. Having said that and regarding the Cherry Audio VM I like the way they implement polyphony in the system, the fact that they have a way to incorporate and control 3rd party plugins, the possibility to develop new modules with the Development Kit (if you are interested in it), the big catalog of modules and, at this point, the proven quality of their software. For instance, regarding audio quality and emulation authenticity my favorite system is the Softube Modular. But I don't like their GUI as they created an almost one-to-one equivalence to a real hardware modular and IMO this makes the patching unnecessarily complicated for a computer program. In this regard the best virtual modular I used were the Nord Modular G2 or the Modular IV from Creamware (both hardware DSP based). In those systems you can create a patch and if you want to play it polyphonically you just need to increase the number of voices in an option box. Other systems I like are the AAS Multiphonics CV-1, the NI Reaktor and programs like Arturia Modular V and Synthi V, Xils 4 and u-He Ace, Bazille and Zebra , each with their particular sound and Interface (but some of these are closed systems in the sense that you cannot get /buy new modules for them). In my shopping list I have the TAL-MOD and some other programs that are, unfortunately, Mac only at this time.
  4. Sorry to say that folks but External is what they say is External. I got NeoVerb with my $1 F29 code last month. Having said that I also tried to get RX10 advanced for $1. Of course I didn't expect this to succeed but... anyway. It is what it is 😐
  5. I don't believe this Kontakt instruments have the Z-Plane Filters, the modulation matrix or other features of the HW units implemented. I have 3 EMU boxes and don't intend to part with any one of them 🙂
  6. In my last check I counted 15 plugins I still don't have. And although some of them are sort of "more of the same" I think I'll keep my F29 subscription until at least I got all of them. By doing this I'll also be able to get any interesting new releases without having to wait for a price drop. For instance, I'm sure someday PA will release new instruments based on the Wolfgang Palm synths they acquired. If, at some point, I keep stacking $1 coupons I'll think about this again.
  7. Also the iZotope plugs. I'm glad I got Neoverb with my first F29 coupon before that. I also have sonible's smart reverb but it sounds too subtle sometimes. And if you crank it up it becomes too noticeable. Probably I don't know how to use it correctly yet but I find Neoverb easier to tweak.
  8. Yan, you'll pay less but you'll get less too in the end. To get 12 plugins in a year at $25 each you'd have to spend $300 and so the difference would not be that much. And, again, the $249/yr is a temporary promo. If you pay the full price for that plan ($300) and if you do the same math you'll see that, in the end, you'd pay more than $31 per plugin. Edith is saying that my math is flawed!!! You'd pay more than $31 per plugin per year if you opt for the top mega bundle and pay the same $29.99/month as the F29 plan but only get 10 plugins at the end of the year, instead of 12.
  9. $24.99 is a temporary promo. The full value is the same of the F29 subscription. Oh... and it's not 10 x 25$; it's 12 x 25$ because you need to pay the full year to keep the 10 plugins.
  10. I need to evaluate every option carefully but, as my criteria for "goodness" are the plugins we can keep after cancelling the subscription, with F29 you keep 12 plugins after a year against only 10 in the MEGA bundle. So, until anything changes, I'll keep F29. But I also intend to restrict my spend with PA plugins to $31 per month while at it. There are better values during sales but then you end up spending more. As I said I have LOTS of PA plugins already and have no reason to hurry. One per month, $31 per month, can choose anyone, coupons that never expire... that's good enough for me.
  11. Official PA reply: And I'll repeat my question: What do you think about Neoverb?
  12. Well... I just subscribed to F29. I used to say that I'd never join a software subscription plan. But I joined this one and the Roland Cloud Ultimate Play For Life. I guess my problem is not with subscriptions per se but with subscriptions with which you go out empty handed when you unsubscribe. Again... YMMV. Edith also questioned if a F29 code ever expires. I'll post here the PA reply. Edith again keeps telling me to get the iZotope Neoverb with my first code. Does she have a point?
  13. The idea is to have a regular income. Maybe some people are subscribing to get a specific plugin and cancelling soon after. PA does not have a good record in creating promos that end up being a good deal for them in the long run. PS: Too many corrections. Sorry for my bad English.
  14. The F29 IMO is a way better deal than having the cashback because you can choose any plugin you want without having to wait for a sale that include all the interesting ones (as you need to use the cashback all at once). You just have to be patient to get one per month. The "use all their plugins" option does not interest me because (a) I already have most of them and don't need a subscription for that and (b) I don't like the idea of using a plugin that I do not own in a production. Maybe I'm silly. YMMV. Edith says: but you never "own" a plugin my silly boy. I know that but... anyway... you got the point.
  15. I'd be disappointed if they killed the plan without a warning, as they did before for another plan that I don't even remember the name now. We have a week to think about subscribing to the plan before it goes. Maybe I'll sign it as, even getting 1 plugin per month for the reasonable price of $31, I'll probably never get all of them.
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