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  1. Incredible clarity and separation. Sometimes I can't help a feeling that it sounds very digital, but in a good way - precise and clean. Thanks for sharing it!
  2. Another excellent plugin by ADPTR. Their Metric AB is second to none in metering and analysis.
  3. Except for the cab section, how different is this from PA's version single or dual?
  4. Just read the news. Gosh, I'm shocked! RIP EVH!
  5. I have SSL bundle and CLA Mixhub by Waves, British and White Channels by IKM, AS-Rack by Nomad and still couldn't resist adding this one to the collection. It's not better or noticeably different form other similar takes on the legendary Console. I just like that TMT thing and find PA plugins to be very stable, not resource hungry, which makes them a joy to use in any project.
  6. That's why I kept using W8.1. Unfortunately, some software developers don't support W8.1 anymore, and their number will grow.
  7. Like privacy settings, background activities, theming and appearance and quite a few registry tweaks. I'm new to Windows 10, guess, that's the reason why it took me more than a week. Of course, I had to re-install my purchased software and this alone took a full working day. Next time I might be able to do it all within a couple of days or half a week tops.
  8. I've just finished installing the latest W10 (2004) on my machine. After hours and hours of tweaking and polishing, now the system performs as expected - it's fast, stable and responsive.
  9. What's gonna happen to v1 license and installation after this upgrade? Will it still be available?
  10. IMO, Studio version is a huge time saver when you often mix multitracks and the performers are notorious for bad timing and being out of tune. With good performers even Essential gets little to no use. Just saying.
  11. SSD5.5 is a lot easier to use then previous versions. Sounds better, too. Kits load very fast, no complicated MIDI (re-)mapping required if you want to enhance a kit piece by adding another one on top if it. The plugin keeps the last loaded kit/kitpiece highlighted should you need to re-open the GUI. Grooves are now nicely organized by song parts and other attributes. And the icing on the cake is the 'Mono to Mono, Stereo to Stereo' routing preset, which is a godsend if you like to process kit pieces individually. Like it so far.
  12. Same here. Instant buy. Not sure if I really need this or will prefer it against SD3, AD2, EZD2, Strike or even Session Drummer 3. But it's good to have Slate's samples at hand.
  13. Hey Larry! Missed you so much, great to know you're back!
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