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  1. Soundwise

    Solo exclusive

    Good to know! Thank you!
  2. Soundwise

    Solo exclusive

    No aux tracks. A very simple project with just a few tracks. I'll share it ASAP.
  3. Soundwise

    Solo exclusive

    What happened to the Solo Exclusive mode? It doesn't work the way it used to. Have there been any breaking changes that I might have missed? Currently, when I enable SE mode, set desired tracks to always on with Shift-click on corresponding Solo buttons (I think it's called solo override) and then try to toggle between other tracks by clicking on their solo buttons all I hear is only one of the soloed tracks. All other tracks are muted, regardless of the Solo Override setting.
  4. Hmm... I was talking about signal quality while processing recorded performance and you are talking about age of technology and making sounds.
  5. That's what they are. Maybe I just don't want that style of saturation in my tracks.
  6. I thought X-Gear series is meant to be Amplitube in a box. Having a software version of a hardware version of the original software version is kind of gimmicky to me. No offense intended. As for tape machine emulators, I genuinely tried to find a place for them in my workflow, but eventually had to give up. Can't see any benefit of mimicking tape style signal degradation.
  7. Python, C and Java. Spaces all the way!
  8. Looks like they've modeled Marty's amp. Not bad for just $300.
  9. Actually, I came here for Les Paul. 😐
  10. Sure! I have IK Orange collection and do think amp emulations there are great, although cabs are not so much. I also tried Orange emulation by bx and, unfortunately, not impressed with it. I think AT, RV4 and Black Rooster have excellent Orange amp-sims, arguably, the best up-to-date. As for IK Fender and Trace-Elliot, they still feel more like pedals than real amps, lacking that sheer dynamic range, creamy compression and juicy roar. Same is true for all other Fender amp-sims, which doesn't mean that you can't get great clean tones out of any of them.
  11. I don't dig Amplitube bass amps. They sound kind of funny to my ears. Surprisingly, GTR3 is still alright for bass guitar processing, although normally I just use Opticom XLA-3 and a bass IR.
  12. $57.95 to update Editor from 4 to 5. Is it worth it? Have you, guys, noticed a significant improvement of v5 over v4?
  13. Very easy to use. Can't go wrong with it.
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