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  1. If there'll be a group buy this year, it might as well be centered around ST4/Syntronik libraries. I prefer not to invest my money into the company's business, unless I'm absolutely confident what I'll get for this.
  2. The man went all the way from selling BSIAB clones to the software plugins. How cool is that! Kudos to Brian!
  3. I assume you use auto gain input and output adjustment knobs to set your levels right. There is also a setting for you pickup output. If you set it correctly, you'll get the most natural responce from this amp sim. For reference on pickup output voltage use DiMarzio pickup catalog.
  4. MEGA Bundle - Forever License would be sweet...
  5. I'm not in the mood for buying software products these days, but this comp is worth $15 for sure.
  6. They are very good, if you are OK with the baked-in cab/mic setup.
  7. I'm not into metal head-banging thing, maybe that's why GR5 version of this amp is still the best for me. Even though demos of this plugin remind me of the raw, brutal roar of the 5150 head. Never liked it anyway.
  8. You wear it on your wrist, right? Wonder, what we'll have to wear on our foreheads in not so distant future.
  9. Soundwise

    LostIn70s free keys

    Same here, although v2 works fine in Reaper.
  10. Soundwise

    LostIn70s free keys

    I always liked his amp sims. Now I tried his keys and let me tell you, this man has really got a good ear! I love the sound of this instrument, particularly, Rhodes and Clavinet libs.
  11. So far I only demoed the TrainWreck knock-off sim and really like. 10 out of 10 in my book.
  12. Interesting indeed! Eventide style chorusing is what I love using for guitar tones, clean and lead alike.
  13. Soundwise

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    I find this is true not only for bass amps, but other studio processors like comps and EQs. Although better is subjective, as IK plugins still sound awesome.
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