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  1. Silver version used to be free a while ago. Then Magix pulled it off. Now it's available again.
  2. A few years ago you could buy all IK products for roughly $300. $250 for just a reverb? OK, not an average reverb, but room heard on long outdated records for this price? I wonder how many copies they will sell for this price throughout the year.
  3. Soundwise

    Waves OVox

    This is the first time when having WUPed collection has paid off. At least for me.
  4. This is their point, I believe. Those who can easily shell out any amount of cash buy whatever they need right away, and those who can't afford high costs of ownership still get a chance to grab a fine product, but they must carpe diem.
  5. Bought it before the survey email arrived. Well, it's an interesting shaping tool. Doesn't respond to tweaking like other tape plugins. You can even correct the sound image with it, like depth, instrument balance, or just enhance the mix a tiny bit. The overall impact is subtle, but noticeable.
  6. You: - How do you play the guitar? PA: - We either strum with the right hand, or fret with the left hand. But not both. You: - OK! How do you record songs? PA: - We either record instruments, or vocals. But not both. You: - Hmmm... How do you watch movies? PA: - We either open our eyes or ears. But not both.
  7. It's not that I need another virtual piano, but there's always a chance to miss a sale on some outstanding gems. Any recommendations on Sampletekk?
  8. Too bad they have pulled off the Budda pedals bundle.
  9. I knew sales ain't gonna last for too long, so I've got basically everything I wanted/needed from Waves. Guess, that's what most other users, professional and hobbyists, have done throughout the last couple of years. Most of us stopped buying cheap plugins in bulk because we already have what we wanted. Now the trend is changing from "sell more for less" to "sell less for more". Same money but more opportunities for future sales. I just wonder what to expect next? What will the new breed of home and project studio owners be willing to buy and how many different versions of the same hardware they would want, granted they've never seen it or worked with it. I mean, when I started out, great gear like tube amps or high end guitars wasn't rare but you couldn't afford to get, say, 2 or 3 different consoles, ten or more different amps, you get the point. Yet we were conscious of the existing equipment, cherishing a dream to use some outstanding products one fine day. Young musicians today start off with computer based virtual studios and plugins. They have a very vague idea of the real gear the plugins are modeled after. Would they care about collecting virtual amps, or comparing emulations to the real deal? I'm not sure. I believe the music creation software market as we know it is approaching its last days. New generation of musicians and producers will most likely embrace AI based software solutions, like iZotope's RX, Ozon and similar stuff. My point is, if you are late to the party, don't start collecting plugins. Use whatever you have and save your money for better software.
  10. Scheps Omnichannel is a different beast. It's very easy to get great results using just this plugin across all tracks. It's also more versatile than the Mixhub.
  11. I demoed it a few months ago. It is CPU hungry, lacks mute/solo/pan functionality. Other than that, it is a bit more defined than the good ol SSL CS. With a slot for one Waves plugin of your choice per each channel it is a very versatile tool.
  12. Soundwise

    PA Pick A Code

    I'm OK with supporting companies that make great stuff with my money. And this sale allows to knock down prices significantly down to $10 per plugin, depending on what you choose to buy. Yet the entry threshold is too high this time. I only wanted to get the Metric AB but it makes no sense to do it right now. Because, in order to bring the plugin's cost down I have to (read "am forced to") buy some other plugins as well. And if I were to pick plugins I would use regularly, that means I must pay at least $90 at once. Not a bad deal if it makes included plugins cost ~$22, mind you. Yes and no, because in my country most people have to work for a week or two just to earn this money, excluding all other expenses like food, rent, mobile operator bills and so on. I'll skip the sale this time. :sigh:
  13. It started more as joke. Let's forget about this and have fun. Peace! ☃️
  14. Nice story, but I 'm not buying this: "The winter season was not assigned to any month, so the year only lasted 304 days, with 61 days unaccounted for in the winter."
  15. Happy New Year, folks! 🎆 🎄🎇 FWIW, incquiring minds want to know why December, which is literally the tenth month out of twelve, is considered to be the last month of the year? Shouldn't we celebrate NY somewhere in March?
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