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  1. Quite a lot! Slow start up times, buggy GUI rendered with web markup languages, frequent updates with enormously long installation time. If you can get past all that, you'll get arguably the best pitch shifter, eye-candy UI, guitar modelling, preset snapshots and community presets. Plus some "Tweak schematics for dummies", if you have their Amp and/or Pedal suites. Some people even manage to coax great tones out of BIAS guitar plugins.
  2. I just went through some of my SSL plugins and discovered that AS-Rack by Nomad Factory is almost indistinguishable from Waves CLA Mixhub, and IKM White channel has the best overall sound, tone and feel. If at some point in time for some reason I'll have to get rid of Waves plugs I already have substitutes.
  3. Looking for a great deal on the Focusrite CS. Not sure if I want yet another flavor of SSL, whether E or G.
  4. I don't update my OS unless I really have to. Guess that's why my system is still fast and stable and everything works as expected.
  5. Soundspot plugins are nice. I particularly like their Velo and FireFly.
  6. Soundwise

    BBE Sound Sale

    I don't play live anymore, but when I did, I'd often use my pedals. These emulations are really close to the real BBE hardware pedals. It's a pity, they didn't bother modelling their wah, though. One of the sweetest wahs I've heard! And the famous BBE Sonic Maximizer is a legend. https://aionelectronics.com/project/lumin-bbe-sonic-stomp/
  7. - What can be better than buying a software license? - Paying the same fee one more time! Digital rights are overestimated.
  8. The modeled amp is a Bogner Ecstasy knock off. I've been eyeing yet another Ecstasy knock off by the local amp builder but couldn't decide whether I like the sound character of it or not. With this pack I can wave good bye to the hardware version and just use TH-U which sounds close enough but doesn't cost a fortune. Great buy, if you ask me.
  9. That is correct. AT4 and TH3 (TH-U not so much) follow the dynamic curve of the original signal, whereas ReValver, Kazrog and Nembrini (Brainworx not so much) add realistic tube compression. Another thing to keep in mind is listening to an amp live and a recorded performance may be as different experience as day and night. Besides this, playing live adds another dimension and the sound is not perceived in the same manner as what other people usually hear in the same moment being in the same room. And I'm not talking frequencies/reflections here.
  10. I don't think we are talking about the same tone controls. I mean HP and LP checkboxes inside the TH-U properties pop-up instead of ReSPiRe.
  11. Solid choice of cabs. I have quite a few and still plan to get more. Ignite IR loader is good enough to start experimenting with IRs, but MCabinet ups the game significantly with its unique synthesized resonances. Throw in the ability to analyze a bunch of IRs and sum up their characteristics in one profile and you get a very powerful tool to recab all your virtual or real amps. I definitely recommend to demo it. If you like it, the APD deal is the way to go.
  12. It's one of the best amp models in TH-U. But I never liked their cabinets, particularly the Respire function. Using LP and HP filters instead yields better results, IMO.
  13. This offer is only for current 3 Sigma Audio customers unfortunately.
  14. A picture is worth a thousand words. Can we listen to the records that are claimed to sound amazing? Pretty please!
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