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  1. Wow what a bad typo! Thanks for pointing it out to me!
  2. My Bandlab friend @mojoespage agreed to help me with the vocals. He sounds a lot like Elvis Costello. https://baselines.com/?p=6481
  3. Thank you Jim - I came very close to covering DayDream until I remembered I couldn't whistle very well 🙂
  4. I know what you mean Kevin. One thing that I do that is along the same lines and also very annoying is to 'select all' and export only to get an empty wave file because it selected all the busses instead of tracks. It seems that this should be easy to default to selecting the tracks rather than the busses, but in the long run it is just my error.
  5. Nice chord progression and nice mix too - good work. I could have stood for the guitars at the beginning to be more heavy and in your face, but you were probably going for more laid back. Either way sounds good.
  6. steve@baselines.com


    I listened to this on Bandlab whilst driving the 50 miles to my home - I really enjoyed it, so much that I listened twice 🙂
  7. Thanks for the lyrics! They show a deep understanding of the human condition 😄
  8. Nice sounding electric on that track Kevin. Do you have RX? You might be able to get rid of that knocking without redoing the track. I have it here if you want to send me the acoustic track I will give it a try.
  9. Oh I just love this. Can you post the lyrics if you get a moment. I got most of them. But maybe I missed a nugget here and there. More of this please.
  10. Really pretty incredible - great work. I like the nice sync between the music and the video. Well done.
  11. Thanks Freddy! It was one of my all time favorites from that era. Steve
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