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  1. It's also advisable to keep your 70 pound Windows 95 server running, so that older versions will continue to work on the hardware. 😄
  2. I quite agree Treesha - it's an excellent tool when used correctly.
  3. I use it sometimes on Bass and Guitar...mainly to lengthen a not here or there, to get rid of unwanted noise, and to create rises or falls of notes. You can really surprise yourself with what it can do. You can also ruin things fairly quickly 🙂
  4. A tongue-in-cheek/cheeky look at the human condition of a young guy who is going through something or other. https://baselines.com/?p=7110
  5. Hi Nigel - thank you for listening!
  6. You are absolutely right - I put that through the Mixea mastering that distrokid uses - I think it was a mistake. Doing a side by side makes my original master sound muddy but I think it might have been better. I think I replaced the audio link. Does that sound better? I haven't updated the video yet. Thank you for the feedback.
  7. When I first installed CbB, it kept all of my old Sonar stuff offered over the years. I can't remember for sure whether it was stuff that Cakewalk made available on their site or whether it was kept during install of CbB, but I still have everything. Every update of my main computer throughout the CbB period kept all of the extras. That's why I am worried about installing the new stuff.
  8. I am leery about uninstalling CbB - it has all the stuff that Cakewalk included throughout its history. Surely some of that is now missing in the new version. (I know, Don't call me Shirley).
  9. A Remix/Master and new bass guitar part. I worked on Darren Garrett's vocals as well. https://baselines.com/?p=7097 There's both the video and just the audio here, and some info on the series as well. It's shaping up to be a great summer day here, sunny and 70s (F) - enjoy your day / night wherever you are! UPDATE: The audio for the song and for the video has been updated thanks to bats brew. The previous version had a final Mixea master done on it which kind of wrecked the drums. I removed that and replaced it with my original master. I hope that made it better. Mixea really brightens things up which is good sometimes, but I need to be really careful when making the final decision.
  10. Hi Steve - very nice heartfelt song - great vocal. Most of us have been in that position and it kills. This song really captures it.
  11. Nice work Bjorn - I think Wookiee has a good point - I think it is a tabla that helps with those percussion fills.
  12. The song surely fits the subject. I don't need a video I can see it. Very nice. I recently signed up to Instagram, and one guy I follow has stunning videos of eagles, pelicans and other bird swooping down and picking fish out of the water, or fighting with each other, or just playing, grabbing claws in mid air and tumbling around. Mark Smith Photography if you are on. I like the majestic sounding but understated middle section.
  13. Sounds really good to me. Those acoustic guitar licks are fantastic. I don't think anything needs to be changed. Maybe I'd do some very minor adjustments to the kick drum taking some of the top end off, but that is really nit-picking and may just be my personal taste. The lead guitar (I think it's acoustic but not sure) is playing now (the slow part at the 3/4s mark of the song.) and it is fantastic.
  14. Nice song - good lyrics, great acoustic sound. one thing I hear that I would work on is the harmonies in the 'so how'd we end up...' I think they are just slightly off. It would really sound great if those were fine tuned. If you agree but don't want to spend a lot of time singing them out again I can help.
  15. You are right about the bell sound - I like it. As I was listening I thought of what the 'something more' might be. Of course being a bass player I think it would benefit from some simple bass with an accompanying kick drum on each note for emphasis. Not much, just downbeats and slides here and there. I think it is the Pink Floyd vibe I am hearing, so that leads into the next suggestion, which is talking voice in places in the background with dream induced phrases. It's a nice piece though, very relaxing.
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