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  1. RME makes high quality stuff. I have the Babyface Pro and it is solid and works great with the totalmix software. The only thing I would make better is the usb connection. It is a little loose. I've seen this problem with other devices as well. I hope you are enjoying your new gear. Steve
  2. Very cool. I usually like the exact copy strategy, but this works very well. Nice work, you got my attention!
  3. Thanks Mark! Sometimes I try to go in a different direction. Usually it fails but I keep trying 🙂
  4. Hiya Steev - yes, be assured all my music is safe for human reproduction activities. Oh and I care deeply about the existence of Laurin - Jacyn, not so much.
  5. Thanks Wookiee - yes, chaos built into this one!
  6. 🙂 - Guess I'm gonna have to pull out the mandolin! Thanks for the feedback.
  7. This song is an interpretation of the whole String Theory idea, pretty much just made up from what I have read. The video is from various sources on line and the music was written, performed and produced by Steve Keith at Baselines Designs studio. Come to http://www.baselines.com to find more free music.
  8. HI Paul! Hey, thanks for listening and commenting here, I appreciate it!
  9. Thank you Treesha - I'm glad you listened and left feedback!
  10. Smooth! Does the fretless have marks on it so you know where you are? Your intonation is very good.
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