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  1. Hi - TIA for any assistance. How do I stop getting email notifications for a single post? I somehow got on the list to get notified whenever anyone replies to a post titled 'Song Association Game ' - while it was great fun for a couple of days, it's been going on since August of last year and I have had enough.
  2. Sounds really nice. I agree with the comments about the high end. It just might be my old ears but I think the master would benefit from a little more high.
  3. Nice work, sounds great - where is the ocean scene done?
  4. Great drum sound, particularly that snare. Nice work on this one.
  5. You can hear the upgrade in the new mix. Cheers! Good work.
  6. I like this one Mark - nice vocal. Instruments sound good. It struck me that the drums could have something else done to them, but I am not sure what. Powerful vocal performance.
  7. Thanks Jesse. It was meant to sound frenetic like the old time 'Extra, Extra read all about it' or the teletypes spitting out the news in the newsroom. The video does eventually have a happy ending of sorts. The organ plays along with the piano for the most part. There is also a pair of Ukuleles in there. Steve
  8. I'm trying to get one song a month for the next LP release. This will be one of them. @kiwichrys adds her vocal magic to make me sound better. https://baselines.com/?p=6721 TIA for listening and letting me know what you think. Steve
  9. Sounds great - I bet you are itching to put on a new drum track where you have more control. Nevertheless, I like it as is.
  10. That is a great picture you picked for this song. And the song sounds great - I like the mix decisions you made. Is that a software bass or the real thing?
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