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  1. Hi Nigel - I like THU, between that and Guitar Rig I can make it almost sound like I know how to play guitar :-). The Jazz guitar settings are the ones I use most from THU - I think they are in TH3 as well. Cheers! Steve
  2. Nice job Wookie - I like the way that very low end on the bass comes through right on time with the kick. Steve
  3. Thanks for leaving a comment! Rudy has really been a joy in our lives here. We've had other dogs...not so much joy with some of them. But this one was a keeper!
  4. Thanks Rick - same here, been using it since the late 90s. It's great that Bandlab took over keeping it up to date. I just updated Amplitube and those crashes are not happening now. Steve
  5. steve@baselines.com


    Here's a video I made a while ago. I just updated the music that went along with it. Our dog was named for the Rudy of Notre Dame fame. Our son went to ND and we took along Rudy for some photo ops when he was just a young pup. He's 10 now but still has the energy and right outlook on life, although Thunder still does him in!
  6. Hi Chris - the envelopes definitely seem to be related to older songs. I have been trying to modernize some older projects. In one case, I actually had to copy tracks into a new project and start from scratch to get envelopes that worked. I'm going to spend some time cleaning up the plugins on my side and see if it corrects the issues I see. Thanks, Steve
  7. Hi Noel - I understand that. I'm going to update all plugins and then make a list of what I see. I always used to send the crash dump, but nothing ever seemed to come from that activity. I will do that again if I cannot get the issues fixed on my end. Thank you, Steve
  8. Thanks for the info on your situation Jackson. I've been spoiled because up until recently everything was rock solid. Steve
  9. Thank you for the info. I do think most of what I see is plugin related. I'm going to try and update everything.
  10. Thank you Craig - I feel most of the issues I see are plugin related. One is THU. It works fine but suddenly it will show no input or output activity within the plugin. I restart everything and it is fine for a while.
  11. Thanks Mark - I am going to make a list of the recent things I have seen and I will post here.
  12. I've had a pretty stable system over the past few years, and always kept up with the updates. I'm beginning to think that is not a wise thing. Lately my system has been acting like the bad old days of early Sonar releases. Normally reliable plugins are sometimes crashing. And the automations don't seem to make any difference on older song files. The dreaded foggy white screen of death is once again visiting. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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