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  1. Hi Keith! This is a really nice version - I like it! Steve
  2. Thanks Bjorn - I would have loved to be part of any of the studio sessions!
  3. Hi John - That's another great Beatle song - another one of my favorites. Thanks for listening.
  4. I like it, but I think you need to fix one note in that main run. It happens first at 13 seconds. Currently it is an E flat before the Cm run, but it needs to be a D.
  5. Hi, Thanks for listening. I used a couple of Waves plugins on the bass, Maserati B72 and RBass. Maserati treble at 1 o'clock and the other controls default. Rbass intensity at 6.6 and gain at -3. I think the Capitol Compressor on the master buss with the saturation also adds a lot to the bass.
  6. Dave Overland sings on this one. One of my favorite songs from the Revolver album. I used the Capitol Compressor on the mix buss - what a great plugin - the saturation knob does wonders I think. I also sent vocals to the ReelADT plugin from waves and the Hitsville reverb chambers from UA. https://baselines.com/?p=6931
  7. Thanks Wookiee - you are probably right - or maybe even before that! Steve
  8. The good sisters would approve of your restraint! 😄
  9. Haven't heard this one in a good long while. Everything is beautiful here from the vocal to the synth coming in, to the mandolin. You truly captured the meaning of the original for sure. Nice work! Steve
  10. Hi Ross - thank you for listening and also leaving your comment!
  11. This is great Jack, I really like it. Both the music and the lyrics and vocal tone fit perfectly.
  12. Thanks very much Bjorn - really appreciate it!
  13. Yes - rather than go back in and fix/remaster, I just used RX10 - I thought maybe it would do damage somewhere else in the song, but it seemed to work out well with the de-click module. The thought of all those poor 'normal' people (throughout the world) that are affected by war without having any involvement in it at all really just makes me sick. In the US, I think people lose sight of how great they actually have it - even on awful days we don't even come close to what those people are going through - and it's not their fault!
  14. Awesome! I love this style. Over the past month or so, I watched a few of those YouTube videos about Kensington - I knew things were bad these days, but had no idea how far we had fallen. Great lyrics and I love the music changes when the 'She didn't even get to say goodbye,' part started. Great job!
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