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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Application submitted.
  2. FL Studio and REAPER are two of the most used daws on the planet.
  3. https://www.wendycarlos.com/bake a tape/baketape.html
  4. Oversampling seems to vary from DAW to DAW. It recently came out that Ableton doesn't recognize the internal sampling of plugs. Other DAWs seem to be hit or miss on implementation and recognizing internal sampling. Given how buggy I found Reaper, especially when it came to MIDI, I have a hard time trusting that it would work perfectly.
  5. YES. Been a user since Cakewalk Pro Audio 5 in the mid-90's. Bandlab Cakewalk has the best features and is the most stable of all the CW software I've used. Haven't been this enamored with the program since Sonar 8.5, which was my all time favorite DAW.
  6. Right-click the download button, and choose "save file as...". Chrome will then give you a button on the download bar at the bottom of the browser saying the file is unsafe, and you have to choose to keep it. Only then will it download. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll throw it up somewhere so you can grab it.
  7. It seems that the plugs and items I need won't install unless I have Sonar Platinum on the comp. Right now, I just have the latest version of Cakewalk Bandlab installed. Can I just install Sonar Platinum, or will it overwrite files from Cakewalk Bandlab? Should I install Sonar, then install Cakewalk again?
  8. Thank you. Chrome was blocking the download with no popup, so I thought the site was broken. Right-clicked the button and I still had to tell Chrome that it was a legitimate download. Was able to grab it.
  9. I tried to download it from the old site, but no luck. I'm trying to install the Concrete Limiter for the Pro Channel, but keep getting an error and it won't install. After doing research on the forum, it seems that it will only install with the CCC. Everything else installs just fine with installers downloaded from my account. Anyone know a workaround?
  10. Thanks for the help. I tried unchecking the box, and nothing changed. Discord still frozen. So... I left it unchecked and changed the order in which the programs start. I originally have Discord set up to start with my computer. If I start Cakewalk first, then start Discord, I can use both of them just fine with ASIO drivers. Problem solved! Been using Studio One, Cubase, and Ableton a lot over the last six years. Really excited to get back into the world of Cakewalk. Used it for decades from Pro Audio 5 up to the Gibson collapse. From what I've seen so far, Cakewalk is incredibly stable. Impressed!
  11. ASIO works on all other programs. Never used WASAPI drivers. I'll check them out, but prefer to go with the tried and true.
  12. I have "Suspend Audio Engine When Cakewalk Is Not In Focus" checked, but Cakewalk still won't allow Discord to run in the background. All other DAWs I use don't have this problem. Discord runs just fine, and I can use both and hear both no problem. As soon as I start Cakewalk, Discord won't allow any sound in or out. Is there something I'm missing?
  13. 1. Don't run a wireless internet connection on a DAW. Only use wired connections. 2. Make sure your USB Selective Suspend is turned off. https://www.istime.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/USB-Suspended-Power-Change.pdf 3. The High Definition Audio Driver should be set to disabled. It seems to interfere in the operation of several DAW programs.
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